One-2-One with D.J. Lewis: Kirby!

If you’re a 90’s kid like me, your childhood consisted of three things; Saturday Morning Cartoons, junk food, and video games. During that decade there were two warring factions that battled for childhood supremacy; Nintendo, known for their ‘PG safe’ attitude and a ‘rooted in play’ approach to gaming, and Sega, known for being the ‘new kid on the block’ with attitude and a ‘rooted in appeal’ approach to gaming. Both companies have their mascots, hit-maker franchises, and overall reach to 90’s kids all over the world; but that’s another post for another time. Today, we’re breaking down a Super Smash Bros. alumni; through his moves, his personality, and why he’s ‘mained’ by a large majority of the fandom. Its the ruff-and-tuff pink puff himself, Kirby.

Smash Bros. main since 1999

I first met Kirby in 1993 through Kirby’s Adventure and Kirby’s Dream Land after beating Super Mario Bros. for what I believe to be the second, or third time. Much like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and the Pokemon franchise, Kirby’s reign on the gaming world has spanned three decades and at least two-and-a-half generations. From main games, spin-off titles, rebooted classics, and anime adaptations, it was no secret that Kirby was going to become a part of the biggest crossover brawler franchise Nintendo had ever created. Not only that, but compared to everyone on the Smash roster, he’s the only character who has defeated the most god-like, universe-ending villains this side of Planet Popstar. How you ask? Let’s find out, shall we?

Part 1 – The Origin of Kirby: The God Slayer!

Kirby…is so, so, SO simple when it comes to design! You draw a circle, dot the eyes, then add a smile. Masahiro Sakurai is the reason why Kirby exists, but how did Kirby get his name? Well, Kirby’s original name was Popopo (as weird as that is), and was meant to actually be a placeholder sprite for the original name of Kirby’s game, “Twinkle Popo”. Imagine if they stuck with that name; we’d have a franchise that kids today would jokingly mispronounce as ‘Twinkle Poopoo’. As far as how Kirby got his name, it might have something to do with Nintendo’s legal council; John Kirby. I guess Nintendo didn’t really like “Twinkle Popo” very much because they stated that it wouldn’t appeal to American children, and little did they know that 30 years later, they’d be right. As for his origin and where he’s from, well, he lives on Planet Popstar and is from Dream Land. As for his gender and how old he is, Kirby’s age and gender are both unknown.

Kirby’s Newest Adventure

Part 2 – Kirby’s Personality and Skill Set

Kirby has a child-like innocence and wonder, but also has a sense of justice in times of danger. He doesn’t really show any fear at all against world or universe-ending threats; rather remaining neutral throughout the whole ordeal. However on the flipside of the coin (in some of his games at least), Kirby has a bit of an impulsive streak when it comes to certain villains; like King Dedede, Dyna Blade, and Meta Knight. In the later games and even in the anime series Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, Kirby deeply cares about those around him and is very forgiving; even towards his fiercest of enemies. Kirby’s pretty famous on his planet as well as Dream Land, as the many enemies that he’s come across know him (or know of him) through his deeds and his popularity. However Kirby’s not one to let it go to his head, as he’s just someone that likes to help people when they need it.

If there’s one thing Kirby likes doing when he’s not saving the world or the universe, is eating…a lot! He’s basically like a bottomless pit, as he can put a table’s worth of food away quite easily, and can eat a cake the size of a mountain. (Goku can’t even do that!) Expired food doesn’t bother him, nor does hot and spicy food, however like any other person, he’s not fond of food that is disgusting or gross (like Whispy Wood’s poison apples or Belly Blaster’s pies in the anime). Speaking of the anime, Right Back At Ya! Kirby is more dimwitted and cowardly until he’s instructed to fight against a particular threat. Also in the anime, anything Kirby eats goes to some sort of dimension; which might explain why he’s able to put away so much food in such little time without issue.

