D&A Update: Anime Cons (Part 2)!

Sorry to keep you guys waiting for us. If you’re still looking for some anime conventions happening for the Pre-Halloween weekend, then you might wanna check these lil’ numbers out! We’ve got cons in the Southwest and Northeast Bound regions of the U.S. for you and your friends to chillax and have fun. Don’t forget, if you happen to be heading towards Claymont, DE for the first weekend in November, we’ll be celebrating the 28th birthday of one of the founding members of D&A Anime Blog, Donte’ J. Lewis!

Until next post, stay gold! 😉

D&A Update: Anime Cons for October 2017 (Part 1)!

Hey guys and girls! Are you on the lookout for some awesome anime conventions to hit up before Halloween? Then check out this list of anime cons we’ve got for you tonight! See a con you like? Go for it! And when you go, you can send us some cosplay pics if you would so like and we’ll debut them on our Cosplay Fan Slideshow page! Current con locations include the Westbound and Northeast Bound regions of the United States. We’re not done yet however, as we’ve got more anime conventions to share with you coming up in a couple of days! 🙂

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Cons Near U: September Anime Conventions of 2017!!

September is now here, and the Labor Day weekend is almost coming to an end. You’ve gone to so many cons in August and have met so many awesome cosplayers, voice actors, and cool people. Now you’ve gotta get ready for college, work, and many other major responsibilities that you got to handle (even though you really don’t want to). Don’t fret anime fans, cuz’ D&A’s got you covered! We’ve got anime cons in the Northeast and Southbound regions of the U.S. you don’t wanna miss! (We’ve also got other cons that are repeats of last year, so if you’re a returning member, then you know what’s up!)

Cons Near U: August Anime Conventions of 2017!!

Sorry this post is so short, but we’re here to announce some awesome anime conventions for you to check out this month from our Cons Near U page! Today we’ve got conventions for you located in the Northeast, Southwest, Southbound, and Westbound regions of North America. Be sure to check out the links on those pages for tickets, hotel locations, and more! 🙂

Looking for some Anime Cons in July? We Got You Covered!

The fireworks may have ended on the Fourth of July, but the fireworks going on in the anime convention world have just begun! As we do every month we comb the web for some awesome anime conventions for you guys to check out based on their location and region. The locations/regions we’ve got for you are Northwest, Southwest, and Westbound.

If you want to know more about these awesome conventions, then click on the links provided on the sub-pages under Cons Near U. We shall return later on tonight with our Throwback Thursday night segment on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you! 🙂

Anime Cons for June! (Part 2 of 2)

Here’s part two of our two-part anime convention post. This time around we’ve got new anime conventions for you to check out in the Southwest, Northwest, and Westbound regions of North America. Don’t forget to like us and follow us on all of our social media pages and remember, make D&A a part of you, and we’ll make you a part of us! 🙂

Anime Cons for June! (Part 1 of 2)

Well guys, in case you aren’t aware of it by now, there are only six months left in the 2017 year! Time sure flies when you’re having fun touring out to different anime conventions, and speaking of which we’ve got some new ones for you all to check out! In this two-part anime convention location update; we’ve got three cons for the Westbound region of North America, and only one for the Northwest Bound region. When you get the chance be sure to click on the links provided and see what kind of otaku excitement each con has to offer!

We apologize for not being able to deliver our Miscellany Monday segment, so we owe you guys a brand new one next week! By the way, if we manage to hit 10K views before the month of our next anime convention, then we will post a special D&A 10K view video on our Youtube channel for you guys (the fans) to enjoy! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support that you’ve shown us, and continue to make D&A a part of you. (And we’ll make you a part of us!)