Filler Post: The 3 Things Every Anime Reviewer Must Do, Before Reviewing Anime!

When it comes to anime, there are various things that we as fans look out for, in may of our favorite titles that we love to watch. Some of us like ourselves a good storyline and some great character development, while others may fancy a good fight scene and some comic relief. There’s even a large percentage of us who happen to be anime bloggers (like ourselves), who make reviews on many of the anime titles that they watch on a daily basis, pretty much like ourselves!

When it comes to reviewing anime, there are a few things that every aniblogger must consider before posting their review(s) online. That’s why we’re giving fans and anibloggers three important (and critical) things that you must do before posting your anime review on your blog.


Number 1: Read, Watch, Analyze!

The first thing you must do as an anime reviewer, is to make sure you do your research! Read what the story plot is about for the anime series that you’re trying to review, then actually watch the series for yourself. Analyze the dialogue between the characters as well as their strengths and their weaknesses. Figure out what is it that they’re trying to accomplish that’s parallel to the overall plot itself. Doing this will help you when it’s time for the reviewing process. Your review will actually sound authentic, accurate, and something that will change the way how others view the same title that you (yourself) just watched.

Number 2: Be The “Middle Man”!

During the reviewing process, make sure that you weigh out the pros and cons about the anime title that you watched. Don’t point out all the flaws in your title, because then it’ll just turn into a rant instead of an actual review. Give a brief summary of what the series is about before getting into your review, that way it’ll give people who haven’t seen the anime title that you’re reviewing, a chance to watch it for themselves.

Number 3: Review The Series From Both Sides!

Allow us to explain what we mean by reviewing an anime title from ‘both sides’. Almost all of the anime that we watch is based off its manga, of course there is the exception that there are some manga that are based off the anime. (Danganronpa: The Animation?) This one is optional, but it will even out the playing field of anime vs. manga. You can do both reviews and then top it off with a similarities and differences review, that way it’ll make both sides of the fandom happy, and shows that you’ve covered the series from both angles.

Doing these three important things before reviewing your anime title, will broaden the horizon of certain fans who can only assume that a series is going to be good or bad, just by watching the first episode. Not only that but we must also see the series from the creator’s point of view; what was the message that they were trying to convey or get out from their title? Naruto’s message was quite simple; keep believing and never give up on your dreams no matter how tough the road is! Danganronpa’s was to never give into despair, and that hope will always find a way to shine through!

There are some titles that give out a good message, and there are some that are ‘just for laughs’. By keeping all of this in mind when writing anime reviews, it will boost the antithetical credits of an anime reviewer who knows their stuff like the back of their own hand. Believe it! 🙂


D&A Friday’s is Back! (Well, We Never Really Left…)

The title explains it all! It’s been two weeks since our last D&A Friday’s segment on the blog, but hopefully tonight’s titles will trigger your anime and manga cravings. As we mentioned before, we’re now an official verified blog/website with a new domain URL known as! 2017 has been quite awesome to us and so have you, but there’s still four months and 96 hours left before it’s gone, so let’s keep this awesome anime blog train going! 🙂


If you’re looking for an anime title about what happens when a group of students suddenly get supernatural powers, then you’re gonna love When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace! The story centers around the Literature Club of Senko High School, where club member Jurai Ando is surprised and happy that he along with his fellow club members have been given supernatural powers.

Despite his happiness Jurai’s powers are only just for show, and that his club mates’ powers outclass his in every way; from being able to control the five elements to manipulating time itself. Although the club members now have these newfound powers, their lives at the school don’t really change that much other then the great mystery that lies with how they received these powers in the first place. A great anime title to check out and stream on FUNimation and Crunchyroll if you haven’t already done so.