When it comes to abilities and moves, Kirby’s got one that gets the job done depending on who he’s fighting; the Inhale. He can copy the ability of any enemy that has a weapon or elemental power; like fire, ice, water, earth, or lightning. In Kirby 64 you can actually have two different abilities at once after inhaling his enemies, and you can even throw them upwards, or straight across. Kirby of course can also float in the air for a short amount of time, as seen in Kirby’s Dream Land and onward, and can also use a skill called the ‘Air Gun’; where Kirby exhales a puff of air as a projectile that can damage enemies. Kirby’s portrayal in Super Smash Bros. references the moves from his games a lot; as for his Up Special he can use his Cutter Attack, his Down Special is his Rock Crusher (which Smash players have spammed on me multiple times, which I hated), his Side Special which he uses Dedede’s hammer, and the gold ol’ fashioned copy ability from the first game as his Special. He also shares a lot of his combat techniques with that of Knuckle Joe.

Kirby being Kirby

Part 3 – The Future of Kirby

Nintendo has done so much with this franchise, and its hard to think even for a second that Kirby is done. While he may not talk or seem like a big and buff heroic type, Kirby is just a simple character who patty-cakes with gods every single week, and then goes to sleep. It’s unknown if Kirby has a family or not, but in the anime he has people in his life who treat him like family. While his portrayal may differ between his video game and anime personality, Kirby continues to appeal to audiences all around the world; much like Mario and Sonic has. Smash players will continue to main him like they’ve done in the past (speaking from experience, although since Ultimate that experience may have changed), he’ll always have new games coming out on the latest systems, and he’ll always be the ‘ruff-and-tuff’ pink puff!

That will do it for this One-2-One, and as always until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (7.11.22)

It’s Monday…again. For anyone who’s NOT working, its just another day off. For us, it means another day of recapping our videos that you’ve missed from last week. Lately we’ve been working on improving the quality of our Nerdz of the Decade and D&A Studios Extras videos, by adding in more B-Roll and text. For our 31st podcast episode and beyond; we plan on going all-out with more B-Roll and text to really give our fans the excitement and entertainment from our content. Down below is what you’ve missed if you wanna check it out. That’s all for this recap, so until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

There’s also Bleach and Panty & Stocking news as well
Another short just for fun

One-2-One & Knuckles with D.J. Lewis!

Since 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog has become one of the most popular iconic franchises alongside a certain red capped plumber from the 80’s. From video games to live-action movies the blue blur has become unstoppable, and while that hasn’t always been the case (due to the franchise taking somewhat of a “Dark Ages” turn), it seems like the World’s Fastest Hedgehog is getting his mojo back! Like Sonic there have been other fan-favorite characters who also got their shine through the 31-year run of this franchise; one character in particular just happens to be Sonic’s first ever rival. He hails from Angel Island and is the guardian of the Master Emerald; and packs one helluva punch. He doesn’t chuckle…cuz’ he’s Knuckles.

The red boi has come a long way!

Since the dawn of animation, main supporting characters (or reoccurring side characters) have always held the same amount of spotlight and screen time as the main MC. With Sonic however, there are some characters who have become just as much as a fan favorite as the blue hedgehog himself. Knuckles is no exception; when he made his debut in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in 1994, it was going to be the birth of a mainstay that given rise to the many memes that follow suit. He’s different in terms of how he carries himself compared to Sonic; from his responsibilities, to how he sees the world, to how he treats his friends and foes. If he’s been rolling with the punches since 1994, how did red get so rad?

Part 1: Who is Knuckles?

Throughout the years Knuckles has gone through a variety of changes to his character, so for this one, we’re gonna focus mainly on his gaming character; as this is the most authentic version of Knuckles there is. Like the lyrics from “Unknown From M.E.”, Knuckles was born on Angel Island and the blood of his clan flows inside him; the Knuckles Clan. Being the clan’s last living descendant he was placed in charge of protecting the Master Emerald; the ‘father’ of the chaos emeralds that contains the power to neutralize their energies if needed. Because of his secluded upbringing Knuckles is a loner by nature and isn’t dependent on anyone, and is devoted to keeping the Master Emerald safe at all costs. However when times are at their worst Knuckles will leave his post to help Sonic and friends out when confronting powerful foes. Also, he’s quite fond of grapes. 🙂

Sonic X’s Knuckles does share a little of Game Knuckles’ DNA

Part 2: Personality, Skills, & Knuckles!

