Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 2!

Guess what? We’re back with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! So far you’ve met the main cast of Hideki, Ako, Akane, and Kyo; the guild from Legendary Age known as Guild Alley Cats. So what happens now that the guild members have met in real life? We’ll tell you!

The main cast!

Now that the cast has met up and introduced themselves in the previous episode, Hideki discusses with Ako that who he is in the game and who he is in real life are two different people. Sadly like many instances in our real world, Ako is unable to distinguish the difference between the game and reality; which became a real problem for Hideki and Akane when she addressed them by their L.A. character names. So they had an intervention with Ako to help her understand that as long as they’re in school, she must address them by their real names.

Ako seemed to understand, but the real icing on the cake was when class president Kyo decided to create an after school net gaming club; so that Ako can see Hideki as his real-life form, and not his in-game character Rusian.

The pacing of the series doesn’t appear that it’s going too fast because there’s not a whole lot going on in the story for the moment. With MMO storylines this is usually the case if the balance is geared more towards the real world and the online world, although there are a few exceptions regarding this (Log Horizon and SAO come to mind). Hideki wants to make sure that Ako realizes that who he is in the game and who he is in real life are separate, but when dealing with someone as persistent as Ako, this task is easier said than done.

Will the high school otaku prove to his real-life waifu that he’s not the man she thought he was in real-life, as he is in the game? Guess you’ll have to wait until our next episode review to find out! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 1!

Sup nerds n’ nerdettes! We have arrived with the return of our world famous Anime REvisited segment! This time we got a pick that many of you probably haven’t seen, or maybe you have seen it but for some reason it flew under the radar. In any case if you like shows like Confessions of an MMO Junkie or Gamers, then this title just might be up your alley! This time around; we’re reviewing And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online.

The Cast!

Anyone who is a gamer nerd (preferably an MMO junkie) is pretty familiar with the mechanics and how these types of games work. You join a party or go solo, beat baddies and bosses to level up, collect rare items and armor, rinse and repeat. There are no teenage girls with freakishly large guns or overpowered MC’s with underpowered support characters; just some good ol’ fashioned slice-of-life comedy about gaming, and walking that fine line between fantasy and reality. In the first episode you me Rusian (his real name Hideki Nishimura), and he’s a part of a guild that he joined a year before the start of the series. In real life he’s a high school student who loves anime and video games (which is about 99.9% of the anime and gaming community, if you don’t count the creepers).

The MMO that he plays is called Legendary Age (or L.A. for short, and NOT the city in California) and just like any MMO, you can pretty much do what is aforementioned above. Cutting to the chase; Rusian and Ako (Ako Tamaki, a female player in the game) are married in the game, even though he rejected her prior to the marriage due to the fact that the girl he first purposed to actually was a guy in his 40’s in real life. Go figure.

Eventually after the events of school were over for the day, Hideki jumps back online as he and his guild members (Ako, Akane Segawa who goes by ‘Schwein’, and Kyo Goshoin who goes by Apricot) battle more monsters before meeting at an in-game pub. Kyo (Apricot) suggests that the four of them have their first offline get together so they could get to know each other in real life. To that the others including Hideki agree as he of course waits by a huge tree not far from the school. The first to show up is Ako, who looks just like her in-game character but in real-life (and even calls Hideki by his username instead of his real name). Next up was Akane (who despises otakus but secretly is one herself) who found out that Rusian was actually Hideki; the very otaku she didn’t like. Finally there was Kyo, who is the schools class president and probably one of the best players in the game.

By the end of the episode they formally greet one another and hope to have more adventures in L.A., as for Ako…we can only hope she has the capability to distinguish between fantasy and reality in future episodes. This series is actually based off the light novel of the same name, and is a romantic comedy about a girl who’s waaay too addicted to video games that her sense of reality is warpped almost beyond repair. In real life there have been many cases of this happening, which is why anime is like alcohol; you gotta take it in moderation. On that note that’ll do it for our first episode review from our Anime REvisited pick, but there’s more content to come so stay tuned! 😉

D&A Anime Blog Update: Content-nental Shift & Anime REvisited!

Hey anime fam! This is a quick ‘Heads-Up’ post to let you guys know that the content that we originally had scheduled for this week, will be shifted to next week while coinciding with our Anime REvisited pick; And You Never Thought That There Was A Girl Online. We also want to take this time to acknowledge that we have over 400 followers on our domain page! From the bottom of our hearts we can’t thank you guys enough for all of the love and support for this blog, and once conventions make a grand comeback we’ll be sure to give you guys more con coverage and content! sorry that this post was kinda short, but this is pretty much our update for the time being. As always continue to stay safe, and get vaccinated wherever the nearest vaccination site is in your area. Stay nerdy! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Cinco De Mayo Edition!

Hey guys n’ gals! Yours Truly is back with another post about my thoughts regarding everything that’s been going on so far this year. Today of course we celebrate Cinco De Mayo; so hopefully you’re celebrating safely and responsibly since yes, we’re still in a pandemic (but we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel). Honestly the past several weeks have been kinda hard to come up with fun and creative nerdy content for the blog, but slowly and surely  I’m starting to get a little of my mojo back. Since March of last year I made the decision to jump back into the music production scene and dropped my debut EP (Minddgames), and two albums (Primetime, and Mental Vacation) under my stage name; Avidd Minddset. (I even had my first collab single with King Shabazz.) Even though the pandemic has been awful to us mentally and emotionally, it also made most of us really take a look at ourselves as well as our priorities in life. Many of us will come out of it better people than we were going into it, while others will double down on their own ignorance and toxicity towards others.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this experience (with this being my first pandemic along with thousands of others who are in the same boat), is that you never wanna take anything in life for granted! So many of us have lost loved ones through this pandemic, which has made a lot of us keep the loved ones who are still with us close to us. Sure, we got our own difference of opinion when it comes to things like ideals and politics, but when the human race is threatened on a global scale, whatever beef you got has to take a back seat and focus on what’s really important. You also gotta be mindful of who you listen to, and where you get your information from in times of great crisis; cuz’ misinformation is a dangerous thing. (As we’ve seen the repercussions.) Our return to normal is closer than we think, so if we wanna return to what we love (mine being anime conventions and DJing at clubs), we gotta get vaccinated.

Well, that’s pretty much my thoughts in a nutshell at the moment. Hopefully you guys are celebrating Cinco De Mayo safely and away from large crowds at least for now; come May 5th of 2022 we’ll be celebrating at the clubs once again! Until the next post, stay nerdy guys! 😉

Here’s What’s Happening Next Week!

What’s good anime fam! Hopefully you all are doing well and staying safe, and if you’re able to, be sure to get your COVID-19 vaccination; cuz’ D&A’s already got theirs! While we’re still getting the gear that we need for our projects (which includes our Nerdz of the Decade podcast), we’ve got some upcoming content coming up next week!

The battle for our childhood!

Nintendo vs. SEGA: The Battle For Our Childhood!

When it comes to video games and video game companies, each of them tries to outdo the other from big hits to cult classics. Every gaming company has a rival company that they want to be better than, but no rivalry was greater than the Nintendo-SEGA rivalry. Join us as we take a look back at this historic rivalry of two gaming companies who fought to rule over our childhood.

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, so we’ve got a fresh new one for you happening next week! What will the topic be about? You’ll have to wait and find out!

Don’t know what to watch? We got cha covered!

D&A Anime Report: Spring/Summer 2021 Watchlist!

Wanna know what new shows are coming so you can check em’ out? We got cha covered in our special D&A Anime Report on some of the latest anime titles for the Spring/Summer 2021 season!

That what’s happening next week, so until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A’s Top 10 Female Anime Characters With Silver Hair!

Anime is filled with many things; fanservice, giant guns, slapstick comedy, and compelling stories. What was once a niche medium (and still is to some degree) is now on the same level as mainstream entertainment; don’t believe us? Super Saiyan Blue Goku was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade – Twice! With all of the things anime has to offer its nerdy consumers, the hair color is one of the few things that catches our eye. Scarlet or red-haired characters usually have attitudes while blue or teal-haired characters are level-headed, but when it comes to silver hair, its usually associated with a “wise beyond your years” type of trait. Sometimes that’s true, and other times not so much. In our Top 10 post we list ten female anime characters who have silver hair! 

Inner & Outer Moka

10. Inner Moka

Ah, yes! Many fans remember this silver-haired S-Class beauty who kicks ass and takes names! Inner Moka Akashia is an S-Class vampire who is only released whenever Tsukune takes off Outer Moka’s rosary. Although her tongue is a sharp as her fangs, she’ll protect her friends and Tsukune at any cost!

Gurren Lagann’s Beach Episode

9. Nia Teppelin

Who doesn’t remember this silver-haired cutie from Gurren Lagann! She is the disowned daughter of Lordgenome as well as the secondary female protagonist of the series. She is also the love interest of Simon, and despite the fact that she’s revealed to be a messenger for Anti-Sprial, he’ll do any and everything he can to save her. 

Shizuku Kurogane

8. Shizuku Kurogane

The younger sister of Ikki Kurogane who loves and excepts him even when his father didn’t. She’s a Blazer with ice and water powers, and shows her own brother a little more affection than she should (due to her being the ‘little sister’ type). She’s not a big fan of Stella only for the reason of her getting too close to Ikki, but her skills in battle make her a force to be reckoned with.

Gisen Yagyu

7. Gisen Yagyu

A Master Samurai who’s general is Amakusa, and is the series main villainess for Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! She has an evil eye that allows her to control her enemies as well as her allies, and has had Muneakira is a few situations that are totally NSFW. (She takes the whole master-servant relationship way too seriously.) Her master samurai attacks are ice-based and if she doesn’t like you, you’ll know.


6. Shiro

The Wretched Egg from Deadman Wonderland! After Ginta was sent to prison for killing his classmates, Shiro was the first person he met. In the manga she’s the most powerful deadman in the whole series along with the fact that she has affections towards Ginta. She may have the mind of a child, but deep inside…she’s something else.


5. Anna Nishikinomiya

In a world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn’t exist, there is Anna Nishikinomiya. Due to her mother’s ban on anything R or X-rated, Anna never really had the chance to experience the things most young women her age could; like dating, having her first kiss, or even sex. But all that changed the moment Okuma stumbled and landed on top of her; giving Anna her first kiss. Now with NO control over her sexual urges, Anna finds herself hunting down Okuma in exchange for some NSFW love-nectar action.

Echidna…not Knuckles

4. Echidna

She is known as the Witch of Greed in Re: Zero! She and Subaru have a conversation over a cup of tea, but like Anna that tea is made up of her own bodily fluids (I’m not even gonna ask what ‘kind’ of fluids, it could be love nectar for all we know). Due to her not being able to understand the feeling of others, by normal standards she can be perceived as a sociopath despite her curiosity.  


3. Mirajane

One of the most powerful mages in Fairy Tail. As a child she and her sister and brother were chased out of town due to her demon powers, but eventually they found the Fairy Tail guild and decided to make a new life there. Though she was a gothic brat as a teen, she changed her ways after her sister Lisanna ‘died’, and now has a ‘Mom Complex’ towards the members of Fairy Tail. We’re pretty sure she’s on the waifu tier list of various male fans! 😉

Julie Sigtuna

2. Julie Sigtuna

She is the female protagonist in the Absolute Duo series. This silver-haired loli enters the academy in order to find Tor, so that he can teach her his ‘Final Move’ in order to avenge the death of her own father. Throughout the series she grows close to Tor and will do whatever it takes to protect him – no matter the cost!

Koneko Tojo

1. Koneko Tojo

One of the members of the Occult Club as well as a demon like Rias and Issei. Throughout the first couple of seasons she was a bit of a wisecrack (especially when it came to Issei’s perverted nature), but afterwards she began to believe in herself as well as in her abilities as Rias’ Rook. If you’re ever in a fight where the numbers are against you, you’re gonna wanna have this demon loli by your side!

That will do it for our Top 10 this time around, but as always there’s more to come! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

What Will Anime Cons Look Like Once We Return?

