Why You Need to Read Diligence of the Shield Hero!

RJ Writing Ink Interviews Allen Blaster, author of the Shield Hero fanfic, Diligence of the Shield Hero.

In 2019, The Rising of the Shield Hero made waves in the anime community. It was a different kind of Isekai, one where the hero wasn’t an ace that succeeded at everything but one that struggled in a world out to get him. It proved very popular. Then we got the second season earlier this year, and it felt like all that potential went down the drain. 

I would’ve been very disappointed in how the second season turned out…if I had watched it more. However, I have already found something else to love. A fanfiction for Shield Hero that’s so good that it surpasses the official series: The Diligence of the Shield Hero. For the last year, I’ve known the fanfic’s author, Allen Blaster, fairly well on Discord. Thus, when I wanted to interview him for D&A Anime, I was delighted to hear him say yes. I hope you enjoy this interview about one of the best fanfic one could expect to find and the one behind it. 


RJ: Thank you again for doing this interview, Allen.

Allen: Alright.

RJ: First thing’s first, though: what made you want to get into writing fanfiction in the first place?


This pretty much sums up why I got into fanfiction in the first place. I am a sucker for teenage romance. And after reading a lot of it, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at writing my own.

RJ: You really are a fan of Ren and Wyndia, huh?


RJ: So, Allen, when did you discover The Rising of the Shield Hero? Were you a fan of it before the anime came out or did that lead you to become a fan?

Allen: I discovered it in June of 2019 thanks to the recommendation of a good friend. I only recently watched anime with some roommates like Code Geass and Attack on Titan, and decided to give it a shotI binged the entire first season throughout one night, and the rest was history.

RJ: Nice. So, why don’t you tell us a little about your series, Diligence of the Shield Hero? For the readers that haven’t read it yet. Like, what’s it about and what sets it apart from the official series.

Allen: It starts with Naofumi learning of the rape accusation before he was accused and what happens to him after that because he ran away. Then it evolves by kickstarting character growth for the other Heroes earlier on due to how events go down well, focusing not only on Naofumi but on the other Heroes and their parties too.

RJ: And it’s all the better for it. Now the series has an ensemble cast that can carry their own weight.

Allen: I feel that is one issue the anime had regarding its second season. Ironically enough, I’m staying more true to the characters and events from the light novels than they were. There was so much content they cut from the Spirit Tortoise Arc that further established Eclair, Granny, and even the other Heroes like Ren.

RJ: What was your inspiration for writing this fanfic?

Allen: Obviously not the entire thing. It started out with me just wanting to write a start that’d allow for Raphumi to develop because I loved them so much in the anime. I ended up loving them even more after reading the LN’s and seeing how much Raphtalia meant to Naofumi there. Then, after the first arc, I ended up writing more and more, continuing down the rabbit hole to see where the path would go

RJ: Plenty of people would think shipping Naofumi with Raphtalia Is weird due to her technically being ten. Do you think it is?

Allen: I have a whole freaking thing on my fanfiction profile explaining why this is stupidI sum it up as “if you want to argue another race’s age instead of how quickly or slowly they mature being the primary thing that makes them legal, you are advocating for Baby Yoda to be made legal.” In short, I don’t find it weird at all, and what I find weird is people trying to inflict human standards on a race that isn’t human, to begin with.

RJ: Fair enough. Btw, did you know that your fic’s tv tropes page says it’s better than canon?

Allen: Yes, I do know that. And it is fine for people to have their opinions. But I don’t prefer people using that message to spread word of my fic around. Despite its shortcomings, I love the anime, and I love the light novels it’s based off of even more. I cannot put into words how much the original story means to me.

RJ: How were you able to make Bitch even worse than she was in canon?

Allen: I didn’t. I simply allowed her more opportunities to be herself. 

RJ: With more screentime?

Allen: And the version of events that played out. The first real big change up was nothing stopping Motoyasu from being made the Lord of Lute (Riyute) Village. So there was nothing to stop Malty from doing what she was going to do there.

