Filler Post: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About D&A’s Founders; D.J. Lewis and A. Goldman!

This is a little ‘Fun Facts’ filler post about us! Even though we’re the proud owners and founders of this awesome anime blog that we’ve created, many of you guys may be wondering what we were doing before we started this blog. If you’re just the tiniest bit curious as to what we were up to before the rise of D&A, here are ten things you didn’t know about it’s creators/founders!


1. We Were Both Born in 1989!

We’re seven months apart from each other; meaning A. Goldman was born April 1989, and Yours Truly was born in November 1989. As 90’s kids both of us were into cartoons and eventually anime when we were younger, but you probably knew that, right? XP

2. We Did Character Voices!

Back in high school (about ten years ago) we created this audio-only ‘show’ featuring character voices that we came up with called The Chunky Willis Show. We did one season of about six episodes between 15-18 minutes each. We had characters such as Chunky Willis (voiced by D.J. Lewis), Howard Coleslaw (voiced by A. Goldman), Bob ‘Crispy Fish’ Jones (voiced by K. Elliott, our other friend), and various other characters. Don’t worry, we’ll post those episodes on our site (for laughs) next year.

3. We’re Both Have High-Functioning Autism (HFA)!

Honestly, we were a bit hesitant about this one, but now we’re in a point in our lives where we’re not ashamed to have autism – and claim it! We need to stop treating it like its a disease or even a disability, because we’re living proof that people with this neurological difference can have awesome lives just like everybody else!

4. We Both Like Gabriel Iglesias

We’re not the only ones! Most of the anime fans we’ve come across like him too! #FluffyRules 🙂


5. Founding Member D.J. Lewis Produces Music!

We know, we broadcasted this news more times than we should have. But yes, he does indeed produce music – electronic music that is! If you’ve seen our two-year anniversary trailer, you’ll hear a little bit of the kind of electronic music that Lewis produces. He took a hiatus in 2014, but now he’s coming back as DJ/Producer Spindraulics!

6. Founding Member D.J. Lewis Hates Slugs!

Seriously! They creep me the eff out! >.<

7. We’re Knowledgeable When It Comes to Computers…Mostly!

Actually, A. Goldman has a bit more knowledge in this department than Yours Truly does. If you’re having any problems with your laptop slowing down, he’s your guy!

8. FUNimation Voice Actress Monica Rial Helped Promote An Original Track From D.J. Lewis Entitled “Samurai Angel”!

Between 2013 and 2014 there were a series of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt AMVs created by Lewis under the name NuTRACKK Lewis (aka D.J.L.); one in particular was a track named Samurai Angel, which was an AMV about Stocking Anarchy. The link was given as a gift to her dub voice actress, Monica Rial, via Twitter. Pretty soon it was promoted on her page for all of her fans to see, and for that we thank her so much!! 🙂

9. Founding Member D.J. Lewis Created His Own Original Line Dance!

It hasn’t been trademarked yet, but the dance is called “The Big Daddy 2-Step”. Coming to a saloon near you, cowboy! 😉

10. We’ve Been Friends For Over 15 Years!

From Middle School to now, A. Goldman and Yours Truly have been through it all! We both may be pushing the big 3-0, but that doesn’t mean we plan on stopping anytime soon!

So there you go! Ten things you didn’t know about the founders of this awesome blog! We’ve done a lot of cool things and met a lot of cool people before going on this journey, and we’re only just getting started! There’s more filler posts to come, so stay tuned! 🙂

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 10 Hotel-Based Anime Conventions!

It’s the First Day of Summer, so that means every elementary, middle, and high school kid is now out and about! (And hopefully staying out of trouble.) This also means that the Summer anime convention season kicks off this Friday, so what con will you be heading to? If you’ve gotten the chance to check out our Cons Near U page, you’ll notice that there are a lot of cons out there.

Some of them are small and local while others are bigger and widely known, but out of the many ones that we’ve gone to (and have yet to go to), there are ten in particular that are hosted in a hotel; that we’re hoping you guys get the chance to go to and check out! Here are our Top 10 Hotel-Based Anime Conventions!


