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Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode Eleven Review!

Alright! We’ve returned once again with another episode post from our Anime REvisited pick for the month; Dagashi Kashi! Overall, this series is interesting to say the least; as it has its moments of ups and downs in terms of comedy, romance, and slice-of-life. So without further ado, let’s kick off the eleventh episode review.

What will happen in the end?

Not much really happens in this episode except Hotaru trying to show Coconuts that his father is actually a pretty genuine guy. Sure, he doesn’t see him as the type of person to take seriously at times, but deep down Coconuts thinks that Yo is pretty swell when it comes to customer service. During this time while watching his father in action alongside Saya and Hotaru, Kokonotsu is wondering if he should run his father’s shop, so that Yo will get the chance to work with Hotaru and her family. Though he’s still passionate about creating his manga, throughout the episodes leading up to this point Kokonotsu wonders if he should continue his father’s legacy, or walk his own path.

While waiting for the train at the station Hotaru and Coco have their moment to talk, and in spite of the obvious trolling innuendos from Hotaru (which were a little bit hilarious), she understood that Coconuts may not exactly share the same vision that she has form him – that his dad sees for his future. I guess you could say that no matter what path Coconuts chooses, he’ll always have a genuine love for dagashi. I’m guessing in the next and final episode of this first season, we’ll see what Coco’s next move will be…

Sorry this one came off short, but before we sign off on this post, we just want to take a second to thank the doctors, nurses, and other personnel out there fighting against the demon that is COVID-19. I know it feels like a war you’d never expected to happen or thought you’d signed up for, but we want you to know we appreciate every little bit you do. And if you’re an anime fan who’s among said doctors and nurses or you have family that’s among these brave heroes, we want to say thank you! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Until next post, stay safe! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode 9 & 10 Review!

Hey! We’re back with another dual episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; Dagashi Kashi! I gotta say; this anime title has had some funny, weird, and okay moments between the members of the cast, and from what I saw in the ninth episode, it’s about to get weirder than usual (thanks to Hotaru)!

Will Hotaru convince Coconuts to run his father’s shop?

The ninth episode kicks off with Saya inside the candy store waiting for Coconuts to show up. The sound of the door was heard as she jumped up to greet him, but instead it was Hotaru (go figure) with a sore on the left side of her face. Saya tells her that what she has is a mouth ulcer – probably from all of the dagashi she’s been eating. This leads to yet another spell about the dagashi known as wata-pachi; a type of sweet candy with sour candy chips on the inside similar to pop-rocks. Yeah, things did get weird, but it only got worse (at least in Saya’s case). Hotaru then talks about a dagashi called Choco-droppings, where the design was of an animal with different kinds of choco-flavored candy inside. Guess where the candy comes out from…we’ll wait…

(Told ya this was gonna get weird! XP)

I’m not gonna go too much into detail of what happens afterwards because it’s better if you watch it than having me tell you, but later on Coconuts does come back and finds Hotaru with a bowl of rice. She then states that she’s from Osaka, Japan and that she’s speaks with a Kansai accent (which is later discovered that she doesn’t). Then she out of nowhere asks Coconuts how he feels about boobs.

Now to any fanboys out there, this is the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for! With Coconuts his answer could either make or break his sort-of-kind-of friendship with Hotaru, so he plays it cool, and says that boys who talk about them are pervs. This causes Hotaru to walk out in disgust, but it’s then proven to be a ploy to get Coconuts to try boob ice cream. No, I’m not making this up, it’s actually ice cream inside a rubbery edible thing in the shape of a boob – and you suck it to get the ice cream out. Ok…I’m done, so let’s move on to episode 10.

Remember that ulcer Hotaru had? Well in the very next episode it grew to the size of a baseball. Earlier she was running through the night until she met To, who was out getting a late-night snack. He asked why she was out late after greeting her, but her reply was that she was brought to him by some unknown reason; which in turn had to do with her ulcer, and her wanting to try a new flavor of baby-star ramen that was coming out.

Saya and Coconuts eventually head to Hotaru’s house; which looked like a mansion compared to the shop, as the two entered inside to see what was wrong with Hotaru. (Although they discovered it had to do with her baseball-sized ulcer, and the fact that To told her to lay off dagashi for a bit until it heals – which is like telling a hardcore otaku not to watch anime!)