RJ: Where do you get inspiration for all your original characters? Because there are quite a number of them.

Allen: The inspiration sometimes comes from them getting introduced into the story for an event and me thinking about them in general. That was how my Hakuko OC Dou-Lon ended up getting added to it. Other times, I start with a concept for a character like Altara, and then, later on, I had thoughts that led to a parallel with Darth Vader’s transformation. And I look at what I wrote and realize I can fit it in easily.

RJ: Alright, last question: Who’s cuter, Raphtalia, Filo, or Raph-Chan?

Allen: Wyndia, Lol.

He really likes Wyndia, a dog demihuman that the anime has yet to introduce. 

Click here to read the fanfic for yourself. Updates Every Monday

Fanfiction Update: Sonic Battle PSG Coming 2021!!

Hey guys n’ gals! A few posts back we mentioned that D&A’s own D.J. Lewis would be coming out of fanfiction retirement to bring you a new crossover fanfic entitled Sonic Battle PSG. Now we’re here to update you on what the story will be about, so here we go!

Title card

Deep within the Lost Realm, a group of powerful S-Rank ghosts called “The Renegades” were watching the Anarchy sisters destroy one of their brethren once again. The leader of the group known as Legend issued a declaration of war against the angels as he and the other nine ghostly members agreed. Meanwhile in Daten City Garterbelt was tending to the
garden in the church’s courtyard until he heard the sound of thunder; followed by the sound of Chuck getting shocked by lighting.

The afro preacher left the courtyard and into the backdoor of the kitchen where a fried Chuck was sitting on the table. Garter banged the dog on the head as it spat out a note that read “Renegades”. An uneasy look appeared on the preacher’s as he read the note, but the sound of Panty and Stocking crashing through the church’s front doors in See Through snapped him out of it.

Not far from Daten City lies Emerald Town, as Sonic is at the beach relaxing after foiling Dr. Eggman’s plans for world domination one month ago. Sudden the sky grew dark as grey clouds started to form, as Sonic opened his eyes before leaping away from the bolt of lightning that struck right where he was relaxing. Once the smoke had cleared he saw a pair of gloves and his signature red and white sneakers, but they had a divine glow to them. Next to them was a note as the blue hedgehog went over to pick it up. It told Sonic to put on the gloves and shoes and rally his allies, then go to Daten City for a new adventure. Sonic put the note in his pocket before putting on the glowing gloves and shoes, and sped off to Tails’ Lab.

Back at the church Garter was pissed that the angels crashed See Through into the front doors, but he reluctantly shook it off as he had bigger problems. The preacher told Panty and Stocking that a powerful group of ghosts known as “The Renegades” are coming to Daten City to wreak havoc on anybody that gets in their way. As usual the angels were off in their own little world; Panty snoring away, while Stocking was reading the latest issue of “Goth Monthly”. Before Garterbelt could yell at the angels for being the lazy-ass sluts they usually are, a sudden earthquake was felt as Panty snapped out of her slumber.

The angels and Garter went outside and saw a massive ghost causing destruction downtown, and floating next to it appeared to be one of the ghost members from “The Renegades”. Garter declared that Panty and Stocking handle the situation immediately, though little do they know; they might be receiving some unexpected help from a certain blue hedgehog and his allies…

You can find this story on Fanfiction.net in January 2021! That’s all the updates we’ve got for now, so until next post, continue to stay safe and love one another! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Fanfiction Returns in 2021!

So awhile back we were going back and forth about if we should bring fanfiction to the blog or not. Although he’s since retired from fanfiction all together, our very own D.J. Lewis who went by several fanfic names; such as djlsnegima and DJ Returns known for writing Brief & Soulfire and Sonic plus Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, is coming out of retirement with a brand new crossover fanfiction entitled Sonic Battle PSG. It is a crossover fanfiction between the Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off fighting game Sonic Battle, and of course Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. More details about the story as well as the number of chapters will come in a later post. As always anime fam, continue to stay safe in this crazy time, and look out for one another. 😉

D&A Update: New Fanfiction, Digital Cons, and Our Five-Year Anniversary!

