D&A Anime Blog: The (Brief) History of Ramune!

When its hot outside we look for any and every way we can possibly cool down; such as jumping into a swimming pool, or downing cup after cup of ice cold drinks. Even though Summer may be over and the weather may be cooling down, there seems to be one particular drink that both Japanese guys and girls along with anime fans can’t seem to get enough of. In the anime known as Dagashi Kashi, Hotaru was seen near the end of the opening drinking this well-known soft drink. What is it you ask? It is the Summertime drink straight outta Japan known as…Ramune.

What is it about this carbonated drink that has made it so famous? Could it have something to do with the person who introduced it to Japan back in Meiji Period? (Alexander Cameron Sim, by the way.) There are several theories about the origin of how Ramune came to be such a popular item, but 140+ years later it’s still popular both in and outside of Japan. For those who are just seeing it for the very first time, Ramune can be picked out from the design of its bottle; called a codd-neck bottle. (Thanks, Hiram Codd!) Because Ramune has been given the nickname “marble soda” due to the fact that there’s a small marble sealed within the bottle, you have to open it a little differently than your average soda. There’s a small device that allows you to push the marble inward using a little force (or course), and BAM! You’re ready to enjoy the sweet flavor of Ramune.


There are about 37 different flavors of Ramune; such as Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Orange, Melon, Grape, Coconut, Pineapple, Strawberry, and so much more. Nowadays you rarely see the codd-neck bottle design for soda (other than it being used for Ramune), but if you ever find yourself on the hunt for a Summer drink or a drink for any season, give Ramune a try! You’ll find this drink in just about any supermarket in Japan, as well as a select few in North America; by way of Wegmans and other family-owned stores. If you live in the UK you also might find it over there as well.

Ramune can be categorized as the Japanese version of Sprite due to its sweet lemon-lime flavor found in the original. It’s one of those kind of drinks that you can enjoy anytime; especially if you’re watching anime or reading manga, then it just might enhance the otaku experience. So if you were given the chance to try Ramune for the first time, would you? Let us know in the comments down below!

That will wrap up this filler post for the time being, but we’ll be returning with some new and exciting ones in October of next week! Until then my friends, if life gives you lemons, drink Ramune! 😉

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Female Tsundere Anime Girls!

Anime titles accompany a large assortment of story plots, characters, and personalities. Fans of their favorite titles have characters that they like in particular for reasons that are hilarious, obvious, or both. When it comes to personalities in anime, there is one word that is thrown around like a Frisbee on a hot Summer day; Tsundere. In the anime world it is the most common personality trait found mostly in female characters than male ones.

They hate you then they love you, then they hit you before they hit on you. The most common place that you’ll find Tsundere girls are in rom-com or ecchi/harem titles with rom-com elements, but there are also a few action titles that you might also spot them in. With that in mind here are our Top 5 female tsundere anime girls that you love to hate to love! (We know, it’s confusing. >.<)


Number 5: Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Magical Index)

Kicking off our Number 5 spot in Index’s Mikoto Misaka! She is the third-strongest in her class of psychic users (out of seven other people) and possesses Level 5 psychic skills. In spite of this she has a bit of a short temper and can be very prideful with insecurities to match that of a tomboy. On the flip side however she likes cute and childish things; like flower pajamas and various other cute things. If she’s ever mad, just give her anything that looks super cute to her and she’ll come down…for awhile.


Number 4: Yui Kotegawa (To Love Ru)

Yui Kotegawa has the classic Tsundere trait tacked on with the responsibilities of being the hard-ass enforcer of her school’s Disciplinary Committee. She rules her school with an iron fist and doesn’t loosen up as easily as other girls who might share 1/10th of her personality, however after awhile Yui does tone down her demeanor for awhile – but remains on her guard a lot more than other girls in the series.


Number 3: Kaname Chidori (Full Metal Panic)

Old school anime fans are already familiar with this girl and the type of persona she carries. Aside from having somewhat powerful Whispered abilities, she does get annoyed with her partner Sousuke’s antics when they’re not on missions that involve saving the world from Terrorist Organizations. (Even to the point of hitting or chewing him out when she gets enraged.) Despite this the two eventually start to have feelings for one another, which will probably lead to more moments of Kaname hitting Sousuke whenever he gets on her nerves.


