Filler Post: 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Junko Enoshima!

In the anime world there are as many villains as there are heroes, or protagonists. If there is any trope that we otaku are familiar with when it comes to the battle between good and evil, it is the “tragic backstory” trope that is common in some anime titles (as well as many comic books and North American cartoons). Depending on the series or character sometimes this trope is good, and sometimes it could use a little improvement in the execution department. However there comes a time in a fan’s life when they come across that one villain who’s a little more ‘exotic’ in terms of personality, physicality, and the reason why they took the road of darkness in the first place.

For this filler post we’re going over the five things you didn’t know about Danganronpa’s ultimate mastermind, Junko Enoshima. FYI, if you’re familiar with the Danganronpa franchise (games and anime series), then you’re probably well aware of the story behind the Ultimate Despair. If not, then get ready for this!


5. She’s The Most Unique Villain

When it comes to villains or supervillains we usually look for a tragic or sad backstory that made the individual (be it guy or gal) turn heel in the first place. That’s not the case for Junko; in fact the developers of the franchise thought that Junko shouldn’t have a tragic backstory as to why she became so despairingly villainous, she just was! We eventually found out the real reason for her ‘heelism’ (I know, that’s not a word but it should be) was because of her analytical talent – which bored the hell out of her. This caused her to create multiple personalities (including her Monokuma one) and switch between them just to keep her entertained.

She truly believed despair was the one things that would save her from boredom, and that the rest of the world should experience that with her. The scary part of all this is the fact that she has no real reason to commit the actions that she committed, which is why out of all the anime villains, she’s the most dangerous and unable to reason with.

4. Her S-Ranked Analytical Skill

When it comes to planning schemes and diabolical plots, she’s a hundred steps ahead of the game! Junko’s skill is the fact that she can analyze any situation and come up with a solution to it faster than you can say “Damn, that was fast!”

3. She’s in the Guinness Book of World Records (Cosplay Division)

We couldn’t believe it either, but let it be known that Junko Enoshima is the most popular character cosplayers have ever cosplayed as, for any anime or video game convention in the world! Quiet as kept she even beat out D.Va in this cosplay popularity division, but don’t tell Overwatch fans that – unless then know already. >.<

2. She Mentioned She Used to be Homeless (Game-Only)

Even though we don’t possess a copy of the Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc video game, during the free-time event(s) with Junko Enoshima, she’ll mention that she used to be homeless at one point and time in her life. We assume that this happened before her modeling career took off but we’re unsure – because we don’t have the game, just youtube videos.

1. She’s Good at being Bad

Okay, we kinda already knew this because of the anime series and video game installments. As we said before, Junko really doesn’t have a true reason for being this way, that’s just who she is. In fact during her youth she was at the beach with her parents and sister, and the sand castle she built was destroyed; causing her to cry in the process. It was later revealed (by her) that Junko destroyed her own sand castle by herself, which may indicate that her thirst and obsession for despair started at such a young age. When the Apocalypse happens, just know that Junko did it. XP

That’s all we’ve got for this post, stick around for more coming up soon! 🙂

Fanfiction Sneak Peek: Sonic Crusaders of Anarchy!! (Sonic x PSG)

Fanfiction Sneak Peek: Sonic Crusaders of Anarchy!

Knuckles laid on his back while atop the altar in front of the Master Emerald, looking lazily at the clouds that were passing by. Suddenly there was loud rumble as the sound of shattered glass was heard. Knuckles quickly jumped to his feet and readied his fists as he looked around for any immediate threats in the area.

All of the sudden he spotted a figure wearing a brown hooded cloak before getting into his battle stance. “Who are you, and what are you doing on my island?!” Knuckles growled.

The hooded figure just stood there for a moment before revealing his right arm with a glowing black apparatus attached to it. He snapped his fingers as a sudden shockwave of wind and energy blew Knuckles backwards into the Master Emerald. The echidna quickly got up but was now a little pissed.

“If you’re not gonna answer my question, I’ll just beat it out of you!” Knuckles charged at the hooded figure while launching a flurry of punches his way. However the figure activated a red shield a second before Knuckles attacked, and with each punch a white number 0 appeared over the head of the figure. Knuckles threw one final punch as the number 0 appeared over the head of the hooded figure again…

“Who the hell are you?!” growled the echidna while panting slightly. The figure disabled the red shield that was protecting him before looking at Knuckles with his piercing red eyes.

“So…this is the power of the Crescent Moon Tribe? Pretty laughable if you ask me!” mocked the hooded figure as he chuckled a bit. This angered Knuckles as he launched another set of punches at the figure, but a white number 0 appeared over the head of the figure as the echidna kept striking the red shield with all his might. “No use trying echidna,” said the figure. “Your efforts are pretty much ‘moot’ at this point.”

