D&A Anime Blog: June Anime Conventions (Part 2 of 2)!

Wow, what a week! Sorry to keep this post a little short, but we’ve got some more anime conventions to wrap up the month of June. The locations of these conventions are pretty much in the Southwest, Northwest, and Westbound regions of North America. If you ever get the chance to go, you should check these cons out! That will do it for this week in posts, but we’ve got a whole new set coming next week so stay tuned! 😉


D&A’s Crunchyroll Spotlight: Persona 5: The Animation!

The Last Day of School for many of us under 19 years of age is upon us, and with that comes the fun and excitement of Summertime anime conventions, and beige watching everything on Crunchyroll during those cool-yet-mild nights. Tonight is no different for us on the D&A front, as we’ve got another anime title we’re spotlighting for one of our favorite segments. For those of you who are fans of the Persona series (both the game and the anime adaption), tonight’s title is Persona 5: The Animation!


To ensure we don’t give too much away for those who’ve never had the chance to experience the Persona franchise, we’re only doing P5’s overview…

Ren Amamiya is a student who is about to enter into his second year after transferring to Shujin Academy located in Tokyo. His Persona awakens following a particular incident, and soon he and his friends form a group calling themselves the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”. Their mission is to reform hearts of corrupt adults by taking away the source of their evil desires. during this time many other bizarre crimes have been popping up all over the place, one after another. By day, Ren and his friends are just ordinary students. By night, they’re the Phantom Thieves keeping the streets of Tokyo safe!

So far the series is only subbed, and they’re only eight or nine episodes available. If you’re a hardcore Persona fan, then you should definitely be checking this series out on Crunchyroll!

That’s all we’ve got for this post, but there’s more on the way! As always we’ll keep you guys n’ gals up-to-date on the latest developments we’ve got going on for the Summer, and what new surprises we’ve got in store for the Fall.

Until then anime fans and bloggers! Stay gold! 🙂

Filler Posts: 5 Common Reasons Why Most Anime Fans Drop Certain Shows!

We’ve all been there. You log in to your Crunchyroll or FunimationNow account and start streaming anime titles that you know and love, and suddenly you get a recommendation of a new title that’s either subbed, or just got Simul-dubbed. You watch said new title up to about the fourth or fifth episode (because most seasons nowadays are between 12-26 episodes depending on what you watch), and for some reason…you drop it. This probably doesn’t exist in the medical world, but for today’s post we’ll be calling it; Anime Drop-Out Syndrome (ADOS).

Have you ever found yourself trying to get hyped up for a new anime title, only to drop it halfway through the season? If you’ve been that guy or gal that this has happened to, then we’ve got the five common reasons why that is…

1. Lack of Character Development

Not all shows suffer from this, but there are a handful that might need to step it up in this area. when it comes to an anime title (depending on the genre) most anime fans like a good story with some awesome character development. There are some exceptions to this cardinal rule however, as character development comes with the progression of the story’s plot.

2. Lack of Substance / Too Confusing Plotline(s)

Sometimes in anime you can have some great character development and good lines, but if the plot has little to no substance (or is even too confusing), some fans will drop it. Like character development, a plotline is like the glue that holds the entire series operation together. Ecchi and Harem titles fall into this category sometimes, but that leads us to our third reason why fans drop out from certain titles…

3. Overbearing Fanservice / Abuse

You already know what to expect when it comes to Ecchi and Harem titles in anime, however there are some who know how to navigate through these particularly rough waters, and add fanservice when and where it’s necessary. Having too much fanservice takes away from the whole plot (if there is one), and if there’s too much abuse (ex. girl punching guy multiple times throughout an episode or series), fans will drop it like a rock.

4. Too Many Fillers

Okay, there’s somewhat of an exception to this one as well, although it depends on what series you watch. Fillers of course are a series of episodes that take a detour from the main plot, or is a whole new plot in itself. While it may potentially cause a show to drag on longer than it should (and cause some fans to drop out), some fillers may have the potential to be just as exciting as the main storyline.

