D&A Gaming Review: DBZ: Attack of the Saiyans! (Nintendo DS)

Hey guys! We got another gaming review for you! This time we’ll be reviewing a title from the classic-but-still-good Nintendo DS, and its a title from a franchise that we’re all familiar with. Yes guys n’ gals this one’s a DBZ post, as we’ll be reviewing the turn-based action-packed RPG that is Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans! The game itself is based on the hit anime and manga, as the story takes place from the 5th season of Dragon Ball, to the end of the 1st season of Dragon Ball Z.

Yamcha and the Earthlings doin’ damage!

When it comes to turn-based RPG’s you kinda know what to expect; you go through a series of ‘Overworld’ stages while collecting items and equipment to help you in battle, you encounter (or auto-encounter) an enemy, you fight said enemy, you collect loot and EXP. The controls of the game itself are rather simple, as you’re given the following commands; attack, defend, special, item, switch, flee, and ultimate. You’re given a team of three people from the start of the game; Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien (all of which will be at Level 2 or Level 3) I like that fact that you’re given a huge chunk of HP upon starting the first Overworld level (between 200-350), as the enemies there will deal anywhere between 20-35 damage per hit (higher with bigger foes).

When you kill enough enemies and level up, there are six different stats that you have to choose from; power, defense, recovery, technique, speed, and luck. Each of the six Dragon Ball heroes have different results when it comes to stat growth; like say Goku after he levels up upon winning a battle, by the time he reaches Level 60 or higher, you can already tell that he’s the strongest character in the game based on his stats. The game does give you some great challenges and the boss fights are always fun, especially the Nappa one. (Turn on Kaio-Ken and drop that bastard for killing your friends!)

Once you reach a certain level of the game (say the one right before you fight Vegeta and Nappa) you’ll be able to go on a quest for the dragon balls. Collecting all seven of course will net you some goodies, though I’m not one to spoil the surprise but I will say that one wish in particular will allow you to face a nightmarish threat. It’s such a great game and you’ll have a lot of fun, especially once you’ve maxed out all six characters and try to deal 50,000 damage or more on a slew of enemies! (Seriously, the damage numbers are high in this game!) All-in-all I would give this game…

4.2 / 5 Stars

If you still have an original DS, DS Lite, or DSi, this game is only gonna cost you anywhere between 4-6 dollars on ebay or any other online store (its a DS game so they’re incredibly cheap). On that note that will do it for us on this post as well as review.

Until next time, stay nerdy! 😉

Get This: Luigi’s Mansion 3 is Coming On Halloween!

It’s never too early to talk about Halloween, and it looks like Nintendo’s got the right idea! Why not release the third installment of a certain green ghost catcher, on a certain gaming console, on the scariest night of the year? Not a bad marketing strategy if we may say so ourselves! Luigi’s Mansion 3 is haunting its way into the Nintendo Switch on October 31st, and if your birthday happens to fall on that date then prepare yourself for one hilariously scary good time!

The youngest Mario brother along with Mario, Princess Peach, and Toad find themselves inside a luxurious hotel with all the five-star amenities you could ask for. This paradise turns into an utter nightmare as Luigi’s old nemesis King Boo (yes, he’s back a third time, and is 0-2 against Luigi) reveals it to be all for naught, as he captures his friends and traps them somewhere in the now haunted hotel. E. Gadd is back to help Luigi once again after the events of Dark Moon, though its still unclear how King Boo escaped from the confines of his painting – twice! Armed with the Poltergust G-00 and a gooey version of himself, Luigi is tasked with ridding the hotel of ghost and shutting King Boo down for good…hopefully.

To celebrate the release of the third installment of Luigi’s Mansion as well as our appreciation to our fans, we’ll be releasing a special spooky-yet-original music track on our YouTube page at 12am midnight on October 31st. That’s all the news we’ve got for now, but there’s more posts on the way! 😉

NGC Classic Review: Super Mario Sunshine!

Since 1993 Nintendo has been a part of our lives and has represented almost half of our whole childhood. We all remember the grandfather of gaming consoles that shall be known as the mighty NES, and since 1989, Nintendo continues to dominate the gaming world (in spite of a few setbacks). Their franchise mascot has been keeping himself busy for a little over three decades, and with multiple titles, crossovers, and spin-offs to his name and brand, Mario doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down anytime soon. In fact, a few of his classics are getting remakes for the New 3DS; such as Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and the Gamecube launch title Luigi’s Mansion. Tonight we’ll be reviewing a classic NGC title that might be getting a remake for the 3DS as well, known as Super Mario Sunshine!

Brings back memories, doesn’t it? 😉

If you’re a 90’s kid the nostalgia is real with this game! There are so many of us that remember playing Super Mario 64 on the N64 when it first came out, so what makes this game so good you ask? Well for one, it brought back a lot of Mario’s acrobatic moves such as his signature Triple Jump, Ground Pound, and Wall Jump. The new digs is his new water-squirting buddy called F.L.U.D.D. who operates as a new mechanic for the game. F.L.U.D.D. helps Mario fight off the bad guys as well as allows him to reach new heights with FLUDD’s various nozzle’s; such as the Rocket and the Turbo nozzle’s. Instead of Power Stars Mario has to collect Shine Sprites, as they are the source of Isle Delfino’s power and overall morale of its people.