Knuckles jumped high into the air before coming down with an overhead double fisted smash, but all that did was cause another white number 0 to appear over the head of the hooded figure that was mocking him. “Enough of these damn games! Tell me who you are right NOW!” sneered the echidna.

“Hm, such a temper you have,” chuckled the figure. “If you’re really that interested, my name is Dials. As for the reason why I’m on your island, well…isn’t it obvious?”

“That STILL doesn’t answer MY QUESTION!” growled Knuckles as he threw another punch at Dials, but alas another white 0 appeared over his head. “Sadly you don’t see the flaw in your attempt here. Listen Knux, the Emerald of Reality has been shattered into pieces, so that explains the shattered glass noise that you heard earlier. Secondly, it’s said in the ancient text that if the Emerald of Reality is ever shattered, the collector of the pieces has seven days to restore it or else reality itself will become permanently altered.”

Sonic Crusaders of Anarchy!!

SPRING 2018!!

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: The Fall of Blockbuster!

Wow, it’s been five years since the once great video rental store giant went belly up. I’m talking about Blockbuster, one of the best video rental stores in North America (as well as across the world). Back when I was growing up in southeast Baltimore County (Baltimore, MD) my mother would take my brother and I there every Friday night. Any movie that I saw in theaters during the 90’s and early 2000’s I rented from Blockbuster the moment it became available to VHS, and eventually DVD. The same can be said about every game I bought for every system I had; NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, GBA, and Nintendo DS – which I still have by the way.

Blockbuster was a key part of my childhood growing up, and if you’re a 90’s kid like A. Goldman and I, then I’m pretty sure it was a part of your life too. I would go there religiously every Friday night to see what new video releases were available. I think the last time I’ve been in Blockbuster was about ten years ago, right around the time I graduated high school back in 2008 – which was 10 years ago (*laughs*). By the early 2010’s Dish Network brought out Blockbuster in order to try and keep up with digital age (as we all are) and remain relevant, but with rise of RedBox, Netflix, Hulu, and others, the once great video rental giant couldn’t keep up.

By 2013 they filed for bankruptcy and closed down the last 300 stores in the U.S. however thanks to Dish Network and their franchise agreements with Blockbuster, there are only a small handful stores that are left. I’ll admit; talking about my 90’s childhood does make me feel a little old, much like seniors talk about how they used to be and what they did during their youth. (Of course our timeline and theirs is totally different.) Blockbuster is and will forever be a part of my childhood, and will go down in history as everyone’s favorite video rental store!


Mario Kart: 5 Things You Don’t Want To Happen Before Winning a Race!

From Super NES to the Wii-U (pre-Nintendo Switch and post-Nintendo 3DS era), Mario Kart is known as one of the best racing games crated from the Super Mario franchise! Whether you’re a 90’s kid or a part of Generation-Z, we’re pretty sure you’ve played one of the installments of this awesome video game, and if you haven’t – PLAY IT! When Super Mario Kart first came out for the SNES back in the 90’s, it was rather challenging to stay on track – literally. Enter the Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart 64, and to this very day in 2018, it is still an instant classic among millennials such as ourselves.

Then when the GameCube made its debut, the Gameboy Advance made its appearance, and the introduction of the Nintendo DS (and 3DS), you got games like Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Super Circuit, and Mario Kart 7! (Don’t forget Mario Kart Wii and 8 for the Wii-U!) No matter what version or installment you’re playing, there are five things within this game that no player wants happening to them. So from us to you, we’re gonna highlight the five woes from the Mario Kart franchise you don’t want happening to you right before you cross the finish line.


5. Lightning Strike on the Final Lap!

Have you ever been so close to the finish line of a big race? Like say, a big race at 150cc (or 200cc if you’re playing Mario Kart 8)? Only to find yourself getting hit with a lightning bolt just 30 feet from the finish line, as Wario or Bowser bursts past you to claim the golden crown of 1st Place? Yep, we’ve been there.

4. Hit From Behind by a Red or Green Shell!

This is totally dodge-able in one of two ways; if you have a banana peel or banana peel combo item in your item box, keep it behind you and let the shells hit their mark. The other is to drive in front of another racer or try to out run it (them if there’s more than one shell after you) entirely. Red shells are heat-seekers while green shells are more ‘free-willed’, so if you got one chasing after you, better stock on bananas or mushrooms.

3. Slipping on a Banana Peel or Crashing into a Fake Item box!

Okay, this is also totally avoidable – unless the holder of the fake item box or banana peel is DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU!

