Error 404: Writer’s Block Strikes Again!

Ugh! We never thought we’d have to go down this road again, but if you’re a blogger like ourselves then we’re pretty sure you’ve went through it as well. It’s always awesome when you have a lot to post about, but every now and then your brain gets that ‘Error 404’ message just after you’ve posted something good. However this post is not a total loss; as we’ve got a small announcement for you guys regarding our linked posts, and what we’ll be doing next! On our Facebook and Twitter pages we made an announcement that from Wednesday to Next Monday, that we’ll be doing some blog maintenance and working on special projects throughout the Fall, so there wouldn’t be any blog posts coming from us after Wednesday. Well, we’ve decided to change that; our posting schedule will remain the same, however the timing of our filler posts may be slightly delayed. With that being said, we thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love and support that you’ve given us, and we hope that you guys will continue to be a part of us – as we are with you! 🙂

Filler Post: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Legendary Super Saiyan; Broly!

Some time ago we did a post about the ten things that you didn’t know about DBZ’s Vegeta. If you haven’t already heard the news, the name of the new Dragon Ball Super movie is entitled Dragon Ball Super: Broly! To celebrate the new dub and sub release of this awesome movie (coming January 2019), we’ve got seven things about this guy that you probably may not know – or even be aware of. If you are, that’s okay! 🙂


Number 7: His Power Is More Of a Curse than a Blessing!

Many saiyans would kill (hypothetically speaking) to have the kind of power the Legendary Super Saiyan (LSS) has, but the fact of the matter is; it’s more of a burden that whomever possesses it, has it for the rest of their life. In the Dragon Ball world Ki is an essential part of the entire series, and just about everyone in the series possesses it – except the Androids and some humans. In Broly’s case as the LSS, his Ki is more of a power source than a ‘battery’, so he has to constantly expel it or otherwise his own body won’t be able to contain it. So be careful what you ‘wish’ for…

Number 6: The Day He Was Born, Was the Day Planet Vegeta ‘Died’!

Broly’s birth is rather significant in the Dragon Ball Universe, because the day he was born, was the very same day the evil tyrant we ALL KNOW as Frieza, sent Planet Vegeta to its doom! Goku and Vegeta’s fathers were both killed in the mist of the destruction, nevertheless Broly’s birthday symbolizes the day all but a handful of saiyans and Planet Vegeta, fell to Frieza and his power.

Number 5: Broly Had Serious Rage Issues as a Teen!

Talk about mood swings! Many of us have them when we reach our teen years as we make the transition from boys to men, or girls to women. As for Broly, his fits of rage and mood swings started at a rather young age; and only got worse after he knocked his own father’s eye out of its socket (which is why he has only one eye in the movie). This was also the moment that lead his father to create a device to control Broly’s rage.

Number 4: Did We Mention He HATES Goku…A Lot?

Many of us know this from the movie, but Goku was a rather fussy child when he was born. We know how much a crying baby can get on someone’s nerves, but when you add Goku’s relentless wining with Broly’s traumatic childhood, that added fuel to the fire of his already deteriorating mental state. As the movie progressed Broly’s mental illness got to the point where he blamed everything on Goku; his childhood trauma, his fits of rage, everything! May be in a different time in a different universe, these two saiyans could’ve been friends.

Number 3: He’s One Of The Most Popular/Feared Villains in DB History!

From games to fan art there isn’t a single place in Dragon Ball history where Broly’s name won’t be seen, or heard. He’s the only villain to have three movies about him (four if you count the upcoming one), and in the latest DBS he has a female counterpart inspired by him named Kale. If you were to head to Youtube right now, you’ll find hundreds of videos about the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Number 2: Broly Has Enough Power to Destroy Galaxies!

That’s scary and unreal, even by Dragon Ball standards! Broly is indeed the only villain who can wipe out galaxies with little to no effort, and that says a lot about his character and how much of a threat he poses to anyone, and anything that stands in his way!

Number 1: He Could’ve Been a Z Fighter Had It Not Been For His Father!

