D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (5.23.22)

What’s good anime fam! Its just another crazy Monday, but if you happened to have gone to a con this past weekend, then today is your day off (we hope)! For us it means another recap of last week’s past videos from our D&A Studios Entertainment Youtube channel. By the way, if you haven’t heard the good news, we now have a page where fans can donate to help us expand our services in order to give back to  those who have supported us since day one. If you’d like to donate, visit our D&A Donations page and give what you can. Every little bit helps. 🙂

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Our Top 10 Silver-haired waifus
Snacks, anyone?

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It’s a part of you…
Step into a new dimension…

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (5.16.22)

It’s Monday again, so we guess we don’t have to tell you what that means; work, bills, and people that you hate most of the time (unless you have a cool job where you work with cool people). For us it means another recap from our D&A Studios Entertainment Youtube channel! We’ve been busy this past week dropping new content and a podcast episode for all of the Pokemon fandom out there, so if you’re a fan of our videos be sure to hit that like and subscribe button so you don’t miss any of our videos. That will do it for this post, but as always stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

Gotta Catch Em’ All!
Aftermath of the podcast episode
A lost unboxing video we did 6 months ago

Pixels: The Video Game Movie Nobody Talks About!

When it comes to live-action movies about cartoons, anime, and video games; there are ‘certain’ rules by the fandom of those mediums that production companies, writers, and producers have to follow. We ALL know about the infamous ‘Human Sonic’ that Paramount was going to give the fanbase in 2019, but the fanbase wasn’t having it – like at all! Fast-forward to Present Day; we now have two installments of Movie Sonic (that are box office hits by the way) with a third on the way, and a spinoff origin story about a certain red echidna. With this year being the best time to be a Sonic fan, it seems like the movie franchise is setting the bar high for what live-action video game movies are supposed to be about. Although they don’t adapt the video games directly; the producers (God bless Jeff Fowler) and writers know what they’re doing.

On that same note, there are some live-action video game movies that seemed to have a good idea (as well as a decent budget), but the execution was a bit flawed. Its not that the movie did terrible or anything (though mostly that’s the case with a majority of them), but Hollywood seems to deviate from the source material of the video game that they’re trying to adapt; most of the time its usually the writers or directors who didn’t do any kind of research of the source material, or they’re just collecting a check. Its kinda weird that this movie didn’t live up to the expectations of many movie critics, even though they adapted the arcade video game sprites really well; and stayed faithful to their in-game appearance. The movie that we’re talking about…is Pixels.

Who’s that good lookin’ guy?

Ok, its an Adam Sandler flick, and depending if you like him or hate him, the guy’s pretty funny to a certain degree. So Pixels is a movie about a 13-year-old kid named Sam Brenner (Sandler) who went to a gaming arcade in 1982 and can study patterns in video games. During a championship match against Eddie “The Fireblaster” Plant on Donkey Kong, Sam seemingly loses and for some reason videocassette footage of the event is placed into a time capsule and headed into space. One time skip later Sam is a home-theater installer while his friend, Will Cooper, is the most hated President of the United States since (*insert worst president here*). Somewhere along the line that videocassette tape made it to a group of aliens; who mistook it as a declaration of war, and are now on the attack in the form of the video games from that footage. Now Sam, Will, and his old rival Eddie have to join forces and convince the U.S. Army to help them fight against the aliens in three different rounds (or battles) the form of 1980’s arcade games like Galaga, Arkanoid, Centipede, Space Invaders, Pac-Man (yes even Pac-Man), Duck-Hunt, and more. Although its got a B-movie plot, the renders of the 8-bit arcade video game characters are faithful to how they appeared in their games.

A LOT of money was spent making the movie (between $80-130 million), and it even had a cameo appearance from Toru Iwatani himself; the creator of Pac-Man. Despite the movie getting anywhere between a D+ and a C- based on movie critics, they nailed it with the source material of the arcade games that they were trying to adapt. Many of these games we remember playing when we were young, and if you ask any 80’s kid, they’ll tell you that they were probably just as good at these arcade games, as the characters in this movie. It brought in $245 million at the box office, so despite the cheesy storyline, it did turn some kind of profit – by $100 million at least.

Pixels was one of those movies that had an idea and stayed true to its original source material, but the reception fell kinda flat towards the general audience due to its lackluster story. (Or maybe some of theme just aren’t fans of retro video games.) For some people who saw it; it might’ve been the best movie they ever saw, ‘graphics-wise’, because they stayed committed to the original source material. Regardless of its rating we think Pixels might be one of those forgotten gems of the 2010’s that most (if not all) people never talk about, however with the Sonic movies breaking box office records; setting the tone for the Sonic Cinematic Universe, its going to be one of those movies that people will vaguely remember.

Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (5.9.22)

Hiyo! Its us again with another recap post from our Youtube channel, and this time we’re recapping the last two podcast episodes and the unboxing video that we did. We’re also in the process of working on a new schedule of when we upload our content; as Wednesdays are our primary upload days for Nerdz of the Decade podcast episodes, and both Fridays and Saturdays are our shoot days. (Nerdz episode 27 drops next Wednesday.) There’s also more to come via updates so we’ll keep you guys posted on any and everything we’re planning to do, and as always, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

New unboxing video of a ‘Top tier’ waifu

Gotta Catch Em’ All: The (Brief) History Of Pokemon!

If you were a kid growing up in the 90’s then you might’ve been involved in the various trends of that decade; Hot Wheels, Power Rangers, Video Games, and Anime. Speaking of which; this was the decade where a lot of the franchises we’ve come to know and love when we were kids (now as ‘adults’), had their origin stories and started making their mark on the world. Mario and Sonic are prime examples of this, but we’re talking about a franchise that is still making history to this very day. 26 years have passed since this franchise started, and the fandom behind it has risen to a global level. The lore behind it is so vast that there is not enough time in the day for us to cover all of it, so we’re going to give you the brief history…of Pokemon! Que season one’s opening!

Do NOT make us sing the song! XP

To get an idea of just how influential this franchise is, we have to go back to when it all started…

February 26, 1996

In Japan the franchise began as Pocket Monsters: Red and Green for the GameBoy, of course when it was exported to America the name was changed to Pokemon: Red and Blue. The name Pokemon is actually an abbreviation of Pocket Monsters; where if you take out the letter ‘c’ and ‘t’ you get Poke’, and if you get rid of the ‘sters’ you’re left with ‘Mon’, so THAT is how we got the name “Pokemon”. The franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri, as it focused on creatures called Pokemon, and the vast world that they live in while co-existing with the humans of that world who are called Trainers. (Not Tamers, we’ll get to that.)

The concept of how the Pokemon universe came to be actually dates back to around 1989 (the same year most of the fandom was born); where Satoshi made a hobby out of collecting insects which was a rather popular pastime of his. This became a major part of the overall gameplay experience of Pokemon; where trainers would catch wild pokemon in their region and train them up to boost their strength and abilities, so they can challenge other trainer’s pokemon and defeat them to win the championship of their region.

By 1998 Nintendo promoted Pokemon to Western audiences, but we’re a bit hesitant because they were not sure if it would be well received. However Alfred Kahn convinced them that the series was going to do well, and the person who knew that the most was his colleague; Thomas Kenney. By this time the franchise already had two video games (for the GameBoy), a Trading Card Game, and an anime series. Once the 2000’s rolled around; the franchise was a mixture of anime television series, anime movies, video game series, a trading card game, manga, and mobile games. (Which are STILL being consumed to this very day!)

Pocket Monsters TCG in Japan

Pokemon: The Anime Series

Dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment; the Pokemon anime series tells the story of Ash Ketchum, and his journey to become a Pokemon master. We’ve seen the series ourselves growing up but we’ve only watched all the way up to Diamond and Pearl. (The series has the same amount of episodes as One Piece.) Throughout the 2000’s and 2010’s the Pokemon anime series also received 23 movies, two 8-part series entitled Pokemon: Twilight Wings and Pokemon Evolutions for Youtube (the latter being in part to the 25th anniversary of the franchise), and a live action movie where Deadpool is the voice of the face of Pokemon franchise himself; Pikachu. Yeah, that yellow electrical mouse is about as iconic as the speedy blue one with two box-office smash installments (with a third on the way).

Do we even have to talk about how many Pokemon there are? If you’re wondering how many species of pokemon there are, we can tell you the answer is no longer 151. There are a grand spankin’ total of 908 different species of pokemon; each with various looks, designs, and abilities. Guess its safe to say when the Pokemon GO craze happened, EVERYBODY wanted to capture all 908 species all at the same time. (Trust us, we’ve heard the stories of Pokemon GO players – some of which range from hilarious to saddening.) The Pokemon Company International which oversees all of the Pokemon IP’s divides them into generations, and as we speak there are a total of nine generations; which are chronological divisions by release. With so many species of pokemon, of course they’re going to make appearances in the anime and video games based on what generation they’re from; and when its released. (The latest generation being Scarlet and Violet.)

Pokemon’s Pop-Cultural Influence

Just like the Big Three, Pokemon’s influence on Western audiences expanded to other forms of Western pop-culture. From being a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to making cameos in shows like The Simpsons, South Park, and Robot Chicken; Pokemon’s influence has even made in mark in the realm of Science. You know you’ve made it when animals are being named after Weedle and Charizard. Although Pokemon made its mark in Western media, it didn’t come without competition in the form of a rivalry; the Pokemon v. Digimon rivalry! Just like the early years of Marvel v. DC, Pokemon and Digimon fans didn’t like each other very much. To this day there have been on-going debates about which franchise came first; even though Pokemon’s first piece of media (being the GameBoy games) came out in February of 1996, while Digimon’s first piece of media released in June of 1997. (16 months between them.) Despite the fact that Pokemon’s popularity overshadowed Digimon’s influence on Western culture, the Digimon franchise has a dedicated fanbase.

In the last 26 years the Pokemon community has grown in range from 8-year-olds; to people in their 20’s, 30’s, and yes even their 40’s. With new games, new cards, new anime series, and possibly a sequel to a live action movie; Pokemon’s influence on Western mainstream media and pop-culture will only expand and grow from here on out. Its one of the easiest and most identifiable franchises to get into and be a part of; even members of the general audience who have never played any of the games are familiar with the franchise (because they know, or have people in their circle who play the games and watch the series). Pokemon is just one of those franchises that you can’t ignore; like Mario, Sonic, DBZ and Naruto, because even those franchises are recognizable by the general public, and not just by members of their fandom. They’re so popular, that they’re even in Super Smash Bros. and that says a lot when your brand is represented in another game.

For many 90’s kids growing up Pokemon brought them into a world that was different from their own. Many of the humans of that world had goals to become the best of the best in training pokemon, building friendships, and overcoming challenges and obstacles. They were able to find friends who shared their love for the franchise as much as they did, thus forming communities around the franchise which in turn created the fandom around it overall. Sure, Pokemon didn’t come without its own controversies and criticisms (some of which are dumber than others), but overall, this franchise has brought together fans and communities from all over the world. Who knows what’s next for this franchise when it turns 30 years old in 2026; a Six-Flags style theme park? A Pokemon themed hotel chain? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Until next post, stay nerdy and go catch em’ all! 😉


Isekai Quartet: The Super Smash Bros. of Anime!

What if. Those two little words have created scenarios and situations beyond anything our minds can fathom. Stories we never thought were possible, are possible. Dream alliances that we only thought of in the subconsciousness of our minds, are now reality. Crossovers we’ve always wanted or never knew we wanted, are happening! When I think of this particular show; it kinda reminds me of the first time I was introduced to Super Smash Bros. thanks to the 1999 commercial. (If you saw it as a kid, then you know what I’m talkin’ about.)

There have been crossovers in just about every nerdy fandom you can think of, but what about the anime fandom? Other than that one movie where Lupin the 3rd and Case Closed crossed over, there hasn’t really been an ACTUAL anime crossover series – until now! Even though it is the most saturated genre in all of anime history, Isekai has a place in all of our geeky little hearts. Sure, some of the characters may be as useless as Aqua; as Tsundere as Tanya, as sweet as Rem, or as crazy as Albedo, but NO one thought that we would see the day where all four of these women (and potential waifus) were in the same show. This is the Smash Bros. equivalent of isekai anime titles; Isekai Quartet.

