D&A: The Origin Story

So, you wanna learn a little more about how we became the anime blog known as D&A? Well then, we’re more than happy to tell you…

D&A Anime Blog Logo

Donte’ J. Lewis (D.J. Lewis) and Aaron M. Goldman (A. Goldman) are two dudes who love anime and manga. They’ve gone to various fun and exciting anime conventions, and have taken many anime cosplay pictures in the past 10+ years they’ve known each other. However there was just one problem; they didn’t have a digital medium where cosplayers are able to see their pictures online. That was the day that changed everything…

In December of 2015, Lewis and Goldman came up with a fun and exciting way where cosplayers can see their online pictures. After a tedious google search of the perfect blog name, these two awesome dudes came up with the name that would change the way you would see an anime blog.

D&A (which is DNA; where the letter N is replaced with an ampersand) was formed and created as the answer to Lewis and Goldman’s digital medium woes; with D.J. Lewis and A. Goldman being the blog’s founders. On January 11, 2016 D&A Anime Blog was debuted and published onto the internet during the first ever AniMore 2016 anime convention, held at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, MD.

Just eight months after its inception back in January, it has grown into more than just an ordinary anime blog that you would find online. We have reviews on anime and manga, trivia questions, locations where you can find new and exciting anime cons, fanfiction, convention mocumentaries, and so much more!

After receiving its official trademark copyright in Mid-August of 2016, D&A has gotten a lot of great connections with many well-known North American anime distributors; such as FUNimation, Viz Media, Aniplex, Sentai Filmworks, and Crunchyroll! Our mission as D&A Anime Blog is to help spread the word about anime titles to a wide range of audiences that have yet to see (or hear) about it, as well as assist in the promotion of newer titles from anime distributors.

We also want to help contribute to the anime community any way we can; even as far as helping up-and-coming anime conventions book special guests to come out to them. Our ultimate goal is to one day run our own anime convention entitled Anime Escape, where fans can enjoy a tropical-themed hotel-based anime convention, with an old-school mid-90’s con vibe. To us anime is more than just a Japanese cartoon or even Japanimation, it is an art form that tells a story through vivid colors, complex plot lines, and an ever expanding imagination.

Anime has helped many of its fans see the world differently; through stories about friendship, family, hope, laughter, life, marriage, and being positive even in the darkest of times. To us it is what makes up our DNA, and that is something that is a part of you!

D&A Anime Blog Feature: Original Music & DJ Mixes

Avidd Minddset (WhiteLogo)
Avidd Minddset (2020 Logo)

During the process of creating the blog Lewis and Goldman thought of an idea on how they could separate themselves from the rest of the pack; produce original music tracks and DJ mixes exclusively for the site! One of D&A’s founding members (Lewis) is on the road to becoming a DJ/Producer. Having eight years of freelance experience making beats and mixing tracks on his laptop through a DAW called MAGIX, Lewis now produces music under the name Avidd Minddset.

The idea of creating his own music came about during a late night party at Baltimore’s anime convention known as Otakon, back in 2008. Lewis took a hiatus from producing around 2014 due to unforeseen reasons, but after taking some beginner and advanced classes in college to learn about Music Theory, Mixing, Mastering, Compression and Limiting, he can now produce professional sounding tracks just like the pros. His style of music blends the 1980’s classic video game arcade sound known as Chiptune, with modern Hip-Hop and Electronic music genres; ranging from mid-tempo to up-tempo. Lewis hopes to one day perform a live DJ set at an anime/gaming convention’s rave or afterparty event.

Another Great Feature: Otaku Outlook

D&A Otaku Outlook (Subreddit Avatar)
D&A’s official reddit page

Otaku Outlook is the name of our official reddit page for the blog! It will feature news and other current events happening all over the anime community, as well as open discussions to topics on interest about the anime industry, cosplay, Japanese fashion, and so much more. During the days and times when we’re not posting on the blog, fans can jump on our reddit page to see what’s new. Otaku Outlook is just an extension of D&A Anime Blog (via reddit), and will not be viewed as an alternative replacement of the blog.

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  1. I just want to say your blog’s really beautiful. Ahhh, it’s a spectacle to my eyes when I saw it! Love the layout and the colors ❤

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