That’s the question that’s been on the minds of con goers and cosplayers alike since March of 2020. With the vaccine rollout chugging along despite setbacks, the U.S. population is now 28% fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and its variants. As restrictions in several states are easing up, we’re still not at a point where its 100% safe to return to the nerd sanctuaries that we once called ‘home’. Right now anime fans and convention goers are all wondering when can they return to the Smash Bros. tournaments, the voice actor Q&A’s, the late-night raves, and the laughter of their fellow weebs. Trust us when we say that we miss ALL of it, and we’ve been doing everything in our creative power to keep ourselves in that nerdy mindset since last year; at times it’s been kinda difficult. However once we reach the target range of 70-90% full vaccination (or about 220 million people in the U.S.), anime conventions will return in full force better than ever; but what will they look like once we DO come back?

Attendance might be cut by half.

It’s no secret that anime conventions have been a part of anime nerd culture for decades. Its been a place where various nerdy fandoms have come together to celebrate their love for the overall medium. Young and old con goers from all walks of life have found themselves going to one of these conventions at some point, and the level of acceptance is nothing that you could even imagine. Many of us remember when conventions started out as after school anime clubs and when the number of people started to grow in said clubs (as well as get funding), they turned into the anime conventions that you see today! Even though it has its squabbles and disagreements sometimes, the anime community is one of the best communities that we’ve been a part of.

Back to the real issue at hand; what will conventions look like once we finally reach the end of this dark tunnel? Well we can only assume that precautionary measures are going to be made; because even though we’re getting close to putting an end to COVID-19, Con-flu is still relevant. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten sick at the end of a convention because someone did not take the precautionary measures to wash their hands, or take care of their body. Hygiene should be a number one priority before you set foot inside a convention, and it most likely will be once we return.

Another thing that most likely will change is the price of admission. Many of the mid-sized and mega conventions cost between $75-$120 for the whole weekend, and add the hotel cost and you’re looking at a near $450 or more for a single weekend out – about the price of a car payment! Why do you think we take one or two friends with us? Cuz’ cons are expensive and it lets our wallet breathe! Aside from the price of admission; the level of attendance will also change. COVID-19 has done a number on most conventions financially, and some of them may be forced to close their doors forever. With that said, the budget that a lot of conventions have (or used to have) will change; meaning that they’ll have to scale back costs in order to stay operational. That means booking not as many big name VA’s, and shrinking down their space from convention center-sized to hotel-based size.

Hopefully once we reach the target range of safety, we won’t have to worry about not wearing masks at conventions because everyone at the convention will be fully vaccinated. That’s the normalcy that nerds and otaku everywhere want to get back to; back to ‘squeeing’ at the sight of our favorite VA’s when they do a line from the show, back to waiting in line to get an autograph from said VA’s, back to the late-night raves, and back to the nerdy sanctuaries that we call home. Cons ARE coming back – just where safety is their number one priority! 🙂

Us with cosplayers at Zenkaikon 2017

D&A Anime Blog: Anime REvisited Returns in Two Weeks!

If you’re just tuning in, the last Anime REvisited we did was on the anime title known as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. Welp, we’re bringing the anime review segment back with a title about gamers who love MMORPGs. The full title of this anime is called And You Never Thought There Was A Girl Online. If you’ve seen Gamers or Confessions of an MMO Junkie, then you might like this title as well. In two weeks Anime REvisited returns with this awesome title, but we’ve got more nerdy content coming your way on our next post! 😉

Anime REvisited returns with this title!

D&A’s Top 10 Video Game Trailers/Commercials of the 90’s!

Since Pong, video games have been a part of our lives for decades, and any adult in America will tell you that they have visited an arcade at least once during their childhood. For generations video games have not only been a form of entertainment, but they’ve also brought many of us together – and those same individuals have now become the gamers (and are a part of the video game community) that you’ve come to know and love. Gamers and video game enthusiasts all have their favorite titles from their favorite consoles; from their favorite decades. For us in particular; it was the 90’s! Every 30-something in America today has fond memories playing their favorite game of that decade, so to commemorate the awesome decade that was our childhood (being 90’s kids ourselves), we’re counting down our Top 10 video game trailers/commercials of the 90’s! Get ready for a trip down memory lane! 😉 

Remember this one?

10. Kirby’s Dreamland

The pink vacuum that we all know and love has been around since the 90’s (well 1992 actually), so who doesn’t remember seeing this trailer growing up and asking their parents to get them a Game Boy so they can play it? The pink marshmallow’s rise to fame started here, and now the Super Smash Bros. Alumni is one his way to the Nintendo Hall of Fame!

Had fun playing this one!

9. Wario’s Woods

Tetris was awesome, but many 90’s kids might remember the yellow-capped terribly-cloned “Mario” that we know today as Wario; who happened to have his own puzzle game. Both versions were super fun to play as a kid, and we’re pretty sure that a handful of those same kids (now adults) might have had the opportunity to destroy Wario’s Castle and see the ending of the game.

Haven’t seen this one in a long time…

8. Tetris

I’m not sure if I remember the Russian bears but hey, back then we got Tetris in North America thanks to them! Who would’ve thought that this puzzle game would become the worldwide sensation that it is today! Welp, we got our answer!

Ok, this one freaked me out – but still bought the game!

7. Super Mario All-Stars

Any Mario fan out there has played this one at some point in their childhood! This was the game that had all of the original Super Mario Bros. games, as well as the Japanese version of SMB2 called Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels! When Super Mario World came out they did an updated version of this game with that game in it as well!

For every Mega Man fan out there!

6. Mega Man

Formally known as Rockman, Mega Man has become the mega hit that we all know him as today! From numerous video games to anime TV titles (and even a crossover series with Sonic – the Archie Comics version), Mega Man’s legacy will be a part of the lives of 90’s kids everywhere (and some 2000’s too).


5. Mortal Kombat

One of the bloodiest fighting game franchises on the planet made it’s presence known in the 90’s! We all have entered the kombat at some point, as kids of this decade wanted to get their hands on this game! Fast-forward to today; where we now have multiple installments, a couple spinoffs, a live-action movie, and now a live-action remake of said movie. After all these years we still find it satisfying to hear the words “FINISH HIM/HER!” followed by “FATALITY!” after mutilating our opponent. Yeah, parents had their hands full…

Still a favorite among 90’s kids!

4. Street Fighter 2

Much like its bloody counterpart, Street Fighter now has a cult following that has grown since its debut back in 1992! If you have gone to any anime or gaming convention anywhere in the U.S. or overseas, then we’re pretty sure you’ve seen cosplays of Ryu, Chung Li, and all of favorite fighters! Wait, didn’t this title have an anime adaption once?

Ah, yes we remember this one!

3. F-Zero

Anybody that has played Super Smash Bros. has played as the captain of the Blue Falcon; Captain Falcon! From the familiar tune of Mute City, to the updated graphics of F-Zero GX (and even an anime series), this game put 90’s kids on the need for speed! Speaking of speed…

This is where the Nintendo-SEGA war began!

2. Sonic The Hedgehog*

Move over Road Runner and Flash, there’s a new 90’s kid in town! Remember back when Nintendo had the video game industry on lock? Well, SEGA had somethin’ to say about that, and they did it with the debut of the Blue Blur; the World’s Fastest Hedgehog, Sonic! This legendary icon has clashed with Mario in terms of popularity, gaming sales, and overall video game supremacy. Even though he’s hit a rough patch in the past few years, he’s coming back strong with a live-action movie (that’s already out with a sequel on the way), a couple games (some of which are already out), and a new animated series stated for next year.

When Mario went 3D, everything changed!

1. Super Mario 64*

For 35 years Nintendo has given us everything we would want out of a video gamer’s childhood, and the best gift that they’ve given us, was Mario (a.k.a Jumpman)! During the later years of the 90’s we were introduced to the 3D era of the gaming world, and Nintendo gave us Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64! From there the red-capped plumber continued to give us hit after hit like Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Super Mario 3D Land & World, and even Super Mario Odyssey! We never would’ve gotten those titles had it not been for the original 64 title!

*In our defense both Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario 64 are tied for the #1 spot due to their iconic nature and popularity. Although Mario has more games, Sonic’s got two live action movies with one of them being a box office hit (which is why it got a sequel for next April 2022).

Honorable Mention: Pokemon Red & Blue

Yes, we know we didn’t put this one in our Top 10 (shame on us T.T), but we remember playing Pokemon Red & Blue back in the day! (And we’re pretty sure you do too if you were a 90’s/2000’s kid!) We don’t even have to tell you how large this franchise has gotten since Red & Blue came out; you’ve got the internet for that! XP

Being a kid in the 90’s was awesome! Fun cartoons, great video games, the 90’s was a pretty fun and interesting time to be a kid. Sure there were some less-than-perfect moments and some of which we’d like to forget, but overall, we knew what gaming consoles were our favorites to play, as well as what video game titles he hold near and dear to our hearts from this day forward. Now we’ve got a new generation of young gamers who are (hopefully) having the same experiences that we had when we were growing up. Even though the 90’s gave us many of the heavy hitters of the gaming industry that we know today, a lot of them have stood the test of time; and are continuing to dominate the gaming world even today! Just ask Mario and Sonic!

That will do it for our Top 10 countdown as well as a trap down memory lane! If you have a Top 10 selection of your favorite video games from the 90’s or even the early 2000’s, drop your list in the comments below! Until next post guys n’ gals, stay nerdy! 😉

The Lineup: What’s Goin’ Down For Next Week!

Hey guys! So you probably already know that this week (even though it’s only Wednesday) has been one of the wierdest-yet-stressful weeks that we have ever encountered. Despite that we’re keeping ourselves upbeat and optimistic because we’ve got some awesome content coming your way for the week ahead! Between the blog and our Instagram page there’s always something going on, so here’s our take on what’s happening here next week!

Sonic the Legendary Hedgehog

D&A’s Top 10 Video Game Trailers of the 90’s!

Any 90’s kid on this planet has played video games throughout their entire childhood, and the drive behind it was the commercials! This was the era when the war between Nintendo and SEGA was brewing, as two of the most iconic mascots of their brands clashed against each other through video game sales, TV series, and movies (but that’s another post for another day). As 90’s kids ourselves we remember the days logging countless hours on gaming consoles, and if you’re currently in your 30’s, you will too! 😉

One day…

Otaku Future: What Will Cons Be Like Once We Return?

It will soon be a year and a half since any fan of anime has gone to an anime convention; in fact ever since the vaccine rollout (which is still going on), fans have been wondering when it is safe to return the the nerdy sanctuaries that they call ‘home’. Will conventions make a return later this year as planned? Or will he have to wait until the beginning of 2022? We share our thoughts on what cons may be like once they do return – to their former glory hopefully!

We’re in love with Mirajane! XP

D&A’s Top 10 Anime Ladies with Silver Hair!

We already know Fairy Tail’s Mirajane is on the list! Every male fan has a type of anime girl/waifu that they like; and is even on their top tier list. Well, we don’t have a top tier list, but we do have a Top 10 list of the most popular Silver-haired anime girls from various anime titles out there! Hopefully your favorite makes it on our list! 😉

Whew! That’s what’s coming next week! Until next post, stay healthy and stay nerdy!

D&A Anime Blog: Just One Of Them Days…

If you’re a blogger (especially an anime blogger like us), then you’ve probably encountered one of those days where you want to post something, but for some reason, you just don’t have the mental energy to do so. Its not to say that you’re not passionate about it, or even the fact that you’re burnt out of topics to talk about; but when a good chunk of your source material for your original content comes to a screeching halt…well, you suddenly start having one of those days. For us, that chuck came in the form of anime conventions; and as much as we miss them the same way that you miss them, it’s just not 100% safe to return – but we’re getting there! As far as our Nerdz of the Decade podcast is concerned, it’s STILL going to happen…even though its taking us a little longer to get the equipment we need (cuz’ of the delays due to COVID-19).

In spite of our hurdles we can’t thank you guys enough for all of the love and support that you’ve given us. D&A wouldn’t be the anime blog that it is today without the community, as well as our followers and our fans. If there’s one thing we’re passionate about, its anime, and we’re pretty sure you’re passionate about it too. (Cuz’ that’s why you’re here, right? XP) It may be one of those days for us, but with the power of God and anime at our side, we plan on bringing you some of the best nerdy content you’ll ever see! Until next post, stay positive and stay nerdy!

