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90’s Anime of the Week is the 1990’s edition page of our Throwback Thursday drop down menu, and runs the same way the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s pages does. From popular hits like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, if you’re a 90’s kid from the heart this this page is the place to start! 🙂

Our 90’s Anime of the Week is…Brain Powerd (1998)

D&A Anime Title Rating: 3.9 / 5

Happy New Year, and welcome to the return of D&A’s Throwback Thursday!! Tonight we kick off this bi-weekly return of the beloved segment, with another fantastic 90’s anime title! If you’re a fan of those classic post-apocalyptic tales that usually involve the military, then this title might be right up your alley. Brain Powerd is a post-apocalyptic story that’s set in a future timeline; where the Earth is effected by numerous earthquakes and floods. The source of the problem is caused by humongous alien spacecraft known as the “Orphan”.

Scientists Kenseku and Midori Isami work inside of the Orphan so that they can uncover its vast knowledge, in spite of the fact that by doing this, could cause total annihilation of the Earth. Hime Utsumiya (the lead character) finds a lost disk place that’s part of the Orphan, which then revives into an antibody called “Brain Powerd” (hence the title). Now Hime along with a group that wishes to counter the ideals of the scientists aboard the Orphan, are in a position where they are the ones who control earth’s fate.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out this title yet, head over to Crunchyroll or FunimationNow! Tell em’ D&A sent you! 😉


Our 90’s Anime of the Week is…Future GPX Cyber Formula (1991)

If you love Auto Racing and Science Fiction, then you’re gonna love this classic 90’s anime title we’ve got for you! Future GPX Cyber Formula takes place in a time where super AI computers (called “Cyber Systems”) are used in races to enhance driver’s abilities and prevent terrible accidents. (Basically its like taking all elements of a Super Computer and fusing it with a race car to create…a smart car? Sorry, that one was cheesy so let’s move on.) The series itself follows a young 14-year-old lad named Hayato Kazami, who is now the driver of the Asurada GSX and a racer for the Sugo Team due to the fact that he’s on the run from a man named Smith, who wants to use the GSX’s AI computer as a powerful military weapon. While making friends, enemies, and rivals all at the same time, Hayato realizes that while life in the fast lane may have its twists and turns, all roads lead to victory lane in the end.

Rating: 4.4 / 5


Our 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…Sailor Moon (1992)

There are a lot of magical girl anime titles out there, but if you’re looking for one of the greatest magical girl titles of all time, then you’re gonna have to head back to 1992. This classic anime title is one of the pioneering titles that has changed the magical girl game for over 20 years. This title is known as…Sailor Moon.

If you’re a 90’s kid (male or female), then you already know the song and lyrics by heart. As for the plot you ask? We’ll try to make it short, sweet, and straight to the point. Usagi Tsukino is a clumsy middle-school student who suddenly befriends a black cat named Luna. She then gives Usagi a magical brooch that will transform her into Sailor Moon. (Who we all know is a solider destined to save earth from evil.)

Later on they round up a group of Sailor Soldiers to help them track down the whereabouts of their princess and the Silver Crystal. Throughout the series they fight against a band of evil villains and factions that threaten the very fabric of life on earth, as well as the Moon Kingdom. With five seasons, 200 episodes, a few movies and a re-dub known as Sailor Moon Crystal underneath its belt, this classic 90’s magical girl anime title has paved the way for future magical girl titles; such as Madoka Magica and several others.

