The Race For One Piece is On! But Where Do the Contender’s Stand?

A Look At Where Everyone Stands in the Race for the One Piece

The state of One Piece right now could best be summed up by a quote from Dr. Strange: “We’re in the endgame, now.” After 25 years of twists, turns, laughs, and tears, Eichiro Oda’s preparing to take his legendary masterpiece into its final phase. The moment the Wano Arc ends, fans should expect nothing less than a race to the finish line that is Laugh Tale. The grand prize: not just the One Piece, but the truth about the Void Century and the history of the world. It’s going to be a very tight race, though, with the most powerful pirates competing to make it to Laugh Tale first.

While the Straw Hat Pirates come out of Wano as the crew of one of the Yonko, they’re facing stiff competition from their fellow pirates. With the manga on break this week, now’s the perfect time to look at where the top contenders each stand in terms of strength, power, and how close they are to reaching Laugh Tale.

Buggy and his New Alliance Are a Major Wild Card

One of the first enemies that Luffy ever fought, Buggy seemed destined to become comic relief as the rubber wonder moved on to bigger enemies. Then came the events at Impel Down and Marineford, which outed him as a former member of the Roger Pirates, gave him instant notoriety, and earned him the title of one of the Seven Warlords. The loss of that title, though, didn’t diminish his power. Somehow, the Clown got elevated to the status of Yonko alongside Luffy and former crewmate Shanks!

Despite the world thinking he’s a mad genius, fans know that Buggy’s a joke. However, he’s a joke that’s managed to talk former Warlords “Hawkeye” Mihawk and Crocodile into working with him as part of his new group, Cross Guild. Even more brazen, though, is that his group put bounties on the Marines. That takes guts!

With the amount of power and influence that Buggy has gathered, albeit unintentionally, he could stand a serious shot at finding the One Piece. He’s also got the motivation: due to getting sick at the penultimate island, Buggy never got to see Laugh Tale. Now, he could change that, either on his own, or by forming an alliance with another Yonko.

Shanks is Throwing His Lot into the Ring.

What can be said about Shanks that hasn’t been said already? He’s a former member of the Roger Pirates, the man who inspired Luffy to become a pirate, and one of the four Yonko. After his recent display of Conquerer’s Haki in Wano, though, Shanks has elevated himself to Giga-CHAD levels of awesomeness! And this is while he only has one arm.

Until now, Shanks has shown no interest in reaching Laugh Tale or finding his former captain’s treasure. However, with Luffy now standing alongside him as a fellow Yonko, that attitude’s gone right out the window. Having thrown his proverbial hat into the ring, Shanks is setting himself up for a confrontation with Luffy. Given how his mastery of Conquerer’s Haki ranks among the strongest in the world, Luffy’s idol might also be one of his biggest obstacles to finding One Piece. Or, he might end up being a powerful ally. 

Trafalgar Law Knows Almost as Much as the Straw Hats Do.

The Straw Hats have been allied with Trafalgar Law for what’s likely been a few months in-universe. From the fan’s perspective, though, it’s been about a decade of having Law hanging out with Luffy. While the Straw Hat’s antics may annoy him at times, this alliance has been nothing but good for the captain of the Heart Pirates. Not only did he get revenge on Doflamingo, but he managed to learn almost everything the Straw Hats did about Laugh Tale and the Road Poneglyphs. 

While he may not be a Yonko, that doesn’t change the fact that Law took down Big Mom alongside Kid. That along makes him one of the toughest pirates alive. Add in the fact that he has access to at least two of the Road Poneglyph’s (three, if Luffy shared the one from Big Mom with him), and he’s got a good chance of making it to Laugh Tale. 

Kid Seems to Have His Own Lead on Finding One Piece

The last few arcs have been absolute hell for Captain Kid. His first alliance to take down Shanks ended when he got betrayed and captured by Kaido. To add insult to injury, his first mate, Killer, got force-fed a SMILE fruit, rendering him permanently smiling. No wonder he promised not to trust anyone outside of his crew again. However, that didn’t stop him from joining the Alliance that raided Onigashima, and that saw him and Law take down Big Mom. 

Law and Kid now stand on equal footing regarding power and prestige, and thanks to the former, Kid now has a copy of Wano’s Road Poneglyph. While this alone won’t be enough to get him to Laugh Tale, he already seems to have another lead in the form of someone with “flame marks.” How this will factor into the race to Laugh Tale remains anyone’s guess, though.

