Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 9!

Welcome back! We’re here with another episode review from our Anime REvisited Special; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! Noir’s gone up against some powerful foes, but who will be the final boss of this series? We’ll find out soon, but for now let’s jump into the review!

The Cast!

Noir gave Emma a rare item that would increase her wind attributes and skills, and though she was happy about it, she had an uneasy feeling that if she were kidnapped Noir wouldn’t even notice. (Which eventually led up to Noir attending a special dance event that only high-ranked nobles go to.) Despite the thought of that circling around in his head Noir went back home to his family as they planned out how they were going to open up their rare item shop; which was gonna be difficult due to their rank as a Baronet.

Nightfall hits and Noir finds himself at the party that Emma’s attending, and me quickly meets her while looking on at the crowd of guests. Before the party got started the host of the even stated that there was a phantom thief that warned that he/she would strike and take the one thing that was precious; the Mermaid’s Tear (as well as Emma – as Noir soon would find out). The host assured that everything would be okay since the Lahmu Guild was around to make sure nothing went down, but when the lights went down, that’s when the trouble went down. The phantom thieves arrive and take the two things that mattered most to their respective owners; leaving Noir on a chase with the thieves along with the Lahmu guild’s martial artist; Leila Overlock.

After cornering one of the thieves on the rooftop, the battle pretty much began. Though Noir and Leila were having a hard time, they both were able to defeat their foes. Everything seemed like it was back to normal, until the other half of the phantom thieves showed up. This time Noir and Leila were in a little bit of trouble; as the other phantom thief used gravity manipulation to prevent them from moving. Noir of course isn’t the kind of guy to give up, so he powered through and was prepared to punch the guy, but Emma woke up from her spell-fueled sleep and attacked the guy with her wind attribute. This allowed Noir to deck the guy for kidnapping Emma and thus both her and the Mermaid’s Tear was saved. By the end of the episode Noir and his family were able to get a place for their shop thanks to a few strings pulled by Emma’s family (as well as the host of the party), and he was even able to make a new friend from the Lahmu Guild (Leila); which was discovered to be Noir’s rival guild (Odin), but still friends nonetheless.

That’s it for this episode review, but there’s more content coming down the pipe! Until next time guys n’ gals, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉 

Hyakka Ryoran Returns On August 9th On The Next Anime REvisited!

Yeah, you’re reading this right! A while back we did an Anime REvisited review on the first season of Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. Well, it has a second season, and it features a new group of Master Samurai called The Dark Samurai. Everyone from the first season returns as things get more hectic than usual; including the return of a familiar face. Yeah, this post is a short one, but on August 9th we return to Great Japan for the second season of Hyakka Ryoran! That’s all for now, but there’s more content to come! 😉

Jubei returns August 9th!

Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 7 & 8!

Here we go again! We’re back with another episode review from our Anime REvisited Special; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! Since we’ll be doing a dual episode review for episodes 7 and 8, we’ll give you a rundown of what happened while keeping the full details to a minimum to reduce spoilers. So, here we go!

The Cast!

After Tigerson came to live with Noir, both he and Emma found themselves at the receptionist building where Lola was being held back by her friend Luna from slugging another receptionist named Sara. (Who definitely has a masochistic side.) The reason you ask? Well, Lola believes that Sara has been taking her adventurers away after the results of the annual Receptionist Battle; and Noir is now caught in the crossfire of this situation. Should Lola lose this time, then Sara will be Noir’s receptionist – which he didn’t “seem” too concerned about at first. To help her win the challenge Noir dashed off to look for some rare items while taking on Lola’s quests (and even getting a lil’ “help” with his LP if you know what I mean). With Emma and Luna’s help (since they wanted to tag along) Noir took down an earth dragon, then brought it back to help boost Lola’s receptionist score.

After discovering that it didn’t seem enough to win, Noir went back to the dungeon and asked for Olivia’s help. She told him to head to the seventh floor in order to find more rare items, and upon arrival he met Dori; a Driad who created a forest on that floor. She told him that she’s dying due to her mana being sucked away by a Golden Bee (at Lv. 256). At first Noir didn’t think he could defeat it due to his level being 3.5x lower than the bee’s, but if you know anime protagonists like you think you do, Noir was going to find a way to win.

He did just that by using his ‘Get Creative’ and ‘Editor’ skills to have the silver wolves attack the bee while buying him some time to try a new attack. Noir shot a blast of water infused with lightning to not only drench the bee; but shock it to death because water conducts electricity. (Ask any 5th Grade science kid!) Once the battle was over, Dori took Noir to where she hid two treasure chests for anyone that could help her with her problem; and Noir just happened to be the lucky one. After getting two rare items and discovering where the eighth floor is, Noir headed back to the receptionist building where the results of the receptionist battle were taking place. The points gained were turned into coins, and just when it seemed that Lola would lose again, Noir pulled an upset and won the battle for her! It’s safe to say that everything was pretty much back to normal in Noir’s eyes, though the same cannot be said for Sara with Lola chasing her with a spiked bat in comedic fashion.

There you have it; two anime reviews combined into one! There’s more content on the way, but until then, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 6!

Sup nerds! We have returned with another episode review from our Anime Revisited Special; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! This episode is gonna be a bit heartwarming to say the least, so here we go!

The Cast

After the events of the previous episode, Noir and the other girls received a hefty reward in the form of 100 million rels (coins). Somewhere in the conversation Emma told Noir that it would be a good idea to open up a rare material shop where she would assist in helping him run it. Of course Lola and Luna jumped in and said that they would be better fit to run the shop, which caused some rom-com tension to which Noir made an exit – stage left.

Later on Noir went back to the dungeon after gaining more skills using ‘Get Creative’ to get to the fifth floor. From there he encountered what looked to be a giant black Lion named…Tigerson. (I know, right?) The giant lion told Noir that he has been waiting for his friend to return for over 300 years, and that he gave him his word that he would wait on the fifth floor until he does. (Sound familiar Futurama fans?) Anyhoo, Noir told Tigerson that he would head to the sixth floor to search for his friend who happens to be an elf named Vashelle; and they have a rather long lifespan. Upon reaching the sixth floor Noir was faced with sextuple zombies; zombies who break up into six parts and chase you. Noir managed to find another way out but was met with a sextuple zombie that looked different than the others. That zombie…was Vashelle.

After using his ‘Get Creative’ skill to remove zombification from Vashelle, Noir told him that he was waiting for him to return for over 300 years. Even though he felt bad for leaving him on the fifth floor for that period of time, Vashelle returned to the fifth floor to reunite with the giant lion alongside Noir. Due to creatures being prohibited where Vashelle is from, Tigerson is not allowed to go with him; meaning that the two of them must part ways for now. After bidding his friend farewell Tigerson went back to the fifth floor and started crying, but since Noir went back as well he asked the giant lion for a special request; to be his friend. Tigerson took Noir’s request as the two of them went back to Noir’s home – their home!

Ain’t nothing like true friendship and dedication, but there are some moments where the friends you gain in life are around for a reason; and a season. Cherish the people in your life who cross your path, and even though there are friends you may only see every now and then, just know that they play a role in your life too. On that note, that will do it for our episode review, but there’s more nerdy content coming your way!

Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 5!

Sup ya’ll! It’s high time for another episode review from our Anime REvisited Special; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! This one will be a good one, so let’s go!

The Main Cast

Noir and his trio of girls are at the “Harem Pride” (or in this case the Anti-Girl Bashfest) event as they look at how the rules work and whatnot. Their mission was to win the hearts of the crowd as well as the host in order to receive the grand prize of one million rels; which is easier said than done, cuz’ the crowd…yikes! The sad thing about this episode is the fact that in the world of ‘Nerdia’ (Narnia for Nerds), there are “Special Interest Groups” that act just like this online and on social media. We all go through rejection at some point in our lives, but damn!

In spite of how scary and harsh the crowd was towards the harems that came out, Noir kept a clear head while the girls looked on; some nervous while others were stoic. Then it was finally Noir’s harem’s turn, as Emma was the first to come out and show off her stuff. The crowd of Shy Guys looked on as they…loved her?! It’s true; the crowd actually loved her personality. Next up was Luna; as she introduced who she was all while giving out a flashy presentation. Finally Lola did the very same as one guy was sold, and said that he would sign up to be a part of an adventurer guild. Although everything looked like it was going all Noir’s way, the real fun was just getting started! Noir and the girls had to prove to the noble and the crowd that they were the best harem ever – and they did just that by exceeding the expectations of every scenario given to them.

After winning the rels and LP he needed, Noir and the girls made their way to the Duke’s mansion to help lift Maria’s curse. Thanks to Noir’s skill; Luna can now lift the 16th Year Death Curse from Maria without it affecting her lifespan, which is why she turned down the request to do so previously. Noir told Maria that he was happy that she acknowledged him when the others didn’t, and that he’d never forget that about her. After the semimetal moments was over, Luna used her power and lifted the curse; saving Maria’s life in the process. By the end of the episode Lola and Emma realized that yet another girl was after Noir’s heart; pretty much like Luna is upon revealing that she’s fallen for him too. So to reiterate; Noir and his harem of girls survived the “Harem Pride” event, then went to the Duke’s mansion to lift the curse from Maria’s body, and finally discovered that another girl has fallen for him. Yep, that’s this episode in a nutshell.

With episode four of our special title pick in the books, it’s time to wrap up this post. Until next time, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 4!

What’s up my dudes n’ dudettes! Welcome back to another episode review of our Anime REvisited Special; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! In this one a new character is introduced so let’s get to it, shall we?

The Main Cast

In the previous episode Lola told Noir and Emma that in order to lift the 16th Year Death Curse from Maria; the Duke’s daughter, they would need the help of a Cleric. It just so happens that Lola’s friend is one; as she goes to the area where she is performing her healing duties to ask for her help on behalf of Noir and Emma. While this is taking place Noir heads back to the hidden dungeon where Olivia is and asks if there is a skill that will let him gain LP more quickly. Although she was a little upset that he didn’t come to see her sooner, she grants him the skill “Lucky Ledger” to help boost is LP fast.

One problem though; that skill triggers every time he’s around the opposite sex, so Noir had to get a little creative and make sure it only happens rarely. Midway through the episode Noir and Emma meet Lola’s Cleric friend Luna, who happens to be part Elf. During their meeting Luna tells the others that even though she can lift curses, this curse in particular she won’t be able to lift. (After taking a look at her skills and abilities Noir finds out why, but she never told Lola about it.) Noir told Emma and Lola that he would like to talk to Luna for a moment about what the next option would be, but something happened downtown where a boy got injured; leaving Luna to jump into action and heal him. After doing so however, her persona reverted back to when she was a child herself – which is both embarrassing and funny.

While the girls were still hung up on the fact that Luna could die if she lifts the curse, Noir revealed that he can use a skill to where only Luna’s finances will get drained – not her life. But he’s 2000 LP short of his goal, and doesn’t know where he can get his hands on a million rels (basically coins in this series). Lola had an idea based on how Noir is able to gain LP currently, but it’s not gonna be pretty. The four of them attended an event known as the “Harem Pride Event” held by a noble who was socially-rejected by women; so much so, that he doesn’t even wanna be in the same room with or breathe the same air as them. (The same is said about the crowd as well, which is why they all where “Shy Guy” masks to cover up their loathsome faces.) Yep, the next episode is gonna be ‘fun’…

That’s all we’ve got for now, but as always there’s more content coming your way! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 3!

Greetings nerds and nerdettes! We’re back with another episode review from our Anime REvisited Special title; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! Noir finally has the money he needs to get into the Hero Academy, but what happens after that? We’ll tell you!

The Main Cast

Picking up right where the previous episode left off, Noir and Emma paid their entrance fee for the Hero Academy and are now full-fledged students. After noticing the Duke’s daughter walk by him and Emma, Noir noticed that there was something dark – a curse known as the 16th Death Curse was placed on her; meaning that on her 16th birthday the curse would kill her. With that thought etched in his mind Noir and Emma entered into their classroom with their ranking pinned on the right side of their chest. When it comes to cliques and social groups (especially when it comes to social class), Baronets are at the bottom of the barrel. In Noir’s case; he was treated like crap the moment he set foot in class.