This is one title you don’t wanna miss, so if you haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet we highly suggest that you check it out (as well as its re-dub)! 🙂

Rating: 5 / 5


Our first 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…Seraphim Call (1999)

It’s safe to say that in the 90’s (and 80’s and 70’s) there were a lot of futuristic plots in anime and manga, that took place ahead of their own time. This classic anime throwback title is no exception to this rule. Seraphim Call deals with eleven different individual stories from eleven different girls, who live in a futuristic city called Neo-Acropolis in the year 2010, where each of them are facing some type of dilemma in their lives. The mood of this title may be a bit avant-garde in some respects as the way that each story is being told, may cause its viewers to actually go back and watch said episode twice to fully understand the meaning behind the plot of each story. If you’re looking for a classic anime series that’s not being told in the serialized manner that we’ve all grown accustomed, then we highly recommend that you check this title out! 🙂

Rating: 4.4 / 5


Our second 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…Saint Tail (1995)

Is it actually possible to picture a magical girl with a Robin Hood complex? Well in this throwback 90’s anime title known as Saint Tail, you can! The plot centers around a school girl named Meimi Haneoka who transforms into her other persona Saint Tail, and takes back things and items that others have stolen from other people either bluntly, or dishonestly. Her classmate and sister in training named Seira Mimori assists her, as well as serves in the church hearing the troubles of the ones who have been wronged and asked if they could pray to God. While all of this is going on the police force sees Saint Tail as a thief as well as a threat, so they send Detective Daiki Asuka Jr., who is a classmate of Meimi, after her in hopes of one day catching her (as Saint Tail). Check out this series when you can! 🙂

Rating: 4.5 / 5


Our first 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…Akazukin Chacha (1994)

Another 90’s magical girl anime title! This one’s about a young girl named Chacha who lives with her guardian named Seravi on Mochi-Mochi Mountain. Even though she’s a magical girl, Chacha’s skills as a magician aren’t exactly A-ranked, as she’s quite clumsy when casting her spells. (Resulting in things that she didn’t really mean to cast; i.e. spiders instead of a cloud, roaches, etc.) During times of trouble Chacha’s spells do in fact work, as she uses her abilities as a magical girl to save her friends who live on the same mountain as she. A fun classic title to check out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Rating: 4.7 / 5


Our second 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…His and Her Circumstances

It’s been awhile since we’ve done some 90’s anime titles, so why not give you guys a couple for you to enjoy! This title (known as His and Her Circumstances) is about two high school students who for some reason want to be “perfect” versions of themselves, even though their actual identities are far from the truth. Yukino Miyazawa is envied by her classmates because of her good grades and perfect attendance, while Soichiro Arima wants to prevent himself from becoming “bad” like his parents that abandoned him were.

At first Yukino wants to ‘destroy’ Soichiro because he took her position as being at the top of her class, but now she struggles between that and possibly liking him due to her little sister stating that Yukino was feeling admiration as opposed to jealousy. Throughout the remainder of the series both Yukino and Soichiro started going together with each other, but still had their ordeals about one another. So to cast down their insecurities, both of them decided to be their true and natural selves. (Personality-wise, that is.)

If you’re looking for a classic 90’s boy-girl anime title filled with romance, comedy, and drama, then His and Her Circumstances might be the title for you! Check it out! 🙂

Rating: 4.8 / 5


Our 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…Serial Experiments Lain (1999)

This is our first Throwback Thursday title of the new year, and tonight we’re going back to the 90’s decade of anime! This time around our title is Serial Experiments Lain, where the series focuses on a girl named Lain Iwakura; a middle school girl living in the suburbs of Japan. She’s introduced to a system that’s similar to the internet known as the Wired, as her life is suddenly turned upside down from the usual status-quo, to a series of bizarre and mysterious incidents regarding a dead student from her class.

From that point on Lain becomes curious about the Wired as she begins to dive deeper into the system itself, while also discovering various themes that deal with perception, consciousness, and the nature of reality. The feeling of the series has somewhat of an X-Files type of vibe, combined with that of cyberpunk, drama, and mystery. If you’re looking for something that has that mysterious feel (and X-Files-ish vibe), then this classic title might be for you! 🙂

Rating: 5 / 5


Our first 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…Case Closed (1996)

If you’re a 90’s kid like A. Goldman and Yours Truly, then you’ll understand this when we say that this is classic title is a BIG deal! 800+ episodes, movies, OVAs, a crossover with Lupin the Third, and multiple sequels are what you’ll find in this title known as Detective Conan, or many would call it Case Closed.

