Jun Rolls a Nat 20 On Charming Tomo!

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Ep 10 Review

Soon, people. Soon, Tomo and Jun shall step outside the friend zone and become the couple they’re meant to be. And in this week’s episode, which goes back to focusing on Tomo and Jun, we not only see them grow closer, we also learn about how they almost drifted apart in middle school.

Tomo Almost Runs Herself into the Ground.

Interesting tidbit about the word ‘marathon,’ and the meaning behind it. During the Battle of Marathon in which the Greeks bested the invading Persian army, a lone soldier carried the news back to Athens. This soldier ran without rest the entire, 27-mile distance to tell the city of their victory. As soon as he did, though, the man died from exhaustion. 

Why am I mentioning all of this? Because Tomo does something very similiar, albeit not to the point of threatening her life. When their school’s annual marathon comes around, Tomo and Jun compete to see who can make it to the finish line first. Tomo being Tomo, she spent the whole day before training until she passed out in her bathroom. Thanks to that, she got a fever that made her collapse halfway through the race. Lucky for her, Jun carries her on his back to the nurse’s office; the whole way

As funny as it is to see how those two are more muscles than brains, it’s an undeniably sweet thing that Jun did. It makes them even closer than they already were, and it prompts Tomo to finally return Jun’s DS. So, why is this not as awesome as it should be?

The answer lies in the second segment, where we learn what happened when Jun, Tomo, and Misuzu entered middle school.

So Both Jun and Misuzu Had their Own Reasons for Dating!

If you’ll recall, it took seeing Tomo in a girl’s uniform when they started middle school for Jun to realize the obvious facts: Tomo is a girl. Mind. Blown.

Jun’s mind was so blown, the boy spent the next year struggling to comprehend this fact and not knowing how to act. It didn’t help that everyone thought they were already dating, making things even more awkward. So, Jun decides the best solution is to find another girl they both like to date. Awkwardness averted. 

As it so happens, Misuzu was looking for the same thing: a boy she could date while they hung out with Tomo. The stars aligned and, without even realizing it, the two were helping the other’s agenda. However, we all know how that turned out. 

In hindsight, it’s sweet but hilarious to learn that Jun and Misuzu dated because they didn’t want to lose Tomo in their lives. As it turns out, though, the problems they thought they had are all in their heads. Once they talk things out with Tomo, their friendship’s stronger than ever.

What Will You Do, Jun?

…is what I would like to say. However, after what happened at the marathon, Jun feels like his friendship with Tomo’s shakier than ever. This time, it’s because of the simple fact that he’s falling for her. If he doesn’t want to lose the best thing that ever happened to her, he needs to figure things out, and soon.

I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but I love this show and the romance. It’s so sweet to see two best friends who want to take the next step but struggle to do so. I’m rooting for them, though. This is one of the best romcoms I’ve seen in years!

I Give “How the Contest Ends” and “To Stay Best Friends…” a 4.5/5 Each

Denji’s Quest for Girls Begins!

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Review

Question: what would you say if you met a beautiful but mysterious woman who asked you to come work for her in exchange for anything you wanted? Most people would say no because such an offer is very sus. When you’ve hit absolute rock bottom in your life, though, and said woman’s the first person to treat you with decency, it’s hard for common sense to win the argument. Especially when said person happens to be Denji, whose life has been so bad his only real goal is to get lucky with a girl. That’s assuming he can live long enough as a Devil Hunter. 

Denji the Devil Dog Finds a New Master…

After the brilliantly bloody origin story of the titular Chainsaw Man saw Denji break free of his Yakuza master’s, he will need a new job. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the woman Denji met, Makima, recruits him to join the government-backed Devil Hunters she helps lead. They’ll provide room & board for Denji so long as he helps them continue to hunt down Devils using his newfound powers. If he refuses, then Makima’s allowed to kill him like a Devil. 

Some people would object to the obvious “join-or-die” choice offered or say that it’s not even a real choice. However, Denji agrees immediately because they’re offering the dream of a normal life that he’s had for as long as he can remember. That, and Denji’s head over heels for Makima. 

Some shonen protagonists have lofty goals and ambitions that drive them forward in their stories. Goku wants to be as strong as he possibly can. Naruto’s is to become Hokage. Luffy wants to become King of the Pirates and throw the world’s biggest party (that’s a big fan theory, anyway.) Denji, though? Besides getting a chance to live a normal life, Denji’s only dream…is boobs.

At Least Denji Has a Clear Goal in Life.