We’re not gonna stop!

Avidd Music Alert: New Single “King Koopa” Featuring King Shabazz OUT NOW!

Hey guys! We now that it’s been awhile since our last post, but we’ve got some music news to share with you! D&A’s D.J. Lewis (under the DJ/Producer moniker of Avidd Minddset) has released his latest single “King Koopa” featuring well-known rapper King Shabazz! If you’re a Super Mario fan and love video game rap, then you’re gonna love this new single. It’s officially out in all music streaming stores everywhere, and also check out King Shabazz’s website for all of his latest singles, EP’s, and Albums as well! New content and posts coming next week, so until then enjoy the single and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Ep. 11 & 12!

Alright guys! It’s been one heck of a ride reviewing this series for Anime REvisited that you already know as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. The final two episodes are pretty much parts 1 and 2 for the final showdown against Gisen; as part one flashes back to the day when Yoshihiko met Nia for the first time back in Paris, and the events that led up to her being the ‘Patient Zero’ of his artificial master samurai army. Midway through the 11th episode Gisen makes her move as she plans on resurrecting her general Amakusa, and pretty much wrecking Great Japan’s shit-zu. Also in the 11th episode Inner Jubei mentions to her other self that if she kisses Muneakira one more time, her ‘incomplete’ self will cease to exist. Although hesitant about the situation at hand, Great Japan as well as the dojo and the academy are in grave danger.

Jubei Yagyu

In the final episode Muneakira along with Inner Jubei, Princess Sen, and Sanada are on a rooftop as they see the destruction happening at the hands of Gisen before their very eyes. They devise a plan of attack as they take on the gigantic sickly-looking greenish tentacles popping up from the ground, while trying to break through Gisen’s force field. Inner Jubei does so, as she and Gisen go at it. We’re not sure why Gisen wanted to pull a ‘Majin Buu’ and try to absorb Jubei in order to make herself more powerful, but it might have to do with the fact that she wants to destroy what Jubei is trying to protect; which is not just Great Japan, but her friends as well. Jubei and Gisen battle it out and much like the final boss of an RPG who’s down to its last bar of health; Gisen went into ‘rage mode’ and increased her power even more.

Jubei knew that this would be the last time that she would see her friends and even Muneakira, so after absorbing the feelings of Muneakira, Sen, and Sanada, she went after Gisen full force and sent both her and herself towards the sky – and possibly even towards the edge of space. The speed that they were traveling was similar to the velocity of a space capsule plummeting towards Earth. Gisen was defeated at the cost of Jubei’s life, as the damage left behind was hefty to say the least. At the end of the episode Muneakira thought it was time to leave the dojo…but something happened. A bright light appeared in the form of a girl, and that girl was Jubei Yagyu. Somehow she was revived after the battle with Gisen, but if that’s the case, then there’s a possibility that Gisen may still be alive…

This was a pretty interesting series to review. Sure, there was a bit more fanservice than there needed to be, and some of the plot points might have been slightly questionable. Nevertheless this series also has a second season which I’ll be reviewing on another month sometime this year. (It could be May or June, who knows.) Well guys, this will do it for Anime REvisited for now, but we’ll keep you updated on all of the other awesome content we’ve got cooked up! Until next post, thanks for the love and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Ten!

We have returned…with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. The road to the finale continues, so let us continue on to the review!

Inner Jubei

So…Muneakira is still under the spell of Gisen, but his actual body was captured and held captive in Yoshihiko’s underground lab along with Jubei’s. During this time Sanada, Matabei, Hanzo, and of course Kanaetsugu, are still held captive inside the dojo. Nia was ordered to execute the four of them, but Sanada wanted to know if Muneakira was alright as did Hanzo with Princess Sen; who was held captive in her own cell guarded by troops. As cheesy as it sounds Nia felt some kind of compassion towards Sanada and the others (thanks to Kanaetsugu) and left the dojo. Midway through the episode Sanada and the others manage to escape the dojo and hid in what was Sanada’s former hideout. She then spoke about a special technique where she was able to enter the mind of Muneakira along with Princess Sen, as they battled against Gisen in his mind.

However even though it was two against one, Gisen was stronger than they realized. Sen and Sanada had to retreat for the moment but Sanada knew where Muneakira’s body was. So Sanada and the others went on a hero’s crusade to track down Muneakira and kick the asses of the disciplinary committee along the way. Eventually the party was cut to just Sen and Sanada as they managed to find where Muneakira and Jubei were held, however they were intercepted by Nia as she was prepared to kill them. The only problem with that was Sanada’s words; as the resonated within her and caused her not to obey Yoshihiko’s command, so he decided to use some high voltage punishment on Sen and Sanada in order to kill them himself.

All that did was knock the two of them out of their master samurai forms, as Nia destroyed the weapons that were shocking the two girls. Sanada told Yoshihiko the real reason why master samurai were on the decline, was because of the lack of men qualified to hold the title of general. Somehow that woke something inside of Muneakira, as he was able to break out of Gisen’s spell and return to his former self. By the end of the episode Muneakira kisses Jubei as Inner Jubei is about to make another appearance…though this could be her last.

It looks like the stage is pretty much set with there being only one more episode before the grand finale, so that will do it for this review. Until next post guys n’ gals, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Nine!

We have returned! We have returned with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick known as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. Things get a lil’ serious in this one so let’s not waste any time and get right to it!

Inner Jubei

The pieces of the plot start to unfold in this episode, as Sen’s brother Yoshihiko returns from France. Meanwhile back at the dojo Kanaetsugu is trying to put her own little team together consisting of Hanzo and Matabei; which fails miserably because she’s…kinda annoying. Muneakira is outside sweeping the dojo’s steps when he’s met by Gisen, who springs him away to what looks to be a part of the dojo, but away from the main area. She tells him that the general should forcibly make the pact in order for the relationship between the master samurai and the general to grow, but Muneakira responds in saying that he wouldn’t do that to Hanzo and Matabei if they don’t feel the same way about him.

That didn’t sit too well with Gisen; as we now see her true colors come to light by using her demonic eye to take away the ‘free will’ of Muneakira, just as Sen and the others confront her. Sen of course transforms into a master samurai with Gisen doing the very same, as the two of them fight each other – though Gisen appears to have the upper hand. The battle didn’t last too long, as Sen’s brother appeared (a week early due to his cunning intellect in deceiving his only sister) with an artificial master samurai known Nia. Yoshihiko flat out told Gisen that he doesn’t like her and needs to be punished; which basically translates into ‘go kick that hussy’s ass for me!’

Nia does just that, as Gisen didn’t really stand much of a chance which caused her to get the hell outta dodge. Afterwards the dojo was raided by Yoshihiko’s forces while he explained to her sister what really happened with the spirited Away incidents. Turns out the missing students were actually inside special pods that were being used to create artificial master samurai just like Nia, because the number of master samurai was on the decline.

Yoshihiko then goes on to say that the reason Great Japan has a shadow casts upon it was due to the malevolent spirit of Amakusa; who just so happens to be Gisen’s true general, and the true antagonist behind the main antagonist. With Muneakira and Jubei captured by Yoshihiko and Gisen revealed as the true villain of the series, things are about to get real interesting quite quickly.

After four episodes of fun n’ games it’s time for the serious portion of the series to begin. There are only three episodes remaining until the finale, so this will do it for this episode’s review.

Until next post, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Eight!

Greetings nerds n’ nerdettes! We have returned with yet another review from our Anime REvisited pick that is called Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls, but you already knew that. It’s episode number eight which means there’s only four more remaining, so without further delay, let’s get to it!

Inner Jubei

Right off the bat Sanada and Princess Sen give the other three women in the dojo an ultimatum; either kiss Muneakira and become a Master Samurai in order to prepare for war against Sen’s brother, or leave the dojo never to return again. Sen told the girls that her brother Yoshihiko would be returning from Paris and whatever plan he’s got going on, could potentially put Great Japan in danger as well as cause casualties in the process. After Sen and Sanada leave Kanaetsugu purposes that the three of them protest the idea of kissing Muneakira, and demand that Sen and Sanada apologize to them for (in her mind) the ‘way they acted’. She was met with an ignoring-ly obvious response as Matabei and Hanzo shut the door on her.

After a couple of comic relief moments from Kanaetsugu, Muneakira and the others were talking about the ceremony between the general and the samurai. Although Sen and Sanada want Muneakira to kiss Matabei and Hanzo in order to make the pact, Jubei was against the idea of it only because it didn’t seem like the two actually loved Muneakira. Before she was able to stake her claim Jubei’s master samurai aura suddenly appeared as a bright light came from the sky. Not only that but the light itself was coming from a girl; who appeared in the same way that Jubei first did. Judging by the exchange of looks it appears that the two of them might be facing each other…real soon.

Her name is Gisen Yagyu (even though she has the same last name as Jubei and Muneakira, she’s not really a blood relative) and it appears that she’s already a master samurai. Throughout most of the episode Gisen takes the relationship between master samurai and general a little more in the ‘physical’ sense than it needs to be. We’re not even gonna describe what she does or tires to do to Muneakira, so you’ll have to watch the episode n’ find out!

A battle does happen between Gisen and Princess Sen due to their difference in beliefs in terms of what the relationship between a master samurai and a general is. At the very last second right before Sen was about to get done in by Gisen at the hands of her blade, Jubei stops the fight and explains what the contract actually means. Gisen apologizes for her actions and calls Jubei her ‘Big Sister’, while Kanaetsugu gets pummeled to death by Sanada and Matabei for being…herself.

Alright, that wraps up this review. If you know us by now (and we’re pretty sure you do), then you already know that we’ve got more reviews and content coming your way on the blog! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Seven!

Welcome back to yet another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick that we’re pretty sure you already know as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! We are onto our seventh episode of this series so let’s get a move on with the review!

Inner Jubei

Kicking off the seventh episode the gang is back at the dojo, but discovered that Kanaetsugu is hiding out in the doghouse that she named as her base of operations. She states that the only reason she’s there is to keep watch of Muneakira due to her being the Warrior of Love, but that title is moot in the eyes of Princess Sen; who gives the girl a shake down while interrogating her about her alliance with Sen’s brother Yoshihiko. After several scenes of comic relief at Kanaetsugu’s expense, Hanzo has a moment while it begins to rain outside where she first met Princess Sen; and was asked to protect her by the academy’s principal as well as be her friend. Before that however the info from Sen’s brother’s file that Sanada and the others go through, indicates that something big and frightening is about to happen. Of course with every action anime that’s 12 episodes or less, you don’t get the full entrée of the plot until later on in the series.

Just like with the last boss battle that happened in the previous episode, another boss shows up in the form of some invisible enemy that knocks you unconscious if touched. Sadly Jubei learned that first hand as Hanzo used her specialized glasses to see what type of enemy it was. Muneakira along with Hanzo and Sen went after it while Kanaetsugu did the same, as they managed to corner it outside in the courtyard. Sen then suggested that if Hanzo became a Master Samurai then it would give her a boost in her abilities, but although it was great in theory, Hanzo just couldn’t go through with the plan.

Instead she wanted Sen to destroy the invisible boss along with her, but the princess actually had another idea; she would acquire Kanaetsugu’s help in order to destroy the boss while saving Hanzo in the process. In the first few episodes the relationship between Princess Sen and Hanzo was that of Master and Servant, but eventually it matures into the two of them becoming friends.

Basically you’re looking at another filler episode before the ‘real’ plot kicks in, and it’ll be kicking in sooner than we think. That will do it for our episode review, but as always there is more content and reviews to come! Until next post, stay healthy and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Six!

Welcome back guys! We’re halfway through our Anime REvisited pick that you already know as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! This time we’re taking a dive into the all-too-familiar ‘Swimsuit Episode’, because why not! Since you’re all waiting for it, let’s go!

Title Card

Before the opening credits Princess Sen and Muneakira are looking over some files of the students that were missing because of the ‘Spirited Away’ incidents. (Miazaki shout out, baby!) The students were all from families that have turned out Master Samurai, so perhaps this may become a big plot point later on in the series. After the credits Sen and Muneakira make an attempt to sneak out of the dojo for a little ‘trip to the beach’ which has a special house by the Tokogawa Shogunate with a computer room inside. (Again, future plot point.)