Blackbeard Is Luffy’s Greatest Threat

Of all the rival’s that Luffy has to face to reach One Piece, his greatest will likely be none other than Marshall D. Teach, AKA Blackbeard. It’s likely Eichiro Oda always meant for Blackbeard to be Luffy’s last and greatest obstacle to becoming King of the Pirates. After all, Blackbeard is, in essence, a natural foil to Luffy.

Let’s recap. Both Luffy and Blackbeard started forming their crews around the same time. Both kept said crew’s small in number, but filled with highly capable individuals. Furthermore, each has gone on to have a massive impact on the world in different ways. Lastly, both are now Yonko with a fleet of thousands of pirates ready to fight for them. The big difference between them is that unlike Luffy, Blackbeard seemingly wants to be the Pirate King for the power it will give him.

Given how Blackbeard’s directly responsible for the events that led to Ace’s death, it’s safe to say that Luffy hates his guts. Given all of this, a showdown between the two is coming. And when the dust settles, only one of them will be walking away.

Luffy is Closer Than Ever to Finding One Piece

The boy who will be a king, the second coming of Joy Boy, and the newest Yonko, Monkey D. Luffy. We’ve followed Luffy from the beginning, seen him go from a rookie upstart to a rubber-hosed demigod of freedom. The Wano Arc marked a turning point in Luffy’s growth as a fighter, going from not being able to lay a scratch on Kaido to besting the strongest beast in the world. He’s more than earned the right to be called a Yonko by now.

We all know that Luffy’s the one who will be King of the Pirates, but just how close is he? Crew filled with people who can go toe-to-toe with the best the World Government can throw at them? Check. Awakened Devil Fruit powers? Check. Three of the four Road Poneglyphs meant to reveal the way to Laugh Tale? Check. It’s plain for everyone to see that Luffy’s the closest to finding the One Piece right now. Should he make it past the might of his fellow Yonko, then his dream of being Pirate King will be within his grasp.  

One-2-One with D.J. Lewis: Goku Black!

I have been a Dragon Ball fan since Toonami made its debut in 1997, and like every fan since then, I’ve always rooted for Goku during every battle he had. From the time he went toe-to-toe with Vegeta during the height of the Saiyan Saga, to throwin’ hands with Beerus in Battle of Gods. Goku has been unstoppable throughout the whole franchise; except for that one time he got killed by Piccolo during the Raditz fight, exploded along with Cell during the end of the Cell Games, and ‘died’ in one Hit – get it? XP

Throughout the series the Earth-bound saiyan has had his share of world/universal threats, and regardless of who the worst of the worst villains is (…Frieza), there have been some that seem to resemble the main saiyan. In The Tree of Might we had Turles; the forgotten saiyan warrior who grew 10x stronger every time he ate from that tree. Now in the age of Dragon Ball Super, there is another Goku-like threat in the form of both a god…and a saiyan. He’s everything Goku would’ve been had he not hit his head as a child, but carries with him the old persona of Vegeta during his Saiyan Saga days. He’s…Goku Black. 

He’s what Goku would’ve been…

My first thought upon seeing this character was ‘haven’t we done this already?’, but there was something different about this ‘evil Goku’. First, his appearance was much slender than Goku’s actual appearance, because Goku’s a lot more buff around the shoulders and chest. Second, he wore a Potara earring on his left ear; which is the same ear Goku wore his during the Buu arc. Third, he can travel through time like the son of the saiyan prince; which he’s been hunting down for quite awhile. Fourth…he has a Super Saiyan form called Rose’ (which might be opposite to Goku and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue). Nevertheless fans were quite fond of this new character even though he’s just the body-swap incarnation of the actual villain, Zamasu.

Part 1 – The Origin of Beauty: Enter, Goku Black!

So when and how did Goku get his body stolen? Well it might have something to do with the Super Dragon Balls, a wish, and unaltered timelines. (Yeah, I don’t like them either so lets just get on with it.) Zamasu went to Universe 6 from the unaltered timeline and gathered the seven Super Dragon Balls (actually you can’t “gather” them, they’re planet sized and just happened to be there when he arrived), then summoned Super Shenron and asked to have his body switched with Goku’s (of that timeline), and thus became Goku Black. That’s the story right? Nope.