Right off the bat; Knuckles is a hot-blooded and wild echidna who’s independence grew from his secluded upbringing. He’s not like Sonic at all and does have a personality like the wind, rather Knuckles is more like a mountain; stern, unmoveable, and anchored to his duties. He doesn’t read into other people’s opinions and is rather antisocial and reclusive; which in turn makes him blunt, straight-forward, and seemingly a jerk (as seen one of the episodes in Sonic X). Due to his independent nature, Knuckles likes to do things his way and can be quite stubborn and inflexible, but he’s also goal-oriented and determined which helps to balance out his stubbornness and inflexibility most of the time. Also because of his paranoia of someone trying to steal the Master Emerald from him, Knuckles is prone to acting recklessly without regard to strategy or logic (as seen during traveling to the Space Colony ARK).

On the other hand, Knuckles has also become quite the devoted hero; putting his life on the line to save others just like Sonic. He’s not as quick to forgive the most evil of enemies, but he has been known to give others a second chance if they’re serious about it. When it comes to women, he’s a shy guy, and when it comes to industrialized places and crowded areas, he’s a recluse. When it comes to fighting however, Knuckles is a master at martial arts and if Sonic’s power lies in his speed, then Knuckles’ power lies in his strength. His punches are powerful enough to go through boulders, bend steel, cause small explosions (as seen in Sonic Battle), and can run at breakneck speeds in order to create afterimages of himself (as seen in Sonic X). He can glide through the air thanks to his flowing dreadlock-like quills and can climb walls thanks to the spikes on his fists. Knuckles is also able to sense energy from the Master Emerald, chaos emeralds, and any other aura-giving treasures that happen to be anywhere in his vicinity.

Also much like Sonic, Knuckles can use the Spin-Dash and Spin Jump, and can tap into the power of the chaos emeralds and Master Emerald to transform into Super Knuckles. (Also Hyper Knuckles if he has all seven super emeralds.) Though not the smartest echidna in the world, Knuckles is well-versed in ancient cultures, languages, and ruins (as seen in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity). He can also drive a car, pilot a spaceship, lead a resistance, and compete in the Olympics.

That’s why Red is so Rad!

Part 3: The Legacy & Knuckles

Knuckles has become a fan favorite over the years, and has changed a lot since his 1994 debut. His rough and tough attitude and independent nature made him different from Sonic’s free-spirited outlook, and though their ideals have caused them to clash every now and then, Knuckles sees Sonic as a trusted friend and ally. As the years passed Knuckles’ character has gone through various changes; one of which depicts him as a brainless jock who eats napkins and one-ups Amy about feminism (as seen in Sonic Boom). Sure, meme culture may have diluted his character in both hilarious and sad ways, but when Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (the 2022 movie) came out, Knuckles returned to his former character’s glory. He was once again the badass warrior we remember him to be, and even introduced a new element to his origin story.

To put it simply; Knuckles the Echidna is the guardian of the Master Emerald who will do whatever it takes to protect it, and while he may not share the same care-free nature that Sonic has, he has become a reliable friend and an heroic figure. He’s powerful enough to take on the toughest of foes without rest, and can use the power of the chaos emeralds and Master Emerald to power himself up. He’s not very confident around women and hates it when Rouge messes with him, and is capable of many other things besides fighting. There are many people that have seen a little of themselves inside of Knuckles and understand that in the prime of his time, this is who he was. Who knows what the future will hold for this echidna, but one thing’s for sure, he’s Knuckles…and he doesn’t chuckle!

That will do it for this One-2-One & Knuckles, so until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

One-2-One! A New Anime & Video Game Character Analysis Series Coming Next Week!