Number 2: Asuka Sohryu (Evangalion)

This is another classic female character that old school anime fans all know. Many fans that know her know of her Tsundere nature, in which she lashes out on everyone around her except her only crush, Kaji – Misato’s Ex-boyfriend. There are some days where she seems so happy, and other days where she uses a coping mechanism that causes her to have an overly-aggressive persona, and keeps herself shelled up in a ‘box’ pushing others away; which is being called a “hedgehog’s dilemma”. (And we don’t mean the World’s Fastest!)


Number 1: Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)

Certain Tsundere girls aren’t too scared to let you know how they feel about you or other people; with the exception of getting to their soft side later on. With that in mind Taiga Aisaka happens to snap at others and cannot stomach the thought of having company around her, mainly due to her under-developed body and nickname ‘Palmtop Tiger’. She’s not afraid to be brutally honest if something or someone is bothering her, but as with every Tsundere girl in an anime series, there is someone in her life that manages to reach her soft side. That person being Ryuuji’s best friend, Yuusaku.

Eventually it is found out that both Taiga and Ryuuji are in love with each other’s best friend, so they team up with one another to help accomplish each other’s goals. So in spite of her short stature and short-tempered attitude (heh, short jokes) Taiga relies on Ryuuji for companionship as well as being taken care of by him.

When it comes to Tsundere characters, most of them have stories that can make us a bit sad due to what they’ve gone through; such as seeing their parents divorced or they had a traumatic experience from their childhood that still effects them in their adult life. You can probably say they’re just like bubblegum pieces; hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Nevertheless we love them as well as all the other ‘dere’ characters out there, and on that note, we’ll see you guys n’ gals on our next filler post!

Keep calm and blog on! 😉

Filler Post: 5 Places in New York City Where Otaku Go To Party (After A Con)!

In America anime has become more than just another trend, it has become a new way of life for those who felt left out from society via the Social Hierarchy. Since the late 90’s anime conventions have become a staple in the anime community as well as play a major part in otaku culture. Seeing voice actors from your favorite shows and getting merch signed from them is nothing short of awesome, and getting cosplay pics is just as cool. However as the day turns to night and most of the family-friendly panels have ended, it’ll soon be time to turn up and rave it up at the conventions late-night dance.

Although a lot of us like to dance and show off our mad skills to our friends and other con-goers, there’s some of us that want to party at anime-alternative events held at gaming bars and underground nightclubs. There are a good amount of places that have these alternative cosplay events and parties, but you haven’t been to an anime afterparty, until you’ve been to one in the NYC! So for all of you otaku party animals out there, here are five places in New York City where otaku go to party after the con.

FYI: You must be 21+ to attend these parties. Viewer Discresion is Advised. O.O

Number 5: Sexy Nerds: Retro Game & Various Cosplay After Parties

Many alternative cosplay parties and afterparties are held by entertainment companies that provide anime/gaming-themed late night events. Sexy Nerds is one of them; as these guys through some of the best gaming/cosplay parties in the Big Apple! They travel between New York and Canada from time to time, and they also show up at other cons in both the east and west coast. Wanna really turn up? Check these guys out when they have events!

Number 4: SonicBoomBox: NYCC Afterparties & Events

New York Comic Con is the largest and most popular convention in the NYC, and you have a big con, you gotta throw a big party! If you’re looking for a place to let your hair down after the con, SonicBoomBox provides some turn’t up afterparties and events that you could head to. Grab a drink and dance with friends, and drop it like its hot nerd-style! 😉

Number 3: The Cosplay Booze Cruise in NYC

Partying in a club in cosplay is fun, but partying on a yacht in cosplay is even more lit! If there’s one thing you should know about con attendees at the NYCC, its that they know how to turn up no matter how late it is!

Number 2: The Senpai Project Cosplay After Parties

Ain’t no party like a Senpai Party! If you haven’t been to one of their after party events, you have no idea what you’re missing! The Senpai Project holds all kinds of cosplay-themed events that are mainly Marvel/DC/Anime-themed. They actually reached out to us several months ago for a collab project, and even though we’re not quite in a position where we can say ‘yes’ just yet, there might be a near future collab through DJ/Producer Enzo Blackjack. One day Senpai, one day…

Number 1: CEG and Geeks on Fleek After Parties

CEG is another entertainment company that hosts cosplay-themed parties in the club, and on the water (on a yacht). Geeks on Fleek have after parties after their fashion shows in the NYC, so if you get the chance to get out to any of these two after parties, definitely check them out and turn up!