After all of the greetings were in order, the class along with Emma and Noir were outside in what looked to be the school’s courtyard where their teacher; Ms. Elna, was waiting. At first glance you can already tell she’s got a bit of Yandere/Sadistic side with a touch of cockiness only an anime teacher can give you. Ms. Elna called Noir out first as part of the class’ first lesson; the back-step technique. At Lv. 236 Noir already knew she was a powerhouse, but with his ‘Get Creative’ skill anything was possible. Noir was knocked around at first but then Elna told him that if he used the back-step technique, she’ll give him a prize. We’re not telling you what the ‘prize’ is, so you’ll have to watch that part of the episode to find out.

After class was over Noir and Emma meet up with Lola; who disappeared on-sight as soon as she spotted Noir because she didn’t have a lot of makeup on, even though he thinks she looks pretty without it. He talks to her about the situation going on with the Duke’s daughter and her 16th year curse, and offers up a way that might work. Noir would need the help of a Cleric who specializes in removing curse-based spells, and even though Lola told him that this decision would come with its own set of challenges, Noir was determined to meet her Cleric friend and rid the daughter’s evil curse.

There’s a quick post-credits scene where Ms. Elna appears to be working on some papers when Noir walks in and notices her shoulder is bothering her. He offers to give her a message but only if he can ‘satisfy’ her. What follows afterwards would cause Emma’s face to turn beet red with embarrassment, and for others to assume that some ‘risky business’ is happening behind closed doors.

Welp, that wraps up this episode review! We’ve got more content coming later this week so stay tuned! 😉

D&A Anime Blog: D&A Studios & N.O.T.D. Recap!

Yo, what’s good anime fam! Hopefully you’re all doing fine and well. If you haven’t heard the news already (or perhaps you might’ve been at the four walls in your bedroom for far too long) we got a podcast as well as a series of product and anime reviews on our youtube page! We’re happy to say that thanks to our schedule, we’ve been on quite a roll with creating and releasing new content every week (at least 1-2 videos a week). So if you’ve been rolling with us since day one, or you’re just checking us out for the very first time, here’s what we’ve been doing with our D&A Studios: Main Reviews series and our podcast; Nerdz of the Decade!

Our most recent (and fun) episode
Our first product review episode
Our D&A Studios series pilot

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The fourth episode of Nerdz of the Decade is in development and we’ll be shooting the podcast episode this weekend. As for D&A Studios, we have more products and anime figures on back order, so there will be more product reviews coming soon! If you love the content we make or if you have any suggestions for podcast episodes, hit us up on our Contact Us page!

That’s it for now, but there’s more content coming your way! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 2!

Yo! We’re back with our second episode review from our Anime REvisited Special title; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! Normally we review titles that have been around for 5 years or more, but this special series review is a ‘thank you’ to all of our fans who have supported us through the five years we’ve been around. So without further delay, let’s get on with the show!

The Main Cast

Welp, last time we met Noir Stardia he passed the entrance exam for the Hero Academy, but has to find a way to pay off the entrance fee. He asked his father for the money at first, but that didn’t bode well for ‘certain’ reasons. So Noir had to earn the money himself, but to do so he enlisted the help of his ‘master’ Olivia (back at the hidden dungeon of course) who told him to look for some rainbow grasshoppers; as they’re very rare. In order to do that Olivia told Noir he’d have to join an adventurer’s guild; or at least go on a few quests and complete them in order to get some coins.

This led him to the receptionist known as Lola; who was responsible for handling all of the quests of the adventurers as well as their payment. After asking Noir to write down his skills so she can figure out what quest to send him on, Lola took a look at the skills he wrote down and asked him to “take this seriously!” and write down his exact skills. Because Noir was confident in what he wrote Lola took out a book with the crest of the guild that Olivia (Noir’s master) was once a part of; then told Noir to place his hand on it to reveal the truth. Of course when it was revealed to be true, Lola had to do something embarrassing which boosted Noir’s LP by 300 points.

Eventually Emma came along for the ride when she found out Noir went off adventuring without her and helped him on his quest to gather the grasshoppers. Later on (after a little static friction between Emma and Lola due to them both liking, and possibly loving, Noir) the two went on another quest which led to a boss fight with a Lv. 24 giant rabbit. Emma held her own against the beast but couldn’t really land any killing blows against it do to her being at a lower level. Noir grasped her and led her to a safe place away from the rabbit, but now he had to figure out a way to make Emma stronger. How he did it you ask? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Long-story-short, Noir managed to gain the money he needed for the Hero Academy and even gained accolades from other guild members and adventurers for his heroic deed. It felt like a dream to him; he was receiving praises for completing his quests as well as defeating the giant rabbit, when not long ago he was looked-down upon because he was a Baronet. Even though it still haunts him, he realizes just how strong he’ll soon become as an adventurer.

In this episode we get to see Emma in action, so perhaps she’s inspired by Noir for his bravery as well as other things besides being his childhood friend. By the end of the episode it looks like Noir might be on the fast track to having a harem, but he never really sees them as romantic partners – but as his friends. Could that change later on in the series? Maybe…

That will do it for our episode review for now, but there’s more content on the way! 😉

Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 1!

Hey! Did cha miss us? Well not to worry, cuz’ we’re back with something special this time around. Normally for our Anime REvisited segment we would review anime titles that have been around for five or more years, but we’ve decided to do a special edition where we review a title that’s been released just recently – like this past Winter (2020-2021). If you’re familiar with Danmachi, then this anime title might give you a little taste of that. For our Anime REvisited special, we’ll be reviewing The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter.

The Main Cast

Well, the introduction starts off with the narrator telling the story of various hidden dungeons all across the land. Many of which contain labyrinths, monsters, the usual when it comes to dungeon crawlers. It is then that we’re introduced to Noir Stardia; the son of a Baronet which happens to be on the bottom of the social hierarchy. In other words, Noir and his family are peasants in the eyes of nobles and other higher ranking individuals. It’s also the reason why he wasn’t able to secure a job at the library because of his status – talk about brutal. Later on he runs into his childhood friend Emma Brightness (which is actually a cool name for an anime girl) and tells her what happened; causing her to be shocked that he was turned down as she wanted to work with him at the library.

It was then Noir had another idea; become an adventurer (hero) in hopes of boosting his social ranking and becoming set for life. To do so he would require the help of the Great Sage; a skill that he gained that will tell him any and everything about life he wants to know, but gives him severe headaches as a result of said skill. In order to null this Noir was told by Emma that he would have to kiss her, and after finding a better spot away from onlookers, they did…passionately. Afterwards Noir went to the hidden dungeon and made it to the second floor where he found a door. On the other side of the door was a tall blue-haired woman bound by glowing black chains named Olivia. Noir explained the situation to Olivia and why he was in the dungeon to begin with, before she told him that he needed skills in order to pursue the quest that he was on.

After receiving her skills Olivia told Noir that his skills would cost him LP (Life Points) to use, so he checked to see how many he had; and that number was 550. Once he got the hang of his new skills Noir went to the Hero Academy to take the entrance exam, but due to his status as a Baronet, no one wanted to work with him – except Emma (and Lenore, but even she didn’t want to work with him due to his status so she suggested they split up in order to pass the exam). Noir went back to the dungeon and encountered a (Lv. 99) Death Reaper and found himself fighting it. He thought he could use his ‘Edit’ skill to remove its ‘Insta-Kill’ attack, but it would cost 4000 LP to use – which Noir doesn’t have.

Eventually he got a little creative and used his ‘Stone Bullet’ skill and managed to defeat the reaper and boost his level at the same time. By the end of the episode Noir and his team passed with flying colors thanks to a lie that Olivia told him about the power of the reaper. Despite the financial cost of entry, Noir was on his way to becoming an adventurer (Hero).

Much like Danmachi, the main character of this series (Noir) finds himself working to becoming an adventurer and finds himself going through a dungeon to do so. The concept of LP does give the series an action-RPG feel in real-time; much like Cautious Hero and Log Horizon. Even though it’s only the first episode Noir feels like an underdog in the eyes of others above him, but everyone knows that underdogs turn into top dogs after some hard work and dedication. As the series goes on we may see more of that coming from Noir.

That will do it for our first episode review on this special edition segment of Anime REvisited. Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited Special Review: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter!

What’s goin’ on guys! We know its been awhile since our last post (as we’ve been working on our upcoming episode for Nerdz of the Decade), but we’re back with a special anime review from our Anime REvisited segment! While working on new and nerdy content we watch a LOT of anime, and this title in particular stuck out at us almost the same way Danmachi did – in fact you might even get some ‘Danmachi‘ feels from this anime title. So starting next week we’ll be doing an Anime REvisited Special Review on the series The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter.

Right off the bat you already know it has something to do with a dungeon, as well as that RPG video game-like element that you might have seen in the first season of SAO and Log Horizon. Since this title still has that ‘New Car Smell’ we won’t spoil the details too much, but we will of course tell you what you’ll be in for in each episode; as well as its overall tone, plot, and character development. That’s all we’ve got for now, but stay tuned for our next Nerdz of the Decade podcast dropping this weekend; along with other awesome content! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter!

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis! (06/16/21)

What’s good anime fam! It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts, so for this one it’ll pretty much be an update on what’s I’ve been doing as of late. As for what’s happening in my neck of the woods; it looks like we’re inching closer to that magical goal of 70% full vaccination not just in my home state of Maryland, but in a couple other states as well. For 15 months the thought of going to an anime convention was frowned upon due to the size of the crowd, but with the positivity rate dropping in certain states with high vaccination rates, some conventions (smaller ones) are starting to come back around. I myself have been contemplating if A. Goldman and I should take a shot at one of the returning conventions later this year; one of them just happens to be in New York. As for myself and what I’ve been up to as of late, well it’s pretty much the usual.

Due to my mixes being taken down off my Youtube and Facebook pages, I’ve decided to upload all of my DJ mixes to my official Mixcloud page. You can find me as Avidd Minddset on Mixcloud and check out a couple of my ‘Minddset Sessions’ DJ mixes! I’m also working on episode ideas for our Nerdz of the Decade podcast, and I promise that we’ll have some new episodes for you guys to check out! It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 months since my last convention, and with a few of them returning (with safety measures in place) I guess you can say that our first convention back since March of 2020 will be Anime NYC. I’ve never been to New York or Manhattan for that matter, but after being stuck in my house for a year and a half, I’m itchin’ to leave the state!

Even though I’m fully vaccinated (and shaking off the side effects) I’m probably still going to keep my mask on; or get one of those LED light-up masks that look like the one Scorpion from Mortal Kombat has on. I know it sounds like I’m rambling on, but guys, these are just the thoughts that occur in my head everyday – and I write em’ all down on this blog to share with you! The last year and a half hasn’t been easy (and I can probably say the same for you if you live in the U.S. or any other country), but D&A has kinda been my little online home away from ‘home’. I can share my thoughts, how I feel about certain things and trends, and what’s the best anime title to start with if you’re just getting into it. (Go with the classics like Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cowboy Bebop, or Sailor Moon and work your way up to the new school titles.)

Honestly, there’s moments where I’m glad A. Goldman and I had that vision back in 2015 about creating a blog; thought it was going to be an anime convention photo album at the time. We’re five-going-on-six years in on this thing, and it’s been a fun ride! So I’m gonna end this post with more years to come for me and A. Goldman doin’ our nerdy thing on this blog, as well as getting the chance to break out my first live DJ set at an anime/gaming after party (or anywhere that wants to jam out to some music).

Until next post guys! 😉

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 12!

What’s good, guys n’ gals! Although this one is bittersweet we have reached our final review for our Anime REvisited pick; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online. When we started this series we kept our expectations to a minimum. This isn’t to say that we assumed that the series would be terrible in any way, but with the amount of anime that we watch that deal with the concept of MMO’s and net game culture, we wanted to reserve our judgment until after the last episode of the series.

For the final episode of this title; Rusian and the rest of Guild Alleycats joined forces with Nekohime’s guild to form the ultimate guild, as they stormed Fort Cantor in order to take it back from the previous guild that had it. Eventually they won but soon they had to defend it against Bats’ guild – who had returned to finish what they started before. Nekohime’s Elite Guard managed to take out most of Bats’ guild, until only the leader of the guild himself was left alive. Sadly 90% of Nekohime’s guild (including Nekohime herself) was defeated by Bats as he approached the throne room where Kyo stood tall. To her this was all about payback as Bats went to work and thought he had defeated her in one shot. Instead she used premium items to keep herself alive long enough for her fused guild to hold Fort Cantor for a week; thus causing Bats to lose.