Overall both episodes do indeed turn up the weird factor (all thanks to Hotaru), while at the same time giving us brief moments of comedy. With this review being a dual episode post, there are only two more remaining until my final verdict on this show is made. That will do it for now, so until our next post, continue to stay safe and do not go outside unless you have to – essentially! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode 7 & 8 Review!

Welcome back! So here we go again with another anime review post from our month-long segment, Anime REvisited, with our pick Dagashi Kashi. This time we’re doing a double-header with episodes 7 and 8, so let’s get right into it!

Everybody’s here! What are they up to?

Usually when it comes to slice-of-life romantic comedy anime, there’s always a beach episode or a festival episode. Since we’ve already been there and done that with the beach, let’s jump into the festival episode. Coconuts and the rest of the gang are at the Summer Festival looking around at the various vendors and main attractions. (Of course since Yo and Coco work at the candy shop they’re vendors as well, so they have their own booth.) This episode does tap into yet another moment in Kokonotsu’s and Saya’s childhood; as Coconuts tries to win a goldfish for Saya – like he’s done so in the past. Sadly out of pity, the goldfish game owner ends up giving Coconuts a goldfish for trying so hard to win the game, which he then gives to Saya as a gift.

With this being a festival episode, there wasn’t a whole lot going on that I can talk about. Hotaru wasn’t much of a factor in this episode, as this was about another memory in Kokonotsu and Saya’s relationship. At least this episode did explain how she got the goldfish from the very first episode of the series, so now I know. Finally, To learned how to make Mojayaki for the first time, and was making it like a pro!

That’s it for episode seven’s review, now onto number eight!

So the eighth one brings Coconuts and the gang (except Yo, because he comes in later but only for a minute) together at the shop during a typhoon, and To is telling the others some scary stories from the Scary Story Gum that Coconuts and Yo sell in the shop. Anime girls ( or guys) freaking out about ghosts is one of the funniest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing; so at Saya’s expense, we get to see her freaking out about the various scary stories ever told through the packaging of the gum.

Scary stories aside things go pretty much back to normal as To tells Coconuts that Kendoyama is a popular toy that’s coming back in Japan, of course Coco also tells him that they haven’t been able to sell any of the ones they currently have. So what does To do? He spends his cash and buys them to prove a point; of course that point ends up with his sister killing it at the sport, and him with a broken thumb. By the end of the episode Coco and To talk about getting popular with the ladies through the use of fortune-telling chocolate, and the fact that they want to see panties before the episode ends.

In comes Hotaru as she was looking for Coconuts and finds him with To by the beach. After telling her that he’ll be back, she tells him that she’ll be waiting by the shop as usual; leaving a chance for Coconuts and To, to get a snapshot of Hotaru’s panties. It wasn’t much but mission accomplished – in their minds at least.

That will do it for this review’s double-header post. Four more to go until we see what Coconuts will do! Stay safe guys!

Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode Six Review!

Alright! We’re back with another anime review post from our Anime REvisited pick; Dagashi Kashi, and now we’re only halfway through the first season at episode six! With the other five episodes behind us; we can only assume it’ll only be a matter of time before we see the final outcome, of what Kokonotsu’s decision regarding running his father’s candy shop will be. So, let’s get to it!

The gang’s all here!

Going into this episode we see Hotaru going on about another one of her favorite dagashi, in fact there’s about a few of them that she gets into. The first one has to do with something called Super Himo Q (at least that’s what I believe it’s called, if I’m wrong let me know in the comment section); a long string of gummy candy that you can not only play with, but can eat as well. Aside from a moment of comic relief at To’s expense (with Saya knocking the living daylights out of him for lifting up her skirt so Coconuts could see her panties), this episode gives us a brief backstory between Coconuts and Saya’s childhood. From the looks of it it’s clear the girl likes Coconuts but hasn’t come out to him about her feelings towards him. Watching the banter between them growing up, Coconuts was really into dagashi at a young age. (Which is kinda ironic because he’s so knowledgeable about dagashi – yet loves drawing manga and doesn’t want to be a candy shop owner.)

Turns out the candy that both Saya and Coconuts blush over is Yoguret; a box of six pieces of yogurt-flavored candy that’s both nutritious and delicious. Basically, this was a flashback episode as to why Saya reacted the way the she did, when Hotaru thought that it would be a cool idea for her to join up with Coconuts and work alongside him at the candy shop. At least this episode gave us a little info behind their relationship, but seeing as though we’re only six episodes in, there’s probably going to be a little bit more info about Saya and Coco.