All of your favorite Isekai in one place!

Just like the tagline for Smash Bros. Ultimate, everyone…is here. Isekai Quartet takes the main characters from some of the most popular isekai titles out there, and throws them into a ‘School Life’ scenario. Who would’ve thought we’d see the day where Subaru and Kazuma are friends – only to find out they’re basically the same guy based on how they got “isekai’ed”. The series took them out of their element of the show(s) that they were in, which caused them to try and adapt to the new environment around them.

The plot and premise of the story is quite simple; the main cast of Saga of Tanya, Konosuba, Overlord, and Re:Zero, find a red button in their worlds and end up pressing it. thus portals open up and they land in school, and are now in a ‘school life’ scenario. That’s it. There’s nothing more to it than that. Keep in mind when you watch this series, all of the characters are NOT going to be in the forms they were on their shows. Instead, they are chibi versions of themselves; because to make them in their original form would cost the studio way too much money. (Tanya in her chibi form looks soooo cute!)

With two seasons and a movie on the way, I think Isekai Quartet is the crossover anime series that fan fiction writers have always dreamed about; now realized into existence. They got both Texas and LA voice actors to reprise all of the roles of the characters from their original shows; now a part of this crossover series. Who knows; maybe Isekai Quartet IS the Super Smash Bros. of anime titles, and in terms of popularity, it just might be the best crossover anime of all time. To be 100% honest, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg in terms of which isekai characters will be introduced next. The Rising of the Shield Hero main cast is there, and Cautious Hero made a cameo appearance. Maybe That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime might be next, and maybe even How Not To Summon A Demon Lord. The sky’s the limit with a series like this, and if they wanted to (and possibly pull a page out of Sakurai’s handbook), they could turn this series into the greatest anime crossover franchise of all time.

One and only hope, but until then, keep watching the show or check it out on Crunchyroll if you haven’t already. Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (5.2.22)

What’s good anime fans! It’s Monday again (and yes we know how you feel about them, cuz’ we do too) and to some; it means another ‘terrific’ start to the work week, but for us…it means another recap from our D&A Studios Entertainment Youtube channel! In case you’ve missed it; we’ve shot another Nerdz of the Decade podcast episode dealing with how much anime costs to produce, and the price of piracy which effects how much engineers and voice actors get paid. We’ve also got our review on Sonic the Hedgehog 2, so if you’ve missed them last week, we got you covered! On that note that will do it for this recap, and as always stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime costs MONEY! Remember that.
Sonic 2 was GOOD!!
One of our Behind-the-Scenes episodes

The Big Three: Anime That Defined A Generation!

Anime. Who would’ve thought it would have this much mainstream popularity in this day and age, compared to being the underground ‘members-only’ niche medium it once was over 20 years ago. With it among the mainstream ranks; this medium has brought about a new generation of anime fans, and while that’s a great thing to a large majority of the anime community, there’s been some talk about the next wave of anime series that will sustain its mainstream dominance. In fact, there’s even a term for it; and that term is The Big Three. For many fans they’re aware of who the ‘Big Three’ are; they are three of the most popular, longest-running anime titles of their genre, and in the world. Whenever someone mentions ‘The Big Three’, they’re talking about Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

There will never be a ‘Big Three’ as popular as these three. Hands down.

In the 2000’s Shonen was all the rage, and in EVERY Shonen Jump magazine you’d see these three on the cover. Although Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakasho, and Rurouni Kenshin (which we like to call ‘The Gateway Three’, or ’90’s Big Three’) made their mark on anime’s rise to popularity, these three solidified themselves as mainstream mainstays due to their stories, their iconic characters, and also being the longest-running shows. During the early 2000’s anime wasn’t as widely accessible as it is now, so trying to get your hands on any type of merchandise of these three anime titles was easier said than done.

When Toonami came to town (we’re not even gonna mention the 4Kids One Piece dub even though the opening music slapped), the hype of seeing these shows along with new manga chapters in the weekly Shonen Jump magazines, was intensified. We all remember the ‘Naruto Takeover Marathon’ (Naruto Hundo) on Cartoon Network, as that’s how a majority of Naruto fans found the Orange ninja. From anime TV series, manga, video games, and movies; the ‘Big Three’ defined a generation of Shonen anime fans the world over. Even today the influence of the ‘Big Three’ is felt among the modern generation of anime fans, and contrary to popular belief, it has led to the rise of ‘The New Three’.

The success of ‘The Big Three’ paved the way for ‘The New Three’

For many fans; the ‘Big Three’ brought them into the anime community in the first place, and even led them to other shows of that genre as well. It doesn’t have to be just Shonen anime, as there could be a ‘Big Three’ of a particular genre or decade; say in our case, the 90’s. We know what our ‘Big Three’ are (as we aforementioned above) when we were growing up, but for some anime fans, it could be the three anime titles that made them become fans in the first place during their childhood; like Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. For Mecha fans it could be Gundam, Gurren Lagann, and Evangelion. For Gen Z’ers it could be Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and Demon Slayer.

The ‘Big Three’ is synonymous with the most popular, longest-running, and most iconic anime franchises. Like Michael Jackson (no, not the dude who looks like him in Demon Slayer in the “Smooth Criminal” outfit from the music video); there will never be another ‘Big Three’ as popular, iconic, or generational defining as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. If you think about it a lot of fans have those three to thank due to their success, as they have led to the rise in popularity of ‘The New Three’. Every genre has a ‘Big Three’, every decade has a ‘Big Three’, and most of all, every fan has a ‘Big Three’ that got them into anime. Who knows what the future holds for ‘The Next Three’, but for now, ‘The Big Three’ will go down in history as the ones who brought anime to mainstream.

Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (4.25.22)

Hey guys! We have returned with yet another recap post from our official Youtube channel (and subsidiary umbrella’d under D&A Anime Blog) D&A Studios Entertainment! We’re also working on some new things and advancements on our site that may include some incentives for exclusive content, and will keep you posted on when those advancements take place. In the mean time enjoy these videos we’ve got for you, and stay tuned for our 26th Nerdz of the Decade podcast; dropping Wednesday at 5pm! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Our review of Sonic Movie 2
A behind-the-scenes video after our 23rd podcast episode
Next time on Nerdz of the Decade!

D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (04.18.22)

What’s up guys! Yeah, its Monday again, which means its time to pull away from your weekend binge of whatever show you’re watching on Netflix or Hulu, and clock in for work. For us its pretty much the same, however we’ve also had quite a fun weekend; from seeing the 2nd Sonic movie, to uploading another  podcast episode – and then some. So if you missed any of our content last week, here’s your chance to catch up before we drop some more videos this week. That’s all we got for now, but as always stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Gotta Go Fast: The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie Review!

Before we kick off this review we just wanna wish a Happy Birthday to one of the founders of D&A Anime Blog; Aaron M. Goldman! Now…its time for the reason we’re all here. Check this out…

We just saw Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in theaters – and LOVED IT!!!

It seems just like yesterday Hollywood was gonna give us that nightmare-fueled car dealership mascot-lookin’ rat with human teeth. However, Sonic fans were NOT having it, and we’re so glad they spoke up loud and clear about what they wanted from the live-action movie. These days live-action movies have been getting a bad rap ever since that abomination known as ‘DB Evolution’ found a way to exist. (I feel for you guys.) However if there is one exception to the ‘live-action curse’, it lies with Sonic. If the first movie tested the waters, then the second movie is goin’ swimmin’!

Sonic vs. Knuckles…like we’ve always wanted! 🙂

Sonic the Hedgehog (Movie) 2 picks up where the first one left off; with Dr. Eggman (Jim Carrey) stuck on the mushroom planet trying to find a way back to Earth after Sonic sent him there. Using one of the hedgehog’s supercharged quills the doctor manages to open a portal, however as he makes a mad dash towards it a shadowy figure steps out that looks quite familiar. It turns out to be…Knuckles T. Echidna (or just Knuckles) as he asks Eggman where he got the blue quill he has in his hand. The doctor tells him that he’ll be happy to tell him – if he helps him get off the mushroom planet (which looks a lot like Mushroom Hill from Sonic 3 & Knuckles).

Back in Seattle, Sonic tries to be a hero but being a first-time crime fighter didn’t come without problems. Tom tells him during a fishing trip that he still has a lot to learn about being a hero; and that its about being responsible for other people, but Sonic tells him that he hates being treated like a kid and that he can take care of himself. His moment for being a true hero was going to come; little did he know that it was going to come in the form of a certain two-tailed fox, and the return of his old nemesis.

As nightfall hit Sonic was at Tom and Maddie’s house while livin’ his best life with the family dog. Then there’s a sudden knock on the door as the doorknob was cut open with lasers, and on the other side was none other than Dr. Robotnik. (Tom and Maddie were in Hawaii at the time.) Sonic charges up his power to fight him, but gets intercepted by Eggman’s new friend; Knuckles. After a fight breaks out Knuckles gets the upper hand and pins him to a tree; telling him that Long Claw’s clan took the Master Emerald from his tribe, and decided to avenge it by killing Sonic. Suddenly the red echidna gets hit by Tom’s police car driven by Tails, as he asks Sonic to come with him. The two speed off with a pissed-off Knuckles in pursuit as they drove the car off a cliff with Tails carrying Sonic while flying in the air. Talk about great attention to detail in terms of the source material; with Tails carrying Sonic like he did in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 (the video games), and Knuckles gliding and climbing walls like he did in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Now you’re already introduced (or for older Sonic fans, reintroduced) to Team Sonic in the first 30-45 minutes of the film, then Sonic discovers that he has a new mission; to find and protect the Master Emerald from Dr. Eggman and Knuckles. It was then that Sonic and Tails would forge their bond and begin their quest to hunt down the whereabouts of the emerald before Knuckles and Eggman get to it. Like the first movie this one was chalk-full of video game references; such as the Dr. Eggman logo hidden inside the Mean Bean Cafe’ (which is another reference to Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine), the Mushroom Hill and Labyrinth Zone, the opening scene with Sonic on top of a building just like in Sonic Adventure, and FREAKIN’ SUPER SONIC!!

Yes, he’s actually in the movie!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 takes everything you loved from the first movie, and dials it up to an eleven. Movie Tails and Movie Knuckles are faithful to their video game appearances, and based their personalities to when they were first introduced; with Knuckles NOT being a doofus, but following a warrior’s code yet not very knowledgeable about cultural and social customs. Its quite amazing to see the trio we’ve grown up with since the 90’s now come to life on the big screen, and since it appears that the director and producers are on the path to making the Sonic Movie franchise into a Cinematic Universe, there’s no telling what new surprises they’ll have in store. In fact if you watch the post-credits scene, you’ll see what we mean. (No, we’re not gonna tell you what happens! Just watch and see.)

It’s one of those movies that’s so nice, you gotta see it twice! With a third movie in development as well as a spinoff origin story featuring Knuckles coming to Paramount+, the SCU (Sonic Cinematic Universe) is only gonna get bigger. Marvel got theirs, and now Sonic has his!

We give this movie a score of 9.8 / 10 (A D&A Movie score of 98.3%), so you better go fast and go see it!

Until next time, stay nerdy! 😉


Let’s Talk About It: What is a ‘True Anime Fan’?

Anime. It seems everybody’s into it. Since its rise to fame in the 90’s anime has become a BIG part of nerd culture; and eventually as we’ve already seen, mainstream culture. Anime’s influence can even be seen in a majority of American pop-culture; such as music, sports entertainment, and yes…even American live-action. (Netflix, I’m lookin’ at you!)

With the medium now apart of mainstream culture, it’s brought about the ‘wrath’ (and we use this term loosely) of original anime fans; the ones who were there when it was mocked by people who didn’t understand it – mainly bullies. Lately we’ve been hearing this term thrown around throughout the anime community, and that term is ‘True Anime Fan’. Of course for anyone that’s heard of this term before, you might recall it being said from a salty individual on Twitter; ripping into the fans of popular series that have had a spot on Toonami’s line up. Of course you guys know the titles; Demon Slayer, Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, SAO, you name it.

