D&A Anime Blog: Happy 5th Anniversary!!

In December of 2015 two guys had an idea; what if we had a place where anime fans and cosplayers can see some of the awesome pictures that they’ve taken with us at the anime conventions that we’ve gone to? Well guys n’ gals, that idea those two guys had in 2015, has now become one the the most awesome websites for fans, cosplayers, and people of the anime industry! On January 11th, 2016 (on this day) A. Goldman and D.J. Lewis took their love for anime culture to the interweebz and created everything that you see here; a place where fans from all walks of life can talk about their favorite titles, characters, and moments. Five years ago we wanted to create an anime blog that had a different kind of vibe to it; not because it was something to do and that we were passionate about doing it (because we were), but we wanted to bring a different perspective on anime nerd culture through the eyes of a fan.

During the five years that we’ve been doing this we’ve written over 700 articles, posts, and breakdowns from every angle of the anime industry; from hilarious to controversial. We’ve also grown during our time with the blog as it has helped change our lives in ways that we never thought we’d be changed in. In fact the blog has helped us meet many of our favorite voice actors as well as a plethora of professional cosplayers. Being an anime fan means more to us than watching anime, it means sharing this passion with other fans as well as appreciating the art of voice acting, and the moving parts of the anime industry that brings us hundreds of titles to America every year. We’re more than grateful for all of the love and support that you’ve given us these last five years, and thanks to you, we now have a special podcast called Nerdz of the Decade to help mark this special milestone in our nerdy little lives.

Here’s to another five years of awesome posts, new anime reviews, and the chance to see our fans and our favorite voice actors at a convention – once it’s safe enough to go back!



Happy 5th Anniversary D&A!!!
Our OFFICIAL Nerdz of the Decade logo!!

D&A Anime Blog: Happy New Year!!

Wow…it’s hard to believe we survived the craziness that was 2020, but here we are! With a new year comes a fresh new start; and that new start begins with some new updates we’ve got coming up real soon. It’s hard to believe that in just a few days it will be our 5-year blog anniversary! We can’t thank you guys enough for all of the love and support that you’ve given us these past five years, and we hope to continue bringing you some of the best original content and anime reviews two anime-loving fans can bring! (For the next five years, of course!) Sorry this post is a little short, but there’s more content to come! Until then, Happy New Year and stay safe! 😉

See ya 2020! Hello 2021!!

D&A Anime Blog: Nerdz of the Decade, Anime REvisited, and More!

2020 has been a challenging year in the Anime Industry; as with every other industry in the U.S. as well as overseas. Even so, this year has also lead to many of us becoming more creative in our passion and love for the medium. Virtual anime conventions are now the norm of 2020, voice actors are now dubbing from home (with the audio quality on the same level as the studio), and new seasons of our favorite titles are readily available on our favorite streaming sites in spite of delays from the earlier months. As for us, 2020 brought about some new and creative ideas on how we can expand our reach as well as introduce new content.

During the course of the year; fans have been asking us if we were going to be doing any sort of anime podcast, and having them be guests while talking about their favorite shows. To that we said “yes!” and now we have an official podcast called Nerdz of the Decade; which will launch early 2021. Also starting that year we’ll be putting out monthly newsletters via MailChimp about what new shows and developments will be coming out of Japan, as well as what new and nerdy topics we’ll be talking about on our podcast. Finally Anime REvisited wraps up 2020 with season one of Danmachi, which kicks off tomorrow! As far as conventions are concerned we may be returning to them ‘physically’ in Spring 2021 starting with Zenkaikon; but we’ll be keeping our eyes open on any updates that say otherwise.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but as always guys n’ gals; continue to stay safe in these times and love one another! 🙂

D&A Studios: Our Podcast Name Is…

Nerdz of the Decade!!! The votes for what our podcast name on our D&A Studios Youtube channel will be, have finally come in! We also want to say that on this unusual Thanksgiving that we’re thankful for fans like you guys; for all of the love and support that you’ve given to us, and for just being awesome! On our new podcast Nerdz of the Decade; we’ll be talking about anime titles and moments from our favorite decades (90’s and early 2000’s) with a splash of current titles as well. There will even be some topics about classic gaming, Marvel, and DC.

