D&A’s Top 5 Anime Titles You Should Watch For Halloween!

Every year on October 31st since who-knows-when; suburban America dresses up as their favorite ghost, ghoul, or goblin, and dashes from door-to-door with the greeting we all know as “Trick or Treat”. They all say that once you reach a certain age ‘Trick-or-Treating’ becomes a young man’s game, but with fans of anime and manga, every weekend is Halloween during convention season! Sadly this year COVID took away our scary-good fun and has left us inside this October 31st, however don’t despair (unlike Junko), cuz there’s some scary-good fun to be had! We’ve traveled through the internet and found our Top 5 anime titles to watch during this at-home Halloween season!

Number 5: Higurashi: When They Cry!

Looking for a psychological thriller this Halloween? Check out the trailer for this re-imagined classic. A kid named Keiichi Maebara moves into a new home in Hanamizawa Village, but everything about is isn’t…quite right. Be prepared to have the piss scared out of ya, if you dare to watch.

Number 4: Shiki

If you’re a fan of vampires and suspense, then you’re gonna love this one! There’s a lot of sad stuff that happens in this series, so if you’re gonna take a shot at this anime title, just know that it’s not for the faint of heart.

Number 3: Parasyte

Not the other one you’re thinking of, but ‘this’ one. This show was actually a part of the Toonami line up back in 2015/2016, so it’s definitely worth checking out again this Halloween season!

Number 2: Another

Another horror anime that you should check out! (See what we did, there?) This underrated classic just so happens to be a fan favorite with D&A’s A. Goldman, so if you’re on the hunt for a good thriller this at-home Halloween, be sure to watch this one!

Number 1: Hellsing Ultimate

The one that started it all; Alucard This one is a MUST watch if you love the original vampire that is…well, you should know him by now. Take it from us; this series and its OVA’s are jam-packed with all the action, violence, and gore to ever come from the undisputed King of the Vampires.

Even though these titles are the five that we’ve chosen for this post, we can’t leave out a few Honorable Mentions…

Honorable Mention: Tokyo Ghoul

Honorable Mention: Angel’s Egg

Honorable Mention: Deadman Wonderland

Honorable Mention: Serial Experiments Lain

That’s all we’ve got for now, but there’s more Halloween posts to come. Until next time, stay safe and love one another! 🙂

Fanfiction Update: Sonic Battle PSG Coming 2021!!

Hey guys n’ gals! A few posts back we mentioned that D&A’s own D.J. Lewis would be coming out of fanfiction retirement to bring you a new crossover fanfic entitled Sonic Battle PSG. Now we’re here to update you on what the story will be about, so here we go!

Title card

Deep within the Lost Realm, a group of powerful S-Rank ghosts called “The Renegades” were watching the Anarchy sisters destroy one of their brethren once again. The leader of the group known as Legend issued a declaration of war against the angels as he and the other nine ghostly members agreed. Meanwhile in Daten City Garterbelt was tending to the
garden in the church’s courtyard until he heard the sound of thunder; followed by the sound of Chuck getting shocked by lighting.

The afro preacher left the courtyard and into the backdoor of the kitchen where a fried Chuck was sitting on the table. Garter banged the dog on the head as it spat out a note that read “Renegades”. An uneasy look appeared on the preacher’s as he read the note, but the sound of Panty and Stocking crashing through the church’s front doors in See Through snapped him out of it.

Not far from Daten City lies Emerald Town, as Sonic is at the beach relaxing after foiling Dr. Eggman’s plans for world domination one month ago. Sudden the sky grew dark as grey clouds started to form, as Sonic opened his eyes before leaping away from the bolt of lightning that struck right where he was relaxing. Once the smoke had cleared he saw a pair of gloves and his signature red and white sneakers, but they had a divine glow to them. Next to them was a note as the blue hedgehog went over to pick it up. It told Sonic to put on the gloves and shoes and rally his allies, then go to Daten City for a new adventure. Sonic put the note in his pocket before putting on the glowing gloves and shoes, and sped off to Tails’ Lab.

