Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Nine!

What’s up anime fam! We’re coming to you once again with another anime review from our Anime REvisited pick that you already know to be; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! With only three more episodes remaining in the season, it looks like this is where things start to come down to the wire. So, let’s get to it!


So far Ikki and Stella have been racking up wins like crazy, as the two of them are on a 12-game winning streak. After their battles they were sent on somewhat of a vacation for a week by the headmaster, little did they know they would end up having to clean the floors and windows of training camp facility thanks to the student council of the school. Around this time Shizuku went back to her family’s home for a while and didn’t want anyone to bother her, as she looked at old pictures of her brother when we was younger. Meanwhile Ikki and Stella take a trip to the waterfall that she saw while riding on the bus, but she was feeling a little bit…sick.

As it started raining in heavy downpours, Ikki took Stella to an empty cabin in the woods as the two of them dried off by the fire. Now here’s where things get a little…interesting. Stella’s clothes are wet as they’re lowering her body temperature, so to make her feel a little less embarrassed, Ikki decided to strip down to his drawers as well. Stella needed help undoing her blouse so Ikki being as noble and professional as he can, helped her unbutton it; thus exposing her bra. Ikki thought he was done, until Stella asked him to unhook her bra – because it was hard for her to breathe. Basically at this point Stella is pretty much naked aside from her panties, and I know it sounds like we’re heading towards soft-core hentai territory, but bear with us a little longer.

As Ikki covered her up Stella tells him how hard that must’ve been to help her undress while maintaining professionalism and keeping her safe, but that statement went moot as she also told him that his member was at full attention (BEAR WITH US!!). Trying to hid it Stella told him that she didn’t mind it and that it made her happy that she was able to get him excited, of course that was followed up with the question of does Ikki want to do ‘it’ with her. Finally after reacting like a terrified virgin, Ikki calmed down and stated that he wants to stand proudly with Stella, and let the world know just how he feels about her, and that they should wait until their married to have sex. Ladies, find you a guy like Ikki; who will respect you enough to wait until your wedding day!

Later on things get crazy as a giant golem attacks the cabin that Ikki and Stella were in; the keyword is ‘were’, because Ikki got Stella the hell outta there and somewhere safe for the moment. He tried to fight the golem on its own, but then it split into a small army of golems as they made their way towards a not-100% Stella. However the student council showed up just in time to take down the golem army, with the council president Tohka Todo finishing the army in one fell swoop. Back at the Kurogane household, Shizuku’s next opponent is the student council president herself.

Things will be getting really interesting from this point on, so until next review, continue to stay safe amongst this pandemic, and continue to love one another! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Eight!

Hello again, and welcome to another anime review of our Anime REvisited pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! This time it’s all come down to this; Ikki, Stella, and Ayase confront the Sword Eater known as Kuroato, who defeated Ayase’s father and took their dojo. In the eighth episode of the series, it all goes down right here in this review!


Ikki, Stella, and Ayase travel to her father’s dojo, which has now become the official headquarters of Kuroato and his gang. Ayase tells the story of what happened two years ago, when Kuroato defeated her father; the last samurai (not the one you’re thinking of), to a kendo match. Though he talked a lot of vulgar smack Kuroato had the skills to back it up thanks to his high reaction speed, which is why he was able to defeat Ayase’s father. Right off the bat Ikki and Kuroato went at it in ‘his’ dojo as the two of them locked eyes and formed their weapons while Stella and Ayase watched. Ikki and Kuroato crossed blades pretty much the whole episode as Kurogane used his Perfect Vision skill to try and dodge Kuroato’s incoming attacks.

This episode is pretty much Ikki and the Sword Eater crossing blades with one another while having a bit of fun at the same time. During the fight Kuroato realized that a lot of Ikki’s attacks mimicked Ayase’s father’s techniques. Eventually Ikki decided to take the battle to the next level as he pulled out his best technique known as Blade Steal; where he not only steals the opponent’s technique, but also a part of their will and spirit as well. After one final clash Kuroato fell to Ikki as both of their devices disappeared.

