Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Six!

All right! Things are starting to get a little bit interesting this time around, as we kick off another episodic review of Anime REvisited; with Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! It appears that the other five episodes may or may not have led to this moment, so without further delay, here’s what went down in episode six!


Sometime after the events of episode five, Panty and Stocking are back at the school where they became the school queens after Barbie’s demise. While there they encounter a slew of ghost droids while they spend half the night eradicating them; including one annoying little female ghost. The next day the angels see their ‘fans’ all dressed up in school uniforms and wondered what the hell they were even wearing. Then Brief shows up to explain to the girls that the mayor’s daughters called the Demon (or Daemon) Sisters are now the head queens in charge of the school, and expect everyone (including them) to follow their ‘Rules’! Upon seeing this I thought that this was a pretty interesting dynamic; because usually the demons are the ones who cause chaos and anarchy while the angels uphold everything that is good, but in this case it’s the other way around.

Not even five minutes into the episode and Panty and Stocking absolutely HATE them – and rightfully so! From their dictatorship-style rules to their classism mindset, the angels eventually see themselves going head to head later on in the episode. Surely enough they do; thanks to Brief discovering a ghost factory beneath the school where they see the same ghost droids they killed actually being made. Panty and Stocking encounter Scanty and Kneesocks, the Demon Sisters, as they were the ones behind the ghost droids they killed earlier in the episode. After the usual stripper pole transformation from the angels, the demons did their own version of it; as both sides had their weapons ready for one hell of a catfight.

The school turned into a warzone, as the Anarchy Sisters and Demon Sisters went at each other with poor Brief caught in the middle. Once enough collateral damage was caused throughout the school, Brief found himself safe and sound on the rooftop – or so he thought. Scanty and Kneesocks found and threaten to kill him unless he gave back the stone, but Panty and Stocking show up and tell the demons that they really didn’t care if they kill him or not. Scanty fires off multiple rounds from her gun which Stocking blocks as the bullets destroy the demon’s weapons in a Matrix-style maneuver.

Panty tells Brief to toss the stone as she shoots it down with her weapon, thus causing the factory below to explode – taking about 95% of the school with it. Scanty and Kneesocks get away and threatened to return, leaving the angels and Brief along with the poor souls who somehow survived, in what was left of the school. At the end of the episode the Demon Sisters report back to the mayor of the city (who is a demon as well), and is disappointed by what they told him about the angels and how they lost to them. As punishment he drops them into a pool of sweat that is rather sickening to them, while the mayor talks about his run in with Garterbelt – which may or may not be an important plot piece later.

So it appears that we’re finally getting a little bit of plot from this series, but then again it could only be a ‘one-and-done’ thing, and we return right back to our original formula from the last five episodes. Guess you’ll have to wait until next review to find out, so until next post, stay healthy and stay safe guys! 🙂

Status Update: 1000+ Views In Two Consecutive Months!!

Between April and May we’ve noticed a trend; that our monthly views and visitors on our blog has spiked consistently on a week-to-week basis. To this we say; we can’t thank you guys enough for all of the love and support that you’ve been giving us during these crazy times we’re living in. We’ve already crossed the 25000 viewer threshold back near the end of April, and we’ve also noticed that one of our posts that we published back in 2017 is gaining a lot of fire – in a good way! Again, from the bottom of our hearts we can’t thank you guys enough for making D&A Anime Blog what it is today, and we will continue to bring you awesome content, anime/manga reviews, and a whole lot of other fun things that we have planned for the future! 🙂

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Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Five!

Guess what guys? It’s time for another episodic review via Anime REvisited with Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! If you thought the first few episodes were crazy before, then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! I’m letting you know right now; if you plan on eating any food or snacks while reading this review, put them down and step away from the kitchen table. You will thank me later.

DJ PantyDroppa & DJ SugarRush

The first episode was about poop, the second had to do with bees, the third dealt with sibling rivalry, the fourth focused on weight loss and running while damn-near naked. So it’s no surprise that the fifth episode deals with…boogers. Yes, you heard exactly what I said; BOOGERS! With pollen season happening don’t think without a second that most of us pick our nose; in fact we do it about 5-10 times a day (most of the time unknowingly on purpose). Panty and Stocking of course find themselves on yet another ghost raid, while the eldest angel got her finger up her nose digging for gold. Eventually the two meet a soon-to-be-ghost named Oscar H. Genius who is the owner of whatever his profession is, as they found themselves on his blimp while enjoying his event along with all of the others who attended – including Brief.