5. Your Priorities Change

When responsibilities pile up, you suddenly realize that you don’t have as much time to watch anime as often as you used to. Maybe when you were in middle/high school you had a little more time to fire up your Crunchyroll account and start watching some stuff, but as you got older (got married, kids, mom/dad got sick, etc.) your priorities changed and you lost interest in the titles that you used to be interested about. To some of us this has already become a reality, but deep down inside there’s always a small part of you that keeps anime close to your heart.

So there you have it. These five things are quite common with (most) anime fans. As the season changes so does your taste in certain titles, but when it comes to a true fan, anime will always have a special place in their hearts.


D&A Anime Blog: June Anime Conventions (Part 1 of 2)!

Heyo, guys n’ gals! This week has been a bit hectic for us as of late, which is the reason why we haven’t been able to post as often as we would’ve liked. Not to worry though, because next week we’ll be back on track with new filler posts and other updates! Speaking of which we’ve got a few anime conventions for you to check out for the month of June; as this month marks the beginning of the Summer season! So far we’ve got locations for the Southwest and Westbound areas of North America. If you ever get the chance (and money) check em’ out! Until next week, stay gold! 🙂


D&A Anime Blog: Updates and Quick Reminders!

Hey guys n’ gals! Sorry we had to cut this post short, but we do have a few updates to talk about regarding our remaining conventions. First, we were thinking about making our first ever appearance at Colossalcon East in the Pocono Mountains in PA, but due to financial issues we unfortunately had to cancel. In the meantime however, we will be making our way to Anime Festival Orlando (August 3-5, 2018), and Anime USA (October 19-21, 2018). We’re hoping to have some convention highlight videos of both cons by then, as it’s been awhile since we’ve posted any Youtube videos. (FYI, our channel is NOT dead!)

Also as far as updates go, we’ve posted the first chapter of our new crossover fanfiction “Sonic Beatdown: Danganronpa Silver” on Fanfiction.net! The link and blog page to that story will be coming soon. After much consideration, we’ve decided that we’ll be doing a special monthly newsletter segment starting January 2019, in celebration of our 3-year anniversary! If you would like to be a contributor to our newsletter, just let us know through our Contact Us page!

That’s all we’ve got for now as far as updates are concerned. More filler posts will be coming your way later this week! Stay gold, my friends! 😉

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Highest Attended Anime Conventions!

Although not officially announced, you might as well say that Summer is here! There’s less than two weeks before school is out; which means cookouts, vacations, and for us geeks and nerds, anime conventions! With a new month comes new anime conventions for our Cons Near U segment, but right now, we’ve got our Top 5 highest attended anime conventions within the last five years or so. As we mentioned in one our previous posts, anime cons both big and small have their own strengths and weaknesses. Try both styles out and see which one works for you! 😉

Note: These attendance numbers are just ‘ballpark figures’, for the actual attendance count head to AnimeCons.com.


Number 5: Otakon

(Baltimore, MD / Washington D.C.) – Approx. 25,000 Con Goers

Before AniMore, Otakon was our original ‘Home Base’ anime convention. The cosplayers were awesome, the people were cool, and the events were unique in their own way. Back in the late 90’s Otakon had around a good couple thousand, and has grown into one of the largest anime conventions in the east coast. (Rumor has it that Otakon 2013 capped out at 35,000+ for its 20th Anniversary.) Although it’s now in D.C. Otakon to us will always be our very first con – even though it’s no longer being considered as a Top tier attendance convention since the move.


Number 4: Anime Boston

(Boston, MA) – Approx. 25,900 Con Goers

As we said before on our Cons Near U page, Anime Boston is a great convention to check out! We really don’t have to tell you what to expect once you get there (especially if you’re from Boston), but if you’ve been given the chance to go at least once, take it!


Number 3: Anime Weekend Atlanta

(Atlanta, GA) – Approx. 32,000 Con Goers

We didn’t believe it either, but there are big-time nerds in the ATL. A lot of great voice actors can be found visiting this con on an (almost) annual basis; such as Monica Rial, Todd Haberkorn, Kyle Hebert, Crispin Freeman, and a few others.