We wouldn’t be surprised if that individual ripped into ‘this’ fandom…

The term ‘True Fan’ usually means that you’re well-versed in the material of the medium that you’re passionate about, but in anime’s case; you’ve watched ‘enough’ anime to know about what genres are trending, what series has good/bad plot and character development, and the reputation of the animation studios that produce the shows that you watch. Honestly, there’s really no set number of shows that you have to watch in order to be classified as a ‘True Anime Fan’, however to the many ‘anime specialists’ out there; if you ONLY watch anime titles that are deemed ‘popular’ or ‘mainstream’, then YOU are not classified as a ‘True Anime Fan’.

This type of mentality has garnered some rather controversial attention, which has lead to gatekeeping within the anime community (which we’ve talked about on a previous post) as well as Twitter feuds online. Sure, anime is now accessible to a casual market of consumers, but now that its among the ranks of mainstream popularity, it has brought in a whole new generation of anime fans who didn’t originally have access to it during its rise. You don’t have to watch a specific anime title to be considered an anime fan, in fact, if popular titles like One Piece or Demon Slayer brought you to the world of anime fandom in the first place (and you like it), the you ARE a ‘True Anime Fan’. Who knows; maybe that one show can lead you to underrated or hidden gems that you’d never thought you’d find.

It seems many fans forget that they too (yeah, we said it); THEY TOO, were watching one anime title that they really liked when they were growing up. (For us it was Dragon Ball Z.) As you get older within the anime community your tastes in certain genres change over time, however to the casual anime novice they’re just trying to get their feet wet into the fandom and see what shows will peak their interests. You don’t need an ‘anime checklist’ to figure out if this is the show you should be watching or not due to its popularity. If you like a show (regardless of its story, characters, etc.), the you’re a fan of that show. If that show leads you to other shows; then you’ve become not just a fan of THAT show, but the other shows as well. Basically we’ll end this post a lil’ somethin’ like this:

Watch what you wanna watch and who cares what others think!

Until next post, bye! 😉


D&A Studios Entertainment Recap (04.11.22)

Hey guys. We’ve been away for awhile as one of the founding members of D&A Anime Blog; Donte’ J. Lewis, had a family emergency via the passing of a family member. On top of that we’ve had technical issues regarding our production studio in recent weeks, which has been resolved as of yesterday. Our current release schedule for our primary content (being our podcast) on our Youtube page is Wednesdays at 5pm (Eastern) / 2pm (Pacific); with our shooting days on Fridays. Next month we’ll start releasing our D&A Studios Extras episodes on the first Saturday of each month at 1pm (Eastern) / 10am (Pacific). Since the timing of our unboxing videos are unpredictable; they’ll more-than-likely go up on Saturdays, but we’ll make an announcement on our social media pages before they go up.

That’s all for now, so until our next post, stay nerdy! 😉 

The next Nerdz episode!
The last Nerdz episode!

D&A 411: Nerdz Podcast 25, New Studios Extras & Anime Conventions

Hey guys! Normally this would be the day where we would recap last week’s episode of our Nerdz of the Decade podcast, however we’ve ran into some technical issues regarding our post-production equipment. We hope to have them resolved by the middle of the week so we can drop our 25th episode of the podcast, but if we don’t we’ve got the next best thing; another new episode of our ‘extra thicc’ side content (or ‘sidecast’) series D&A Studios Extras. To our fans who happened to be at Zenkaikon this past weekend, we weren’t able to make it due to unforeseen circumstances. Despite that, we encourage if you happen to have taken any cosplay pictures while there, feel free to head to our Contact Us page and email them to us so that we can post them up on our Cosplay Fan Slideshow.

We know that some of our fans have been asking if we will return to anime conventions, and the answer is yes. Lately between keeping track of any new Covid variants and raising money to cover travel and lodging expenses (plus studio equipment upgrades), we haven’t been able to go to as many conventions as we wanted to in a couple years – mainly due to the pandemic. If we don’t get the opportunity to do any this year, we will come out ‘gun’s blazing’ for 2023!

The next Nerdz podcast should be up this Wednesday, but if our issue persists, then we’ll drop a new ‘extra thicc’ content episode.

That will do it for our 411 post, and as always…stay nerdy! 😉

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A Founder’s Thoughts With D.J. Lewis: Being A Content Creator

Hey, how’ve ya been? It’s hard to believe that six years ago A. Goldman and I had an idea about what it would be like to have an anime blog; where we would post pictures from all of the conventions we went to, and all of the cosplayers we’ve met along the way. Now we’re taking pictures with our childhood heroes, we have an awesome podcast where we get to invite said childhood heroes, and we’re on the road to becoming (hopefully) a recognizable brand. Honestly, I never really thought I’d see myself as a content creator, but if you look at any of your favorite content creators out there, you know they all had to start somewhere. 

D&A Studios Entertainment Logo! (Yeah, I made this.)

For me it was December of 2015; I was a member of an online anime club from the UK (I forgot the name) that posted their favorite anime titles, moments from said titles, and even shared AMVs. The club was pretty fun, and I got to meet a lot of people online that I hope I would get the chance to see at an anime convention one day. Things were going great…until they weren’t. The area soon became toxic when accusations were made, death threats were being sent, and international lawsuits were being filed. I didn’t want any part of that so I got the hell outta there when I did, and found myself at home wondering if I should join a new online club – or start my own.

A. Goldman and I were tossing ideas back and forth about what to call our anime blog if we had one, and the name ‘DNA’ came up; instead we named it ‘D&A’ to represent the first letter of our names. It also was a medical term where DNA was the genetic makeup and identity of a living organism; in this case, humans. The tagline “It’s a part of you…” ties into the definition of DNA itself; since anime feels like its within the fabric of otaku culture – like its a part of it. Its safe to say that I had no idea that this passion was going to turn into something big; that it would turn me into a content creator, and that I liked it!

I’ve always been a creative person; even at a young age I like drawing some of my favorite things like sharks, snakes, and trains. As I got older I wanted to create my own music; now I’m a DJ and produce my own music. I guess if you have something special, why not share it with the world? In this case its our Youtube podcast “Nerdz of the Decade”. I’ve seen people make full-time careers out of being content creators, but I also know that its gonna take awhile to get there; cuz’ you need some kinda funding to keep it going – especially when it comes to equipment upgrades.

Who knows where this journey of content creation is going to take me, but all I can say about it, is that it all started with an idea…that turned into what you see before you today. If you have a story to tell and love being creative, why not share it with the world? You never know who you might be helping in the process of creating your content. It could brighten someone’s day, or even help them get through a difficult time in their life, or even help them to escape the troubles of reality; as you can see what the last two years have been like.

If you have a content creator that’s inspired you to make your own content, give them a shout-out and support their channel. At the end of the day, most of the best content comes from the people who are just like me, and you.

That’s my thoughts. 

D&A Studios Is Now D&A Studios Entertainment!

Our Youtube channel has moved to the next level! Don’t worry, you can still find us easily by typing “D&A Studios” in the Youtube search bar. Since we’re in the process of making advancements in our branding, we decided that our official Youtube channel would be the first place to start! When we first decided on the name of our channel, we’ve had people try to send us demo reels of their voice over work for anime and video games. (People literally thought we were a recording studio; which we are, just not for audition demos.) D&A Studios Entertainment is home to the Nerdz of the Decade Youtube podcast, D&A Studios Unboxed (which will be the new name for our remaining unboxing videos), and D&A Studios Extras; our ‘extra thicc’ side content series. That’s all we’ve got for updates and announcements, so until next post, enjoy episode 24 of Nerdz of the Decade! 😉


Isekai: I Was Transported To Another World, And Became Popular!

Anime. Everybody knows somebody in their lives who loves it, watches it, lives it, eats it, and breathes it! The consumers of this medium used to be the victims of bullying and ridicule back in the days of middle and high school, but now it is among the ranks of mainstream and has become widely accepted all across the globe. So out of all of the genres that your average otaku consumes on a daily basis, what is it about the Isekai genre?

You are SO useless!! But WHY are you so POPULAR?!

Every new anime season; there has been an influx of anime titles from this genre. Some of them are strong contenders of being ‘Fan Favorites’ like That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, while others were trying something new but might have made a misstep somewhere. Out of all the anime genres the Isekai genre is…the most saturated. Like every genre before it there is some history as to why it became what it is today, and don’t think you’re outta the woods America; cuz’ we’ve been on the ‘isekai’ train with our own fairytales. (Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, The Wizard of Oz, does that ring a bell?)

For any history buffs out there; the concept of this genre came from ancient Japanese Literature, and the story of Urashima Taro – who saved a turtle and was brought to an undersea kingdom. (I wonder if that’s the story that inspired The Little Mermaid and Aquaman…?) Five days later he returned to his village; 300 years into the future. That story was adapted into one of the FIRST anime isekai films in 1918 by Seitaro Kitayama, but if we’re talking about modern isekai stories; there’s Warrior From Another World (1976), Aura Battler Dunbine (1983), Fushigi Yugi (1992), El-Hazard (1995), need we go on?

In simple terms; Isekai has had its foot in the anime game for a long time, and Miazaki’s Spirited Away (2001) was one of the most well-known and popular isekai anime movies of its time. (In fact, there are still fans who cosplay as that ‘spirit’ thing to this very day. We forgot its name so don’t @ us!) Also happening in the 2000’s was the popularized isekai anime title; The Familiar of Zero (2004), which popularized isekai through light novel and web novel media. This of course led to Familiar of Zero fan fiction becoming so popular on the website “Let’s Become Novelists”, that it spawned a genre of original isekai novels on that site; which led up to the creation of Re:Zero (2012) by Tappei Nagatsuki.

You guys may be hating on it now, but in 2012 Sword Art Online took isekai’s popularity to the next level. (We know Progressive is gonna fix that, but at the time it came out people couldn’t stop talking about it!) This was also the year that the term “isekai” was coined, and as anime titles like SAO became popular, it led to more web novels being written on ‘Naro’ (Let’s Become Novelists); like Mushoku Tensei (which became an anime), Saga of Tanya The Evil (which also became an anime), and TONS of others that all came afterwards. The Isekai genre got SO popular in the early/mid part of the 2010’s that fans…in both Japan and the West (i.e. the U.S.)…were SICK of it! Why do you think there’s a ‘brand new’ isekai title…EVERY! DAMN! YEAR?!

This genre got so annoying, that there was a blanket ban placed on it in 2016 due to it overcrowding the anime and manga market. Fans to this day are wondering ‘How long are they gonna milk this genre?!’, but if you ask Kadokawa (manga publisher) in 2017, they ended up banning all isekai stories in their own contest. You know this genre is oversaturated when big-name manga publishers, and isekai-churning web novel websites start banning it from any contests they host. All because of a fisherman who saved a turtle…

No matter how sick of it we are, isekai is still a popular genre in both anime, and manga. Throughout every anime season there is gonna be at least 2-3 isekai titles that will be subbed, dubbed, and dropped by fans. It’s become the genre you love to hate; which might explain why Konosuba got created. The Isekai genre has become so saturated that it’s now the butt of many jokes; even to the point where parody anime titles (like Konosuba) are made.

Something so small as a man saving a turtle and being transported to another world, has allowed this genre to ascend to a level of popularity; that it has achieved meme status in that same aspect. Isekai has gained a cult following over the years, but for some fans – at the cost of its own self-respect. Its the one genre that is both hated and loved at the same time; from its copy-and-paste storylines, to its half-assed character development. However, there have been some titles that have managed escaped this ‘curse-like’ cliché, so when some one says “Not another damn isekai!”, just know that the fisherman and the turtle started it.

Until next post, stay nerdy. 

All About The Benjamins: The Cost Of Anime!

If you’ve been an anime fan since the 90’s (or even the 80’s) then you’re already familiar with how it became so popular today. The art style, the direction, the animation, the complex stories, and the character development all encompass what the foundation of anime is for many fans of the genre. Many fans who are products of the 80’s and 90’s remember an era where it was rather expensive to buy dubbed episodes of your favorite titles of that time. In fact; if you wanted to get the first dubbed season of Dragon Ball, you had to by a set of 12 bricks (VHS tapes for Gen Z’ers who don’t know what ‘bricks’ are) that only had 2 or 3 episodes on each for $150. 2000’s kids will never have to do that now; for that exact same price, and possibly even less (maybe a third), you can get every dubbed and subbed season of Dragon Ball Z (or Kai if you want the 100% ‘true-to-the-manga’ version).