Realizing that Ikki will be quite a foe during the Seven Star Sword Art festival, Kuroato decided that they’ll finish their battle there, and that he has given the dojo back to Ayase and her father. Watching the battle made Ayase realize that she has a lot of work to do if she plans on becoming a great swordswoman, and that she has to study the ‘Warrior’s Way’ a little bit more. At the end of the episode Shizuki and Alice show up stating that they were a little peeved that they weren’t involved in the episode, which caused Stella and Shizuku to have yet another riff between them.

Well, that’s it for this review! As always guys, continue to stay safe and stay united! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Seven!

Welcome back guys! It’s anime review time once again with our Anime REvisited pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Last post we’ve talked about the Sword Eater known as Korato (I’m guessing a ‘nickname’ given to him by his friends), but now we’re learning something about Ayase that seemed confusing at first…but now we’re starting to see where she’s coming from. So let’s go ahead with the review! (See what I did there? XP)


Ikki was on the rooftop with Ayase as she asked him a bit of a weird question about their friendship, but suddenly she used her device which happened to be a crimson-colored katana (with no guard on the edge of the hilt), and slashed the gate behind her as she fell through. With no choice but to use it Ikki channeled his power to rush to Ayase’s aid to save her, only to discover that this was her intention this whole time. With just ten hours before the start of his next battle; which happens to be against Ayase, Ikki finds himself in a hospital bed while recovering from his weary state. Although there’s not a whole lot of information about Ayase, her ranking, or even her skill and technique, Ikki and the others knew that her reasoning behind what she did, was to get back her father’s dojo from Korato.

At 3pm the battle between Ikki and Ayase started as the two of them prepared to fight one another. Before the start of the match Ikki caught on to the fact that Ayase booby-trapped the arena, as slashes were appearing from out of thin air due to her device’s ability. The sword fight was actually pretty good, but it wasn’t until near the end of the episode that Ikki knew what he had to do – defeat Ayase with all of his strength and get back what she lost. Ayase tried to fight against her truth but Ikki exposed it, and it was at that moment she realized that in order to get her father’s dojo back, she would have to regain the pride that he took in protecting it back. Yeah, Ayase lost the match putting Ikki at 7-0, but now she realizes what she must do, but she’ll need Ikki’s help to do it.

This one’s a little short but that’s all we’ve got for this episode review. As always continue to uplift one another, and stay united my friends! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Six!

So here we are once again guys n’ gals; another installment of our Anime REvisited pick known as Chivalry of a Failed Knight! Things get pretty interesting in this episode so let’s get right into it! By the way, a lot of PG-13/R-rated language and mildly abusive violence will be seen and heard throughout this episode, so viewer discretion is advised.


Ikki and Stella have won yet another match against their selected opponents, as a girl with navy colored hair watches from the stands. While walking through the campus along with Shizuku and Alice, they all suddenly notice the same girl from the stands following them; who is now identified as Ayase. (Though she comes off as shy and aloof right now, you’ll find out what she’s truly like later on.) Throughout the episode we see Ayase getting acquainted with Ikki and the rest of the cast; from training with them to even eating with them.

Though she’s a bit of a mystery, Ikki still helps her to get stronger for her father who is in the hospital due to an injury during one of his battles. Here’s where things get interesting; you know that one dude in every action/fighting anime who’s a total d**k to everyone, but has fighting/battle skills that can rival any S-Class fighter out there? (And 9 times outta 10, he becomes the frienemy/rival of the main protagonist.) Well that’s Korato.

He and his gang storm the restaurant and pretty much disrespect Ikki right in front of Stella; bashing him on the head with a beer bottle and hawking a loogie on his face. Unless you’ve got Saiyan powers or happen to be a certain red-headed Ronin samurai, you’re kinda stuck with the fact you’re outnumbered 5-to-1. This was pretty much Ikki’s case. After toying with him while growing bored in the process, Korato and his gang left the restaurant while Stella was fuming at the fact that her man didn’t deck the bastard’s ass; cuz’ she would have! However, Ikki knew that if he fought, he would’ve been expelled – but he also knew that he would get back at Korato and his gang soon enough.