Hey! We’ve got some good news everyone! We’ll be introducing a new series of character analysis posts next week called One-2-One; where we analyze anime and video game characters that you know and love, and try to figure out what’s their story, what skills do they have, why people like (or hate) them, and so on. The series will start on the first Tuesday in June, and end on the last Thursday in September. Some of the characters we’ll analyze will be from series favorites like Dragon Ball Z, SAO, and Fairy Tail; others will be from underrated titles like Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Fena: Pirate Princess, Steins:Gate, and more! We’ll also be doing video game characters too; including the usual suspects Mario, and Sonic. If this series goes well, we just might do a podcast version of it in the Fall.

That’s it for this little announcement of ours, so until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Pixels: The Video Game Movie Nobody Talks About!

When it comes to live-action movies about cartoons, anime, and video games; there are ‘certain’ rules by the fandom of those mediums that production companies, writers, and producers have to follow. We ALL know about the infamous ‘Human Sonic’ that Paramount was going to give the fanbase in 2019, but the fanbase wasn’t having it – like at all! Fast-forward to Present Day; we now have two installments of Movie Sonic (that are box office hits by the way) with a third on the way, and a spinoff origin story about a certain red echidna. With this year being the best time to be a Sonic fan, it seems like the movie franchise is setting the bar high for what live-action video game movies are supposed to be about. Although they don’t adapt the video games directly; the producers (God bless Jeff Fowler) and writers know what they’re doing.

On that same note, there are some live-action video game movies that seemed to have a good idea (as well as a decent budget), but the execution was a bit flawed. Its not that the movie did terrible or anything (though mostly that’s the case with a majority of them), but Hollywood seems to deviate from the source material of the video game that they’re trying to adapt; most of the time its usually the writers or directors who didn’t do any kind of research of the source material, or they’re just collecting a check. Its kinda weird that this movie didn’t live up to the expectations of many movie critics, even though they adapted the arcade video game sprites really well; and stayed faithful to their in-game appearance. The movie that we’re talking about…is Pixels.

Who’s that good lookin’ guy?

Ok, its an Adam Sandler flick, and depending if you like him or hate him, the guy’s pretty funny to a certain degree. So Pixels is a movie about a 13-year-old kid named Sam Brenner (Sandler) who went to a gaming arcade in 1982 and can study patterns in video games. During a championship match against Eddie “The Fireblaster” Plant on Donkey Kong, Sam seemingly loses and for some reason videocassette footage of the event is placed into a time capsule and headed into space. One time skip later Sam is a home-theater installer while his friend, Will Cooper, is the most hated President of the United States since (*insert worst president here*). Somewhere along the line that videocassette tape made it to a group of aliens; who mistook it as a declaration of war, and are now on the attack in the form of the video games from that footage. Now Sam, Will, and his old rival Eddie have to join forces and convince the U.S. Army to help them fight against the aliens in three different rounds (or battles) the form of 1980’s arcade games like Galaga, Arkanoid, Centipede, Space Invaders, Pac-Man (yes even Pac-Man), Duck-Hunt, and more. Although its got a B-movie plot, the renders of the 8-bit arcade video game characters are faithful to how they appeared in their games.

A LOT of money was spent making the movie (between $80-130 million), and it even had a cameo appearance from Toru Iwatani himself; the creator of Pac-Man. Despite the movie getting anywhere between a D+ and a C- based on movie critics, they nailed it with the source material of the arcade games that they were trying to adapt. Many of these games we remember playing when we were young, and if you ask any 80’s kid, they’ll tell you that they were probably just as good at these arcade games, as the characters in this movie. It brought in $245 million at the box office, so despite the cheesy storyline, it did turn some kind of profit – by $100 million at least.