This may come as a shock to those who don’t know this, but…dubs are EXPENSIVE! Now, if you didn’t think that came as a surprise, then allow us to give you an even greater FYI. Anime…is EXPENSIVE to make! Yeah, how’s that for a surprise?

You’ll find out soon enough…

Ever heard of the phrase ‘You get out what you put in?’, yeah, that goes for Hollywood movies and Anime production. Creating Manga is one thing, but producing an anime adaptation based on its source material (the manga), is a whole other monster. The process that goes into adapting your favorite titles into anime form is more layered than you think. (Contrary to popular belief, there are those within the social media world that believe it is ‘easy’ to produce anime. To that we say…try making your own Sourdough bread and get back to us with your results!)

For this post; we’ll be going over how much it costs to produce one episode of your favorite anime title, the overall cost to make a season, and the phases that need to happen. (We’ll be going by the U.S. equivalent of Yen, so feel free to translate how much it costs in Japan.)

The Cost of 60 Seconds of 2D Animation

For anybody that’s taken animation courses, the animation part of the overall process is done in frames to simulate an action (or actions) that are taking place. This is also the part where the animators can get the most creative. If you’ve heard the word ‘FPS’ (no, not First Person Shooter) then you may have seen it whenever you render videos for Youtube. For anime in this case; it’s rendered between 24 and 30 frames per second, but for this post we’re gonna say 30 frames per second. There are 60 seconds in a minute, and with an FPS of 30, its 30 x 60 = 1800 frames per minute.

What about the cost you ask? For just 60 seconds of video, the average cost is $6000. We’re not making that up; it actually COSTS $6000 to make just ONE minute of anime! If you divide 6000 by 60, it costs $100 to make 30 frames of animation – and we haven’t even factored in the time it takes to do this! (We’ll get to that soon enough.)

The Overall Cost Of One Anime Season

So 1800 frames of a 60-second animation costs an average of $6000 (depending on the studio), so how much does it cost to produce a 23-24 minute episode? Take that $6000 and multiply it by 24, and you’re looking at $144,000; or if you multiply it by 23 you’ll get $138,000. Depending on the studio you’re looking at between $100,000-$300,000 per episode. For every 43,200 frames of animation, it costs $144,000. (Or $138,000 for 41,400 frames of animation.) You want 12 episodes? That’ll be between $1.6 Million-$1.7 Million, and in some cases up to $3.6 Million if the season is 24 episodes; the equivalent of two 12-episode runs. We’re surprised your wallet hasn’t killed you yet! XP

That number is double or triple if you’re producing an anime movie between 90-150 minutes long.

The Production Phases

Ok, we covered the money…but what about the time? Well there’s phases in the production process that have to happen before the money for said production can even be kicked out. First is the Concept Phase. You need a base or a foundation for the characters, right? Well it all starts here. The artists will create character concepts of what they want the character to look like, move like, and what their mood will be like. They then go through testing animations to get an overall feel of the character before they do a ‘final draft’ design. Sad thing about this phase is; it’s where most projects end…but not all the time.

Survived the first phase? Then the Storyboard Phase is next! This is where the ‘action’ happens as the cuts and story composition as a reference for every animation. You know all the backgrounds for all the action, rom-com, isekai, and fantasy anime titles you like? Well, this is the phase where it all comes together.

Now onto Phase 3; the Animation Phase. This. Is. The. Phase. That. Takes. The. Most. Time! Most fans get annoyed when other ‘fans’ complain about the animation of a series, but their response to that is ‘If you think it’s so easy, why don’t you try it!’ The lead artists will create the keyframes; then with the missing gaps in between, the animators will draw in the frames leading into the next keyframe the main artists have set. (Don’t forget the lip flaps, because those have to be animated too.)

Finally comes Phase 4; the Cutting Phase. All of the scenes are cut together with the colors corrected, the music produced, and the voice actors with their lines already recorded. We haven’t even factored in the cost of music and voice acting; especially if you want professionals, but this is the phases of the process in a nutshell. As for the time this process takes, you’re looking at between a couple of weeks to a few months. (A lot of studios have deadlines, so you also gotta factor that in too!)

So Big Spender, you can’t say making anime is easy, can ya? This is just the cost of producing the anime you love so much, and we haven’t even gotten into the promotional and advertisement costs, IP copyright laws and protections, overseas distribution, English-dubbing, musical composition royalties, ADR, broadcast streaming and home video release rights. ALL of this goes into the process of creating the anime that you love, and how are they able to recoup the cost? You basically BUY THEIR PRODUCTS! (Prints, Blu-Rays, DVDs, anime figures, apparel, official art books, etc.)

The next time some troll on the interweebs tells you that they think its ‘easy’ to make anime, direct them to this post and tell them to make their own Sourdough bread and post the results. Anime’s expensive, but with such a high demand for it worldwide, we don’t see it dying off anytime soon – no matter how expensive it is to make.

That will do it for this post, so until next time, stay nerdy! 😉

D&A Studios Recap (3.14.22)!

Yep, its Monday again. Whatever fun you had over the weekend has now ended; and now its time to return to the reality of bills, family headaches, and high gas prices. Sure, we’re feeling it over here too, but producing podcast episodes and other content has helped to offset some of that stress. Last week we finally achieved our goal of reaching 1000 subscribers on our D&A Studios Youtube page, and even dedicated a special podcast episode (or Nerdz of the Decade Episode 23 1/2) to our milestone. The 24th episode of our podcast will drop this Wednesday; as we talk about the visual beauty behind many of your favorite anime openings. That will wrap up our recap post this week, and as always…stay nerdy! 😉

Our 1000 Subscriber Special!
Next Time On Nerdz of the Decade…

Avidd Music Thursdays! (Yeah, Its On Thursday!)

Hey guys n’ gals! Its time for our first “Avidd Music Thursdays” post for 2022; and just like the title says we’re doing this segment on a Thursday instead of a Friday. (Because we do our podcast shoot on Fridays.) If you didn’t already know; this segment is where we highlight up-and-coming musical artists, DJs, and producers. Although this segment isn’t entirely anime-related, some of the artists have been inspired by anime. (So that counts for something, right?)

So to kick off our first Avidd Music Thursdays highlight post, we bring you something that can be seen as visually appealing by the way the music compliments the story being told. The song is entitled “A Serpent’s Lust” by the Antwerp-based band known as The Golden Glows, and it is a short anime-film by Japanese video-artist Shunsaku Matsurida. This song is from their upcoming album “On Moonlight and Rain” that will be released April 1, 2022 on all music streaming services. The mood and vibe of the song and the video animation has a dark, ominous, and ghastly feeling to it; which makes sense due to the title of the band’s album being inspired by the 1776 Japanese Ghost Book “Tales On Moonlight and Rain”, written by Ueda Akinari.

The Golden Glows album drops April 1st on all popular music streaming services so if you like their video, be sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel and pre-order their album. On that note that will do it for our Avidd Music Thursdays post this week, so until the next one…stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A Studios: Nerdz of the Decade Recap (3.7.22)

Well guys, its Monday again. The weekend’s over, and now its time for that morning trip to Starbucks for a double shot of ‘I-really-wish-I-didn’t-have-to-work-today-but-I-got-bills-to-pay’ coffee. We know what that’s like, but for us it just means another recap Monday of what we’ve been doing the past week for our podcast and other content. This time around we’re recapping the last three Nerdz of the Decade podcast episodes while preparing for our next one. If you like our content as well as the podcast, hit the like and subscribe button on our channel so we can keep giving you guys more nerdy goodness! Until next post, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

Let The Music Play: Avidd Music Fridays is Coming To Thursdays!

We love music, and we’re pretty sure you do too. Awhile back we did this segment where we reviewed and highlighted up-and-coming music artists (be it singers, songwriters, DJs and music producers) to help promote themselves and build their following. Although this segment is not something we do very often, this is kind of our way of giving back to those who are fans of music; be it anime-inspired music, kawaii bass, hip-hop, EDM, and more! For this month we’ll be highlighting and reviewing music artists every Thursday from March 10th – April 14th as this will be a Quarterly segment; meaning the third month of every Quarter. If you’re a music artist who wants to be a part of this segment, be sure to hit us up on our Contact Us page and drop us your music/social media links and bio. Until next post, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

I’m not just an anime blogger, I’m a DJ/Producer myself

D&A Studios Recap (2/28/2022)

Hey guys. It took awhile, but for this recap post we finally got ourselves our second guest for the podcast! We wanna give a huge shout-out to Shay Taree; one of our first Anime and Manga Youtuber/Content Creator guests for Nerdz of the Decade, for stopping by and chatting with us about everything nerdy. You can see the full interview down below, as well as a Studios Extras episode if you happen to like Danmachi. Until next post, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

Our second special guest!
Is Danmachi an Isekai…?

Let’s Talk About It: The Visual Beauty Of Anime Openings!

Anime. What more can be said about it that hasn’t already been said before. It went from being an underground niche medium (and still is in some parts) to a mainstream stay that has seen the light of Hollywood and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Everyone has their favorite titles, genres, waifus, husbandos, best boys and best girls, but if there’s one thing that anime fans love more that anime itself…its anime openings.

What is it about these ‘openings’ that draw in crowds of otaku from all around the nation and even overseas? From its panning cameras to its vivid and vibrant colors anime openings have always given fans a taste of what the atmospheric mood of the show that they’re watching, will be about.

Futuristic, Sci-fi, and a lil’ splash of Cyberpunk and Hip-Hop

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the many, MANY years of watching anime, its that the music to the opening of an anime title is the first thing that jumps out at us. If the opening gives us a visual of what the anime series is going to be about, then the music will give us what type of emotion that show will carry along with it. If we had to give an example right now, the best one that everyone’s familiar with is Soul Eater. As soon as you hear the first kick drum you guys lose it; not because its one of the most recognized opening anime songs in the anime community, but also the fact that anybody that is a fan of Soul Eater (or knows someone who is) is already familiar with the opening sequence. Hell, we have T.M. Revolution as one of our top tracks on our Spotify playlist.

26 million views and counting!

When it comes to anime openings it makes fans feel a special type of way; most of the time they’ll sing along to the song or even just do a crazy dance because the rush of endorphins just hits you. The music as we’ve said before is the emotional piece of the opening; which lets the viewer know what the mood and the feeling of the show will be about, while the opening sequence introduces you to the cast of characters that interact with one another, and give you a glimpse of what the story of the series will be about – depending on the genre. Supernatural Fantasy Harem titles like High School DxD will have music and visuals that make you feel a sense of action, excitement, danger, and yes…boobies. High School Rom-Coms and Slice-of-Life Comedy anime openings give you more of a silly, zany, entertaining mood with its music and opening sequences; while psychological thrillers and horror anime openings give you more of a chilling, uneasy, and anxiety-induced mood.

Anime openings are always associated with the overall mood of the anime title itself. There are various alternative versions that change from season to season to reflect the mood of the show during that season; like when the second opening to a funny rom-com title becomes more series and drama-filled during its second season (or half). For some fans the opening may actually be the best part of the anime series even though the rest of it onwards may be, well…trash. (We’re not judging you.) At the end of the day; we love anime openings because they make us feel a sense of excitement and joy when watching the showcase of vivid colors, high quality sequences, and impeccable attention to detail. In fact, there are some anime-inspired shows that have taken a page out of the anime opening playbook to pay homage to anime openings as a whole. To put it simply; there is something visually beautiful about anime openings, and to end this post, here’s one opening that we all know and love! 😉 

See ya around, space cowboy! 😉

D&A Studios Recap (02/22/2022)!

Hey gang! So we haven’t posted or produced any new episodes of our podcast this week because we’re taking a break due to burnout, but we do have a couple of D&A Studios Extras episodes for your viewing pleasure. We shot these a couple of months ago and had them stockpiled just in case there’s a week that we might need to take off – this being one of those instances. There will be new podcast episodes and content coming at the end of the month (or starting in March), so until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Love food? Then you’ll love this episode!
Love Ramune? Then you’ll love this episode!