Next up on Manga of the Week is a sports-romantic-comedy title known as One-Pound Gospel! This manga title tells the story of Kosaku Hatanaka, and his skills as a boxer who just went pro after two bouts against his opponent. Even though he’s talented at what he’s able to do in the ring, his gluttonous appetite might lead him to his downfall in the boxing world. In comes Sister Angela, a nun who has taken the opportunity to change the way Kosaku eats in order to keep him in shape. The only challenge with that you ask? Is the fact that both Kosaku and Sister Angela are starting to develop feelings for one another…

That’ll wrap up what we’ve got going on for D&A Friday’s for now. We’ll be back tomorrow with some awesome filler posts and updates from our new URL address;! Make D&A a part of you, and we’ll make you a part of us! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: We’re Over 9000 Views!!

Even we can’t believe it ourselves! Never had we thought that in the 18 months since we’ve launched D&A Anime Blog, that we would reach this point so fast and so quick. If you all haven’t already noticed it yet, we’ve changed our URL to make ourselves an official anime blog! That’s right anime fans, you’re looking at the awesomely amazing!!

We want to thank each and every one of you for helping us reach this point in our aniblogging lives, and for your continued support in making this blog what it is today! Be on the lookout for some future collaborations with some (legal) anime streaming sites that bring you the titles that you already know, and love. There’s more anime and manga reviewing action coming your way on the NEW! It’s a part of you! 🙂

D&A Update Announcement: Don’t Worry, We’re Still Alive!

We know it’s been five days since our last filler post, but don’t worry, we’re not dead. With only one month left before the unofficial end of summer begins, we’ve got some updates coming for the Fall and Winter. Some of them you already know about and others you might have seen on our Twitter page, so to help out the fans who have seen and not have seen, we’re going to recap ALL of our upcoming updates for the remainder of the 2017 year!

1st Update – Miscellany Monday will return on October 2, 2017

We’ve enjoyed doing this segment every Monday night for our fans, so in order to keep the reviews on our lesser-known titles and snacks ‘fresh-and-updated’, we’ve decided to place this segment of the blog on hiatus until October 2, 2017. Since finding a site that contains 30+ lesser-known anime titles that even we have never heard of, we’ll have enough content to keep this segment running for about a year.

2nd Update – Slash Saturday will end on July 29, 2017

It’s kinda sad to see this segment end because it’s on of our favorites. The drop down page will be archived on our blog, so that fans can see some of the awesome reviews that we’ve done for some great samurai anime titles (and inductees in our Hall of Fame). There might be a new segment that will replace this one, so be sure to check out the blog and our social media pages for updates.

3rd Update – The AMVs are coming!

We might have already shared this one with you, but if not then we’ve got some awesome news! There will be some AMVs coming to our Youtube channel in the Fall (or Winter) backed by the original tracks of Groundzkontrol (D.J. Lewis of D&A). The ones that are coming are listed as follows:

  1. Groundzkontrol – So Dangerous (Danganronpa) (Electronic/Twerk)
  2. Groundzkontrol – Aspiration (DanMachi) (Drum n’ Bass)
  3. Groundzkontrol – Candy Girl (Dagashi Kashi) (Tech House)
  4. Groundzkontrol – Down In The DC (Panty & Stocking) (Electronic/Twerk)

4th Update – Original Project Announcement

If you haven’t seen our most recent tweet in the past 48 hours, one of the founding members of the blog will be working on an original chanbara-cyberpunk anime story called The Mysfitz between now, and November of 2020. It will have a diverse group of original characters as well as an original plot.

5th Update – The Gundam Legacy Page

We’ve enjoyed working on the Toonami Legacy Timeline segment so much that we’ve decided to do the same thing for the Gundam franchise. There may be some things about the franchise that fans loved, and some things about the franchise that fans hated. As for us on D&A Anime Blog we’re middle men, meaning that we’re going to stay on the neutral path and weigh out the pros and cons. We’ll be rolling out that page on January 11, 2018 as part of our two-year anniversary!

