We Shall Return!!

Due to Yours Truly going on vacation this weekend, this week’s Throwback Thursday, D&A Fridays, and Slash Saturday segments, are all going to be rescheduled for next weekend. We shall return on Monday night with another DBZ Fight Night Monday battle, as well as all of our other goodies for the blog! See you next week! 🙂

The Hunt for Rad October!

Fall may be in full swing, but convention season is still going strong all year long! We’ll be dropping some October anime cons for you on Cons Near U within the coming weeks. Our mini tour kicks off January 13, 2017 at AniMore 2017 inside the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, MD, so if you wanna be a part of it, let us know on our Contact Us page!

The Warriors Have Arrived!

It’s time to sharpen your blade and cut the boredom from your weekend in half! Slash Saturdays is back with some cool reviews on some cool samurai titles. Next week Slash Saturday’s Most Wanted returns with our newest Top 5 picks of samurai, shinmeiryu, and many other sword-swinging heroes/antiheroes. Toonami may be the main course for your Saturday night anime fix, but let Slash Saturdays be the appetizer to get you fired up! 🙂

Friday Night, Alright!!

It’s Friday night again and you all know what that means! Time to hit the blog and check out our D&A Fridays lineup for your weekly anime and manga titles. From an A.I. program coming to life to a boy being transported into the future, we never fail to give you (the fans) what you want through some good ol’ reviews! Sharpen your blades for tomorrow night’s Slash Saturday, cuz’ we’ll be cutting the boredom out of your weekend! 🙂

All Aboard the 70’s Express!!

The Throwback Thursday train has just pulled into the D&A Station! We’ve got some 70’s titles for you that’ll blow your mind as you make your way on board to your final destination; Nostalgiaville! The 80’s train will be pullin’ in the station next week with three more classic titles, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! 🙂

Rumble in the Jungle!!

Fight Night Monday kicks off tomorrow night at 10pm, as we start off its opening debut in the universe of Dragon Ball Z! You can check out the battle schedule on our D&A Stadium page, as the heroes and villains of DBZ build up their power levels and take on their opponents! 🙂

Let The Chanbara Begin!!

We’ve just debuted our first ever Slash Saturdays segment starting with our Samurai Anime of the Week, and our Slash Saturdays Top 5! We hope you enjoy the picks we’ve got for you tonight, as we’ll do it all over again next Slash Saturday on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you…

Unsheath your Blade…

…and get ready to Hack-n-Slash your way to your laptop for D&A’s Slash Saturdays! There are a lot of samurai anime titles out there; from the critically acclaimed to the lesser known, and we wanna bring those sword-swingin’ titles to you! Starting at 10pm tonight we begin with Samurai Anime of the Week; reviewing titles that you know, and titles that you don’t. Then we bust out our Slash Saturday’s Most Wanted where we give you our Top 5 samurai, shinmeiryu, and ronin warriors. Before you hit the flat screen at midnight for some good ol’ Toonami action, check out the samurai action goin’ on right here on D&A’s Slash Saturdays!