Two New March Cons on Cons Near U!

March is knocking at the door, and bringing in both old and new anime conventions! We stumbled upon a couple that we know you might enjoy, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Check em’ out on our Cons Near U page for more information about them, and save a picture for us if you can. Lol! 🙂

A.O.T.W. & Anime Trivia have been Posted!

Sorry for the long wait but both our Anime of the Week and Anime Trivia segments have been updated (posted). With this being our last weekend in February, we’re about to direct our focus towards our newest edition to A.O.T.W. known as Anime of the Month! Here’s the genre breakdown for March, April, and May…

  • March is Vampire Anime of the Month
  • April is Academy Anime of the Month (anime that takes place in a school setting)
  • May is Action Anime of the Month

If you have any suggestions on what kind of theme we should do for June, July, and August, send em’ to us through our Contact Page!

Expect New Fanfiction between March & July!

After a two and a half year hiatus, yours truly will be posting some new fanfics under the Fanfiction alias; djlreturns2016! March of 2016 will kick off a remixed version of PASWG; which features everyone’s favorite ginger haired geek, as a ghost-slaying samurai with a daisho set from Heaven. July will kick off my other fanfic where Panty and Stocking join forces with the Dragon Ball Z cast in the fanfic titled; Dragon Ball Angel! I’m hoping these two will dispel the rumors of me being “dead” on Fanfiction’s radar, and bring me up to speed in the anime universe. Look out for them…they’re COMING SOON! 🙂