Before they could even step out the gate they tripped a wire which set off that alarm that caused Jubei, Sanada, Matabei, and Hanzo to appear; asking them where they were going. They tried to hold their tongues about it but failed miserably, as Sen had no choice but to tell the crew that she and Muneakira were going on a trip to the beach. Cutting away to the beach trip we already know what to expect from these kinds of episodes; which type of swimsuit do boys prefer (one piece or two piece), two girls fighting over the male MC asking him who’s swimsuit looks hotter, y’know, ‘Beach Episode’ stuff.

Even though it was all beach and swimsuits for most of the episode, there was a boss battle that happened near the end of it involving Kanaetsugu; where Sen and Sanada had to put their differences aside in order to save Kanaetsugu’s life. Eventually Inner Jubei stepped into the fray and landed the killing blow against the boss that held Kanaetsugu captive inside of it; bonding to her body, but not killing her in the process. Long story short; this was pretty much a beach episode combined with a boss battle ending.

That’s it for episode six, but with half of the first season of this title behind us, we can only assume that the story will pick up after all of the silly stuff is done. That’s usually the case with 12-episode titles like this, but somehow they manage to pick up the pace later on. As always continue to look out for one another and stay nerdy my friends! 😉  

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Five!

Whew! And welcome back to our Anime REvisited segment featuring our anime title pick; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! Four episodes down, and only eight more to go! It appears in this episode we meet a new character, so let’s get to it!

Jubei Yagyu

Following up from the events of the previous episode, Sanada has now learned how to transform into a Master Samurai at will; meaning that the samurai’s general maintains his freedom of movement without being restricted. Jubei of course wants to know how she can transform into her Master Samurai form, but since it requires one to know the words to live by as a samurai, her answer to that is…food. While the shenanigans of the morning began at the dojo, a new challenger approaches – in the form of a girl with a giant hammer who happens to be the childhood friend of Sanada. (Little do the others know; that the girl with the hammer now known as Kanaetsugu was actually sent as a spy by Sen Tokugawa’s brother.) Why did Kanaetsugu show up at the dojo you ask? To get back at Sanada for what she did to her while they were kids. (No, we’re not gonna spoil what it is, you’ll have to watch to find out.)

Once nightfall hit Sanada was pretty upset and flustered about what Kanaetsugu said about her small breasts earlier during the day; that she transformed into her master samurai form and blew her away with her power (which she hasn’t learned how to control yet). Elsewhere in the bath house Princess Sen was contemplating if she should kiss Muneakira and become a master samurai, but she got squirt in the face with some water from a water gun by Jubei. (Where did the water gun come from?! XP)

By the episode’s end Kanaetsugu pretty much lays the beatdown on Muneakira due to how insensitive he was towards Sanada’s feelings. This was done only because he wanted to feel the same pain she felt, but by doing this she begged Kanaetsugu to stop as she apologized for what she said about him earlier; that he did perceive her feelings about herself and how she felt about him. It was also at this moment that Princess Sen condemned the actions of Kanaetsugu and asked if she truly knew what it meant to be a ‘Warrior of Love’ – or even if she knew what true love really was. Sen then kissed Muneakira transforming her into a Master Samurai and pretty much defeated Kanaetsugu; or at least sliced her hammer off its handle thus causing the girl to dash off and go home, but Hanzo hauled ass after her.

All in all, this was pretty much another character introduction episode where the level of seriousness is pretty much toned down. So that will do it for this episode review. Until the next one, look out for each other and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Four!

Here we are! What are your other two wishes? Ah, right. It’s time for another episodic review from our Anime REvisited pick that you probably already know by now as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. Unlike the last three episodes this one’s pretty much a romantic battle of sorts with the (always added) element of fanservice. So, let’s get to it!

Jubei Yagyu

As the fallout from Jubei’s transformation continues, Princess ‘pain-in-the-ass’ Sen (that’s said with love) declares that Muneakira should keep his lips away from Jubei, in order to prevent her from transforming into her dangerous; Master Samurai self. This leads to a theory that Sanada has that if someone other than Jubei kisses Muneakira, then they two will transform into a Master Samurai. At this point in the episode you can pretty much cut the tension between Sanada and Sen with…a katana, of course!

The situation that happens after stating her theory, leads Sanada on a mission to get a kiss from Muneakira through the whole episode in order to prove it. Yep, this is one of those cat-n-mouse battles between girls who have feelings for the MC that you’ll only find in anime rom-coms. Needless to say; Sanada’s theory actually proved true, as she was able to find the right moment to kiss Muneakira and become a Master Samurai – though she didn’t know how to control her own powers and thus tore the dojo apart.

Like we said; this one’s pretty much a slice-of-life episode featuring a battle of romance between two female characters (or at least one trying to prove a theory while the other’s just c-blocking), so on that note this wraps up another anime episode review. As always stay safe and look out for each other in the times of which we all live in.

Until next post! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Three!

What’s good guys n’ gals! We’re back with another review from our Anime REvisited segment featuring our pick; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! So right now we’ve already met Jubei Yagyu as well as her samurai form, but the question remains…who the heck is she really? Guess we’ll find out in our third episode review!

Title Card

The episode opens up with Jubei doing some sword training with Matabei, but so far in her base form she’s pretty much a rookie. Muneakira and Sanada are trying to figure out just who Jubei is as well as who her Samurai General is. The General of course is the one who unlocks the power sealed within the Master Saumrai, and is unlocked by the pact (or kiss) of the general. Right before the opening credits Princess Sen tells everyone that the fate of the ‘criminals’ Matabei and Sanada have been decided. They are to leave the dojo and never return; much to Jubei’s disappointment that she’ll never get to enjoy Matabei’s cooking.

With Sanada and Matabei gone Princess Sen declares that she’ll be living in the dojo along with Hanzo, but yeah, Muneakira is already regretting that arrangement. (Future “A Founder’s Thought’s” post on the subject of Tsundere’s coming soon!) Midway through the episode Muneakira and Sen talk about the real reason why he was brought to the academy; to investigate several incidents of academy students disappearing, and why Sanada and Matabei might be the ones behind it – even though that assumption seems a bit farfetched. At this point in the episode Inner Jubei returns as a result of her kissing Muneakira after being frightened by a bad dream; which will turn out to be a major plot point later on in the series. She then blows up part of the interior room of the dojo as Sen and Hanzo find themselves outside while Jubei holds her daito katana in her right hand before pointing the blade at Sen’s neck.

It’s at this very moment when Sanada and Matabei return to fight Jubei, as they claim she is the shadow that has cast itself upon Great Japan. Taking those as ‘fightin’ words’ Jubei charges at the duo as Matabei uses a flash bomb before she and Sanada take off into the forest. Jubei catches up as she faces Matabei after knocking out Sanada, while Muneakira is still bound by chains due to the pact he made with Jubei. The battle doesn’t last long as Jubei realizes that Matabei is frustrated that she feels she can’t protect Sanada the way she wants to, and even though she states that once the sword has been drawn there’s no turning back, Jubei sheathes her sword and tells Matabei that she’ll ‘let it slide’ this time. The next day Jubei is asleep as Muneakira and the others are still discovering just who exactly Jubei is…

So that pretty much wraps up the episode. We’re only three episodes in so the pace may seem a little on the slow side for some if you plan on checking this series out, but rest assured that it does pick up after the fourth episode and beyond. As always continue to look out for one another and stay awesome! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Two!

Welcome back guys! We return with another installment of Anime REvisited with our current pick known as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! Last time was the introduction to a majority of the main cast, so without further delay, here’s the breakdown of episode number two!

Title Card

Picking up where the last episode left off, Muneakira was looking at the master samurai known as Jubei Yagyu. During this time Hanzo was in quick pursuit of him as well as Matabei and Sanada; but Jubei intercepted the girl and thus a battle quickly took place. After doing a few Matrix moves and dodging all of Hanzo’s attacks, Jubei took the fight to her after toying with her a bit. (Not to mention that during the fight she had a power level of 5 million; which probably meant she could kick second and third form Frieza’s ass, just saiyan.) It wasn’t long before Jubei had Hanzo right where she wanted her, as she unsheathed her blades from her Daisho set, and prepared to strike. Right now things aren’t lookin’ good for Hanzo, but Muneakira’s voice somehow cracked through to Jubei; as you see her ‘Inner Moka’ disappear in an explosion of dark energy and light and reverting to her former self…naked…because fanservice.

After the whole situation Muneakira along with the other two girls were back inside the dojo, with Hanzo and her boss Sen Tokugawa; who just so happens to be Muneakira’s childhood friend – his Tsundere, jealous-around-other-women, bossy-as-hell, spoiled-as-shite childhood friend. (There’s always one in 90% of the anime you watch.) Fickle reunion aside Hanzo instructs Muneakira, Matabei, and Sanada not to even think about leaving the premises or there will be dire ‘consequences’ as she put it.

Near the end of the episode Sanada and Hanzo wanted to check Jubei’s body to see if there was some kind of manifestation of some kind that caused her to transform into a master samurai. What happened to be a bit of a struggle actually sounded like something dirty to Muneakira; as all matter of imagery crept into his mind while trying to exercise it out.

This of course led Jubei to dash off away from the other girls not knowing that Muneakira was right on the other side of the door. She tripped on his coat and fell flat on top of him as he saw what the others were looking for; the mark of a master samurai right between her breasts.

The second episode gave us a taste of what ‘Inner Jubei’ can do during battle, as this may not be the last time we see her throughout the series. Usually after the second episode all of the major main character introductions are done; with the side and supporting characters coming later on in the series. Right now it appears that Sen’s older brother may be the main antagonist, but the truth behind that assumption has yet to be revealed.

Well, that wraps up another review on our Anime REvisited pick, but as always we’ve got more reviews coming your way; among other surprises that we can’t share with you just yet! Stay tuned! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode One!

What’s up guys! So if you haven’t heard it already from our social media pages, we’ve returned with another installment of our fan-favorite segment; Anime REvisted! Our pick is somewhat of an underrated title that came out ten years ago known as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. We’re gonna let you know right now; it’s got PLENTY of fanservice (whether you like it or not) judging by the opening, but there’s a little more to it than just your everyday TNA. So without further delay, here’s our first episode review!

The Title Card

If you’re wondering what this anime title is about, Hyakka Ryoran takes places in an alternate timeline after the Second World War; where the Tokugawa Faction remained in power. Basically this series takes place during present day times, but with a little bit of a twist. The series main character Muneakira Yagyu is brought to Buou Academy at the base of Mt. Fuji by the Tokugawa Shogunate, but was never really told why he was really there other than being invited. Upon reaching the dojo Mr. Yagyu walks in on two women changing and right off the bat he’s accused of being a pervert. So we’re going down THAT rabbit hole again, huh?

Eventually Muneakira discovers the two women as Yukimura Sanada, and Matabei Goto (both of which are named after real-life samurai) who happen to be members of the Toyotomi Faction. It’s safe to assume those groups do NOT like each other; or perhaps the Toyotomi believe that the Tokugawa government is corrupt and needs to be stopped. (And here we go with the politics…) As the episode continues Muneakira, Sanada, and Matabei end up being surrounded by the student council of the academy led by Hanzo (Hattori Hanzo), with the series main using a flash bomb to escape. They manage to do so, but the celebration doesn’t last long as Hanzo and the rest of the council catch up to the trio. Sanada and Matabei get caught in several chains that soon become electrified, but being the ‘hero’, Muneakira slashes the chains apart and frees the girls.

At this point both Sanada and Matabei took it upon themselves to escape with Muneakira following behind, however something stopped him in his tracks; a bright light that transformed into the shape of a girl with crimson hair. Upon falling into his arms the girl kissed Muneakira as a ball of light and darkness surrounded them; with the girl transforming into a samurai – a Master Samurai named Jubei Yagyu.

As far as first episode impressions go; this one pretty much introduces a chunk of the main cast and what their roles are in the series. There’s plenty of fanservice (if you’re into that) right off the bat and that might be the case going forward, but there was also a decent amount of action as well. Seeing as though this episode left off in a cliffhanger with Jubei Yagyu making an appearance, the next episode is where we’ll see her in action.