Broly could’ve been a great warrior (and perhaps a member of the Z Fighters) had it not been for the ill-conceived actions of his father, Paragus. He never instilled any type of civility or maturity within the LSS, and unfortunately for us…we’ll never truly know.

That will do it for this filler post for tonight, but as always, there’s more to come later on this week! Be sure to check out the new dub trailer for the new Broly movie coming next year in January – we sure will! 😉

D&A’s Crunchyroll Spotlight: Uma Musume: Pretty Derby!

Here we are on this rainy Tuesday night (where we’re located) as we bring you another title from the guys n’ gals down at Crunchyroll! If you happen to be a fan of horses as well as girls, why not have both? In fact why not fuse the two together and have them race against one another to see which one of them comes out on top – like a derby, perhaps? If you’re wondering where this is going, then check out this anime title known as Uma Musume: Pretty Derby! (Basically a show about horse-girls!)


Ready for the rundown? Of course you are! In a world that’s similar to our own, rather famous horses from past derbies have been reborn as horse-girls; ordinary girls with a pair of horse ears and a tail, with the extraordinary speed and endurance of a horse. They also love to eat carrots just like horses do! The best of them go to train at Tokyo’s Tracen Academy in hopes of moving on to fame and fortune as not just racers, but idols. (Did we forget to mention that they’re idols as well? If we did, well…surprise!)

Special Week (the name of the main character horse girl) is a high school horse-girl from the countryside, who has just transferred to Tracen Academy to keep her promise to her mother, that she would be the best horse-girl in Japan. She makes a quick stop at a race track on her way to school, as she instantly falls in love with Silence Suzuka’s style, and becomes determined to be on the same team with her.

That pretty much sums up what this title is all about. All we can say is that there’s girls, horses, racing, comedy, sports, slice-of-life and more, all wrapped up into a special box and handed to you as a present. If you haven’t gotten the chance to check this show out, head on over to Crunchyroll or FunimationNow and stream some episodes!

That’s all we’ve got for filler posts tonight, but there’s more on the way later this week!

D&A Anime Blog: D&A Subreddit Page Announcement!

Hey guys n’ gals, we’re proud to announce that we’re back up and running after our site was temporarily down due to technical difficulties. Now that our moment of terror is over, it’s time to bring you some awesome news from the D&A front! Starting November 9, 2018 we’ll be introducing our brand new subreddit page known as 7th Place; where we’ll be doing our ‘Top 7’ topics/posts that range from anime, to otaku life in general. For the reminder of 2018 we’ll be expanding our online presence so that we can continue to grow as more than just an anime blog. Although our YouTube presence has been lacking as of late, there are more anime convention highlight videos on the horizon! There will be a sneak peek preview of one of our ‘7th Place’ posts coming later this week, in the meantime continue to spread the word about us, and keep a lookout on some more updates as well as filler posts from us! 🙂

Reboots: The Good, The Bad, and The Overall!

In case you haven’t seen the sun in a month or have been living under a rock for the same length of time, 2018 is the year of the Reboot. If you’re an 80’s or 90’s kid like ourselves, then you remember all-if-not-most of the TV shows and cartoons that had your eyes glued to the screen every weekday, and every weekend. The way shows are produced and made in the modern era is different compared how it was done back in the day, and yes, we know we sound old for saying that!

Somewhere along the line we’ve all heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” The same could be said about the very shows we watched as kids, as many of our favorite childhood shows are getting that ‘post-9/11 generation’ update; 80’s and 90’s anime included. ‘Everything old becomes new again’ is the slogan behind the modern day rebooting age, but when it comes to rebooting a classic, there are a few cardinal rules to follow. Just to let you know; this filler post is NOT meant to bash the concept and meaning behind reboots, it is to help educate and give you a general idea of what can come about when a classic show gets rebooted.

The Good:

There’s nothing like a classic TV show or anime title, right? The show/animation budget was reasonable, the style was hand-drawn, the dialogue wasn’t half bad, and the CGI was pretty low maintenance and not as flashy as it is today. Classics are great if you were a kid and lived around during that decade or era of time, however today’s kids are on a whole other level in terms of what shows they watch compared to their 80’s and 90’s generational counterparts.