After all of that Ikki was talking to Alice about everything that happened, but then he got a text from Ayase telling him to meet him on the roof top later that night, and Alice knew something was up. Ikki stated that he was going even though in his eyes Alice was against it, and surely Ayase was waiting for Ikki…but there was definitely something up about her.

That’s it for this review, but there’s more to come on this saga on our next post! Until then friends, continue to love one another in this crazy time we’re living in. Black lives are under attack, and it’s up to us to hold those accountable, and fight against racial and social injustice against African-Americans (like myself). It’s 2020, and we can see clearly now!


Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Five!

Hiyo! We’re back with another episode review on our Anime REvisited pick known as Chivalry of a Failed Knight! So far things have been going well in the story character-wise, and the pacing doesn’t seem too fast or even too slow. With all that said, let’s get into it!


Ikki has just defeated another opponent making it his fifth consecutive victory in a row. It is also around this time that he and Stella have been dating for two weeks, so could it be that things are starting to get a little serious between them? Stella thinks so, as she proudly proclaims Ikki as her boyfriend in the beginning of the episode. Awhile after his battle Ikki stood outside on the academy grounds as a group of girls came up to him and asked if he could train them; which made Stella a bit jealous upon hearing his reaction. Eventually this drew the attention of several boys who were envious of Ikki and decided to attack him, but Korugane used his fighting skills to take em’ down a peg. After begging for his forgiveness and asking if he would train them too, Ikki happily smiled as he told them he would.

By the middle of the episode Ikki, Stella, Shizuku, and Alice along with the others who wanted Ikki to train them, find themselves on a bus trip to a Japanese indoor waterpark. We knew it was going to happen eventually, so here is the ‘Beach Episode’ you’ve all been waiting for! Sadly, there aren’t any hijinks in this episode as there would be in any other beach episode of any other anime title, but there was something else. Ikki and Stella manage to get a moment alone with one another under the water mushroom as Ikki thought about if dating Stella was the right thing.

They’ve been going out for two weeks and now Ikki is having second thought about their relationship. To that Stella assumed that they were breaking up; to which Ikki was shocked and asked her where she heard it. A lover’s quarrel started as Ikki and Stella were angrily trying to get their feeling across, but then as the two calmed down they both thought it would be a good idea to say what they want to say to each other at the same time.

They basically wanted to kiss each other, and they did just that. Then on the bus ride home Ikki and Stella were holding each other’s hands as they were now official! So what started off as doubt has now become assurance, as Ikki and Stella are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Like a lot of anime romance titles, we usually don’t see the final conformation until the last two episodes of the season or series, but in the case of Chivalry of a Failed Knight we saw it before we’ve reached the halfway episode of the series. Could it be that once the series is over, Ikki might…pop the question? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out!

Until next review guys, stay safe and united! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Four!

Welcome back guys! We’re now on the fourth episode of our Anime REvisited pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Things are about to get a bit more interesting from here on out, so without further delay, let’s get on with the review!


The qualifying rounds for the Seven Star Sword Art festival have now begun, as Stella faces her first opponent at the beginning of the episode – only for them to concede 30 seconds later. Later on Ikki is back at the dorm room while watching footage of Kirihara’s previous battle; where his Blazer allows him to hide himself as well as his projectiles, while he aims them at his opponents causing damage in the process. Stella looks at the footage and is disgusted by the way Kirihara fights, but deep down inside…Ikki was actually a little bit nervous about his match with him. After talking with Alice outside by the school water fountain, Ikki discovers that he’s taken a lot of abuse growing up – to the point where he can’t even tell when he’s mentally about to reach his breaking point. (And perhaps it might even affect the outcome of his match.)