Number 10: Animore – Hyatt Regency Hotel (Baltimore, MD)

The official Home Base convention of D&A Anime Blog! Here you can find panels, voice actors, vendors, cosplay, video games, and us! If you’ve never been to this convention before, it’s ran by a great group of people that we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of; Black Materia Inc.

The con is host to the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, MD.


Number 9: Katsucon – Gaylord Hotel/Convention Center (National Harbor, MD)

Only A. Goldman has hand the chance to attend this awesome convention five years ago, but we’re hoping to one day go together. This anime convention is both a hotel, and a convention center fused into one. Voice actors like Monica Rial, J. Micheal Tatum, and a few others have been guests here, plus you may even find DJ Greg Ayres behind the decks at their late night raves – if you’re lucky! 😉


Number 8: Zenkaikon – Lancaster Marriott/Convention Center (Lancaster, PA)

We didn’t make it in 2018, but in 2017 we made our presence known! Zenkaikon is a great place to meet friends, fans, cosplayers, and voice actors. We’re hopeful to return for Zenkaikon 2019, until then we’re just gonna have to wait and see what happens.


Number 7: Anime USA – Washington Marriott Wardman Park (Washington D.C.)

We’ve heard some awesome things about this convention, which is why we’ll be making our first ever appearance here as D&A! A con like this is going to have everything; like Q&A panels, anime, cosplay, dancing, and more! Can’t wait to see you guys there this year! 🙂


Number 6: Shuto Con – Lansing Center/Radisson Hotel (Lansing, MI)

We’ve never been to Missouri yet, but we’re hoping to get the chance to go some time soon. This convention (as it’s noted) is an anime, cosplay, and gaming convention; that means those three things are what you’re going to find at a con like this.


Number 5: Anime Festival Orlando – Wyndham Orlando Resort (Orlando, FL)

This is another convention that we’ll be making our first ever appearance to! If you’re looking for a vacation away from your busy lifestyle, then three days at the Wyndham during AFO (if you’re an anime fan) just might be what you’re looking for.


Number 4: Liberty City Anime Con – New York Marriott Marquis (New York, NY)

There’s a lot going on in New York when it comes to conventions, and this one is one you should check out when you get the chance! Make sure you’ve got a lot of money saved up however, cuz’ anything in The Big Apple is not cheap!


Number 3: Anime Midwest – Hyatt Regancy O’Hare (Rosemont, IL)

This one you’ll find on our Cons Near U page, so if you’ve never gotten the chance to go, then do these three things; save up some money, book a room, and grab your friends!

logo (2)

Number 2: Castle Point Anime Con – Holiday Inn Meadowlands (Secaucus, NJ)

Another anime convention that you can find on our Cons Near U page! If things go well on our end, we just might be able to make an appearance at this convention. (Fingers crossed of course.)


Number 1: AWA – Renaissance Atlanta Hotel/Convention Center (Atlanta, GA)

In a filler post we did awhile back, we talked about our Top 10 geekiest cities in North America. Of course at the end of that post we found out that the city of Atlanta in Georgia, is the geekiest city in the U.S. (Why? We don’t know!) With that being said Anime Weekend Atlanta is one of the most popular hotel-based anime conventions in the ATL. Never gone? Be sure to check it out should the opportunity come about.

Hah! So there you have it! Our Top 10 Hotel-Based Anime Conventions from the good guys at D&A Anime Blog. We’ve got more great filler posts coming up later this week right here on the blog! Stay tuned my friends! 🙂

Filler Post: 10 Zones That Gave 90’s Sonic Fans Nostalgic Feels!

Have you ever heard of the old saying, ‘Everything old, becomes new again’? Well that statement depends on a number of things – like TV shows, movies, and video games. Right now we’re in a season where the Hollywood gods want to reboot some cult classics from the 80’s and 90’s. Depending on who is running the operation, a reboot could either bring out the nostalgia that many of us felt back in the day, or it could scar us to the point where we trash the living #@!% out of it on social media.

Reboots must be handled with care, because the movies, games, and shows that we used to watch back in the day, may one day be passed down to future generations, IF we protect their legacy! Sonic Mania is a prime example of a true reboot, and along with this filler post is ten zones that continue to give 90’s fans (like ourselves) utter nostalgia.