Jimmy Kudo (aka Conan Edogawa) was a high school detective who worked alongside police, however he was captured by the Black Organization and forced to drink a poison that would supposedly kill him. Instead it just turned him into a child. Now as a child detective known as Conan, Jimmy travels with his childhood friend Rachel Moore and her father Richard. Throughout the series Conan comes across a variety of friends and allies while digging deeper into the Black Organization’s case. (All while keeping his real identity a secret.)

This is actually an on-going anime title by the way, as the creator does have an end in sight for the series back in 2007, but decided to keep the party going. We recommend putting this on top of your Bucket List of anime titles to watch, if you haven’t already gotten the chance to see it yet.

Rating: 5 / 5


Our second 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…Steam Detectives (1998)

This 90’s title focuses on the use of steam and coal, as a source of power to many of the modern inventions found in Steam City; the Steam Engine being one of them. Due to the many advances of technology in the city itself, it has now caused the rise of Megamatons (steam-powered robots) and criminal activity associated with them. While this is all taking place a young detective named Narutaki, begins investigating the situation with the criminals and the Megamatons in a fashion similar to that of Sherlock Holmes. If you’re a fan of steampunk and neo-noir anime, then ‘investigate’ this classic 90’s title for yourself! 🙂

Rating: 4.6 / 5


Our third 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…Princess Nine (1998)

“This is a man’s world!” yes, we’re quite familiar with that statement, but times are much different now than in days of old. This classic 90’s anime title proves that girls are just as hard working as their male counterparts; in sports, entertainment, and beyond. At the Kisaragi School for Girls these nine high school girls in particular, form a baseball team dedicated to playing on equal footing with the boy’s teams for the National High School Baseball Tournament in Japan. If you’re a fan of sports and romance then Princess Nine is sure to be a grand slam! 😉

Rating: 4.5 / 5


Our first 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…

Generator Gawl (1998)

This late 90’s series takes place in 2007 (their 2007, not ours), where a professor named Takuma Nekasa discovers a gene that will unlock the greatest mystery of the human body. Because of this three scientists (Gawl, Koji, and Ryo) from the future travel back in time in order to prevent this discovery from happening. However the trio are transported three months prior to the event, with the mysterious and cunning Ryuko Saito being the only person standing in their way to saving the world. While his two friends continue on with the mission at hand, Gawl has to “generate” like the enemies he’s fighting in order to defeat them. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out! 🙂

Rating: 4.7 / 5


Our second 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…

Sorcerer Hunters (1995 – 1996)

When you think about Sorcerers the first thought that comes to your mind is magic, right? Well, yes. However in a case like this all the characters in this series are named after food puns (such as Chocolate and Carrot). This lil’ series known as Sorcerer Hunters is about a small group of Sorcerer Hunters who protect the Parsoners from the Sorcerers themselves; who want nothing to do but kill, enslave, and torment them.

The main character known as Carrot is the leader of the Sorcerer Hunters as he and the rest of the company are under the command of “Big Mama”, who is the head of the Stella Church and protector of the Parsoners. Although they may face a lot of villains on their mission, family is one of the most important factors found amongst Carrot and his family. Like a good 90’s classic filled with fantasy and comedy? Then check out Sorcerer Hunters for yourself if you haven’t gotten the chance to.

Rating: 4.7 / 5


Our first 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…

Revolutionary Girl Utena (1996 -1997)

Duels, drama, and romance are just a few things that you’ll find in this classic 90’s anime title. The story is about a tomboyish girl named Utena Tenjou who decided to become a prince just because she was impressed by an actual one in her childhood. She attends Ohtori Academy and runs into another student named Anthy Himemiya, who happens to be in an abusive relationship with another student in the academy. Throughout the series (and story arcs) Utena has these sword duels with members of the Student Council in order to protect Anthy; who is known as the Rose Bride and can give ‘revolutionary powers’ to the one who wins the duel. (Hence the title.) If you’re looking for a good 90’s classic filled with duels, drama, and sword fights, then Revolutionary Girl Utena may be a great place to start!