2. Hit From Behind by an Invincibility Star Driver!

Ugh, nothing worse than hearing that all-too-familiar tune speeding towards you just before you cross the finish line…

1. Falling Prey to the Almighty Blue Shell…of Death!

This is a BIG deal to every fan and player of the Mario Kart franchise. There is nothing worse than being less than 30 feet away from the finish line in 1st Place, when the whooshing sound (or siren sound in MK64) of the Almighty Blue Shell, is heard in the background. Nothing will save you from its destructive wrath, as it targets the driver who is the head of the pack, and causes an explosion that covers a 20-foot radius. If you’re within that radius, then you’ll probably catch the explosion too! When it comes to the Blue Shell of Death, it’s better to be the one throwing it – than the one receiving it! That’ll do it for our filler post for now, but don’t worry, because we got more fun comin’ your way! Stick around! 🙂


Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Anime Rivalries!

When you were growing up going to school was like a 9-5 job; except you don’t get paid and your fellow employees are no older or younger than you. To many of us going through Pre-K and Kindergarten was a walk in the park, but as you made that trek through the public school grade system (1st-12th Grade), things got pretty interesting. You made friends, you unintentionally made enemies, and then somewhere along the line (probably in P.E. or anything that resembled a competitive sport), you made rivals.

A rival is an individual who competes with another individual to try and outdue, outsmart, and even outlast each other in a competitive sport or activity. (This is OUR definition of what a rival to us is.) A rival can be someone who possesses similar skills or can perform any task, mission, or assignment at a much better pace than another individual who can do exactly the same. We’ve all had that one kid in our class who thought he was better than the whole class, but in actuality, he/she wanted to be better than you or I. So while we’re on this particular topic, let’s look at our Top 5 rivalries in the world of anime. Which one will be number one?


Anime Rivalry No. 5: Ash vs. Gary (Pokemon)

If you’re a 90’s kid, then this is one of the classic rivalries that you have ever come to know! The Ketchum-Oak rivalry will go down as one of the first great rivalries in the Pokemon franchise. From Red & Blue to Sun & Moon, this is one rivalry that will stand the test of time. (The two of them are probably best frienemies by now.)


Anime Rivalry No. 4: Panty & Stocking vs. Scanty & Kneesocks (PSG)

There were many rivalries between the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but around 2010 we were introduced to one of the most craziest, raunchiest, and most hilarious anime titles ever created! (And yet we still wait on a second season…ugh!) The rivalry between the Anarchy Sisters and Demon Sisters is more like the battle between freedom and dictatorship, or in simpler terms; doing what you wanna do, and doing what needs to be done. Even though they’re fallen angels, Panty and Stocking always seem to have Scanty and Kneesocks’ number whenever they both battle it out!


Anime Rivalry No. 3: Izuku Midoriya vs. Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)

MHA fans are quite familiar with this one. After discovering that Izuku got his Quirk from All Might, Katsuki challenges him to a battle at Ground Beta, the place they once battled at before. Both Izuku and Katsuki looked up to and admired All Might, but the real reason behind why Katsuki hated Izuku, was because of his growth. The intensity of this rivalry is one of the reasons why it is number three on our Top 5 list!


Anime Rivalry No. 2: Naruto vs. Sasuke (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden)

Whether you’re an old school Naruto fan, or if you’re just seeing it for the very first time, this rivalry (like another one we all know) is one of the legendary ones of this series. Much like the Izuku-Katsuki rivalry, the Naruto-Sasuke one goes back as far as when they were kids. Sasuke was the cool guy who excelled at every test that was thrown at him, while Naruto struggled to pass even just one test. However, Naruto’s growth throughout the series pitted him against enemies and foes that Sasuke had a hard time fighting against, and if that don’t stick a kunai in your back, what will?


Anime Rivalry No. 1: Goku vs. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

Ah, yes. The Greatest Rivalry Of All Time (GROAT)! Goku and Vegeta are both Saiyans, Super Saiyans, and Super Saiyan Blue (SSGSS), but their rivalry can be traced back to the first season of the Z series. Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans, so you’d think that he would be the one to achieve the level of a Super Saiyan, right? Well we all know the ending to that story; Goku ended up going Super Saiyan after Krillin’s death at the hands of Frieza, and Vegeta died as a result of calling Frieza’s bluff as him becoming a Super Saiyan. Even during Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta still wanted to make sure that no matter how high Goku’s power level would become, that he would be right there with him.

Well, that will do it for our Top 5 rivalries found in anime! There’s more filler posts and excitement to come next time on D&A Anime Blog! Where anime is a part of you! 😉

Rave On: The 7 Types Of Dancers You’ll See at a Con Rave!

If you’ve ever gotten the chance to go to an anime convention, you would stumble upon a nerd paradise! You would be surrounded by otaku who are just as passionate about anime and manga as you are. You would get the chance to meet the voice actors behind your favorite characters from your favorite shows. Best of all, you would get the chance to see cosplayers that cosplay your favorite characters from your favorite shows. All of that is an awesome sight to see at a con, but when nightfall arrives the real fun of going to an anime convention, is the rave!