There are various other places all around New York City to party at around convention season, so be sure to do some hunting around for various events besides these five for more action, more fun, and more after parties! Drink responsibly and don’t be a hentai pervert, because if you’ve seen enough anime in your life, you know what happens when you cross that line. (It’s not pretty, darling. T.T)

That will do it for us on this filler post, until next time party on! 😉

Filler Post: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Esdeath!

Every once in awhile an anime title comes along that has us on the edge of our seats in terms of action, romance, drama, and intense battles. There are various titles that pop onto one’s head when it comes to those things, but one title in particular that’s got four has to be the anime about assassins known as Akame ga Kill! There’s a good amount of characters that have become favorites among Akame ga Kill fans, but the most talked about character on the show has to be the series main female villain, Esdeath.

Her personality is about as cold as the icebergs she’s able to summon at a moments notice, and gets a thrill out of dominating people – especially young men. Although there’s a lot to be said about her, there are a few things that some fans (new fans might we add) may not know about this cold-shouldered mistress. Here are seven things you probably may not know about Esdeath.


#7 – She’s The Most Popular Character in a 2014 Popularity Poll

Akame may have won on the battlefield, but Esdeath won the popular vote in a 2014 popularity poll. This revelation surprised many fans as they though the titicular character Akame had the number one spot locked down. On the bright side however she’s got a 1-0 victory against the icy general, so it’s not all bad Akame. 😉

#6 – She’s The Incarnation of War

Even though this is true, Esdeath treats her subordinates rather well – better than any other villain does with theirs. She is also very respected in terms of ranking, and even shows respect to powerful opponents and warriors.

#5 – Esdeath May Be Young, But She’s Got A Cougar Complex

When it comes to love Esdeath likes younger men. She may not be a cougar in terms of age (because she’s only in her 20’s), but she’s got a bit of a cougar-like complex due to the fact that she likes younger guys, especially Tatsumi.

#4 – She Has The Highest Kill Count in the Whole Show

When Esdeath was younger she was taught to kill or be killed, which may be the reason why she has one of the highest kill counts in the series. As a result of her upbringing she doesn’t care about the people she kills and that war to her is fun, which might strike a chord in the hearts and minds of various protagonists who face villains with that kind of thinking.

#3 – Esdeath’s Name Was Really Esdesu

Esdesu was supposed to be Esdeath’s real name, but it was changed to Esdeath for English translation. To many fans ‘Esdeath’ sounded a little more badass for the name of a female villain for an anime.

#2 – She Carries a Journal With Her

Not just any journal however, a journal where Esdeath draws pictures of Tatsumi and writes down various ways on how she can get him to fall in love with her. We’re not going to lie, because of her pursuit of him Esdeath fans have shipped her and Tatsumi in more ways that one – especially in fan fiction.

#1 – Esdeath and Liones Never Met in the Anime

These two never crossed paths in the anime, but there was that one time where Liones spied on Esdeath – who was scared of her aura.

If you didn’t know these facts about her before, now you do! Esdeath is a fan favorite to fans of Akame ga Kill, and if you haven’t checked out the show yet, you can find it on Crunchyroll and FunimationNow. By the way, if you’re in the L.A. area and want to see us in person, D&A founding member A. Goldman will be in the downtown area until October 3rd. Be sure to take pictures if you see him!

As always continue to make D&A a part of you, and we’ll make you a part of us. 🙂

Game On: 5 Japanese Gaming Facts That Might (Or Might Not) Surprise You!

Since the 80’s and 90’s video games have become a grand staple in the lives of the people who’ve spent time playing them; kids, enthusiasts, and geeks! Many of the major players that gamers are familiar with are Nintendo, SEGA, Capcom, Midway, Playstation, Xbox, and so many more. Video game consumption in America is at an all-time high (if it isn’t already), and a lot of your favorite brands don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The gaming industry is always changing in some way, shape or form every day. For Japanese gamers the video game hype is a little bit different. From secret cheat codes to hidden facts about franchise gaming characters these something to be said about this whimsical world filled with joysticks and buttons. Here are five Japanese gaming facts that might (or might not) surprise you!

Game Fact #5: Atari Was Originally Going To Be Called “Syzygy”!

Many of us know Atari from back in the 80’s with arcade games like Frogger, but Atari was not the first choice for the name of this gaming brand. Founders Nolan Bushwell and Ted Dabney were actually going to name their brand (you guessed it) Syzygy, which meant “the straight line configuration of three celestial bodies”. The bad news for this choice however, was the fact that the name was already taken by a roofing company – which was actually the best thing that ever happened to them. Can you imagine playing a game branded by a roofing company? O.O

Game Fact #4: SEGA Was (Originally) Created By Three Americans!