After a rather visually disturbing nose-sex session between Panty and Oscar, he suddenly realized that he’s allergic to angel boogers – which turn him into a ghost. With everybody picking at the same time (while having nosebleeds) Oscar turns into a giant ghost-like rocket hurdling towards the moon. Panty and Stocking try to stop themselves from picking their noses and further cause anymore collateral damage, but thanks to Garterbelt and Brief they discover that angel boogers are Oscar’s weakness (as we said before). Panty and Stocking use their greatest weapon; Panty’s big ass ball of boogers, to stop Oscar from slamming into the moon – which somehow works as the blonde angel destroys him from the inside. While Panty uses her panties as a parachute, Stocking is seen shooting across the sky into the nasal cavity of the moon; causing the moon to sneeze in the process as the poor goth angel is hanging by the nasal mucus of the moon – a funny yet stomach-churning experience for anyone.

The second half tells a story about a man trying to get a gift for his daughter in a city not far from Daten City called Little Tokyo. Though there’s a more traditional anime style that takes place, Panty and Stocking do show up at the end of the episode and take out a ghost created by the vomit of the people it’s infected. Plus they helped the man out by giving him an autograph of them to give to his daughter.

You never really know what to expect from a show like this until you actually watch it, and once you do, get ready for a wild ride. That’s it for our episodic review, but there’s more Panty & Stocking action coming your way on our next post. Until then stay safe, wash your hands, and be kind to one another! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Four!

Welcome back guys! It’s time for another round of Anime REvisited featuring our title pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Three 2-part episodes in, and already this show has one of the craziest, WTF-filled moments I’ve ever witnessed in an anime title – although another show called Shimoneta might come pretty close (and possibly might be worse than this).

Panty and Stocking at it again!

Episode 4 brings us to a moment where we all want to try and slim down in order to get ready for swimsuit season. In the case of Daten City, the first half of this episode revolves around Stocking and her love for sweets. There’s one problem however; normally due to the fact that she’s immortal (because she’s an angel) she doesn’t suffer the same human things like sickness, diseases, or obesity, but in this case the sweets that she eats from a new bakery called Angel House causes her to gain weight. So like the rest of us she goes overkill with the workout routines and a Rocky montage or two, however even that didn’t help. Pretty soon Stocking grows to the size of (in Panty’s words) trashy-talk show fat, as Garterbelt makes an announcement that another ghost has arrived. With that Panty and her King Kong-sized sister make their way to a factory where a large bakery ghost was hiding.

After an exchange of hilarious obscenities Panty put an end to the ghost’s afterlife, and snatched four heaven coins in the process. Afterwards Stocking was finally back to her fine gothic self; eating all of the sweets she loves and adores. The second half of the episode takes place during a lingerie run; where guys and girls strip down to their underwear and run a 5k race for the hell of it! Panty and Stocking join the party, but their fun was interrupted by the arrival of another ghost who looks like a knockoff Reverse Flash. Panty and Stocking try and defeat the ghost like they would any other, but due to their sheer laziness (on Panty’s part) their weapons weren’t properly prepped and were completely useless against the speedster ghost. After eating their namesake the ghost dashes off after Brief who looks to be the only one in the race, as the angels aggressively tail him.

Brief does become of use to the angels as Panty snags his undies off himself, and transforms them into an impressive shot gun; meaning that the effectiveness of the briefs that Panty chooses varies depending on the owner’s love maker – and Brief’s was a sight to behold! Panty finally ends the ghost’s afterlife via gunshot to the head, as she collects two heaven coins before hitting Brief with two more shots that bounced off his head causing him to pass out. With everyone naked except Garterbelt, he makes a speech about loving your own skin or something to that effect while Panty and Stocking ditch him and head back home. (Of course Garter gets arrested afterwards for causing a nudical ruckus.)

Horrible diets and birthday suits are the name of the game for this episode, and thus will conclude our review. Until next post continue to stay safe out there during this unconventional Memorial Day.

Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Three!

Hey guys! We’re back with another episodic review from our Anime REvisited pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. When I first heard about the series, it was at an anime convention back in Baltimore that you may know as Otakon – in 2012 when it was still in Baltimore. Right away as soon as I heard the title, my first initial thought was ‘there are only two women I know, who are probably going to be in this series’. Boy was I right. Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial killed it! Shout out to the baddest VA duo in the business!