Goku Black and Zamasu are actually the same entity from the same timeline. Thanks to Trunks not understanding how jumping through timelines HAVE CONSEQUENCES, Goku Black was inevitably born. Zamasu was a Supreme Kai-in-Training under the eye of Gowasu, but because of their passive nature towards mortals and his growing hatred of them due to their sinful desires, Zamasu rejected Gowasu’s teachings and became a rouge Kai. You pretty much know what happens next; he kills (Future) Gowasu, swaps bodies with Goku, became Goku Black, chased down Future Trunks, destroyed West City of his timeline, revealed to Universe 7 Present Goku that he killed his wife and son, got his ass handed and lectured to by Blue Vegeta, fused with Future Zamasu, defeated by SS2 Trunks, and had his timeline erased by Zeno. This FIEND actually went around pretending to be Goku while destroying universes from Trunks’ timeline and making Super Dragon wishes, before finally having his plan; the “Zero Mortals Now with all of that out of the way, let’s get on to his skills and personality.

The Rose’ Energy Scythe!

Part 2: The Essence of Beauty and the Hatred of Mortals!

Before Goku Black was Goku Black, he was Zamasu. Zamasu was a patient student under his master’s teachings, but harbored a hatred for mortals and their wicked ways with the gods (kais) not doing anything about it. Taking the phrase ‘if you want something bad enough, you gotta do it yourself!’ to heart, Zamasu killed his master and went rouge before gathering the Super Dragon Balls and becoming Goku Black. As Goku Black he was an unsympathetic, cruel, sadistic, homicidal, and unhinged bastard! He loves toying with his enemies before brutally killing them; doing is best Seth Rollins maniacal laughter impression while doing so. Even though he’s the extreme opposite of Goku, there are a couple of things that he shares with him; the will to get stronger by doing it naturally (or take a page out of Ginyu’s playbook and injure yourself and get a zenkai boost), he’s goal oriented, and likes to test his power before going all out in battle.

His skill set is pretty much all of Goku’s moves and abilities; except for the Energy Scythe and Energy Blade (Sickle of Sorrow and God Split Cut) – which the latter was actually Vegito’s move. You want a Kamehameha? Black’s got it. You want a new Super Saiyan form? Black’s got it. Basically he’s got the skills of Goku along with the skills of a Kai (or Supreme Kai); Kaio-Ken, Black Kamehameha, Super Black Kamehameha, SS Rose’, Black Spirit Bomb, God Split Cut, Sickle of Sorrow, Mass Replication, and so many other attacks and techniques that I don’t feel like naming because its way too many to name! He can also Potara-fusion with Zamasu to become Fused Zamasu, but we all know what happens when a Saiyan fuses with a Kai…

Super Saiyan Rose’ Black

Part 3: The Legacy of Goku (Black)!

Goku Black is the direct opposite of Goku as Zamasu, but he’s also Goku from Trunks’ unaltered timeline though its Zamasu parading around like he’s Son Goku. At first I never understood why so many people liked this character, but I guess Toriyama-san thought it would be a cool idea to have a mirrored evil version of Goku who had all of his abilities along with the power of a god. Goku Black is basically what Goku would (and could) be had he not hit his head when he was a baby, so perhaps Goku Black’s appearance and overall persona is just a glimpse of what that would look like; a ‘what if Goku never hit his head and stayed evil’ scenario.

I know its been said that by the end of the arc the quality of the writing went downhill. The Dragon Ball fandom will drag the ending of Goku Black’s arc through the mid for years to come. Yes, the final battle between Future Trunks and Fused Zamasu should’ve been it and ended it there, but then Zamasu pulled a last-minute “gotcha”; causing Zeno to come in and finish the job by erasing the timeline. You defeated a god and STILL had to call for help to finish the job! What kind of ending is this?!

On the bright side though, Goku Black is pretty boss in Dragon Ball FighterZ. So, this is gonna wrap up my One-2-One on him. Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (8.15.22)

What’s good, anime fam? Its another start to another week as September gets closer, and the Summer is winding down. It may be just another ‘terrific’ Monday for some, but for us it means another recap of videos that we’ve done this past weekend. Also a side note; starting September 5th, 2022 we’ll be implementing a newsletter-style format with a new name entitled “D&A Entertainment Weekly“. It will contain recap videos from our Youtube channel, new posts and articles for the week, and bi-weekly Premium videos for our VIP fans. We’re also working on a new monthly subscription tier system for our biggest supporters; $3 (Occasional Visitor), $5 (Frequent Flyer), $7 (VIP Member), $10 (D&A Super Fan). (More on that in the coming weeks.)