Betcha didn’t know that, did’cha?! Or maybe you did; rendering our reaction to your surprise about this revelation ‘moot’. Before a certain blue hedgehog became the face of the company, SEGA’s original mission was to import game machines to the American servicemen living in Japan – because of their boredom. Those gaming machines are still hugely successful to this very day in Japan, and thanks to two Japanese lads, SEGA (along with the aforementioned blue hedgehog) has become a household name.

Game Fact #3: The First Video Game Death Was in 1981!

Normally we don’t like talking about death a lot on the blog (unless it’s a character that fans think deserve it), but in 1981 a gamer by the name of Jeff Dailey died while playing Berzerk. Games are cool, but if you treat the time you spend playing them the same way you treat alcohol (without moderation), the ending won’t be a happy one. Marathon gaming without stopping for food or water is never a good idea, so to all the gamers out there, take a break at least 1-2 hours after playing. Cool? 😉

Game Fact #2: The Release of the N64 Caused Riots in Japan!

When the era of the SNES had ended, Nintendo decided it was time to enter the 3D world of gaming with what they called the Nintendo 64. There are hundreds of well-known titles fans have played since that era, but during its initial Japan release, it caused riots among Japanese fans trying to get their hands on it. Yes America, Japan has Black Friday too! XP

Game Fact #1: Mario Was Named After Mario Segali, Nintendo America’s Italian Landlord!

How about that? The plumber from Brooklyn is named after someone who is actually from Italy (originally)! Before that Mario didn’t really have a name, in fact the first time we ever saw him was Donkey Kong – which was originally called Jumpman. Since then Mario has appeared in over 100 games and has continued to stand the test of time even to this very day. That’s three facts in one about the well-known plumber. You’re welcome. 😉

There are more amazing and fascinating facts about Japanese gaming that many gamers know, and some don’t. Nevertheless there’s always something new and exciting going on in the world of gaming, as well as in the community. What new facts will be revealed in the next 5-10 years that we don’t already know? What throwback gaming consoles will make a resurgence in the next several years if it hasn’t happened already? (Which we’re pretty sure it has.) Perhaps another post for another time.

Until next filler post, stay gold! 🙂


D&A Anime Blog: September Anime Cons 2018: Part Two!

Last week was a killer for us in terms of getting our posts up, but thankfully we’ve gotten everything scheduled for the last two weeks of September. Speaking of which we’ve got some anime conventions for you guys to check out for the remainder of the month; located in the Southwest and Westbound regions of North America. Sorry this post is a little short, but the next one will be a bit longer. Until then, stay gold! 😉

2018-logo-fbhttps _cdn.evbuc.com_images_41192853_78652648349_1_originalhttps _cdn.evbuc.com_images_45387426_64361670897_1_original

D&A Anime Blog: Our Experience With Aniblogging…

In the 2 years and 9 months that we’ve started this anime blog, we never thought that we would reach this point. Before we became bloggers (or ani-bloggers) A. Goldman and I (D.J. Lewis) were just two college-aged guys who have been watching anime and reading manga since our childhood years. (Especially during middle school.) The though of even having a blog didn’t cross our minds until 2015, and since then we’ve learned a lot about the pros and cons of running one. We didn’t really have a good filler post topic but we hope this makes up for it.

PRO: Meeting Other Bloggers/Online Friends

Growing up it was hard to find other people who were interested in anime back in the 90’s and even the 2000’s. One of the coolest things about having an anime blog, is the fact that you get to meet other bloggers who also blog about anime. There were only a small number of people who liked anime back when we were in school, but it wasn’t until we met more members of the anime community that we found more fans like us. even though we didn’t blog about anime while in school, we went to anime conventions and took cosplay pictures of characters from all of our favorite titles.

At one point and time we were members of another online anime blog/community who we can’t name due to confidential reasons, and posted about what shows we were watching, and so much more. Having your own blog page or being a part of one allows you to connect with others who are just as passionate about anime, as you are.

CON: The On-Going Threat of Trolls/Haters

Thank God we’ve been fortunate enough to not have this happen often to us, but there are other bloggers out there who have tasted the bitter salt that is trolls and haters. No matter what fandom or online community you’re on or even apart of, there’s always those individuals who love to pick unnecessary fights or start beef. We’ve only had to deal with one incident back in 2017 on our Twitter account, but so far there haven’t been any problems since. Everyone’s got bullies, but when you’ve got an awesome community of friends backing you up, the threat just gets a little smaller each day.