We can’t thank you guys enough for helping us pick out our podcast name; which is set to launch the week before our 5th Anniversary in January. (We’ll keep you posted should the date change.)

Until our next post, stay safe this holiday season. 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Here’s What’s Coming This Week!

We gotta admit; 2020’s been something else. Before we start we just want to give our thoughts and our prayers to the family of Alex Trebek, who passed away from his on-going battle with cancer. He was the host of one of America’s favorite game shows known as Jeopardy for 30 years, and will be truly missed. It’s been quite a week for us at D&A, but we do have some posts/articles heading your way this week!

Space Dandy: An Underrated Spectacle

This series is one of our faves that doesn’t get a whole lot of credit. In fact the story and the tone of Space Dandy is different from any anime out there; no matter what genre it is. This week we dive into what makes this show special, and why it’s a ‘standout’ from all the rest.

Shimoneta: The History of Censorship in Japan

There has been a LOT of controversial/crazy anime titles to ever come out of Japan; but with a country being so conservative about its views and behavior, there’s also its history regarding its battle against anime censorship. We look at the context and the concept of this lil’ show known as Shimoneta; that highlights the very battle between censorship and lewdness in Ecchi/Fanservice anime titles that a faction of fans like. (We say ‘faction’ because not all of us are into these titles.)

Cosplay: The History Behind Why Nerds Love To Dress-Up

America dresses up once a year, nerds dress up every weekend! Evey year at every convention, outsiders unfamiliar to ‘Nerd Culture’ wanna know why 10,000+ 20-something’s and 30-somethings’ (and even 40-somethings’) dress up in cosplay that they may (and may not) be familiar with. We take a dive into the history of cosplay, and why it’s so popular among Millennials and Gen-Z.

That’s what we’ve got going on this week! As always continue to stay safe and love one another. 🙂

Sorry For The Wait, So Here’s An Update!

Hey guys n’ gals! We’re hoping that you’re all doing well and staying safe, as things for us have been a little bit hectic this week. Last weekend we were hoping that we would get the chance to drop our final promo for D&A Studios, but we’ve had several technical issues regarding post-production; so the promo will be delayed sadly. We of course will continue to do our best in bringing you some awesome content, although its taking a bit longer than it should due to our 9-to-5 schedule conflicts. (We are working out a constant weekend schedule however.) Aside from us battling tech issues we do have some updates to share.

UPDATE 1: Cross-Promotional DJ Sets with D&A Studios / Avidd Minddset

This is a new thing that we’re experimenting with since D&A’s founding member; Donte’ J. Lewis, is also a DJ/Producer under the name ‘Avidd Minddset’. We haven’t pinpointed an official date yet but we are working on doing some exclusive mini DJ sets through Instagram Live. You’ll also be able to hear new music from Avidd Minddset as well, so we’ll keep you updated when we make the decision to launch this new project.

UPDATE 2: Upcoming “Sonic Battle PSG” Fanfiction Has Been Canned

Although this one’s kinda sad, D&A’s Donte’ J. Lewis has decided to remain in fanfiction retirement. The story didn’t really come out the way that he wanted it to, and he wasn’t sure what the ‘interest’ level would be should he post it. For now he does have his earlier works from 2013-2014, so if fans are interested you can check out “Sonic plus Panty & Stocking” or “Brief & Soulfire”.

UPDATE 3: New Podcast Names

If we haven’t mentioned it before, we are working on getting some equipment for our podcast. Right now we’ve narrowed our choices down to three names; Nerdz of the Decade, The Anime Famous Podcast, and Generation Geek. We’ll put out a final poll on which of the three names we should go with on social media; and keep you informed on when we’ll drop the first official episode.