Hey guys. Well, we’re half way through this trial-filled year, as our state is in a transition of racial proportions that are hopefully for the betterment of humanity. When we first started this blog back in 2016, our number one motto was UNITY! Unity as fans no matter your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender. No matter what others may say or what you might have heard, black and brown lives COUNT for all lives! This also includes nerd lives, trans lives, and LGBTQ+ lives! Yeah, things may be a little rocky and it can be a little uncomfortable to talk about racism in America, but having these conversations and understanding this 400-year-old demon, will help us defeat it and bring us into a world were we are ALL united!

With all that in mind, let’s bring this thing back to a more positive level, shall we? With Summer officially here, this is usually the time where there would be a lot of anime conventions happening, but sadly with COVID-19 still lurking about many of our nerdy party plans have been shut down. However, there have been a lot of digital alternatives that have been coming about; the newest one comes from the leading anime distributor in the U.S. that we all know and love. That’s right, FUNimation has their own digital anime convention happening July 3-4, 2020. It’s a who’s-who of anime VA’s that you all know and love from many of your favorite shows. There are other digital cons happening as well, so we’ll keep you up to date if we find any more.

Now for our second thing; awhile back we kinda retired from fan fiction, but THIS time we’ll be making a special acceptation. After wrapping up our Anime REvisited pick this past Monday which featured Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be working on a PSG original story entitled Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Godmode’s Game. More info about this latest development will be coming in the later months!

PASWG Godmode's Game Fanfiction Cover
A PSG original fanfic!

Finally, next year on January 11th will mark our five-year anniversary! We don’t know what we’ve got planned, but we can tell you that it’ll be awesome! It’s hard to believe that two guys who love anime wondered what it would be like if they had a blog of their own, now it kinda feels like we’re the unofficial ambassadors of the anime community; and for that we thank you! That’s the 411 we’ve got for now, but there’s more content coming so stay tuned! As always stay safe, stay united, and stay nerdy! 😉

“Junko” Fanfiction Update!

So sometime back in mid-August we made a post about a 21-chapter fanfiction, about Danganronpa’s main villainess Junko Enoshima. Well now we’ve got some updates to share with you about this new project! After working on the title cover of the fanfiction itself we now have a posting date for 2020; that date will be March 16, 2020! This will actually be one of our first fanfics that we’ve ever worked on for D&A, as well as our first ever Danagnronpa fanfiction. There may be more projects like this coming in the future, but for the moment we’ll be keeping our main focus on this one.

Junko [Fanfiction Cover]

We’re still working on the full plot of the story, but we can give you the synopsis…

With Hope’s Peak transformed into an Armageddon shelter, 95% of Japan’s population has now fallen into despair. All of the class members of Class 77-B have now become agents of despair also known as the Remnants of Despair, and have laid waste to everything, and anybody that dares to stand in their way.

All of this happened because of two girls (well, one girl with a serious Harley Quinn complex if you would call it that) thought the world was a boring place and decided to ‘shake things up’. Although they were determined their plan didn’t come into full fruition without a few distractions – if you can even call them that! The Queen of Despair, Junko Enoshima, and her sister Mukuro plan on sharing their despair with the rest of world (and by that we mean Junko’s), but it won’t be as easy as they think it will be.

As we mentioned before, we can’t give away any real spoilers about who will be in this fanfic besides Junko, Muruko, and a few key players of Danganronpa 3: Despair Side. Basically this fanfic is almost like a ‘road trip’ thing where Junko an a few of her despair-infected minions go from country to country trying to infect them with despair, before coming back ‘home’ and doing the same with the 78th Class. Although there will be moments of despair, there will also be moments of dark humor and other random moments. (Did we mention how easily bored Junko gets?)