Having a show rebooted will actually give modern day kids and teens the opportunity to experience that same joy that older millennials had, when they were their age. DBZ Kai is an example of this; even though we miss the long dragged-out dialogue and had to wait 3-6 episodes before a fight happens, Kai was a true-to-the-manga reboot that exposed younger anime fans to one of the greatest anime titles or our generation. If you’re going to reboot a classic show or program from the past decade, you must keep its original core concept and idea intact. (By this we mean the one thing that made us want to watch the show in the first place!)

The Bad:

There are certain elements in TV shows and anime that make them great, and if you’re going to reboot them, they must be handled with love and care. Nowadays if one is not careful, he or she can damage the reputation of the classic series that they’re trying to reboot. We’re not the kind of guys who will drop names of certain reboots, but let us just say we’ve had our fair share of some that made us feel…different. (And we’re pretty sure you’ve seen some reboots that made you feel ‘different’ too.) Taking a new approach to an old classic is fine, just as long as you keep its core concept, objective, and elements intact. (Like we said, we’re not naming shows!)

The Overall:

Reboots aren’t a bad thing, in fact they give the younger generation a chance to experience the type of shows that the older generation used to love. It can be a fun and exciting experience for both sides as it may even help reinvigorate the show’s fandom. If a show has a dedicated following and it gains a reboot, that may expand the overall fandom as well as the love for the series. The same could be said with classic anime titles like Dragon Ball Z, although we wouldn’t mind seeing a Yu Yu Hakasho reboot – just putting it out there.

There are some shows out there that are so good, they don’t even need a reboot. The overall point to this filler post is; if you’re going to reboot a classic show from our childhood, fell free to make all the updates you want, but remember to keep its core concept intact, and don’t do anything that’s going to damage its reputation.

That’s all we’ve got for this post, but there’s more on the way! 🙂

WHAT ARE THOOOSE?!: D&A’s Top 5 Weirdest Cosplay Pics!

Everyone has a creative side; whether it’s in music, writing, performing arts, voice acting, comedy, painting, and anything else that shows off what you can do. When it comes to cosplay, fans can’t wait to show off their work to other cosplayers and fans of the series at local anime or comic book conventions. We of course love cosplayers and appreciate all of the time and hard work that they’ve spent making some of the most eye-popping, jaw-dropping cosplay that we’ve ever seen at cons!

Whenever you go to an anime or other type of geek convention, you’ll find all types of cosplay. Some of it is so good, you’d think the actual costume designer (from the series) was the one who put it all together, when it was really the cosplayer all along! Everyone’s creativity is different when it comes to cosplay, so here are our Top 5 weirdest (yet funniest) ones that we’ve come across while surfing the net.


Number 5: Bacon Man

The only thing missing from this cosplay is Pancake Girl! We ran into this cosplayer back in 2017 when we made our first Zenkaikon appearance. Even though he made us hungry afterwards, Bacon Man Kevin was awesome! 🙂


Number 4: Comic Book Guy from “The Simpsons”

Worst. Cosplay. Ever! Not really though, this one is actually pretty accurate. The crazy part about this is the fact that more than half of us know a guy who runs a comic book shop, who looks (and acts) just like this! (Aside from the sickly yellow skin complexion.)

https _mashable.com_wp-content_gallery_weird-and-wacky-comic-con-costumes_qDgw5_q2pyD-kohBxenDctlGBseljtws6aE_qaB-1SM

Number 3: Super Clock

Do you know what time it is? Apparently this guy does! We really don’t know what to call him, so we’ve given him the name “Super Clock”. We’re assuming he has the power to stop or slow down time, so if the Avengers are in need of another hero, call this guy!