With their mission accomplished (at least for now) Rusian and the rest of Guild Alleycats celebrated with Nekohime’s guild as they gather together and took a screen cap of their victory. Back in the real world it was time for the school festival as Ako and a few other girls completed their assignment as they were working on a maid café. Ako relapsed for a moment saying that she couldn’t handle the social stress that came with being a maid for the maid café, until Hideki reminded her not to run away from her problems like she usually does. This of course shows that she’s growing and socially maturing, and by the end of the episode (after the end credits) Hideki told Ako that she can have anything she wanted – in the game of course.

Normally she’d be head-over-heels upon hearing that, but what she really wanted to do is kiss him; in real life. Just as their lips were about to touch the other members of Guild Alleycats showed up. Hideki told everyone that Ako can have anything she wanted in the game; insisting that the game and real life were separate, but Ako was the one who wanted a REAL relationship with Hideki, and NOT the one in the game!

Although it’s considered to be an underrated title based on popularity alone, we actually had fun reviewing this series. The overall plot may not be a ‘mind-blower’ right away (considering that it’s focused on the affairs of net-game life and school life), but the concept of the plot was pretty much exactly what we thought it was going to be. Again; whenever we review a series for this segment, we never go into it with high expectations. Instead we review each episode and do a thorough analysis before coming to a final conclusion. One thing that we did like about this series was the growth factor. In the very first episode we see Ako having difficulty distinguishing reality and fantasy from one another, and by the end it’s like she finally figures it out and even gains real friends along the way.

School life can be cruel at times as well as awkward for the socially challenged, but at one point and time many of us were Ako; a social reject who loved nothing more than playing net-games and making online friends, while keeping an invisible wall around her to protect herself from ‘normies’. If you’re gonna jump into an anime title that deals with social anxiety and growth, net games, and real friends, then this title just might be right up your alley! After the first episode it seems like an intervention and a therapy session due to the fact that Ako is addicted to online gaming; which is a real thing in the United States and several other countries. The main character wants to help Ako tell the difference between the game and reality, while the other friends she meets help her with her academic issues to keep her from falling behind in school. The balance between school life and the game is pretty much even, and the fanservice is not overblown nor in your face. (But it’s there.)

Should the series get a second season we’d probably see the relationship between Ako and Hideki mature and one day lead to a real-life marriage down the road. So to wrap it up; this anime title is pretty much what you’d expect to be. There’s school life, dealing with social anxiety, net games, and social maturity. If you’re looking for a title that can give you the elements of what otaku deal with in real life, then you’re gonna wanna check this series out!

That will do it for Anime REvisited, but like we said before, there is more content to come! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 11!

Welcome back guys! It’s time for another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick that you know as; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! One episode remains after this review as it’s down to the wire in L.A.

Rusian and the rest of Guild Alleycats meet up with the other guild known as Guild Vallenstein; the top-tier guild who happens to be the most powerful guild in the whole game! Between their maxed out stats and high-grade siege weapons, they pretty much treat Rusian and the rest of their guild like…noobs. While allied with them for the time being, the group makes their way to Fort Cantor in hopes of taking it over. The leader of the other guild known as Bats tells Ako and Seti to chase off the other guards in order for them to go in and take care of business. They do so much to the others dismay (most of which being Akane and Kyo), but despite their plan of attack not going the way they’d hoped, Bats told the guild to capture Fort Cantor. They did, but afterwards Bats and his guild dissolved their alliance as he returned to Fort Cantor and pretty much wasted Rusian and his guild. Talk about a dick move!

With that revelation Kyo and the others left Fort Cantor to strategize on how they were going to get back at Bats for what he did. Back in the real world Ako starts to show real growth in asking for help on her assignment for the school festival; via Maid Café thanks to Hideki. With one more week remaining until the start of the festival Rusian and the others ask Nekohime’s guild for help in taking down Bats and his guild. He of course also asks an old friend for help on this very thing as well. Near the end of the episode both guilds train for the upcoming siege in hopes of recapturing Fort Cantor while taking a picture to remember their adventure (Guild Alleycats of course).

Sorry this one’s a little short, but that will do it for our review for now. The final episode is next as well as our overall review on the whole series! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: and You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 10!

It’s coming down to the wire as we bring you another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! Summer vacation may be over, but the real fun is just beginning! With that in mind let’s kick off the review!

With Summer vacation finally over Hideki and the others return to school just in time for the school festival. As far as school life goes; everything appears to be right where everyone left it, except Ako tried to skip school again in order to play Legendary Age…ugh! Once classes were over Hideki met up with Ako and the others to come up with a concept of what they’ll be presenting at the school festival. It was also at this time that a new update for L.A. had just dropped known as Siege Warfare; a weekly guild-vs-guild brawl where the winning guild takes over one of the forts held by the previous guild, should they defeat them. Kyo thought that the winner should be able to present that as their concept for the school festival, except with Guild Alleycats having only four members, the odds of them winning are kinda slim to none.

So to compensate for that Hideki and the others decided to do some ‘PvP’ training in order to get good at this type of combat. The results of their training were subpar, as Rusian stated that the guild was pretty much a rag-tag group with no chance of even coming close to winning a siege event. Despite that the guild decided to try their hand at an occupied fort held by a guild called the Cleaning Crew, but the results of that bout ended up with multiple party wipes. This would be the case until Nekohime’s guild came in and took out the other guild; allowing them to occupy the fort – for a short time. Near the end of the episode Kyo got two additional computers because if Hideki and the rest of the guild want to win, they would need more hands on deck. Lord and behold they got it in the form of another guild who happened to be top tier; and who Rusian is quite familiar with…

As far as we can tell you, the overall plot to this series pretty much deals with a mixed bag of things; nerdy romance, net gaming, and distinguishing the game world from reality. That’s all we’ve got for now, but there’s more to come on the blog! Until next time, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 9!

Well guys, we’re back with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick that you already know as; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! This particular episode is pretty much a girl’s trip episode, so this review won’t be too long.

As the episode opens up Kyo, Ako, Akane, and Nanako are at Kyo’s mansion as Summer break finishes up with them having to work on their homework while at the mansion. One of Kyo’s maids gives the other girls a tour of her home before Nanako discovers a hidden room – which happens to be Kyo’s room (with multiple computer monitors). While the other girls continue their studies Ako tells them that she has to use the lil’ girl’s room, even though Ako and Akane don’t trust her any farther than they can throw her. Nanako (Seti) accompanies Ako to make sure she doesn’t take off as the two of them end up in the hallway. Ako being Ako (of course) wanders into a hidden room and discovers a treasure chest; however what was inside of it wasn’t treasure, but in fact a photo album of Kyo’s childhood – which caught the attention of Kyo’s maids.

After Ako’s shenanigans followed be a couple more from her at the dinner table, the girls head off to a private bath for the evening. From there the usual conversations take place; such as what type of girl Hideki likes and so on. This of course causes Ako to take it one step further and call Hideki (Rusian) via Face Time; which was NOT a good idea according to Kyo and Akane. After a game of phone tag Ako threw the phone to Seti as the ended the call – which never really happened cuz’ Hideki didn’t pick up.

Later that night Kyo and the others were in a bed made for four people as she was happy that the other three girls were the first guests to be over for a sleep over. Nanako asked Ako what her relationship is like with Rusian (Hideki) but after a little ‘explaining’ the other three were (for lack of a better word)…shocked…?! To Ako; if Rusian cheated on her in the game, it would be like cheating on her in real life. (How the hell does that make any sense?!)

By the end of the episode; all four girls end up rushing over to Rusian in order to ask for his advice on how to deal with the bomb Ako just dropped on them, about her and Rusian’s in-game marriage. That is how the episode ends…

So that will do it for this episode review, but as always there is much more to come! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 8!

Long time no see guys! Welcome back to another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick that we’re pretty sure you know as; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! If you’ve ever played an MMO, then you’re aware that this happens from time to time when it comes to browser-based games. For more info on that, let’s jump into the episode!

Picking up where the last episode left off, Hideki and the gang were at an L.A. special cross-promotional event at a hotel. Things seemed to be going well…that is until it was discovered that Hideki’s account got hacked, and the guy playing Rusian is not him – which Ako eventually discovers. Heartbroken that the hacked “took” Rusian away from her, Hideki jumped into Ako’s laptop to see what went down; it wasn’t pretty. Hookup trolls and other nasty excuses for human beings lurk all through online games and certain chat sites, and if you’re a part of the anime/gaming community, then you already know.

After inspection of the damage Hideki and the others devise a plan to help get Hideki’s character (and Ako’s Rusian) back; first Ms. Sato informed the staff and the admins about the situation, then Hideki consulted with an old friend while the others did the very same. This episode is pretty much a ‘payback’ thing; as Hideki and the others went through a whole lot just to get one guy – who he wanted to get hardcore nerd vengeance on for making Ako cry. For the first time throughout the series, Hideki genuinely cares for Ako and doesn’t want anything to happen to her on or offline.

Even though she’s still having trouble telling the difference between the game and reality, there is some growth coming from her end. By the end of the episode Hideki finally got vengeance on the hacker as he was banished from L.A. and charged for his crimes; thus making an example out of him should anyone else try the same thing. Rusian was restored by the Game Master Nyack, and remarried Ako after finding the original in-game wedding ring. So that’s pretty much the episode in a nutshell.

In-game hacks happen in MMOs and other browser-based games more often than you think which is why you gotta be extra careful and make sure you log off when using public computers. Having a private VPN can also help in these situations cuz’ getting your account hacked is NO fun! So that will complete our anime review for now, but there’s more reviews and content to come on the blog! Until next post, stay nerdy and safe online! 😉

Avidd Music Friday Presents: Saitei!

Yo! We have returned with another installment of our music artist segment known as Avidd Music Friday! In case you’re wondering what this segment is about; this is where we highlight up-and-coming artists, DJs, and producers from around the world, as well as promote their music on our blog. If your interested in being a part of this segment and you want us to highlight your music, head to our Contact Us page and be sure to give us links to your music (via Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, etc.) This time around we’ve got an awesome artist based our of South London! For our Avidd Music Friday segment our selection is Saitei!

You can check him out on Spotify, TikTok, and Instagram

Saitei (who is currently based on South London) broke into the music scene post-quarantine. He’s known for his quirky demeanor, dark and witty comical lyrical style when it comes to his music. His style combines UK Hip-Hop with Heavy Metal as he’s creating a new genre called “Drill Metal”. Although compared to other artists like the late XXXTentacion, Scarlxrd, and Childish Gambino, Saitei is bringing something different, unorthodox, and strangely pleasant to the music scene.

Here’s a little snippet of his London Ghoul press release:

Originating as a 30 second rap posted to Tik-Tok, the single now named London Ghoul quickly rose in popularity, gaining over 250k views and received many requests from fans for a full version. The track was conceived by popular demand, by UK Drill style rapper, Saitei who explains that he realized the lyrics related to him and the changes he’s endured that helped him grow stronger as life evolves.

Saitei, the 23-year-old rapper and law student from London is making a big name for himself in Western and Japanese niche markets globally. With over 280k followers on tik-tok and tens of thousands of fans on Instagram and YouTube, he’s quickly securing worldwide recognition for his popular videos, and music which he writes,
produces, and sings himself.

One thing that sets the UK based London Ghoul Producer apart, is Saitei’s ability to bring Hip-Hop and Drill-Rap to the Japanese music scene and combining them effortlessly, incorporating dark and energetic styles to his music. With popular single hits like,”Tokyo Lockdown” and “Whoopty” released earlier this year, Saitei mentions that London Ghoul might be his last solo drill track in a while, as he sets out to discover himself and explore different genres, giving us an insight on many different vibes and new, fresh sounds to come from the young rapper.

You can find Saitei on Spotify, Instagram, and other social media!

Well guys, that will do it for this segment! As we mentioned before, if you want us to highlight you as an artist, DJ, or a producer, hit us up on our Contact Us page. Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉


Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 7!

We have returned with yet another anime episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! When it comes to rom-com anime there’s always the infamous “Beach Episode”, so let’s suit up and Jump in!

Main Cast

Now that school is over, Hideki and the others are on their way to the net game’s version of summer camp; however for 24 hours none of the club members are allowed anywhere near a laptop or a computer as part of a special curbing exercise from net gaming. This was all a part of Kyo’s plan to help Ako realize that real life can be just as fun as net game life, and that she needs to have a chance to enjoy real-life experiences like a regular teenage girl – a normie girl. With this episode being a beach episode, be prepared to expect the following if you watch it; swimsuits (one-piece and two-piece) with a sprinkle of fanservice, the legendary Konami Cheat Code as a reference, and another chance of Hideki asking Ako to be his girlfriend…which backfires again.

