Long Time No See…

Hey, guys. It’s been two weeks since our last post but we’re so grateful that while we’ve been ‘away’, you still sent us your love and support for the blog, and we can’t thank you (the fans) enough for that. Since switching our main site to ‘Premium’ we’ve decided to do things a little bit different with our posting schedule. We’re going back to using our “Auto Post” system in order to maintain consistency with our content. In order for it to work effectively, we’ve decided to work on and create our posts this month and have them scheduled to hit next month, so that means there won’t be any new current posts this month. Also, we’ll be doing a lot of awesome things over the summer, so we’ll keep you up to date on what new things are coming to the blog as well as new features for the fans to enjoy. Until next month you can check out our past posts and videos, as well as keep up with developments on our social media pages. We thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts and until next post, stay nerdy! 🙂

Sonic The Hedgehog: #GottaFixFast!

Hey guys n’ girls, sorry we’ve been away for so long. A lot has been happening life-wise while we’ve been away, but we’re super happy and grateful that you guys have stuck around and supported us through everything. With all of that being said, we’re pretty sure that half of you have seen the new trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Before you read this post we want you to do us a BIG favor and bear with us on how we feel about it (the trailer), as the World’s Fastest Hedgehog has meant so much to our lives as well as yours – if you’re a diehard fan.

As of right now, the best way to describe the trailer that we’ve seen would be an old saying that you might have heard of; “if it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT!” If Sonic Boom has taught us anything in terms of character design, stick with what works! It’s not all bad however, as a Hollywood national treasure is playing one of our favorite villains of the franchise; Jim Carrey. You remember him from Dumb & Dumber, the live-action Grinch, and of course Bruce Almighty. If Hollywood wants to work in the anime and gaming world, they need to learn their history and do their homework. Besides, we all know what happened when DB Evolution out; you know you screwed up when the entire fanbase wants to grill your a** down to the white meat!

In the mist of all of this Nintendo is somewhere taking notes on what NOT to do, when they get ready to release the trailer for the new Super Mario movie. (Which from what we heard is being produced by Illumination, the same guys behind Despicable Me.) Anyway, all I can say about the Sonic trailer is this; return Sonic back to his Sonic Forces design (but you can make his fur live-action), have Roger Craig Smith be the voice instead of whoever is doing it now, put Jim Carrey in a fat suit, make him put on a bald-cap piece, digitally make his nose and mustache longer and bigger, give him those coke-bottle shades and BAM! In fact, check this picture out to get the idea.

This is what Dr. Eggman SHOULD look like!

As we’ve said before, we’re doing everything we can to not turn this into a rant, but when it comes to anime and video games you can’t give it the MARVEL treatment! The live-action Ghost in the Shell did it right (despite a few critics), as they got the Japanese director involved in the creative process. Alright, that’s my two cents on the issue as well as this post. In the meantime what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below. Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