Number 2: R2DKitty

For the cosplayer who loves Star Wars and Hello Kitty. A creative blend of sci-fi, and cuteness! 🙂


Number 1: Ronald McThoronald

He’s not the hero we deserve, but he’s the hero we need. Smacking down hunger with his mighty hammer full of justice, Big Mac’s, and a side of fries. Whenever there’s trouble…or a shortage of dipping sauce, McThoronald will be there to save the day!

So there you have it! Our Top 5 weirdest yet funniest cosplay pics that we just so happen to find online. Many of these are rather creative, so on behalf of us as well as the rest of the cosplay community, keep on cosplaying and being creative! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Our July Con List is a Little Short…

Yep, the title doesn’t lie. The second half of our July anime convention list is indeed a little short. The reason for that is that we don’t want to post duplicate cons that many of you have already checked out within the past two years. Despite that the cons that we do have are pretty exciting based on what we’ve heard about them, but we’ll let you guys be the judge of that! Our areas for these cons lie in the Southwest and Westbound regions of North America. If you plan on heading in one or both of those directions anytime soon, please stop by those cons and have yourself a nerdy good time! 🙂


D&A Anime Blog: Social Media Shout-Outs and A New Page, Coming Soon!

So it’s about to be the middle of July in a couple of days, which means there’s less than seven weeks of Summer left. If you happen to be a parent to a teenage otaku, then you already know that the ‘Back-to-School’ itch is rapidly approaching – if it hasn’t already started now! But let’s move on from that and turn our eyes on something awesome; you!

Throughout the week we’ve been receiving so much love and support for what we do on the blog; as well as for you guys and gals, that we’ve decided to give out some well-deserved shout-outs. If we’ve missed anybody in this list, let us know in the comment section below.

Here’s out shout-outs via Twitter:

  • @tokimandee
  • @Javier_Hardeman
  • @FUNimation
  • @Rialisms
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  • @MangaBigBang

If we missed anyone on this list of awesome fans, let us know in the comment section so you can get your D&A shout-out too! Also on our list of special announcements, we’ll be introducing a new page dedicated to professional cosplayers all across North America and in other countries as well. We’ll keep you posted via Twitter and Facebook on when the page will be up. Anyway that will do it for this special shout-out filler post, check back tomorrow for some more fun and more action on D&A Anime Blog!

Stay cool, my friends! 🙂

Filler Post: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About D&A’s Founders; D.J. Lewis and A. Goldman!

This is a little ‘Fun Facts’ filler post about us! Even though we’re the proud owners and founders of this awesome anime blog that we’ve created, many of you guys may be wondering what we were doing before we started this blog. If you’re just the tiniest bit curious as to what we were up to before the rise of D&A, here are ten things you didn’t know about it’s creators/founders!


1. We Were Both Born in 1989!

We’re seven months apart from each other; meaning A. Goldman was born April 1989, and Yours Truly was born in November 1989. As 90’s kids both of us were into cartoons and eventually anime when we were younger, but you probably knew that, right? XP

2. We Did Character Voices!

Back in high school (about ten years ago) we created this audio-only ‘show’ featuring character voices that we came up with called The Chunky Willis Show. We did one season of about six episodes between 15-18 minutes each. We had characters such as Chunky Willis (voiced by D.J. Lewis), Howard Coleslaw (voiced by A. Goldman), Bob ‘Crispy Fish’ Jones (voiced by K. Elliott, our other friend), and various other characters. Don’t worry, we’ll post those episodes on our site (for laughs) next year.

3. We’re Both Have High-Functioning Autism (HFA)!

Honestly, we were a bit hesitant about this one, but now we’re in a point in our lives where we’re not ashamed to have autism – and claim it! We need to stop treating it like its a disease or even a disability, because we’re living proof that people with this neurological difference can have awesome lives just like everybody else!

4. We Both Like Gabriel Iglesias

We’re not the only ones! Most of the anime fans we’ve come across like him too! #FluffyRules 🙂


5. Founding Member D.J. Lewis Produces Music!

We know, we broadcasted this news more times than we should have. But yes, he does indeed produce music – electronic music that is! If you’ve seen our two-year anniversary trailer, you’ll hear a little bit of the kind of electronic music that Lewis produces. He took a hiatus in 2014, but now he’s coming back as DJ/Producer Spindraulics!