Rating: 4.8 / 5


Our second 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (1993)

Now knowing when you’re in danger and somehow sneaking out of it can make that person lucky, of course when you’re Captain Tylor, you’re a lucky bastard. This 90’s title is about a man (Tylor) who has no real purpose in life, smiles and laughs like a child in the face of danger, and has a state of mind that’s hard to crack. Many people that Tylor encounters in the series comments that “They don’t know if he’s a genius or an idiot!”, to many other people they may just say he’s a lucky bastard that doesn’t really “know” what he’s doing. If you want to know if Captain Tylor’s a genius (or an idiot) check out this comedic little Space Opera filled with adventure, and comedy! 🙂

Rating: 4.9 / 5


Our third 90’s Anime of the Week this week is…Nadescio (1996 – 1997)

Martians, anime’s in anime’s, robot mechas, sci-fi, and comedy. That is what you’ll find in this late 90’s anime title known as Nadescio. The series takes place in 2196; where a race of aliens called the “Jovian Lizards” is at war with the Earth, and the crew of a spaceship known as the ND-001 Nadescio who is sent to battle the aliens, has some problems of their own. (Personality Disorder or P.D.) The main character known as Akito Tenkawa doesn’t like fighting and wants to be a chef, of course he’s also an anime fan of the anime title known as Gekiganger III. Every female character is head over heels for him, but all Akito wants to do is cook, watch anime, and be a total otaku. (Like the rest of us!) So if you love watching an anime in an anime with some sci-fi comedy on the side, then check out this lil’ parody known as Nadescio…

Rating: 5 / 5


Our first 90’s Anime of the Week title this week is…Escaflowne (1996)

This 1996 anime title is one that that is definitely a 90’s throwback series! Filled with mecha, romance, action, and fantasy, this is a title that is a big MUST on your 90’s anime revisit list. The series is about a teen girl named Hitomi who finds herself on the planet Gaea, as a boy named Van fights a dragon on the high school’s running track. After a series of events Hitomi is caught in the crossfire between the Zaibech Empire, and the troops of the Planet Gaea. Van (the boy she met before) and Allen (his ally and Asturian Knight) command a mech known as ‘Escaflowne’ in order to fight back against the Zaibech Empire, with Hitomi’s fortune telling powers as the key to defeating the empire. Coming from a former 90’s kid, this is one title you definitely should revisit! 🙂

Rating: 5 / 5


Our second 90’s Anime of the Week title this week is…Monster Rancher (1999)

Does this title ring a bell to the ears of your inner 90’s kid? We hope so! This anime title can be compared to the Pokemon series in a few ways; one familiar aspect is the battles, and how monster ranchers act as a counterpart to pokemon trainers. Now onto the plot; a terrible disaster hit the world right before the continents broke up, as people prayed to God for help.

Upon doing so he created new life forms, but due to their troublesome nature God sealed them away into “disk stones”. Many years later the human race managed to find the ancient ruins that contains the disk stones with the monsters trapped inside; of course it wasn’t long before the humans discovered the secrets about said stones, and decided to have monster battles upon unlocking them from the disk stones. To this very day there are still some Monster Rancher fans out there, and if you’re one of em’, then revisit this anime title…and your childhood.

Rating: 4.9 / 5

Monster Rancher.
Monster Rancher.

Our third 90’s Anime of the Week title this week is…Zenki (1995)

A classic 95′ anime title that tells the story of a demon guardian spirit used to defeat Karuma; who is a demon goddess, by the master of the Enno Temple named Ozune Enno. The spirit known as Zenki was sealed away inside a pillar by the aforementioned master until many years later, his descendant named Chiaki Enno was able to release him once again. (Only this time, he’s in a rather immature form.) Because of the broken seal by the demon goddess’ servants, Chiaki and the rather defiant demon spirit now face the possible return of Karuma through her seeds; which to many people, look like creepy little eyeballs. If you haven’t seen this title around in the 90’s, it’s one that we definitely recommend checking out! 🙂