Pixels was one of those movies that had an idea and stayed true to its original source material, but the reception fell kinda flat towards the general audience due to its lackluster story. (Or maybe some of theme just aren’t fans of retro video games.) For some people who saw it; it might’ve been the best movie they ever saw, ‘graphics-wise’, because they stayed committed to the original source material. Regardless of its rating we think Pixels might be one of those forgotten gems of the 2010’s that most (if not all) people never talk about, however with the Sonic movies breaking box office records; setting the tone for the Sonic Cinematic Universe, its going to be one of those movies that people will vaguely remember.

Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A Studios Recap! (2/7/2022)

Yo, anime fam! It’s Monday again, and for most of us its just another manic Monday. As for us at D&A, its high time for another D&A Studios recap of what you’ve missed last week! We’ve shot another episode of our Youtube podcast Nerdz of the Decade; our 21st episode to be exact. On that one we talk about why most anime fans drop certain shows after the first handful of episodes. We’ve also got our first D&A Studios Extras episode on the Top 10 Zones from the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. If you don’t wanna miss a moment of the action be sure to like and subscribe to our Youtube page. Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Why anime fans drop certain shows
Our Top 10 Sonic the Hedgehog Zones

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door!

Growing up as a kid my world revolved around three things; food, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and video games. All three of which I indulged in heavily during my childhood. I can count the hours I spent playing Super Mario Bros. on my NES and the trilogy remakes on my SNES, and even what my favorite show was at the time (which happened to be DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh, and yes I did hunt for the cards). Out of all of my favorite gaming console eras the most exciting one for me personally, was the GameCube era.

This was my favorite era!

I didn’t get my hands on the cube until one year after its launch. For most Nintendo gamers it was the epitome of their childhood growing up, but for me it felt like a whole new world I was stepping into. Sure I had some awesome times with the N64, but the Gamecube era took it to another level. I played all of the hit games back then; Luigi’s Mansion, Smash Bros. Melee, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic DX, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Party 4-7, and the list goes on and on. Out of all of those games during that time, the one I had the most fun playing was Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

What was it about this game that kept me coming back for its replay value? Was it because it took everything I loved about the original and enhanced it to an anime-level plot? Was it because I got the chance to fight a new ‘big bad’ other than Bowser? Was it the fact that the story didn’t take place in the Mushroom Kingdom like it normally does, but puts Mario in an unfamiliar town full of robbers, questionable areas, and G-rated ‘showgirls’? YES!! Yes to ALL!

Bring back THIS battle system, Nintendo!

It even took the battle system from the first game and enhanced it; partners now have HP, Mario’s HP and FP have a 200-point cap which is way better than PM64’s 60, and you were introduced to a new type of villain – the X-Nauts (doing their best DMX ‘X’ed’ off impression). Also, you had an audience that watched you fight your opponents. (Although there was that one time where everybody had rocks and were prepared to chuck them at me, and I had to find that one a**hole who thought it was funny and whack him on the head with my hammer. Who’s laughing now, Ted?!)

This game was also kinda dark too; the Hooktail battle where that idiot ate members of the audience, and don’t even get me started of the Shadow Queen (Shadow Peach) fight, she killed everybody in the audience and used their souls to fill up her HP. It’s probably one of the reason why I and thousands of other Paper Mario fans liked this installment so much; it took a more PG approach to the story as opposed to ‘playing it safe’ for the kiddies, although I wouldn’t count 14 as a kid’s age. I’m not sure what happened after Super Paper Mario, but fans feel like they never should’ve abandoned the RPG formula. I probably should’ve mentioned it before, but the partners in this game ACTUALLY HAVE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! Koops was a shy guy (pun intended) who wanted to be more confident even though his girlfriend loved him just the way he is. Vivian was in a abusive relationship with her sisters until she ventured out on her own and helped Mario get her body back from Doopliss. Admiral Bobbery lost the love of his life while out sailing the seas due to illness and felt guilty for not being by her side during her final hours, and vowed never to sail the seas again.

