D&A Anime Blog: The ‘Return’ of Arcade Bassline and (Possibly) More!

Top of the night, fellow otaku and anibloggers! We were going to bring you another filler post about our ‘Top 5 Comedic Anime Characters’, but we’ve decided to push that to next week’s post. After much frustration as well as consideration, D&A’s Donte’ J. Lewis will be returning to one of his former DJ/Producer names; Arcade Bassline. A few weeks ago it was brought to our attention if we were going to continue to post any more videos on our YouTube page. The answer to that question is yes; in spite of the fact that getting and recording content has been on the recline. Luckily for us we’ve got two anime conventions that we’re heading to this month, so we’ll be working on getting some convention content as soon as those events arrive.

If you haven’t heard the news, we’ve decided to delete our Patreon page in order to shift our focus on an even bigger long-term goal; having our own anime convention. In one of our previous posts we’ve mentioned what we’ll be doing in order to achieve this goal, and that is broken down into three different phases. The first is to start a Kickstarter for “Project: Paradise” in order to raise funds so that we can establish a budget for the convention; Anime Escape! Phase two is the ‘red tape’ legal matters that have to be crossed. (Gaining and applying Non-profit status, convention location, tax exemptions, looking for con staff, etc.) Phase three is heavy promotion, contacting booking agencies, creating a website, setting up a payment system for purchasing badges online, the whole nine yards. We’re hoping by our fifth or sixth anniversary, we’ll be able to officially announce our debut year for Anime Escape, on our seventh anniversary (or sooner).

That’s all for announcements! We’ve got more posts coming your way next week! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: The “D&A Blog Appreciation Awards”!!

So this particular topic has been on our minds for about a good while now, but we never really found a good way to put it into action – until now! Two years ago we never thought our anime blog would reach the levels and heights that it has, and for that we are ever so grateful for the many anime fans and friends we’ve met along the way. However our journey is nowhere near over, nor has our appreciation for our fans and the anime community dimmed in any way. Although we may be limited in content creation, we’re unlimited in fan and blog appreciation! So starting this Summer, we will be introducing the D&A Blog Appreciation Awards!

There are four different categories for our special upcoming awards:

  • D&A’s Creative Blogger Award
  • D&A’s Insightful Post Award
  • D&A’s Timeless Classic Award
  • D&A’s Anime Hunter Award

We’ll have more information about what these awards are all about on the first week of May, plus we’ll even tell you what you have to do to get one; nominate another blog. We want to give everyone a shot at these awards and not try to choose favorites, because we believe that each and every blogger and fan that we’ve come in contact with, has been nothing short of awesome to us! Hopefully our Blog Appreciation Awards will allow us to express our gratitude for all the love and support you’ve shown us over the course of two years! For that we say, Thank You! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: April Changes!!

THIS JUST IN! Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think. We’re just changing up a few things in terms of when we post, and how often. A few days ago in a filler post announcement, we mentioned that one of the founders of D&A; Donte’ J. Lewis, was going to take a one-week hiatus from posting any filler posts, or social media posts. After giving the matter a lot of thought, we’ve decided to look for an alternative method rather than grey out an entire week of no posts.

So here’s what’s gonna go down; we now have what we like to call Active Days and Non-Active Days! The Active Days are the days where we’re on the blog (and social media) the most, and Non-Active Days are the days where we’re the least active on the blog and social media. Down below is our list of Active and Non-Active Days:

  • Monday (Active Day)
  • Tuesday (Active Day)
  • Wednesday (Non-Active Day)
  • Thursday (Active Day)
  • Friday (Active Day)
  • Saturday (Non-Active Day)
  • Sunday (Non-Active Day)

Our new posting schedule will take effect April 2, 2018! That’s all for our Breaking News segment for now. Stay tuned for more on D&A Anime Blog! 🙂

D&A Spring Break Patreon Announcement!!

So it begins! For some of us Spring Break was last week depending on what college, university, or state you live in (but not always). For the rest of us tomorrow marks Day One of this beach-filled, college-student-crowded, alcohol-chugging seven day party that can only be described to many as the best week of your life. (If you’re a college student.)

But enough about that, let’s get to the real reason why we’re writing this post. A few days ago we made a teaser logo about a future anime convention that we’re working towards making a reality one day. Also along those lines we’ve been thinking about what to do with our Patreon page. After those thoughts it has come to our decision…that we will NOT delete our page, but instead change its overall objective into something that will benefit our fans, voice actors, cosplayers, and the anime community as a whole. We have decided to revamp our page into a future project called the Anime Escape Project, that will consist of three major phases…

Anime Escape (Teaser Logo)

Phase One: Raise Startup (Seed) Money for the Con Budget!

If there’s one thing anime conventions taught us in the ten years we’ve been going to them, its the fact that each an every one of them has a convention budget. Major cons (like SDCC, NYCC, Otakon, and Anime Expo) have a major budget, and minor cons (mostly hotel-based ones and mid-sized ones) have a small or mid-sized budget. There are a lot of things we want to do and have at our own future anime convention; such as video games, tabletop, the whole nine yards, however we first need to raise some seed money before moving onto the next phase.