6. Founding Member D.J. Lewis Hates Slugs!

Seriously! They creep me the eff out! >.<

7. We’re Knowledgeable When It Comes to Computers…Mostly!

Actually, A. Goldman has a bit more knowledge in this department than Yours Truly does. If you’re having any problems with your laptop slowing down, he’s your guy!

8. FUNimation Voice Actress Monica Rial Helped Promote An Original Track From D.J. Lewis Entitled “Samurai Angel”!

Between 2013 and 2014 there were a series of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt AMVs created by Lewis under the name NuTRACKK Lewis (aka D.J.L.); one in particular was a track named Samurai Angel, which was an AMV about Stocking Anarchy. The link was given as a gift to her dub voice actress, Monica Rial, via Twitter. Pretty soon it was promoted on her page for all of her fans to see, and for that we thank her so much!! 🙂

9. Founding Member D.J. Lewis Created His Own Original Line Dance!

It hasn’t been trademarked yet, but the dance is called “The Big Daddy 2-Step”. Coming to a saloon near you, cowboy! 😉

10. We’ve Been Friends For Over 15 Years!

From Middle School to now, A. Goldman and Yours Truly have been through it all! We both may be pushing the big 3-0, but that doesn’t mean we plan on stopping anytime soon!

So there you go! Ten things you didn’t know about the founders of this awesome blog! We’ve done a lot of cool things and met a lot of cool people before going on this journey, and we’re only just getting started! There’s more filler posts to come, so stay tuned! 🙂

Spinning Wheels: 5 Reasons Why You Should DJ an Anime Convention!

Anime conventions in this day and age are a part of the otaku sub-culture in the U.S. and around the world. Although they may differ in size, activities, and tastes, there’s a little something for everybody who is attending. For manga enthusiasts there’s the Manga Library, and for convention goes (like us) there’s Q&A panels, workshops, and late night raves. Out of all the fans that go to various cons within North America and other countries, there’s only a handful of them who happen to be DJs, Producers, or both. If you happen to be a DJ/Producer who’s on the hunt for that first gig, and you also happen to be a bit of an anime fan, it wouldn’t hurt to take a shot on the decks at an anime con’s rave or afterparty (if you’re up for it). For this filler post we’ve got five reasons why DJing at an anime convention’s rave party is different – and why you should take a shot at it!


1. More Musical Freedom

At regular nightclubs (depending on which ones you go to) your musical selections are a little bit restricted to say Top 40, Hip-Hop, and a few other genres. We’re not saying that its a bad thing, but breaking out a Skrillex track in a Hip-Hop club or a country tune in an EDM club, won’t exactly land you a second appearance at said club. Anime Convention rave parties are different; sure they like a LOT of EDM and Video Game Remixes, but you can also get away with some Top 40 tracks – and you got to have the Wobble or the Cupid Shuffle somewhere in your arsenal!

2. People Actually Have Fun

You’ll hardly ever see people standing against the wall texting all night, or even the guys leaning against the wall while the girls dance. Everybody’s on the floor having a good time, no matter what the DJ throws on!

3. Better Social Atmosphere

No nightclub brawls! Pretty much everyone there is pretty nice. Watch out for creepers though.

4. Some Cons Actually Pay You

This one depends on the convention as well as what benefits DJs receive through their contracts. We know most mid/large cons offer their musical guests free weekend membership passes, hotel stay, food, and some form of payment for their services. (Although that’s between the DJ and the convention staff.)

5. You Get To Promote Yourself

Every single DJ who has spun at a con’s rave party, either had business cards or demo tapes and sometimes both! You should never spin at a club and not market yourself; that’s how you GET gigs! If the con goers what to find out who the DJ was that played that awesome set for their anime convention, make sure you give them a card with your website and social media handles.

So there you have it! If these five reasons won’t convince you to spin at an anime convention (if you’re a DJ/Producer or just a DJ), nothing will!