That does it for this episode review, but there’s more reviews coming soon! 😉

Avidd Music Fridays: Dariasirene – Angel in Tokyo (feat. Nyokee)

Sorry this one took so long, but D&A Anime Blog would like to welcome you to a special segment where we highlight independent music artists, DJ’s and producers called Avidd Music Fridays! To kick off this new segment we bring to you an awesome artist that reached out to us a couple months ago on the blog. Her name is Dariasirene, and we’ve had the chance to check out her latest single featuring another artist known as Nyokee. It’s a fun little song that has a future type of techno vibe with chiptune sounds that kind of remind me of an ending from a futuristic anime. The title of the track is called “Angel in Tokyo”, and it’s available on all music streaming platforms! Check it out! 😉

Hyakka Ryoran: Anime REvisted Returns Next Week!

With so many anime titles at our disposal to watch anytime, anywhere; there are some that just so happen to slip through the cracks of popularity and thus end up being forgotten. Many of our favorite VA’s have voiced in a lot of top-tier titles such as Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, Naruto, One Piece, and Fairy Tail to name a few. In spite of all of the titles that we know our favorite VA’s from, there are some titles that they’ve done several years (and some times a decade) ago that may not have gotten the fanfare or promotion that it deserved. This is one of those titles; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. I guess what we’re getting at is…Anime REvisted is coming back next Monday with this 12-episode title (which gives us three weeks of relief from topic ‘burnout’), so if you’re fan of samurai girls, then you’re probably going to love this one! 😉

Samurai Girls, next week!

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis (02/28/21)!

What’s good guys n’ gals! Since March of 2021 kicks off tomorrow, this ‘Founder’s Thoughts’ post is pretty much a thank you to all of the people who have supported us since our launch in 2016. The last 26 months haven’t been easy for anyone; from the start of what is currently the global pandemic, to Black Lives Matter, to the vaccine rollout as well as a new president in office. Yeah, we’ve been through a lot, but I have a feeling that many of us will have a greater appreciation about our lives as well as the lives of other people. Much like the anime community that A. Goldman and I have been a part of since we were kids, we gotta love and support one another through the roller-coaster that we call life. We may have our differences in opinion, and we may not always agree on everything, but we got to find that happy medium and common ground that brings us all together from all walks of life – like anime has done for so many of us. So from Yours Truly, we love and appreciate you guys from the bottom of our hearts. Of course once this pandemic is truly over, we can’t wait to see you all at an anime convention again! 🙂 

We’ll see you guys at cons soon! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: 5 Underrated Anime Titles That Need A 2nd Season!

As an anime fan, the saddest part about your favorite titles is when its the final episode of the series. Depending on the popularity of it (i.e. merch sales as well as the fandom surrounding it) nine times outta ten your favorite title usually gains a second season. (Or third or fourth if its really popular.) With the amount of anime that’s out in the world right now, there have been several titles that have flown under the radar; meaning that in spite of having great character development as well as a decent plot, they never go past the first season – which is kind of a shame! So from us to you, here are five underrated anime titles that really NEED a second season.

This title NEEDS a second season!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight

As fans of this series we can’t tell you how much this series needs a second season! If you haven’t gotten the chance to see this series just yet, this is one we recommend that you check out! There’s so much more to Ikki and Stella’s relationship as well as what will happen at the Seven Star Sword Art Festival, so hopefully we get to see a second season of this awesome show!

A classic gem from Toonami

Deadman Wonderland

As a part of the Saturday Night Toonami lineup back in the mid 2010’s, this title is beloved by many despite the fact that it only got one season. The manga of course goes deeper and even reveals that fan-favorite Shiro is the most powerful ‘Deadman’ in the whole series; which may be one of the reasons to give this series another season, or possibly two!

Another classic that deserves a second season!

The Sacred Blacksmith

This one’s another title that had some great potential to have a second season, but like many underrated titles it never got the credit or fanfare that it deserved. If you’ve read the manga, you already know that the main characters are waaay different in personality that their anime versions. Another gem that kinda needs a second season…

You already know this title needs a second season!

No Game, No Life!

Anyone who has seen this series already knows it needs a second season! Who doesn’t want another season of Sora and Shiro? Will the two of them finally beat the God of Games and claim the world of games as their own? Welp, we’ll have to find out in the second season – IF it gets one!

Mugen and the Gang!

Samurai Champloo

Hip-Hop, Feudal Japan, and Samurai? These three things make up this classic known as Samurai Champloo! If you’re a fan of Cowboy Bebop, then you’re gonna love this series. Great characters, awesome fights, and good music! This one is NOT to be overlooked! 😉

There are so many titles out there with only one season; some of the reasons for that can range from the lack of sales (DVD’s and merch) to the studio becoming bankrupt (which has happened in several cases). Nevertheless these one-season titles are still awesome and still give you the same level of excitement as you’d find in multi-season titles. On that note that will do it for this post, but we’ve still got some more blog content coming your way! 😉

Things Are Kinda Slow, But We’re Picking Up Speed Next Week!

As the headline says; things on our end have been kinda slow lately. However if you know us well, we’re not ones to give up so easily when things get a little stagnant. We do have some rather good news to report as far as our plans for D&A Studios is concerned; after what was to be a lengthy battle, we’ve finally gotten our studio desktop and systems running at 100% again! We know we’ve been promoting and telling you guys that our “Nerdz of the Decade” podcast is coming, and that is a promise we fully intend to keep (even though it’s taking a little bit longer that we’d had hoped it would). So if this happens to be our only post for this week, here’s what we’ll be bring you guys for next week!

This show would be one of them

D&A’s Top 5 Underrated Anime Titles That NEED A Second Season!

It seems like the 2020 anime season hasn’t really brought us a lot of titles that could potentially be the next hit franchise (just yet), but one we’ve noticed is that there are some titles that are getting more seasons and climbing up the ranks of popularity! As awesome as that is, there are a few anime titles that flew under the radar and have become underrated gems in need of a second season. In this post we highlight and pick our Top 5 underrated anime titles that NEED a second season, and also throw in some honorable mentions as well!

This is How We (Used To) Do It

Nerd Homecoming: What Will Conventions Look Like When We Return?

Let’s face it; we all miss conventions. In fact the last one we’ve been to was our home convention known as Animore back in January of last year, and since then we’ve seen posts, tweets, and articles about COVID-19 putting the kibosh on anime and other nerdy conventions for what feels like an eternity. Lately there have been a lot of digital alternatives to conventions to help take our mind off of the pandemic, and perhaps they might even open the door to some new and innovative ideas once it’s safe to go back to cons once again. In this post we ask the question; what will cons even look like once we come back to them?

D&A Anime Blog Presents: Avidd Music Fridays!

Provided by Avidd Minddset (D&A’s D.J. Lewis), we highlight new up-and-coming indie music artists and showcase their awesome work on a new segment we call Avidd Music Fridays! If you’re an indie music artist, DJ, or a producer who wants to showcase their work and even have us highlight it on our page “The Lounge”, let us know through our Contact Us page. We’ll be making our first post this coming Friday!

That’s all we got for now, but as always there’s more content to come! 🙂

Anime Love & Hip-Hop with D.J. Lewis: The Present!

When last I posted I was talking about how the subcultures of anime and Hip-Hop crossed paths and came together during the 80’s and early 90’s. Even though the relationship was starting to bloom during that era in time, it wasn’t until 1997 that both subcultures took it to the next level. Unlike Western animation that at one point in time did depict real-life situations such as discrimination, poverty, and violence (early X-Men episodes and several from Captain Planet), Japanese animation took on the fabric of said situations that have attracted the youth-driven culture of Hip-Hop. Several artist that come to mind in terms of the ‘nerdy side’ of Hip-Hop would be the late MF Doom, MegaRan, and Ghostface Killah. As a lot people might’ve noticed (if you happen to be a fan of anime and Hip-Hop) the biggest anime references have been from Dragon Ball Z and Naruto; both of which are heavy-hitter titles that have drawn inspiration from many corners of the African-American community through fashion as well as Hip-Hop.

The Akatsuki bout’ to drop a mixtape!

Several well-known rappers have made tons of references to these titles as you might’ve heard in their lyrics. Others took it a step further and re-created scenes from popular anime; such as Kanye West’s “Stronger” which was heavily inspired by Akira, the 1988 film. The connection between anime and Hip-Hop culture isn’t just in America, it’s also relevant in British Hip-Hop as well. Although you have anime-inspired rappers like Lil’ Uzi Vert and Shababii, one of the most anime-influenced rappers who even has his whole persona rooted in the subculture itself, is Scarlxrd. His sound took on an infusion of Trap music and Heavy Metal; two genres that you normally do see together let alone being fused together. Scarlxrd’s inspiration from anime comes from the popular fan-favorite title known as Tokyo Ghoul; where he even wears the zipped mask that bares heavy resemblance to Ken Kaneki.

The cultural crossover between anime and Hip-Hop has led to various other achievements in the medium; from the level of inclusion of African-American characters in anime, to titles being soundtracked by Hip-Hop through artists like RZA and the late Nujabes. (Japanese Hip-Hop artist Lotus Juice also did Death the Kid’s “So Crazy” theme from Soul Eater as well.) From my view point it seems like the relationship between anime and Hip-Hop will continue to evolve, as upcoming artists are finding their creative sides through the layers of both subcultures. If you jump on YouTube right now you’ll find soooo many Hip-Hop/Rap cyphers about anime titles and characters, that you’ll think its crazy! Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line we’ll have a record label dedicated to anime-inspired Hip-Hop. That is…if it’s not already been done. (*chuckles*)

On my next post will be the conclusion to me three-part series of post between the subcultures of anime, and Hip-Hop. Until next time, stay safe and love one another! 🙂 

Anime Love & Hip-Hop with D.J. Lewis: The Past!

When you think of anime; the first thing that comes to mind for most people (if they happen to be fans) would be pioneering shows like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Cowboy Bebop. When it comes to Hip-Hop (depending on what generation you’re from); names like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, T.I., RZA, and Lil’ John to name a few. (Might as well throw Drake and Migos in there for extra credit.) If you’re a fan of these two subcultures, you’ve might have noticed that they’ve been crossing paths consistently over the last decade or so; but in actuality the relationship between the anime world and Hip-Hop culture goes back even further. I’ve covered this topic a few times over the last year or so, but there’s actually more to it that originally thought. So this time around, I’ll be breaking down the relationship and anime and Hip-Hop has in three parts; the Past, the Present, and the Future. So without further ado, here’s the Past (or How it all Started).

Samuel L. Jackson likes anime too

Back in the 1960’s anime was gaining ground in the popularity department throughout Western Culture. A couple of decades later a man by the name of Hiroshi Fujiwara made his return to Japan (after coming from the U.S.) and started playing some Old School Hip-Hop records. (This part I covered in my previous two-part post “Anime Love & Hip-Hop Part 1 and Part 2“.) This trend of course lead to the rise of Hip-Hop in Japan; or Japanese Hip-Hop, which is heavily influenced by Old School Hip-Hop beats, breakdancing, and the carefree 80’s attitude. (Grandmaster Flash comes to mind.) Also during the 80’s the influence of Hip-Hop notably made its way into the the anime world, as many anime creators during that time started incorporating more Western culture into their productions.

One of those productions in particular was Afro Samurai. In fact the creator of the series himself Takashi Okazaki stated that he used to draw African-American characters in Kleenex boxes when he was in his teens; due to his love for Hip-Hop and Soul music. During the creation process the creator incorporated elements of samurai into Afro’s design, which appears to be based off of the Black samurai known as Yasuke during the Sengoku Period of Japan. Throughout the 90’s anime titles even incorporated elements of Hip-Hop into their openings; like Samurai Champloo for example, thanks to the late Nujabes. Thanks to anime’s rise in popularity among Western audiences, the relationship between the medium and the subculture of Hip-Hop grew along with its popularity; which eventually lead to the rise of Nerdcore between the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Back when I was growing up in the 90’s I loved hip-Hop (and still do), but during that time I never really thought about the parallels that Hip-Hop culture has with anime. The topics and plots found in anime are quite parallel with that found in African-American communities; such as racism and poverty. The thought that these two subcultures were so connected on many levels never crossed my mind until 2017, but during the time I’ve had this blog with my buddy of 18 years (A. Goldman), I’ve learned a lot of things about the relationship of these two subcultures. Anime and Hip-Hop may appear different on paper, but they’re actually more connected than you’d think! 😉

D&A Breakdown: The (Brief) History Of “Best Girl”!