Zone 1: Green Hill Zone

A cult classic to any 90’s gamer who remembers by this game (Sonic 1) for their 16-bit Sega Genesis. From 360 degree loops to dodging spike traps this zone is jam packed with everything you remember from this zone, and a few new things you didn’t. Green Hill Zone is to Sonic, as World 1-1 is to his red-capped rival.


Zone 2: Flying Battery Zone

The second zone on the Sonic & Knuckles Lock-On cartridge! Does anyone remember when Knuckles went through this zone, and at the end of the second act he fought against Dr. Eggman, and not the Egg Robo that threw that bomb at him? Nostalgic!


Zone 3: Chemical Plant Zone

A fan-favorite zone from Sonic 2! You can imagine how much trouble some of us may have had going through this zone (for the first time), when Sonic and Tails got stuck in that pink watery stuff called ‘mega mack’, or something like that. Make sure you grab air bubbles if you find yourself in that stuff yet again, otherwise you’ll be doomed to hear the all-too-familiar “Countdown to Death” song.


Zone 4: Hydrocity Zone

The infamous water zone from Sonic 3 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles! We’re probably guessing that most of you probably lost it when it was confirmed that this zone was going to be in the new Sonic Mania game. Again, we’re just guessing. There’s some new pathways throughout this zone, so think of it as an awesome remixed reboot on a fan-fave classic!


Zone 5: Ice Cap Zone

Even though this zone didn’t make the cut in the final cut of the game, it still holds a special place in our hearts – mainly because of the history of the soundtrack. Although Sonic went through some ‘Hard Times’, it’s nice to know that the blue blur is getting a second chance!


Zone 6: Lava Reef Zone

Another classic from Sonic & Knuckles that took its players deep into the volcano, where the Death Egg had crashed after the events of Sonic 3. The zone itself will have everything you remember about it from the original, but with a bit of a remixed twist. The nostalgia from this zone will flow quicker that its lava, we guarantee it! 😉


Zone 7: Oil Ocean Zone

Oh yeah, we all remember this difficult zone from Sonic 2. I wish we could say that this zone is a tad easier now in the Mania remix, but 9 times outta 10, it’s probably not. Do your best to get through this zone without dying, and try not to remember too much how hard it was to get through this zone when you first encountered it.


Zone 8: Mushroom Hill Zone

Huh, this zone didn’t make it into the final cut either? Well we’re not mad, but many of us remember this classic level from Sonic & Knuckles that (still to this day) has many of us wrapped up in its nostalgic feels. We’re not sure if this zone has been created as a DLC for the upcoming Sonic Mania Plus, but it would make a cool addition along with some other goodies.


Zone 9: Stardust Speedway Zone

The past and the present incarnations of this zone are back with both some old routes, as well as some new gimmicks! They rebooted this zone so good that they even brought back the original soundtrack from the Japanese version of Sonic CD. (Which is a remix of the English version of the past soundtrack of this zone.) Can anyone get through Act 2 in under 90 seconds? You’ll get a cookie if you do! 😉


Zone 10: Death Egg Zone

The final zone of Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 3 & Knuckles that was only playable as Sonic. Can you imagine this zone coming in right after the Titanic Monarch Zone as a throwback finale to the Sonic Mania game? Honestly, the difficulty level of this zone was not as hazardous as we thought it was going to be when we made it here for the first time. Nevertheless having this as a DLC would be a cool idea…just putting it out there.

That will do it for this filler post as well as our Top 10 Zones that gave us 90’s Sonic kids some serious nostalgic feels when playing Mania. As always we thank you for the 100+ followers for our blog as well as all the love and support from our fans! There’s more to come on the next filler post from D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you! 🙂

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 10 Most Popular/Common Cosplays Seen At Anime Conventions!

It’s been nearly a week since my last post, and by that we mean since Thursday of last week. Now we’re back with a handful of new filler posts to keep things interesting throughout the D&A front! Tonight we’ll be highlighting our Top 10 Most Popular (Common) Cosplays that you’ll find at anime conventions. When it comes to cosplay in general, you’re bound to find these ten in particular…


Number 10: FMA (Fullmetal Alchemist)

There’s not a single anime convention on this planet where you won’t find either the Elric Brothers or one of the many other characters from the series. (i.e. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, etc.) You’ll run into this cosplay more times then Edward Elric getting called the “S-Word”.