By the middle of the episode the match between Ikki and Kirihara was about to begin. Kirihara used his Blazer’s technique to cover the stage in a forest of green in order to conceal himself and his weapon, while Ikki summoned his blade. During the battle it seemed like Ikki had a good idea of how Kirihara’s attack pattern works, that is until he made his projectiles invisible as well. Stella could only watch in horror as Ikki was getting shot by the arrows coming from Kirihara’s bow, and once things went further south, Kirihara chanted to the crowd in calling Ikki the “worst one”.

Officially pissed off Stella raised her voice to the sky and demanded that Ikki man up and take down Kirihara, to which Ikki did just that as he developed a new technique called “Perfect Vision”; which allows him to see everything Kirihara can throw at him. In the span of 2 minutes of episode time, Ikki took down all of Kirihara’s attacks and came gunning for the coward before he conceded defeat; as the sharp part of Ikki’s blade scratched his nose. Automatically everyone in the stands cheered him on after winning, though Ikki quickly collapsed afterwards.

Near the end of the episode Stella was by Ikki’s bedside while he recovered from his wounds. The two of them share a rather touching moment, but they also made a promise that they would meet each other at the Seven Star Sword Art Festival. Thus, this is where the episode and our review on the episode will end. Ikki won the battle against his cowardly obstacle of an opponent, but could there be more obstacles that he’ll have to overcome in the coming episodes? I guess we’ll find out next time!

As always guys n’ gals, stay united and stay safe! 😉

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Three!

Yo! We’re back with another installment of Anime REvisited with our pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! It’s episode three so let’s get right to it!

A new battle awaits Ikki and Stella!

So the episode opens up with Ikki and Stella having a sparring match, and so far they’re both vastly improving to get ready for their upcoming matches. With the weekend already here Stella bashfully asks Ikki if he would accompany her on a date – at least that’s what she’s trying to make it sound like without sounding too obvious. There is one small detail that she forgot to take into account; Shizuku. With her around there was no way in hell Stella would get the chance to be alone with Ikki.

Surely enough Ikki, Stella, and Shizuku along with Alice head to the mall in Japan; as the antics between Shizuku and Stella continue between them. Little did they know there’s trouble afoot; as a rouge Blazer named Bishou has taken over the mall with his gang of low-lifes, and holds the people of the mall hostage. Anyone who has seen this scene play out in an anime title such as this knows just how the story ends; with the bad guys getting the snot beaten out of them. Although things looked pretty rough for the moment and it looked like Bishou and his gang was going to win, out comes Ikki from above as he slashes off the right arm of the villain; preventing him from using his blazer. The battle seemed like it was over until Bishou pulled a last-minute trick up his sleeve, and had another member of his gang hide among the hostages pretending she was one.

Then out of nowhere another Blazer appears and kills the female gang member, as he approaches Ikki and a semi-naked Stella – who regains her clothes thanks to Shizuku. Outside of the mall a small group of released hostages crowd around the Blazer by the name of Kirihara, who has some history with Ikki – and has been issued to be his next opponent in one of the battles he’ll be fighting in along with the other students. Stella defends Ikki by telling Kirihara that he’ll win, but…does Ikki think he’ll win?

Since episode one we’ve seen what Ikki can do, so it was only going to be a matter of time until we see what Ikki can do in a real battle. Episode four is going to be interesting to say the least, but until that post, remember to mask up and stay safe! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis (07/10/20)!

Hey guys! So, we’re ten days into the month of July, and there’s only five months left of 2020. I’m pretty sure I don’t even have to tell you guys what’s at stake for the country come November; as it’s been broadcasted all over social media. At the end of the day, African-Americans and other people of color everywhere just want to be given the same opportunities as their white counterparts. We’re not here to steal your jobs or take your opportunities, because there will always be opportunities available! Honestly as an African-American anime-lovin’ man, it both saddens and sickens me to my core upon seeing all the asinine racism that comes out of the mouths of our so-called president’s people, as well as him! I’m not the political type (in fact I’m an Independent), but I’m pretty sure the world doesn’t want another four more years of this.