Well guys n’ gals, that’s all we’ve got for now! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

There’s Something ‘Despairingly’ Special In Store For 2020…

Within the past couple of weeks we’ve been on a bit of a Danganronpa kick as of late, and we said that we would be holding off on fanfiction for awhile. In a case such as this…we’ll be making a ‘slight’ exception. Since we’re pretty sure a good amount of you guys have already seen the anime and played the games, we’re also pretty sure you’ve got an inkling on what we might be getting at. In 2020 we’ve got some big plans for our fourth year being D&A, and somehow or another…’she’ just became part of them. So for all of you Ultimate Despair lovers out there, this one’s for you! We’ll be working on a 21-chapter fanfic dedicated to the ‘Harley Quinn’ of anime, Junko Enoshima, entitled Junko.

Yep, she caused Armageddon!

What will the plot be about, you ask? Basically Junko (alongside her sister) trying to infect the whole world with despair – by any means necessary (and unnecessary). Unlike taking the whole ‘Brainwashing Video’ route as seen in Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc, Junko will be doing it the old fashion way; blackmail! (As well as other means…) It won’t be easy for her plan to follow through however, as multiple instances of interference, hilarity, and dark humor ensue. So far Junko and Muruko are the main villain protagonists of the story, with the supporting cast of Mikan, Kamakura, Mitarai, as well as the others from 77th Class (who come in later on). Finally the story takes place a little before the last episode of DR3’s Despair Arc, but with a few alternate twists.

We don’t have a post date yet for this fanfic, but we can say that it will happen sometime in either January or March 2020. That’s all we’ve got for now, but until our next post, stay gold! 😉

PASWG: Sonic Khaotica FINAL Sneak Peek!

Happy Holidays guys n’ gals! It is officially the First Day of Winter, and St. Nick makes his rounds next week. While everyone else has to wait for Christmas Day to unwrap their gifts, we’re about to give you one that you can open right away – in the form of a final sneak peek of our upcoming crossover fanfiction; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Sonic Khaotica! Coming January 2019!! (Warning: Mature Language Ahead)

The ghost ripped off his jacket to reveal that he had embedded speakers all over his arms and chest. As cool as that looked to the two individuals who were scared out of their minds, they knew that this could possibly be their last day on Earth—or so they thought.

“Yo, speakerbox!”

The ghost turned around to see where the source of the taunt was coming from, as he spotted the World’s Fastest Hedgehog with his arms folded while giving the ghost his trademark smirk. “My name is not Speakerbox…it’s BOOMER!!!” yelled the ghost as he shot a powerful shockwave of sound from the speakers on his chest. Sonic used his Khaotica to split the shockwave in two as the sound dissipated after traveling 30 yards.

“I know who you are,” said the hedgehog, “and that’s why I’m here to put you in your place, buddy! You may be the embodiment of sound, but I’m faster than sound itself!”

Boomer clinched his fists and gritted his teeth as he glared at the speedy blue hedgehog before him. Afterwards he let out a yell as his Khaotica surged to a beefy [30000%]. This didn’t faze Sonic at all as he kept his Khaotica suppressed until the right time to draw it out at the right moment. “So this one’s gonna get loud, huh?” shrugged Sonic as he saw a devious smirk appear on the face of Boomer as a solid indication.

With his question answered the blue hedgehog took on a battle stance as he waited for the ghost to make his move…


Boomer launched himself at Sonic as he found himself dodging and blocking a flurry of punches and kicks before using a sweeping kick to trip the hedgehog, and using his speakers to blast him several yards away. Sonic planted his feet on the side of one of the buildings of the alleyway, before using it as a springboard and launching himself at the ghost. Both were striking and blocking each other at such a rapid speed that the eyes of Smooth Ryan and the other dancer that was with him couldn’t keep up.

Damn, I always knew he was fast, but I never thought he was this fast…” he thought.