Number 9: Soul Eater

Yes, it’s still a thing! From Death the Kid to the lovable pumpkin witch Blair, you’ll find one or more of your favorite death meisters running around the convention doing all the poses and saying all the quotes you know, and love.


Number 8: Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers (Star Wars)

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve run into these guys while on our tour. Although they’re not a part of the anime fandom, they do play a part in our geeky little lives.


Number 7: Good ol’ Deadpool!

Yep, it’s everyone’s favorite neighborhood mercenary who likes to show up at anime (and superhero) conventions – a LOT! You’ll be in for some laughs and jokes if you run into this guy while you’re on your way to a Dragon Ball Super panel.


Number 6: The Akatsuki (Naruto)

The legendary red cloud cloak…nostalgic, isn’t it? You’ll find them at any anime con, anywhere!


Number 5: Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Super

A crowd favorite among fans of the Dragon Ball franchise! There won’t be a con where you won’t find SS Blue Goku or Vegeta, Beerus or Whis, or any of the other Z Fighters you know and love. Even Krillin. (God bless him.)


Number 4: The Seven Deadly Sins

Are you kidding?! Especially now that they’re getting a second season?


Number 3: SAO (Sword Art Online)

Much like the Akatsuki, you’ll find your favorite sword-wielding couple at just about every anime convention you find yourself going to. Even more-so now because they’re getting a third season.


Number 2: Hatsune Miku

Our number two most common (and popular) cosplay is none other than…Hatsune Miku! You can find our blue-haired, leek-loving, twin-tailed Vocaloid at an anime convention near you! 😉


And Number 1: Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)

And once again in our Top Ten filler posts the Ultimate Despair comes out as number one. In the Guinness Book of World Records, Junko Enoshima is the most popular cosplayed video game (and anime) character all around the world – anime and video game convention-wise that is! For a despairingly villainous girl, she’s surprisingly popular.

That will wrap up our filler post for now. We’re sure that you’re gonna run into these ten cosplays somewhere in your favorite anime convention(s), and if you do, send us a picture if you wish. There’s more filler post excitement comin’ your way next time on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you! 🙂

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 10 Filler Posts of 2017!

2017 has been the most interesting year that we’ve ever had; both good, and bad. In the past couple of weeks and months we’ve written some some great Filler Posts that (hopefully) changed many fans’ prospective on certain topics in the anime community, that otherwise may have been unapproachable. Doing these filler posts have really shaped the way that we review and watch anime as a whole, and we plan on continuing this ongoing segment for may years to come – or until we run out of topics (God forbid).

If you’ve seen our homepage you’d noticed that we’ve got TONS of filler posts of many various topics and retrospectives about anime, it’s fandom, cosplay, anime conventions, and so much more! Down below are our Top 10 Filler Posts that we ourselves are particularly proud of.

10. The 5 Hurdles That The Average Anime Fan Faces All The Time!

This one hits close to home with many of us anime fans, because this is something that we of the otaku generation deal with on almost a daily basis. (Especially when it comes to non-anime fans.) Sure, some of these hurdles seem like blips on our radar, but others are going to take the collective effort of the anime community as a whole. After all, we’re more than fans – we’re family!

9. D&A’s Top 5 Misconceptions About Anime

Anime is for kids! Anime is dead! Anime sucks! We’ve all heard em’. Those are the words, phrases, and quotes of those who don’t know what anime is or has no general knowledge of it whatsoever. Don’t get made at them – educate them! 😉

8. How To Successfully Plan For an Anime Convention

This post is one of our favorites because before we became D&A, A. Goldman and Yours Truly were noobs at this particular tactic. Hopefully this post will help those who want to attend an anime convention next year, or prepare for any of the ones that are left for this year.

7. The Pros and Cons of Anime Fandoms

Love em’ or hate em’ anime fandoms are pretty much here to stay! We’re hoping that this filler post will help you distinguish the good and the bad of being a part of one.