It’s Been One Of Those Weeks…

As the title says; it’s been one of ‘those’ weeks. If you guys haven’t gotten the chance to check out our Instagram post last Friday, we’ve been taking a bit of a break in uploading new podcast episodes due to content creator overload (a.k.a. Burnout). If there’s one thing we’ve learned, its that the Youtube algorithm of today is NOT the same as it was ten years ago. Anybody that’s a Youtuber can attest to this; as we rookies of the game found out first hand. Despite this we’re not ones to throw in the towel so hastily, it just means we’ll be changing up our strategy in how we create our content while making sure we don’t burn ourselves out in the process.

There will still be content uploaded every Wednesday and Friday, but we’ll be splitting our workload between the two days so that will give us more time to create high quality content. (Although it’s not like we haven’t been doing that already.) So if you haven’t heard from us in about a week, its just that; we’ve been taking a break from posting new content on our Youtube channel to clear our thoughts so we’ll have fresh new ideas when we return. We can tell you that we’ve got a few new guests that will be on the podcast as well as brand new D&A Studios Extras content coming in the beginning of March.

We thank all of our friends and fans that have stuck by us even before we became an official blog, as well as all of the awesome voice actors we’ve met along the way. There will be a Studios Recap post coming later tomorrow featuring some Studios Extras content that we shot several months ago.

Until next post, stay safe and take care of yourself. 🙂

Let’s Talk About It: The Unpopular Opinion(s) of Anime!

Remember when you were a kid and you watched one of your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons, and then Monday morning you’d talk about said cartoon with your friends at school? If the answer to that question is ‘yes’ then you’re one step closer to what we’re talking about on this post. That one thing we’re talking about…is opinions. Everybody has them, everybody is entitled to them, and everybody isn’t afraid to voice them.

We’ve all seen this meme before.

When it comes to opinions, they’re always unpopular. They can be as simple as pineapple on pizza, or as confusing as who’s the best Spiderman (*cough* Tom Holland). The most common places to find them would be from the fans of the sports and entertainment industry; ESPECIALLY the anime and gaming industry! Before social media invaded the internet anime fans only knew about what new shows were coming by television advertisements or Toonami (cuz’ we’re products of the 90’s and that’s how we found anime). Back then we just enjoyed it; and wasn’t even focused on character or plot development, or why Team Rocket wanted to capture Pikachu so badly, or even how Sailor Moon was the pinnacle of the Magical Girl genre of anime; as it opened the door for so many other titles that came in afterwards.

To us; anime was fun, and we had fun watching it. Sure, we got bulled for watching it and gushing about it every single time, but during those days it was all we had growing up. Jump ahead to the 2000’s and now we’re introduced to the era of social media (i.e. MySpace). Now we’re able to take our love for anime to our online chat rooms which helped create small little communities. At this point you’re probably asking where do these ‘unpopular opinions’ you’re talking about come in? Hang in there, cuz’ it wasn’t until 2010 that everything changed.

Imagine if these guys had Twitter accounts! XP

When anime started getting mainstream attention during the start of the next decade, that’s when we knew there was a shift coming. Now that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook gave a platform to people to voice their opinions, people now have a platform to voice their opinions. Youtube gave rise to aspiring content creators to share their content with the world, of course they all brought their opinions along for the ride. Anime has become so subjective these days; now instead of enjoying titles like Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Pokemon, Cowboy Bebop or Sailor Moon just because they were fun to watch, we find ourselves on the receiving end of heated debates like how Vegeta is actually stronger than Goku, and why Gen Z anime fans like Boruto over Naruto. (Don’t ask us why.)

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t have an opinion, but at the same time it feels like anime fans have overanalyzed anime to the point where it has to be either good, or bad. Take the first season of SAO for example; while the creator may not have had any experience in what MMORPGs are or how they function (cuz’ yeah, the series DID have its flaws, and we saw how bad it was getting bashed online), to some fans it was still entertaining to watch. There are even opinions out there that state if you haven’t seen the ‘Big 3’ or ‘Big 4’ (if you count Sailor Moon) that you’re not a ‘real fan’; and that’s where things get toxic and ugly.

That’s probably what we’re forgetting; that anime’s original purpose was to entertain us. It was something different from what we were used to watching, and it had such compelling and complex stories that were beyond anything our minds could fathom. When it comes to anime reviewers (including ourselves), they love breaking things down and seeing how things work; from the story to the characters and everything in between. When we try to fit anime titles into one of two categories, good or bad, or tier lists (and we’re all guilty of that), it takes the fun our of enjoying what it was trying to do in the first place – entertain you.

At the end of the day its about enjoying the shows you like. You like AoT (Attack on Titan)? go for it! You think Rias Gremory is best girl? Have at it! You think Demon Slayer is the best show ever made? Cool! No title out there is without its flaws, but if you love your favorite anime (flaws and all) then it has value to you regardless of what other people’s opinion of it is. You never want to base or shape your opinion off of someone else’s opinion (even if you admire them), because when their opinion matters more than your own opinion; it makes you forfeit the entitlement of your OWN opinion.

No matter how you slice it; anime fans will always have an opinion about anime – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unpopular opinions only become problematic when boundaries are crossed (especially when it comes to voice actors), and there have been several moments where that’s happened (the Darling in the FRANXX Ichigo situation comes to mind). When it’s all said and done; if you’re getting the entertainment value from the anime titles that you’re watching, then that’s all that really matters. You’re free to acknowledge and accept other people’s opinions of shows that you like, but don’t let their opinions shape your opinions. On that note that will do it for this post.

Until next time, stay nerdy! 😉  

D&A Anime Blog: VIZ Media Spotlight! (2/8/2022)

What’s up guys! Last month we made a teaser post that we were going to be bringing in a new segment for the month of February known as Viz Media Spotlight; where we highlight all of the new and current anime and manga titles Viz has to offer. When it comes to anime and manga, we do our best to keep up with all of the current trends that are happening among the industry as well as in the community. So for this Viz Media Spotlight we’ll be doing some overviews of series and manga titles that are currently available for streaming and reading, and maybe a trailer or two!

We don’t even have to tell you Bleach is back!

Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War

Every Bleach fan (including us) has been wondering if the series was going to continue after the battle between Ichigo and Aizen. Well, after a 9-year wait we’ve finally got an answer; in the form of a brand new arc entitled The Thousand-Year Blood War. We have no idea what’s gonna go down in this arc, but if you wanna know why old school Bleach fans (and by that we mean Millennial fans) are so excited over this new story, just watch the trailer for yourself! 😉

A. Goldman’s Favorite Series!

Tower Of God: The Complete Series

Although we watch a lot of anime, there are some titles that stand out among the crowd in terms of plot and character development. This title being one of them; recommended by D&A’s Aaron M. Goldman, Tower Of God is a series that you definitely wanna check out! It tells the story of the main character named Twenty-Fifth Bam (as in ’25th Bam’, don’t ask cuz’ we don’t know either)  as he and his friend Rachael have been trapped beneath a vast and mysterious tower. Suddenly Rachael decides to enter the tower; which devastates Bam, and leads him on a mission to go into the tower himself to find her and get her back with the help of some allies he meets along the way. The manga is also available to so be sure to watch and read both if you’re a fan of this series (or is interested in becoming one).

This Viz Media Spotlight is just a small taste of what we’re trying to make this segment out to be; although this one’s just a temporary one for the month, we’ll be working and researching hard to bring you updates on what anime and manga you can find on Viz Media’s website. (As we’re just highlighting new trailers and also what our recommendations are based on seeing the titles for ourselves, but we WON’T be spoiling any of the them.)

That will do it for this post, and as always we thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love and support that you’ve given us for the blog; and D&A Studios. Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

D&A Studios Recap! (2/7/2022)

Yo, anime fam! It’s Monday again, and for most of us its just another manic Monday. As for us at D&A, its high time for another D&A Studios recap of what you’ve missed last week! We’ve shot another episode of our Youtube podcast Nerdz of the Decade; our 21st episode to be exact. On that one we talk about why most anime fans drop certain shows after the first handful of episodes. We’ve also got our first D&A Studios Extras episode on the Top 10 Zones from the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. If you don’t wanna miss a moment of the action be sure to like and subscribe to our Youtube page. Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Why anime fans drop certain shows
Our Top 10 Sonic the Hedgehog Zones

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis (2/1/2022)

The first month of 2022 is officially in the history books as we enter into February; with visions on our boards, and seeking just a little more compassion for others who are going through a lot. What else can you even say about how the last two years have been for America; from the height of the pandemic to vaccines being politicized, to getting others to understand why Black Lives Matter. It’s been a roller-coaster ride for a lot of us and in the mist of it all, many have decided that this year would be the year that they take that road into becoming better people. Which brings me to this question: how hard is it to be nice?

Although I keep hearing the phrase ‘Nice guys finish last!’ it sounds like something that men with little to no social etiquette; who happen to be sexist towards woman, would say. Also on that same token, I’ve even heard the phrase ‘Men start wars, women finish them!’. Its moments like this where I wish I was a kid in the 90’s again; where the only thing I had to worry about was making sure I got straight A’s in my class and did all my chores so I’d get a raise in my allowance. Sure, America did have issues but in a world where there was no social media, things seemed a little saner.

These days we’re constantly bombarded with information from social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, and most of the time, we find ourselves being drawn to the negative aspects of the platform – like ‘fat-shaming’ and hate speech. Yes, others counter that with positive things like break-dancing cat videos and that’s always a breath of fresh air, but sometimes I wonder…would we as a society be better off if we didn’t have social media? What would our lives be like if we didn’t have a platform that gave cyberbullies, trolls, bigots, and other bastards an outlet to spread their venom, and cause others who they deem weak all kinds of mental, emotional, and psychological damage…? As an Afro-American male living in the U.S. and everything that has transpired since George Floyd’s murder, that’s a question that I ask myself everyday. Not just that question, but also…why would you feel threatened by my existence?

It never made any sense to me why people feel the need to be racist, sexist, hateful, or just plain nasty. Most of the time people are like that because their parents are like that, and other times they feel so wounded by the world that they want others to feel just as miserable as they do. Hopefully the next generation will do much better in this department at being nice and more accepting than past generations before them, and that we can one day live in a world were we celebrate acceptance and diversity as what makes us unique; not what makes us different. (Which I’m already noticing.)

I’ll end this post with this; take time out of your day to brighten someone else’s.

Until next post, later.

D&A Studios Recap Monday! (01/31/2022)

Hey guys! It’s been a week since our last post, but we’ve been busy working on bringing you some more Youtube content to check out. Over the weekend we came up with another new line of content that features side topics that we didn’t really get to cover in our podcast series. This new line of content is called “D&A Studios Extras“; which features a wide variety of topics such as Japanese cuisine, retro game reviews and overviews, and so much more. Our debut episode of this new content line drops February 2nd at 9am on our D&A Studios Youtube channel. So if you wanna know what you’ve missed last week, check out our previous Nerdz of the Decade episodes below! 😉

D&A Update: VIZ Media Spotlight Coming In February!

Hey guys! I know we’re just two-and-a-half weeks into 2022, and a lot of announcements have been made in the anime world. Various series that we’ve come to know are being rebooted or renewed for a new season, and more new anime movies are coming out as well. Whenever new developments drop we try to stay on top of it as best we can so we can bring that news to you. Therefore, coming this February we’re bringing you a special segment highlighting all of the new stuff that VIZ Media is bringing out, and their announcements. This segment is our VIZ Media Spotlight. It drops every Tuesday starting on the first Tuesday in February, so be sure to check out what we’ll be highlighting, and spotlighting, on VIZ Media.

That’s the only update we’ve got today, but there’s more nerdy content to come. Until next post, look out for one another and stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A’s VIZ Media Spotlight Coming February!

D&A’s Top 10 Anime ‘Dere’ Types!

When you’ve watched enough anime as much as we have, it becomes easier to pick out things that have become the most common; overpowered protagonists, guys or girls being dumped into another world, and characters who cater to a specific type of personality. Most of the time its usually the anime girls who tend to fit the latter, but in some anime, there are guys who can fit into this category as well. What are we talking about you ask? We’re breaking down our Top 10 Anime ‘Dere’ Types that you’ll find in any anime title that you’ve seen. Of course you already know about the Big 5 ‘dere’ types, but there are five more that you might not quite be familiar with.