Back at the church Garter was pissed that the angels crashed See Through into the front doors, but he reluctantly shook it off as he had bigger problems. The preacher told Panty and Stocking that a powerful group of ghosts known as “The Renegades” are coming to Daten City to wreak havoc on anybody that gets in their way. As usual the angels were off in their own little world; Panty snoring away, while Stocking was reading the latest issue of “Goth Monthly”. Before Garterbelt could yell at the angels for being the lazy-ass sluts they usually are, a sudden earthquake was felt as Panty snapped out of her slumber.

The angels and Garter went outside and saw a massive ghost causing destruction downtown, and floating next to it appeared to be one of the ghost members from “The Renegades”. Garter declared that Panty and Stocking handle the situation immediately, though little do they know; they might be receiving some unexpected help from a certain blue hedgehog and his allies…

You can find this story on Fanfiction.net in January 2021! That’s all the updates we’ve got for now, so until next post, continue to stay safe and love one another! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: What Will Cons Be Like in 2021 and Beyond?

We don’t even need to tell you how brutal 2020 has been for most of the country. In fact we’ve seen it pan out since March; from the pandemic to the protests and everything ugly and unpleasant in between. While the threat of COVID is still ramped throughout the world, many of us are trying to hold it together through any outlet of escapism that we can find. For fans of anime and manga our consumption of the medium has tripled since March (we’ve got the numbers to prove it), however that month was also the last time any fans have been to an anime convention.

As soon as COVID hit the con scene was shut down. At least 80% of the community that goes to cons (like ourselves) was devastated by the news; but at the same time, we knew how much the staff and founders of the con wanted their attendees to be safe. (The same cannot be said for a small few who decided to do the opposite.) For most conventions they don’t have ‘Pandemic Insurance’ but others decided to get a little create by going live online. Right now there’s a handful of special convention events happening online to take the edge of reality for a day or two. (We’ll keep you posted.)

So now the question is; what will conventions be like when they DO return once COVID-19 is over (via vaccination)? Well, we don’t think the ones you know and love will disappear completely, but what might happen is that many of the mega conventions like Anime Expo may cut their normal annual attendance by 50% (they average 100,000+ people a year). Sadly as a result of the pandemic the cost of badges will probably increase by 30%, but smaller convention badge prices might still retain their usual cost. If some of the bigger-name cons are unable to bring back their con in 2021, more than likely they’ll roll over to 2022. Masks will probably still be required until enough people get vaccinated; which will take 4-6 months due to the fact that it may be administered through phases (most vulnerable to least vulnerable).

We don’t see conventions going anywhere for awhile; even if Japan stops producing anime all together (we’ve got 30+ years of anime titles already, but we hope that they’ll still continue to produce). As for what they’ll be like beyond 2021, we’re seeing a glimpse of what that reality is like already thanks to the pandemic. There’s nothing like seeing cosplayers, VA’s, and fellow fans in person, and as soon as we get that vaccine, we look forward to seeing our fans and you guys again!   

D&A Anime Blog: No Halloween? No Problem!

It’s no secret that 2020 has been by far the absolute WORST! However many of us are doing whatever we can to stay positive as well as sane in an insane world. We’re pretty sure that most of us were looking forward to Halloween this year, but COVID had other plans. While many have decided to look for other ways to enjoy October 31st (which happens to be on a weekend mind you), we’ll be putting some haunting content of our own! So here’s what we’ll be doing on Halloween Week leading up to Halloween…

He’s ready…are you?

D&A’s Top 5 Anime You Should Watch For Halloween!

Since most of us will be stuck in the house this Halloween, you might as well kick back and watch some haunting anime titles. Next week we pick the Top 5 anime titles that you should check out this stay-at-home Halloween season.

He is…he really is…

Luigi’s Mansion 3’s One-Year Anniversary!