The only reason so many African-Americans and people of color are upset is because we’re TIRED! Tired of the racism, tired of the bigots, tired of the ‘Karens’ and ‘Kens’, we’re TIRED of looking over our shoulder – wondering if we’ll even make it home! Black Lives Matter does NOT mean Black Lives Better, it means that for all of our lives to matter, we as African-Americans want to be put on the same playing field; be it entertainment or in life in general. There are other races in countries that are more united than we are, so instead of fighting over our differences, why not find common ground? How do hateful people live like this?! Like they’ve got nothing else better to do than to make the lives of others (especially people of color and LGBTQ+) a living hell! Look, I’m all for the American flag and everything, but we need to put the ‘UNITED’ back in United States.

COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, and even when we get a vaccine in 2021, we still have to deal with the remnants of the virus. Unless we want the country we call home to go down in flames, because it will if we LET it, we need to get our act together! As for anime and gaming conventions moving forwards, they will return – just not in the same format we’re used to. (In fact many of the mega cons will have to downsize if they plan on surviving.) So yeah, this post kinda did turn into a small rant, but at this point in the year…I’m just tired!

I’ll probably be in a better mood next post, so until then…stay UNITED!

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Two!

What’s good, anime fam? Welcome back to another installment of Anime REvisited with our latest pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! As we mentioned in our last review, we think this series needs a bit more love as it’s flown under the radar of some of its more popular titles. With that in mind let’s move on the review!

Stella and Ikki, of course!

With all of the main character introductions out of the way (as well as the mock battle), Ikki and Stella are seen jogging with one another as it looks like Stella might kinda be out of breath. Near the end of the last episode, we’ve noticed that Stella’s been taking kind of a liking to him, and though she hated him in the beginning…it kinda looks like she’s a bit flustered in a semi-perverted way. Later on both Ikki and Stella are in Ms. Yuri’s class (who looks a bit zombie-looking and might have a blood disorder that causes her to vomit a liter of blood per day), as she talks about how the students will battle against one another in a tournament until they have the Top 6 selected for the Seven Star Sword Art Festival.

Each student will fight ten matches each, and will have a match every three days. After class Ikki and Stella were on their way somewhere until they met a girl who is starting her own Newspaper club named Kagami; who was a bit clingy towards Ikki – more than she should be. This caused Stella to act upset and somewhat jealous, but what happened next threw her into an emotional frenzy. Ikki’s sister Shizuku found him at the school…and kissed him. (Yep, she’s a ‘little sister’ type character. We can smell that troupe a mile away.)

Confused as hell, Stella tried to ease the tension of the area because the scene was drawing a crowd; however Shizuku had a different idea. She believed that Stella was trying to ‘steal’ her brother away from her, thus introducing another common troupe; the ‘Tsnundere’. (Basically the ‘I will end you, thot!’ type character.) Things got heated after a while as Stella and Shizuku readied their weapons and struck one another, causing an explosion to take out half the hallway; covering it in fire and ice. As punishment both girls had to clean all 26 bathrooms in the academy. Welp, they know what they did…

Eventually as the episode went on Shizuku was introduced to her new roommate Alice, as he told her that she can talk to him about anything. Elsewhere Stella was making dinner while Ikki was taking a bath…and somewhere in the process she thought it was a good idea to join him. Needless to say, the night ended off with a bang – but not in the way you’d hoped it would. So that it for the second episode review of the series, and so far the introduction phase has entered level two. What will Ikki’s battles be like? What kind of opponents will Stella face? Guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode!

As always guys n’ gals, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode One!