6. The 5 Things You Should Never Do While Visiting Japan

Unless you wanna be an otaku pancake on the side of the road, don’t cross the street on the opposite side of the road. If you plan on visiting Japan in the future, don’t do it before reading this post first!

5. Anime Fanservice: Beautiful Blessing or Horrible Curse?

Now this one we’re proud of! This particular topic has been a hot-button issue among anime fans for quite awhile, although the intensity of the subject has yet to be fully determined. (Or if it is, then we apologize for being late XP.) As with various other hot-button issues, this one is going to be up to the fans themselves.

4. Does Size Matter?: Big Cons vs. Small Cons

When it comes to this particular post, we’ll let you be the judge. If it were up to us, we’d say try both of them out and see which experience works for you.

3. D&A Breakdown: Nerd vs. Geek

Yes, there is a BIG difference! However, more than half of us are hybrids of the two. If you want the full breakdown of these two terms, then read this post for yourself! 😉

2. Shimoneta: The History of Censorship in Japan

Think of this filler post as an unofficial ‘Part 2’ to our post about anime fanservice, featuring the anime title Shimoneta. If you’re curious about the history or censorship in Japan, and how it effects certain anime titles that we watch over here in North America, then this filler post is for you.

1. The Four Things That Can Make-or-Break An Anime Series

And here it is, our number one favorite filler post that we’ve ever written! On this one, we breakdown the four things that can make-or-break an anime title based on these categories; Balance, Placement, Timing, and Involvement. This filler post is not just good for anime watchers, but also anime reviewers and creators. We’re hoping that by reading this particular post, it’ll change the way you watch or review anime all together.

That’ll do it for our Top Ten in the Filler Post department! Stick around for more new filler posts coming up later this week! 🙂


Filler Post: D&A’s Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Battles!

There’s no doubt in our mind that Akira Toriyama knew what he was doing when he created one of the greatest pioneering anime titles of all time! Dragon Ball Z is a classic among 90’s kids as it was all the rage back then, and still is today with the arrival of Dragon Ball Super. Throughout the Z series there have been a lot of great battles both nostalgic, and epic. This filler post contains ten of the most amazing battles that fans (like ourselves) remember from such a memorable series. Enjoy! 🙂

Number 10: Goku & Piccolo vs. Raditz

If you’re a DBZ fan, then this is one battle that we’re all familiar with. Raditz was the first saiyan to ever invade earth, so it’s only nostalgic that we have this battle as #10 on our Top Ten list!

Number 9: Vegeta vs. Zarbon

You guys remember this fight, right? Imagine what life would be like if Zarbon were still alive and still in his ‘pretty’ form throughout Dragon Ball Super…?

Number 8: Goku vs. Lord Slug

If you thought Piccolo was the only Super Namekian, then you might wanna look at this clip and think again! Will Goku’s Kiao-Ken (handed down to him from King Kai) be enough to take down the dreaded Lord Slug?

Number 7: Vegeta, Krillin & Gohan vs. Recoome

Ah, the Ginyu Force. These lovable idiots are just as powerful as they are corny. Wouldn’t be funny to see Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta fight against Recoome now? Yikes! >.<

Number 6: Piccolo vs. Android 17

Even though this was just a battle to stall for time, the match up itself was pretty entertaining. Piccolo shows 17 what he’s made of – right before Cell finds them…

Number 5: Vegeta vs. Android 19

Ah, yes. The first time the Prince of all Saiyans turned into the very thing that he was obsessed with – a Super Saiyan. Watch him wail on 19 like there’s no tomorrow, in all of his Super Saiyan glory!

Number 4: Goku vs. Janemba

Freak accidents happen, but this one could cost the whole world. See what happens when Goku makes his way down to HFIL, to take care of a supernatural problem.

Number 3: Gohan vs. Cell

This battle just had to be in the top three. Gohan goes to the next level of Super Saiyan in order to take down Dr. Gero’s most dangerous android – Cell. Guess it’s true what they say, like father…like son.

Number 2: Goku vs. Freiza

This is one of the most memorable battles of the DBZ universe. The mighty tyrant Frieza taking on the golden haired savior of the Earth, Goku, in an epic battle to keep the planet he loves safe from evil extraterrestrials like him.