The fallen b**** angels are here!

We all have siblings and nine times outta ten; we have moments where we fight. My brother and I are the same way, and in this episode we see it first hand with the Anarchy sisters. Stocking gets pissed off because she can’t find her special pudding; which she states has a 500 year waiting list. (Hold up, just how old are these girls anyway?!) Panty lies and says she hasn’t seen it, to which Stocking doesn’t believe her, and discovers that her sister ate it even though she hates sweets. An argument ensues about touch one’s property without asking, before Garterbelt and Brief walk in. Garter tells the girls there another ghost afoot, but Panty and Stocking tell him that they’re not going anywhere. The two argue again as Stocking takes off to go handle the situation herself.

Things seem to go well (sort of), until Stocking came face to face with the ghost herself; a Little Red Riding Hood-type ghost who’s associated with the Big Bad Wolf. Nursery rhymes aside the gothic angel found herself trapped via the ‘rope’ that the ghost duo used to tie her up with – which actually turned her on. (I knew there was a freak in there somewhere.) Before things got any kinkier or deadlier (depending how you look at it) Panty swoops in to give the ghost duo a piece of her blue steel; with Brief in tow.

Throughout the whole fight Panty and Stocking continued to bicker with each other, and even swung on each other in the process; thus causing them to get smacked around by the ghost duo before getting defeated by them. This didn’t fly with them; as the ghost duo awoken their ‘Berserk Bitch’ mode, causing Panty and Stocking to wail so hard on them before they blew up. Afterwards the girls made up with Panty getting Stocking the pudding she wanted, even though it was the “Hot” kind. As for Brief and Garterbelt…you’ll have to watch to find out.

The second half of this episode deals with something men have that women don’t. I will not be going into detail on the subject matter; you will have to watch for yourself. Let’s just say you were conceived through a process that we as humans are all too familiar with, and the ‘stuff’ needed to make it happen. If you still don’t know, ask your parents – cuz’ how do you think you got here?

That’ll do it for this post, so as always continue to stay safe in this rather difficult time, and continue to love one another! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Two!

What’s good anime fam? We’re back with another review from our Anime REvisited pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! Like we said before, this show ain’t for kids. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Panty and Stocking; the Anarchy Sisters!

In episode 2 Gartetbelt gives the girls another ghost mission, and hopes that they don’t screw it up like last time. They’re introduced to the principal of Daten City High School, who tells them that they’re students have gone missing due to some strange reason, and wants Panty and Stocking to investigate. So the angels go to the cross-shaped school to ‘investigate’ as they see the 90’s stereotypical cliques (jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, outcasts, etc.) at the school. Suddenly they see what looks to be a human covered in bees as Panty pops em’ off the human’s body, who is later revealed to be a Carrot Top-looking dude with a huge Ghostbuster’s complex named Brief – named after a pair of nut-compressing draws. Basically it’s safe to assume he’s gonna play the comedic relief role down the line.

Later on the girls meet the head cheerleader of the school named Barbie (yeah, the toy from the 90’s) who is pretty much the H.B.I.C. (google it to see what it means). Panty and Stocking pretty much get in her way and destroy her reputation by being the new ish’ of the school; from gym class to chemistry, nothing was safe. That night Brief tells the angels his friends went mission which lead them to figure out where the ghost of the school was on the football field, and outta nowhere comes Barbie, as she reveals herself to be the queen bee ghost of the school. Terrible bee puns aside (thanks to Panty) the angels dish out their own brand of ‘put up, or STFU’ as they take down Barbie. The church bell rings as Panty and Stocking collect their heaven coins as Brief goes frantic in saying that the coolest fight he’s ever seen. Before the first half of the episode ends, Panty gets her freak on with the whole football team – yes, we’re serious! (While Brief and the rest of the geeks watch.)

The second half of the episode goes through the life of Panty and Stocking being celebs in a Beverly Hills/Hollywood area of Daten City. Thanks to Panty’s screw up, she and Stocking have to clear their names by destroying all the copies of a sex tape that Panty made (unknowingly, but knowing her that argument leaves a lot to be desired). Eventually they succeed in their mission, and as they make their huge announcement to the masses, Panty tells the crowd that she deleted all of Stocking’s scenes in their movie; prompting the gothic angel to upload revenge porn on YouTube (though they changed it to YouTobe so they won’t get sued). Brief sees it while inside his room and grabs a box of tissues, and thus ends this episode.