You fight well hedgehog, but it’s gonna take more than that to stop the music!” sneered the ghost as he powered up again. Sonic was prepared to mix it up once more with Boomer, but before neither of them could make a move, their surroundings was suddenly transformed into something of a techno nightclub. What soon followed could only be described as the best night of any single man’s life…


The Anarchy sisters stood in their angelic outfits while standing next to a stripper pole. Panty did some rather sexy dance moves while doing a little grinding as part of the routine, while Stocking did the very same but with a little flash of elegance. Afterwards Panty began to slowly and sexually remove her panties while Stocking teasingly started to remove one of her stockings. All of this was done while inciting their chant.

O pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, O evil spirit born of those drifting from Heaven and Earth! May the thunderous power from the garments of these holy delicate maidens strike down upon you, with great vengeance and furious anger! Shattering your loathsome impurities and sending you back from once you came! REPENT YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!

Boomer found himself being launched into the air by a double jump kick from the angels as Panty pointed her gun at the airborne ghost before pulling the trigger. She shot a powerful blast of energy that pierced through the ghost as Stocking followed up with a flurry of slashes from her katana. The damage dealt from their combined onslaught was enough to drop the ghost’s HP to [0], as Boomer cursed the hedgehog and the angels from messing up his groove. He then exploded as the sound of the steeple bell from the church was heard from afar, as Panty grabbed the loot he left behind.

And with that, we wish a Merry Christmas to all of our fans, to all of the bloggers and anibloggers who’ve followed our site and liked our posts, and for all of the awesome people we’ve met on our anime convention ventures. Next year we plan on stepping it up with new things and new features, so from us to you, have a wonderful holiday!

Stay gold! 😉

PASWG: Sonic Khaotica 2nd Sneak Peek!

As a disclaimer, we don’t own any of the characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog, and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt series. (Except for the OC’s in the fanfiction.) This fanfiction is rated M for language, dirty jokes, and anything you’ve seen in PSG.

Sonic did a spinning roundhouse kick as the ghost slammed against the oak tree before the hedgehog finished it off with an energy blast using his own Khaotica. The assault did a little over 10000 HP in total damage due to the ghost’s extremely low defense stat. “I was really trying to avoid doing this, but a hog’s gotta do what a hog’s gotta do!” he smirked.

The other tree root ghosts powered up their Khaotica as well, but it proved no match against Sonic’s speed and trained combat skills. One of the ghosts tried to launch a projectile at the hedgehog but dodged out of the way before launching an uppercut to its face. Sonic then followed up the attack with another spinning roundhouse as the tree root ghost smashed against another tree before dying (having its HP drop to 0).

Three other tree root ghosts lunged at Sonic as the hedgehog was prepared for a 3-on-1 rumble. The ghosts launched a flurry of stabs as Sonic used his speed to dodge all of them; afterwards he spun into a spinning blue ball, and vigorously attacked the ghosts with multiple strikes via Homing Attack. Each hit carved out chunks of their HP until the ghosts were down to less than 300 each, and then Sonic destroyed them all with a blast of Khaotica. After the smoke has cleared he set his sights on Lily…

You’re a meanie!” she pouted as she slowly descended to the ground. “Meanies are bullies that deserved to be punished! So prepare to be punished, meanie!

Sonic stood in his battle pose as Lily increased her Khaotica a little bit more than before. “Wow, her power’s even higher than before! Garter said that if she’s over 25000% I’ll have a tough time beating her, so I’ll have to wrap this play date up quick!

Lily charged full speed ahead at Sonic as the hedgehog soon found himself on the defending side of the battle. He had no choice but to block a flurry of punches and kicks from the little girl, as her Khaotica kept increasing in the process. Eventually he saw and opening, as Sonic took the opportunity to attack Lily with a jab to the face and a knee to the abdomen. Normally he would never fight girls (especially little ones), unless they were a massive threat to anyone or anything.

