D&A Update Time: Minddgames EP & Upcoming Reviews!

March is only a couple weeks away, and with that comes a few updates from the good ol’ nerds of D&A Anime Blog – one of which we’re very excited about! Although it took approximately three-and-a-half months to perfect it; song by song, track by track, and element by element, we’re proud to announce that the six-track EP known as Minddgames is complete! The release date will be March 13th, and you’ll be able to listen to the album on all of the most popular music streaming services. It contains a blended mix of Hip-Hop and Trap beats (808’s and all), and electronic elements like Techno, Trance, and Chiptune. The overall sound is nice, crisp, clear, and pleasing to the ear – and it’ll probably make you wanna dance once you hear a few tracks. Again, you’ll have to wait until March 13th.

Avidd Minddset Minddgames EP Album Art
Avidd Minddset – Minddgames EP

In other updates and news; we’ll also be doing some detailed reviews on past anime titles that some of you guys may not have seen, as well as overview-reviews on some upcoming titles for the 2020 season. We’ll keep you posted once those shows make themselves known through Crunchyroll and FunimationNow. If you guys want us to do a review on an anime title, you can let us know in the comments below – or even hit us up on our Discord channel Anime Snap and tell us what show you want us to do.

Sorry to blog n’ run, but that’s all we’ve got for now!

Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Ghost Stories: The Holy Grail Of Anime Comedy!

Remember the days when the popularity of anime was in its infancy? Back in the 80’s and 90’s there were only a handful of us who jumped on the Japanimation bandwagon, and rode that sucker all the way to the modern times we’re living in today. Long before FUNimation became the leading distributor of all things anime, there were other dubbing companies like BangZoom! and ADV Films in the mix. Speaking of which, we want to give a BIG shout out to Steven Foster, ADV Films, and all of the voice actors involved in this hilarious project that we’re about to talk about. Although there are a lot of abridged anime series titles out there, we can’t forget who the real OG is; ADV Films.

The Ghost Stories cast!

Originally, the plot of the story follows the tale of Satsuki Miyanoshita who moves with her family to her deceased mother’s hometown. During the first day of school she and her brother, Keiichirou, meet with Hajime, Momoko, and Leo, and together they find themselves visiting the abandoned school building across from the main school itself. It’s soon discovered that Satsuki’s mother sealed away a lot of the ghosts that haunt the school building, but due to city’s urbanization, the seals that keep the ghosts sealed have broken, and not those ghosts are out terrorizing the streets of town. Her mother also left behind a book on how to exorcise each spirit, and with the help of her brother and friends, Satsuki sets off to cleanse the town (and the school) of ghosts.

Ok, so that was the original direction this anime title was supposed to go in, but after the commercial failing of the Japanese airing, ADV was given a set of rules as to how this title was to be dubbed. There were three things that ADV had to follow before the procedures for the dub could even take place:

  1. Don’t change the names of any character – including the ghosts.
  2. Don’t change the way any ghost is killed.
  3. Don’t change the meaning of the episode.
  4. Do whatever else you want to make the show successful.

In other words; as long as you follow the first three rules of how we want the dub to be made, we don’t give a damn about how the script is written, or even what is said in the show. We’re pretty sure ADV, Steven Foster, and the rest of the dub cast took the ball and ran with it; as (just like Monica Rial said) this show became the “Equal Opportunity Offender”. Black, White, Gay, Straight, doesn’t matter, this show pokes fun at every race, and everybody (including movies and politics). You probably can’t say any of the stuff that’s said in the series as of now in this day and age without getting ‘cancelled’ by ‘culture’, but as far as this dub goes, it has gained a cult following over the years and has been recognized as one of the precious gems of anime comedy. If you ever get the chance you gotta check out the dub, we absolutely assure you, you will laugh your %@! off! XP

D&A Anime Blog: Isekai Quartet: Season 1 Review!

Sorry this one got delayed, but here we are with another anime review for Isekai Week from the crossover series Isekai Quartet! About a decade ago we were wondering if we were ever going to get an anime crossover series (and not the one with DBZ and One Piece or that other one that you guys might remember), and in 2019, the anime gods have blessed us with this four-way (soon to be five) school-life series simply known as Isekai Quartet. All of the dub VA’s from the original shows reprise their roles in this awesome project; which includes Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World, Overlord, Saga Of Tanya, and Konosuba. As of right now there’s a second season in the works coming out this year, and it features newcomers from Shield Hero! (Hopefully Cautious Hero and Slime get added in the third season. Fingers crossed!)

These three would never be in the same show…until now!

We stumbled upon this series just two months ago today, so if you haven’t gotten the chance to see just what this show is all about, we’ll give you a brief rundown:

Everything was peaceful (or something to that effect) in the worlds or lands of Re:Zero, Konosuba, Overlord, and finally Saga Of Tanya, until a magical button appears and all of the main characters press said button. They soon are transported to a parallel world where the magic of school life begins. That’s pretty much it!

Basically the whole first season takes all of those “what-if” moments that most of us have written fan fiction stories about, and packed them into a 12-episode isekai comedy about school life – with characters that you would never even imagine seen interacting with one another. Out of the four main series’ Tanya is the most serious and is a natural leader with an iron fist, but now out of her element in this new type of life she’s not accustomed to, she gels quite well with a couple of the Overlord cast; especially with Ainz Ooal Gown and Demiurge. There are all types of funny moments that happen in the series – some of which include Aqua, but not in the way that you’d think.

Overall as a whole, this series is a mix of school life, isekai (of course), and comedy. I’m looking forward to what season two will have in store; considering the main cast of Rising of the Shield Hero will be making their debut. Sorry this review couldn’t be a little bit longer, but the plot of the show is more along the lines of entertainment than it is complexity. That being said, you can now check this show out on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow.

That will do it for this post and review, and until next post, stay nerdy! 😉