I can see why this installment in the Paper Mario series is one of the most critically acclaimed; the story, the character development in the partners, enhanced battle mechanics, a new main bad guy, and the game ‘forgetting’ that Bowser’s trying so hard to become the center of the plot. It’s one of the reasons why out of all of the games of the GameCube era, this one was my favorite to play; followed by Sonic DX. Who knows if Nintendo will return to what worked for the Paper Mario series, even though they tried it with Sticker Star and Origami King (but still abandoned the RPG formula all together). At the end of the day, Thousand Year Door will always be my favorite installment of the series.

Thousand Year Door will always be my favorite installment of the series!

Here’s What’s Happening Next Week!

What’s good anime fam! Hopefully you all are doing well and staying safe, and if you’re able to, be sure to get your COVID-19 vaccination; cuz’ D&A’s already got theirs! While we’re still getting the gear that we need for our projects (which includes our Nerdz of the Decade podcast), we’ve got some upcoming content coming up next week!

The battle for our childhood!

Nintendo vs. SEGA: The Battle For Our Childhood!

When it comes to video games and video game companies, each of them tries to outdo the other from big hits to cult classics. Every gaming company has a rival company that they want to be better than, but no rivalry was greater than the Nintendo-SEGA rivalry. Join us as we take a look back at this historic rivalry of two gaming companies who fought to rule over our childhood.

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, so we’ve got a fresh new one for you happening next week! What will the topic be about? You’ll have to wait and find out!

Don’t know what to watch? We got cha covered!

D&A Anime Report: Spring/Summer 2021 Watchlist!

Wanna know what new shows are coming so you can check em’ out? We got cha covered in our special D&A Anime Report on some of the latest anime titles for the Spring/Summer 2021 season!

That what’s happening next week, so until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A’s Top 10 Video Game Trailers/Commercials of the 90’s!

Since Pong, video games have been a part of our lives for decades, and any adult in America will tell you that they have visited an arcade at least once during their childhood. For generations video games have not only been a form of entertainment, but they’ve also brought many of us together – and those same individuals have now become the gamers (and are a part of the video game community) that you’ve come to know and love. Gamers and video game enthusiasts all have their favorite titles from their favorite consoles; from their favorite decades. For us in particular; it was the 90’s! Every 30-something in America today has fond memories playing their favorite game of that decade, so to commemorate the awesome decade that was our childhood (being 90’s kids ourselves), we’re counting down our Top 10 video game trailers/commercials of the 90’s! Get ready for a trip down memory lane! 😉 

Remember this one?

10. Kirby’s Dreamland

The pink vacuum that we all know and love has been around since the 90’s (well 1992 actually), so who doesn’t remember seeing this trailer growing up and asking their parents to get them a Game Boy so they can play it? The pink marshmallow’s rise to fame started here, and now the Super Smash Bros. Alumni is one his way to the Nintendo Hall of Fame!

Had fun playing this one!

9. Wario’s Woods

Tetris was awesome, but many 90’s kids might remember the yellow-capped terribly-cloned “Mario” that we know today as Wario; who happened to have his own puzzle game. Both versions were super fun to play as a kid, and we’re pretty sure that a handful of those same kids (now adults) might have had the opportunity to destroy Wario’s Castle and see the ending of the game.

Haven’t seen this one in a long time…

8. Tetris

I’m not sure if I remember the Russian bears but hey, back then we got Tetris in North America thanks to them! Who would’ve thought that this puzzle game would become the worldwide sensation that it is today! Welp, we got our answer!

Ok, this one freaked me out – but still bought the game!

7. Super Mario All-Stars

Any Mario fan out there has played this one at some point in their childhood! This was the game that had all of the original Super Mario Bros. games, as well as the Japanese version of SMB2 called Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels! When Super Mario World came out they did an updated version of this game with that game in it as well!

For every Mega Man fan out there!

6. Mega Man

Formally known as Rockman, Mega Man has become the mega hit that we all know him as today! From numerous video games to anime TV titles (and even a crossover series with Sonic – the Archie Comics version), Mega Man’s legacy will be a part of the lives of 90’s kids everywhere (and some 2000’s too).


