D&A: The Countdown to Ani-Sunday…

With the last day of school just several days away, many of us have already booked our hotel rooms and various other types of vacation spots for the Summer. As for good ol’ D&A, we’ll be back on tour in the next couple of months as we make our way to Allentown, PA for our fourth stop on our anime convention tour! In just three days it’ll be our eighteen month anniversary, so to celebrate this awesome occasion (that really couldn’t have happened without you, the fans) we’ll be introducing a brand new drop down menu known as Ani-Sunday!

Tokimeki Tonight

Aside from that we’ve got some 80’s anime titles for you to check out on our Throwback Thursday segment! If you’re looking for a romance comedy about a vampire-werewolf family whose daughter wants to try and live a normal life, then you’re gonna wanna check out this series known as Tokimeki Tonight. As the daughter of a vampire father and a werewolf mother, Ranze Eto is a hybrid who is able to transform into any object that she bites; be it a human or an object like a piece of bread. Upon going to junior high school she meets an athlete named Shun Makabe, but her parents don’t want her dating a human boy. Now she struggles with that logic as well as a feisty in-school rival named Yoko Kamiya, who also has the hots for Shun, as Ranze does her best to live the life of a normal teen girl.

Tomorrow and Saturday is gonna bring in the good ol’ usual stuff from Yours Truly and A. Goldman, so be sure to check back in with the blog to stay abreast with all the latest updates that we have to offer! Until then, stay gold my friends! 😉

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