Fanfiction Sneak Peek: Sonic Crusaders of Anarchy!! (Sonic x PSG)

Fanfiction Sneak Peek: Sonic Crusaders of Anarchy!

Knuckles laid on his back while atop the altar in front of the Master Emerald, looking lazily at the clouds that were passing by. Suddenly there was loud rumble as the sound of shattered glass was heard. Knuckles quickly jumped to his feet and readied his fists as he looked around for any immediate threats in the area.

All of the sudden he spotted a figure wearing a brown hooded cloak before getting into his battle stance. “Who are you, and what are you doing on my island?!” Knuckles growled.

The hooded figure just stood there for a moment before revealing his right arm with a glowing black apparatus attached to it. He snapped his fingers as a sudden shockwave of wind and energy blew Knuckles backwards into the Master Emerald. The echidna quickly got up but was now a little pissed.

“If you’re not gonna answer my question, I’ll just beat it out of you!” Knuckles charged at the hooded figure while launching a flurry of punches his way. However the figure activated a red shield a second before Knuckles attacked, and with each punch a white number 0 appeared over the head of the figure. Knuckles threw one final punch as the number 0 appeared over the head of the hooded figure again…

“Who the hell are you?!” growled the echidna while panting slightly. The figure disabled the red shield that was protecting him before looking at Knuckles with his piercing red eyes.

“So…this is the power of the Crescent Moon Tribe? Pretty laughable if you ask me!” mocked the hooded figure as he chuckled a bit. This angered Knuckles as he launched another set of punches at the figure, but a white number 0 appeared over the head of the figure as the echidna kept striking the red shield with all his might. “No use trying echidna,” said the figure. “Your efforts are pretty much ‘moot’ at this point.”

Knuckles jumped high into the air before coming down with an overhead double fisted smash, but all that did was cause another white number 0 to appear over the head of the hooded figure that was mocking him. “Enough of these damn games! Tell me who you are right NOW!” sneered the echidna.

“Hm, such a temper you have,” chuckled the figure. “If you’re really that interested, my name is Dials. As for the reason why I’m on your island, well…isn’t it obvious?”

“That STILL doesn’t answer MY QUESTION!” growled Knuckles as he threw another punch at Dials, but alas another white 0 appeared over his head. “Sadly you don’t see the flaw in your attempt here. Listen Knux, the Emerald of Reality has been shattered into pieces, so that explains the shattered glass noise that you heard earlier. Secondly, it’s said in the ancient text that if the Emerald of Reality is ever shattered, the collector of the pieces has seven days to restore it or else reality itself will become permanently altered.”

Sonic Crusaders of Anarchy!!

SPRING 2018!!

New Fanfic Post: Danganronpa Enoshima! (aka Danganshima!)

It was only just last year that the FUNimation dub for Danganronpa: The Animation and Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak (Future and Despair) came out. Of course if you’re a fan of visual novel video games then you’re already aware that the new Danganronpa V3 game is on it’s way! For us here at D&A Anime Blog, we’re big fans of Danganronpa, especially Yours Truly. That’s why we’ve decided to make this announcement about an upcoming Danganronpa fan fiction centered around the Ultimate Despair, Junko Enoshima, as she continues her quest for world despair in our first Danganronpa fan fiction entitled “Danganronpa Enoshima” or “Danganshima“!


Basically the plot goes a lil’ somethin’ like this…

The story takes place after the events of the Despair Arc of Danganronpa 3, less than 24 hours after Junko succeeded in her plans to bring total despair to Hope’s Peak Academy. A city just an hour away from Hope’s Peak called Yazuka City heard the news of all the chaos that was happening at the academy. Most of the remaining survivors managed to make their way to the city in hopes of escape from Junko’s newly-founded Remnants of Despair. Three days later Junko and her sister Muruko disguised themselves as they entered into Yazuka City, hoping to cause the same level of despair as they did at Hope’s Peak. While on this journey of despair they run into a series of events that are both despairingly funny, and comically dysfunctional.

