The Lounge

The Lounge [Header]

The Lounge is a special page where fans can listen to various genres of music from Spotify! You can also listen to some of the latest music from Avidd Minddset (D&A’s D.J. Lewis) and other up-and-coming music producers and artists. From Lo-Fi to EDM, we plan on bringing you some great tunes to jam to while you’re having fun on the blog!

(Note: If you have a Spotify account or the app, as long as the window tab is open and you’re logged in, you’ll be able to hear the full track.)

Avidd MinddsetMinddset Music [Hip-Hop / Electronic Music / House / Chiptune]

Avidd Minddset (feat. King Shabazz) – King Koopa [Hip-Hop / Trap / Rap]

Avidd Minddset – Primetime [Dance / Electronic / House]

Avidd Minddset – Minddgames EP [Electronic / Hip-Hop / Trap]

Yo_Nathan – Video Game Remixes [Video Game Remixes / Electronic]

King Shabazz – Dangerous Era [Hip-Hop / Rap]

King Shabazz – Hero 4 Life [Hip-Hop / Rap]

Lexamisc – Lo-Fi Top 50 [Lo-Fi / Hip-Hop]

Stereofox – Bass Waves [Future Bass / Trap / Electronic]

Niklasknez-2 – EDM / Techno / Trap [EDM / Techno / Trap]

Javiera Sothers – Original Anime Openings [Anime OP]

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