Yeah, it’s been one freakin’ year since the third installment of Luigi’s Mansion came out! We look back at everything from the speculations to the game’s trailers, and even check out a few video game raps on Youtube.

The “Scary Movie” of anime! XP

A Cult Classic: Why Ghost Stories is the “Scary Movie” of Anime!

Ghost Stories is one of the greatest dubs to ever be dubbed in the history of anime dubs! (Try saying that three times fast! XP) We run down our favorite moments from the series (as well as favorite lines from the show), and let us just say this; once you watch the show, you’ll be howling the whole way through! 😉

That’s what’s happening for Halloween Week, so until then, stay safe and stay sane guys! 🙂

From Whoohoo Hooniversity to the Beanstar Hunt: A Superstar Saga Review (pt. 4)!

What’s good, guys n’ gals? We know it seems like we’ve been away for a bit, but rest assured that we’re doing okay and just fine. It hasn’t been easy for us to put up content in a timely manner, but we’re so grateful and happy that you’ve stuck around and supported us in spite of this little obstacle. With that out of the way, here’s Part 4 of our Superstar Saga review!

The Saga Continues!

Part 4 – From Whoohoo Hooniversity to the Beanstar Hunt

If you’re still on the Beanbean Castle grounds, now is the time to stock up on items because thanks to the efforts of Prince Peasley (and a few other sources), the bros. now know of Cackletta’s whereabouts. Head back out through the eastern entrance of the castle grounds (via the castle village) then go south. If you run into a few enemies make sure the bros. are strong enough to take them on, cuz’ if you head east of that point you’ll run into some Level 25 baddies that will wreck the bros. in battle. (We made that mistake and it cost us dearly.)

Eventually you’ll run into a sign that says “Whoohoo Hooniversity” (which is where Cackletta is), so follow the arrow that points to the path to the university, and make sure that you hit the save block on the right side of the building before entering. Since most of us have either been or have gone to college, you’d expect to see the place filled with college students and future scientists. Well at Whoohoo Hooniversity, none of that is happening! As soon as Mario and Luigi walk in, a sudden earthquake shakes the building and all of the students there scatter about and run out.

You’ll find one student who’s on the floor saying that Cackletta came in and turned all of the students into monsters, and seconds later, he becomes one. Sadly you’ll have to beat him down before continuing, so strike the monster with the bros. jump and hammer skills and you should be fine.

This level is probably the most puzzle-oriented so you’ll really have to put on your thinking cap here. I would go through every single detail of how to get through all of the puzzles, but since it’s too much to remember, you can refer to a Youtube playthrough of this part of the game. I will tell you that a certain trio of viruses makes an appearance in this game, and why the Dr. Mario theme didn’t play when battling all three of them, I’ll never know! (It plays a small tune if you match two or three of the viruses together though, so I’m not too upset.)

Once you finally make through all of the puzzles and manage to level up the bros. to at least 23 or higher (having close to or over 100 HP or so), you’ll find the big Sun Door with another save block next to it. Make sure the bros. are at full HP and BP before hitting that block, and be sure to have all of the items that you’ll need. Inside the center of the university are Cackletta and Fawful as they have found the Beanstar, but next to it is three robot-looking Peach bots appearing to sing to the Beanstar in order to grant Cackletta her wish.

Sadly they didn’t take into account that their plan had one slight hiccup; the singing that the Peach bots were doing was terrible! So terrible that it caused the Beanstar to go haywire and create a gaping hole that the robots fell through along with it. Cackletta and Fawful are confused as to what happened, but then the Mario bros. come in and really make a scene. With Cackletta backed into a corner, the bros. are prepared to take her out and save not just the Beanbean kingdom, but the Beanstar as well.

Unload all of the bros. strongest attacks against the witch and don’t take too much damage. After defeating her Cackletta looks like a broken mess, but Fawful pops up from underground and absorbs her into his helmet gadget. Just as he prepares to launch a final attack against the bros. Prince Peasley comes in and launches both Fawful and Cackletta out of the building. He then tells the bros. to head down to the cellar area and get the Beanstar, however once they arrive at the location where the Beanstar landed, the bros. run into Popple and brainwashed Bowser again. Yep, this is one of those ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ moments.