The time has come guys n’ gals! Anime REvisited is back with a new anime series for us to review; episode by episode! This time we’ve picked a series that honestly needs more love and doesn’t get the credit that it deserves! That series is Chivalry of a Failed Knight! Many fans know this to be an underrated gem with only one season – which is a crying shame compared to other series like it (like Asterisk War…yeaaah…). Hopefully we’ll get another season of this sometime in the future, of course for that to happen you gotta get enough people to talk about it – and even get the attention of the animation studio behind it as well. So, let’s get on with the review!

The legendary Crimson Princess with Ikki Korugane!

With this being the first episode we’re thrown into an alternate version of Japan, where individuals known as Blazers have the ability to draw weapons (mostly swords) from their own will. Basically they’re known as magical knights who are ranked based on skill, prowess, and magical abilities. One of the most prominent Blazers is a crimson haired princess known as Stella Vermillion (vermillion is an actual color by the way), as she is an A-Rank. At Hagun Academy a student by the name of Ikki Korugane narrates his story at the beginning of the episode about being the underdog and how the gifted are privileged while the ungifted get casts to the side in life. Right away I kinda knew that this was going to be a story about how the underdog protagonist goes against all odds and comes out on top – like a lot of characters we’re all familiar with that have that same mindset!

Ikki makes it back to his room after jogging to find an almost-naked Stella in his room. His response was to get naked himself so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. (We all know how this story ends! XP) Ikki’s then called into the office of the academy, to which the Headmaster calls in Stella so that he can apologize. Stella accepts but being the ‘spoiled’ princess that she is, demands that Ikki drops dead on his own sword. As the misunderstanding gets worse Stella swears that she’ll incinerate Ikki with her own fire, but to that he responds that he’s never seen a woman so beautiful before. Comedic embarrassment aside Ikki and Stella find out that they’re both living together – which was a shock to them. The Headmaster then suggested that the two of them fight each other in a mock battle to decide on how to handle the co-ed situation with the room.

An hour later Ikki and Stella meet face to face as they agree upon the terms of the battle. Ikki draws his sword from the power of his own will, which is a basic katana that is his primary weapon. Stella then draws her weapon as flames surround her, before a Claymore-type yellow-bladed sword appears. The two then fight each other as their swords clashed while a small audience is watching the action. During the battle Stella notices that Ikki has memorized her attack patterns and is using them against her. Before the battle ends Ikki uses his ultimate blade technique since no one ever taught him how to use it, as he focuses all of his power into one swing of his sword. He struck Stella with a final blow before passing out himself due to using all of his power, thus winning the mock battle.

Afterwards Stella returns to her and Ikki’s room and finds him sleeping; to which her sudden curiosity is sparked at the fact that his back is exposed, and she’s never seen a man’s back before. One can assume she’s never had a real boyfriend due to the restrictions of being a princess, and also the fact that she’s a celebrity in Japan, and her having a boyfriend means so much unwanted media and paparazzi coverage. After Ikki wakes up Stella tells him that she’ll be a little less mean to him after discovering how hard he had it growing up, and realizing that all he can rely on is hard work as opposed to pure talent. Afterwards Ikki jokes with Stella telling her that she still has to abide by the bet she made earlier, and though she gets mad and pouts at him due to what she thinks he might ask her to do, he shocks her and tells her that he just wants her to be his roommate – and wants to be closer to her as friends. Stella responds that she will be Ikki’s roommate, but she doesn’t want him to be close to her. (Although that might change later on down the line as the series progresses…)

So with this being an introductory episode, we’re treated to seeing a battle between the main characters of the series – with Ikki proving to Stella that he more than just an F-Rank knight. Right away on the first episode you don’t even have to wait to see what kind of skill Ikki has with his blade, and though he’s marked as an F-Rank in the academy, he shows Stella that he can go toe to toe with her despite him not having any good magical abilities. It’ll be interesting to see what Ikki’s like down the road, and what kind of relationship he’ll have with the Crimson Princess Stella Vermillion.

That’s all we’ve got for our Anime REvisisted review for now, and until next post, stay safe and continue to stay united! 🙂