Farewell 2016!! D&A Returns For 2017!!

There are so many words that can describe how this 2016 year has been for us, but one single word that sticks out like a sore thumb, is “interesting”. Whether good or bad this year has been quite interesting for many of us, however we at D&A love and appreciate all of the love and support that we’ve been getting from you guys for the blog. We’ve posted a special end of the year message on our youtube page, so be sure to check it out to see all the awesome new features we plan on adding in 2017! Our mini anime convention tour kicks off January 13th at Animore 2017 in Baltimore, so if you want to know where the rest of our stops will be, check em’ out on our Con Appearances page.

Stating January 6th we’ll be implementing an Age Rating for our Anime of the Week titles. (Though nowadays half of the shows we watch are between TV-14 and TV-MA.) We’ll also be doing the same for Miscellany Monday’s Anime of the Day, and Slash Saturday’s Samurai Anime of the Week. With all that being said both A. Goldman and Yours Truly thank you (the fans) from the bottom of our hearts for making our debut year, a part of you! 🙂

Lupin the Third!! Our Last Throwback Thursday Title Of 2016!!

It’s hard to believe that we’re less than 72 hours away from 2016 becoming something of a distant memory. With that being said, this is our last Throwback Thursday title of 2016! If you’ve been a Lupin the Third fan since the 70’s then you’re already heard of its series sequel, along with all the other installments throughout its franchise.

We want to thank each and every one of our fans for all of the support that you’ve given us all throughout the 2016 year. We’ve got some big plans coming to the blog in 2017; one of which has something to do with our one year anniversary. Our end of the year message will be pushed to December 31st just six hours before the ball drops, so be sure to check out our youtube page to see what’s in store for D&A for the new year!

Alright guys, this is A. Goldman and Yours Truly saying goodbye to 2016, and hello to 2017!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🙂

The Last Snack of the Year! Miscellany Monday Closes Out The 2016 Year!!

Don’t worry, this is just the last Miscellany Monday segment of 2016. Well guys, we’ve finally made through yet another year, with all the crazy stuff that’s been goin’ on from the election to the hustle n’ bustle of the holidays. Tonight we bring you some sweet treats from our Talkin’ Snack! section, as well as another lesser known anime title for you to enjoy. With January coming up we’ve got some new anime conventions coming up on our Cons Near U page; which will be posted next week!

Coming up later this week of course is our final Throwback Thursday and D&A Friday segments of 2016. Plus, we’ve got an end of the year announcement to share with you that will be posted on our youtube page on Friday December 30th! Stay tuned! 😉

Murder Mysteries and Christmas Trees! Surviving the Holidays on D&A!!

Tomorrow night is officially Christmas Eve, so we’re hoping that many of you have gotten all your shopping done. (Though some of us are probably gonna wait until tomorrow night to ‘actually’ shop.) So while you’re getting your place ready for family and friends, why not check out what we’ve got for you right here on D&A Fridays! Get hooked on a murder mystery that takes its true meaning to the extreme! Or you can check out all of our past titles that we’ve reviewed and fall in love with them all over again. (Manga of the Week will return in two weeks.) With Saturday being Christmas Eve and next Saturday being New Year’s Eve, our Slash Saturday segment will return on January 7, 2017. So to you and yours this holiday season, we say…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!! 🙂

Throwback Thursday is Retro Thursday! The Return of 60’s Anime Classics!!

Welcome to yet another installment of D&A’s Throwback Thursday! Tonight we return to the anime classics of the 60’s, that have paved the way for all the genres and titles that soon followed. If you’re looking for a title filled with drama and paranoia during the Edo-period of Japan, then check out a little series known as Kamui the Ninja! Tomorrow night we’ve got some great anime and manga titles for you to watch (and read) during the Christmas holiday. Saturday night we paint the snow red, as samurai of the Edo (and Sengoku) era return to make their mark on Slash Saturday!

On December 31 we’ll be posting a special end of the year message to our fans about what’s coming to the blog in 2017, updates on our anime convention tour, and our one year anniversary surprise that we want to give to you (the fans)! It’s been a wonderful year for us and we’re gonna do it all over again next year!! 🙂

Another Double Shift! D&A Fridays and Slash Saturdays Round 2!!

Once again we’ve overslept on our time last night to bring you a double header tonight! It’s Round two of our double shift special; as we bring you our anime and manga titles from D&A Fridays; and samurai anime goodness from Slash Saturday! Hopefully next Friday and Saturday night we’ll get back on track, but if worse comes to worse we’ll bring you another double shift from your two favorite days of the week. 🙂

Our New Year’s Resolution: Big Plans are Coming for 2017!!

With Christmas and New Years only two weeks away, we at D&A Anime Blog gotta say that it’s been quite a nice ride for our first year! We can’t thank you (the fans) enough for all the positive feedback about the blog and our segments, that we’ve been getting. As you know; we’re kicking off our miniature anime convention tour starting January, 13 2017 at Animore in Baltimore, MD. Of course that’s not all we have planned…

To celebrate our one year anniversary we’re unleashing a new page on the blog that’s sure to get you drenched in nostalgia! That page will make its mark on January 11th. We’re also going to have an age range limit on the blog for certain drop-down menus starting Monday December 19, 2016. That limit being between 14 and 65.

New video content will be coming to our youtube page in the form of AMVs, and vlogs of our tour to different anime conventions. In 2018 we’ll be rolling out the red carpet for our newest music section; Groundz Playlist, featuring original mixes produced by D&A’s founder (D.J. Lewis aka Spinmaster Groundz). There’s so much awesome stuff coming to D&A that we’ve only covered half of it, but now you know where we plan on going for the new year. So to all the anime and manga fans out there, thank you! We love you! And here’s to what’s ahead for us in 2017!! 🙂

Child Detectives and Steam Powered Robots! Thursday Night is Throwback Night!!

Throwback Thursday returns with some more anime titles of the 90’s, as we keep the nostalgia alive for many of our fans who grew up watching 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s anime! (Or Japanimation as we used to call it.) Get yourself hooked on detective classics like Case Closed and Steam Detectives, or hit a grand slam with the girls from Princess Nine! Thursday nights are always a fun time to look back on top classics that defined the anime world, so for that we at D&A say thank you to all of the production companies, creators, and artists that have paved the way for the anime we see today! Kudos!! 😉

Dango and Fishing! D&A Makes Mondays Rock!!

Never have we missed a Monday night where you didn’t have fun, and time and time again we at D&A continue to strive in that area. Although this post is a little bit shorter than our previous ones, we’re gonna keep this flow of ours going for as long as we can! Again, we can’t say how much we appreciate our fanbase for their support and love, and for that – WE THANK YOU!! 😉

D&A Double Shift! D&A Fridays and Slash Saturdays are Up and Running!

Well guys, we did it! We have finally posted our picks for our D&A Fridays and Slash Saturday lineup. It’s jam-packed with some awesome anime and manga titles that you may know about, but might have yet to see (or even read) them. Fantasy worlds, monster breeders, and wondering samurai are the name of the game this time around. So we hope you enjoy our picks and check em’ out when you get the chance! 😉