D&A’s Checkpoint Check-In! (June 2022)

Wow, we’re down to the last day of June 2022; which means that the first six months of the year have come and gone. A lot has happened within these last six months; some of it was great, while the minority of it is something we wish we could forget. Things in the atmosphere have been a little tense lately, as it’ll take more than a basket of puppies and kittens or however many cat videos you can post to get us through it all. If it’s any consolation, we at D&A Anime Blog / D&A Studios Entertainment feel the same way about the world’s problems as you do, and we’ve got hugs if you need em’! 🙂

So while we’re here, we’ve got a couple announcements to share for Act 2 of 2022:

New Format for Nerdz of the Decade Podcast

So if you haven’t seen the most recent podcast episode, we’re experimenting with a new format which includes text and visual aids (like pictures and MAYBE video clips). We thought it would be a good idea to step our quality game up just a little bit while still giving you the ‘Nerdz’ touch. The new format’s time frame is five minutes shorter at 25-30 minutes than our original time frame of 30-35 minutes. The reason for the change is the fact that we wanna boost audience retention; thus cutting out or limiting a lot of filler material in order to bring forward the actual material of the topic that we’re talking about. (We’re also hoping that text and visual aids will help us with that as well.) After our 30th podcast episode we’ll be using this format accordingly.

Anime Convention Appearances Are On an “As Booked” Basis

We know you’ve been asking if D&A will return to conventions, and the answer is yes. However, things have changed since we first launched in 2016, and those things come in the form of operational business expenses. Just like our favorite voice actors, we can’t show up at a convention without an invite or a booking. (We’re also looking into getting us a booking agent.) This puts us in a ‘selective’ situation in terms of what conventions we want to make appearances at, but it also limits the amount of conventions we go to in the process. We want to see you as bad as you wanna see us, and we’re gonna do everything we can to make that happen!

D&A Merch…?

Okay, so this one is gonna depend on how much money we can raise through donations, affiliates, and sponsors, so we can give back to our fans what they’ve given to us. Its a long shot but if we can raise $2000 (or even $3000), it will put us in a better position where we can set up a D&A Merch Store with everything from T-Shirts to backpacks. (Maybe even iPhone covers.) We hope to one day do this, but only time (and money) will tell.

One more thing. Make sure to give someone a hug or contact your friends and family and tell them you love them. Its a mad MAD world out there, and sometimes all it takes is a kind gesture to keep them going. That’s all for this “Checkpoint Check-In”, and until the next one (on December 31st), stay nerdy! 😉

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (6.27.22)

It’s the Monday before the 4th of July, which means another recap of all of the content we shot and uploaded onto our youtube channel; D&A Studios Entertainment! Our 30th Nerdz of the Decade episode is currently in production; as we’re trying out a brand new format for our podcast (which also includes a new intro), so in the meantime we’ve got our 29th episode and an after video from our 23rd episode. That’s all we’ve got for now, so until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

This series doesn’t get talked about enough!
Our behind-the-scenes video

One-2-One with D.J. Lewis: Dandy (Space Dandy)

Being a 90’s kid comes with a lot of things; childhood nostalgia, exposure to the online world, graduating high school and going to college only to find yourself back at your parents place a year later because rent is too freakin’ high! (Like $1600 a month, bro! For what?! Extra roaches with a side of mice?! Nope!) Despite the many headaches that come with ‘adulting’ as a Millennial, being a 90’s kid did have some perks – one of which being Toonami. The GREATEST ACTION CARTOON BLOCK EVER CREATED; has brought me through some tough times growing up, and out of all of the shows that made their debut, there was something special (and weird) about this one in particular. Space Dandy made its way into the block around 2014, and when it comes to a show like this, just be prepared for some “what the hell just happened?!” moments in the series. Now it’s time for our One-2-One with the booty-lover himself, Dandy! 😉

Dandy’s an ass man! (Not literally! XP)