I know I kinda cheated and watched this series a hundred times before since the dub came out back in 2012 (with the actual coming out in 2010), but I never really sat down and analyzed the series episode by episode. I was just in it for the fact that the animation style reminded me of the Powerpuff Girls mixed with the satire found in Family Guy, South Park, and (maybe) Rick and Morty. Speaking of which I wonder what the show will be like now that we’re in the era of Rick and Morty, TikTok, as well as memes? It’s been ten years since the show came out, so I wonder how Gainax and Studio Trigger are going to incorporate the elements that made the show so good in this current pop-culture climate. Could it make the second season funnier (if we get one)? Who knows!

Anyway, that wraps up another anime review from Anime REvisited. Until next post, stay healthy, and stay safe! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode One!

Yo, anime fam! We have returned with a brand new season of Anime REvisited; where we give you full episodic reviews on past anime titles. This time around, we’re taking a trip to Daten City – home of the fallen ‘so-called’ angels known as Panty and Stocking Anarchy. The origin story of this show is just as crazy as the show itself; as it was developed during a drunken vacation with the creator and staff. I’m letting you know right off the bat; this ain’t a show for kiddos, by that we mean anyone who isn’t already familiar with the level of comedy to come out of shows like South Park or Family Guy. Keeping that in mind, let’s kick off the review of the first episode of this wildly inappropriate yet funny-as-hell series.

Daten’s finest!

We’re given a narration by an Afro-American man named Garterbelt who takes us through the lives of the people of Daten City; a town that lies on the fault line of Heaven and Hell, where on a daily basis it’s under constant attack by evil spirits known as ghosts. We are then taken to a church on a hill next to a graveyard where we’re met by a green zipper dog who reminds me of a knockoff Gir from Invader Zim. (Trust me; I’m not the only one who thought that.) As the dog get struck by a bolt of lightning Garterbelt slams his head with a mallet as a note pops out and reads “W.C.” which means water closet (bathroom). At that moment we’re finally introduced to the anarchy sisters Panty and Stocking; with Panty being the blonde who loves sex more than anything else, and Stocking who loves sweets more than life itself.

Garterbelt tells them that they have a mission to kill ghosts so they can get back into Heaven. Oh yeah, did I tell you that they were kicked out? Well, they were thrown out for breaking about 7 or 8 of the Ten Commandments, so in order to return they have to collect heaven coins to buy their way back. This leads them onto their first mission; to find the ghost responsible for causing toilets to eat the people taking a dump in them. (Yes, this episode is all about poop! XP) Panty and Stocking screw up on this assignment and mistake a plumber for being the ghost, which in turn ends in him getting screwed – in a lucky bastard kinda way. Afterwards nightfall arrives and after some more craziness (and barfing plus Panty in deep shite – literally), the ghost finally appears.

Now we’re about to see the real reason they’re called Panty and Stocking. The two then transform into their anime magical girl-style angel forms via pole dancing and techno music. Panty then shoots the ghost after taking off her panties and transforming them into a gun, while Stocking takes off one of her stockings and transforms it into a katana, and slices the ghost into pieces. It blows up and the two of them get a heaven coin for their hard work, while the town is covered in shite. The second half of the episode is pretty much a car chase with sex jokes thrown in, as Panty and Stocking find themselves on another mission to stop a ghost who likes to go fast.

Right off the bat the art style flips between traditional anime (via transformation) and the late 90’s/early 2000’s animation style found in Dexter’s Lab or the Powerpuff Girls. This show pays homage to American pop-culture through its episode titles, movie references, and cameo appearances; even the way that they break down episodes – by doing it in two parts like how all the early 2000’s cartoons on Cartoon Network did it. Like we said before, this is a TV-MA rated show, so be prepared for more shite’s n’ giggles moving forward in this series. Until next post, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

D&A 411: Inuyasha Spin-Off, New Paper Mario Game, and Anime REvisited!

Happy Monday guys n’ gals! Hopefully you all are staying healthy during these interesting times of which we live in, as we will continue to bring you some awesome content while at home. One of the coolest things about the internet in terms of content, especially anime and gaming content, is that it never stops – even in a pandemic! A lot of awesome things have happened within the last few weeks or so, so we’ll be breaking down what’s going down right here on a little special filler post that we call D&A 411!