Elsewhere Monokuma, who is “alive” of his own free will, decides to cause his own brand of despair at Yazuka City High School; where fifteen freshmen students are now forced to participate in the High School Freshmen Killing Game. This fan fiction is a dark comedy/parody that takes all the elements you love about Danganronpa, and mashing them up with parodies of Sharknado, Terminator, and The Walking Dead. Even though it’s only going to be 10 chapters long, we promise you that it’s going to be the most despairingly funny 10-chapter fan fiction you’ll ever read!

Danganshima will launch November 3, 2017! 😉

A New Fanfic Title and some Changes for the Fall!

This is a quick update announcement to all of our fans right here on D&A Anime Blog! With the rush of ‘Back-to-School’ about to reach its peak as well as the upcoming unofficial end to Summer (Labor Day), we’ll be changing our posting schedule to help better suit the needs of all of our super supportive anime fans! For our Miscellany Monday segment, the new posting time will be between 7pm-12am starting on September 4, 2017. Our Throwback Thursday segment will temporarily come out of hiatus for the birthday month of D.J. Lewis, one of D&A’s founding members, and will start at its original time! For D&A Friday’s the new posting time will be between 6pm-12am starting on September 1, 2017. Although A. Goldman and Yours Truly are the founders of this awesome anime blog/website, both of us have some rather busy lives to the point where we aren’t able to get on our laptops as frequently often as we used to. (But we push ourselves the best we can! >.<)

On that note, we’ve got ourselves a brand new fanfiction story on the horizon! Due to a scheduling conflict on our part that we apologize for, we’ve decided to postpone our two previous fanfiction stories and release them on a later date in 2018. The title of this new fanfiction will be an original Danganronpa story featuring the Queen of Despair herself, Junko Enoshima, in this dark comedy fanfic known as Danganronpa Enoshima. The story takes place in a parallel timeline just before the events of Trigger Happy Havoc; where Junko and her sister are on a mission to throw the whole world into despair, but soon find out that it’s not as ‘easy’ as they thought it was going to be, while hilarity ensues in the process. We’ll keep you guys updated on when that fanfiction will be posted as well as share some info on a few anime conventions coming next month. All that, and a toilet, next time on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you! 😉

Filler Post: D&A’s Tips on How To Write Better Fanfiction!

With so many different fandoms out there in the world, there’s bound to be some fan fiction stories centered around them. When it comes to anime and manga however, there’s practically TONS of stories to be found on the web, especially on sites like! For those of you who don’t know what it is, Fan Fiction is a fictional story written by a fan that features characters from his/her favorite anime, manga, superhero, or TV series.

If you trying to figure out how to write your first fan fiction story, or you might want some tips and pointers on how to improve your fan fiction writing skills, then check out these awesome tips from the good people of D&A Anime Blog! 🙂

Junko (The Ultimate Mastermind) Fanfiction Cover

Tip No. 1 – Research: Find a series that you really like, then watch it!

This is the first step to take if you’re unfamiliar with writing fan fiction. Find a series that you happen to really like or enjoy, then make sure that you study the characters, the dialogue, the plot of the story, and the setting(s) of where the series takes place. Writing great fan fiction requires research, because if you want to feature your favorite character(s) in your story, then you’re going to want to make them as in-character as you possibly can!

Tip No. 2 – Be Creative: Brainstorm original ideas for your story!

Sometimes when writing and creating fan fiction, fans tend to write stories within the confines of the original plot produced by the series’ creator(s). That’s great if you’re not used to writing fanfiction a lot, but if you’re a bit more intermediate and possibly advanced in the ways of fan fiction writing, then you might wanna step your game up and make your own story arc! Original fan story arcs are awesome because they’re originally created by the fans of the series that they love. Doing this will not only net you some awesome reviews on your story, but if you’re really good, you could get the series creators to produce a new season of your favorite series based on your story. (Trust us, we’ve seen it happen!)

Tip No. 3 – Avoid “Mary Sue’s” and “Marty Stu’s” when creating OC’s!