6th Update – Tour Stops for our 2018 Anime Convention Tour

We’ve confirmed at least four of the many cons that we’ll be attending next year on our 2018 Anime Convention Tour. We’ll be going back home to our birthplace convention known as Animore January 19-21, 2018. NipponCon, we’ll be making another trip up there in 2018. There’s a brand new convention coming to the Baltimore Convention Center on the last weekend in April of 2018, so stop by and say “hi” if you see us there. Zenkaikon, we’re comin’ back baby! Florida Supercon, we might be there. SaikouCon, if things go well this year, you’ll hear from us next year! Anime USA, we’ll make our debut there really soon!

That’ll do for our updates for now, we’ve got more filler posts coming your way! 🙂

Filler Post: D&A’s Tips on How To Write Better Fanfiction!

With so many different fandoms out there in the world, there’s bound to be some fan fiction stories centered around them. When it comes to anime and manga however, there’s practically TONS of stories to be found on the web, especially on sites like! For those of you who don’t know what it is, Fan Fiction is a fictional story written by a fan that features characters from his/her favorite anime, manga, superhero, or TV series.

If you trying to figure out how to write your first fan fiction story, or you might want some tips and pointers on how to improve your fan fiction writing skills, then check out these awesome tips from the good people of D&A Anime Blog! 🙂

Junko (The Ultimate Mastermind) Fanfiction Cover

Tip No. 1 – Research: Find a series that you really like, then watch it!

This is the first step to take if you’re unfamiliar with writing fan fiction. Find a series that you happen to really like or enjoy, then make sure that you study the characters, the dialogue, the plot of the story, and the setting(s) of where the series takes place. Writing great fan fiction requires research, because if you want to feature your favorite character(s) in your story, then you’re going to want to make them as in-character as you possibly can!

Tip No. 2 – Be Creative: Brainstorm original ideas for your story!

Sometimes when writing and creating fan fiction, fans tend to write stories within the confines of the original plot produced by the series’ creator(s). That’s great if you’re not used to writing fanfiction a lot, but if you’re a bit more intermediate and possibly advanced in the ways of fan fiction writing, then you might wanna step your game up and make your own story arc! Original fan story arcs are awesome because they’re originally created by the fans of the series that they love. Doing this will not only net you some awesome reviews on your story, but if you’re really good, you could get the series creators to produce a new season of your favorite series based on your story. (Trust us, we’ve seen it happen!)

Tip No. 3 – Avoid “Mary Sue’s” and “Marty Stu’s” when creating OC’s!

Everyone’s got their own set of strengths and weaknesses, so the same can be said for the characters of the series that you enjoy. If you’re thinking about introducing an original character (OC) in your story, then make sure that you list all of their strengths and weaknesses. Character development is one of the most crucial elements in creative story writing, and although “Mary Sue’s” and “Marty Stu’s” are cool in some cases, poor character development can cause some not-so-good results from other fans of the fandom.

Tip No. 4 – Fix any grammatical errors before publishing your story!

We’ve had the pleasure of reading fan fiction from time to time, and noticed that while the stories themselves are good, there are a few mistakes in grammar that even the most skilled fan fiction writers can miss. After uploading your chapter onto your fan fiction website account, use some of the story editing features they have available in order to clean up any grammar mistakes you might’ve made while writing your draft. This will make your stories look more professional and less childish when being viewed by other fans.

Tip No. 5 – Get other people to read your stories!

The best way to see how well you did on your story or what you can improve on, is to get other fans to read your fan fiction. Don’t be upset or embarrassed if you receive constructive criticism for your work, that just means that the feedback your getting is helping you become a better fan fiction writer. Post links to your stories on some social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, and if you have a deviantART account, be sure to post the links to your story there.

Hopefully these tips that we gave you will help you become a better fan fiction writer, or at least give you an idea of where to start if you’re unfamiliar with writing fan fiction in general. The best way to learn is through practice and taking some writing composition classes in college. We hope to see some great stories from you guys in the future, so happy fan fiction writing!! 🙂

NEET Freak: 5 Anime Titles Centered Around Otaku Life!