These girls have a fun personality

10. Deredere: The Fun-Loving Energetic One

We all have that one friend who’s waaaay too energetic, but she’s kind and caring towards others and quite the social butterfly. You might’ve seen her in some of your anime titles (like Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun) and though she’ll show her affection towards her loved one, she’s able to have normal friendships and conversations with others. She’s also one of the Big 5 that you’ll encounter among ‘deres’.

9. Bakadere: The Airheaded Annoying One

This one’s a new one, but right away many fans already have characters that fit this ‘dere’. There’s always that one character who’s just annoying as hell, and a total airhead! She may be energetic and optimistic but she’s clumsy, aloof, and doesn’t really think before acting most of the time. In some extreme cases, she may even be a useless goddess – like the one below. 

You’re useless and you know it!

8. Dandere: The Shy & Quiet Introverted One

Who is the most common anime character who fits this ‘dere’ type? Naruto fans know who she is – or who she used to be back in the day. These types of characters will open up once they meet up with the right group of people, and when they do, their ‘dere’ side will show up and show out! 😉

7. Nyandere: The Cat-Loving One

There are a LOT of girls out there who fit this category; both in anime and in real life. Who doesn’t love cats? (Or in this case, catgirls?) Any rom-com fantasy or isekai anime you’ll find that one character who has become one with the feline – or might be part feline herself. There are some males who like cats but not to the same degree, though I could be wrong.

6. Sadodere: The ‘They’re Like Yandere’s But Worse’ Ones

Avoid these individuals like the plague! Unlike Yandere’s who act violent and cruel towards others who ‘threaten’ their loved one in any way they deem unacceptable, Sadodere’s get a thrill out of manipulating others they care about and treat them like trash. They also take pleasure in inflicting pain and despair upon others, and basically are the reason why they caused ‘world-ending’ pandemonium. Isn’t that right, Junko Enoshima?

“Wow, you’re just noticing…?”

5. Himedere: The Spoiled Princess Bratty One

As we said before, watch enough anime and you’ll find a character who fits this model perfectly. This is that one character who’s high and mighty, and condescending towards others as if she was a princess or something. (Most of the time she is, or at least has that type of personality.) Nevertheless these characters can sometimes be the main antagonist of the story, or a side character.

4. Yandere: The ‘Touch My Man And I’ll Kill You!’ One

Another member of the Big 5! We all know this character quite well; loves and showers their loved one with love and admiration, but the minute another girl has a conversation with their man, they’re ready to snap! Sometimes they may even hurt the ones they love.

3. Kanedere: The Gold-Diggin’ One

These types of individuals only care about one thing when it comes to their loved one; their money! These types of girls want hustlers, big ballers, shot-callers, the rich ones! If you ain’t got money they don’t want nothin’ to do with you; even if you tell them that you can treat them better than the rich idiots that they’re gunnin’ for. If they find the RIGHT person though, they could learn to love them for who they are; not how much they make.

2. Kuudere: The Calm, Cool, and Collected One

Somewhere along the line, you might have had that one friend who’s like this. In the mist of total chaos this is the type of character that you may want to have by your side. Sure, they may not show much emotion or affection of any kind to their loved one, but it might be because they’re keeping their true emotions deep down inside. 

Mei = Kuudere, Asuka = Tsundere

1. Tsundere: The Sour-Sweet Hot & Cold One

The MOST COMMON dere there is! Action, Fantasy, Rom-Com, Isekai, it don’t matter! You’ll always find this most common dere in 90% of the anime titles you watch. Arguably, the OG Tsundere who started this trend is Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Ever since that series a whole new generation of Tsundere girls have come about in various anime titles, but every anime fans knows that it all started with Asuka; the original Tsundere!

Although these are the ten that we’ve chosen for this post, there are so many others out there that fit a wide range of characters. Some of them might be enhanced versions of the ones we’ve already mentioned, while others may even be the polar opposite. Either way, these personalities are ones that you’ll find in many male and female anime characters from your favorite series. If you found some ones that we might have missed, let us know in the comment section below.

Until next post, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉 

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: AniMore (2016-2021)

Anime conventions. What is it about these nerd sanctuaries that draws in thousands of otaku from all over the globe? Back in the 70’s and 80’s we had Sci-Fi and Comic-Con conventions for all of the Marvel heads, DC freaks, Trekkies, and Star Wars fanboys. However it wasn’t until the 90’s when a new fandom made its way onto the convention scene; the anime fandom! Growing up I was into a lot of things, but the one thing that I was most into was in fact anime. I didn’t even know that these type of conventions even existed until the mid 2000’s when my mom told me about them, and the first one I went to once had the reputation of being the largest convention on the east coast; Otakon.  

From 1999-2016 (a 17-year run in Baltimore, MD)

Yep, this was my first anime convention back in the 2000’s. Once I set foot inside this con, I felt like I was thrusted into a whole other world. It felt like a world where you can let your nerd flag fly and be who you wanted to be; literally! I didn’t even know what cosplay was until I went to this convention, and saw all of my favorite characters from my favorite anime and video games all inside one building. I was overcome with joy; like better than getting a Gamecube for Christmas type of joy. I never knew a world like this existed outside of my reality, and to be 100% honest with you, it felt like Heaven.

I had to put up with bullies, narcissistic teachers, and guidance counselors who didn’t exactly do the ‘guidance’ portion of the job, but when I walked into the doors of this anime convention…it felt like I was home. It felt like I was home to a community of people who loved the same things I did and didn’t make fun of me for it. I know nowadays things are a little divisive in terms of the ethnicity of voice actors, subbed vs. dubbed, and racism in the cosplay community (all of which we need to work on like yesterday), but back then…things were different – especially when you didn’t have friends who liked anime and video games as much as you did.

I spent the next eight years going to this convention until word got out that it was moving to Washington D.C. and I wasn’t too happy about that. Most of the convention goers were mixed on the situation, but for me it sucked because Baltimore doesn’t have a lot of anime-related things happening; we had Baltimore Comic-Con but I’m more of an otaku than a comic book guy. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to find another convention that was going to give me that same homely feeling that Otakon did, in steps AniMore!    

A. Goldman with some awesome AniMore cosplayers back in 2018

It was the winter of 2016; the year of Snowmageddon, when this convention rose from the ashes that Otakon left behind. This was also the same year both myself and A. Goldman made our mark as D&A Anime Blog. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this convention; the location took place in a hotel (the Hyatt Regency to be exact), the space could only hold about 2000 people which would make this a rather small convention, and most of the voice actors I want to see probably won’t be able to come to this convention because the con’s budget won’t be enough to cover it. However it wasn’t until I went to this con that it felt like the way anime conventions of the 90’s used to be; about the medium! Sure, Otakon had workshops and panels, but AniMore felt more intimate and more like family – in fact they treated us like family when we made our debut.

AniMore had that ‘old school’ convention vibe of the 90’s where it was all about the fans and the medium. All of the artists and dealers there were both local and out of town (like PA, NY, and NJ), a lot of the panels were both fun and informational, and they had a screening room where you can watch the latest anime titles from FUNimation and Crunchyroll. AniMore also gave us some cool voice actors; like Felecia Angelle, Josh Grelle, Anthony Bowling, and Tia Ballard. Not only that we had a game that became an AniMore tradition every year called Cards Against Humanity (or Crabs Adjust Humidity). They also threw late night rave parties but they weren’t exactly ‘rave’ parties, they were just parties with a little bit of everything; shuffling, line dancing, twerking, booty shakin’, freakin’, and everything in between.

Otakon exposed me to a world outside of my own where I felt like I fit in, but it wasn’t until I came to AniMore where I felt more like family. This convention helped launch the overall presence of the anime blog that you see today, and they played a big part in our inception. Sadly COVID-19 took away any chance of AniMore expanding their run in Baltimore when 2021 arrived.

The way I see it; Otakon was the gateway into the convention world for me, as it showed me a place where I felt safe and free to express my nerdy passions without judgement and ridicule. AniMore took it a step further with its intimate and homely vibe where I felt like a family member and not just a guy who’s a part of the community. (Not to say that was a bad thing, but AniMore brought me closer to that family feel.) Even though those days are behind me, I will always cherish the time I spent with AniMore, and how much that convention made me and my friend feel like family. Who knows if I’ll ever find another con like that; but in the five years that I’ve attended, I have nothing but kind words to say about them, and awesome memories that will always be a part of me forever.


It’s Time For Our 2022 D&A Studios Recap!

Check it! It’s our first D&A Studios recap post of the New Year, and this time around we’re trying some new things out content-wise. For newcomers who are unfamiliar with what D&A Studios is, we can tell you that it’s not a voice acting studio (so please don’t send us your demo reels). D&A Studios is the media division of D&A Anime Blog; featuring content like unboxing videos, our podcast Nerdz of the Decade, anime convention highlights, and so much more! If you stumble across our channel and like what you see, hit that subscribe button so that you’ll know when the next unboxing video or podcast episode drops. Every Wednesday and Friday we drop a video, so you’ll be getting 2 videos a week out of us. As always thanks for the love and supports that you’ve given us over the years, and until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Our most recent D&A Studios video
Our history as D&A Anime Blog

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door!

Growing up as a kid my world revolved around three things; food, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and video games. All three of which I indulged in heavily during my childhood. I can count the hours I spent playing Super Mario Bros. on my NES and the trilogy remakes on my SNES, and even what my favorite show was at the time (which happened to be DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh, and yes I did hunt for the cards). Out of all of my favorite gaming console eras the most exciting one for me personally, was the GameCube era.

This was my favorite era!

I didn’t get my hands on the cube until one year after its launch. For most Nintendo gamers it was the epitome of their childhood growing up, but for me it felt like a whole new world I was stepping into. Sure I had some awesome times with the N64, but the Gamecube era took it to another level. I played all of the hit games back then; Luigi’s Mansion, Smash Bros. Melee, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic DX, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Party 4-7, and the list goes on and on. Out of all of those games during that time, the one I had the most fun playing was Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

What was it about this game that kept me coming back for its replay value? Was it because it took everything I loved about the original and enhanced it to an anime-level plot? Was it because I got the chance to fight a new ‘big bad’ other than Bowser? Was it the fact that the story didn’t take place in the Mushroom Kingdom like it normally does, but puts Mario in an unfamiliar town full of robbers, questionable areas, and G-rated ‘showgirls’? YES!! Yes to ALL!

Bring back THIS battle system, Nintendo!

It even took the battle system from the first game and enhanced it; partners now have HP, Mario’s HP and FP have a 200-point cap which is way better than PM64’s 60, and you were introduced to a new type of villain – the X-Nauts (doing their best DMX ‘X’ed’ off impression). Also, you had an audience that watched you fight your opponents. (Although there was that one time where everybody had rocks and were prepared to chuck them at me, and I had to find that one a**hole who thought it was funny and whack him on the head with my hammer. Who’s laughing now, Ted?!)

This game was also kinda dark too; the Hooktail battle where that idiot ate members of the audience, and don’t even get me started of the Shadow Queen (Shadow Peach) fight, she killed everybody in the audience and used their souls to fill up her HP. It’s probably one of the reason why I and thousands of other Paper Mario fans liked this installment so much; it took a more PG approach to the story as opposed to ‘playing it safe’ for the kiddies, although I wouldn’t count 14 as a kid’s age. I’m not sure what happened after Super Paper Mario, but fans feel like they never should’ve abandoned the RPG formula. I probably should’ve mentioned it before, but the partners in this game ACTUALLY HAVE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! Koops was a shy guy (pun intended) who wanted to be more confident even though his girlfriend loved him just the way he is. Vivian was in a abusive relationship with her sisters until she ventured out on her own and helped Mario get her body back from Doopliss. Admiral Bobbery lost the love of his life while out sailing the seas due to illness and felt guilty for not being by her side during her final hours, and vowed never to sail the seas again.