That’s all we’ve got for now, so until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

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D&A’s Checkpoint Check-In! (August 2022)

Hey guys! This is our second ‘check-in’ post of 2022. Posts like these are pretty much our way of letting you know what we’ll be doing next, but also letting you know where our heads are at in these modern day times. Recently, we’ve hit a few speed bumps in how we plan on implementing special features on our site, as well as overall promotion of our blog (and Youtube channel) to expand our reach to various circles within the anime community. However, our stubborn nature comes in clutch when we need it most, so we hope to be able to activate our Premium/VIP videos so that our biggest fans can check them out. Now that we’ve gotten that out the way, here’s some upcoming announcements:

Two New One-2-One Posts Drop Next Week: Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa), and Goku Black (DBS) 

The Most Interesting Villain in the World…

Anime villains are completely different compared to their Western counterparts (if you’d even call it that). Many of them became that way based on their rough childhood, while others wanted to try and overthrow their own government. Some are chaotic evil while others are chaotic neutral, and some do evil because…of boredom? You’re tellin’ me the whole reason the world went to hell, is because one chick was bored out of her mind?! That’s right, we’re doing a One-2-One on the embodiment of despair herself; Junko Enoshima. Next week!

His godly status is dwarfed by his ungodly nature…

Now, there have been so many Goku clones in this franchise that its not even funny! However unlike Turles (who is the ‘Original Goku Black’ to a small…select few in the Dragon Ball fandom), Goku Black IS Goku; just body swapped by an evil Kai known as Zamasu after a wish from Super Shenron. Although the ending to the arc was…terrible, Goku Black made for an interesting villain due to his philosophy about humans being absolute scum; that gods are better and more pure than man will ever be. (Future Trunks was having none of that!) Anyway, he’s next week on One-2-One.

Video Uploads Will Continue to Remain on Wednesdays (For The Moment)

Our Youtube schedule has been a little crazy as of late. Due to a shift in ‘certain’ priorities and aspects of our lives, video upload days could change depending on the weight and severity of said priorities and aspects. We’re not at the level (financially) where we can quit our 9-to-5’s and do this full time, cuz’ well…we gotta eat. If there’s a change in our upload schedule we’ll make an announcement on our social media pages. 

So far that’s all we’ve got for this check-in post, but as always, we can’t thank our fans for the amount of support you’ve given us. Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Nerdz of the Decade Recap (8.8.22)

Hiya! We’re back with another Nerdz of the Decade recap to fill you in on some episodes that you might’ve missed at some point in the last week, or so. Although we can’t name names just yet, we are in the process of booking our third guest for the podcast, and yes – its someone you know. Down below is the last three episodes of Nerdz that you might’ve missed; as our 33rd episode will center around our new guest. That’s it for this update, and as always stay safe, and stay nerdy! 😉

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A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: The Value of a (Content) Creator

The word “artist” and “creator” can mean a number of things to a number of people, but to the majority of the general public, artists are creators who express themselves through their art. People who express themselves through the art of online video, are Content Creators. The cool thing about people who are content creators, is the fact that they’re art is on a greater spectrum than just one type of form. It can be comedy sketches, dance trends, movie reviews, ‘let’s plays’, anime analysis videos, and so much more. Eventually, if these people continue improving and enhancing their content to present to the audience that they’re targeting; growing it in the process, then these content creators become what many call ‘internet celebrities’, or ‘Youtubers’. Say what you want Hollywood, but Youtubers are the new ‘A-listers’ now! XP

Gone are the days of people thinking that you can’t make a career out of riding a shopping cart off the roof of your parents house, and landing in a pile of horse crap and it going viral on Instagram. These days you can become a viral sensation and gain celebrity status just by getting your dog to sing the “Star Spangled Banner”, and many people have taken advantage of Youtube’s features, and what it can do for them. Video editing software has become so commercialized these days, that now 8-year-old Timmy can just grab his dad’s iPhone 12, shoot a video of him and his 12-year-old brother reenacting a scene from some dumb movie only Gen-Zer’s understand, and that video gets 5 million views on Youtube. 16 years ago Youtube was a fun place where people could share videos about the crazy things they were into. I miss the days where Youtube was all about cat videos, lip synching the Mortal Kombat theme song, and Naruto AMVs – don’t get me started on Naruto AMVs.