Anime has been known to push the envelope sometimes; such as breaking the fourth wall with its viewing audience, or adding bizarre elements that you wouldn’t normally find in certain anime titles. If you’re already a part of the fandom, then you know that anime is more than just a trend – it’s a lifestyle! With so much diversity that can be found in one of the most popular mediums ever made, there’s bound to be some titles that talk about the lifestyle of an anime fan. A lot of fans can relate to these titles because they’re about as accurate as Panty’s sniper skills (*chuckles*). So for all the anime fans, NEETs, online gamers and otakus out there, here’s our five anime titles that are centered around the anime-otaku lifestyle! 😉


Number 5: And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

We’re kicking this filler post off with our fifth anime title “And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?“. If you love playing MMORPGs then this is the title for you! The story talks about Hideki Nishimura, an online gamer who excepts an in-game marriage from his guildmate, Ako. Not long after he and his other teammates from his guild decide to have their first ever real-life meeting, and is shocked to discover that all of them are girls who go to his school. Throughout the whole series Nishimura is trying to help Ako understand the difference between the game (Legendary Age or L.A.), and reality.


Number 4: Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Don’t we all wish we had this kind of teacher while we were going to school? Hardcore otaku Jun’ichiro Kagami suddenly becomes a substitute teacher due to the fact that his NEET-ish lifestyle, has gotten in the way of his sister. (Did we mention that he’s a teacher at the same school he graduated from? Which proves that even though we obsess over anime, we’re not stupid!) Using unorthodox methods to help his students due to his lifestyle as an otaku, Kagami manages to change the lives of many of the troubled youth during his class. ALL HAIL ANIME NERDS!! ^.^


Number 3: How To Raise a Boring Girlfriend

This title is for the fans who love playing visual novel games like Danganronpa and the Persona series. Tomoya Aki works part-time in order to fund his otaku lifestyle (like many of us), and suddenly meets a rather beautiful girl during Spring vacation. That same girl, known as Megumi, actually goes to the same school that Aki is in. He wants to develop a visual novel game using Megumi as the star character, but in order to do that he’ll need the help of two other girls; one named Eriri Spencer Sawamura, and the other Utaha Kasumigaoka. The series follows their saga of developing the game, selling it at a con, and the sudden love twister that forms.


Number 2: Oreimo

Have you and your sibling never gotten along with each other and don’t know why? Maybe it could’ve been that time you ate the last slice of pizza when your brother (or sister) called dibs? Maybe it could’ve been the time you broke your mom’s special vase and blamed your brother (or sister) for it? Or maybe, just maybe, you discovered that your brother (or sister) is actually a closet otaku, and doesn’t want the rest of the world to know about it? (By the ‘rest of the world’ we mean his/her friends at school.) If you’re a fan who is in that same situation, then you’re gonna love this comedic anime title!


And Finally Number 1: Himouto! Umaru-chan

This title is about as NEET and otaku-worthy as it can get! All of us can relate to Komaru in a big way only because she represents everything there is about otaku life! Sometimes we play the game of reality and do our best to impress, but every now and then we’d like to kick off our work shoes, lock ourselves in our rooms, fire up our desktop/laptop, and watch multiple seasons of our favorite anime for hours on end. This is a must see title if you’re a true anime fan! 😉

That’ll do it on our end! Be sure to check out all of our social media pages as well as the blog for updates and upcoming cons for the month of August! Until next time anime fans, stay true you yourselves and keep the love of anime alive! 🙂


Filler Post: The 5 Things You Should Never Do While Visiting Japan!

Japan. There is so much beauty that can be found here in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. From its pop culture to its amazing dishes (some of which were inspired by other countries) Japan has so much to offer to tourists of various ethnic backgrounds. If you’ve never had the the pleasure of visiting this wonderful place, save up your money (or go in with a friend) and make that incredible journey.

Although there’s a lot to do in Japan; such as visit places like Tokyo and Shibuya, there are some things that foreigners (like ourselves) should not do, or even avoid doing all together. Some of the most common things that we do in the west might be deemed offensive in Japan due to our cultural differences, laws, and way of life. So to help you out we’re gonna give you our top five things that you should never do while visiting Japan. (Though there are many others.)