That’s no way to treat a lady, meanie!” sneered the girl ghost as she slapped Sonic in the face causing him skid on the ground several feet. He managed to rebound as he did a backflip before landing on his feet, but not before having his HP cut to the low 8000’s. Lily didn’t stop there, as Sonic again found himself on the defensive end but managed to put some distance between him and the little ghost girl using his speed.

“I guess your mother never spanked you, did she?! Guess I’ll have to!” Sonic shot back. He phased out using his Khaotica before reappearing behind Lily, and struck her with multiple punches and kicks before launching her upwards with a shockwave of Khaotica. Although she took the full damage from the attack, Lily activated her special ability that Garterbelt had warned Sonic about, as her HP was fully recovered to 10000. She then landed on the ground gracefully before turning her attention to the hedgehog that attacked her.

You’re gonna have to fight better than that, meanie!” smirked Lily. “The others played with me a lot better than you!

Sonic knew that as long as Lily’s Khaotica level was above 25000%, he was going to have a hard time taking this boss down. He had to come up with a new strategy, and fast!

Just an FYI, the different Khaotica levels are based off the power levels found in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game; only Sonic and the others power up in increments of 5000 (with 5000% being the base level of Khaotica power), and health or HP is locked at 10000 for regular Players/Bosses (and 20000 for the Final Boss).


Fanfiction Sneak Peek: PASWG: Sonic Khaotica!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy (Dirty Humor)

Warning: This fanfiction title is rated M (which is Fanfiction’s TV-MA) for language, sex scenes, and everything you saw in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. So without further delay, here’s a sneak peek from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Sonic Khaotica

One of the female angels that trains with the others at the facility, spotted the Anarchy siblings before they spotted the angel. “If you two are looking for everyone else, they’re all in there,” she said while pointing at the two red doors up ahead.

Well obviously…” both sisters thought.

Panty and Stocking opened the red doors as they saw what looked to be a mini coliseum of sorts that resembled the ones that you’d see in Ancient Rome. All of the other angels except for Red and her trainee stood in the stands as the Anarchy sisters approached the center of the coliseum. “One hour,” smirked Red, “I’m surprised you two made it on time.”

“When it comes to an ass whuppin’ we’re always on time!” replied Panty in a smirk.

“You always were the cocky one Panty. I can count how many times we’ve had to save you from certain destruction during our assignments from God. Yet, you always claimed that it wasn’t your fault afterwards,” stated Red.

“Sure, keep spreading that fuckin’ lie. While you’re at it, why don’t I tell the class what really happened to Gauntlet,” grinned the blonde angel. Stocking knew that her sister was dating him for a while, but the one major detail she left out was the fact that Gauntlet was actually Red’s boyfriend. She wondered why he hadn’t called or seen her in the last several weeks, and that was because he was busy riding the ‘Panty Train’.

Red’s eyes widened upon hearing his name. “You wanna know why you’ve never seen him around these parts for weeks? It’s not because he was on another fuckin’ mission, but he was busy fuckin’ my tits out!” Panty continued.

The other angels gasped while a depanned look appeared on the face of Stocking. As for Red, the best way to describe the expression on her face would be the one you’d make when you’re looking for blood. As her Khaotica surged Red’s body began to glow white, as her eyes were deadlocked on Panty. “You FUCKING WHORE!” she growled. “Forget the tag team battle, I just want you INSTEAD!”

Pissing Red off just filled Panty with glee, as the blonde angel charged up her Khaotica as well. “It’s no wonder I question why I’m even related to you,” groaned Stocking.

“Who the fuck cares, I’ve been waiting to pound this bitch for weeks!” replied Panty.

As both angels stood in the center of the coliseum both had their eyes locked on each other. The referee angel stood at the far side of the center as she gave the signal to start the battle. A split second after doing so both Panty and Red came at each other with explosive speed; trading blows with one another at high velocity. Red launched a kick to Panty’s face only for the blonde angel to block it and counter with one of her own. Red dodged out of the way as the blonde angel phased out before launching a knee thrust at her.