In the anime community, there are many terms and words that describe the characters and titles that we’ve come to know. For as long as we’ve been a part of this nerdy community, we’ve heard everything from ‘waifu’ to ‘Rule 34′ (whatever that means, but that’s something for another post on another day). For younger anime fans who are just stepping into the community for the first time, some of the words and terms may be a little confusing to you. Don’t fret, cuz’ D&A’s got you covered on the words of the otaku culture! In this post we’ll be breaking down the (brief) history of the term heard most often in various anime titles surrounding female characters; Best Girl.

Kirito found his Best Girl! 😉

For many anime fans; the term ‘Best Girl’ pretty much means that they’ve selected a fan-favorite female character in a series. The qualifications can include but not limited to; their interaction/relationship with a male lead or side character, how they treat other characters in the series, and when the MC needs it most – how that female character shows up and shows out! Based on our research the term ‘Best Girl’ has also gone hand in hand with the term ‘waifu’; with the first instance of the term was used in January of 2009. Much like the ‘Waifu Wars’ many fans of harem/ecchi and fantasy titles like High School DXD and Re:Zero find themselves rooting for a specific character of the show; pretty much reinforcing the term ‘best girl’.

The best way we can describe the concept of ‘best girl’ is treating it like it’s a fandom game – because it kinda is. Fans apply the ‘best girl’ rules to whatever show they find themselves watching, and whatever cast of characters they find appealing. As for what the overall rules are in who qualifies for ‘best girl’ (or ‘best boy’ in some cases), that’s pretty much up to you as the viewer. We’re not ones to pick favorites when it comes to this term, but we’d be lying through out teeth if we didn’t have best girls of our own. (A. Goldman’s is Hestia from Danmachi, and D.J. Lewis’ is Stocking from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.) So however you view the term ‘best girl’, there’s probably going to be a lot of fans of the series who agree with your choice, and some…not so much. Nevertheless ‘best girl’ to us means the best female anime character of the series, and no matter how you slice it, we all have our favorites! 😉

So, who’s your best girl? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!

Whatz Happening This Week: Super Bowl LV Edition!

While most of the world will have their eyes glued to the battle between The Kansas City Chiefs and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV, we’ll be working on bringing you guys some awesome content for the week. Although things have been a little slow on our end, we’ll never stop fighting to give you guys some of the best nerdy content you can find! So as the title says; here’s whatz happening this week on D&A…

Anime Love & Hip-Hop Returns!

Anime Love & Hip-Hop: The Past, The Present, and The Future (with D.J. Lewis)

This is one of our most favorite posts that highlights the relationship between the anime world and Hip-Hop culture. Although we’ve done several posts on this topic, we’ve decided to retell it in three different posts from three different timelines; the past, the present, and the future. Join D&A’s D.J. Lewis as we journey down the road to how the anime and Hip-Hop worlds collide, and what was the result of the relationship.

We already know she’s someone’s Best Girl

D&A Breakdown: The (Brief) History Behind “Best Girl”!

No matter what title you’ve watched up to this point, every anime seems to have a female character who does something in the series that earn her the title; Best Girl. With us being the curious little nerds that we are, we’ll be breaking down the history of where the term came from, and what qualifies certain female anime characters as ‘Best Girl’.

That’s whatz happening this week, so until next post stay safe guys! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Groundhog Day 2021 Edition!

What’s up anime fam! We’ve made it through the first month of 2021, and now we’re on the second day of February known as Groundhog Day. Sadly Phil saw his shadow today, so we’re looking at another six weeks of temps under 40 degrees and windchills under 20 (and possibly more snow depending where you live). Some of us are used to the frosty weather that is Winter, while others can’t wait for Spring to come fast enough! For this particular post of “A Founder’s Thoughts” I’ve got a couple of announcements to share with you guys on what we’ll be doing this month and this year; besides on what we’ve already elaborated on…

Anime Love & Hip-Hop: The Past, The Present, and The Future!

A couple of years ago I’ve done several posts about the connection between Hip-Hop and anime, and how much of a role that they’ve played in each other’s lives. So I’ll be doing a three part series of posts on the relationship between these cultures through how it all started (The Past), what’s happening now (The Present), and what will the future hold (The Future). More than likely I’ll be regurgitating some excerpts from the previous posts that I’ve made regarding this wonderful topic, but there also might be some things about the relationship that you might not be aware of. Out of all of the posts that I’ve written, this is one of my most favorite topics to talk about.

Avidd Minddset Presents: Avidd Music Fridays

Aside from posting on the blog, I’m also a music producer as well as a DJ. Every Friday of this month starting this week; I’ll be reviewing and highlighting music from various upcoming indie artists, DJs, and producers. If you want us to showcase your music, just let us know in our Contact Us page and if you’re able to, you can also drop a link to your music page as well.

Avidd Minddset’s Weekly DJ Sets

These sets will be coming soon to my official YouTube page! They’ll be pre-recorded videos of Yours Truly mixin’ it up on my DJ controller, and will be posted on my YouTube page. The sets can range from 30 minutes (mini DJ set) to an hour (full-length DJ set), and include genres such as; Deep House, Drum n’ Bass, EDM Trap, Video Game Remixes, Original Music, and more!

So that’s pretty much it for the announcements on my end, but we’ve got more posts coming your way for the remainder of the week! Until then, stay safe and continue to love on another guys! 🙂

Nerdz of the Decade: Whatz This All About?

So about several weeks ago we were wondering what new thing we should try to do to spice up the blog a bit. At the moment we’ve done a LOT of things from anime reviews to highlighting conventions, but there was one thing we’ve never tried yet; having our own podcast! Although we were fully aware that there were already tons of podcasts about nerdy stuff out there, we wanted ours to stand out from the rest just like the blog. During this time of immense brainstorming; we were not only able to create a name for the title of our podcast, but also what topics and news around the industry that we two nerds wanted to cover. Thus “Nerdz of the Decade” is a podcast about two ’90’s kids’ (hence the word ‘decade’) who talk about their favorite nerd interests from anime to classic video games. (Even Marvel and DC too!)

Having this podcast allows us to expand on topics and posts that we’ve done on the blog over the five years that we’ve been on the interweebz. Plus we wanna cover news regarding the industry, convention recaps, and what new shows are coming out (and even have VA’s call in and have short interviews with them). We wish we could run our podcast a lot sooner, but with D&A being self-financed for the moment it takes us a little longer to get things going. Despite that, we can’t thank our fans enough for all of the love and support that you’ve given (and continue to give) us through it all. We know lots of you guys miss conventions as much as we do, but just like you, we can’t wait to see each other once again!

That’s all we’ve got regarding what “Nerdz of the Decade” is about, and once we get the ball rollin’ on the podcast, we may even start something new where fans can submit topics they want us to cover in a future episode. We hope that you guys are continuing to stay safe as the country is getting vaccinated, and as always we’ve got more awesome content coming your way! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: American Influence in Anime!

It’s no secret that anime has become one of the most popular mediums in the world. From music to conventions and cosplay culture, anime has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals from all walks of life; and all nationalities regardless of their country. Everybody knows somebody who’s into anime, but how did something that was once laughed at by the adversaries of the people who embraced it, now a part of mainstream culture?

We dunno, but we’re sure you’re gonna tell us.

To figure this one out we’ll have to travel back 60 years into the past; when titles like Astro Boy and Speed Racer were one of the few titles to make their way into America. Back during this time those shows in particular gained popularity with American audiences; for many millennial anime fans (like myself), our parents may have been fans of those shows growing up. (Plus my mama loves Speed Racer!)

From the 1960’s to the 1980’s a lot of the anime titles that were imported from Japan ended up being heavily altered and localized (even to the point of changing the name of the titles themselves). So if you’re familiar with the show Robotech, it’s real name and title was actually Macross. We all know about Transformers and all of the series and spin-offs that came from its original, but the basis of the ‘Robots in Disguise’ came from two series called Diaclone and Microman. Here’s a lil’ fun fact; the first (and I mean FIRST) anime meetup group was called the Cartoon Fantasy Organization (C.F.O.) which was created in 1977 in Los Angeles, California. Yep, L.A. In fact the very first English-dubbed anime distribution company was Streamline Pictures; way before we had BangZoom, Viz Media, Aniplex, Funimation, and Sentai Filmworks.

Once the 90’s kicked in, the overall popularity of anime was at an all-time high. Being a 90’s kid myself you guys already know all of the heavy hitter titles; Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Inuyasha, Gundam Wing, Evangalion, and Cowboy Bebop! The level of popularity began to give birth to a subculture of people who identify themselves as “Anime Fans”, and is still growing to this very day. America’s influence on anime has even translated into more recent cartoon titles from Cartoon Network; like Steven Universe or The Amazing World of Gumball.

Right now it looks like due to anime’s overwhelming popularity throughout 60% of broadcast anime throughout the world, American animation companies are adjusting their productions and animations styles as a ‘reverse-influence’ competitive strategy. If you’ve seen shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Boondocks, and the 2003 Teen Titans, you’ll notice what I’m talking about right away!

All-in-all; America’s influence on anime has opened the minds and the imaginations of the individuals who invest in the medium. It’s given us anime conventions, cosplay culture, anime hip-hop and nerdcore, and new ways to tell stories. Thanks to America’s influence anime has also become more diverse in its story telling; with some anime titles being produced, directed, and even dubbed by people of color. (D’ART Shtajio comes to mind.) The influence of anime can be seen in many other countries such as Brazil and The UK, so American anime fans are not the only ones connected to the medium.

For me personally; I think this is awesome! Having something that you can connect with as you go through life can really boost your overall morale and quality of life. Toonami’s done that with so many people, and there have been stories where anime has saved the lives of the ones who watched it. Although we’re not sure what the future will hold for this once-niche medium (that still is in some parts of the world), we already know that as long as there are anime fans and the demand is high, there will always be anime! 🙂


D&A Anime Blog: Avidd Music Fridays is Coming Next Month!

Attention independent musical artists, DJs and producers! We at D&A Anime Blog will be bringing a brand new special series of weekly posts that will allow you to promote yourselves as well as highlight your upcoming albums, EPs, singles, and mixtapes! This is a special cross-promotional thing (presented by Avidd Minddset) that we’ll be trying out in the month of February, so if you’re an artist, DJ or producer that wants us to shine the spotlight on your musical talents and brand, let us know through our Contact Us page!

Anime Error 404: What’s Happening Next Week

Guys, writer’s block is REAL! If you’re a blogger, then we’re pretty sure that you’ve come up against this lil’ demon from time to time. So now that it has chosen us as its target for this week, we’ll be rolling over or posts and content for next week. Here’s what’s on the books for the blog next week:

“Got you!!”

D&A’s Top 5 Anime Villains of 2020

Many of us never want to see or hear the word “2020” again; but in spite of it being one of the craziest years humanity has ever faced, it still brought us some arguably good anime titles to watch. Not only that; it also gave us some anime villains who are now newly favored by fans, while many still rave about their cult classics as well. Next week we’ll be counting down our Top 5 favorite anime villains of 2020!

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis

A Founder’s Thought’s with D.J. Lewis: America’s Influence on Anime

We got another “A Founder’s Thought’s” post on America’s Influence on Anime. D&A’s D.J. Lewis talks about America’s influence on many titles to come out of Japan. From Baccano to Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, many titles have drawn their inspiration from America in some form or fashion, but how much of America’s influence is in the anime titles that we watch? D.J. Lewis digs deep to find out!

D&A’s Official Upcoming Podcast

Nerdz of the Decade Podcast Update!

After selecting our name for our official podcast, we’ll be filling you guys in on what we plan to do next regarding when we’ll launch our first episode and so on. We know you’ve been waiting quite a while, but the wait is almost over!

