Southwest Bound Anime Cons

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If you’re looking for some anime conventions in the Southwest region of the U.S. (or if you’re heading that way), then this is the page for you!


Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2019: April 19-21, 2019

If you live in Music City, then have we got an anime convention for you! In Nashville, TN we’ve got the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, where fans can have fun and meet new friends as well as cosplay, go to Q&A panels, watch anime, and so much more! Nashville may be the home base of country music, but it’s also the home of this awesome anime convention!


CyPhacon 2019: April 12-14, 2019

The warm weather is officially here, and con season is on the verge of getting into ‘full-swing’ mode! With that comes some cons for the moth of April for you to check out; this being one of them. CyPhacon is a three-day anime, gaming, and sci-fi con filled with everything a geek desires; such as panels, Q&A, voice actors, cosplay, anime, and gaming! Want something to do for the weekend if you live in or near Louisiana? Check out this convention and have a blast! 🙂

  • Cyphacon 2019

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Naka-Kon 2019: March 15-17, 2019

If you’re looking for a con with anime and music, then look no further than Naka-Kon! If you plan on heading to the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, Kansas then you’re in for an awesome treat! At this three-day convention you’ll meet cosplayers, fellow fans, voice actors, musicians, and more! Music and anime aren’t the only things at this con, there’s also video games, cosplay contests, late night dances, and of course anime screenings. If you wanna travel the distance and have the ‘green’ to do so, check out Naka-Kon in Overland Park, KS and prepare for awesome! 😉

  • Naka-Kon 2019

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Con-Munnity Festival 2019: March 8-10, 2019

With the days getting longer, it’s time to bust out of that ‘cold-funk’ and jump into the convention scene with other like-minded otaku like yourself. To help you out we’ve got a convention down in Amarillo, Texas that has everything you’d want out of an anime con; such as panels, guests, workshops, cosplay, and more! Kick off March Madness nerd-style with the Con-Munnity Festival held at the Amarillo Civic Center in Amarillo, TX.

  • Con-Munnity Festival 2019


Anime West Texas 2019: January 25-27, 2019

For those who have gone to this convention last year, they’re stepping it up to a three-day event filled with any and everything anime! This time the con will be held at the MCM Elegante in Lubbock, TX. If you live near the area or you plan on going, you’ll be in for three full days of cosplay, anime, voice actors and celebs from the anime industry, panels, and more! Everything you need (including food) is all inside the hotel, but don’t worry, there’s places to eat outside as well. for more info check out the link below.

  • Anime West Texas 2019


Nomikai Dallas 2018: October 13, 2018

Are you looking for an awesome otaku experience that you can share with your friends? Well Nomikai Dallas is just the convention that you’ve been looking for! Held at the Premier Event Center in Lewisville, Texas you’ll be in for some panels, gaming, comics, anime, manga, and so much more! Many may see this as just a one-day con, but it’s an experience like no other.

  • Nomikai Dallas 2018 @ The Premier Center in Lewisville, TX

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HallowCon Arkansas 2018: October 27, 2018

When it comes to Halloween, America cosplay’s once a year. When it comes to anime conventions, fans cosplay every weekend! If you love anime and Halloween why choose one over the other, right? You don’t have to at this convention, because HallowCon Arkansas is a Halloween-themed anime convention! You’ll be in for a spooky good time with panels, games, anime, manga, and so much more! Find the scariest cosplay outfit you have, and get ready to paint the town red – not with blood we hope…

  • HallowCon Arkansas 2018 @ The Crowne Plaza in Little Rock, AR

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_45387426_64361670897_1_original

Realms Con 2018: September 28-30, 2018

If you live in or are heading out to Texas then there’s a convention with your name on it! Realms Con has any and every fandom from nerd/geek culture that you can think of. There are all sorts of panels, bands, late-night raves, anime, manga, and so much more! Wanna put some excitement in your weekend? Then make your way to Realms Con!

  • Realms Con 2018 @ Omni Hotel & Resort


Konsplosion! 2018: September 28-30, 2018

The Fall is finally here, which means that school is now in session. However, that doesn’t mean you have to bypass some fun time with friends on the weekends – especially if there’s a con goin’ on! If you live in Fort Smith, AR there’s a convention known as Konsplosion! being held at the Fort Smith Arkansas Convention Center. In it you’ll be in for three days of cosplay, anime, manga, comics, gaming, panels, and more! Don’t miss your chance to chill out n’ hang with your fellow nerds before the month of Halloween.