5. Mortal Kombat

One of the bloodiest fighting game franchises on the planet made it’s presence known in the 90’s! We all have entered the kombat at some point, as kids of this decade wanted to get their hands on this game! Fast-forward to today; where we now have multiple installments, a couple spinoffs, a live-action movie, and now a live-action remake of said movie. After all these years we still find it satisfying to hear the words “FINISH HIM/HER!” followed by “FATALITY!” after mutilating our opponent. Yeah, parents had their hands full…

Still a favorite among 90’s kids!

4. Street Fighter 2

Much like its bloody counterpart, Street Fighter now has a cult following that has grown since its debut back in 1992! If you have gone to any anime or gaming convention anywhere in the U.S. or overseas, then we’re pretty sure you’ve seen cosplays of Ryu, Chung Li, and all of favorite fighters! Wait, didn’t this title have an anime adaption once?

Ah, yes we remember this one!

3. F-Zero

Anybody that has played Super Smash Bros. has played as the captain of the Blue Falcon; Captain Falcon! From the familiar tune of Mute City, to the updated graphics of F-Zero GX (and even an anime series), this game put 90’s kids on the need for speed! Speaking of speed…

This is where the Nintendo-SEGA war began!

2. Sonic The Hedgehog*

Move over Road Runner and Flash, there’s a new 90’s kid in town! Remember back when Nintendo had the video game industry on lock? Well, SEGA had somethin’ to say about that, and they did it with the debut of the Blue Blur; the World’s Fastest Hedgehog, Sonic! This legendary icon has clashed with Mario in terms of popularity, gaming sales, and overall video game supremacy. Even though he’s hit a rough patch in the past few years, he’s coming back strong with a live-action movie (that’s already out with a sequel on the way), a couple games (some of which are already out), and a new animated series stated for next year.

When Mario went 3D, everything changed!

1. Super Mario 64*

For 35 years Nintendo has given us everything we would want out of a video gamer’s childhood, and the best gift that they’ve given us, was Mario (a.k.a Jumpman)! During the later years of the 90’s we were introduced to the 3D era of the gaming world, and Nintendo gave us Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64! From there the red-capped plumber continued to give us hit after hit like Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Super Mario 3D Land & World, and even Super Mario Odyssey! We never would’ve gotten those titles had it not been for the original 64 title!

*In our defense both Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario 64 are tied for the #1 spot due to their iconic nature and popularity. Although Mario has more games, Sonic’s got two live action movies with one of them being a box office hit (which is why it got a sequel for next April 2022).

Honorable Mention: Pokemon Red & Blue

Yes, we know we didn’t put this one in our Top 10 (shame on us T.T), but we remember playing Pokemon Red & Blue back in the day! (And we’re pretty sure you do too if you were a 90’s/2000’s kid!) We don’t even have to tell you how large this franchise has gotten since Red & Blue came out; you’ve got the internet for that! XP

Being a kid in the 90’s was awesome! Fun cartoons, great video games, the 90’s was a pretty fun and interesting time to be a kid. Sure there were some less-than-perfect moments and some of which we’d like to forget, but overall, we knew what gaming consoles were our favorites to play, as well as what video game titles he hold near and dear to our hearts from this day forward. Now we’ve got a new generation of young gamers who are (hopefully) having the same experiences that we had when we were growing up. Even though the 90’s gave us many of the heavy hitters of the gaming industry that we know today, a lot of them have stood the test of time; and are continuing to dominate the gaming world even today! Just ask Mario and Sonic!

That will do it for our Top 10 countdown as well as a trap down memory lane! If you have a Top 10 selection of your favorite video games from the 90’s or even the early 2000’s, drop your list in the comments below! Until next post guys n’ gals, stay nerdy! 😉

From Whoohoo Hooniversity to the Beanstar Hunt: A Superstar Saga Review (pt. 4)!

What’s good, guys n’ gals? We know it seems like we’ve been away for a bit, but rest assured that we’re doing okay and just fine. It hasn’t been easy for us to put up content in a timely manner, but we’re so grateful and happy that you’ve stuck around and supported us in spite of this little obstacle. With that out of the way, here’s Part 4 of our Superstar Saga review!