See you guys next week for some awesome new posts and content! 🙂

A Founder’s Thought’s with D.J. Lewis! (01/19/21)

Hey guys! Where in the world do I even begin on this post? The last couple of weeks have been (for lack of a better word) crazy to say the least. I’m not the type of person to get political often, but a huge part of me is glad that we’re about to have a new administration (full of ADULTS) on the White House. We got a lot of work to do in these United States of America, and it starts with healing – a whole LOT of healing! Honestly I haven’t really been in the mood to do a lot of posts in the past week other than the anniversary post, but with our new podcast equipment on the way we’ll be having some fresh new content to talk about!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve written over 700 posts in the span of five years. Some of my favorites have been the breakdowns between “Geek” and “Nerd”, as well as my prospective on the “Sub vs. Dub” debate. I call it a debate as opposed to war because the ‘war-factor’ of that debate is happening on any Reddit page or anime chat room you can find. (And there’s a lot of those already!) Even though many of us in the anime community have a difference in opinion; whether you like subs, dubs, or both, we all love and respect one another – at least most (if not 80%) of us do.

The last ten months have really put us in a position where we’re either reinventing ourselves, or taking up a new passion or hobby. I’m pretty sure by now you guys are aware that other than doing posts on the blog, I produce my own music as well as DJ. Do I see that as something that may turn into a secondary source of income as well as a new passion? Of course! There are some many thoughts that go on through my mind on a daily basis; some of them are about what new anime to watch and talk about, while others have to do with where I see myself in the next five years or what new goals I want to accomplish. Who knows what the future will hold for us once we come out of this pandemic, but I can say that a new year comes a new step forward to a better and unified tomorrow! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: My Experience As An Anime Fan

From the time we’re kids to the time we become full-grown adults, we’ve all become fans of something in our lives. For many it could be professional sports or wrestling, but for a particular amount of people, it was anime. I’ve always had this saying when I was growing up; ‘Everybody, knows somebody who likes anime!’ It could be your sibling, your best friend, or second cousin twice removed, but it actuality it’s kinda true. What started as a niche medium back in the 80’s and 90’s has now grown into a culture that I’ve come to know and love. Everyone’s experience as an anime fan is different, so I’d thought I’d share my own…

Yours Truly at Thy Geekdom Con 2017 with a DRV3 cosplayer

Man, where do I begin? I’d say sometime in the Summer of 1997 (I was about 8 years old at the time) where school was out and I was in front of the TV watching many of my favorite cartoons. I was pretty much your average eight-year-old doing what kids my age at the time do, until I discovered something that would change the way I’d look at cartoons for the rest of my adolescence. Around this time I discovered a programming block called Toonami, and on it was one of the first anime titles I’ve ever watched; Tenchi Universe. Oh yeah, my first anime title was one of the OG Harem titles back in the day. At first I didn’t know what was going on, but as I continued to watch I became more enthroned.

It was something different compared to all of the other cartoons I watched (Scooby-Doo, Dexter, Etc.) because of the colorful scenes, the artstyle, and everything else. I had a feeling that this show wasn’t produced in America as it didn’t have that goofy Western style I’ve grown accustomed to. By the time I was in 7th grade everyone was talking about a new anime title that was picking up in popularity; Naruto. YouTube wasn’t even created around 2002, so the only way everyone in my school found out was from Cartoon Network promos. (Plus MySpace, cuz’ Twitter and Facebook didn’t come out until a couple years later.) Pretty soon Toonami picked it up and after my DBZ phase, I jumped into the world of Naruto – three seasons later! XP

As the years went by I consumed anime title after anime title, and even though I was now considered an anime fan, I never joined any of the clubs in middle or high school (although my high school only had one club). Ah, the irony…

Around May of 2008 (my senior year of high school) I found out about a place called an anime convention; which is a place where anime clubs from all over the state and region gather and have the time of their nerdy lives! I had a Summer job at the time, so I took the money from my paycheck and went downtown to Baltimore City, MD where I went to my first anime convention; Otakon. Let me tell ya; it felt like I died and went to Nerd Heaven! This utopia of nerds made me feel like I was home; home to other people who liked anime as much as I did. That feeling stayed with me that entire year, and was the reason I kept going back to that convention every year up until it’s grand finale in 2016; the year I started D&A Anime Blog with my friend A. Goldman!

My experience as an anime fan has been pretty cool. Yeah there were moments where it was hard to make friends while growing up because many of them didn’t know what anime was, or made fun of me for it. However since its rise into popularity, I’ve found myself having friends to go to cons with as well as an awesome blog where I get to talk about all of my favorite shows. I though being a geek was terrible; due to it being cast as the bottom of the barrel of social hierarchy in middle and high school. As I got older the level of acceptance for anime and manga grew to astronomical levels (and still is to this day).

Sure, we have our disagreements of who’s best girl, which anime is top tier, and if we prefer dubs over subs; but overall my experience with the anime community has been nothing short of awesome! Hopefully younger generations will get to experience the world of anime as I did – if that haven’t already! XP

D&A Anime Blog: Happy 5th Anniversary!!

In December of 2015 two guys had an idea; what if we had a place where anime fans and cosplayers can see some of the awesome pictures that they’ve taken with us at the anime conventions that we’ve gone to? Well guys n’ gals, that idea those two guys had in 2015, has now become one the the most awesome websites for fans, cosplayers, and people of the anime industry! On January 11th, 2016 (on this day) A. Goldman and D.J. Lewis took their love for anime culture to the interweebz and created everything that you see here; a place where fans from all walks of life can talk about their favorite titles, characters, and moments. Five years ago we wanted to create an anime blog that had a different kind of vibe to it; not because it was something to do and that we were passionate about doing it (because we were), but we wanted to bring a different perspective on anime nerd culture through the eyes of a fan.

During the five years that we’ve been doing this we’ve written over 700 articles, posts, and breakdowns from every angle of the anime industry; from hilarious to controversial. We’ve also grown during our time with the blog as it has helped change our lives in ways that we never thought we’d be changed in. In fact the blog has helped us meet many of our favorite voice actors as well as a plethora of professional cosplayers. Being an anime fan means more to us than watching anime, it means sharing this passion with other fans as well as appreciating the art of voice acting, and the moving parts of the anime industry that brings us hundreds of titles to America every year. We’re more than grateful for all of the love and support that you’ve given us these last five years, and thanks to you, we now have a special podcast called Nerdz of the Decade to help mark this special milestone in our nerdy little lives.

Here’s to another five years of awesome posts, new anime reviews, and the chance to see our fans and our favorite voice actors at a convention – once it’s safe enough to go back!



Happy 5th Anniversary D&A!!!
Our OFFICIAL Nerdz of the Decade logo!!

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Nine Review!

Happy New Year guys!! It is now officially 2021, and with a new year (hopefully) comes new goals and aspirations! As for us at D&A Anime Blog and D&A Studios, we’ve got some upcoming grand news too, but right now we’re going to wrap up the remaining episodes from our Anime REvisited pick; Danmachi season one. Episode nine begins now!

It’s official; Bell is now a Level 2 adventurer! With that comes a boost in his stats as well as a new skill called “Argonaut” which has a backstory about a boy who wanted to become an adventurer. It is also in this episode that we meet a new member of the Hestia familia known as Welf Crozo; whose family is famous for making magic swords but no longer does. Not a lot is told about how the Crozo name became tarnished and worthless, but an event happened (sometime off screen and before the start of the series) that caused Welf’s name to end up that way; worthless and tarnished.

In spite of Welf’s reputation Bell liked his work when it came to armor and gear, so in exchange for becoming a member of the Hestia familia, Welf used the Minotaur horn that Bell got from defeating the Minotaur in the previous episode to make him a new weapon.

So in a nutshell; this episode was pretty much an introduction to Welf Crozo. He did make a cameo appearance in the very first episode, but you really don’t hear much about him until episode nine. As a blacksmith Welf is skilled with a sword himself, as he journey’s with Bell and Lily to the thirteenth floor of the dungeon at the end of the episode. Although he may not look like it judging by his personality and Jiraiya-like mannerisms (minus the pervert-ness), Welf gets along well with Bell and Lily during combat; although it might take a little while for her to warm up to him. What’s next for Bell, Lily, and Welf? That’s on the next review! Until then, stay safe and stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A Anime Blog: Happy New Year!!

Wow…it’s hard to believe we survived the craziness that was 2020, but here we are! With a new year comes a fresh new start; and that new start begins with some new updates we’ve got coming up real soon. It’s hard to believe that in just a few days it will be our 5-year blog anniversary! We can’t thank you guys enough for all of the love and support that you’ve given us these past five years, and we hope to continue bringing you some of the best original content and anime reviews two anime-loving fans can bring! (For the next five years, of course!) Sorry this post is a little short, but there’s more content to come! Until then, Happy New Year and stay safe! 😉

See ya 2020! Hello 2021!!

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve! Normally we would be out and about with family and friends doing some last-minute shopping, taking in a movie with that special someone, or making snow angels. That’s what we’d usually be doing in a pre-COVID world, but it’s 2020. I don’t even have to say how crazy, weird and stressful this year has been for the country, but in the mist of it all the vaccine is finally here! For many of us who are anime fans; not being able to physically go to conventions this year has given us that ‘post-con blues’ feeling after an exciting con is over. However, a lot of our favorite conventions have given us digital alternatives in order to help take our minds off the pandemic, and for that we are so grateful.

Although we’re knocking on 2021’s door and hoping that conventions will make a ‘physical’ comeback, it more than likely won’t be until the third quarter of 2021. (Cuz’ many otakus under 35 who are among the general population will be the last ones vaccinated.) As MUCH as that sucks (and believe me I know) we’ll just have to wait a little while longer. If there’s one thing that we should never take for granted and pay more attention to, its mental health. COVID has tested us in a way that we’ve never been tested before; even though we’ve gone through other viruses like H1N1 and the Bird Flu. When conventions do come back, I hope to GOD that hygiene is a #1 priority among attendees! Honestly, I don’t even wanna get started on the many smells that my nose has taken in at conventions.

Hopefully you and yours will stay safe this holiday season, and bring on 2021 (cuz we can’t wait for 2020 to be over)!

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Eight Review!

It’s officially the first day of Winter; and Christmas is in just four days! With that said it’s high time for another Anime REvisited episode review from Danmachi season one. Hopefully you guys have been enjoying these reviews as we plan to bring more in the 2021 season. So without any more delay, let’s go!

At this point of the story Bell’s skills and abilities have been increasing at an alarming rate; so much so, that Freya ‘appears’ to be throwing another challenge his way unbeknownst to him. That challenge comes in the form of a Minotaur, but not the same one that he ran from in the first episode. Although it’s only been an episode’s length Bell has been training with Ais for a week, and now she’s on a mission with the Loki familia to be the first familia to reach Level 59. (With Ais being at Level 6 that shouldn’t be a problem, right?)

Midway through the episode Bell travels to floor nine with Lily, but something feels a bit different this time around. There are no monsters to be found anywhere throughout the level which can only mean…Bell’s in for a boss fight. Out of the shadows comes the Minotaur who appears to be carrying a long sword (which he is) as Bell is shaken up by Lily due to him being frozen in fear of the Minotaur being the same one from before (which he isn’t). During the battle Bell is on ‘survivor mode’ as he puts his life on the line to make sure that the Minotaur doesn’t go after Lily.

Eventually the bout draws a crowd in the form of the Loki familia; with one of its members known as Bet (the one who made fun of Bell at the end of the first episode behind his back for being a wimp) looking on and can’t believe that Bell is fighting a Minotaur – while cracking jokes about him and Minotaurs. It was also at this moment that Bell “man’d up” and decided that he no longer wanted Ais fighting his battles form him.

Bell squared off against the Minotaur and was actually holding his own. The climax of the fight was where Bell used everything Ais taught him and more; as he FINALLY faced his demons (or Minotaur) and defeated the beast. Bell defeated a Minotaur, and based on the expression of the Loki familia, he scored himself some street cred. This was Bell’s first adventure, and although he can now say that he’s defeated a boss, this is just the beginning.