Well, that’s it for this review! I know this one’s a tad shorter than the others I’ve done, but other than the brief backstory on Coco and Saya’s childhood relationship, there’s not much happening in this episode – aside from Hotaru being Hotaru. Only six more episodes remain until my final verdict on this anime series as a whole, until next post, remember to stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode Five Review!

Hey guys! We’re back with another fun-filled review of Dagashi-Kashi from our Anime REvisited segment and pick of the month. This time we’re reviewing the fifth episode of the first season, as we close in on the half-way point of the first installment of the series. So what are Coconuts and the gang up to now? We’ll tell you in this review!

Hotaru in all of her candy-lovin’ glory!

So for all of you guys who love vlogging, you might get a kick out of this episode. So in the first 45 second of the episode Yo and Hotaru make it look like there’s a drug deal going on between them, when we all know that it’s about another dagashi of the day. Thanks to Coconuts, that dagashi is none other than bottle ramen; a crispy wafer snack where the inside is filled with yummy powder – not the other kind you’re thinking of. Later on that same evening Yo is in his room making overnight snack videos on his blog, but his vlogging skills could use some serious work. The topic was about baby star ramen; as the crispy edges of ramen were packaged and given out to the employers during their shift, while the rest ended up being top ramen – kinda like the stuff we enjoy today.

Skipping ahead Hotaru finds herself back at the shop with Coconuts and To, as the three of them end up in another one of Hotaru’s crazy challenges. They proceed to do the yatta-men challenge where if you’re lucky, you’ll win a cash voucher that you get to cash in for more dagashi (and not money…unfortunately). Coco and To win at the challenge, but Hotaru ends up going through numerous packs of yatta-men and wins nothing; as she goes through a sad spell of not winning anything in life from any competition. Talk about being down in the dumps…

Lastly they have a final challenge where all three of them eat a piece of grape dagashi candy, but one of them is the really sour one. You can probably already guess who got the sour piece based on who issued the challenge. Hotaru said that if she lost, she would do anything the winner desires – anything! If anime has taught me anything, these high-stakes bets never, ever, EVER work in the favor of the challenger; especially if you’re the main character! Needless to say, Hotaru lost again, and left the shop without a trace; not even acknowledging the fact that she didn’t hold up her end of the deal with Coconuts and To. Sooo, that’s pretty much the episode in a nutshell.

For this episode and like the last few episodes, we learn tidbits about various dagashi and their origin story in Japan. Of course just like the last few episodes (other than the small moments of comic-relief), I didn’t expect too much coming out from them. Our next review will be on the sixth episode of the series, as we near the half-way mark of season one. Until next post guys n’ gals, stay safe during this pandemic, and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode Four Review!

Here we are again! Hopefully you guys are doing okay in the midst of everything that’s going on, as we do our best to try and make you a little less stir crazy, with another Dagashi Kashi episode review via Anime REvisited. This time around we’re on episode four; as we continue to follow Coconuts and the rest of the gang in their affairs of Hotaru getting the former to take over Yo’s candy shop.

What are they up to this time…?

In the past three episodes we’ve seen Hotaru going on a quest to get Coconuts to be the nest in line to run his father’s shop. In both episodes 1 and 2 he wanted to do everything in his power NOT to be the next in line to inherit his father’s legacy, but in the fourth episode we see Coconuts and Hotaru in yet another battle via dasashi, as she continues her onslaught in getting Coco to take on the family business. With Yo out doing who-knows-what Kokonotsu finds himself back at the shop and runs into (you guessed it) Hotaru – who happens to be blindfolded for some reason. She eventually goes on about a dagashi known as Fugashi; a special baked rice snack dipped in brown sugar with many different flavors, as Hotaru challenges Coconuts to a battle to see who can guess the most flavors of Fugashi.

After the battle ended in what I can assume is a draw (at least in my view), Hotaru and Coconuts are now outside the shop as the candy otaku pulls out two packs of caramel heart-shaped candy, with four pieces inside. Hotaru explains that each piece would allow you to run about 300 meters, and with Café Endo 1500 meters away (as well as the place where Coconuts left his manga sketch book) Hotaru and Coco dash off to the café. What started off as a competition turned into a footrace to retrieve Coco’s sketch book – praying that Saya doesn’t see it before he can retrieve it. By the time the two make it to where only 500 meters stands between them and that book, Kokonotsu realizes that there were only four pieces of candy – not five. Really, genius? Now ya tell me!