  • Konsplosion! 2018 @ The Fort Smith Convention Center

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_39194833_233387152593_1_original

Anime Sekai 2018: September 14-16, 2018

As we mentioned in a previous filler post, Texas is one of the states that has the most anime conventions than any other state in North America. That being said, this new three day anime and gaming con can be found at the Abilene Convention Center in Abilene, Texas. You’ll find everything a nerd, geek, and otaku could ask for in a con; such as cosplay, anime, gaming, Q&A panels, and so much more! This is their first year doing this awesome con, so check em’ out when you get the chance!

  • Link: Anime Sekai 2018 @ The Abilene Convention Center


Queen City Anime Convention 2018: August 23-26, 2018

Do you live in Charlotte, NC? Do you plan on going there some time during the last weekend in August? If so, then you’ll be in for a four-day super jam with anime fans, friends, and otaku groups alike! There will be cosplay, anime, manga, workshops, games, panels, weekend dances with DJs, and so much more! End your Summer with a bang this year, by going to one of the most popular anime cons in North Carolina!

  • Queen City Anime Con 2018 in Charlotte, NC


DreamCon 2018: August 10-12, 2018

So the dog days of Summer have arrived, and you’re now finding yourself itching to go to another con before school starts, right? Well let us be the first to introduce you to this awesome convention known as Dream Con; a three-day convention filled with anime, manga, video games, cosplay, voice actors, and more! The Summer may be winding down, but you still have a chance to turn up with your nerd friends at the WCC this weekend. Don’t miss it! 🙂

  • DreamCon 2018 @ The Waco Convention Center: August 10-12, 2018


Texarkanime 2018: July 28-29, 2018

If you’ve gotten the chance to go to AnimeCon Arkansas, then you’re going to love what they’ve got cooked up this time around! Texarkanime brings you everything you love about anime conventions; such as Q&A panels, cosplay, anime, manga, video games, late night DJ dance parties, and more! You don’t wanna miss what the people behind AnimeCon Arkansas has planned, so if you’re heading in the southwest direction, stop by this con and check out what’s up!

(Link: Texarkanime 2018 in Texarkana, AR)

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_38069117_53815862390_1_original

AkaiCon 2018: July 27-29, 2018

Going to Lebanon, TN this year? Then there’s an anime convention with your name on it! AkaiCon is a great getaway for otaku who need a break from reality, so if you’re one who fits this description (and wants to get away), click on the link below and let your troubles float away.

Link: AkaiCon 2018 in Lebanon, TX


AnimeCTX 2018: June 29-July 1, 2018

Wanna close out the month of June in the geekiest way possible? Then make your way to the Austin Marriott North hotel in Round Rock, Texas for a three day anime convention known as AnimeCTX! You’ll be in for Q&A panels, voice actors, anime, cosplay, video games, late night dance parties, and more! Start your Summer convention season off right with a trip to AnimeCTX!

(Link: AnimeCTX 2018 in Round Rock, TX)


Hamacon 2018: June 22-24, 2018

The official first weekend of Summer starts here, at Hamacon 2018 in Huntsville, AL! What better way to kick off the first day of Summer than with your anime-lovin’ pals, at an anime convention. There will be voice actors, cosplay, Q&A panels, anime, manga, and so much more! We wish we could tell you what you’ll be in for, but it’s better if you just head out there for yourselves! Start Summer 2018 right with a trip down to Huntsville for three days of anime and cosplay fun! 🙂

Link: Hamacon 2018 in Huntsville, AL


Cosplacon 2018: June 14-17, 2018

You might as well say that it’s Summer, cuz’ con season is a-blazin’! If you live in the southwest region of the U.S. like say, Jefferson City, Missouri or some place near it, then why not kick off your Summer otaku-style, and make your way to Cosplacon! You’ll be in for four days of panels, cosplay, anime, sci-fi, video games, voice actors, and so much more! It may be hot outside, but you can chill with your fellow nerds at Cosplacon.

Link: Cosplacon 2018 in Jefferson City, MO


Mobicon 2018: May 25-27, 2018

Looking for a convention with a little bit of everything? Then you’re gonna love Mobicon! This con has (as we already mentioned) any and everything nerdy; anime, manga, sci-fi, comics, video games, cosplay, and more! If you live in the area or if you’re planning to head towards the Southwest region, then be sure to stop by Mobicon for a great time with your friends and fellow otaku. (Link: Mobicon)


Lib-Con 2018: April 25-28, 2018

If you live in Texas or anywhere in the surrounding area, we’ve got a four-day convention for you to check out! Lib-Con is held at the Abilene Public Library in Abilene, TX. This convention is held in all three locations of the APL, so no matter which one you find yourself at, you’ll be in for some games, cosplay, anime, manga, and more! 🙂

(Link: Lib-Con Convention)


Oz-Con 2018: April 27-29, 2018

Do you live in the Ozarks? Do you plan to head out to the Ozarks any time soon? If you do, we’ve got a little convention for you to check out! Oz-Con is a three-day convention held in West Plains, MO where fans can experience cosplay, anime, gaming, and a whole lot more! Will there be special guests? Yes? Who are they you ask? We don’t know! You’ll have to check it out to find out!

