Let’s Get Ready 2 Rumble!!!

Everybody hates Mondays, but your Monday Nights are about to get a bit more interesting. Get ready for a smash mouth brawl of epic proportions made by you (the fans), as your favorite anime characters duke it out to see who’s the best in the anime world! D&A Anime Blog proudly presents a brand new drop down menu known as Fight Night Monday (FNM)!

On September 12 @ 10pm, we kick off our Fight Night Monday with a DBZ takeover; where we pit the Z Warriors and their foes against your favorite anime characters to see who’s top dog! The fights are decided by the number (and percentage) of twitter votes on our twitter page, and we’ll have the fallout every Wednesday Night around the same time. Don’t miss this exciting segment of our blog/site as we take what you hate about Mondays, and make them great again! 🙂

Androids and Samurai!

Our Throwback Thursday and D&A Fridays titles are now posted! From afro sporting samurai to battling an apocalypse virus, we’ve got some anime and manga titles that will quench your thirst and leave you in a daze of epic awesomeness! To make things even more epic, we’ll soon be adding a new page to our D&A Fridays line up known as D&A Friday Nite Fights; where we pick two anime characters from different shows and ask you (the fans) which one would win in a fight. (i.e. Goku vs. Luffy, etc.)

We’ll be updating our Cons Near U page with some upcoming cons so be sure to check in every now and then for some of the awesome stuff we’ve got goin on! 🙂

D&A @ Tekko 2K17…Pass it On!

January 11, 2017 will mark our one year anniversary as D&A, and with that in mind we plan on “expanding” our presence within the anime community, and travel to new cons out of state! #DA4Tekko2K17 will be posted at the end of all of our posts on our facebook and twitter pages, as Tekko Anime Con 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA will be our first anime convention out of state! We’re excited about this new opportunity to travel to our first out-of-state con, and we hope to see you guys there! 🙂

Did We Forget Something?

You know that feeling that you get when you remember that you were supposed to do something but forgot about it? Well that’s what happened to us. T.T

So to make things right we’ve decided to do a Double Feature; we’ll have our Throwback Thursday and D&A Fridays posted all on Friday Night! Life may give us lemons but one thing’s for sure; we know how to make some fresh-squeezed lemonade! 🙂

September Cons are Coming!

With August about to draw to a close as well as the Summer of 2016 itself, it’s time to head back to school and reminisce about all the AWESOME anime conventions we went to during the Summer. Although…Summer doesn’t officially end until late September, so why not add just a few more con weekends to your list? No worries! D&A’s got you covered on all the cool anime cons in your city and state this September, and beyond! 🙂

Who’s Ready 4 D&A Shout-Outs…?

We’re giving shout-outs to all of the awesome cosplayers we met up with during Otakon’s final year in Baltimore! Check out their websites and support them! 🙂

SaharaCosplay (Better Cosplay Through Science)

  • HatakeAndSaharaCosplay.tumblr.com
  • DeviantART (SaharaCosplay)
  • Facebook.com/HatakeSaharaCosplay

Anime Castle

Knight Of Virtue Cosplay & Cupcake Kisses Cosplay

  • Facebook.com/KnightOfVirtueCosplay
  • Facebook.com/CupcakeKissesCosplay

Anime Sekai

Space B00ty

  • spaceb00ty.tumblr.com
  • youtube.com/spaceb00ty
  • twitter.com/spaceb00ty

Beyond Cynical Cosplays

  • Facebook.com/BeyondCynicalCosplays
  • Beyondcynicalcosplays.tumblr.com
  • Beyondcynicalcosplays@yahoo.com

New Otakon 2016 Pictures!!

Even though Otakon is making its move to Washington DC, it will always have a special place inside the hearts and minds of Baltimore anime fans. We at D&A have decided to create the ultimate cosplay viewing page known as Otakon’s Ultimate Cosplay Mosaic, to give you the nostalgia of one of the largest anime conventions on the East Coast! If you have any pictures you want us to post on the blog, send them to us through our email at daanimeblog@yahoo.com! 🙂