From the mid 2000’s to present day, rave parties have been incorporated in mid-size and large anime conventions all across North America (and some in other countries). During the late 90’s rave parties were held in underground establishments (most of which were illegal) where drug usage was eminent. Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about anybody molling out during a con rave. (Drugs are bad kids, don’t do them!)

When it comes to rave parties at cons, you’re bound to run into one of the seven types of dancers found at these in-house discotheques. So without further delay, here they are!

Dancer #1: The Guy with the Finger Lights!

This dancer can be found at rave parties for both mid-size and large anime conventions (Otakon, Anime Expo, etc.) It doesn’t matter what the DJ is spinning during the rave, you’ll always find this guy somewhere in the room putting on his own lil’ techno light show.

Dancer #2: The Breakdancer/Pop-Locker!

Yes, we have had the pleasure of meeting a few otaku with some sick break-dancing moves. You’ll find these guys in the ‘rave circle’ showing off while getting chants from the crowd all around.

Dancer #3: A Dancing Pikachu!

Or as we would call him, a “Ravachu”! This wild pokemon won’t be spotted at every anime convention rave, but depending on which con(s) you go to, you’ll be treated to the sight of the dancing Pikachu. Just make sure you’ve got a big enough pokeball to catch him.


Dancer #4: The Shuffler!

If a Progressive House or Future House track comes on, be prepared to see these guys and gals in action on the dance floor. They’re really fun to watch might we add.

Dancer #5: That One Girl who likes to Twerk and Grind!

No judgement here! If you wanna “Drop it like its Hot”, then go for it! You’ll probably find at least two or three of these girls at a rave, and if you don’t…then it’s probably you or one of your friends. (Again, no judgement.)

Dancer #6: The One that starts The Conga Line!

Okay, this individual is not really a rave dancer, they’re just the ones who try to start a conga line while at the rave. They’re actually pretty fun once you’re in them.

Dancer #7: The Rave Virgin!

I think somewhere along the line we’ve all been this particular dancer. It’s your first anime convention rave and you’re not sure what to expect once you arrive. The best advice we can give you in this situation, is to just be yourself and have fun! Sure you may run into dancers 1-6 while at your first con rave (if your not already one of the six yourself), but being yourself is the best dancer that you can ever be!

So when you head out to an anime convention and find yourself going to the con’s rave party, it doesn’t matter what type of dancer you are, as long as you have a good time and rave on! 🙂



A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Technocolour!

Wow. The first month of 2018 is almost over, and A. Goldman and I have already attended our first anime convention of 2018 – Animore! If you haven’t heard the news from our Facebook and Twitter page about it, our original hotel (the Hyatt) was going through a three-month renovation period, and said period was happening during the weekend of our con. So to save ourselves (and the staff) the trouble, the hotel director moved us over to the Baltimore Renaissance across the street. Despite the venue change everything went off without a hitch; we got to see our favorite voice actors, we danced at the rave, and we did what we do best – be D&A!

Throughout 2017 I’ve been trying to find the right DJ/Producer name as my moniker to use on stage, as I’m on the path of becoming a Chiptune/Electronic Music Producer. I’ve gone through over ten different name changes in the last 8-10 months, and I’m pretty sure that it was just as confusing and frustrating for me, as it may have been for you. (Or maybe not.) Since I have such a fondness for classic arcade video games (Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, etc.) and Electronic Dance Music, I’ve decided that my DJ name will be…Technocolour.

B-Day 25 Pic

Although EDM is an umbrella genre with hundreds of subgenres and fusion genres, there are a small handful that I find particularly favorable. Those would include Deep House, Moombahton, Electro, Drum n’ Bass, Dubstep and more. I mentioned that I also like to produce Chiptune as well, but what I mean by that is I want to infuse it with the EDM genres I’ve already mentioned above.

To be honest I don’t really see myself playing in a high profile nightclub with A-list DJ/Producers packing the place out every Friday and Saturday night. I would (for the most part) seek out anime/video game conventions and retro video game lounges/nightclubs for the time being, until I’m ready to take that ‘leap of faith’ to play at a music festival – or any place that wants to hear some nice tracks. As for my gear, I currently have my eye on the Pioneer DDJ-RX and the RMX 500. (If I don’t have $1500 to kick out before January 11, 2019 then I’ll just get the Pioneer DDJ-RR/RMX 500 combo.)

I’ll be working on some music projects for the blog under this new name of mine. I can’t really say what they are just yet, but I will tell you that they are a small handful of EP’s and Singles. Quiet as kept a few of these songs may even be remixes to classic retro titles from the NES, SNES, SEGA, and many more! Well, that will do it for me and my rambling on about my new DJ name for this post. Stick around for more filler posts and other excitement later this week! 🙂