And Finally Number 1: Goku vs. Vegeta

Before Lord Beerus, before Buu, before Cell, and even before Frieza, there was the greatest battle/rivalry to ever happen in the history of DBZ. (Next to Piccolo.) Vegeta was a ruthless saiyan with high level combat skills with an ego to match. Goku was the ‘Average Joe’ with a heart for others, and loved to fight against powerful opponents. Both saiyans have a history with one another as well as a rivalry, although in the Super Era Goku and Vegeta are kinda like brothers/frienemies.

There you have it anime fans, our Top Ten battles of Dragon Ball Z! Stick around for more fun and more excitement coming your way, next time on D&A Anime Blog!!



Filler Post: D&A’s Top 10 Geekiest Cities in America!

Are you sick and tired of living in a city with a less than average geek population? Do you want to live in a place that you can call home to all things geeky/nerdy other than your favorite convention? Well we here at D&A might have the answer to your prayers! Here on this proud land that we call America, we have cities and states that cater to the meek, the socially awkward, and the fans of Japanimation. However only a certain number of those cities and states are known as a ‘Geek Paradise’ or a ‘Nerd Sanctuary’. Where are these places you ask? Don’t worry, cuz’ we’re about to tell you! 😉


10. Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is the largest city in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, as well as the official home for it’s annual anime convention known as Animazement. You’ll find comic book shops like Fight or Flight Comics as well as other activities (including nearby Durham’s convention) that’ll make your geek flag fly!


9. Denver, CO

You think the ‘Mile-High’ state is known for the Broncos and Nuggets? Well you might be right, but it’s also known for being one of the geekiest/nerdiest cities in America. Denver is home to Nan Desu Kan as well as the Colorado Anime Festival, both conventions we urge you to check out if you live, or plan on moving there.


8. San Jose, CA

Looking for a geek place to call home, then look no further than in the westbound direction via San Jose, California! FanimeCon is the place to be if you plan on making this city your geeky refuge. (Among other things along the technology spectrum.)


7. Las Vegas, NV

Really? Sin City is nerdy? You bet it is! Aside from all the five-star hotels, casinos, and celebrities, Las Vegas is home to a few conventions; such as Otakon Vegas and Sabakon. If you love gadgets and computers Vegas is also home to CES, the largest technology convention for geeks this side of the West Coast. (Next to San Diego Comic Con.)


6. Boston, MA

Red Sox, Creme Pies, and…cosplay fans? Yep, Boston’s got em’! If you don’t believe us, then you might wanna check out a place called Anime Boston. The city’s a great place to find comic book shops as well as literature if you’re more of an historic geek rather than an anime one.


5. Austin, TX

Now we’re getting near FUNimation territory. Austin’s home to a good amount of hobby shops and comic book stores, but it’s also home to a few anime and video game conventions as well. If you plan on moving here, then be sure to pack some cleats when going through tornado season. >.<


4. Detroit, MI

Let it be known that the ‘Motor City’ is one of the most geekiest cities to live in! Aside from being the birthplace of Techno Music, Detroit is home to multiple gaming shops, the IMAX Theater, and of course the largest anime convention in Michigan Youmacon!


3. Seattle, WA

The Emerald City! Home to Emerald City Comic Con, Sakura-Con, and Aki Con, as well as one of the oldest comic book stores in the city, Golden Age Comics. If you’re looking for a good meetup place to write some fan fiction (or meet with other geeks), then check out the local coffee shop Wayward Coffee, as well as the Museum of Pop Culture.


2. Portland, OR

If you’ve ever heard of an anime convention called Kumoricon or Anime PDX, then you’d know that those cons can only be found in Portland, OR. There’s a lot to do as a geek in the city of Portland, but as our No. 2 spot on the list, the city that is No. 1 will shock you!


1. Atlanta, GA

Whaaaa?! The ‘Strip Club Capital of the World’ is the geekiest city in America?! We hate to say it but it’s true. Not only does the ATL have the most anime/geek conventions than any other city (AWA, Momocon, Dragon Con, etc.), but they also have the most video game stores too! (One for every 16,000+ residents!)

Well guys n’ gals that will do it for this Top 10 filler post tonight. We’ve got more exciting ones coming up later this week! 🙂