(Link: Oz-Con Anime and Gaming Convention)


Mobile Bay Anime Festival 2018: April 21, 2018

Looking for some cosplay fun by the seashore? Then look no further than Daphne, Alabama for the Mobile Bay Anime Festival! This one-day convention celebrates everything anime, manga, and pop-culture related; featuring fan-favorite voice actors Todd Haberkorn and Colleen Clinkenbeard! (Link: Mobile Bay Anime Festival)


CHS Otaku Fest 2018: April 14, 2018

Looking for something small? Something to help jump-start your ‘cosplay senses’ as well as your anime and manga urges? Do you like in Maryland? If your answer is yes to all three, then check out this one-day anime mini convention at Centennial High School in Ellicott City, Maryland. Inside you’ll find cosplay, panels, anime screenings, video games, and everything in between! We’ll be attending this event ourselves, so if you wanna see us in person, then head down to CHS Otaku Fest April 14th! (Link: CHS Otaku Fest)


Kigacon 2018: March 16-18, 2018

With Daylight Savings time rapidly approaching, we may lose an hour of sleep but you won’t have to worry about the sun setting so soon! On that note, if you’re looking for a way to being in the first day of Spring, then check out this awesome anime convention! You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of anime fans just like you, as you indulge in Q&A panels, video games, cosplay, and so much more! Leave Old Man Winter behind and gear up for the Spring with Kigacon! (Link: Kigacon 2018)


Ushicon 2018: February 16-18, 2018

Do you live in the southwestern region of the United States or even close to it? Are you at least 18 years of age or older? If the answer is yes, then you’re gonna wanna check this amazing convention out! Ushicon is a small con that has everything an otaku desires; video games, voice actor panels, cosplay, anime, manga, and more! The only thing that’s different about this con is the age limit, so if you’re 18 years of age or older, then make your way to Round Rock, TX for an awesome good time with friends and fellow geeks!

Link to Con: Ushicon 2018


Banzaicon 2017: November 3-5, 2017

Do you love anime and video games? Then you’re gonna love this con! Banzaicon is filled with everything you love about anime, cosplay, video games, and voice actors. So if you’re looking for a place to chill with other fans who like the same things that we’ve mentioned above, then make your way to Columbia, SC on the first weekend in November for Banzaicon! It’ll be a blast! 🙂

(Link: Banzaicon 2017 Anime Convention)


Oni-Con 2017: October 27-29, 2017

If you’re looking for a Pre-Halloween anime convention and you live somewhere in the southwest region (like Dallas, Huston, or somewhere in between), then you might wanna check this anime convention out! This con promises more treats than tricks this Halloween; such as Q&A panels, video games, cosplay, and go old fashioned otaku fun! Why waist another Halloween at home kicking out candy to Trick-or-Treaters, when you can be kicking it with your anime-lovin’ friends at a con? (Unless that’s your thing, then by all means do you! ^.^)

(Link: Oni-Con 2017 Anime Convention)


KentokyoCon 2017: August 18-20, 2017

There’s a difference between watching the anime you love, and actually living among the fandom. If you’re on the lookout for a place where you and your friends can chill out and enjoy some anime, cosplay, and a whole lot more, then KentokyoCon is the place to be! Check out the link below to find out more! 🙂

(Link: KentokyoCon 2017)


Anime Fest 2017: August 17-20, 2017

Looking for a fun way to kick off the last ‘Hoorah’ of the Summer? Then why not make your way down south to Dallas, Texas for a four day anime convention known as Anime Fest! You’ll be in for everything from Q&A panels, anime, cosplay, voice actors, and more! With the aura of ‘Back-to-school’ in the air, now’s the time to get the best out of your con life by heading out to this awesome four day convention, and just go geek-crazy!

(Link: Anime Fest 2017)


MechaCon 2017: July 28-30, 2017

If you love anime, Japanese culture and Transformers, then you’re gonna love this anime convention! (Mainly because it embraces all three!) You’ll be in for some awesome treats such as cosplay, anime voice actor panels, games, dances (maybe), and a whole lot of other things that will make you ‘squeee!’ with joy! New Orleans is known for more than just its cuisine and football team, so if you wanna know what its anime con life is like, then make your way down to the bayou for an awesome good time!