After the 24-hour net game ban was lifted, Hideki and the rest of the club members made their way to a hotel that’s doing a cross-promotional event. Hotel guests can log in at the computer room in the lobby and get special bonuses in the game, by making purchases on real-life items. Hideki logged in at first but it looks like his password didn’t take, so he tried it again and it worked. Near the end of the episode while everyone else went to their rooms (in the game we assume) Rusian and Ako stood out in the hallway; as she asked him if he wanted to come into her room for…couples’ things. As they both sat on the bed something strange happened; Rusian disappeared for a moment, then reappeared after that. Any gamer or net gamer out there has had this happen to them at least once in their life, and Hideki is about to find out the hard way…

Yeah, this review is kinda short, but other than it being mostly a beach episode followed by another rejection of real-life love, there’s not a whole lot that happens here. On that note that will do it for this episode review, and as always until our next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 6!

Greetings nerds n’ nerdettes! We have returned once again to bring you another episode review of our Anime REvisited pick that you already know by now; as And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! So without further delay, let’s go get it!

The Main Cast

Before the episode starts we find Rusian (Hideki) telling the story of what happened after he was rejected by Nekohime via marriage proposal. While talking with one of his other friends in the game, Rusian discovered that his friend had his proposal rejected by the love of his life as well. Somehow it led up to him telling Rusian why Nekohime rejected him in the first place – as if you rewind back to the first episode the answer is pretty obvious.

Once the school day was over, Hideki and the others met up at the net game club to do some more grinding in L.A. along with Seti (a.k.a. Hanako in real-life). After helping her to complete the side quest Seti gained the Summoner skill; and summoned a small little dog that looked like hers at home. While at the tavern where they usually meet up Kyo mentions that final exams are coming up and that now would be a good time to study for them. Sooo…with that being the case, the class prez decided to put the net gaming club on hiatus until exam week is over. While walking home alongside Ako and talking about studying for the exams, Ako suddenly has the look of a teenager who totaled his/her parents’ car. We’re not ones to judge (cuz’ we’ve been in this situation ourselves), but when 90% of your priorities revolve around MMOs and video games, it’s time to get some help.

In Ako’s case; Rusian and the others helped her study for the finals while inside the game. Once the finals were over, Kyo announced that the net game club will be having a special camp where they’ll be focusing on their physical health while moderating their net gameplay. By the end of the episode (and after talking with Kyo and Akane) Hideki decided that it was time for him to declare his love for Ako; and ask her to be his girlfriend. Well…it backfired hard. During a post credits scene, Ako talked to Akane about why she told Hideki that she said “no” on being his girlfriend; that since she was already his “wife” she thought being a girlfriend in her mind was a demotion, or even that they might get divorced. It’s safe to say that Ako is in love with and married to Hideki’s character in the game and not him in real life; and THAT’S what he’s heartbroken about! Ouch!

Well guys, that will do it for this anime episode review. No worries though; cuz’ there’s more content on the way! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 5!

Hiyo! Guess what? We’re back with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! I guess what happens now is the review itself, so let’s get to it!

The Cast

Back in L.A. Ako is unsure just how faithful Rusian is to her, or how much he truly cares for her. This led to her wanting to play a different game at the gaming club at school due to Seti being close with Rusian. That game ended up being a first-person shooter crawling with ‘normies’; the very thing Ako hates. Upon playing the game she was actually really good at it, as she took down a lot of other players who were probably veterans. Sometime later Akane’s friend asked Hideki why she wasn’t able to find him in the game, as it was suddenly revealed that she was Seti in the game; tarnishing Akane’s reputation of being popular, and causing Ako to dash off in shock.

A little bit later after school Hideki and the others met at the gaming club, but Ako was nowhere to be seen. In fact no one in the club was able to get in touch with her because she wouldn’t answer her own phone. If no one can reach her in the real world, there was only one other option – jump into L.A. and try and talk to Ako there. The one to do so was Rusian, but Ako stated that she’s “quitting” real life and would rather play Legendary Age for the rest of her life; doing away with school and anything else that reminds her of the real world. Ako also states that she’ll max out her level so that she’ll be reincarnated and stay in L.A. for good, but Rusian doesn’t want that for her. She disappears before Rusian can stop her; leaving Hideki frustrated, and thinking that the net game club that was supposed to help Ako separate between fantasy and reality backfired.

The situation looked bleak but in fact Ms. Saito stated that Ako only cut herself off from the world, and not her friends. Hideki knew that the only person who could get through to Ako was him, so he made a trip to her house. After chatting with her mom about Ako quitting school and gaming for the rest of her life, she gave Hideki the keys to her daughter’s room. (If her dad was around this wouldn’t be happening, but it’s anime after all.) Hideki heads to Ako’s room and tells her that he wants to talk to her, but he ends up walking in on her changing (or at the very least getting naked). He slams the door shut and asks her to “PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!” and after she says it’s safe to come in…she’s still naked. It’s more funny if you watch the scene then us tell it to you.

Inside Ako’s room Hideki tells her that he’s going to drop out of school and play L.A. with her since that’s what she wants to do. Ako didn’t like the idea because if Hideki dropped out, then the others would miss him. Hideki then stated that Ako would be doing the very same; to which she agreed. To Ako; real life is rather tough, and it was hard for her to make friends because all she wanted to do was play net games. Rusian (Hideki) was the same way, but he told Ako and if she tried just a little bit to accept the real world into her life, he would be right there by her side like a real husband to his wife. By the end of the episode it looks like Ako has some newfound confidence for the real world, thanks to Akane’s friend (Seti) telling the other girls how awesome her ‘boyfriend’ is.

Now that we’re close to the halfway mark of the series it looks like Ako is experiencing what it’s like to have real friends that love and care about her. This one’s kind of a touching episode to an extent, as Ako appears to be having a real breakthrough – in her own way. On that note that will do it for this episode review, but if you know us by now (and we’re pretty sure you do), we’ll be back with more awesome content for the blog!

Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Avidd Music Friday: RC The Artist

What’s good, anime fam! Welcome to the first Avidd Music Friday segment since March; where we highlight up and coming music artists, DJ’s, and producers! We’ve received several comment submissions of many musical artists that are interested in being a part of this fairly-new segment. Tonight, we introduce a young artist that you definitely should keep and eye on! If you’re a fan of anime and hip-hop, then you’re gonna love this artist! For our first Avidd Music Friday, check out RC The Artist! 😉

RC the Artist – Blow (Bakugo Rap) [My Hero Academia]
RC the Artist – Yin Yang Rap (Prod. by Gravy Beats)

If you love the music of our artist pick, you can check them out on their Youtube page by clicking on one of the videos. That will do it for our music segment, but next Friday we’ll be showcasing music from another artist, DJ, or producer. If you want us to showcase your music on this segment, feel free to go to our Contact Us page and drop us a comment submission! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 4!

Hey, welcome back! So here we go again with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! It’s time for episode number four so here we go!

Main Cast

Sometime after Rusian (Hideki) declared his love for Nekohime (Ms. Sato), he decided to go off on his own and find another guild to be a part of. Through his travels he did find one, however the guild master upon interviewing Rusian told him that in real life; they are hardcore, never-seen-the-sun-in-months, gamers. If he’s not prepared to forfeit his own career or drop out of high school, then without a doubt the guild master told Rusian that this guild was not for him. (In fact they game so hard that they’re able to max out all of their stats and reincarnate; taking all of their character’s former skills and traits with them to their new character.) This of course is the story he told Ako, who along with Akane and Kyo is still trying to get her to see the difference between the game, and reality.

Back at the gaming club the usual nerdy shenanigans continue; with Kyo telling the others that a new patch update contains a mystery box that players can get, for a small fee. Akane of course is doing her best to keep her school rep in-check; that is until her best friend finds out which pretty much causes her to enter an “anime depression” state. While that’s happening in the real world, Rusian and Ako spend some time having fun and going different places – almost as if they’re a real-life couple. They eventually run into Nekohime; who happened to be with her old guild mates (one of which is a reference to a certain sword wielder from Final Fantasy VII), but Rusian wanted nothing to do with Neko’s crazy fanbase so he and Ako fled the scene.

Somewhere in the mix they encountered a new player named Seti; who Rusian helped so that she can learn about her skills and play the game a little better. Although it’s not fully translated in the real world, Ako is now unsure that with these girls chatting with Rusian (first Nekohime and now Seti) in the game, that she’s afraid he would be faithful to her. Mind you; this is only in the game, but could it be that IRL Ako might be having feelings for IRL Hideki?

If you haven’t gotten the chance to see this series yet, I’d say don’t go into it with super-high expectations. It’s a rom-com about net gamer issues, romance, and school life. It’s one of those anime titles that while the plot doesn’t grab you right away, some of the characters like Ako are relatable to a certain degree. Most of the people in the anime community are net gamers as well; and some are even hardcore grinders like the guild master that Rusian met earlier in the episode. Nevertheless it’s a decent comedy that doesn’t go crazy with fanservice, so if you think it’s right up your alley, give this title a shot!

That’s it for this review, so until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

D&A Anime Blog: Avidd Music Friday Returns Next Week!!

Awhile back we did a segment that highlighted upcoming artists and producers in music, however as life got in the way we weren’t able to maintain its consistency. Thankfully that is now about to change, as we plan on taking another shot at this new segment! Starting May 21st (next Friday) Avidd Music Friday is back on the blog! So if you’re an up and coming music artist (be it Nerdcore, Electronic, Hip-Hop, etc.), DJ, or a producer who wants us to highlight your music artistry for our Friday night segment, head to our Contact Us page and send us a submission. If you also happen to have a Spotify account, we can also add your music to our music listening page “The Lounge”. That’s the update, but as always we’ve got more content coming your way! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Avidd Music Friday Returns Next Week!!

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 3!

Welcome back guys! Its high time for another anime review from our Anime REvisited pick; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online. With it being the third episode of the series we’re pretty much out of the introductory phase, so now comes the sustained challenge of the members of the main cast helping Ako (Tamaki) distinguish between the game, and reality. Let’s see how that’s going, shall we?

The main cast!

Kicking off the third episode Rusian meet up with Nekohime; the magical catgirl who says that she’s actually a guy in his 40’s in real life. It appears that Rusian (Hideki) is pretty much ok with the fact that despite Nekohime’s real-life identity as a dude in his 40’s, he still thinks she’s cute – though that might change later. Back at school Hideki and the others are having their usual L.A. gaming sessions as they head to a mountain full of fire and fire golems; battling against them and collecting EXP, loot, and whatnot.

Midway through the episode Hideki chats with Ako in hopes that she’s starting to understand that the game and reality are two different things. He just wants to be friends in real life and tries to remind her to call him by his real name, and not his game name. Although it’s still a challenge it seemingly looks like slight progress has been made, however a sudden dilemma occurs as the class president Kyo tells the net gaming club members (Hideki, Ako, and Akane) that without an advisor for the club, its legitimacy is in jeopardy. With that in mind Hideki asked Ako to meet with him at the gaming club in one big last attempt to help her differentiate between L.A. and reality. (Prior to this he asked Nekohime for advice on how to help Ako with this issue as well.)

It backfired terribly; as Ako accused Rusian (NOT Hideki) of cheating on her with another woman, due to him confronting her about her gaming addiction. This is usually the time after the intervention, where you hope to God that the other party (with the addiction) doesn’t do anything irrational; or anything that’ll put them in prison! In this case; Ako states that she has some ‘important business’ to attend to after meeting up with Rusian and the others in-game, which raises some red flags for the crew IRL.

Near the end of the episode Hideki still can’t seem to grasp why Ako doesn’t understand the difference between the game and reality, but after some assurance from Akane and Kyo about him stepping up and going after Ako because he genuinely cares for her (and concerned for her safety), Hideki races to the place where he initially met Ako. He tells her that as his in-game husband he doesn’t approve of her offline meeting, but it turns out the person that Ako is meeting wasn’t a man, but it was actually his homeroom teacher – who was a woman. Not just any woman, but Hideki’s homeroom teacher Ms. Sato (aka Nekohime).

After realization hit Hideki in the face that he, in fact, purposed to his homeroom teacher, Ako confronts her and appears to take out some kind of weapon and lunges at her; not realizing that due to the line between fantasy and reality being blurred in her mind, that she could be criminally charged with assault and battery. (That is if Ms. Sato hadn’t close-lined her.) Needless to say, Ako is a work in progress…we hope.