If you told me that this series takes place in the same universe as Cowboy Bebop, I probably would’ve asked you what kinda drug trip are you on? But its true; Space Dandy does take place in the same universe, but at a much later time. So what is this show about? Well, its about Dandy being a dandy guy in space who happens to be an alien bounty hunter with his crew; consisting of an anthropomorphic cat, and a robot with T-Pain’s autotune. His mission is to visit all of the intergalactic locations, indulge in his fetish for booty (like most men), and chill at his favorite ‘breastaurant’ “BooBies” (or Space Hooters). Every episode is an adventure, and because I’m not one to spoil, you’ll have to watch the series yourself to see just how crazy and zany it is.

Part 1 – So What About Me, Baby? (Origin Story, I Guess?)

Honestly, there’s not much to his background other than the fact that he’s an alien bounty hunter who’s about 27-ish but could be older. As far as origin stories go; this is one of those “he’s just here now” situations, so there’s not much else to him. Sure, he’s got a hairstyle like Fonzie from Happy Days and talks like one of those disco dudes from the 1970’s, but despite his boorish attitude and lax disposition, Dandy can be…well, a dandy guy.

Part 2 – I’m Bad, And It Feels Good Baby! (Personality & Skillset)

Get this; Dandy is actually…an anti-hero protagonist. If you’re not surprised by that, don’t worry, we figured that out upon first glance. Dandy’s kinda lazy when it comes to menial tasks and usually dumps the workload on QT, and also complains about Meow (yes the anthropomorphic cat is actually named after the sound a cat makes) being useless. Dandy can be a jerk sometimes and contradicts himself, but he’s never above helping the opposite sex; and occasionally men if it helps with his interests. When it comes to combat, well…Dandy’s good at improvising. Dandy is capable of taking out large aliens that are bigger than his mecha pod; Little Aloha, and is also a professional surfer. (Didn’t know that was on his resume.)

Somehow Dandy knows the secret to warping, and due to his genetic makeup; may be the only person that has the power and capability to travel between universes while maintaining his form – human or otherwise. He also is aware of the many different ‘versions’ of himself across multiple universes. Yes, Space Dandy has a multiverse; Marvel, I don’t wanna hear it!

Despite his poor hand-to-hand combat skills, Dandy makes up for it everywhere else (including being a straight shooter during long-range combat) due to his godlike biology, and the ability to travel to different universes other than his own. Again, I’m not one to spoil, so if you want to know what happens with Dandy’s godlike ability, you’ll have to watch the show. (All two seasons of it.)

Dandy and crew!

Part 3 – What’s The Verdict, Baby?

I think anti-hero anime protagonists are probably some of the most interesting characters in any anime genre. They don’t follow the same heroic protocol that your usual main MC would, and while their actions (some of the time) may be deemed ‘antagonistic’, they also aren’t fond of villains either. Anime anti-heroes have a specific goal (or goals) that they’re trying to achieve, and if any hero or villain gets in the way of that goal, they are dealt with in the most ‘loose cannon’ way possible. In Dandy’s case, he just wants to indulge in his booty fetish while hanging out at “BooBies”. His mission to visit other locations around the galaxy was just molded around that.

Dandy is just one of those guys where at first; he’s a dim-witted moron who’s lazy, serviceable at best when it comes to his alien hunting job, and only cares about booty, but can be a hero when he wants to be. He’s not a deep thinker, but he’s self-aware of his ability to travel through different universes, and when he sets his mind on a specific goal, there’s nothing that’s gonna stop him from achieving it. I guess when you look at it we’ve all got a little Dandy inside of us; there are moments where we may be lazy, lax, and boorish, but there are moments where we spring into action to help out our fellow man (or woman). Dandy’s just a dandy guy in space just trying to live life to the fullest; whatever that ‘fullest’ may be, but at the end of the day, he’s Dandy. Whether he’s fighting aliens and saving maidens from certain doom, or complaining about Meow’s freeloading behavior, Dandy’s just being…well, dandy.