Luckily Hotaru was a little smarter than that as she tossed the last piece of candy to Coconuts so it’ll give him the energy he needed to make it to the café. He did make it to the café…about five seconds too late. As the sound of a screaming Coconuts was heard, Hotaru was happy that she got a toy watch that was at the bottom of the pack of candy. Yep, this was pretty much the whole episode in a nutshell. Usually when you see a pretty girl tied up and blindfolded one of two thoughts will pop up in your head; she’s either kidnapped and needs to be rescued, or she’s kinda kinky and likes S&M. Other than that there’s not much going on with this episode, but I plan on staying committed until I see the outcome of what Coconuts’ final decision will be. Will Hotaru’s influence convince him that running his dad’s shop is what he was born to do? Or will he stay true to the otaku in him and become a manga writer? I guess I’ll find out on our next review post.

Until next time guys, stay home, and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode Three Review!

Welcome back to another installment of our super special anime review segment, Anime Revisited, as we review our pick; Dagashi Kashi! As we mentioned last week we’ll be reviewing the entire first season of the show episode by episode, and today we’re reviewing episode three. If you’re a big fan of ramen noodles then you just might like this episode!

Time to hit the beach (sort of) – Dagashi style!

Usually with romantic-comedy anime there’s ALWAYS a beach episode, so going into episode three I didn’t think they were gonna pull it out so soon – but they did. However it wasn’t the beach episode that most anime fanboys would expect, instead I watched and found Coconuts, Saya, To, Yo, and Hotaru by the swimming pool in their shorts and one-piece swimsuits. Yo and Hotaru were planning something big, in hopes of getting Coconuts to take over the family shop. To do this they put dagashi candy at the bottom of the pool and made a game out of it, as Saya, To, and Coconuts had a little fun on a little scavenger hunt. Their plan almost worked except for one vital detail; no eating or drinking allowed in the pool, because it’s the law! Them just now realizing this made me smirk at their moment of non-common sense, because well, if you drop a KitKat or a Snickers bar in a pool…

You can make your own joke there.

As for the ramen noodles, the first 5-7 minutes of the episode was about a brief moment of history about Bate-mon (Pork bone noodles), and the many different flavors that it has. It did get a little steamy after Hotaru had her first bowl – manly because the AC in the shop was busted, which lead to mild fanservice in Hotaru’s case. Near the end of the episode Hotaru shows up in Saya’s café shop as the two have a little girl chat time, as she continues to call her ‘master’ due in part to how much she admires her thanks to her skills back in the second episode. So yeah, don’t get your hopes up if you’re expecting the beach episode to be a ‘beach episode’, cuz’ you’ll be in for disappointment. However if it’s any consolation, we do get a quick flashback snapshot of our candy-lovin’ girl in the buff as To walks in on her. (That fanservice is as good as it’s gonna get, so you’d better enjoy it.)

With only nine more episodes to review, we’re starting to see a little something more than just a childhood friendship between Coconuts and Saya. I’m guess as we get down the line a little more the actions or reactions between them will be justified. As for Hotaru, I can only assume that she and Yo will continue to try and get Coconuts to take over the shop. As for what To’s role is in all of this, he’ll just be the buddy-buddy comic relief guy who hangs out with Coconuts – cuz’ every rom-com anime protagonist has that ‘one’ friend. Well, that will do it with our third episode review of Dagashi Kashi, until next post, stay home and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode Two Review!

Welcome back guys! Here we are again with another episodic review post of our Anime REvisited pick; Dagashi Kashi! This time around we’re reviewing episode two. Seeing as though we’re still fresh on the heels of meeting the cast (namely Hotaru), I assumed that there wasn’t going to be a whole lot going on this episode. Surely enough I was kinda right.

Here we go! Another episode!

So the second episode kicks off with Coconuts telling a kid that he won another dagashi candy after eating the first one; which was a Kiniko powder candy stick. Not even 10 seconds later (which is about 30 in anime time) do we see Hotaru capturing the child and telling Coconuts that he stole a dagashi treat. Okay, kids…candy store…we get it! Afterwards Koko and Hotaru are pretty much inside the store, with the candy-lovin’ girl staying true to her mission into getting Coconuts to take over Yo’s shop – his dad. He then goes into a spell about what his dad may or may not be doing and saying that adulting is hard – which IT is! Between paying bills and having tons of responsibilities, Gen X and Boomers make it “seem” easy, but trust me, if you haven’t heard the words ‘Just wait until YOU have kids!’ then you got a helluva lot of ‘growing’ to do.