Other than another member of the cast being introduced (somewhat) and Ako still having issues, there’s not a whole lot that happens in this episode. The content is relatable, as some of us may have been in Ako’s shoes at some point in time. MMO’s and video games are awesome, but we gotta remember that even though we hate it, adulting is something that we eventually got to do. We’re not saying you gotta be an adult 24/7, but if you’re able to find that balance while still enjoying life, then you’re doing it right…we hope.

That will do it for our episode review, but as always there is still more content to come from us at D&A! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 2!

Guess what? We’re back with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! So far you’ve met the main cast of Hideki, Ako, Akane, and Kyo; the guild from Legendary Age known as Guild Alley Cats. So what happens now that the guild members have met in real life? We’ll tell you!

The main cast!

Now that the cast has met up and introduced themselves in the previous episode, Hideki discusses with Ako that who he is in the game and who he is in real life are two different people. Sadly like many instances in our real world, Ako is unable to distinguish the difference between the game and reality; which became a real problem for Hideki and Akane when she addressed them by their L.A. character names. So they had an intervention with Ako to help her understand that as long as they’re in school, she must address them by their real names.

Ako seemed to understand, but the real icing on the cake was when class president Kyo decided to create an after school net gaming club; so that Ako can see Hideki as his real-life form, and not his in-game character Rusian.

The pacing of the series doesn’t appear that it’s going too fast because there’s not a whole lot going on in the story for the moment. With MMO storylines this is usually the case if the balance is geared more towards the real world and the online world, although there are a few exceptions regarding this (Log Horizon and SAO come to mind). Hideki wants to make sure that Ako realizes that who he is in the game and who he is in real life are separate, but when dealing with someone as persistent as Ako, this task is easier said than done.

Will the high school otaku prove to his real-life waifu that he’s not the man she thought he was in real-life, as he is in the game? Guess you’ll have to wait until our next episode review to find out! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 1!

Sup nerds n’ nerdettes! We have arrived with the return of our world famous Anime REvisited segment! This time we got a pick that many of you probably haven’t seen, or maybe you have seen it but for some reason it flew under the radar. In any case if you like shows like Confessions of an MMO Junkie or Gamers, then this title just might be up your alley! This time around; we’re reviewing And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online.

The Cast!

Anyone who is a gamer nerd (preferably an MMO junkie) is pretty familiar with the mechanics and how these types of games work. You join a party or go solo, beat baddies and bosses to level up, collect rare items and armor, rinse and repeat. There are no teenage girls with freakishly large guns or overpowered MC’s with underpowered support characters; just some good ol’ fashioned slice-of-life comedy about gaming, and walking that fine line between fantasy and reality. In the first episode you me Rusian (his real name Hideki Nishimura), and he’s a part of a guild that he joined a year before the start of the series. In real life he’s a high school student who loves anime and video games (which is about 99.9% of the anime and gaming community, if you don’t count the creepers).

The MMO that he plays is called Legendary Age (or L.A. for short, and NOT the city in California) and just like any MMO, you can pretty much do what is aforementioned above. Cutting to the chase; Rusian and Ako (Ako Tamaki, a female player in the game) are married in the game, even though he rejected her prior to the marriage due to the fact that the girl he first purposed to actually was a guy in his 40’s in real life. Go figure.

Eventually after the events of school were over for the day, Hideki jumps back online as he and his guild members (Ako, Akane Segawa who goes by ‘Schwein’, and Kyo Goshoin who goes by Apricot) battle more monsters before meeting at an in-game pub. Kyo (Apricot) suggests that the four of them have their first offline get together so they could get to know each other in real life. To that the others including Hideki agree as he of course waits by a huge tree not far from the school. The first to show up is Ako, who looks just like her in-game character but in real-life (and even calls Hideki by his username instead of his real name). Next up was Akane (who despises otakus but secretly is one herself) who found out that Rusian was actually Hideki; the very otaku she didn’t like. Finally there was Kyo, who is the schools class president and probably one of the best players in the game.

By the end of the episode they formally greet one another and hope to have more adventures in L.A., as for Ako…we can only hope she has the capability to distinguish between fantasy and reality in future episodes. This series is actually based off the light novel of the same name, and is a romantic comedy about a girl who’s waaay too addicted to video games that her sense of reality is warpped almost beyond repair. In real life there have been many cases of this happening, which is why anime is like alcohol; you gotta take it in moderation. On that note that’ll do it for our first episode review from our Anime REvisited pick, but there’s more content to come so stay tuned! 😉

D&A Anime Blog Update: Content-nental Shift & Anime REvisited!

Hey anime fam! This is a quick ‘Heads-Up’ post to let you guys know that the content that we originally had scheduled for this week, will be shifted to next week while coinciding with our Anime REvisited pick; And You Never Thought That There Was A Girl Online. We also want to take this time to acknowledge that we have over 400 followers on our domain page! From the bottom of our hearts we can’t thank you guys enough for all of the love and support for this blog, and once conventions make a grand comeback we’ll be sure to give you guys more con coverage and content! sorry that this post was kinda short, but this is pretty much our update for the time being. As always continue to stay safe, and get vaccinated wherever the nearest vaccination site is in your area. Stay nerdy! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Cinco De Mayo Edition!

Hey guys n’ gals! Yours Truly is back with another post about my thoughts regarding everything that’s been going on so far this year. Today of course we celebrate Cinco De Mayo; so hopefully you’re celebrating safely and responsibly since yes, we’re still in a pandemic (but we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel). Honestly the past several weeks have been kinda hard to come up with fun and creative nerdy content for the blog, but slowly and surely  I’m starting to get a little of my mojo back. Since March of last year I made the decision to jump back into the music production scene and dropped my debut EP (Minddgames), and two albums (Primetime, and Mental Vacation) under my stage name; Avidd Minddset. (I even had my first collab single with King Shabazz.) Even though the pandemic has been awful to us mentally and emotionally, it also made most of us really take a look at ourselves as well as our priorities in life. Many of us will come out of it better people than we were going into it, while others will double down on their own ignorance and toxicity towards others.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this experience (with this being my first pandemic along with thousands of others who are in the same boat), is that you never wanna take anything in life for granted! So many of us have lost loved ones through this pandemic, which has made a lot of us keep the loved ones who are still with us close to us. Sure, we got our own difference of opinion when it comes to things like ideals and politics, but when the human race is threatened on a global scale, whatever beef you got has to take a back seat and focus on what’s really important. You also gotta be mindful of who you listen to, and where you get your information from in times of great crisis; cuz’ misinformation is a dangerous thing. (As we’ve seen the repercussions.) Our return to normal is closer than we think, so if we wanna return to what we love (mine being anime conventions and DJing at clubs), we gotta get vaccinated.

Well, that’s pretty much my thoughts in a nutshell at the moment. Hopefully you guys are celebrating Cinco De Mayo safely and away from large crowds at least for now; come May 5th of 2022 we’ll be celebrating at the clubs once again! Until the next post, stay nerdy guys! 😉

Here’s What’s Happening Next Week!

What’s good anime fam! Hopefully you all are doing well and staying safe, and if you’re able to, be sure to get your COVID-19 vaccination; cuz’ D&A’s already got theirs! While we’re still getting the gear that we need for our projects (which includes our Nerdz of the Decade podcast), we’ve got some upcoming content coming up next week!

The battle for our childhood!

Nintendo vs. SEGA: The Battle For Our Childhood!

When it comes to video games and video game companies, each of them tries to outdo the other from big hits to cult classics. Every gaming company has a rival company that they want to be better than, but no rivalry was greater than the Nintendo-SEGA rivalry. Join us as we take a look back at this historic rivalry of two gaming companies who fought to rule over our childhood.

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, so we’ve got a fresh new one for you happening next week! What will the topic be about? You’ll have to wait and find out!

Don’t know what to watch? We got cha covered!

D&A Anime Report: Spring/Summer 2021 Watchlist!

Wanna know what new shows are coming so you can check em’ out? We got cha covered in our special D&A Anime Report on some of the latest anime titles for the Spring/Summer 2021 season!

That what’s happening next week, so until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A’s Top 10 Female Anime Characters With Silver Hair!

Anime is filled with many things; fanservice, giant guns, slapstick comedy, and compelling stories. What was once a niche medium (and still is to some degree) is now on the same level as mainstream entertainment; don’t believe us? Super Saiyan Blue Goku was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade – Twice! With all of the things anime has to offer its nerdy consumers, the hair color is one of the few things that catches our eye. Scarlet or red-haired characters usually have attitudes while blue or teal-haired characters are level-headed, but when it comes to silver hair, its usually associated with a “wise beyond your years” type of trait. Sometimes that’s true, and other times not so much. In our Top 10 post we list ten female anime characters who have silver hair! 

Inner & Outer Moka

10. Inner Moka

Ah, yes! Many fans remember this silver-haired S-Class beauty who kicks ass and takes names! Inner Moka Akashia is an S-Class vampire who is only released whenever Tsukune takes off Outer Moka’s rosary. Although her tongue is a sharp as her fangs, she’ll protect her friends and Tsukune at any cost!

Gurren Lagann’s Beach Episode

9. Nia Teppelin

Who doesn’t remember this silver-haired cutie from Gurren Lagann! She is the disowned daughter of Lordgenome as well as the secondary female protagonist of the series. She is also the love interest of Simon, and despite the fact that she’s revealed to be a messenger for Anti-Sprial, he’ll do any and everything he can to save her. 

Shizuku Kurogane

8. Shizuku Kurogane

The younger sister of Ikki Kurogane who loves and excepts him even when his father didn’t. She’s a Blazer with ice and water powers, and shows her own brother a little more affection than she should (due to her being the ‘little sister’ type). She’s not a big fan of Stella only for the reason of her getting too close to Ikki, but her skills in battle make her a force to be reckoned with.

Gisen Yagyu

7. Gisen Yagyu

A Master Samurai who’s general is Amakusa, and is the series main villainess for Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! She has an evil eye that allows her to control her enemies as well as her allies, and has had Muneakira is a few situations that are totally NSFW. (She takes the whole master-servant relationship way too seriously.) Her master samurai attacks are ice-based and if she doesn’t like you, you’ll know.


6. Shiro

The Wretched Egg from Deadman Wonderland! After Ginta was sent to prison for killing his classmates, Shiro was the first person he met. In the manga she’s the most powerful deadman in the whole series along with the fact that she has affections towards Ginta. She may have the mind of a child, but deep inside…she’s something else.


5. Anna Nishikinomiya

In a world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn’t exist, there is Anna Nishikinomiya. Due to her mother’s ban on anything R or X-rated, Anna never really had the chance to experience the things most young women her age could; like dating, having her first kiss, or even sex. But all that changed the moment Okuma stumbled and landed on top of her; giving Anna her first kiss. Now with NO control over her sexual urges, Anna finds herself hunting down Okuma in exchange for some NSFW love-nectar action.

Echidna…not Knuckles

4. Echidna

She is known as the Witch of Greed in Re: Zero! She and Subaru have a conversation over a cup of tea, but like Anna that tea is made up of her own bodily fluids (I’m not even gonna ask what ‘kind’ of fluids, it could be love nectar for all we know). Due to her not being able to understand the feeling of others, by normal standards she can be perceived as a sociopath despite her curiosity.  


3. Mirajane

One of the most powerful mages in Fairy Tail. As a child she and her sister and brother were chased out of town due to her demon powers, but eventually they found the Fairy Tail guild and decided to make a new life there. Though she was a gothic brat as a teen, she changed her ways after her sister Lisanna ‘died’, and now has a ‘Mom Complex’ towards the members of Fairy Tail. We’re pretty sure she’s on the waifu tier list of various male fans! 😉

Julie Sigtuna

2. Julie Sigtuna

She is the female protagonist in the Absolute Duo series. This silver-haired loli enters the academy in order to find Tor, so that he can teach her his ‘Final Move’ in order to avenge the death of her own father. Throughout the series she grows close to Tor and will do whatever it takes to protect him – no matter the cost!

Koneko Tojo

1. Koneko Tojo

One of the members of the Occult Club as well as a demon like Rias and Issei. Throughout the first couple of seasons she was a bit of a wisecrack (especially when it came to Issei’s perverted nature), but afterwards she began to believe in herself as well as in her abilities as Rias’ Rook. If you’re ever in a fight where the numbers are against you, you’re gonna wanna have this demon loli by your side!

That will do it for our Top 10 this time around, but as always there’s more to come! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

What Will Anime Cons Look Like Once We Return?