That’s it. There’s not much else I can add. That’ll d it for this One-2-One on Dandy, so until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Uh, see ya around?

Nerdz of the Decade Recap (6.20.22)

Hey gang! So although we don’t have an official recap of what we’ve uploaded to our youtube channel last week, we can give you a recap of the last two Nerdz of the Decade podcast episodes that are uploaded! We’ve just shot our 29th episode this past weekend, and it’ll be up on our channel this Wednesday at 5pm. That’s all for now, but stay tuned; cuz we’ve got another One-2-One coming tomorrow! 😉

Next time on Nerdz of the Decade!

One-2-One with D.J. Lewis: Stella Vermillion

Listen. For every anime title deemed “overrated” by a fraction of the fandom, there’s at least 10 titles that a majority of the fandom deems “underrated”. Such as the case for these unsung heroes of anime; as they’ve been “Luigi’d” (overshadowed) into the background to make room for the ‘A-listers’ (or “Mario” titles of the world). Even when some of the story arcs from the popular titles are low-balling it, they’re still shared among the fandom; and still praising the overall experience of the product and its franchise.

While many don’t see that as a bad thing, you kinda miss out on potential diamonds hidden in the rough. That’s why for this One-2-One character analysis, I’ll be looking into a series that is REALLY underrated. Kirito and Asuna aren’t the only sword-welding couple in anime; because there’s another! Get ready for the scorching-hot crimson-haired beauty with a fiery tongue to match known as Stella Vermillion from Chivalry of a Failed Knight!

She’s strong as she is beautiful! 😉

Honestly this series doesn’t get talked about enough. When it comes to sword-welding anime maidens, many of them have a personality as sharp as their blade. (Other times they’re either Tsunderes or Yanderes with weapons. I’m lookin’ at chu’ Future Diary!) Stella may seem like the ‘high-and mighty’ type upon first glance, but in reality she’s actually quite the skilled swordswoman.

So Chivalry of a Failed Knight is a 12-episode series about the main male MC known as Ikki Kurogane, as he attends a school for students with extraordinary skills known as Blazers. Basically he and the other students are either modern-day knights, samurai, archers, or spellcasters; and participate in a tournament to select the top-tier fighters to be in the Seven Star Sword Art Festival. On paper it seems like just another generic anime school-life action/fantasy drama, but the reason this title hits different…is because of the character development of the two main characters; Ikki and Stella. There’s SO much more to Ikki, but we’ll cover him in a later post.

“And that’s how I met your mother!” XP

Part 1 – The Origin Story: Why Should You Care About Stella?

So what about Stella? If she’s an A-rank Blazer and the second imperial princess to the Vermillion Family, how did she get this strong and this skilled? Well that answer to that is…she was born with it. I’m not kidding you, Stella was literally born as a prodigy; having 30 times the base level of magic most Blazers have, which means that during her childhood she had to work extra hard to even master any type of control over her abilities. Being the second princess of the Vermillion Kingdom, and the daughter of Sirius and Astrea Vermillion, Stella is pretty much living the dream. However, after mastering her abilities she left her country and made her way to Japan because she didn’t want to be labeled as a ‘genius’ by the people around her. Sure, Stella may have been born as a prodigy and given the life of luxury, but its quite humbling to know that she’ll never really flaunt it nor boast about it because she genuinely doesn’t want to be labeled. And many of us know what that feels like…

Part 2 – Skills and Personality

Stella has a feisty and hot-blooded personality, as is the case with many red-haired anime girls. In this case however, its because of her sheltered upbringing. This is seen in the first episode of the series when Ikki walks in on her changing; not even realizing that he was her roommate. Though her temper was hot in the beginning, Stella later admits her mistakes and even starts becoming much friendlier around others and wants to be the one to make Ikki happy. She loathes being called a prodigy; stating that everything was given to her and never had to work hard for anything, and wants to prove that there’s more to her than meets the eye – and sword.