No, really. As he goes out on his first mission as a Devil Hunter, he decides that his next goal, now that he’s gotten close to a woman, is to get his hands on boobs. If it were most other people said this, they would get slapped and called a pervert. Yet despite how impure his dreams of scoring may sound, it’s how genuine Denji sounds when he says this stuff that can be endearing. All he wants is to have a chance at love in life, something a lot of us can relate to. Ironically, this simple desire lets Denji demonstrate the pure-hearted nature found in many Shonen protagonists. I’ve only known Denji for two weeks now, and I already like him.

Of course, no good Shonen story’s complete without its supporting cast, and we get to meet two of Denji’s new comrades this episode. Firstly, there’s Hatayama, a no-nonsense Devil Hunter who flat-out tells Denji that unless he gets proper motivation, he will not survive in their line of work. So he’s the tough-love kind of person. Then, we have Power, a Fiend, or Devil who possessed a dead human’s body. I love Power. She’s bold, loud, and exuberant, and she will ask anyone or anything to fight her. She’s perfect for Shonen Jump, in my opinion.

There wasn’t a lot of action in this second episode, but given how the first cours has a dozen episodes, I’m willing to give Chainsaw Man time to get its foot in the door. Once that happens, though, I’m looking forward to seeing if Denji can stand alongside Shonen Jump greats like Goku, Naruto, Luffy, and the Joestar Family. I’m pretty sure he can, though. I’m rooting for him in his quest for love!

I Give “Arrival in Tokyo” a 3.5/5

‘Chainsaw Man’ Slaps A With Bloody Series Premiere

Chainsaw Man Ep. 1 Review

A few years ago, I went to an anime convention and came across the strangest thing: there was a guy cosplaying as some character with chainsaws coming out of his arms and head. That ended up being my introduction to Chainsaw Man, the newest in the long line of hits from the house of Shonen Jump. I learned more about it in bits and pieces as time went on, but I never found the time to read it. However, that may have changed, with the highly-anticipated premiere of the Chainsaw Man anime on Crunchyroll. It’s rare for me to watch a Shonen anime without so much as a passing understanding, but if this is what Chainsaw Man is like, then I think I need to get to reading.

In a World Filled With Devils…

In the world of Chainsaw Man, Devils are a fact of life. They rise from Hell and feed on the fears of mankind to gain power, then return to Hell when they die. It’s up to Devil Hunters to slay them and protect people, and among them is the likes of Denji.

Denji is unlike many Shonen protagonists I’ve seen. He’s not insanely strong (yet), driven by incredible life goals, and he’s not a living meme. He’s, for all intents and purposes, a loser, being worked like a dog by the Yakuza to pay off the impossible debt his dead Dad owes them. When we first meet him, his major dreams consist of living a normal life and scoring with a girl at least once before he dies. If it weren’t for the fact that his best friend is a Devil dog with a chainsaw coming out of its head, he’d pass for any other down-on-his-luck teenager.

Then we have Pochita, the series mascot and one of the most adorable things since Chopper from One Piece. Pochita’s a Devil, but also a very loyal dog who wholeheartedly loves Denji. Together, this odd take on a boy and his dog make for effective Devil Hunters for the Yakuza. Too effective, it would seem. In the end, the Yakuza make a pact with another Devil to kill Denji, ending his life before he even gets a chance to live.

Except this is a Shonen Jump series, and the protagonist of a Shonen Jump series won’t die so soon into their story. The two form a pact as Denji lies dismembered in a dumpster alongside Pochita. Pochita fuses with Denji to repair his body in exchange for letting the Devil see his dreams of living a normal life. And what comes out of this fusion is a complete and utter badass.

…Chainsaw Man Reigns Supreme.

In its first major fight of the series, Chainsaw Man sets itself as a cut above a lot of Shonen anime. It’s incredibly violent and bloody, befitting the unhinged and psychotic nature Denji posseses as the Chainsaw Man. Given how the Yakuza screwed him over his entire life, though, it makes his rampage very cathartic to watch. As for the fight itself, it’s a visually impressive fusion of traditional 2D and 3D animation. It’s a testament to how far the medium’s come that it’s becoming harder to tell the two apart when combined. 

By the time the dust settles, Denji’s put the Yakuza in their place just in time to meet this cute Devil Hunter that works for the Government. She gives him the choice: he can die, or come work for the other Devil Hunters and get room and board. Denji, eager to live his dream of a normal life, doesn’t hesitate to say yes.

Overall, it looks like the hype surrounding Chainsaw Man was the real deal. I’m very intrigued with the premise of the series, and will likely add it to the list of manga I’ll read every week. As for the anime, I’m looking forward to watching it for the next three months. Rev it up, people. This is going to be good!

I Give “Dog & Chainsaw” a 4.5/5

Crunchyroll Spotlight: Demon Slayer!