(Link: MechaCon 2017)


Hamacon 2017: June 23-25, 2017

Looking for an anime convention to kick off the first official weekend of Summer? Then you’re gonna wanna travel southwest to Hamacon in Huntsville, AL! You’ll be in for three days of paling around with your otaku friends and family, as you engage in some Q&A panels from voice actors, workshops, games, cosplay, and so much more! Fire up your official Summer weekend with a trip to Hamacon 2017, and trust us, you’re gonna have a blast! 🙂 (Link: Hamacon 2017)


Love anime and video games? Then you’re gonna want to check out this anime convention at the Fort Smith Convention Center, in Fort Smith, Arkansas via River Valley. With this being the second largest anime and gaming convention in North America, you’ll be in for some awesome Q&A panels, live concerts, and everything else in between. If you happen to be on your way in the southwest direction for whatever reason (and we’re hoping that reason might be to find an anime con to help take your mind off of ‘real world’ problems), then you might wanna give this con a shot and see just how awesome this con really is! 😉 (Link: AK Anime Fest)


Beckley, West Virgina…get ready for an awesome anime convention with a cause known as Causeacon 2017 (no pun intended)! This anime convention is great for helping to support the Women’s Resource Center of Beckley, but it’s also awesome for us as anime fans because we get to engage and fellowship with our fellow otaku! There will be table-top games, cosplay contests, rave parties, and Q&A panels! So if you happen to live directly in Beckley or somewhere near it, come on down to Causeacon and have yourself a geeky good time! (Link: Causeacon 2017)


JAMPcon 2017: April 21-23, 2017

This anime convention disappeared five years ago, but now it’s making its return to the scene. (And we have you guys, the fans, to thank for that!) Chattanoogans and out-of-towners are in for an awesome good time, as you cosplay and meet other anime fans who are passionate about anime and manga as much as you are! There will be panels, games, workshops, and everything in between. The theme for the con itself is entitled “Versus”, so if you want more info about it, then click on the link and see what’s up! (Link: JAMPcon 2017)


Star City Anime 2017: March 24-26, 2017

From the same people that brought you AniMore in Baltimore, MD comes a cool and awesome anime convention known as Star City Anime, in Roanoke, VA! If you’re a con goer who’s looking for something small yet exciting, then Star City might be the answer to your prayers. Chuck Huber (who is awesome with a capital ‘A’) will be making his appearance at this con, plus a few other familiar faces if you’re an AniMore veteran. Bottom line: you’re gonna love this con! (Link: Star City Anime 2017)

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_14307905_147485650996_1_original.jpg

LouisiANIME 2017: March 17-19, 2017

What’s that? You say you’ve never seen any anime cons down in the bayou? Well boy are you in for a shocker, cuz LouisiANIME is the place to be, down in Baton Rouge, LA! You’ll be in for some Q&A panels, some cosplay love, and just all out otaku fellowship with all of your friends both old and new! If you’ve never been to Louisiana or if you’ve never seen an anime con in Louisiana before, then Baton Rouge will be your number one location for the anime con that is…LouisiANIME. (Link: LouisiANIME 2017)


Knoxville Anime Day 2017: January 21, 2017

A new year means a new season of anime cons, so we bring you a one day anime con that’s been a few places, but this year it’s destination is Knoxville, TN! Fan panels, video screenings, and raffle drawings are just a few of the perks that you’ll get if you come to this wonderful anime convention. (Plus the con itself is only $5, you can’t beat that!) So whether you live in Knoxville or somewhere near it, this con is not a bad way to go if you spend time with your anime friends, am I right? Head there and find out! (Link: Knoxville Anime Day 2017)


Yama-Con 2016: December 2-4, 2016

The weather is getting colder and much of all the post-summer cons have come and gone, but good news anime lovers, there’s more! If you’re looking for some anime convention excitement, then you’ll find it at Yama-Con 2016, in Pigeon Forge, TN! Big names like Kyle Hebert and Johnny Yong Bosch will be there, plus 1,000’s of other anime fans just like you! You’ll be in for some panels, games, workshops, and anything that makes your otaku heart sing. Don’t wanna deal with the cold this Pre-Winter? Then c’mon down to the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge and have a blast! 🙂 Link: Yama-Con 2016