The plot follows Mario along with Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and a few Toads as they all venture to Isle Delfino to enjoy a relaxing vacation from their usual ventures at the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon arriving they are shocked to discover that the once peaceful island, has been covered in graffiti. After encountering F.L.U.D.D. and defeating a giant slime-covered piranha plant, Mario is suddenly arrested by the island locals (the Piantas) and is thrown in jail due to matching the description of their culprit. After the court ruling Mario is set on an adventure to clean up the entire island, find the one who framed him, and protect Princess Peach – all at the same time!

Playing this game was a lot of fun when it came out, not to mention the graphics and music were pretty freakin’ cool! They brought back a lot of the magic that made Super Mario 64 famous; such as the 8 Red Coins and Blue Coins (that earn you Shine Sprites if you find ten of them), boss battles, and Mario’s signature moves. We remember all the numerous hours we logged into this game combing every nook and cranny for all 120 Shine Sprites, and though at times it was a grind, some of us were determined.

We give this Gamecube classic a 9.9 / 10 Stars!

Hopefully if a remake is in the works, let’s give Luigi a shot like we did in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2! 🙂

Video Game Review: Sonic Battle (2003)

Hey guys n’ girls! Sorry about the unexpected hiatus that we ended up taking due to multiple ‘life’ bombs being thrown at us one after another. On the plus side it has given us something new to talk about, and since its been awhile since we’ve done one of these, we’re gonna review a classic fighting video game from the Game Boy Advance that many of you might know. It features Sonic and company as they duke it out against each other in a no-holds-barred beatdown known as Sonic Battle.

We’re SUPER excited to talk about this game not because it was a part of our childhood (and probably yours), but because next to Sonic the Fighters, this game was actually a lot of fun to play. Sonic Battle is a 2003 fighting game created by SEGA and THQ for the Game Boy Advance and GBA SP. It features 10 playable characters (although only eight of them are playable during Story Mode) that you get to choose from, and head out onto the battlefield and b@#!h-slap your opponent back to Mobius.

The story follows a 4000-year-old ancient robot created by a civilization, who is able to copy the fighting techniques of other people simply by watching them in battle. Eggman wants to use said robot as the ultimate combat weapon against Sonic and friends, but ends up getting rid of the bot after copying its data into his own army of robots to capture the chaos emeralds and become an annoyance to Sonic and his friends. The robot named Emerl (thanks to Sonic) becomes involved with the various exploits of Sonic and Co. while also looking for the seven chaos emeralds.

One of the coolest things about this game is the fact that you don’t have to worry about paying any type of ‘energy’ or something to that effect to use special moves. At the start of the fight you select the move you want to use on the Ground, the Air, and to Defend against. You get free movement while in a 3D arena, as you use combo attacks, heal damage, and spam out special moves to damage your opponent and try to drop their HP to 0. The big orange bar is your Health gauge while the small blue one is your Knockout gauge. When your blue gauge is full, the next special attack you use will grant you an insta-kill against your opponent. (Best fighting gimmick ever!)

Another cool thing about this game is the fact that you get to customize Emerl, and make him into a badass fighting machine using skill cards you’ve picked up during battles. When you start the game with Sonic’s chapter, Emerl won’t seem like much help at first, but after playing each character a few times (while beating the story in the process), you’ll grant those rare skill cards that bring out Emerl’s true power. Out of all of the characters in this game, Emerl is the most OP, seriously!

Despite the fact that the controls were simplified and taxing at times (especially when fighting those three guard robos during Knuckles’ chapter, it was hell – utter hell), this game wasn’t half bad. The plot was decent, the game play was fun, and getting to customize your own fighter (Emerl) and battle it out against three other guys (or gals) was cool! Even though this game was underrated on so many levels, some fans still see the potential of it making a comeback in the current market. Some are even calling for a sequel, but we can do you one better!

Remember this little number from awhile back? Nintendo has been doing a hell of a job staying one step ahead of SEGA, and one of its latest creations is doing a few remakes on some old classics like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Luigi’s Mansion (The 2001 original). Instead of doing a sequel to Sonic Battle, they should take a page out of Nintendo’s playbook and upgrade the graphics, character roster, and battle arenas.

Don’t make the characters 3D, instead remaster them as High-Resolution 2D sprites and have two separate story modes; Classic Mode which is the original story with all eight playable characters in their separate episodes, and an all new story arc exclusive to the game’s remake that features ten new characters such as Espio, Silver, Blaze, Omega, Mighty, Shade (from Sonic Chronicles), Eggman, Bean, Bark, and Metal Sonic. That will give you a 20-character roster to work with!

Also you should add seven new stages and feature some from previous games like Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles. Keep the use of spamming those specials free, as well as the ability to customize the skills of Emerl. Instead of just the 3-attack-combo followed with either a Heavy Attack or Upper Attack, I would bump it to a 5-attack-combo; the first, second, and third attacks followed by a strong fourth attack that stuns the opponent for a few seconds, and then knock them away with a knockout blow (or upper attack). This game has the potential to be amazing! This game HAS the potential to be LIT!

Sonic Battle Forces (Emerl) Fanfic Cover
Brand New Original Sonic Fanfiction

Upon righting the review for this game, we’ve decided to create a Sonic Battle fanfiction with a brand new origin story for Emerl. We don’t have the full plot planned out just yet, but know that we’ll be using 110% of our creative writing powers to make this one of the best Sonic fanfic titles you’ll ever read!

So in conclusion, we give this game a 9.5/10!

We hope that SEGA gets the chance to read this post and realize that it has a chance to turn an underrated classic, into something as epic as Dragon Ball FighterZ! Okay, maybe not as epic as that, but on a level that’s close to it.

Thus ends our review on this awesome classic. Until next post, stay golden! 😉