It’s been awhile since we’ve done this segment, so why not do it with a more recent anime title that’s picking up a bit of a following. Every now and then we like a good demon hunting/demon anti-hero story, so after doing some combing through the web we found something that might be just what you need to get your ani-demon fix on! With that in mind our Crunchyroll Spotlight pick is none other than Demon Slayer!

I take it she’s a demon, right?

Keeping our word of making this overview as spoiler-free as possible, here’s what you’ll be in for should you decide to check out this series:

A kindhearted and intelligent boy named Tanjiro Kamado lives with his family while making money selling charcoal. Everything seemed good and fine until his family is attacked and killed by demons (Oni in Japanese) leaving him and his sister alive. If that wasn’t bad enough his own sister Nezuko became a demon (why does that sound familiar?) but still shows signs of human emotion and thought. It was then that Tanjiro became a demon slayer to help his sister turn human again and avenge his fallen family.

If you’re on the lookout for action, dark fantasy, and demon slaying, then you’re gonna want to check out this series on Crunchyroll and also FunimationNow. This Fall you can also check out this series on Toonami on Adult Swim.

That will do it for us on this post. Until next time, stay nerdy! 😉

Crunchyroll Spotlight: That Time I Got Reincarnated As Slime!

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these special Crunchyroll overview segments, so we thought we’d do another one on a new anime title that’s out for the Fall/Winter season. When it comes to anime some will say that they’ve seen it all; from maid dragons to loli girls with superpowers nothing is off-limits in the world of anime. For this filler post we’re taking you to a world as seen through the eyes of a slime monster in That Time I Got Reincarnated As Slime.

I think we’ve seen this situation many times before…

So the story goes a little something like this; Satoru Mikami is a 37-year-old human who somehow got killed by a passing robber, however he made a certain request just before he bit the big one. Now he finds himself reincarnated as a slime monster in a fantasy world (that we’re assuming has MMORPG elements but we could be wrong). Now taking on the name Rimuru Tempest the slime monster has the ability to devour almost anything, and gain new skills and items from the thing that he eats. (He can even mimic the item that he devours as well.) With his former life now over, Rimuru sets off on a new adventure in this new fantasy world as a cute little slime monster.

So far the series contains everything you’d expect to find in a fantasy/adventure anime, plus some funny moments as depicted above. You can find and watch this title on Crunchyroll as well as FunimationNow. That’s all we’ve got for this spotlight post, but there’s more on the way so stay tuned! 😉

D&A’s Crunchyroll Spotlight: Uma Musume: Pretty Derby!

Here we are on this rainy Tuesday night (where we’re located) as we bring you another title from the guys n’ gals down at Crunchyroll! If you happen to be a fan of horses as well as girls, why not have both? In fact why not fuse the two together and have them race against one another to see which one of them comes out on top – like a derby, perhaps? If you’re wondering where this is going, then check out this anime title known as Uma Musume: Pretty Derby! (Basically a show about horse-girls!)


Ready for the rundown? Of course you are! In a world that’s similar to our own, rather famous horses from past derbies have been reborn as horse-girls; ordinary girls with a pair of horse ears and a tail, with the extraordinary speed and endurance of a horse. They also love to eat carrots just like horses do! The best of them go to train at Tokyo’s Tracen Academy in hopes of moving on to fame and fortune as not just racers, but idols. (Did we forget to mention that they’re idols as well? If we did, well…surprise!)

Special Week (the name of the main character horse girl) is a high school horse-girl from the countryside, who has just transferred to Tracen Academy to keep her promise to her mother, that she would be the best horse-girl in Japan. She makes a quick stop at a race track on her way to school, as she instantly falls in love with Silence Suzuka’s style, and becomes determined to be on the same team with her.

That pretty much sums up what this title is all about. All we can say is that there’s girls, horses, racing, comedy, sports, slice-of-life and more, all wrapped up into a special box and handed to you as a present. If you haven’t gotten the chance to check this show out, head on over to Crunchyroll or FunimationNow and stream some episodes!

That’s all we’ve got for filler posts tonight, but there’s more on the way later this week!

D&A’s Crunchyroll Spotlight: Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls!

So here we are on the last week of June, and once again we’ve got another title from our good friends at Crunchyroll for you to check out! If you’re the kind of fan that likes samurai/ninja anime titles (and we’re sure most of you do), then you might like the one we have for you tonight. If you’ve seen the first Basilisk anime, then this is the follow-up to that known as Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls.