Give Popple and Bowser the beatdown you gave them back at Chucklehuck and avoid big damage as possible. After the battle one of the Peach bots lands next to the defeated duo and starts its horrible singing again; causing the Beanstar to get riled up once more. The bros. along with Popple and Bowser take a ride on the Beanstar right out of the university as their grip starts to slip; leaving Bowser to finally remember who he is at the last second before falling off as well. The Beanstar breaks into four pieces which scatter about all over the Beanbean Kingdom. This is only half the story, as here’s where the real fun begins!

That will do it for Part 4 of our Superstar Saga review. Parts 5 and 6 will go through the hunt for the Beanstar pieces leading up to Jokes End, and Part 7 will kick off the road to Bowser’s Castle. As always guys continue to stay safe and love one another! 🙂

It’s Been Quiet, But We’re Still Here…

Lately it seems like life just wants to grab hold of you and never let go; like that aunt who gives you semi-wet kisses that you hated when you were a kid. We’ll guys, we know you’ve been asking if there’s any new updates coming to the blog, and if you know us by now the answer is yes! Even though we’re in the process of crafting together what type of content we want to provide you through D&A Studios, we haven’t forgotten about the content posts for the blog. We did stumble upon some old footage of our first Otakon back in 2011; waaaay before we formed D&A Anime Blog, so we might be presenting that real soon on our Youtube page.

Aside for that we were floored by how much it was going to cost for us to get the podcast equipment that we’ll need, so we’ll be working on putting together a special “gofundme” page exclusively for our D&A Studios Podcast. We’ll also be updating our Cons Near U information, as many of the conventions listed have since been outdated. We’ll do our best to keep up with any virtual conventions that pop up for the remainder of the year, and post the links so that you’ll be able to get to them.

Tomorrow we’ll be continuing our Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX review with Part 4, as well as other content. Our final promo for D&A Studios will be posted on our Youtube page as well as Instagram in a couple of weeks, and we want to give a BIG shout-out to Kyle Hebert for providing his voice for our promo! As always we can’t thank our fans and fellow anibloggers enough for the support, even though it’s been kinda tough to deliver content on time due to our hectic schedules. (We’re not the only ones.)

As our title says; ‘it’s been quiet, but we’re still here!’

And we will continue to be here for you guys! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Fanfiction Returns in 2021!

So awhile back we were going back and forth about if we should bring fanfiction to the blog or not. Although he’s since retired from fanfiction all together, our very own D.J. Lewis who went by several fanfic names; such as djlsnegima and DJ Returns known for writing Brief & Soulfire and Sonic plus Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, is coming out of retirement with a brand new crossover fanfiction entitled Sonic Battle PSG. It is a crossover fanfiction between the Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off fighting game Sonic Battle, and of course Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. More details about the story as well as the number of chapters will come in a later post. As always anime fam, continue to stay safe in this crazy time, and look out for one another. 😉

D&A Studios Update!

Hey guys! We know it’s been nearly two weeks since our last post, but we’re here to fill you in on what we’ve been doing since then. If you haven’t see it yet we’ve released a teaser trailer for D&A Studios on our Twitter. On our Instagram page we elaborate more on what D&A Studios is and what it isn’t; and it is NOT a voice acting agency. We know it sounds like it should be, but in actuality D&A Studios is an extension of D&A Anime Blog; where fans can expect brand new original media content, podcasts, and so much more.

As of right now we’re in the beginning stages of setting up our podcast, however we need a little help of coming up with a catchy name for it regarding what we’re going to talk about. (Anime, video games, otaku culture, cosplay fashion, etc.) If you guys have any suggestions on what we should call our podcast, feel free to drop them in the comment section or submit them through our Contact Us page. More updates on our latest transition coming soon, as well as more posts on the blog.

Until then, stay safe and love one another! 🙂