The Saga Continues!

Part 4 – From Whoohoo Hooniversity to the Beanstar Hunt

If you’re still on the Beanbean Castle grounds, now is the time to stock up on items because thanks to the efforts of Prince Peasley (and a few other sources), the bros. now know of Cackletta’s whereabouts. Head back out through the eastern entrance of the castle grounds (via the castle village) then go south. If you run into a few enemies make sure the bros. are strong enough to take them on, cuz’ if you head east of that point you’ll run into some Level 25 baddies that will wreck the bros. in battle. (We made that mistake and it cost us dearly.)

Eventually you’ll run into a sign that says “Whoohoo Hooniversity” (which is where Cackletta is), so follow the arrow that points to the path to the university, and make sure that you hit the save block on the right side of the building before entering. Since most of us have either been or have gone to college, you’d expect to see the place filled with college students and future scientists. Well at Whoohoo Hooniversity, none of that is happening! As soon as Mario and Luigi walk in, a sudden earthquake shakes the building and all of the students there scatter about and run out.

You’ll find one student who’s on the floor saying that Cackletta came in and turned all of the students into monsters, and seconds later, he becomes one. Sadly you’ll have to beat him down before continuing, so strike the monster with the bros. jump and hammer skills and you should be fine.

This level is probably the most puzzle-oriented so you’ll really have to put on your thinking cap here. I would go through every single detail of how to get through all of the puzzles, but since it’s too much to remember, you can refer to a Youtube playthrough of this part of the game. I will tell you that a certain trio of viruses makes an appearance in this game, and why the Dr. Mario theme didn’t play when battling all three of them, I’ll never know! (It plays a small tune if you match two or three of the viruses together though, so I’m not too upset.)

Once you finally make through all of the puzzles and manage to level up the bros. to at least 23 or higher (having close to or over 100 HP or so), you’ll find the big Sun Door with another save block next to it. Make sure the bros. are at full HP and BP before hitting that block, and be sure to have all of the items that you’ll need. Inside the center of the university are Cackletta and Fawful as they have found the Beanstar, but next to it is three robot-looking Peach bots appearing to sing to the Beanstar in order to grant Cackletta her wish.

Sadly they didn’t take into account that their plan had one slight hiccup; the singing that the Peach bots were doing was terrible! So terrible that it caused the Beanstar to go haywire and create a gaping hole that the robots fell through along with it. Cackletta and Fawful are confused as to what happened, but then the Mario bros. come in and really make a scene. With Cackletta backed into a corner, the bros. are prepared to take her out and save not just the Beanbean kingdom, but the Beanstar as well.

Unload all of the bros. strongest attacks against the witch and don’t take too much damage. After defeating her Cackletta looks like a broken mess, but Fawful pops up from underground and absorbs her into his helmet gadget. Just as he prepares to launch a final attack against the bros. Prince Peasley comes in and launches both Fawful and Cackletta out of the building. He then tells the bros. to head down to the cellar area and get the Beanstar, however once they arrive at the location where the Beanstar landed, the bros. run into Popple and brainwashed Bowser again. Yep, this is one of those ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ moments.

Give Popple and Bowser the beatdown you gave them back at Chucklehuck and avoid big damage as possible. After the battle one of the Peach bots lands next to the defeated duo and starts its horrible singing again; causing the Beanstar to get riled up once more. The bros. along with Popple and Bowser take a ride on the Beanstar right out of the university as their grip starts to slip; leaving Bowser to finally remember who he is at the last second before falling off as well. The Beanstar breaks into four pieces which scatter about all over the Beanbean Kingdom. This is only half the story, as here’s where the real fun begins!

That will do it for Part 4 of our Superstar Saga review. Parts 5 and 6 will go through the hunt for the Beanstar pieces leading up to Jokes End, and Part 7 will kick off the road to Bowser’s Castle. As always guys continue to stay safe and love one another! 🙂