I can see why this installment in the Paper Mario series is one of the most critically acclaimed; the story, the character development in the partners, enhanced battle mechanics, a new main bad guy, and the game ‘forgetting’ that Bowser’s trying so hard to become the center of the plot. It’s one of the reasons why out of all of the games of the GameCube era, this one was my favorite to play; followed by Sonic DX. Who knows if Nintendo will return to what worked for the Paper Mario series, even though they tried it with Sticker Star and Origami King (but still abandoned the RPG formula all together). At the end of the day, Thousand Year Door will always be my favorite installment of the series.

Thousand Year Door will always be my favorite installment of the series!

Let’s Talk About It: The Best & Worst Of Anime Fandoms!

What does it mean to be a fan of something? If you ask anybody on the street they would tell you it means that you have admiration for a famous person, a sports team, a music genre, or an entertainment medium that you like to indulge in. These days we’re all fans of something or someone, and when those fans gather together to support or celebrate that person or medium that they love and enjoy, it becomes a fanbase. When it comes to pop culture mediums like professional wrestling, music, and even anime, its actually considered a fandom. To the average joe with no idea what that means, let’s talk about it.  

Fans of various fandoms (anime, comics, and video games) at a convention

When you think of the word ‘fandom’ the first thing that comes to mind is anime. Anime is one of the most popular and influential mediums out there both nationally and internationally; so much so, that other fandoms (particularly wrestling and sports) are fans of the medium as well. Video games are up there too and work in tandem with anime, but that’s another post for another day. As for what a ‘fandom’ is exactly, we’ll tell you:

A Fandom is a subculture of fans of a hobby or a medium such as sports, movies, music, and even anime and video games.

That’s basically it; if you’re an anime fan in general or are a fan of a certain genre of anime, and you happen to join up with others who like the same type of anime genre you do (or anime in general), then you are in fact a part of a fandom. Anime fandoms are more than just being in the number of fans who are passionate about certain anime titles. Take the Attack On Titan fandom for example; not only are they passionate about the series as a whole, they have tons of fanart from artists who love the show, cosplay fanclubs who do massive photoshoots at conventions, fanfiction about the characters they want to ship, and panels detailing the overall mythology of the series.

One of the best parts about being in an anime fandom is that fact that you can connect with other fans of the series that you like. The size of the fandom is usually based on how popular the series is; Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and My Hero Academia come to mind when it comes to large fandoms. 

I’m a part of the Akatsuki fandom

There are some anime fans who aren’t very enthusiastic about anime fandoms, or even want to be a part of them for one particular reason; toxic fans. Every fandom has them, but its usually the mainstream anime titles that have the most concentrated amount of toxic fans. Why so toxic? It could be a number of things; they didn’t agree with a situation or ending to a point in the story, a character didn’t ‘get with’ the character that they wanted, they don’t like newcomer fans (noobs) who know nothing about the series or characters, or just maybe they just wanna be mean.

It’s one of the reasons why fandoms behind some of the biggest anime titles are the worst part about being a part of one, and sometimes the toxic fans are not the main problem behind why certain anime fandoms are bad; it could even be the fandom itself. There are many pros and cons when it comes to the decision of if you should jump into your favorite anime’s fandom or not, but if you’re an anime fan on the outside looking in, it gives you an opportunity to scope out whether or not you want to become invested in the fandom of the series you like; or just watch it with your friends – assuming they like anime.

Fandoms are a subculture of fans who like a particular hobby, medium, or a sport. The anime fandom as a whole contains subfandoms who like and are passionate about certain genres of anime titles. Sure, the part that sucks about them is the off chance you’ll encounter a toxic fan or fanboy online (cuz’ that’s the main place you’ll find them), but connecting with other fans of your favorite series is such an awesome feeling. Liking anime by yourself is fine, but talking about your favorite moments and gushing over your favorite characters with other fans is something that you can only experience in an anime fandom.

Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉 

Would Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Still Hold Up In 2022?

The 2010’s. For many of us who grew up during this decade it was either awesome, or awful! By the end of 2009 anime fans were wondering what the next ten years was going to be like for anime in general, and although the 2010’s brought us some amazing shows like Stein’s Gate and Madoka Magica, it also brought us a show that stood out from the rest of the pack! If you took the art style of the Powerpuff Girls and mixed it with the toilet humor of South Park, you would get a cult classic that embodies every troupe; both western and anime, along with a call back to an art style reminiscent of a Craig McCraken property. Even the name of the title itself tells you just what kind of show it is. We’re talking about the show known as Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

America’s Favorite B*tches!

If you’re unfamiliar with this show, its about two ‘angelic’ girls who were kicked out of Heaven for being too raunchy. They end up in a city between Heaven and Hell called Daten City (which is basically purgatory) where they have to kill ghosts and gather heaven coins to get back into Heaven. Seems like an easy task if these two weren’t distracted by their love for sex and sweets; with Panty being the former and Stocking taking the latter. The whole series revolves around their misadventures filled with sex jokes, monster’s of the week, a Ghostbusters fanboy, an afro-sporting priest, and bondage-loving demons.

Yeah, this series is basically Powerpuff Girls on acid.

What’s even funnier about the show is how it got created. During a vacation of some sort, the creators and producers of the show watched an American cartoon that we know as Drawn Together, and through drunk and humorous circumstances the staff spent the rest of the trip coming up with names and designs for Panty and Stocking – even naming them after women’s garments. Once everything was set in stone the creators and staff went back to Gainax (the same company behind Gurren Lagann and FLCL) and got to work. The team was basically trying out various ideas to figure out what worked and what didn’t, which might be the reason why every episode is split into two parts. (Like Sonic’s ‘Act 1’ and ‘Act 2’ formula.)

Due to it being so westernized even though its classified as an anime (especially during the transformation sequence), all of the jokes and humor are based off of American pop culture. Even the title cards of the episodes themselves is a call back to American movies and TV shows like High School Musical, Sex & The City, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and more! Not only that but this series is chalk-full of references from 90’s cartoons like Ren & Stimpy, movie franchises like Star Wars, South Park, Super Mario Bros., Phoenix Wright and Tom Cruise? Yeah, he’s referenced in this show too, although his name is spelled ‘Tom Crooise’.

With all of the jokes and references this show had to work with during the time it came out, would that same style of comedy hold up in today’s society?

Do they still got it?

The internet has changed a lot in the last ten years, and some of the crude jokes and toilet humor we’ve come to know and love has kinda worn out its welcome. Social media is more unforgiving now than it was back in the 2010’s when it was just one person shouting at the void. Personal opinions are now being shaped from public opinions, as opposed to people forming their own opinions based on their own perspectives on topics like politics, pop culture, entertainment, sports, and yes; even anime subs and dubs.

We remember a time where ‘offensive comedy’ and adult humor was funny; because it made fun of everybody and didn’t focus on a specific group of people. Shows like Family Guy and South Park did that all the time, and technically speaking it translates into that ‘it’s not considered bullying if everybody does it’ mentality. Sure; back then we laughed in the face of negative stereotypes about black people, white people, Asians, Mexicans, Indians, Russians, Canadians, Italians and Europeans. Now in 2022, in the age of Covid, the societal shift is different.   

Back then Japan thought ALL black people stereotypically looked like this!

To put it simply; Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is not just a show about two white girls, a black catholic priest, a Scott Pilgrim reject, and a green dog who looks like Gir’s inbred cousin. PSG was a bunch of ideas thrown together to see what worked and what didn’t, and the final result turned out to be one of the most critically acclaimed gems of the 2010’s thanks to its dub. Hearing Monica Rial cursing like a sailor through her 10-year-old girl signature voice behind the most popular character of the series; Stocking Anarchy, is nothing short of hilariously amazing.

The show embodied all of the gross humor and sex jokes that you would find in a Comedy Central-type adult animation title. The soundtrack is bangin’, and strong enough to listen to outside of the show. It left us with one of the most debatable endings in the history of Gainax – especially if you’re a Stocking fan. Finally, it had an identity all its own; a manifestation of ideas put together that was heavily influenced by western pop culture. The show was its own thing. It knew what it wanted to be.

There’s hasn’t really been a show of this caliber like this in the last decade, and probably never will. Despite it doing so well internationally thanks to the dub, the original sub performed poorly in Japan. The guys who worked on it left Gainax and formed Studio Trigger and pumped out hits like Kill la Kill and Promare. Who knows when they’ll revisit this property, but as far as can it still hold up in today’s time, that fact that its gaining recognition from new fans of this younger generation, says a lot.

Until next post, Happy New Year! 😉

D&A Anime Blog: Holiday Special Podcast & New Year’s Resolutions!

So it’s now the final week of 2021, and in a post-pandemic world (which we’re still dealing with) many of us have been counting our blessings and taking any ‘wins’ where we can get them. Most of us have found a new hobby or picked up a new skill, while others have decided to become a better version of themselves by updating their ‘Operational System’ and becoming more self-aware of their surroundings. There’s a whole lot of lessons to be learned from this year, and here’s hoping that we don’t walk into the new year with old baggage! As for us at D&A, we plan on doing what we’ve been doing all year for next year; bringing you the best nerdy content we can create!

When it comes to New Year’s many people have resolutions that they want to make happen for that year; such as dropping 30 pounds, being more social, getting a girlfriend/boyfriend, or buying a house. Resolutions are cool, but if you put them on your vision board you’ll be much more motivated and committed to them – at least in our case. Speaking of which we have some New Year’s resolutions of our own, and unlike the ones that most people drop after six weeks, these are the ones we’re committed to sticking with for a long time!

More Nerdz of the Decade and D&A Studios Podcast Episodes

Well of course we’re gonna give you more of this. For 2022 we’ve got some new episodes of our podcast coming to our D&A Studios Youtube page that feature any and everything geeky and nerdy. Plus we’ll be working harder than ever to bring you some awesome special guests as well.

Anime Convention Content

Ok, so it’s been two years since our last convention due to the on-going event that is COVID-19. Although drastic safety measures have been put into place for many of the anime conventions that were lucky enough to re-open their doors, we’ve been both hesitant and conflicted about when is it safe enough for us to return. Yes, we’re triple vaxxed and double masked whenever we travel outside of our homes, but for 2022 we’ll keep you posted if we make the decision to go to a convention.

More Blog Posts

Yep, there will be more blog posts for 2022! This includes new posts from our newest segment Poetic Rants From Comedic Circumstance. Also Anime REvisited might be making a comeback as well.

I’m not sure if there’s anything else we might have forgotten, but you can bet that these resolutions are ones we plan on keeping regardless if its a new year or not! That will do it for this post so until the next one, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A Studios Weekly Update & Nerdz Christmas Special!

Hey guys! This is a little weekly update of our D&A Studios youtube channel, as we’ve just dropped another video giving you the full story of D&A Anime Blog and the sub-brands that followed. On Christmas Eve we’ll be dropping our 18th Nerdz of the Decade episode; which will be our FIRST Christmas special. Hopefully you all are staying safe this holiday season and have gotten vaxxed, boosted, or both. 2021 has been ‘interesting’ for us in terms of the blog’s future, and where we see ourselves in the coming years (preferably 2026). Until then we’ll keep bringing you awesome nerdy content that you know and love, and as always we thank you for all of the love and support that you’ve given us over the years that we’ve been around. Until next post, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😉

A Founder’s Thought’s with D.J. Lewis: Netflix & Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Fallout!

Ok, I’ve noticed that ever since anime has been socially accepted among the ranks of mainstream media (and pop culture), everybody and their mama has been trying to cash in on its profitable success. Sony bought FUNimation to help expand its brand globally and even get several anime movies into theaters, while another streaming giant we all know as Netflix has been throwing their hat into the ring with their own anime catalog. The once niche medium that I used to get bullied over back in high school is now stompin’ with the ‘big boys’, and for me and any other fan; that’s both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because every other person I’ve talked to has seen at least one or all of hit titles; Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Demon Slayer, and My Hero Academia! Those titles are hot on the market right now. If you’ve been to a movie theater lately (or just recently) you might have come up against one of these titles in a movie. Anime is so mainstream, that it has crossed over into other fandoms like professional wrestling and football. (Hell, even rappers like Megan Thee Stallion talk about it through her lyrics and has probably seen a LOT of My Hero Academia.) In the last decade or so there were probably so many people who were afraid to come out as anime fans due to the ridicule they might receive. Now that its poppin’, they’re coming outta the woodwork like ants at a summer picnic. Anime is now one of the ‘cool kids’ at the party, however everything that glitters…is not gold. 