Also because of her sheltered life, she never got to experience what a man’s body looks like. Which explains that she has a bit of a perverted side when it comes to Ikki. (Not that I’m judging or anything.) Her relationship with Ikki was a bit platonic at best in the beginning, but eventually they became girlfriend and boyfriend. I’m not gonna spoil too much because there’s more going on in their relationship than what I’ve told you so far, so let’s get into Stella’s moveset!

Stella is a freakin’ powerhouse when it comes to her moves; as she has an immense amount of durability and strength due to her magical powers being 30 times that of a normal Blazer. Her base level of magic is on the same caliber as Kaio-ken x30 Son Goku. She is a Master Swordsman and has the Imperial Sword Style as her main method of offense and defense. Her device (or sword) is called Laevateinn and is used as her main weapon in battle. She has a noble art known as Dragon Breath, as it covers her in a flame barrier to protect her from projectiles and incoming attacks (as seen in the third episode of the series). Her other technique; Dragon Fang, allows her to strike her opponents from long-range with a flame-like serpent. Many of her attacks are flame-based and resemble the flames of a dragon, so its no surprise that she has a fiery personality to match her fiery skills! (If you read the manga, Stella actually has a LOT more moves.)

Our flame-broiled beauty

Part 3 – Overall Analysis

Stella is an individual who despite coming from a noble family, doesn’t believe anyone should get treated differently or ostracized because they don’t have family wealth. She herself doesn’t like the idea of being called a ‘prodigy’ or a ‘genius’ because she was naturally strong, instead she saw who Ikki was during his battles. She knows what it like to strive for a goal and to work hard at something, which is why she hates that people treat Ikki like he’s worthless; like he’s nothing compared to her. There’s more to Stella than just her beauty and looks, as she’s one of the most humbling main heroine characters in anime.

Although she wasn’t too fond of Ikki when she first met him, she saw a little bit of herself inside of him. While he didn’t have the same level of magical prowess that she did, she saw the driving spirit deep within him. To her; Ikki was more than just her boyfriend (and eventually fiancee), he was a man who wasn’t gifted at all, and was cast aside by his own family accept for his sister Shizuku, who sees him as more than a failure. Stella would be the kind of person to stand up for the weak and fragile, and has a hatred for cowardly acts of violence. (As shown in the third/fourth episode of the series.)

Ikki and Stella’s dynamic is something rarely seen in anime, and represents two sides of the same coin; what it means to be gifted and deemed by others as a ‘prodigy’ in a particular field, while the other was shunned for not having any sort of talent or gift at all. Some parents even raise their children the same way; with one of them being the successful one while the other is the ‘black sheep’, or even suffer the ‘middle child curse’ if there’s three or five children. Chivalry of a Failed Knight is a love story centered around Ikki and Stella’s challenges, relationship, and what they strive to accomplish together. Stella never saw Ikki as less than, instead she saw him as a part of herself that wants to prove that she’s more than what others saw about her. When its all said and done, Stella and Ikki are one in the same.

That will do it for this One-2-One, until next post stay nerdy! 😉

Ikki and Stella

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (6.13.22)

It’s another week! Another week of getting up at 5am, starting the car, and sitting in the parking lot at your job with a bagel and lukewarm coffee just so your boss can’t say you we’re late. For us it means another week of what you might’ve missed on our youtube channel; D&A Studios Entertainment! Just an FYI; for our 30th Nerdz of the Decade podcast episode and onward, we’ll be trying out a new opening and possibly more to enhance the quality of our videos. In the meantime though check out what you missed while you were gone. 😉

Tips on dating an Otaku
Bloopers we did! XP
Some more bloopers we did! XP

D&A Presents: Cons Near U! (June 6, 2022)

For the last couple of months the number one question we get from our fans is this; are we going to return to conventions anytime soon? The answer: yes! The when: soon! Trust us when we say that we miss going to them as much as you guys did during all of 2020 and most of 2021. Though we don’t have a definitive answer as to when we’ll return to cons, we thought we’d bring back an old favorite; Cons Near U. This time around we’re gonna highlight three different ones you can check out (excluding any that are happening this weekend), and if you’re able to make it to any of them, feel free to send us any cosplay pics that you’d like us to add to our Cosplay Fan Slideshow.