So here’s the overview; in the Keicho era, the battle for succession manifested into a gruesome battle of ninja arts between the Koga and Iga clans. In a rain of flower pedals a man and woman who decided to live for love were separated once again, but not before Hattori Hanzo’s adopted son, Kyouhachirou, gave them live again before leaving two mementos behind. Koga Hachirou and Iga Hibiki are children born with a destiny of their own; with the former having his father’s eyes, while the latter having her own mother’s. Now that it’s the Kan’ei Era and the land is at peace, ninjas are disappearing into the shadows due to the reason that they are deemed ‘unnecessary’. Both the Koga and Iga clans ask a favor of Hachirou and Hibiki, in hopes of reinforcing their foundations.

You can catch this little number on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow! That’s all for now but there’s more filler posts coming up! 😉

D&A’s Crunchyroll Spotlight: Persona 5: The Animation!

The Last Day of School for many of us under 19 years of age is upon us, and with that comes the fun and excitement of Summertime anime conventions, and beige watching everything on Crunchyroll during those cool-yet-mild nights. Tonight is no different for us on the D&A front, as we’ve got another anime title we’re spotlighting for one of our favorite segments. For those of you who are fans of the Persona series (both the game and the anime adaption), tonight’s title is Persona 5: The Animation!


To ensure we don’t give too much away for those who’ve never had the chance to experience the Persona franchise, we’re only doing P5’s overview…

Ren Amamiya is a student who is about to enter into his second year after transferring to Shujin Academy located in Tokyo. His Persona awakens following a particular incident, and soon he and his friends form a group calling themselves the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”. Their mission is to reform hearts of corrupt adults by taking away the source of their evil desires. during this time many other bizarre crimes have been popping up all over the place, one after another. By day, Ren and his friends are just ordinary students. By night, they’re the Phantom Thieves keeping the streets of Tokyo safe!

So far the series is only subbed, and they’re only eight or nine episodes available. If you’re a hardcore Persona fan, then you should definitely be checking this series out on Crunchyroll!

That’s all we’ve got for this post, but there’s more on the way! As always we’ll keep you guys n’ gals up-to-date on the latest developments we’ve got going on for the Summer, and what new surprises we’ve got in store for the Fall.

Until then anime fans and bloggers! Stay gold! 🙂

D&A’s Crunchyroll Spotlight: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card!

Before you know it, we’ll be looking at the month of May in the rear-view mirror and embracing the month of June. (The half-way point of 2018!) It will also mark our two-and-a-half year anniversary of when we first launched D&A Anime Blog. It’s been a heck of a work week for us, but we’ve got another anime title from Crunchyroll’s lineup that you guys and gals, have got to check out! This title is marked as a brand new chapter from an old favorite. We’re talking about the anime title Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card!


Ready for the overview? Basically Clear Card is the follow-up to the 1998 original title; Cardcaptor Sakura. Sakura Kinomoto is now in middle school along with her friends, but after having a prophetic dream about a cloaked figure, the Sakura Cards turn blank and are rendered useless. Now Sakura is on a mission to collect the clear cards along with her friends and guardian/protectors, Cerberus and Yue. This time around Sakura has a much stronger mystical key as well as an incantation.

We wouldn’t call this a reboot, but more of a long-awaited sequel in the making. A few of the original voice actors return for the follow-up, as you can hear them as characters (both old and new) right on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow! Don’t miss the exciting sequel to an old classic!

That’s all for now, but there’s more on the way!

Stay gold! 😉

D&A’s Crunchyroll Spotlight: Katana Maidens!

Here we are on the second day of the week, and we’re pretty sure that many of you may have had a chance to catch up on some anime titles you haven’t seen yet. (Hopefully.) Even though there are so many titles based off of their manga counterparts, there are a few that are completely original. This title of course – being one of them. Tonight’s Crunchyroll spotlight is on the title known as Katana Maidens.


Here’s the overview; the story is about a group of sword-wielding shrine maidens who go to school as well as work on their extermination skills. They serve as a special unit in the police force that deals with the Aradama, mysterious and hostile creatures that the shrine maidens have to defeat. The government sets up five schools for the girls to attend, and while they live ordinary lives as well as face the threat of the ‘aradama’, the five schools send their best ‘Toji’ (sword-wielding shrine maidens) to compete in a tournament during the Spring.

Original anime that’s not based off it’s manga counterpart is hard to come by, however there are some great titles out there that just need a little love. At 24 episodes Katana Maidens is one of those titles that may not seem like much on a plot-wise perspective, but it does have some pretty good sword fighting scenes, and its characters do indeed balance a social life while protecting people from supernatural creatures. And if that’s not impressive, then we don’t know what is! Check out Katana Maidens on Crunchyroll (or FunimationNow) if you love sword fights and supernatural creatures!

There’s more posts to come, so stay tuned! 🙂