Many we’re excited about this, but…

Growing up in the 90’s was a fun time; Nintendo and SEGA we’re battling it out for childhood video game supremacy, Gushers were more fun to eat than Skittles, the TGIF lineup was the best primetime lineup in all of television, and Saturday Morning Cartoons were the best invention a kid could ask for! It was also back during this time that the franchises you know and love today decided to take a shot in the world of Live-Action Adaptation. I think the first video game to receive one during this time was Super Mario Bros. with its own movie. Then I think there was the live-action Mortal Kombat movie…um, okay.

Remember when I said that anime being mainstream is both a blessing and a curse? Well, here’s the problem with anime being mainstream. I’m not saying I have an issue with production studios or streaming platforms doing live-action adaptations of anime titles that I (and many other fans) grew up on, but unless you got the original Japanese creator and director as part of the production crew; along with a movie budget that’s somewhere between Pixar and MCU, I’d keep away from that avenue if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So now this brings me to the fallout on Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop. One thing I will applaud them on is the fact that they paid homage to the original anime opening and even kept the original opening theme by TANK. Since Netflix’s track record with live-action anime is shaky at best, many hardcore fans of the series we’re already praying for its downfall…and it did just that after one season. This of course lead to some division amongst fans saying that the toxic portion of the fandom is the reason why the live action failed, while others stated that Netflix didn’t see it as profitable as they’d hoped it would be.

In the director’s defense they we’re trying something a little different out that didn’t match the exact plot of the anime series, nor didn’t want it to be a carbon-copy of it. Even the Mortal Kombat live-action movie of the 90’s had ‘B-Movie’ scripting, but its still beloved by the former children of that decade. Anime on the other hand is a whole other monster when it comes to live-action adaptation. So yeah, Netflix tried to stay true to the original (and in some aspects they did) but due to what I heard in many of those comments is ‘lack of emotion’ and ‘poor direction’, Netflix Bebop never made it past season one.

I’ll say this and then I’ll wrap it up; being an actor, voice actor, director, costume designer or script writer is not an easy job. Sadly social media and other digital outlets don’t make it easy for them mentally when the project they’ve worked on flops, but even so, they get back up and try it again. Netflix tried a live-action Bebop, and it flopped after the first season. Even though there’s a petition to try and make Netflix make a second season, I don’t see Netflix making that happen…especially if they said it was in their words ‘unprofitable’. I think that may be the other reason why it might’ve flopped; because just like another live-action movie I won’t mention, it was all about collecting the check! I dunno Netflix; maybe try being more like Paramount with the Sonic Movie franchise and put people in the production crew who are hardcore fans of the series, who knows what the fans like and wanna see. That’s just me.

Anyway that’s it for my thoughts. Until next time guys.  

D&A Anime Blog: ‘Nerdz’ is Back and New Filler Posts Are Coming Soon…ner than You Think!

Winter is coming! Oh wait, it’s already here. Well guys, the last several weeks have been quite troublesome on our end – in terms of getting content up on both our youtube page as well as the blog.  Not to worry though; as we’ve been able to smooth out the bumps on the road and are slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things! Speaking of which we’ve just dropped a brand new Nerdz of the Decade podcast episode this past weekend; which you can check out down below if you haven’t seen it yet.

It’s been awhile…

In other D&A news we’ll be working on bringing you guys some new filler posts featuring all of the nerdy stuff you love! Heck, we might even decide to do some retro video game reviews again. In terms of us going back to anime conventions in 2022, that decision is still up in the air for a couple reasons; one of which has to do with the new COVID variant – even though we’re both boosted. Anyway, that’s our update post for today, but before we go we wanna share with you guys a new trailer of a sequel from a certain blue hedgehog. 😉

Sonic is Back!

THIS JUST IN!! D&A Anime Blog Makes The Top 100 Anime Blogs List Of 2021!

Looks like we’re famous now! According to blog.feedspot.com; which reviews and selects various blogs from around the globe to be a part of their Top 100 selection each year, ya bois at D&A Anime Blog have made it to their top 100 selection in the Anime Blog Division! Right now we’re ranked as the 39th (now 38th) most popular blog in the world, and we honestly couldn’t have done it without the love and support of our fans! We also saw a few of our anime blogger fans on the list as well, so we also wanna congratulate them for being selected and contributing to the anime community. If you guys run an anime blog and wanna make next year’s Top 100 list, be sure to head over to blog.feedspot.com and submit your blog’s name. (Or if you wanna check out where we ranked, you can click this link: Feedspot’s Top 100 Anime Blogs.) Until next post, we thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make this happen! 🙂

Top 100 Anime Blogs of 2021!!

D&A Update: Next Week, We’re Back On Track!

We’re gonna be honest; the past two weeks have been rather hectic to say the least. Now that the “Black Friday” madness is over (along with any leftovers we still have), we can focus our energy into doing what we do best; bringing you more anime-filled, nerdy content. Our Youtube podcast Nerdz of the Decade returns with brand new episodes starting this weekend, and we pick up where we left off on Fena: Pirate Princess next Monday with A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis. As far as when we might be going back to conventions, we’re scouting some cons that we can attend, and we’ll keep you updated if we plan on going to any. As always we thank you guys for all of the love and support that you’ve given us, and we will continue to return the favor by giving you guys the best nerdy content that we can provide.

That’s it for our update, so until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Thanksgiving 2021!

So it’s that time of the year again; the holiday between Halloween and Christmas where everyone’s trying to find the right sized turkey, booking flights out of state to visit loved ones when they couldn’t do it last year, and waiting outside in 30-below weather for blockbuster deals on any and every electronic device out here today. Yep, it’s Thanksgiving once again, and more than half of America is happy that they can see the people they couldn’t see last year. When it comes to National ‘Leave No Turkey Un-feathered’ day, the meal pretty much consists of the usual suspects; candy yams, mac ‘n cheese, sweet potato pie (or pumpkin pie), greens, and that one dish from your ‘newly-vegan’ cousin. I know you’ve heard it a million-and-one times before, but the last 21 months have been absolutely crazy!

Race in America has been one of the biggest issues that we’re still dealing with as a country, and proof of that comes on the heels of two of the biggest racially-defining trials since the George Floyd case. Honestly when it came down to the verdicts of both cases, one of the takeaways I’ve gotten is the fact that we’ve got some serious soul searching to do – as humans. It still rattles my brain that in the span of taking one year off from our busy lives due to a life-changing event; half of America has lost their sense of empathy, compassion, patience, and understanding.

With an event of this magnitude effecting every aspect of human life, you would think that we would come together as a collective (not to say that most of us aren’t), but the level of division among this country in terms of politics, race, and opinions is still at an all-time high. Many people have accepted who people really are and no longer associate themselves with them, while others have lost their faith in humanity; leaving some to try and help persevere it in some way, shape, or form. Which is why this Thanksgiving; one of the things I’m the most thankful for is my sanity, my family, and keeping good people with good vibes around me.

Hopefully you guys are with your loved ones this holiday, and for those who’ve lost a loved one to COVID-19 or any other serious illness last year (or even this year), I pray that God gives you comfort through this season. Take care and love one another.

D&A Studios: New Nerdz of the Decade Episodes Coming December 4th!

Hey guys. We know it’s been awhile since our last post, as things have been kinda melancholy as of late. If you haven’t noticed by now, we haven’t been posting any new episodes of our Nerdz of the Decade podcast. That’s not to say that we’ve stopped making them, its just right now we’re working on new topics that are a little more relevant to what new developments are happening. In the meantime we’ve been trying out this little experiment called Anime Quickie; a one man short-form podcast featuring A. Goldman that pretty much talks about similar topics that you’ve might have heard us talk about on the podcast. If this experiment gets a little more traffic, then we might incorporate it as part of our D&A Studios lineup. As always we thank you guys so much for being a part of our nerdy little journey, and we plan on bringing you guys the best nerdy content that we can offer! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉    

D&A Anime Blog: Returning To Conventions, What’s New For 2022, and More!

So here we are just six weeks away from 2022, and it’s pretty obvious that going through a world-changing experience (like the pandemic) really makes you think about where you see yourself in the near-future. Though we’re still dealing with the effects of the ‘obvious state of the world’, things are slowly coming back to normal. For the last 20 months or so, no anime fan on Earth though anime conventions would come back in-person; but not only did most of them return in the flesh, but fans have returned to their favorite nerd sanctuaries fully-vaxxed with their cards, and their masks. With that in mind, what’s next for D&A in the year 2022?

We’ve been wingin’ it all year

Just this past Summer we’ve launched our YouTube podcast known as “Nerdz of the Decade” as well as our product reviewing series through D&A Studios. With things they way they are now, we find ourselves in a state where we feel as though we want to reignite that fire and that passion that D&A has given us! Sure, the last 20 months have kept us away from conventions and seeing our fans and super fans in the flesh, as well as test us to see if we want to continue D&A. For many of us who run conventions; said owners and staff had to make announcements that they will be closing the doors of their cons due to financial loss because of the pandemic, while others had to rely on ‘GoFundMe’ pages or downsize just to stay afloat. This past weekend our home convention in Baltimore, Maryland known as “Animore” had to shut down and disband because of financial loss. The news cut us deeply because D&A’s level of popularity and exposure in the convention circuit, would’ve never gotten off the ground had it not been for this convention.

Though we’re not sure what will take its place (or if even anything anime-related will take its place), we will always cherish the memories that Animore has given us as well as all of the awesome people that we’ve met. Receiving this news got us thinking about the current state of D&A and what we wanna do moving forward. We don’t really make a lot of money doing what we do, and any money that can be made is through merch sales (which we’re working on), content monetization (which doesn’t bring in as much as you think on YouTube unless you’ve got 100,000+ subs), and affiliate links. Despite this, we’re not ones to give up and walk away that easily; and will continue to give you guys awesome nerdy content through the blog, as well as on YouTube.

As far as our return to cons go, we will be returning to them towards the second quarter of 2022, and we’ll make sure that we keep a list of which ones we’ll be attending in the coming months.

That will do it for this special announcement, but there’s more content coming so stay tuned! 😉 

NEW 2022 SEGMENT ALERT!! Poetic Rants From Comedic Circumstance!

Isekai, Ecchi, Harem. It seems like every season we get a fist full of anime titles from those three genres, and in some cases those titles might even be a combination of all three. For many fans they’re not surprised and for others, well, they’re happy that they now have new potential ‘waifu’ material. (Or ‘husbando’, we’re equal opportunity!) Over the last decade (and maybe a handful of years) we’ve seen this trend of shows with more fanservice in the ‘T&A’ department, and less attention paid to plot or character development. With this trend came a lot of rants on social media (or ‘anitwitter’ as some of us are calling it) about the over-saturation of fanservice from Isekai, Ecchi, and Harem. Although we have our own opinions about those three genres, we’ve decided to channel the ‘frustrations’ of said fans who’ve ranted about this semi-controversial topic, through a comedic pathway.

Keep in mind that the new segment we’re working on bringing to you bounces between TV-14 and TV-MA; which is also the television ratings for a lot of the titles that are labeled Ecchi or Harem. The name of our new segment is called “Poetic Rants From Comedic Circumstance”. We basically poke fun at the Isekai, Harem, and Ecchi genres leaving no stone un-turned when it comes to their tropes; some of which you’re sick of, and some you can’t live without. Also keep in mind that these are just jokes; as there are pockets of individuals within the dark corners of anime fandom, that will burst a blood vessel cuz’ we dissed their waifus. The new segment kicks off on the first Monday in January 2022!

That’s it for our announcement, so until our next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A Studios Recap The Week Of November 5th!

Hey guys n’ gals! It’s time to bring you another recap of our YouTube videos that we’ve done during the week of November 5th. We’ve got a brand new Nerdz of the Decade that just dropped this past Friday, as well as another D&A Studios product review. Be sure to share these videos with your fellow otaku, and of course we thank you for all of the love and support that you continue to give us from the blog; as well as D&A Studios. Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