Millennials and Gen-Zers tend to have more mental and emotional stress triggers than older generations (cuz’ I’m a millennial and can attest to this) due to being under too much pressure from society’s view of us; especially if you don’t socially fit the ‘mold’, but that’s another post for another day.

Back to the shop! Hotaru and Coconuts began exploring with non-alcoholic beer called Nakami Beer, which comes in small tablets. Then suddenly gets drunk off her ass on it – which was a bit hysterical upon watching it all unfold. (Kudos to Tabitha Ray by the way!) Afterwards we transition to Koko and Saya on the bench with her asking him if he did his homework; replying that it wasn’t even on his mind. (Figures…) Aside from a brief history about Ramune candy in the shape of a Lifesaver, and a Japanese card game where you slam the cards on the ground to try and flip the cards next to it over, this is pretty much a slice-of-life episode. Like I said before, there’s not a whole lot going on in this episode other than Hotaru getting drunk and telling Coconuts to look at her chest. Don’t get excited guys, cuz’ he’s not hitting that anytime soon…I think.

Well that will do it for this review on the second episode of Dagashi Kashi. Since I’m already two down let’s see what the other ten episode will bring to the table! On that note stay safe, stay healthy, and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode One Review!

Hey guys! So now begins our first full-length episodic review of our anime pick, Dagashi Kashi, to help kick off our Anime REvisited segment! This show (or at least the dub) came out in 2016, and it tells the story of a Dagashi candy shop owner in Japan named Yo (yes, that’s his actual name, don’t ask why), as he wants his son Kokonotsu (or Coconuts as his friends call him) to take over the family business. There’s just one issue with that; he’s an aspiring manga artist who wants nothing to do with his father’s business, but ironically has much better marketing knowledge in how to make a better profit in terms of selling candy. Sure, when it comes to owning a family business every parent wants their children to take over, but sometimes the children want to follow their own dreams. For Kokonotsu in this case, that dream comes in the form 2D big-chested beauties!

Dagashi Kashi Season One Cast!

For the first episode Kokonotsu is in his room working on original manga art…that is until his father Yo asks him that he needs to have a talk with him. Yo tells Kokonotsu that it’s his turn to be the next owner of the Dagashi shop, unfortunately Coconuts comes from a group of individuals who are a part of a generation that likes to disappoint their parents (i.e. ‘Screw you, I’m doin’ my own thing!’ mentality). After their little spat Koko runs the shop while Yo’s away, but then he encounters our candy-lovin’ girl, Hotaru, and her absolute obsession with dagashi candy. Later on Yo comes back and just so happens to be familiar with Hotaru and her supreme knowledge of candy, that he instantly takes a liking to her; much to his son’s dismay. To our anime-lovin’ fellas out there, find you a girl who’s a bigger anime nerd than you are! Why? Because (and we’ve seen this from personal experience) they will defend their man and shoot down any bullies and haters on social media that say you’re anime is trash!

Back to the review; Coconuts (yeah, I’m gonna start calling him that now) finds himself at his best friend, To and Saya’s (To’s sister) café. While they’re talking about the events that transpired via Yo’s candy shop, I had a funny feeling that Saya happens to be Coco’s childhood friend – and we ALL know how that trope gets portrayed. (You’ll see as we get further into the series.) Near the end of the episode Hotaru tells Yo that she wants him to join her father’s candy company, but he declines saying that unless Coconuts takes over the family business, he won’t leave his store. This leads Hotaru asking Yo that if he can convince Coconuts to run his store, that Yo will take Hotaru up on her offer. With the bet set in stone, Hotaru tells Coconuts that he’ll be seeing a lot of her around the candy shop. All of this…and it’s only the first episode.

After watching the first episode there were a few things I picked out; the fact that there are a lot of history tidbits about Japanese candy and its mascots, and early marketing strategies many candy owners in Japan use (or should be using) to help drive sales of their product. The overall feeling of the show is basically a slice-of-life comedy with maybe a touch of romance somewhere down the line. Some of the most common anime troupes are here; the otaku/manga artist (Kokonotsu), the childhood friend (Saya), the perverted best friend (To), and the one who’s obsessed with food (Hotaru). Perhaps as I dive deeper into the series we’ll learn more about what Hotaru’s true goal is – besides asking Yo to join her father’s company. That’ll end our first episodic review on Dagashi Kashi. Stick around for our next review on our next post! 😉