It Is On This Day…that Samurai Rule your Weekend!

And rule they shall! Here we are at yet another warm Saturday night! While many of the “normies” are out partying, you decided to stay indoors, fire up your desktop or laptop, and check out what we’ve got goin’ on for Slash Saturday! (You must really like us! *sniffle*) Well we’re not ones to disappoint, so prepare to have your Saturday night slashed, rocked, and rolled! We’ve got in our arsenal some samurai anime titles alongside our male and female Hall of Fame inductees for you guys to enjoy. So instead of keeping you waiting, let’s get started! 😉

If you’re looking for your usual Saturday night samurai fix, then might we suggest a little title known as Sanada Juu Yuushi, or Sanada Ten Braves. The Tokugawa clan wants to solidify their control over Feudal Japan, but the Sanada clan has other plans. Join them in their battle to relinquish the Tokugawa’s control in this awesome samurai title!

Sanada Ten Braves

Also, be sure to check us out for the grand unveiling of our newest drop down menu known as Anime Sunday, aka Ani-Sunday! It will have two new pages; Anime Couple of the Week, and Anime Episode of the Week. We’re so excited to debut our newest feature to the blog, and we hope you’re excited about it too! See you guys at the grand opening! 🙂

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