I miss the days when Youtube was cool

Sometimes I ask myself why, why did I decide to create this anime blog alongside my friend of 20 years? In 2015 we had an idea, or at least a thought, about what it would be like to have an anime blog and write about the stuff you liked; anime! Well, my creative brain decided to create a WordPress account, find the best theme to make it appear that we were a business, and go nuts! One year afterwards we made a Youtube channel that would eventually become a hub where we would have a podcast series called “Nerdz of the Decade”, and do video unboxings of anime figures. It was then that we gained the role of ‘Content Creators’ because we now had content, to create.

Nowadays since anybody can do it, there has been a massive influx of creators who make their way to Youtube, to create content on the things that they like. With anime being as mainstream as it is; thousands of creators have produced videos talking about the industry, reviewing shows, ranting about how good or bad certain shows are, doing figure unboxings, and ultimately…fanning out about the thing that gives them joy. There are some days I wonder if we’re even reaching our target audience with our videos, or even if people think that our videos are good. There have even been moments where I felt discouraged about our chances of our ‘content footprint’ on Youtube, being noticeable to bigger channels or even sponsors that we look up to.

Numbers, subscribers, and channel views weren’t of top-tier importance 16 years ago when Youtube was fun, now after Google bought it, it feels like its a popularity contest where creators are all fighting for Youtube’s attention; to promote their channel. I could even go so far as to say that Youtube isn’t about the creators, but how much content can be put on this platform so people already on it will stay on it longer. So what does this say about the value of a creator, and what does this say about us as D&A?

We have a unified brand, but what’s next for us?

Maybe, I may be thinking long term. Maybe, I need to stop worrying about other people’s success and focus on our mission to being one of the best blogs out there. There are people who have been rooting for us since day one, and despite the many speed bumps we’ve gone through in the last 6 going on 7 years of our existence, we got people who have our back. Every creator is different in how their content is presented to their audience, but for us we decided to take a unique approach on how we cover topics both educational and controversial without bias. (Not so much on ‘best girl’ though! XP)

You never know who’s watching your videos, so continue to create the content you love for the people who love it. While we might not reach Jake or Logan Paul levels of fame, we small-time content creators have a voice in the creative community, and value the quality of our content than its quantity. I guess what I’m trying to say before I end this post is; you can’t move forward if you spend so much time looking back. Don’t worry about what others are doing, focus on you. We have fun doing what we love despite our boring and stressful 9-to-5 jobs. We love our fans and supporters and fellow anibloggers, and no matter what the future looks like for us, we’ll continue to be D&A no matter what!

We are D&A Anime Blog, and that’s what we do!

Until next post.

One-2-One with D.J. Lewis: Panty Anarchy

After hearing the news from this year’s Anime Expo, I like many others who are a part from the PSG fanbase, was floored. I don’t know why it took them this long to do this; though there hasn’t been much new information since the announcement, but at long last Panty & Stocking is getting a second season. While its been 12 years since the first season came out, a LOT has changed in the atmosphere – mainly among the ranks of social justice and political correctness. In the beginning of the year I made an article about PSG, and wondered if the show would still hold up in 2022, and depending on who you ask, many would say we’d need it now more than ever. One character in particular doesn’t give a f@#k about political correctness, and thumbs her nose at the law on a regular basis. She also apparently gets more screen time than her fan-favorite sister, and takes the ‘brawn-over-brain’ approach when it comes to hunting ghosts. She’s Panty f@#$%&g Anarchy!

Yeah, she’s that girl.