Make sure you’re vaxxed/boosted and have your mask on at all times if you plan to attend any of the cons that we list. Why, because we care about you! 🙂 That will do it for now, so until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

This ones in Boise, Idaho
This one’s in Ohio
You can find this one in Orlando, Florida

One-2-One with D.J. Lewis: Stocking Anarchy!

I’ve been watching anime since Toonami’s first promo in 1997, and now I’m proud to call myself an anime reviewer; among being a blogger, podcast host, a DJ, and a music producer. But this new segment isn’t all about me; no, this segment is an anime and video game character analysis series where I talk about their origins, their personalities, their skill set, why people like or hate them, and maybe more. To kick off our first One-2-One, I’ve decided to go with a character from a show that is in a class all its own. I had no idea what I was getting into with a show like this, but what’s even more hilarious is how the show was created. Hope you’re ready bitches, cuz’ we’re jumping into the high-octane, highly-profane, sex-crazed world of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt with Stocking Anarchy!

Our gothic lolita waifu!

I stumbled onto this show back at Otakon 2012. I didn’t even have a clue what the show was about until I saw the preview for it during one of Funimation’s premiere panels. So if you haven’t watched the show yet, I HIGHLY suggest you watch the dub of this show (and skip this One-2-One cuz’ there WILL be spoilers), because with the art style being 90% westernized (and based on 2000’s Cartoon Network titles like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab), it’s the only way to watch it! So let’s get into Panty’s little sister (yeah, I said it!) and find out what makes her tick, her backstory, her skill set, and what the hell was that ‘ending’ all about!

Part 1 – Origin Story: Who the Hell is Stocking Anarchy?!

Stocking Anarchy is…an angel. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. So the story goes that she and her sister got kicked out of heaven due to their ungodly behavior, but the real reason might have something to do with the fact that she’s the persona – LET ME FINISH! (Geez, Persona fans!) She’s the personification of Gluttony; one of the seven deadly sins. (Don’t worry, we’ll get to them soon.)

The funny thing about her origin story is the fact that its never really clear HOW Stocking died and became an angel, but then again, this is one of those shows that doesn’t take itself too seriously. With her being the personification of gluttony, Stocking is overly obsessed with sweets and consumes them on a rather unhealthy scale. This was justified during episode 4 of the series; where she tries to lose weight but she ends up gaining it rather quickly thanks to the sweets of a ghost that turns her into a big-ass beach ball. Other than that one time Stocking never really gains any weight from eating a lot of sweets, and even if she does, she claims it goes straight to her boobs – and I don’t have a problem with that! 😉

Our gothic angel during her transformation

Part 2 – Personality & Skill Set

Stocking is pretty much like any other goth girl you’ve seen or met in high school; hates popular girls and ginger-haired geeks, likes dark-colored clothing, snarky and sarcastic, and into S&M. (I know the last part because two of the goth girls at my high school told me they like bondage.) In terms of what her ‘type’ is, she’s more into what they’re like on the inside rather than the out. That means if she’s into thicc dudes like Patrick Fargy (from episode 9.5) then I might have a shot! (*wink, wink*) She’s also more level-headed than her sister in terms of interaction with other people, but she’ll cuss you out just as bad if she’s provoked (like she did in episode 6 where she encounters the Demon Sisters, Scanty and Kneesocks).

