Avidd Music Alert: New Single “King Koopa” Featuring King Shabazz OUT NOW!

Hey guys! We now that it’s been awhile since our last post, but we’ve got some music news to share with you! D&A’s D.J. Lewis (under the DJ/Producer moniker of Avidd Minddset) has released his latest single “King Koopa” featuring well-known rapper King Shabazz! If you’re a Super Mario fan and love video game rap, then you’re gonna love this new single. It’s officially out in all music streaming stores everywhere, and also check out King Shabazz’s website www.TheKingShabazz.com for all of his latest singles, EP’s, and Albums as well! New content and posts coming next week, so until then enjoy the single and stay nerdy! 😉

Avidd Music Fridays: Dariasirene – Angel in Tokyo (feat. Nyokee)

Sorry this one took so long, but D&A Anime Blog would like to welcome you to a special segment where we highlight independent music artists, DJ’s and producers called Avidd Music Fridays! To kick off this new segment we bring to you an awesome artist that reached out to us a couple months ago on the blog. Her name is Dariasirene, and we’ve had the chance to check out her latest single featuring another artist known as Nyokee. It’s a fun little song that has a future type of techno vibe with chiptune sounds that kind of remind me of an ending from a futuristic anime. The title of the track is called “Angel in Tokyo”, and it’s available on all music streaming platforms! Check it out! 😉

D&A Anime Blog: Avidd Music Fridays is Coming Next Month!

Attention independent musical artists, DJs and producers! We at D&A Anime Blog will be bringing a brand new special series of weekly posts that will allow you to promote yourselves as well as highlight your upcoming albums, EPs, singles, and mixtapes! This is a special cross-promotional thing (presented by Avidd Minddset) that we’ll be trying out in the month of February, so if you’re an artist, DJ or producer that wants us to shine the spotlight on your musical talents and brand, let us know through our Contact Us page!

D&A Anime Blog: Welcome To The Lounge!

In the past couple days an old thought seemingly found its way back into our heads; what about creating a page where our fans can listen to some of their favorite tunes while surfing through blog? Then it hit us! Since we have some music already on Spotify, why not link it up with the blog? Thus, our newest music page The Lounge was born! So if you’re a fan of music and have any particular genres you’d like for us to add to our new page, be sure to let us know in the comments below, or even on our Contact Us page. As always, stay nerdy, and stay healthy! 😉

The Lounge [Header]
Our newest music section! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Anime REvisited & Meteor Herd Remix!

March is finally here, so that means the warm temps that we’ve been waiting several weeks for, are surely on the horizon – if they haven’t already arrived. With two-and-a-half weeks remaining until our next convention outing, we’ve been think about having another segment where we do full episodic reviews on anime titles that are well-known, and lesser-known called Anime REvisited. We don’t have an exact date of when we’ll be doing this segment, but if you guys have any suggestions on what titles you want us to revisit, just let us know in the comment section below, or hit us up on our discord channel. Also, with the upcoming release of Avidd Minddset’s Minddgames EP, we have a special remix of Sonic Adventure 2’s Meteor Herd level produced by Avidd Minddset. Be sure to like and subscribe to our youtube channel if you like the track, and Minddgames will be released on all major (and minor) music streaming services on March 13th. That’s all we have for now, but until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Quick Updates: Music & (Possible) Podcast News!

A while back we were beating around the idea of putting together a podcast, and so far that idea is still on the table. As for our music segment, we’re implementing that feature on our sidebar in order to give our blog/website a more integrated feel. While we don’t have any main content to talk about on our (future) podcast just yet, we can say it will contain a few elements from some of the reviews that we’ve done on our Instagram page. Also with our music segment we hope to add some DJ mixes that fans can listen to along with some original works in the near future. That’s all we’ve got for updates, but there’s more posts and more excitement on the way! 🙂

DJ Spindraulx [WhiteLogo]
Music Segment produced by DJ Spindraulx (Donte’ Lewis of D&A)

D&A Anime Blog: Updates, Cancellations, and What’s on the Horizon!

Hey guys n’ gals! We’re hoping that you all had a great 4th of July last night, and didn’t do anything too dangerous. So here we are halfway through 2018 (as hard as that is to believe), and it’s only a matter of time before our three-year anniversary comes up in January. We don’t know what we’re going to do yet for that celebration, but what we do have is a few updates on what’s going to be happening for the remainder of the year. Some of it’s good news, and some of its bad news, but at the end of the day, we want our fans to know how much we love them for all of the support that they’ve been giving us.

Spindraulics (WhiteLogo)


During the creative process of what we wanted D&A Anime Blog to be, we wanted to have a few things that made us stood out from all the rest. One of the founding members of D&A, Donte’ Jamal Lewis, has been producing music between 2008-2014 through a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) known as MAGIX; great for Hip-Hop or Electronic Music Producers. He took a hiatus in Spring 2014 to take Music Production classes in college, now he’s prepared to take his newfound knowledge of Mixing, Mastering, Compression and Limiting, and use it to create new music.

With that being said, we’ll finally be able to purchase a DJ controller (the Pioneer DDJ-1000) for Lewis, as he takes on the name Spindraulics in celebration of unlocking this achievement! A new page containing both original music and DJ mixes from Spindraulics (Lewis) will be making its way to the blog January 2019!

Now for a little bit of bad news; we won’t be able to attend Anime Festival Orlando this year, so to our fans who live in Orlando, Florida who follow us on social media, we apologize that we won’t be able to make it this time. This however doesn’t mean that we won’t go to AFO in the future. As for our fan fiction menu (if you haven’t already heard the news), we’ll be removing the current title Sonic Beatdown: Danganronpa Silver, and replace it with Sonic Beatdown: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. We’ll keep you updated on when it will be making its way to the blog, and what the story will be about.

Next year we may be temporarily pulling back a bit on convention appearances (only going to about 2-3/year) in order to find new ways to market and advertise what we do (i.e. Reddit, Instagram, and more). This doesn’t mean that we love our fans any less, its just with the rising costs of reliable transportation these days, it’s kinda hard to manage appearances on an out-of-pocket budget. In spite of this we’ll be working on getting sponsorships and figuring out ways to sell our brand merchandise, and (possibly) open up a kickstarter page.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is our updates for today! More filler posts coming soon!

Two Confirmed EPs for the Blog!!

We’ve just confirmed two EPs for the blog that are set on being posted in early 2017!! Their titles are Solar Eclipse and Hikari Rising, and each will have 4 tracks and 2 remixes. Be sure to like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and also follow us right here on D&A Anime Blog for updates on what’s happening! 🙂