In this episode there’s a lot of growth coming from Bell in terms of him besting the Minotaur, as well as his mission to become stronger. He’s one of the most likable main protag’s that you’ll ever meet, although when it comes to anime there’s approximately 65% of them most anime fans like. Either way, Bell’s on his way to achieving his goals!

That’ll do it for our review, but there’s more to come! Stay safe this holiday season! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Seven Review!

Anime fam, you know what time it is? It’s time for another anime review from our Anime REvisited pick for the 2020 year; Danmachi season one! This episode marks the halfway point of the series which can only mean that the plot gets good from here on out. So let’s begin with our episode seven review; shall we?

So picking up right where the last episode left off; Bell and Lily are on their way back to his and Hestia’s home after saving her life back in the dungeon. Lily mentions to Bell that she’s still remorseful after the little stunt she pulled and swindled him, but Bell (being the kind-hearted, forgiving yet naïve anime protagonist that he is) assured her that everything’s cool between them. Hestia on the other hand had her reservations about Bell’s decision on keeping Lily as a supporter; mainly on the fact that she tricked him; however she compromised and told Lily that she’ll allow her to be Bell’s supporter – if she looks out for him. Yeah, in this episode, Hestia goes full on ‘jealous girlfriend’ mode.

Later on Bell meets up with Ais and as flustered and nervous as he is around her, she states that she wants to speak with him about something. Ais was a little curious as to why Bell continued getting stronger, however she noticed that Bell’s not that good at hand-to-hand combat. Who better to teach him than his crush, right?

Throughout a portion of the episode Ais teaches Bell hand-to-hand combat as well as sleeping techniques in the dungeon. Funny moments and trying to sneak a kiss aside, Bell learns how to use the skills he’s learned from Ais as he and Lily head back to the tenth floor and fight off more monsters. It’s seems like Bell was just a weakling in the first episode of the season, but with his growth accelerating at a rate that’s making Freya turned on (oh, she gets off on it), it’ll only be a matter of time until our little adventurer accomplishes his goal of catching up to Ais What-cha-ma-call-it! XP

As I mentioned before, the series gets really good as you get further down the episode track. That’ll do it for our seventh episode review, but there’s more REvisited to come!

As always, stay safe and stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Six Review!

Here we are once again with yet another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick of 2020; Danmachi season one! We’re only an episode away from the halfway point of the season, so without further delay let’s get it on!

In the beginning of the episode you’ll notice that Lily is telling the viewer through her POV, as to why she hated adventurers. No matter where she went or what she did, her abusive familia always knew where she was. It was also at this time that she insisted that Bell was no different from any of the other adventurers that Lily encountered; which explains why she tried to steal his special knife from him in the previous episode. It seems like everyone else knew that something was up with Lily and the way she’s been acting, but maybe Bell sees something in her that the others may not.

Midway through the episode Bell and Lily head down to the tenth floor of the dungeon, as they face the monsters on that particular floor. Even though they were tougher than any of the previous monsters on the earlier floors, Bell was able to hold his own that’s to a sword that Lily gave him; as well as his Hestia knife. As more ogres show up Bell looks around for Lily; only to find out she stole his weapons and accessories and took off out of the dungeon. She unfortunately ran into her familia who took the accessories from her, as Lily’s familia found several giant demon ants (who killed one of the members of her familia) and used her as a decoy while they made their escape.

Just as the girl was about to be devoured Bell uses his new Fire Bolt skill and blasts several of the ants to ashes. After killing another horde of them Bell rescues Lily, but was upset that she didn’t leave her like the other adventurers did. Throughout her rant about all of the bad things she did to Bell, his response was that she (Lily) was the reason why he saved her. Hestia knew that there was something special about Bell…and he just proved it.

At the very end of the episode Bell reintroduced himself to Lily; stating that he’s looking for a supporter to travel with him to the dungeon. To that Lily responded with tears of joy, as the two of them were now OFFICIALY partners (now adding a new member to the Hestia Familia, of course). It appears things from this point on are about to get a little more interesting, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out!

Until our next review, stay safe and stay nerdy! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Five Review!

Hey! We’re back with another episode review from our last Anime REvisited pick for the year; Danmachi, the first season! Later on down the road we’ll do an Anime REvisited on seasons 2 and 3, but for now, let’s get right to it!

Kicking off the fifth episode we open up with Hestia getting drunk at the tavern because she saw Bell with another woman. (If there’s one thing we know about Hestia, she can really put em’ away.) The very next morning Bell helps Hestia with her hangover from the other night, afterwards she asks him if she could hang out (which is code word for ‘date’) with him for the day. Before their date Hestia heads over to a special spa for goddesses (at least that what we can assume, but other females were there as well) before one of the women there asks if Bell is a part of Hestia’s familia.

Upon answering yes she suddenly tells the other women that he’s the one who killed the giant ape from two episodes ago; while the people watched from a distance. So what happened afterwards can only be described as Bell having a bunch of fangirls chasing after him; with Hestia HATING every minute of it!

Midway through the episode Bell comes across a book (The Book of Grimore we believe) and as he reads through the pages, the words come alive and he manages to pick up a new skill in the process – thanks to Freya (who secretly wants him to get stronger). Not long after gaining the new skill that’s called “Fire Bolt” Bell dashes into the dungeon and kills a lot of enemies while picking up jewels in the process. He eventually runs into Ais after using up his “Fire Bolt” magic but the moment he sees her while lying in her lap, Bell pulls a Sonic the Hedgehog Spin-Dash and rolls out of the dungeon. While all of this was taking place Lily had to deal with her desperate familia who see her as nothing but a useless pawn, but whenever she’s with Bell, he sees her as something more. (More on that on the next episode review.)

So far the series is pacing itself well from our view point. Thankfully it doesn’t overdue it on the fanservice and even though the series doesn’t have a main baddie, it carries out the story plot really well. That will do it for episode 5 review, but as always there’s more to come! Stay tuned! 😉

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Four Review!

Yo! Welcome back to another review through our Anime REvisited pick; Danmachi, the first season! We also want to say Happy Hanukkah to all of our fans who celebrate the holiday; as today marks its first day. If you haven’t heard it from our socials just yet; we’ve announced that more information about our Nerdz of the Decade podcast will be coming soon, as well as the grand unveiling of our logo. For now let’s jump into the review!

So in this episode Bell’s stats and ranks have increased ever since he got that knife from Hestia thanks to Hephaestus; so much so, that he’s considering going to Floor 7 of the dungeon. His special advisor Eina is shocked to discover that his stats have grown this much, but nevertheless she allows him to go. Before that however Eina and Bell take a trip to Hephaestus’ shop in the heart of Orario, of course Bell’s face is as red as a beet upon seeing Ina in casual wear. (A White blouse showing a fair amount of cleavage; a red skirt that a little short, and a nice pair of knee-high black boots.) While touring the shop Bell and Eina run into Hestia who works at Hephaestus’ shop to pay off her debt, and right away the goddess is jealous that ‘her’ Bell is hanging out with ‘another woman’. Oh goddess…

Later on Bell runs into a girl carrying a backpack that looks way too heavy for someone of her size named Lily. Although her intentions weren’t exactly what you call favorable, Bell was looking for a supporter in order to help him go through the trials found on the 7th floor. Things seemed to be going well for the two; even though Lily stole Bells knife and tried to sell it, only for the maids from the tavern to catch Lily in the act and return the knife to its rightful owner. So right now it looks like Lily (despite her desperate and untrusting nature) and Bell are teaming up and fighting off monsters in the dungeon, however Freya might have other plans to make things a bit more interesting…

Upon starting the series I won’t necessarily say that it’s a slow start. In fact; since Danmachi is on (or wrapping up) its third season the progression of Bell as an adventurer is fairly accurate. Even though it looks like once you get past the first season, Bell is on the path to becoming a ladies’ man due to the fact that there’s a number of women and goddesses fighting for his attention. Judging by that last sentence it appears that I’ve said more than I should have, but then again, you’ll have to watch the second and third seasons to find out.

On that note, that will do it for our episode review! There’s more Anime REvisited coming your way so stay tuned, and stay healthy! 🙂 

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Three Review!

What’s good anime fam! It’s high time for another episode review via Anime REvisited; through the first season of Danmachi! So far we’re only two episodes in, but number three picks up right where the second one left off. So without further delay, let’s get right to it.

At the beginning of the episode we see Bell telling his story about what happened to his grandfather, and why he wanted to become an adventurer. During his youth none of the other familia wanted him because he was weak, that is…until he met Hestia. Now a part of the Hestia Familia; Bell wanted to do whatever it took to protect his goddess, but little did he know, Hestia had the answer to his big gorilla problem. Thanks to Hephaestus, Hestia was able to give Bell a special knife that grows as powerful as he does. With his skill level over 600 Bell was more than powerful enough to take down the monster gorilla, and ya boi did just that!

Once the monster gorilla was defeated, everyone who saw the fight from a distance saw that Bell had killed the monster – and immediately celebrated his victory! It didn’t last long however, as Hestia passed out from exhaustion. While the culprit behind the situation appeared to be either after Hestia (or Bell) had escaped, you might’ve noticed that the identity of the one responsible is someone we know. (The dead giveaways were all there in episode 2.) After the Monster Familia event was over and everyone celebrated at the Tavern, Bell stood across the hallway upstairs wondering if Hestia was going to be okay. It was at this moment that one of the tavern girls talked to Bell about the battle, and told him that ‘she liked what she saw’. Fellas, whenever a girl tells you that, this means she like ya – and she want cha! 😉

So to cap it off; Bell man’d up and took on the massive ape-like monster with Hestia’s help, the people of the town saw his heroic deed from afar and applauded, and now Bell has a new weapon that will grow in strength along with him. With all of that in mind there are all kinds of new battles that await him on his journey to become stronger. Will Bell reach his full potential by the end of the season? Guess you’ll have to wait and find out!

That’ll do it for our third episode review, but more content and Anime REvisited is on the way! As always, stay safe during this holiday season and continue to love one another! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Two Review!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Anime REvisited episodic review of Danmachi season one! If you’re just tuning in, this will be our last Anime Revisited of 2020; as this year has been what some would call it…UGH! On that note, let’s get it on!

So flashing back to the first episode; you’ve already seen Bell, Hestia, and Ais along with Loki and her familia, now we find ourselves looking at Bell getting stronger due to his feelings for Ais (in hopes that she’ll notice his strength). Episode two kicks off with Hestia telling Bell about his improved stats and that she’ll be gone for a few days. It’s soon discovered that Hestia is attending a special banquet with other gods including Loki, Hermes, and her friend from Heaven Hephaestus. Also at the banquet was the Goddess of Beauty known as Freya; who came in between a cup-size argument between Loki and Hestia. (Let’s be real, we all know who won that battle.)

Later on Hestia talks with Hephaestus about crafting Bell a new weapon that will help him during battle while in the dungeon. Her response to that was she’ll help Hestia with her request, but it was going to cost her later on down the road. Afterwards while Bell was on his way to the special Monster Familia event, Loki and Ais were talking with Freya about a person that she appears to be looking for – who coincidentally fits the description of Bell. Hestia catches up with Bell and turns it into what she calls a date while he is looking for someone. I don’t know what it is about these types of scenes in anime; but just as everyone’s having a good time and minding their own business, some freakishly large creature bursts out and causes chaos – which is exactly what happens!

A giant white ape-like monster has its eyes set on Hestia, as Bell leads her through a crow of frightened people and through the alleyways of town. Somewhere during the chase Bell decides to attack the ape, but his knife shatters to pieces; causing him to use a light grenade to blind the beast in order to save Hestia. The two manage to escape for the moment but Bell realizes that he’s not strong enough to handle the ape – at least not right now. Doing what many anime male MC’s do before rushing into battle, he locks Hestia in a ‘safe place’ because he doesn’t want her to get hurt while he tries to figure out a way to handle the ape.

In this episode we start to see a few more characters and gods pop up, and even one character who may become a member of the Hestia familia down the road in a future episode. The next episode is pretty much as boss battle for Bell, so things will probably get good as the series goes on. This wraps up the second episode review from the first season of Danmachi, but there’s more content and updates to come! 😉