PRO: Opportunities To Create Original Content

Having a blog is kind of like building your own store; you want everyone to come in and see what all the buzz is about, and even buy your product (as long as its in good quality). When it comes to blogging you always want to find ways to stand out from others who are doing the same thing you are; whether its doing a three-part writing segment, producing ‘in-blog’ music, or something special you want to offer to fans of your blog. Sometimes your blog is only as creative as the mind behind it, so never be afraid to try new things.

CON: Unavoidable Writer’s Block

This one’s self-explanatory. Whether you’re a novice blogger or you’re a writer for the New York Times, no one is safe from that mental monster that is Writer’s Block. It can happen right after you’ve written a well received blog post or story, or if you’re trying to figure out what to write after writing a series of well written posts. Needless to say, no one’s immune to Writer’s Block as a blogger or editor, but one of the best ways to help with this is to take a little break and head outside for awhile…

PRO: It’s a Mental Stress-Release After Working a Part/Full-Time Job

In this crazy world we live in there’s no doubt that we could all use a little mental vacation every now and then; especially if you’re an anime blogger. Blogging is actually a therapeutic way to take your mind off of all of the craziness that is our lives – even if it’s only for a couple of hours. If you happen to be in the house by yourself or in a small room while blogging, it can be even more relaxing because there aren’t any distractions.

Having this blog has helped us in more ways than one; especially when it comes to other bloggers, anime fans, voice actors, and anime distribution companies. We’re hoping that we can keep D&A going for the long haul, but no matter what happens D&A will be a part of our lives – and yours! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: 15K Views and the Otaku Outlook Banner/Avatar Reveal!!

Man, can you believe it?! There are only four months in 2018 left and before you know it, we’ll all be looking at New Year’s Eve right in the eyes. Since January of 2016 we’ve gotten the chance to meet so many awesome people who love anime/manga as much as we do, and as the years go by, we plan on doing new things and introducing new features in order to help us reach more fans out in the world. One feature in particular is thanks to a poll on Twitter that helped us decide on a name for our new subreddit page. For this filler post we’re proud to announce the reveal of our Otaku Outlook subreddit avatar, and banner!!

D&amp;A Otaku Outlook (Subreddit Header)D&amp;A Otaku Outlook (Subreddit Avatar)

Otaku Outlook is an upcoming subreddit page created and powered by us at D&A Anime Blog. It’s an entire reddit page dedicated to the otaku subculture; such as news and events that are happening all around the anime community. If things go well with our new feature, then it will become our official newsletter title for the blog. We’ll keep you updated on the official release of our newest reddit page in the coming weeks.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve crossed the 15,000 view threshold for overall views on the blog! We never could’ve achieved this without the love and support from for our fans both near and afar. If you happen to live in or near the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) you can come see us live and in person at Anime USA 2018 October 19-21 at the Marriott in Wardman Park! Until next post my friends, stay gold! 😉

Filler Post: 5 Reasons Why Dragon Ball Z Fans Love Krillin!

What is it about this Sonny Strait-voiced character that makes the fanbase that he represents love him so much? Well guys n’ gals, if you’re a fan of one of the pioneering titles of anime history, then you already know his name. Hailing from Earth along side friends like Tien, Yamcha, and Goku, comes everyone’s favorite bald-headed Z-Fighter, Krillin! There’s so much that can be said about this pint-sized fighter; no matter how many times he fights out of his league, risks his life for the sake of others and his friends, of just wants to be there and ready for action when trouble arrives. Despite his reputation of being a ‘punching bag’ as well as being one of the least respected fighters in the group, Krillin shows the most heart out of anyone (next to Goku). Although there are bunches of reasons why fans love Krillin, we can only give you five for this post.


5. He and Goku have been friends since Day One (The Entire Franchise)

When it comes to friendship Krillin has had Goku’s back even way back to when they were kids. He’s also the only character that has been around in the DBZ franchise (both canon and non-canon) since ‘Day One’. If there’s anybody that has some serious history, it’s gotta be Krillin. Even all the way to Dragon Ball Super, this pint-sized fighter continues to better himself as well as be a great friend to his comrades.


4. He’s The Strongest Human on Earth

With all the training that he’s done throughout the entire series, Krillin is stronger than Tien and Yamcha, but weaker than his saiyan and namekian colleagues. This puts him as the ‘Strongest Human on Earth’ by Akira Toriyama’s standards, as Krillin never stops training and pushing himself to be even better and stronger than the day before.