Siblings in anime have always been interesting to me; from your caring ones like Mirajane and Lisanna (from Fairy Tail), to your estranged ones like Sasuke and Itachi (Naruto). Panty and her sister Stocking kinda have a ‘Cain and Abel’ relationship in certain situations, but at the same time they also kick ass together when needed. Also much like gothic best girl, Panty is able to transform her namesake into her primary weapon of choice; the pistol. Her goal while in Daten City is to pretty much screw 1,000 men before going back to Heaven, and I’m not even going into the repercussions one will receive if they decide to go this route. Besides being the popular one among large crowds of people, and being an ass to her sister, Panty has a rebellious streak towards authority – particularly the Demon Sisters. She’s not afraid to speak her mind or gives a damn about political correctness, so basically Panty is the Revy of the series. (There is GOING to be a character comparison post on Panty and Revy, I am NOT sorry!)

Part 1 – So, who the hell is Panty Anarchy?

Okay, so there’s really not a lot you can say about Panty’s origins, because much like Stocking, no ones knows how she became an angel (or fallen angel) in the first place. Many have speculated that during the end credits of every episode, Panty and her sister are human and seen in the various ways that the two of them could’ve died; by train, by car accident, by being stranded in the desert, shot to death, or being decapitated by Chuck. While there’s no real origin story from the creator himself, Panty and Stocking are just angels who ended up in Daten City after being kicked out of Heaven for being too raunchy. I will say that the 13th episode might hold a clue to who Panty was in her former life, but I’d also take that with a grain of salt because the whole thing was staged in order to get Panty to return to Daten City to save Brief during the Hellsgate chaos.    

Panty and Stocking during “Nothing to Room”

Part 2 – Panty’s Personality and Skill Set

It should be obvious but Panty has been portrayed as the ‘Hollywood Celebrity’ character of the series. She’s always on the hunt for new men to sleep with in just about every episode (even robot men). She has a spiteful attitude towards her sister, Brief, and of course Garterbelt, and doesn’t actually take her job at hunting ghosts seriously. Panty is also shameless with no moral compass, and has on various occasions danced half-naked on a stripper pole (or full nude in pornos) in front of live audiences. She’s also kinda envious of her sister when it comes to maintaining her figure; as Stocking can eat a truckload of sweets without gaining a single pound. Panty also has no strategy when fighting ghosts, as she believes pure power gets the job done. However, this also causes her to be the most vulnerable when it battle – especially during the heat of the moment when she has to improvise using actual guns compared to her angelic weapon.

While she may be reckless in the way she fights, Panty does have a serviceable amount of skill. She can transform her panties into Backlace; her weapon of choice. If she also has two pairs of panties, she can also create a second gun (or Backlace II) or combine them into a sniper rifle or sub-machine gun. Panty’s weapons have the power to hurt demons, ghosts, and other angels (going by what Stocking’s weapon did), and it also appears that she has enhanced vision; where she can see Brief and the Demon Sisters over 10 miles away. When Panty lost her virginity to Brief in the last episode, she stated that after getting her powers back she felt 100 times stronger than before. (Don’t know how true that is though…)

Panty, being Panty.

Part 3 – Legacy of Panty Anarchy

Panty Anarchy is the embodiment of the almighty stereotypical ‘rebellious teenager’ and ‘high school celebrity’ troupe that you’ve seen in any of those high school/college movies of the 2000’s. She thumbs her nose at authority, isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and is shameless in more ways than one. While she may be raunchy and in some cases ‘too raw’ for conservative types, there are guys who are kinda into girls who take charge and don’t back down to societies rules; like Brief. The concept of true love is something Panty has no interest in; as Stocking confronted her about it in the second half of episode 9, but deep down inside she really cares for Brief and possibly might even see a future with him…possibly.

With a second season announced there could be some speculation on what happens with Panty and Brief’s relationship, but then again, it could be just a one-off deal. So in review; Panty is the older sister of Stocking, loves sex more than anything, doesn’t take her job of hunting ghosts as seriously as she should, is a shameless plug, and has more screen time than Stocking. (Maybe that’s why she cut her up into 666 pieces, but I guess we can now deem the end credits of season one as a joke.)

And that’s it, that’s all I gotta say about Panty Anarchy.

Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (8.1.22)

Whew, what a weekend! No, we didn’t get the chance to go to any cons this weekend (though that could change by next year), but we do have some brand new videos on our D&A Studios Entertainment Youtube channel for you to check out! This week we’ll be rolling out our first ever Premium video with all of the fixin’s (quality-wise) that you’ll see in these videos below. By the way; the door to being a D&A Contributor is still open, so if you’re interested in writing some articles for us, hit us up on our Contact Us page. That’s all we’ve got for today, so until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

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