That’s the question that’s been on the minds of con goers and cosplayers alike since March of 2020. With the vaccine rollout chugging along despite setbacks, the U.S. population is now 28% fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and its variants. As restrictions in several states are easing up, we’re still not at a point where its 100% safe to return to the nerd sanctuaries that we once called ‘home’. Right now anime fans and convention goers are all wondering when can they return to the Smash Bros. tournaments, the voice actor Q&A’s, the late-night raves, and the laughter of their fellow weebs. Trust us when we say that we miss ALL of it, and we’ve been doing everything in our creative power to keep ourselves in that nerdy mindset since last year; at times it’s been kinda difficult. However once we reach the target range of 70-90% full vaccination (or about 220 million people in the U.S.), anime conventions will return in full force better than ever; but what will they look like once we DO come back?

Attendance might be cut by half.

It’s no secret that anime conventions have been a part of anime nerd culture for decades. Its been a place where various nerdy fandoms have come together to celebrate their love for the overall medium. Young and old con goers from all walks of life have found themselves going to one of these conventions at some point, and the level of acceptance is nothing that you could even imagine. Many of us remember when conventions started out as after school anime clubs and when the number of people started to grow in said clubs (as well as get funding), they turned into the anime conventions that you see today! Even though it has its squabbles and disagreements sometimes, the anime community is one of the best communities that we’ve been a part of.

Back to the real issue at hand; what will conventions look like once we finally reach the end of this dark tunnel? Well we can only assume that precautionary measures are going to be made; because even though we’re getting close to putting an end to COVID-19, Con-flu is still relevant. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten sick at the end of a convention because someone did not take the precautionary measures to wash their hands, or take care of their body. Hygiene should be a number one priority before you set foot inside a convention, and it most likely will be once we return.

Another thing that most likely will change is the price of admission. Many of the mid-sized and mega conventions cost between $75-$120 for the whole weekend, and add the hotel cost and you’re looking at a near $450 or more for a single weekend out – about the price of a car payment! Why do you think we take one or two friends with us? Cuz’ cons are expensive and it lets our wallet breathe! Aside from the price of admission; the level of attendance will also change. COVID-19 has done a number on most conventions financially, and some of them may be forced to close their doors forever. With that said, the budget that a lot of conventions have (or used to have) will change; meaning that they’ll have to scale back costs in order to stay operational. That means booking not as many big name VA’s, and shrinking down their space from convention center-sized to hotel-based size.

Hopefully once we reach the target range of safety, we won’t have to worry about not wearing masks at conventions because everyone at the convention will be fully vaccinated. That’s the normalcy that nerds and otaku everywhere want to get back to; back to ‘squeeing’ at the sight of our favorite VA’s when they do a line from the show, back to waiting in line to get an autograph from said VA’s, back to the late-night raves, and back to the nerdy sanctuaries that we call home. Cons ARE coming back – just where safety is their number one priority! 🙂

Us with cosplayers at Zenkaikon 2017

D&A Anime Blog: Anime REvisited Returns in Two Weeks!

If you’re just tuning in, the last Anime REvisited we did was on the anime title known as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. Welp, we’re bringing the anime review segment back with a title about gamers who love MMORPGs. The full title of this anime is called And You Never Thought There Was A Girl Online. If you’ve seen Gamers or Confessions of an MMO Junkie, then you might like this title as well. In two weeks Anime REvisited returns with this awesome title, but we’ve got more nerdy content coming your way on our next post! 😉

Anime REvisited returns with this title!

D&A’s Top 10 Video Game Trailers/Commercials of the 90’s!

Since Pong, video games have been a part of our lives for decades, and any adult in America will tell you that they have visited an arcade at least once during their childhood. For generations video games have not only been a form of entertainment, but they’ve also brought many of us together – and those same individuals have now become the gamers (and are a part of the video game community) that you’ve come to know and love. Gamers and video game enthusiasts all have their favorite titles from their favorite consoles; from their favorite decades. For us in particular; it was the 90’s! Every 30-something in America today has fond memories playing their favorite game of that decade, so to commemorate the awesome decade that was our childhood (being 90’s kids ourselves), we’re counting down our Top 10 video game trailers/commercials of the 90’s! Get ready for a trip down memory lane! 😉 

Remember this one?

10. Kirby’s Dreamland

The pink vacuum that we all know and love has been around since the 90’s (well 1992 actually), so who doesn’t remember seeing this trailer growing up and asking their parents to get them a Game Boy so they can play it? The pink marshmallow’s rise to fame started here, and now the Super Smash Bros. Alumni is one his way to the Nintendo Hall of Fame!

Had fun playing this one!

9. Wario’s Woods

Tetris was awesome, but many 90’s kids might remember the yellow-capped terribly-cloned “Mario” that we know today as Wario; who happened to have his own puzzle game. Both versions were super fun to play as a kid, and we’re pretty sure that a handful of those same kids (now adults) might have had the opportunity to destroy Wario’s Castle and see the ending of the game.

Haven’t seen this one in a long time…

8. Tetris

I’m not sure if I remember the Russian bears but hey, back then we got Tetris in North America thanks to them! Who would’ve thought that this puzzle game would become the worldwide sensation that it is today! Welp, we got our answer!

Ok, this one freaked me out – but still bought the game!

7. Super Mario All-Stars

Any Mario fan out there has played this one at some point in their childhood! This was the game that had all of the original Super Mario Bros. games, as well as the Japanese version of SMB2 called Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels! When Super Mario World came out they did an updated version of this game with that game in it as well!

For every Mega Man fan out there!

6. Mega Man

Formally known as Rockman, Mega Man has become the mega hit that we all know him as today! From numerous video games to anime TV titles (and even a crossover series with Sonic – the Archie Comics version), Mega Man’s legacy will be a part of the lives of 90’s kids everywhere (and some 2000’s too).


5. Mortal Kombat

One of the bloodiest fighting game franchises on the planet made it’s presence known in the 90’s! We all have entered the kombat at some point, as kids of this decade wanted to get their hands on this game! Fast-forward to today; where we now have multiple installments, a couple spinoffs, a live-action movie, and now a live-action remake of said movie. After all these years we still find it satisfying to hear the words “FINISH HIM/HER!” followed by “FATALITY!” after mutilating our opponent. Yeah, parents had their hands full…

Still a favorite among 90’s kids!

4. Street Fighter 2

Much like its bloody counterpart, Street Fighter now has a cult following that has grown since its debut back in 1992! If you have gone to any anime or gaming convention anywhere in the U.S. or overseas, then we’re pretty sure you’ve seen cosplays of Ryu, Chung Li, and all of favorite fighters! Wait, didn’t this title have an anime adaption once?

Ah, yes we remember this one!

3. F-Zero

Anybody that has played Super Smash Bros. has played as the captain of the Blue Falcon; Captain Falcon! From the familiar tune of Mute City, to the updated graphics of F-Zero GX (and even an anime series), this game put 90’s kids on the need for speed! Speaking of speed…

This is where the Nintendo-SEGA war began!

2. Sonic The Hedgehog*

Move over Road Runner and Flash, there’s a new 90’s kid in town! Remember back when Nintendo had the video game industry on lock? Well, SEGA had somethin’ to say about that, and they did it with the debut of the Blue Blur; the World’s Fastest Hedgehog, Sonic! This legendary icon has clashed with Mario in terms of popularity, gaming sales, and overall video game supremacy. Even though he’s hit a rough patch in the past few years, he’s coming back strong with a live-action movie (that’s already out with a sequel on the way), a couple games (some of which are already out), and a new animated series stated for next year.

When Mario went 3D, everything changed!

1. Super Mario 64*

For 35 years Nintendo has given us everything we would want out of a video gamer’s childhood, and the best gift that they’ve given us, was Mario (a.k.a Jumpman)! During the later years of the 90’s we were introduced to the 3D era of the gaming world, and Nintendo gave us Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64! From there the red-capped plumber continued to give us hit after hit like Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Super Mario 3D Land & World, and even Super Mario Odyssey! We never would’ve gotten those titles had it not been for the original 64 title!

*In our defense both Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario 64 are tied for the #1 spot due to their iconic nature and popularity. Although Mario has more games, Sonic’s got two live action movies with one of them being a box office hit (which is why it got a sequel for next April 2022).

Honorable Mention: Pokemon Red & Blue

Yes, we know we didn’t put this one in our Top 10 (shame on us T.T), but we remember playing Pokemon Red & Blue back in the day! (And we’re pretty sure you do too if you were a 90’s/2000’s kid!) We don’t even have to tell you how large this franchise has gotten since Red & Blue came out; you’ve got the internet for that! XP

Being a kid in the 90’s was awesome! Fun cartoons, great video games, the 90’s was a pretty fun and interesting time to be a kid. Sure there were some less-than-perfect moments and some of which we’d like to forget, but overall, we knew what gaming consoles were our favorites to play, as well as what video game titles he hold near and dear to our hearts from this day forward. Now we’ve got a new generation of young gamers who are (hopefully) having the same experiences that we had when we were growing up. Even though the 90’s gave us many of the heavy hitters of the gaming industry that we know today, a lot of them have stood the test of time; and are continuing to dominate the gaming world even today! Just ask Mario and Sonic!

That will do it for our Top 10 countdown as well as a trap down memory lane! If you have a Top 10 selection of your favorite video games from the 90’s or even the early 2000’s, drop your list in the comments below! Until next post guys n’ gals, stay nerdy! 😉

The Lineup: What’s Goin’ Down For Next Week!

Hey guys! So you probably already know that this week (even though it’s only Wednesday) has been one of the wierdest-yet-stressful weeks that we have ever encountered. Despite that we’re keeping ourselves upbeat and optimistic because we’ve got some awesome content coming your way for the week ahead! Between the blog and our Instagram page there’s always something going on, so here’s our take on what’s happening here next week!

Sonic the Legendary Hedgehog

D&A’s Top 10 Video Game Trailers of the 90’s!

Any 90’s kid on this planet has played video games throughout their entire childhood, and the drive behind it was the commercials! This was the era when the war between Nintendo and SEGA was brewing, as two of the most iconic mascots of their brands clashed against each other through video game sales, TV series, and movies (but that’s another post for another day). As 90’s kids ourselves we remember the days logging countless hours on gaming consoles, and if you’re currently in your 30’s, you will too! 😉

One day…

Otaku Future: What Will Cons Be Like Once We Return?

It will soon be a year and a half since any fan of anime has gone to an anime convention; in fact ever since the vaccine rollout (which is still going on), fans have been wondering when it is safe to return the the nerdy sanctuaries that they call ‘home’. Will conventions make a return later this year as planned? Or will he have to wait until the beginning of 2022? We share our thoughts on what cons may be like once they do return – to their former glory hopefully!

We’re in love with Mirajane! XP

D&A’s Top 10 Anime Ladies with Silver Hair!

We already know Fairy Tail’s Mirajane is on the list! Every male fan has a type of anime girl/waifu that they like; and is even on their top tier list. Well, we don’t have a top tier list, but we do have a Top 10 list of the most popular Silver-haired anime girls from various anime titles out there! Hopefully your favorite makes it on our list! 😉

Whew! That’s what’s coming next week! Until next post, stay healthy and stay nerdy!

D&A Anime Blog: Just One Of Them Days…

If you’re a blogger (especially an anime blogger like us), then you’ve probably encountered one of those days where you want to post something, but for some reason, you just don’t have the mental energy to do so. Its not to say that you’re not passionate about it, or even the fact that you’re burnt out of topics to talk about; but when a good chunk of your source material for your original content comes to a screeching halt…well, you suddenly start having one of those days. For us, that chuck came in the form of anime conventions; and as much as we miss them the same way that you miss them, it’s just not 100% safe to return – but we’re getting there! As far as our Nerdz of the Decade podcast is concerned, it’s STILL going to happen…even though its taking us a little longer to get the equipment we need (cuz’ of the delays due to COVID-19).

In spite of our hurdles we can’t thank you guys enough for all of the love and support that you’ve given us. D&A wouldn’t be the anime blog that it is today without the community, as well as our followers and our fans. If there’s one thing we’re passionate about, its anime, and we’re pretty sure you’re passionate about it too. (Cuz’ that’s why you’re here, right? XP) It may be one of those days for us, but with the power of God and anime at our side, we plan on bringing you some of the best nerdy content you’ll ever see! Until next post, stay positive and stay nerdy!

We’re not gonna stop!

Avidd Music Alert: New Single “King Koopa” Featuring King Shabazz OUT NOW!

