D&A Studios: Our Podcast Name Is…

Nerdz of the Decade!!! The votes for what our podcast name on our D&A Studios Youtube channel will be, have finally come in! We also want to say that on this unusual Thanksgiving that we’re thankful for fans like you guys; for all of the love and support that you’ve given to us, and for just being awesome! On our new podcast Nerdz of the Decade; we’ll be talking about anime titles and moments from our favorite decades (90’s and early 2000’s) with a splash of current titles as well. There will even be some topics about classic gaming, Marvel, and DC.

We can’t thank you guys enough for helping us pick out our podcast name; which is set to launch the week before our 5th Anniversary in January. (We’ll keep you posted should the date change.)

Until our next post, stay safe this holiday season. 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Something New In The Works For Our Youtube Page…

Hey guys n’ gals! We’ve got a quick little announcement to share with you. Although we can’t fully disclose it yet, we can say that it does have something to do with our Youtube page. Four months from now will mark our five-year bloggerversary starting January 11th, and since that day we’ve received a LOT of love from our fans and other anibloggers right here on WordPress. We know how much you guys miss conventions (cuz’ we do too), so maybe…just maybe we might have something in the works that just might help with that.

As always we hope that you guys are staying safe, masking up, and keeping a safe distance for the upcoming Fall season. We want you guys to know that we love you, and thank you for continuing to support us on our nerdy little journey. We’ll keep you updated on what new changes may be coming to our Youtube page, so until then, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

New Video Post: Otakon 2016 Cosplay Music Video!!

So awhile back we shot footage for a cosplay music video that we were going to do during Otakon’s last year in Baltimore back in 2016! Well, after a four year wait it’s finally here! Check out the awesome video we put together, and we also want to give a huge shout-out to all of the cosplayer’s that participated! 🙂

D&A Update: New Videos, New Ideas, and Anime REvisited!

Hey guys! So, this week has been a mixture of happy moments, ‘off’ moments, and moments where we wonder if common sense has become a lost art. Instead of dwelling on that we’ve got a little bit of good news to share with you regarding more new content. Last month we’ve gotten a spike in views due to our first Anime REvisited review title; Dagashi Kashi season one. The series itself is indeed great with moments of comedy, segments of romance, and brief facts about candy. If you’re looking for an anime series that is weird yet funny, we endorse Dagashi Kashi. (We haven’t done the second season yet, but maybe we will in the future.)

With that out of the way, here’s what’s new:

A Brand New Cosplay Music Video!

Back in 2016 we shot video footage for a cosplay music video that we were doing while we were at Otakon – back when it was at Baltimore. We know it’s four years late, but we’ve just finished working on the video, and it’ll be up on our youtube channel this weekend. If you’re a cosplayer and you see yourself in the video, let us know in the comments and we’ll give you a shout-out.

A Virtual Cosplay Fashion Show!

I’m not sure if this idea has ever been done, but with conventions cancelled all around the U.S. throughout the Summer, we wanted to figure out a way for cosplayers to show off their fashions while staying at home. Thanks to a tip, we’re thinking about hosting a cosplay Fashion Show; where cosplayers would submit a video of them displaying their favorite cosplay to us, and then make a video out of it. With the 25 MB limit that Gmail can take, we would ask that all video submissions be 60 seconds or less. We don’t have a date set up yet, but we thought this would be a cool idea.

Anime REvisted Takes A Trip To Daten City!

With the overwhelming likes and views that we’ve gotten for this month-long segment, we’ve decided to bring it back with our next anime title that has a South Park/Rick & Morty level of comedy – nor is it safe for kiddos! That’s right, our next Anime REvisited title is none other than Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. With it being ten years since the show came out in Japan (and eight since it was dubbed), why not revisit this one-season series that really deserves a second. Our next Anime REvisited will happen from May 19th – June 16th.

That will do it for our updates for the blog, and we’ll make sure that we keep you posted when everything kicks off! Until next post, stay healthy and stay nerdy! 😉

Steak Sandwiches and Anime: Nothin’ Like Monday’s On D&A!

After coming home from yet another hard day’s work, don’t you want yourself a good sandwich, a nice drink, and an awesome anime title to watch? Well look no further my friends, cuz’ we’ve got just what you’ve been looking for! Looking for a lesser known anime title about helping your fellow man as well as giving joy, good will, and peace on earth? Then Tokyo Godfathers will be the answer to your prayers.

Wanna know what we’ve got cooking in the D&A kitchen? Then check out what’s on the menu on D&A’s Talkin’ Snack! Just as we’ve mentioned and said in our last post, we’ve just come back from Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA. We met some new friends as well as some of our fans that have supported us throughout the (almost) year and a half that the blog has been going. Toonami T.O.M. Steve Blum and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn was there to add to the con’s excitement, plus all the wonderful panels, workshops, video games, cosplay, and late night DJ parties that you can handle!

The month of May has finally arrived, and that means some awesome anime cons to look forward to in May, which we will have on the blog/site before the week is out. Also, we’ve got a new highlights video from Zenkaikon that’s going to be posted on our youtube page REAL soon! As for now, we thank all of the awesome people that have helped us with our highlights video, as well as taken pictures with us! See you all at the next con! 😉

Highlights from Animore 2017 are now on our Youtube Page!!

We’ve kicked off our mini anime convention tour this past weekend, with our fist stop being at Animore 2017! It was quite an adventure for us being that we’ve debuted our blog last year at this con, and we’re so excited to be returning for its second year! Check out the highlights and shenanigans that took place while we were there, and for more action, head to Animore’s Official Group Page on facebook.

You can also watch the video on our D&A Videos drop down menu on our site! 🙂

The Second Installment of Otakon Reewind is now posted!!

Our second Otakon Reewind video known as Otakon Reewind (2013), is now posted on our youtube channel as well as on facebook and twitter! We’ve also confirmed a brand new drop down menu coming soon to the blog/site known as D&A Throwback Thursday; where we’ll have a special 80s and 90s edition of Anime of the Week and Anime Trivia, as part of the new drop down menu. Stay tuned for more updates including our Anime of the Month all this month right here on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you…

More youtube videos coming Soon!

Although having our Vimeo Channel was a rather cool thought, we’ve decided to stick with our youtube channel to bring you more exciting anime con videos, AMVs, and other cool media content! Next week we’ll have our “Otakon Reewind 2013 Edition” as well as a Cosplay Slideshow, so we’ll keep you updated on what’s going on as long as you check in on D&A! 🙂

Anime of the Week LIVE Coming to our Vimeo Channel!

Between early Summer and late Fall, we’ll be making our own ‘LIVE’ review videos for Anime of the Week as well as Anime of the Month! You’ll be able to check em’ out on our D&A Vimeo Channel debuting in July.

Our Youtube Channel is Finally Ready!!

We just couldn’t wait to debut our channel, so we moved it up two hours ahead! We kicked off our youtube debut with a segment that we like to call “Otakon Reewind”; where A. Goldman and Yours Truly take you through 2012 Otakon, through the eyes of D&A. If we get 98 more subscribers to our channel, something good just might happen for you guys. (However, we can’t tell you what it is yet.)

We may eventually start doing our Anime of the Week segment Live during the summer, as we get closer to our six month anniversary. (Yeah, it’s been that long.) Until then, stay tuned for our usual Anime of the Week later on tonight! 🙂