Panty reappeared behind Red as she launched a roundhouse kick that smacked the red haired angel across the face. Red phased out in midair before reappearing behind Panty, as the blonde angel felt a sharp pain in her back before being launched upward. A cocky grin suddenly appeared on the face of Panty as she fired a powerful wave of Khaotica energy at Red (similar to Goku’s Kamehameha). The angels in the stands were watching the battle unfold while some were cheering for Panty, while the rest were cheering for Red.

Red dodged out of the way of the blast just in the nick of time, as Panty landed on her feet before looking at the mid-sized crater she made. “So I guess you have been training, huh skank?” said Red as Panty spotted her floating in midair. “I thought since you were busy screwing my man you wouldn’t be tough enough to face me.”

That’s our sneak peek! The finalized version is coming January 2019!!

Until next time, stay gold! 😉


Sonikkubitodaun: A New Fanfiction Origin Story of Sonic the Hedgehog!

Hey guys n’ gals! Sorry we weren’t able to bring you our Monday night filler post, as we were feeling too good at the time. We’re doing much better now, so to make up for what was lost we’re rescheduling that post to Wednesday night, in order to keep up our awesome consistency with our fans! Throughout the months we’ve been trying to figure out a way to bring you guys some new fanfiction titles, but after a few failures we’ve decided to do something a little bit different.

This time around we’ve decided to do an all new (fanfiction) origin story of everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog; Sonic the Hedgehog! This particular origin story will take place in the city where the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt took place; Daten City. Even though Panty and Stocking themselves will not be in this fanfiction story, we’ll do our best to make sure there is plenty of action, dialogue, and jokes (if possible).

This story will also contain MMORPG elements similar to SAO (Sword Art Online), as well as elements from the new Dragon Ball Super Card Game (i.e. power ratings at the bottom left of their cards). Chapters will be called Segments (styled as SEGMENTS in all caps) and will contain much more detail as opposed to just chapters. This means that 2 segments are equivalent to one chapter in the story.

Sonikkubitodaun (Daten City) Fanfiction

Sixteen years ago, a cosmic event known as “The Great Shift” transformed all of reality on Earth into one that heavily resembled a High-Stakes MMORPG game of unknown origin. 50% of the world’s population was divided into two groups; the Players and the Supporters. during this time in a city that acts as ‘Purgatory’ between Heaven and Hell called Daten City, a young Afro-American priest finds a small basket on the porch of his church with something wrapped up inside a blanket. Upon unwrapping the blanket the priest discovers it to be a baby blue anthropomorphic hedgehog with a small silver dog tag that said “Sonic”. The preacher known as Garterbelt takes the hedgehog in and raises him as his own, in hopes of grooming Sonic to be the defender of Daten City – which soon becomes overrun by ghosts not long after reality shifted.

Sixteen years later Sonic is now the adopted teenage ‘son’ of Garterbelt, as well as the defender of Daten City. The blue hedgehog can run at supersonic speeds, has high-level close combat skills, and will go out of his way to help anyone in need. As a Player in this new reality, Sonic is able to level up his stats by defeating the various ghosts that have been wreaking havoc on the city. Right now he’s currently one of the strongest Players in Daten City.

The ghosts in the city soon become the least of his problems, as two demons who call themselves Scanty and Kneesocks; the Demon Sisters, make their way into town and establish themselves as dignitaries of the new mayor of Daten City. (Who happens to be their father, as well as a demon.) No one knows what their true intentions for coming to Daten City are, but one thing’s for sure, they’ll have to get past Sonic first!

This fanfiction crossover origin story will be given a “T-rating” on Fanfiction.net (which is their version of TV-14). It’ll have the usual; slight/moderate language and some mild suggestive content, but nothing you’re not already familiar with. We don’t have an official post date yet, but we’ll keep you posted on its latest developments! 😉