Hey guys! We now that it’s been awhile since our last post, but we’ve got some music news to share with you! D&A’s D.J. Lewis (under the DJ/Producer moniker of Avidd Minddset) has released his latest single “King Koopa” featuring well-known rapper King Shabazz! If you’re a Super Mario fan and love video game rap, then you’re gonna love this new single. It’s officially out in all music streaming stores everywhere, and also check out King Shabazz’s website for all of his latest singles, EP’s, and Albums as well! New content and posts coming next week, so until then enjoy the single and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Ep. 11 & 12!

Alright guys! It’s been one heck of a ride reviewing this series for Anime REvisited that you already know as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. The final two episodes are pretty much parts 1 and 2 for the final showdown against Gisen; as part one flashes back to the day when Yoshihiko met Nia for the first time back in Paris, and the events that led up to her being the ‘Patient Zero’ of his artificial master samurai army. Midway through the 11th episode Gisen makes her move as she plans on resurrecting her general Amakusa, and pretty much wrecking Great Japan’s shit-zu. Also in the 11th episode Inner Jubei mentions to her other self that if she kisses Muneakira one more time, her ‘incomplete’ self will cease to exist. Although hesitant about the situation at hand, Great Japan as well as the dojo and the academy are in grave danger.

Jubei Yagyu

In the final episode Muneakira along with Inner Jubei, Princess Sen, and Sanada are on a rooftop as they see the destruction happening at the hands of Gisen before their very eyes. They devise a plan of attack as they take on the gigantic sickly-looking greenish tentacles popping up from the ground, while trying to break through Gisen’s force field. Inner Jubei does so, as she and Gisen go at it. We’re not sure why Gisen wanted to pull a ‘Majin Buu’ and try to absorb Jubei in order to make herself more powerful, but it might have to do with the fact that she wants to destroy what Jubei is trying to protect; which is not just Great Japan, but her friends as well. Jubei and Gisen battle it out and much like the final boss of an RPG who’s down to its last bar of health; Gisen went into ‘rage mode’ and increased her power even more.

Jubei knew that this would be the last time that she would see her friends and even Muneakira, so after absorbing the feelings of Muneakira, Sen, and Sanada, she went after Gisen full force and sent both her and herself towards the sky – and possibly even towards the edge of space. The speed that they were traveling was similar to the velocity of a space capsule plummeting towards Earth. Gisen was defeated at the cost of Jubei’s life, as the damage left behind was hefty to say the least. At the end of the episode Muneakira thought it was time to leave the dojo…but something happened. A bright light appeared in the form of a girl, and that girl was Jubei Yagyu. Somehow she was revived after the battle with Gisen, but if that’s the case, then there’s a possibility that Gisen may still be alive…

This was a pretty interesting series to review. Sure, there was a bit more fanservice than there needed to be, and some of the plot points might have been slightly questionable. Nevertheless this series also has a second season which I’ll be reviewing on another month sometime this year. (It could be May or June, who knows.) Well guys, this will do it for Anime REvisited for now, but we’ll keep you updated on all of the other awesome content we’ve got cooked up! Until next post, thanks for the love and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Ten!

We have returned…with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. The road to the finale continues, so let us continue on to the review!

Inner Jubei

So…Muneakira is still under the spell of Gisen, but his actual body was captured and held captive in Yoshihiko’s underground lab along with Jubei’s. During this time Sanada, Matabei, Hanzo, and of course Kanaetsugu, are still held captive inside the dojo. Nia was ordered to execute the four of them, but Sanada wanted to know if Muneakira was alright as did Hanzo with Princess Sen; who was held captive in her own cell guarded by troops. As cheesy as it sounds Nia felt some kind of compassion towards Sanada and the others (thanks to Kanaetsugu) and left the dojo. Midway through the episode Sanada and the others manage to escape the dojo and hid in what was Sanada’s former hideout. She then spoke about a special technique where she was able to enter the mind of Muneakira along with Princess Sen, as they battled against Gisen in his mind.

However even though it was two against one, Gisen was stronger than they realized. Sen and Sanada had to retreat for the moment but Sanada knew where Muneakira’s body was. So Sanada and the others went on a hero’s crusade to track down Muneakira and kick the asses of the disciplinary committee along the way. Eventually the party was cut to just Sen and Sanada as they managed to find where Muneakira and Jubei were held, however they were intercepted by Nia as she was prepared to kill them. The only problem with that was Sanada’s words; as the resonated within her and caused her not to obey Yoshihiko’s command, so he decided to use some high voltage punishment on Sen and Sanada in order to kill them himself.

All that did was knock the two of them out of their master samurai forms, as Nia destroyed the weapons that were shocking the two girls. Sanada told Yoshihiko the real reason why master samurai were on the decline, was because of the lack of men qualified to hold the title of general. Somehow that woke something inside of Muneakira, as he was able to break out of Gisen’s spell and return to his former self. By the end of the episode Muneakira kisses Jubei as Inner Jubei is about to make another appearance…though this could be her last.

It looks like the stage is pretty much set with there being only one more episode before the grand finale, so that will do it for this review. Until next post guys n’ gals, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Nine!

We have returned! We have returned with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick known as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. Things get a lil’ serious in this one so let’s not waste any time and get right to it!

Inner Jubei

The pieces of the plot start to unfold in this episode, as Sen’s brother Yoshihiko returns from France. Meanwhile back at the dojo Kanaetsugu is trying to put her own little team together consisting of Hanzo and Matabei; which fails miserably because she’s…kinda annoying. Muneakira is outside sweeping the dojo’s steps when he’s met by Gisen, who springs him away to what looks to be a part of the dojo, but away from the main area. She tells him that the general should forcibly make the pact in order for the relationship between the master samurai and the general to grow, but Muneakira responds in saying that he wouldn’t do that to Hanzo and Matabei if they don’t feel the same way about him.

That didn’t sit too well with Gisen; as we now see her true colors come to light by using her demonic eye to take away the ‘free will’ of Muneakira, just as Sen and the others confront her. Sen of course transforms into a master samurai with Gisen doing the very same, as the two of them fight each other – though Gisen appears to have the upper hand. The battle didn’t last too long, as Sen’s brother appeared (a week early due to his cunning intellect in deceiving his only sister) with an artificial master samurai known Nia. Yoshihiko flat out told Gisen that he doesn’t like her and needs to be punished; which basically translates into ‘go kick that hussy’s ass for me!’

Nia does just that, as Gisen didn’t really stand much of a chance which caused her to get the hell outta dodge. Afterwards the dojo was raided by Yoshihiko’s forces while he explained to her sister what really happened with the spirited Away incidents. Turns out the missing students were actually inside special pods that were being used to create artificial master samurai just like Nia, because the number of master samurai was on the decline.

Yoshihiko then goes on to say that the reason Great Japan has a shadow casts upon it was due to the malevolent spirit of Amakusa; who just so happens to be Gisen’s true general, and the true antagonist behind the main antagonist. With Muneakira and Jubei captured by Yoshihiko and Gisen revealed as the true villain of the series, things are about to get real interesting quite quickly.

After four episodes of fun n’ games it’s time for the serious portion of the series to begin. There are only three episodes remaining until the finale, so this will do it for this episode’s review.

Until next post, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Eight!

Greetings nerds n’ nerdettes! We have returned with yet another review from our Anime REvisited pick that is called Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls, but you already knew that. It’s episode number eight which means there’s only four more remaining, so without further delay, let’s get to it!

Inner Jubei

Right off the bat Sanada and Princess Sen give the other three women in the dojo an ultimatum; either kiss Muneakira and become a Master Samurai in order to prepare for war against Sen’s brother, or leave the dojo never to return again. Sen told the girls that her brother Yoshihiko would be returning from Paris and whatever plan he’s got going on, could potentially put Great Japan in danger as well as cause casualties in the process. After Sen and Sanada leave Kanaetsugu purposes that the three of them protest the idea of kissing Muneakira, and demand that Sen and Sanada apologize to them for (in her mind) the ‘way they acted’. She was met with an ignoring-ly obvious response as Matabei and Hanzo shut the door on her.

After a couple of comic relief moments from Kanaetsugu, Muneakira and the others were talking about the ceremony between the general and the samurai. Although Sen and Sanada want Muneakira to kiss Matabei and Hanzo in order to make the pact, Jubei was against the idea of it only because it didn’t seem like the two actually loved Muneakira. Before she was able to stake her claim Jubei’s master samurai aura suddenly appeared as a bright light came from the sky. Not only that but the light itself was coming from a girl; who appeared in the same way that Jubei first did. Judging by the exchange of looks it appears that the two of them might be facing each other…real soon.

Her name is Gisen Yagyu (even though she has the same last name as Jubei and Muneakira, she’s not really a blood relative) and it appears that she’s already a master samurai. Throughout most of the episode Gisen takes the relationship between master samurai and general a little more in the ‘physical’ sense than it needs to be. We’re not even gonna describe what she does or tires to do to Muneakira, so you’ll have to watch the episode n’ find out!

A battle does happen between Gisen and Princess Sen due to their difference in beliefs in terms of what the relationship between a master samurai and a general is. At the very last second right before Sen was about to get done in by Gisen at the hands of her blade, Jubei stops the fight and explains what the contract actually means. Gisen apologizes for her actions and calls Jubei her ‘Big Sister’, while Kanaetsugu gets pummeled to death by Sanada and Matabei for being…herself.

Alright, that wraps up this review. If you know us by now (and we’re pretty sure you do), then you already know that we’ve got more reviews and content coming your way on the blog! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Seven!

Welcome back to yet another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick that we’re pretty sure you already know as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! We are onto our seventh episode of this series so let’s get a move on with the review!

Inner Jubei

Kicking off the seventh episode the gang is back at the dojo, but discovered that Kanaetsugu is hiding out in the doghouse that she named as her base of operations. She states that the only reason she’s there is to keep watch of Muneakira due to her being the Warrior of Love, but that title is moot in the eyes of Princess Sen; who gives the girl a shake down while interrogating her about her alliance with Sen’s brother Yoshihiko. After several scenes of comic relief at Kanaetsugu’s expense, Hanzo has a moment while it begins to rain outside where she first met Princess Sen; and was asked to protect her by the academy’s principal as well as be her friend. Before that however the info from Sen’s brother’s file that Sanada and the others go through, indicates that something big and frightening is about to happen. Of course with every action anime that’s 12 episodes or less, you don’t get the full entrée of the plot until later on in the series.

Just like with the last boss battle that happened in the previous episode, another boss shows up in the form of some invisible enemy that knocks you unconscious if touched. Sadly Jubei learned that first hand as Hanzo used her specialized glasses to see what type of enemy it was. Muneakira along with Hanzo and Sen went after it while Kanaetsugu did the same, as they managed to corner it outside in the courtyard. Sen then suggested that if Hanzo became a Master Samurai then it would give her a boost in her abilities, but although it was great in theory, Hanzo just couldn’t go through with the plan.

Instead she wanted Sen to destroy the invisible boss along with her, but the princess actually had another idea; she would acquire Kanaetsugu’s help in order to destroy the boss while saving Hanzo in the process. In the first few episodes the relationship between Princess Sen and Hanzo was that of Master and Servant, but eventually it matures into the two of them becoming friends.

Basically you’re looking at another filler episode before the ‘real’ plot kicks in, and it’ll be kicking in sooner than we think. That will do it for our episode review, but as always there is more content and reviews to come! Until next post, stay healthy and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Six!

Welcome back guys! We’re halfway through our Anime REvisited pick that you already know as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! This time we’re taking a dive into the all-too-familiar ‘Swimsuit Episode’, because why not! Since you’re all waiting for it, let’s go!

Title Card

Before the opening credits Princess Sen and Muneakira are looking over some files of the students that were missing because of the ‘Spirited Away’ incidents. (Miazaki shout out, baby!) The students were all from families that have turned out Master Samurai, so perhaps this may become a big plot point later on in the series. After the credits Sen and Muneakira make an attempt to sneak out of the dojo for a little ‘trip to the beach’ which has a special house by the Tokogawa Shogunate with a computer room inside. (Again, future plot point.)

Before they could even step out the gate they tripped a wire which set off that alarm that caused Jubei, Sanada, Matabei, and Hanzo to appear; asking them where they were going. They tried to hold their tongues about it but failed miserably, as Sen had no choice but to tell the crew that she and Muneakira were going on a trip to the beach. Cutting away to the beach trip we already know what to expect from these kinds of episodes; which type of swimsuit do boys prefer (one piece or two piece), two girls fighting over the male MC asking him who’s swimsuit looks hotter, y’know, ‘Beach Episode’ stuff.