#1 – Don’t wear shoes in the House

Our mothers and fathers would argue that this should be a rule in everybody’s household, not just in Japan. (Especially if you’ve just shampooed the carpets.) This is a hygienically good reason why Japanese people don’t want to track any dirt or mud into their homes. Before entering the house the shoes are placed on a genkan, as guest slippers may be provided for you upon entering into the house. You’re not allowed to wear slippers in the tatami room, so make sure you have some good clean socks on before entering, and also make sure that you don’t have foot odor. Yuck! >.<

#2 – Don’t Walk/Drive on the Right Side of the Street

On the west side of town (America) we’re used to driving on the right side of the street; where the cars on the left would travel northbound, and the cars on the right would travel southbound (or something to that effect). In Japan however it’s the other way around, so that means that you have to drive on the left side of the street and not the right. Driving on the right side may result in a crash, fine, death, or time in jail, so make sure to take that into consideration before driving out on the roads of Japan. Don’t be surprised if you happen to run into characters from a certain racing game series from a well-known franchise. 😉


#3 – Don’t Talk, Text, or Smoke on Japanese Public Transport

This one’s a bit of a doozy for many (if not all) of us, because we do this on a regular basis everyday while riding public transport. In Japan it’s impolite to talk and text on the bus because its serves as a distraction to the other passengers. This may be a deal-breaker for some of us who would like to visit Japan in the near future, but you have to remember, rules and regulations over there are different than in North America. You can however ask for help in case of an emergency.

#4 – Don’t forget to say “Thank You” and Bow in Respect

Whenever your waiter/waitress serves you your meal, or if you happen to meet a Japanese elder, make sure that you bow and say “thank you”. (If you do it in Japanese it might score you a few brownie points.) It shows them that you’re a respectful and gracious individual, and that you know how to express your gratitude. Don’t forget to also bow whenever you make a mistake too.

And #5 – Don’t Be Shy

Never be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know what to do while visiting Japan. The Japanese are very friendly and polite, and will not hesitate to help you if you’re unsure about something. If you forget something or leave something of value in a public place; such as in a bus, a public park, or any other various places, it will be right where you left (forgot) it and you won’t have to worry about it being stolen.

There are a lot of other things that you should also avoid doing while visiting Japan, but these five are the ones that we wanted to share with you. Japan is a beautiful place and has so much to offer in terms of cuisine, pop culture, fashion, and entertainment. It is also a country where the locals are reserved, friendly, and polite. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can give back the same respect and gratitude that they have shown us as tourists and travelers? Education is one of the most important fundamentals of everyday life, and if we take the time to learn the standard etiquette of the many countries we visit (like Japan), we’ll always feel welcome no matter how far we travel.


Anime Fanservice: Beautiful blessing, or horrible curse?

There are a lot of debatable topics in the anime community, but this one in particular is probably the most debatable. Before we start this filler post we want each and every one of our fans to know; we’re not for nor against this particular topic, we’re middle men. That simply means that the final decision for what side fans are on regarding this particular topic, is going to be up to them.

Fan Service can be described as material that the fans would want to see; such as a ‘fourth wall break’ moment where the main character talks directly to the audience, or possibly a cameo appearance from the author/creator of the series, a celebrity, or a character (or characters) from another series. The most common form of fan service in modern times (as we all know) is gratuitous sexual titillation; basically panty shots, shower scenes, girls in bikinis, you name it! This kind of fan service is hardly nothing new, in fact you can trace it as far back as the 50’s, when halftime football shows had cheerleaders to keep the audience entertained through exciting cheers and dances.

Nowadays fan service can pretty much be found anywhere, including in most modern anime titles. (But you already knew that, right?) Although gratuitous sexual titillation is basically the norm for all anime fan service, there are some anime titles that use it in a comical way. If you don’t believe us, then watch the first episode of Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Or Shimoneta if you prefer.