Everyone’s got their own set of strengths and weaknesses, so the same can be said for the characters of the series that you enjoy. If you’re thinking about introducing an original character (OC) in your story, then make sure that you list all of their strengths and weaknesses. Character development is one of the most crucial elements in creative story writing, and although “Mary Sue’s” and “Marty Stu’s” are cool in some cases, poor character development can cause some not-so-good results from other fans of the fandom.

Tip No. 4 – Fix any grammatical errors before publishing your story!

We’ve had the pleasure of reading fan fiction from time to time, and noticed that while the stories themselves are good, there are a few mistakes in grammar that even the most skilled fan fiction writers can miss. After uploading your chapter onto your fan fiction website account, use some of the story editing features they have available in order to clean up any grammar mistakes you might’ve made while writing your draft. This will make your stories look more professional and less childish when being viewed by other fans.

Tip No. 5 – Get other people to read your stories!

The best way to see how well you did on your story or what you can improve on, is to get other fans to read your fan fiction. Don’t be upset or embarrassed if you receive constructive criticism for your work, that just means that the feedback your getting is helping you become a better fan fiction writer. Post links to your stories on some social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, and if you have a deviantART account, be sure to post the links to your story there.

Hopefully these tips that we gave you will help you become a better fan fiction writer, or at least give you an idea of where to start if you’re unfamiliar with writing fan fiction in general. The best way to learn is through practice and taking some writing composition classes in college. We hope to see some great stories from you guys in the future, so happy fan fiction writing!! 🙂

D&A’s Fan Fiction 2017!!

It’s worth noting that one of the coolest things we like to do, is write fan fiction! So much so in fact, that we’ve already created a drop down menu for it so you (the fans) can check out what we’ve got goin’ on! Here’s what we’ve got in store for our 2017 fan fiction…

Sonic Danganronpa

Sonic Danganronpa, is an upcoming crossover fanfiction title and will be my first crossover title with Sonic the Hedgehog and Danganronpa! Sonic and Shadow are investigative agents who work for G.U.N. who helped fund the cost of having Hope’s Peak Academy built. During the tragedy that took place two years prior, the military has discovered the culprit who was the cause of the first mutual school killing, but has been unable to apprehend the suspect due to unforeseen reasons. The suspect’s name is Junko Enoshima.

G.U.N. sends Sonic and Shadow to Hope’s Peak Academy (disguised as Super High School Level students) to find and capture Junko Enoshima and bring her to justice, however the mission won’t be as easy as it seems. Fifteen other students have enrolled into Hope’s Peak in order to further enhance their superior skills, and various talents. There’s just one grim detail: in order for any of the students to graduate, they have to put another student in a body bag and get away with it. Sonic and Shadow become a part of a dangerous game of survival; as they not only have to deal with a sadistic yet psychotic remote control teddy bear (who’s the principal of the school), but they have to survive against the other students long enough to find Junko and put her out of commission!

Junko: The Ultimate Mastermind

Junko: The Ultimate Mastermind, is an upcoming fanfiction title and will be my first ever Danganronpa fan fiction as Cool November. Although the franchise is known for its suspenseful murder mysteries, strawberry milk blood, and court trials, this fanfic will take on the mind of an abridged parody. (Basically 25% serious, 75% dark humor and comedy with parody elements.) The setting you ask? It’ll take place in an AU after the events of Daganronpa 3’s Despair Arc.

An FBI-like federation known as the Federation of Ultimate Narcissism (F.U.N.) is known to capture high-level narcissistic criminals who pose a threat to the world as well as everyday citizens. One criminal however (named Enoshia Yamakato), has managed to escape the federation’s asylum and has asserted herself as the Ultimate Despair of the world, by stealing a specialized anime video that causes the viewers of it to go mad with despair, and initiate her own mutual killing game. In order for F.U.N. to handle a situation of this caliber they need a top-notch certified expert in the field of despair, and who better to handle a replica of the Ultimate Despair, than the Ultimate Queen of Despair herself? They may be screwing themselves dry by making a deal with the devil, but sometimes you’ve gotta fight fire with fire! A lot of OCs will be in this fanfic plus Monokuma’s back to cause more misery and despair! (Nuk-nuk-nuk!) So hold onto your butts cuz’ Junko Enoshima’s about to make her epic entrance!

Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai S

Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai S, is a crossover fanfiction title between Sonic the Hedgehog and Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. The story takes place after the first season of Samurai Girls in the wake of the final battle between Jubei and Gisen. A mysterious samurai from a land on the other side of Mt. Fuji appears on the grounds of Buou Academy. Unknown to the students or the Tokugawa Shogunate, the samurai is known across the land as Sonikku Sokudo (Sonic Speed); one of the Five Samurai Demigods of Great Japan. The anthropomorphic hedgehog samurai makes his way towards Yagyu Dojo when he suddenly hears a loud crash coming from inside the gates. Using his super sonic speed Sonikku leaps over the gate as he discovers that the outside courtyard has been destroyed, and looks over to see a group of girls alongside a silver-haired male. The girls themselves were fighting against another group of girls carrying various samurai weapons; making Sonikku assume that they were the ones who caused the destruction of the courtyard, and that the group of girls and the male were the ones trying to stop them.

Grabbing the hilt of his Shimo Daito, he glares at one of the girls who has headphones on her head before she looked in his direction. Sonikku demanded that they leave or he would be forced to fight them, an action that he’s trying to minimize as much as possible. The girl wearing headphones (known as Musashi Miyamoto) smirked at the samurai hedgehog before signalling to her girls that it was time to leave, but not before pausing just a moment as she felt the aura coming from Sonikku herself. The other girls that were with Musashi noticed the look in her eye, as she only gets that look whenever there’s an opponent stronger than her around. After their departure Sonikku approaches the group of girls alongside the male that was with them, as he gave them a foxy grin and introduced himself. That was the day that changed the lives of the master samurai that lived in Yagyu Dojo…

The post dates have changed a bit but these are the fan fiction titles that will be coming to the blog, as well as on! Stick around for em’! 😉

Did You Miss Me?

We’ve been away for a couple weeks, but now we’re back to kick some more butt and strive to be one of the best anime and manga blogs out there! So without further delay, we’ve got some new updates for you guys!

We’ve re-modified the title name for our music playlist and called it the “Dealer’s Playlist” under the returning name; Blackkjackk Bassline. (The DJ/Producer moniker of Yours Truly.) We also have three new fan fiction stories coming to the blog; the first of which will be making its debut this April. Two of them are Danganronpa stories while the third is a Sonic the Hedgehog and Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls crossover. Our 2017 mini anime convention tour continues with Nipponcon and Zenkaikon in April, Baltimore Anime Fest in June, Liberty City Anime Con in August, and finally Anime NYC in November!

We’re still working on the Toonami Legacy drop-down menu, but with some help from you guys (the fans) we can make it one of the best tribute pages on the web. We’ll also be in the process of creating a Vocaloid drop-down menu featuring Hatsune Miku and all her friends, so be sure to check in for incoming updates about this awesome and new development. By the way, if you plan on attending Animore 2018, we’ll be holding two awesome fan panels for you guys to check out! (Possibly three if we’re lucky.)

Alright guys, that’s it for now. Be sure to check out what old school titles we have for you on our Throwback Thursday segment, then Friday and Saturday see what we’ve got cookin’ for our Anime of the Week, Manga of the Week, Anime & Manga Trivia, and of course Slash Saturday! 😉

Hedgehogs, Echidnas, Angels, and Basketball?

What does that all have to do with anything, you ask? Well that just means that a new fanfiction crossover starring Sonic and Knuckles and featuring Panty and Stocking, is about to unfold through the sport of Basketball! Get ready for a story filled with PSG adult humor, exaggerated basketball trick shots, BDSM demons, and possibly a love connection, in this lil’ title that we’d like to call “Sonic & Knuckles Hot Shots featuring Panty & Stocking”! Coming Fall 2016!! 🙂