Anime Blast Chattanooga 2016: November 11-13, 2016

After you’re done partying in Detroit make your way in the southwestern direction for Anime Blast Chattanooga, in good ol’ Chattanooga, TN! Chat it up with your fellow fans about everything that is anime and manga, as you enjoy the festivities and events that A.B.C. has to offer; like panels, Q&A, workshops, games, and so much more! This is one anime con that truly lives up to its motto: “By the Fans, for the Fans!” 🙂 Link: Anime Blast Chattanooga 2016


AnimeFest 2016: August 12-15, 2016

Head southwest to AnimeFest in Dallas, TX for a four day (you heard that right), four day anime convention filled with everything that is anime! Workshops, Q&A’s, panels, cosplay, and voice actors are all that’s going to be happening at this con, so be sure to bring all your friends down to Dallas for the weekend, and geeeeek out! 🙂 Link:

logo (3)

Anime Overload 2016: August 5-7, 2016

Round Rock, TX! Get ready for an epic overload of fun, anime, manga, cosplay, and everything in between as fans set their sights on Anime Overload! Voice Actors like Tia Ballard will be there plus lots of Q&A panels, vendors, artists, dance parties, and so much more! So if you’re not doing anything the first weekend of August or you’re just looking for a place to geek out with your friends, then c’mon down to Anime Overload and bet overloaded with anime! 🙂


Tokyo in Tulsa – Mecha vs. Pirates 2016: July 15-17, 2016

Travel southwest bound to an anime convention in Tulsa, OK, where mecha machines will collide with worldly pirates known as Tokyo in Tulsa! Everything from workshops, panels, cosplay events, and musical bands will be in the house as you make your way to the Cox Business Center in Tulsa, OK. So if you live in Tulsa or somewhere a few miles from it, grab your anime buddies and make your way to Tokyo in Tulsa for a three day event of anime awesome-ness! Who’s side are you on?

Koyacon logo

Koya Con 2016

Guess what guys? Midland, TX is having this cool anime convention that we’ve found through our web-surfing efforts. This three day con has a lot of fun things in store for its anime fans; from Q&A panels, voice actors, cosplay, and parties on the weekends? We don’t know, you’ll have to head to Midland to find out. For more info about this amazing con click on the link below, then grab your friends and head out to Midland! 🙂 Link:


Anime Austin 2016: July 15-17, 2016

Grab your friends n’ head to Austin, TX for a weekend filled with otaku awesome-ness known as Anime Austin 2016! Meet your favorite VAs (such as Caitlynn French) and head to tons of panels, workshops, and everything else in between. So if you’re looking forward to a not-so-boring weekend, then Anime Austin will fix that. We guarantee it! Link:


Anime Blues Con 2016: July 1-3, 2016

Head southwest to Memphis, TN for a weekend of anime with a strong emphasis on the color, Blue. Party with all of your fellow anime lovers with tons of stuff from cosplay contests, rave parties with EDM DJs, Q&A panels, and tons of your favorite VA’s from Funimation; Clinkenbeard, Marchi, and Rial! Want a better way to bring in the 4th of July? Head on down to Anime Blues 2016 and have the best Independence Day party EVA!! 🙂 Link:


Sausomecon 2016: June 10-12, 2016

Fly on back to KC Missouri for yet another three day anime con experience that we found known as Sausomecon, held at the KCI Expo Center! Great panels, Q&A, movies, events, and all kinds of otaku-related fun will be goin’ down at this convention, but we’ll let you (the fans) be the judge of that! Chuck Huber and many others will grace this convention with their presence, so if you’re in the Kansas City area or close to it, be sure to stop on by! 🙂 Link:


A-Kon 2016: June 3-5, 2016

No, not the rapper, this is the anime convention (if that’s what you’re thinking). Head southwest to Dallas, TX for a three day weekend of cosplay, anime, panels, Q&A, and so much more! Todd Haberkorn and Yaya Han are just the few names that will be there this year, so trust us, you don’t wanna miss this. So if you live in Dallas; which we’re pretty sure a large percentage of you going to A-Kon this year do, check out A-Kon baby! (And the rapper too if you happen to be fans of his as well.)



Anime St. Louis: May 13-15, 2016

Whoohoo!! St. Louis, Missouri! The Arch will be filled with hundreds of anime fans, voice actors, and cosplayers as you take a trip to Anime St. Louis at the St. Charles Convention Center! Be sure to check out all the action from panels, workshops, Q&A with voice actors, and everything in between. So if your heading southwest and happen to run into the St. Charles Convention Center, check this con out! We’re sure you’re gonna love it. 🙂 Link:

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