Sailor Moon: A Game-Changer in the Magical Girl Movement!

Here we are on this lovely Throwback Thursday night as we bring you some classics from some of the most pioneering decades of anime history. If you’re a 90’s kid, be it male or female, then you’re probably fully aware that there has been a movement made in the magical girl scene. Every single magical girl anime title that came after the 90’s decade was inspired by this title in particular. It’s been over 20 years since many of us have seen this well-known and well-famous magical girl title, and we’re pretty sure you know exactly what we’re talking about!

Sailor Moon is the pioneering anime title that has changed the magical girl game since 1992. It has five original seasons, 200 episodes, a few movies (including a live-action), and a re-dub known as Sailor Moon Crystal. The english-dubbed theme song has been sung and heard over hundreds of times, and has even been heard during anime convention rave parties through DJ sets. The story of course is about Usagi, a middle-school girl who is given a magical brooch from a cat named Luna, who then uses it to transform into the earth-saving warrior we know as Sailor Moon.


She and Luna then round up some Sailor Soldiers (who we know as the Sailor Scouts) to help her track down the whereabouts of their princess, as well as the Silver Crystal. As we’ve said before, Sailor Moon is a game-changing anime series that has redefined what it meant to be a magical girl. Present day shows like Madoka Magica and Panty and Stocking have used the magical girl elements as if they were paying homage to Sailor Moon. (Does the art-shift transformation sequence of PSG that we all know and love ring a bell?) If you wanna know who the original magical girl troop is, then this classic title is the answer that you’ve been looking for!

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