2020 has been a trying year for each and every one of us, so if you feel the way we feel, just hang in there and know we’re right here for you! That’s all we’ve got for now in terms of updates, and should any more come in; we’ll let you know right off the bat! 🙂

It’s Been Quiet, But We’re Still Here…

Lately it seems like life just wants to grab hold of you and never let go; like that aunt who gives you semi-wet kisses that you hated when you were a kid. We’ll guys, we know you’ve been asking if there’s any new updates coming to the blog, and if you know us by now the answer is yes! Even though we’re in the process of crafting together what type of content we want to provide you through D&A Studios, we haven’t forgotten about the content posts for the blog. We did stumble upon some old footage of our first Otakon back in 2011; waaaay before we formed D&A Anime Blog, so we might be presenting that real soon on our Youtube page.

Aside for that we were floored by how much it was going to cost for us to get the podcast equipment that we’ll need, so we’ll be working on putting together a special “gofundme” page exclusively for our D&A Studios Podcast. We’ll also be updating our Cons Near U information, as many of the conventions listed have since been outdated. We’ll do our best to keep up with any virtual conventions that pop up for the remainder of the year, and post the links so that you’ll be able to get to them.

Tomorrow we’ll be continuing our Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX review with Part 4, as well as other content. Our final promo for D&A Studios will be posted on our Youtube page as well as Instagram in a couple of weeks, and we want to give a BIG shout-out to Kyle Hebert for providing his voice for our promo! As always we can’t thank our fans and fellow anibloggers enough for the support, even though it’s been kinda tough to deliver content on time due to our hectic schedules. (We’re not the only ones.)

As our title says; ‘it’s been quiet, but we’re still here!’

And we will continue to be here for you guys! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Fanfiction Returns in 2021!

So awhile back we were going back and forth about if we should bring fanfiction to the blog or not. Although he’s since retired from fanfiction all together, our very own D.J. Lewis who went by several fanfic names; such as djlsnegima and DJ Returns known for writing Brief & Soulfire and Sonic plus Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, is coming out of retirement with a brand new crossover fanfiction entitled Sonic Battle PSG. It is a crossover fanfiction between the Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off fighting game Sonic Battle, and of course Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. More details about the story as well as the number of chapters will come in a later post. As always anime fam, continue to stay safe in this crazy time, and look out for one another. 😉

D&A Studios Update!

Hey guys! We know it’s been nearly two weeks since our last post, but we’re here to fill you in on what we’ve been doing since then. If you haven’t see it yet we’ve released a teaser trailer for D&A Studios on our Twitter. On our Instagram page we elaborate more on what D&A Studios is and what it isn’t; and it is NOT a voice acting agency. We know it sounds like it should be, but in actuality D&A Studios is an extension of D&A Anime Blog; where fans can expect brand new original media content, podcasts, and so much more.

As of right now we’re in the beginning stages of setting up our podcast, however we need a little help of coming up with a catchy name for it regarding what we’re going to talk about. (Anime, video games, otaku culture, cosplay fashion, etc.) If you guys have any suggestions on what we should call our podcast, feel free to drop them in the comment section or submit them through our Contact Us page. More updates on our latest transition coming soon, as well as more posts on the blog.

Until then, stay safe and love one another! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Something New In The Works For Our Youtube Page…

Hey guys n’ gals! We’ve got a quick little announcement to share with you. Although we can’t fully disclose it yet, we can say that it does have something to do with our Youtube page. Four months from now will mark our five-year bloggerversary starting January 11th, and since that day we’ve received a LOT of love from our fans and other anibloggers right here on WordPress. We know how much you guys miss conventions (cuz’ we do too), so maybe…just maybe we might have something in the works that just might help with that.

As always we hope that you guys are staying safe, masking up, and keeping a safe distance for the upcoming Fall season. We want you guys to know that we love you, and thank you for continuing to support us on our nerdy little journey. We’ll keep you updated on what new changes may be coming to our Youtube page, so until then, stay nerdy my friends! 😉