Even though it was all beach and swimsuits for most of the episode, there was a boss battle that happened near the end of it involving Kanaetsugu; where Sen and Sanada had to put their differences aside in order to save Kanaetsugu’s life. Eventually Inner Jubei stepped into the fray and landed the killing blow against the boss that held Kanaetsugu captive inside of it; bonding to her body, but not killing her in the process. Long story short; this was pretty much a beach episode combined with a boss battle ending.

That’s it for episode six, but with half of the first season of this title behind us, we can only assume that the story will pick up after all of the silly stuff is done. That’s usually the case with 12-episode titles like this, but somehow they manage to pick up the pace later on. As always continue to look out for one another and stay nerdy my friends! 😉  

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Five!

Whew! And welcome back to our Anime REvisited segment featuring our anime title pick; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! Four episodes down, and only eight more to go! It appears in this episode we meet a new character, so let’s get to it!

Jubei Yagyu

Following up from the events of the previous episode, Sanada has now learned how to transform into a Master Samurai at will; meaning that the samurai’s general maintains his freedom of movement without being restricted. Jubei of course wants to know how she can transform into her Master Samurai form, but since it requires one to know the words to live by as a samurai, her answer to that is…food. While the shenanigans of the morning began at the dojo, a new challenger approaches – in the form of a girl with a giant hammer who happens to be the childhood friend of Sanada. (Little do the others know; that the girl with the hammer now known as Kanaetsugu was actually sent as a spy by Sen Tokugawa’s brother.) Why did Kanaetsugu show up at the dojo you ask? To get back at Sanada for what she did to her while they were kids. (No, we’re not gonna spoil what it is, you’ll have to watch to find out.)

Once nightfall hit Sanada was pretty upset and flustered about what Kanaetsugu said about her small breasts earlier during the day; that she transformed into her master samurai form and blew her away with her power (which she hasn’t learned how to control yet). Elsewhere in the bath house Princess Sen was contemplating if she should kiss Muneakira and become a master samurai, but she got squirt in the face with some water from a water gun by Jubei. (Where did the water gun come from?! XP)

By the episode’s end Kanaetsugu pretty much lays the beatdown on Muneakira due to how insensitive he was towards Sanada’s feelings. This was done only because he wanted to feel the same pain she felt, but by doing this she begged Kanaetsugu to stop as she apologized for what she said about him earlier; that he did perceive her feelings about herself and how she felt about him. It was also at this moment that Princess Sen condemned the actions of Kanaetsugu and asked if she truly knew what it meant to be a ‘Warrior of Love’ – or even if she knew what true love really was. Sen then kissed Muneakira transforming her into a Master Samurai and pretty much defeated Kanaetsugu; or at least sliced her hammer off its handle thus causing the girl to dash off and go home, but Hanzo hauled ass after her.

All in all, this was pretty much another character introduction episode where the level of seriousness is pretty much toned down. So that will do it for this episode review. Until the next one, look out for each other and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Four!

Here we are! What are your other two wishes? Ah, right. It’s time for another episodic review from our Anime REvisited pick that you probably already know by now as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. Unlike the last three episodes this one’s pretty much a romantic battle of sorts with the (always added) element of fanservice. So, let’s get to it!

Jubei Yagyu

As the fallout from Jubei’s transformation continues, Princess ‘pain-in-the-ass’ Sen (that’s said with love) declares that Muneakira should keep his lips away from Jubei, in order to prevent her from transforming into her dangerous; Master Samurai self. This leads to a theory that Sanada has that if someone other than Jubei kisses Muneakira, then they two will transform into a Master Samurai. At this point in the episode you can pretty much cut the tension between Sanada and Sen with…a katana, of course!

The situation that happens after stating her theory, leads Sanada on a mission to get a kiss from Muneakira through the whole episode in order to prove it. Yep, this is one of those cat-n-mouse battles between girls who have feelings for the MC that you’ll only find in anime rom-coms. Needless to say; Sanada’s theory actually proved true, as she was able to find the right moment to kiss Muneakira and become a Master Samurai – though she didn’t know how to control her own powers and thus tore the dojo apart.

Like we said; this one’s pretty much a slice-of-life episode featuring a battle of romance between two female characters (or at least one trying to prove a theory while the other’s just c-blocking), so on that note this wraps up another anime episode review. As always stay safe and look out for each other in the times of which we all live in.

Until next post! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Three!

What’s good guys n’ gals! We’re back with another review from our Anime REvisited segment featuring our pick; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! So right now we’ve already met Jubei Yagyu as well as her samurai form, but the question remains…who the heck is she really? Guess we’ll find out in our third episode review!

Title Card

The episode opens up with Jubei doing some sword training with Matabei, but so far in her base form she’s pretty much a rookie. Muneakira and Sanada are trying to figure out just who Jubei is as well as who her Samurai General is. The General of course is the one who unlocks the power sealed within the Master Saumrai, and is unlocked by the pact (or kiss) of the general. Right before the opening credits Princess Sen tells everyone that the fate of the ‘criminals’ Matabei and Sanada have been decided. They are to leave the dojo and never return; much to Jubei’s disappointment that she’ll never get to enjoy Matabei’s cooking.

With Sanada and Matabei gone Princess Sen declares that she’ll be living in the dojo along with Hanzo, but yeah, Muneakira is already regretting that arrangement. (Future “A Founder’s Thought’s” post on the subject of Tsundere’s coming soon!) Midway through the episode Muneakira and Sen talk about the real reason why he was brought to the academy; to investigate several incidents of academy students disappearing, and why Sanada and Matabei might be the ones behind it – even though that assumption seems a bit farfetched. At this point in the episode Inner Jubei returns as a result of her kissing Muneakira after being frightened by a bad dream; which will turn out to be a major plot point later on in the series. She then blows up part of the interior room of the dojo as Sen and Hanzo find themselves outside while Jubei holds her daito katana in her right hand before pointing the blade at Sen’s neck.

It’s at this very moment when Sanada and Matabei return to fight Jubei, as they claim she is the shadow that has cast itself upon Great Japan. Taking those as ‘fightin’ words’ Jubei charges at the duo as Matabei uses a flash bomb before she and Sanada take off into the forest. Jubei catches up as she faces Matabei after knocking out Sanada, while Muneakira is still bound by chains due to the pact he made with Jubei. The battle doesn’t last long as Jubei realizes that Matabei is frustrated that she feels she can’t protect Sanada the way she wants to, and even though she states that once the sword has been drawn there’s no turning back, Jubei sheathes her sword and tells Matabei that she’ll ‘let it slide’ this time. The next day Jubei is asleep as Muneakira and the others are still discovering just who exactly Jubei is…

So that pretty much wraps up the episode. We’re only three episodes in so the pace may seem a little on the slow side for some if you plan on checking this series out, but rest assured that it does pick up after the fourth episode and beyond. As always continue to look out for one another and stay awesome! 😉

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Two!

Welcome back guys! We return with another installment of Anime REvisited with our current pick known as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! Last time was the introduction to a majority of the main cast, so without further delay, here’s the breakdown of episode number two!

Title Card

Picking up where the last episode left off, Muneakira was looking at the master samurai known as Jubei Yagyu. During this time Hanzo was in quick pursuit of him as well as Matabei and Sanada; but Jubei intercepted the girl and thus a battle quickly took place. After doing a few Matrix moves and dodging all of Hanzo’s attacks, Jubei took the fight to her after toying with her a bit. (Not to mention that during the fight she had a power level of 5 million; which probably meant she could kick second and third form Frieza’s ass, just saiyan.) It wasn’t long before Jubei had Hanzo right where she wanted her, as she unsheathed her blades from her Daisho set, and prepared to strike. Right now things aren’t lookin’ good for Hanzo, but Muneakira’s voice somehow cracked through to Jubei; as you see her ‘Inner Moka’ disappear in an explosion of dark energy and light and reverting to her former self…naked…because fanservice.

After the whole situation Muneakira along with the other two girls were back inside the dojo, with Hanzo and her boss Sen Tokugawa; who just so happens to be Muneakira’s childhood friend – his Tsundere, jealous-around-other-women, bossy-as-hell, spoiled-as-shite childhood friend. (There’s always one in 90% of the anime you watch.) Fickle reunion aside Hanzo instructs Muneakira, Matabei, and Sanada not to even think about leaving the premises or there will be dire ‘consequences’ as she put it.

Near the end of the episode Sanada and Hanzo wanted to check Jubei’s body to see if there was some kind of manifestation of some kind that caused her to transform into a master samurai. What happened to be a bit of a struggle actually sounded like something dirty to Muneakira; as all matter of imagery crept into his mind while trying to exercise it out.

This of course led Jubei to dash off away from the other girls not knowing that Muneakira was right on the other side of the door. She tripped on his coat and fell flat on top of him as he saw what the others were looking for; the mark of a master samurai right between her breasts.

The second episode gave us a taste of what ‘Inner Jubei’ can do during battle, as this may not be the last time we see her throughout the series. Usually after the second episode all of the major main character introductions are done; with the side and supporting characters coming later on in the series. Right now it appears that Sen’s older brother may be the main antagonist, but the truth behind that assumption has yet to be revealed.

Well, that wraps up another review on our Anime REvisited pick, but as always we’ve got more reviews coming your way; among other surprises that we can’t share with you just yet! Stay tuned! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode One!

What’s up guys! So if you haven’t heard it already from our social media pages, we’ve returned with another installment of our fan-favorite segment; Anime REvisted! Our pick is somewhat of an underrated title that came out ten years ago known as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. We’re gonna let you know right now; it’s got PLENTY of fanservice (whether you like it or not) judging by the opening, but there’s a little more to it than just your everyday TNA. So without further delay, here’s our first episode review!

The Title Card

If you’re wondering what this anime title is about, Hyakka Ryoran takes places in an alternate timeline after the Second World War; where the Tokugawa Faction remained in power. Basically this series takes place during present day times, but with a little bit of a twist. The series main character Muneakira Yagyu is brought to Buou Academy at the base of Mt. Fuji by the Tokugawa Shogunate, but was never really told why he was really there other than being invited. Upon reaching the dojo Mr. Yagyu walks in on two women changing and right off the bat he’s accused of being a pervert. So we’re going down THAT rabbit hole again, huh?

Eventually Muneakira discovers the two women as Yukimura Sanada, and Matabei Goto (both of which are named after real-life samurai) who happen to be members of the Toyotomi Faction. It’s safe to assume those groups do NOT like each other; or perhaps the Toyotomi believe that the Tokugawa government is corrupt and needs to be stopped. (And here we go with the politics…) As the episode continues Muneakira, Sanada, and Matabei end up being surrounded by the student council of the academy led by Hanzo (Hattori Hanzo), with the series main using a flash bomb to escape. They manage to do so, but the celebration doesn’t last long as Hanzo and the rest of the council catch up to the trio. Sanada and Matabei get caught in several chains that soon become electrified, but being the ‘hero’, Muneakira slashes the chains apart and frees the girls.

At this point both Sanada and Matabei took it upon themselves to escape with Muneakira following behind, however something stopped him in his tracks; a bright light that transformed into the shape of a girl with crimson hair. Upon falling into his arms the girl kissed Muneakira as a ball of light and darkness surrounded them; with the girl transforming into a samurai – a Master Samurai named Jubei Yagyu.

As far as first episode impressions go; this one pretty much introduces a chunk of the main cast and what their roles are in the series. There’s plenty of fanservice (if you’re into that) right off the bat and that might be the case going forward, but there was also a decent amount of action as well. Seeing as though this episode left off in a cliffhanger with Jubei Yagyu making an appearance, the next episode is where we’ll see her in action.

That does it for this episode review, but there’s more reviews coming soon! 😉

Avidd Music Fridays: Dariasirene – Angel in Tokyo (feat. Nyokee)

Sorry this one took so long, but D&A Anime Blog would like to welcome you to a special segment where we highlight independent music artists, DJ’s and producers called Avidd Music Fridays! To kick off this new segment we bring to you an awesome artist that reached out to us a couple months ago on the blog. Her name is Dariasirene, and we’ve had the chance to check out her latest single featuring another artist known as Nyokee. It’s a fun little song that has a future type of techno vibe with chiptune sounds that kind of remind me of an ending from a futuristic anime. The title of the track is called “Angel in Tokyo”, and it’s available on all music streaming platforms! Check it out! 😉