When it comes to her move set she’s one of the most skilled swordswomen in the series. Stocking is able to transform her stockings into blue and white striped katanas that she’s named Stripe I and Stripe II, and can probably give another sword-wielding waifu a run for her money. (Death Battle! Stocking vs. Asuna! Make it happen!) Although its not proven, Stocking has the capability to transform her swords into bigger swords; like Cloud’s Buster Sword for example, and her combat style has a heavy emphasis on skill rather than power. She’s also shown to be quite durable against enemies (as seen in episode 3 “Catfight Club”) although her one weakness is of course, bondage. Stocking can spin her katanas fast enough to slice through ghosts at high speeds, and her blades are strong enough to bend (and possibly cut) steel and other metal (as seen in episode 5). To kill ghosts all she has to do is swing her blades which create an energy-cutter type of move that slices them up like Wonderbread. If you’re not a 90’s kid you will not get that childhood reference.

The ‘Infamous Demon Look’

Part 3 – Overall Analysis

The idea of Stocking’s conception came from drunken and humorous circumstances, which makes the creation of this show all the more unique. There was never a real story or plotline with Stocking or her sister, as they just went on various ghost hunting assignments trying to get back into heaven by collecting heaven coins. Stocking’s personality is based off of various real-life traits found in girls who feel like they were labeled as “outcasts” in high school, as she’s the more relatable character in the series. (Although her fanbase is bigger than Panty’s, so that’s a win! Ha! XP) Perhaps there may be some level of resentment between her and Panty, but it was probably hidden throughout the show (which doesn’t take itself seriously) and didn’t boil over until the post-credits scene. Yes, we’re gonna talk about the ‘Infamous Post-Credits Scene’.

After the credits roll on episode 13; Stocking along with Panty, Garterbelt, and Brief return home as Stocking asks if their weapons can kill angels. Panty tells her she’d have to try it and see, and just like that Stocking stabs her sister through the head and slices her up into 666 pieces. Garter blows up (again) and a blob version of Corset pops out of Brief’s member to laugh at what just happened. Brief asks Stocking why she did the deed and she stated that she was ‘actually a demon’. Corset blob tells Brief that he’ll leave a trail of Panty pieces all the way to the nearby city of Oten City, and that he’ll revive her once he smashes himself into the other Hellsgate Keyhole. Blob Corset and ‘Demon’ Stocking take off with Garter, Brief, and the Demon Sisters giving the best reaction that the entire fandom was thinking; what in the actual FUUUUUUK!!!

Keep in mind this series was produced by Gainax, so they’re known for pulling these ‘rabbits-out-of asses’ endings to many of their shows. They guys who worked on the show left to form Studio Trigger, which still kept a little of that zany style found in Panty & Stocking, although to this day there is no word or mention of there being a season two. For a character like Stocking, you can say that even though she’s labeled as an anti-hero, she possesses the most heroic qualities that you’d find in a show like this. Yes, she ends up going back to heaven for taking her assignment seriously. Yes, she returned to help Panty while doing a heroic pose akin to the ‘Iron Man Pose’ found in Marvel. Yes, her calling herself a demon is still a debatable topic to this day. And yes, I did write a 14-chapter fan fiction sequel to the series that you can find titled Brief & Soulfire: Panty & Stocking Season 2.

To sum it all up; Stocking Anarchy is a fallen angel trying to get back into heaven by killing ghosts, while battling with her desire to eat sweets. Her personality is based on traits found in girls who felt like they were labeled as ‘outkasts’ and goths. She’s a skilled swordswomen with amazing durability, and gave the fandom the best reaction upon her heel turn, after the credits.

That will do it for this One-2-One post, until next time, stay nerdy! 😉

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (06.06.22)

Yep, its Monday again. The weekend’s over, the post-con blues has set in, and now its time to clock in and get back to work. We know just how you feel, so to help you out we’re bringing in another recap of what we’ve been working on ‘content-wise’ with our youtube channel; D&A Studios Entertainment! Number 28 of our Nerdz of the Decade podcast is out, as well as other content that we’ve produced this past weekend. Don’t forget; tomorrow kicks off our newest character analysis series One-2-One, and we’re bringing back Cons Near U on Wednesdays (starting this Wednesday)! That’s all we’ve got for this post, so until next time, stay nerdy! 😉

You know these three (and Goku), right?
Who doesn’t love Nezuko?