3. He’s The Reason Why Goku Became a Super Saiyan

Many fans know Krillin as the guy who dies a lot during the series, but the most famous death was at the hands of the most evil antagonist in the DBZ universe; Frieza. After the tyrant blew up his closest friend, Goku became so enraged that he transformed into the one thing Frieza feared the most – a Super Saiyan. Had it not been for Krillin’s death during the Frieza Saga, we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to see Goku kick the snot out him on Planet Namek.


2. He’s Married to the Coolest Woman in the Series

Who would’ve thought in this lifetime that Krillin and Android 18 would hook up and have a child? That’s what took place during the Cell Saga, but it wasn’t until further down the Buu Saga that we really started to see Krillin and 18’s relationship take shape. From that point on she’s been by his side through thick and then, even all the way up to Super. You did good, baldy…you did good.


1. He’s The Best-Dressed Character in the Series

From time to time the Z-Fighters have had some stylish outfits and moments, but nothing says “On Fleek” like Krillin’s suit game. You can see him wearing a suit and tie along with a stylish fedora in certain episodes of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Some say that ladies love a well-dressed man, so that might be one of the reasons why 18 (and possibly a few other girls) might have taken a shot at the cue ball playa.

No matter how you slice it Krillin is an awesome part of an awesome franchise. He never ceases to amaze us at every turn with his dedication to his training, his wife, his friends, and his family. He’s also shown us that lil’ guys can do big things, and that’s something worth relating to!

Until next post, stay gold! 😉

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Female Anime Girls Who Are Nerds!

Since the 80’s Nerds have been stereotyped as individuals who are at the bottom of the social ladder (with only the foreign exchange student as their best friend). They were bulled by jocks and various other knuckleheads, laughed at by girls, and were voted most likely to be nerdy for the rest of their lives. There was a time where it was hard to identify ourselves as anime fans, and contrary to popular belief, it was hard to find girls who were anime fans back in the days of old.

One of the coolest things about this medium is the fact that it’s becoming more diverse everyday. Many of us are big fans of a lot of male anime characters who are nerds, but what about the ones who are of the opposite sex? They said that we would never find girls who like anime and other nerdy stuff like the guys do, but go to any anime/gaming convention in the world, and you’ll squash that myth hands-down! Here are the Top 5 female anime characters who are just as nerdy as the guys.


Number 5: Matsu (Sekirei)

Matsu is a Sekirei that Minato helped wing, and just so happens to be an expert hacker and a genius. One of the misconceptions about female geniuses is the fact that we think they can’t be sexy, or even be deemed attractive. We’re pretty sure girls like Matsu has put that myth to bed with her awesome technical skills as well as her nerdy beauty.


Number 4: Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa 3)

One of the biggest gaming nerds in Hope’s Peak Academy’s Class 77-B, just happens to be a girl. Chiaki Nanami is known as the Ultimate Gamer who brought her classmates together the only way she knew how; by playing video games. Who doesn’t want to be her best friend, right?


Number 3: Renge Houshakuji (Ouran Host Club)

Being an otaku is one thing, but being an otaku who has a LOT of money is pure bliss. Although she may not look like it Renge is actually a bit of an otaku nerd; so much so that she flew from France to Japan to find a guy that looked like a character from one of her favorite games. If that’s not something a hardcore otaku would do, then we don’t know what is.


Number 2: Hoturu Shidare (Dagashi Kashi)

Although she may not play a lot of video games, is super savvy with a computer, or even watches tons of anime, Hoturu is an otaku nerd of the food variety. (By food, we mean snacks or “dagashi” as they’re called.) She knows the name and birthplace of every snack from the east to west side of Tokyo; all the way down to its ingredients. That says a lot about a girl who knows snacks like otaku know anime…


Number 1: Bulma Briefs (The Dragon Ball Franchise)

Our #1 pick is our very own blue haired scientist from West City, Bulma Briefs! Not only did she help create the dragon radar to help Goku and the others find the dragon balls, but her and her father are brilliant scientists who create awesome inventions. Aside from being an inventor, Bulma is an awesome wife to a certain saiyan prince we all know. Between being a mom and a scientist Bulma has her hands full, but one thing’s for sure, she’s always there to support Goku and his friends when they need it most.

So that will do it for our Top 5 filler post about female anime characters who are nerds. When it comes to the language of geekdom, there’s a geek boy for every otaku girl. Until next post guys n’ gals, keep being awesome and keep being nerdy! 🙂