Rating: 4.8 / 5


Our first 90’s Anime of the Week title this week is…Zoids (1999 – 2000)

This classic title is the first of four series that’s based on the model kits created by the company known as TOMY. This title is also the first installment of the franchise to be produced in Japan, but it is also the second to be dubbed in the nations to the West. Van Flyheight is a teenage boy who finds a mysterious girl named Fiona on the planet Zi; as the two of them are in a ceasefire moment between two battling nations who possess metal lifeforms known as Zoids. Van along with Fiona and Zeke; an Organoid whom can merge with a Zoid and make it more powerful, set off to discover secrets about Fiona’s past but end up getting caught in the middle of the Zoid war between the Helic Republic, and the Guylos Empire.

Rating: 5 / 5


Our second 90’s Anime of the Week title is…Samurai Pizza Cats (1990 – 1991)

Many of you know the theme song to this title (including Yours Truly), and some of you may even remember what time this show came on; which is why this title deserves a spot on our D&A Throwback Thursday! It’s original title name was Cat Ninja Legend Teyandee, but we all know it by its American name Samurai Pizza Cats! When the prime minister of Little Tokyo known as Seymour “The Big” Cheese threatens to overthrow the Emperor Fred, it’ll take a trio of samurai cyborg cats who sell pizza at the local pizzeria to save the day! If the theme song doesn’t reawaken your inner 90’s kid self, nothing will!

Rating: 4.9 / 5


Our third 90’s Anime of the Week title is…Yu-Gi-Oh! (1998)

It’s no surprise that one of the most popular card playing games is STILL alive and kicking after 18 years. The original pocket monsters are still roaring, screeching, and slashing their way into the hearts of fans from past and present generations! Yugi Moto is a shy high school student who is given pieces of an old artifact known as the Millennium Puzzle, and after assembling it he is then possessed by the 3,000-year-old spirit of an ancient pharaoh. (Of course if you’re a fan of this series then the rest is history! ^.^) A classic treasure in the world of anime and monster card games (next to Pokemon), and an even greater Throwback Thursday title for all to see! 🙂

Rating: 5 / 5


Our first 90’s Anime of the Week title is…Cowboy Bebop (1998 – 1999)

One of the most successful classics in 90’s anime history and culture! Millions of fans both old and new are highly familiar with this classic title, its story plot, and even its characters such as Spike Spiegel (aka Steve Blum)! A must have if you like bounty hunters, science fiction, and space westerns with a touch of that classic “Noir” feel and background. (Even the theme song is off the hook!)

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars


Our second 90’s Anime of the Week Title is…Evangelion (1995 – 1996)

Another classic (late) 90’s anime title that fans have come to adore. This Mecha genre anime takes place during an apocalyptic time period 15 years after a worldwide cataclysmic event. A boy by the name of Shinji is recruited by NERV and in charge of operating a mecha known as Evangelion, in order to battle monstrous and powerful beings called ‘Angels’. It’s also known that Evangelion’s Asuka Soryu and Rei Ayanami are popular cosplays during most (if not all) anime conventions. This is another must have in your arsenal of anime, as it’s popularity continues to soar higher than ever! 🙂

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars


Our third 90’s Anime of the Week title is…Dragon Ball Z (1989 – 1996)

This is the NATIONAL ANTHEM of all anime titles past, present, and future! The most badass action title in all of anime, as its story continues to live on through the birth of Dragon Ball Z Kai, and the creation of a new season known as Dragon Ball Super! We all know the Z Warriors by heart as well as the legendary theme song, which is why this will be the #1 title to go down in nostalgic history as one of the greatest title in the world! (Basically the Ali of anime!) A true legend of a title…and an even truer following of fans…

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars



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  1. […] To help us celebrate this awesome anniversary, we’ve brought back an old favorite of ours known as D&A Throwback Thursday! Our Title tonight is called Brain Powerd, a post-apocalyptic/military title where the main character Hime, discovers a disk plate belonging to a huge alien spacecraft named the “Orphan”. If you want to read the full review that we’ve posted, click here. […]


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