Number 2: A-Kon

(Fort Worth, TX) – Approx. 34,200 Con Goers

If you live in Texas, then there’s a lot of anime conventions in your own backyard. This one is one of the largest ones in the state of Texas. With over 30,000 convention goers A-Kon isn’t a con you wanna miss; especially if a majority of the voice actors living in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas, are only a couple of hours away drive-wise. (Meaning that should you attend, you’ll get the chance to meet some of your favorites!)


Number 1: Anime Expo

(Los Angeles, CA) – Approx. 125,000 Con Goers

Think of this anime convention as SDCC for anime fans! Voice actors and musicians from all over the world (and Japan) can be spotted here on an annual basis. Sure, this may be a bit too much for the average con goer to take in, but that’s why planning ahead is your best weapon against the long autograph lines, and limited addition items in the Dealer’s Room. We have a funny feeling that Anime Expo might be a top tier convention for years to come…

Sorry this filler post got a little delayed, but there you have it! Our Top 5 highest attended anime conventions from the good guys of D&A Anime Blog. We’ve got more posts this week; including some new anime conventions to check out for the month of June, so keep your eyes on those updates!

Until then! 🙂

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Anime Villains Turned Hero (or Anti-Hero)!

We’re back! Hopefully you guys had a great and safe Memorial Day, as things get back to normal on our side of town. So here we are with yet another Top 5 post of ours, that highlights villains from your favorite anime titles, who become that ‘Man in the Mirror’ and makes that change – for various reasons. Whether it’s a battle against the protagonist or the urge to do bad suddenly isn’t in their best interest anymore, these villains (in many cases) either become assets to the company of the protagonist, or deal their own brand of justice against other villains the only way they see fit.


Number 5: Vegeta (DBZ and Super)

We know we’ve talked about this guy over a thousand times already, but he’s a prime example of a villain turned good. When he first came to earth with his partner Nappa, he wanted nothing more but to defeat Goku (Kakarot) and cause terror. After being killed by Frieza, the mighty saiyan prince now finds himself in the ranks of the Z-Warriors – but still carries that saiyan pride with him wherever he goes.


Number 4: Crona (Soul Eater)

Some villains become villains by either birth, choice, or through intent. Crona (in her case) was bullied into it by her abusive mother Medusa. She did what she was told even though she didn’t want to, but after meeting up with Maka, she decided she didn’t need her mother’s ‘approval’ anymore – and left the Dark Side.


Number 3: Orochimaru (Naruto Franchise)

Talk about a complete 180! Remember when Orochimaru founded the Sound Village, killed the Third Hokage, tried to go after Sasuke’s body, caused a war between the Hidden Leaf and the Hidden Sand (sort of), and kidnapped children? We did. Now he’s attended Naruto’s wedding and is on good terms with the ones that he’s killed. If you ask us, he’s been given more than a second chance – he’s been given a whole new life.


Number 2: Viral (Gurren Lagann)

He was the first antagonist of Gurren Lagann, but now he’s a part of Team Dai-Gurren taking on the Anti-Spiral. Back in his villainous days he referred to humans as nothing more than “naked apes”, and wanted nothing more than to rid himself of them. Now he finds himself as an invaluable ally to Dai-Gurren – after being disrespected by his comrades and spending more time with humans, of course.


Number 1: Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)

Let it be known to some fans of the series, that Aizen is a (lovable and charming) jerk. He pretended to be nice before killing his subordinate; Momo, then became the main villain for a large chunk of the series – until he’s sent to Hell Jail. Eventually he teams up with Ichigo to take on the bigger bad, and after they defeat him and save the world, Aizen ends up back in Hell Jail to serve out his sentence for his crimes. It’s a pretty long list, so it’ll be awhile before he gets out…

There you have it! Our Top 5 anime villains who have crossed over from the dark side, to the light. Also, the second chapter of our fanfiction title Sonic Beatdown: Danganronpa Silver, will be delayed until next Thursday. However, the first chapter will be posted on Fanficion.net tomorrow night!

Until then my friends, stay gold! 🙂