Inuyasha’s Coming Back – And Getting A Sequel!!

Everything old becomes new again…

Earlier this month anime fans were greeted to a surprise no one expected. Next to Bleach returning with a brand new story arc, another old classic that played a part in every 90’s kid’s love of anime, is returning in a brand new way! Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is the title of the new series that focuses on the daughter of Inuyasha as well as the daughters of Sesshomaru, so it’s safe to assume the story takes place maybe 10 years after the final arc of Inuyasha. So may of us grew up watching the original series on Adult Swim/Toonami back in the day, so to see what happens next in the world of Inuyasha will be pretty exciting!

Paper Mario Is Coming To The Switch!

Nintendo pulled a fast one on us and dropped this trailer in the midst of the pandemic 64 days before its initial release. What does this mean for (Paper) Mario fans? Well, we finally get a Switch game to add to the Paper Mario franchise. So far the story centers around a new villain named King Olly, as he plans to ‘re-fold’ the world and turn all of its inhabitants into origami. Mario gets invited to a special festival held at Peach’s castle, only to find her brainwashed by Olly, as the castle gets transported to a mountain by five different colored streamers. Mario of course goes on a new adventure while taking out Olly’s flunkies through a new ring-based battle system that’s a remix of Thousand-Year Door (the audience). There’s still a lot to cover on this announcement, so let’s see what happens as we get closer to July 17th – when it comes out!

Anime REvisited Returns With Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

Anarchy at its finest! 😉

Ten years ago we were blessed with this ‘hot mess’ of a series that had us in stitches! Though many are clinging onto hope for a second season, we will be reviewing the whole first season of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial are the dynamic voice duo behind these two slutty angels, so get ready, cuz’ the b%#@%&s are back! (Woot-Woot!)

So there you have it! That’s our 411 for this post for now, but we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening with these developments later on. Until next post guys, stay safe out there, and stay nerdy! 😉

New Video Post: Otakon 2016 Cosplay Music Video!!

So awhile back we shot footage for a cosplay music video that we were going to do during Otakon’s last year in Baltimore back in 2016! Well, after a four year wait it’s finally here! Check out the awesome video we put together, and we also want to give a huge shout-out to all of the cosplayer’s that participated! 🙂

D&A Update: New Videos, New Ideas, and Anime REvisited!

Hey guys! So, this week has been a mixture of happy moments, ‘off’ moments, and moments where we wonder if common sense has become a lost art. Instead of dwelling on that we’ve got a little bit of good news to share with you regarding more new content. Last month we’ve gotten a spike in views due to our first Anime REvisited review title; Dagashi Kashi season one. The series itself is indeed great with moments of comedy, segments of romance, and brief facts about candy. If you’re looking for an anime series that is weird yet funny, we endorse Dagashi Kashi. (We haven’t done the second season yet, but maybe we will in the future.)

With that out of the way, here’s what’s new:

A Brand New Cosplay Music Video!

Back in 2016 we shot video footage for a cosplay music video that we were doing while we were at Otakon – back when it was at Baltimore. We know it’s four years late, but we’ve just finished working on the video, and it’ll be up on our youtube channel this weekend. If you’re a cosplayer and you see yourself in the video, let us know in the comments and we’ll give you a shout-out.

A Virtual Cosplay Fashion Show!

I’m not sure if this idea has ever been done, but with conventions cancelled all around the U.S. throughout the Summer, we wanted to figure out a way for cosplayers to show off their fashions while staying at home. Thanks to a tip, we’re thinking about hosting a cosplay Fashion Show; where cosplayers would submit a video of them displaying their favorite cosplay to us, and then make a video out of it. With the 25 MB limit that Gmail can take, we would ask that all video submissions be 60 seconds or less. We don’t have a date set up yet, but we thought this would be a cool idea.

Anime REvisted Takes A Trip To Daten City!

With the overwhelming likes and views that we’ve gotten for this month-long segment, we’ve decided to bring it back with our next anime title that has a South Park/Rick & Morty level of comedy – nor is it safe for kiddos! That’s right, our next Anime REvisited title is none other than Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. With it being ten years since the show came out in Japan (and eight since it was dubbed), why not revisit this one-season series that really deserves a second. Our next Anime REvisited will happen from May 19th – June 16th.

That will do it for our updates for the blog, and we’ll make sure that we keep you posted when everything kicks off! Until next post, stay healthy and stay nerdy! 😉