Phase Two: Cross The “Red Tape”!

Every con is a 501(c)(3) organization; they have their own convention staff, sponsors, trademarks, location, event dates, and every piece of legality they need to succeed. This won’t be an easy task nor will it be a short-term process, but it will be necessary for us to acquire the tools we need in order to handle the ‘Red Tape’ that we’ll have to cross.

Phase Three: Heavy Promotion, Booking and Advertisement!

“You gotta spend money to make money!” is an old saying that many of us hear in the business world. (And they’re right!) For the second phase money will have to be spent before moving onto this phase, and the same can be said for promoting and advertising our convention as well. Not only that be we also have to contact booking agencies and book the voice actors, professional cosplayers and the like. Although our social media presence hasn’t fully reached maturity yet, we’re potentially in a great spot to continue to improve our relationship with our fans, booking agencies, and voice actors.

Between now and the second week of April we’ll be working on revamping our page as well as keep you up-to-date on everything else. We want to make this awesome thing happen, but we can’t do it without you!

D&A Anime Blog: Thoughts, Recaps, and April Conventions!

Old Man Winter was pretty stubborn to leave after the first couple of days of Spring, but now that he’s officially gone, it’s time for the warm up to begin! So if you haven’t already heard the news, we’re working on a couple of new videos for our YouTube page that highlight some clips and moments from our 2017 anime conventions, that didn’t make it into the final cut of those videos – kinda like a lost footage reel. We’ll make sure to keep you posted on when the videos go up on our page before April.

Also taking place during that month is D&A Founder, Donte’ Lewis’ one week hiatus from any filler posts or updates from the blog April 9-15, however our social media pages will still be open through the blog’s secondary founder; A. Goldman. Lately we’ve been thinking of some ways that we can expand our current platform for our fans. Some of them have suggested that we start an Instagram page, but not to worry, we’ll have that up in April. Some have suggested that we should start a Twitch channel, now if we did that we would probably put our future podcast series up there. (The N.G.O. Fancast or Nerd-Geek-Otaku Fancast where the fans themselves are the guests, name pending.)

We’re planning on going to Cecil Con as well as Universal FanCon in April. If you’re in the area and wanna see us live and in the flesh, come on out to those cons! 🙂

As a fan-centered anime blog, we love to hear feedback on how we’re doing and what we can improve on, in order to strive to our goal of being one of the best two-man operated blogs in existence. If you have any tips or suggestions on what type of content (post-wise) you would like to see, send it to us through our Contact Us page! Our ultimate goal for this blog is to one day have our own anime convention entitled Anime Escape; as it will be a 3-day hotel-based, tropical-themed anime convention. It will have Q&A panels, cosplay, anime/manga vendors, video games, late night dance parties, and a whole lot more! One day we’ll make this dream a reality, but we need your help to do it!

That’s all for now! There’s more to come next week! 🙂


D&A Anime Blog: 100 WordPress Followers & March Anime Cons (Part 2)!!

We’ve finally did it!! We now have 100 WordPress followers on our blog/site! We can’t thank you guys enough for all of your love and support for us as well as the blog. We’ve got some big projects coming up within the coming months, so we’ll make sure that we keep you up-to-date on those developments! Also, we’ve got some more March anime conventions for you guys and gals to check out. The cons are located in the Northwest and Southbound regions of the USA, so if you live in or near those two areas, then by all means check out the cons we’ve got for you there! As always there’s more to come, so stay tuned and stay golden! 🙂

It’s D&A Announcement Time!!

As we close in on the last couple days of February, its about time to issue some new announcements for us on the D&A front! To kick off this announcement filler post we’re proud to announce that we will be attending Anime Festival Orlando in Orlando, Florida this year, located at the Wyndam Resort on International Drive. So to any of our fans who live in or near Orlando, Florida you can see us there on August 3-5th. Next up is the new name for our fan fiction story. The original name for our Sonic/PSG crossover was entitled Sonic Crusaders of Anarchy, has now been changed to Sonic Strikers: Crusaders of Anarchy. The story itself has been divided into three arcs; two of which are originally created for that story.

Sonic Strikers (Crusaders of Anarchy)

Moving on to some anime conventions for the month of March. We’ll be combing the internet for some brand new ones (both big, small, and mid-sized) and in the Summer, we’ll be introducing some new subpages for Cons Near U that highlight anime/video game conventions in other countries like Europe, Brazil, South America, and more! We’re also in the process of creating our very own mascot to represent the blog, so we’ll keep you updated on any new info that comes up. Although we never thought about it we’re thinking about creating a Twitch channel in order to expand our online presence. If you have any suggestions on what content we should have on it, just shoot us your suggestions on our Contact Us page.

That’s all we’ve got as far as announcements are concerned, but don’t worry, cuz’ we’ve got more posts and more excitement coming up right here on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you! 🙂