Fan service can go both ways with guys and girls; with Shonen titles aimed at the guys, and Shoujo aimed at the girls. Depending on the title you watch Ecchi and Harem-based anime use fan service as the vocal point of the whole series. Are there pros and cons to using too much fan service in certain anime titles? Yes, but again, it depends on what side of the tracks you’re on.

So now comes the one million dollar question, “Is fan service in anime a beautiful blessing, or a horrible curse?” The answer to that question will depend on the viewpoint of the fans themselves. Some people have even argued that the presence of fan service in anime and manga in general, indicates the low-leveled maturity of the fandom itself. Sometimes fan service may enhance the overall experience of certain anime titles depending on how it’s used, how it’s balanced within the story line, and which characters are involved. This goes back to a recent filler post that we did in regards to what we want to see from anime creators in Japan.

Keep in mind that fan service can be seen by many as either helping or hurting the quality of anime in the industry, however it all depends of what side of the debate you’re on. 😉


D&A Anime Blog: It’s Update Time!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the middle of July, and many of us are already dreading the thought of going back to school. Although the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ are approaching you’ve still got some time left to head out to a few anime cons with your friends, or chill back and stream a few titles on Crunchyroll. As for what’s happening on our side of town, we’ve got some new updates coming up for the blog!

UPDATE 1: Our Miscellany Monday segment where we feature lesser-known anime and delicious snacks from Japan will end April 3, 2018.

UPDATE 2: We’ve confirmed at least three conventions that we’ll be going to for our 2018 Anime Convention Tour. They’ll be posted on our Con Appearances page in December.

UPDATE 3: We’ll be posting some new videos on our Youtube channel in the Fall and Winter, and we’ll even do dual videos with both founders of the blog about what’s new with FUNimation, as well as some new blog updates.

UPDATE 4: New AMVs featuring Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and Danganronpa are coming soon. You’ll be able to listen to the tracks of said AMVs on our new AMV music page, also coming soon!

UPDATE 5: Next Spring we’ll be creating a Gundam Legacy page that will be dedicated to one of the most popular Mecha anime franchises in the world. There might be a podcast/video so stay tuned! 😉

Well that’s all we’ve got as far as new blog updates. There’s more D&A Anime Blog excitement coming your way! 🙂

D&amp;A Anime Blog (Facebook Profile)

D&A Friday’s: Where Anime, Manga, and Football Are A Part of You!

Did we just say football? Yes, we sure did, and we’re gonna explain the reason for that pretty soon. Before we get started we just want to thank you guys (the fans) for all of your continuous love and support that you’ve given to this awesome blog! We wouldn’t be where we are today had it not been for all of you; VA’s included! Now it’s time to get down to business on this rain-cooled Friday night with some anime and manga titles that we’ve saved just for you! 😉


If you love anime, manga, and the whole idea of an otaku lifestyle, then you’re gonna love this awesome title known as Ultimate Otaku Teacher! The series is about a 24-year-old male named Jun’ichiro Kagami, who is an absolute full-fledged otaku with extreme tendencies of being a NEET. He is forced to become a substitute teacher at his former high school by his sister, in order to rid herself of her brother’s NEET-ish ways. It soon turns out that Kagami is quite good at what he does as a sub teacher, in spite of the fact that he uses unorthodox ways of reaching out to his students due to the fact of him being an otaku. This is quite an enjoyable slice-of-life series with an awesome dub cast, so if you have yet to see it, then you can watch/stream it on Crunchyroll and FUNimation!

Our Manga of the WeekEyeshield 21” deals with Sena Kobayakawa, who enters Deimon High School and becomes a Running Back for the Deimon Devil Bats football team. He’s physical abilities include his speed and agility; earning him the Running Back (RB) position from the American football team captain, Yoichi Hiruma. Throughout the manga Sena along with his teammates enter seasonal tournaments for a chance to play in the Christmas Bowl, in spite of the fact that they’ve lost to stronger teams earlier in the season. Will the Devil Bats become one of the best American football teams in Japan? You’ll have to read and find out! 😉

More updates and D&A excitement coming your way next time on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you! 😉