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What’s good anime fam! We’ve finally made it through yet another week in 2020, and knowing you guys we can’t wait for this year to be over. With the temps cooling down and Fall comin’ full speed ahead, we’re keeping our eyes out for the latest developments happening in the realm of anime and manga. Speaking of which; here’s Watz Happenin’ next week!

Superstar Bros.

Next Week: The Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX Review Continues!

I know we kinda paused this series a few weeks ago, but we’ll be picking back up on it next week starting with part 3! This game is actually the remake of the 2003 original title from the Game Boy Advance; now on the Nintendo 3DS. If you’re a Super Mario fan, then you’re gonna love this!

Inuyasha’s Back…kind of…

Next Week: The Anticipated Return of “Manga of the Week”!

We’ve had so much fun doing this segment when we first brought it to the blog a couple years ago. Now we’re bringing it back; only this time we’ll be reviewing some awesome manga titles from our friends at Viz Media! If there are any titles that you think we should review or check out, let us know in the comments below!

We’re pretty sure ‘she’ is on your waifu list…

Next Week: D&A’s Top 5 Female Anime Characters With Ice Powers!

They may give you the cold shoulder, but these anime ladies are hot when it comes to using their skills! Next week we give you our Top 5 ladies who would melt Jack Frost’s heart, as well as put their haters – on ice!

Until next week ya’ll, stay safe and stay united! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Anime Gatekeeping!

In middle and high school everyone was a part of a social group, and no matter how cliche’ it sounds today, the aspect of it was true for many of us. There are moments we’d love to forget and others we lament over for the rest of our lives, but when it comes to extracurricular hobbies, you were “branded” or “labeled” based on the type of hobby or activity that you take up. The one hobby-turned-lifestyle that I’m talking about is the Otaku. In Japan the original meaning of the word is another word for ‘Loser’, but in America it’s actually embraced as someone who is passionate about East-Asian culture – anime culture to be exact!

Back in the 90’s it was just finding its way into the popular scene, and was a niche medium at the time. Now 20+ years later its now become mainstream and is embraced by a large percentage of the population. However here’s where things get a little ‘interesting’; if you flashback to all of the times you wanted to be ‘cool’ just like the cool kids, you’d try and find a way to get into the parties that most of the cool kids were throwing. If history has taught us anything, nerds and geeks were NEVER in their wildest dreams invited to any of the cool kids parties. So what did we do? We created our own gatherings and invited other nerds to join us in our geekdom. Now it’s 20-something years later, those geekdoms have become the anime conventions that you see today!

But back to the interesting part; now those same ‘cool’ kids types that didn’t invite you to the parties that they threw, want to join to the party that you threw. Going from niche to mainstream doesn’t come without its challenges; you want to make the medium that you’re apart of inclusive, but you gotta worry about individuals who were never a part of the ‘revolution’ to begin with, jumping into your space.

“When something becomes too popular, there’s bound to be imitators.”

— Brian Griffin

Thinking back to how nerds were stereotyped and treated through media 20-something years ago, the ‘cool’ kids were actually the gatekeepers of popularity. Now that we’ve found our own party and our own gatherings, many of us are doing the exact same thing; keeping the ‘normies’ out. Gatekeeping is one of those things that you really have to be careful about; so much so, that you have to pick and choose your own battles when it comes to this topic. (Video games fall into this category as well.)

‘Cool’ kid types are attracted to popularity and trends, and since anime is now mainstream, that’s where many of em’ are going to go. I’m not saying that gatekeeping is a good or a bad thing, but with a niche medium like anime now among the mainstream ranks, there’s only so much you can do. We just have to remember that as anime fans, there are some people who may be just a little bit curious about it, and if so, we need to educate them on the Anime Fan Etiquette System (A.F.E.S)! (Patent pending, of course! XP)

No matter what fandom you’re in, you’re always gonna have those individuals who may become problematic; in several cases the problematic people may even be some of the fans of the fandom themselves. This is where toxicity among fans or the fandom itself becomes an issue, and we’re pretty sure you guys know which ones are right on the money. Being a part of the anime community myself; I’ve seen it at its best and also at its worst, but in spite of it all I love being a part of this growing community. No one has ever made me feel more welcome that this community, and from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you guys for that! 🙂

So to finish up this post; is gatekeeping in anime an issue? Honestly, it’s one of those questions that depends on who you ask. Many anime fans were bullied (by normies) because of their love for anime, so they feel that it’s necessary to protect what they love at all costs by keeping it strictly for them. On the other hand they wish more people were a part of the community, because anime is more fun with friends and other like-minded people. I believe that 75-80% of the community as a whole is pretty decent and awesome, you just have to avoid the 20-25% who are normies, elitists, cringe buckets, anipolitical weebs, and misogynists.

At the end of the day, you have the final say over what you’re passionate about. If you love anime and it has changed your life in some form or fashion, by all means defend it! Just make sure that the ones or the younger generation that’s curious about it, are educated through the love and passion that anime has brought to you.

That’s my take, stay safe out there guys! 😉

Anime Love & Hip-Hop: The Remix!

Anime, and Hip-Hop. What is it about these two cultures that seem to cross paths on many different occasions on many different platforms. From football to wrestling anime has now become mainstream, and with that comes brand new fans that you’d never thought would be anime fans. (Meg Thee Stallion and Lil’ Nas X comes to mind.) The love between anime and hip-hop has brought about the surge of anime nerdcore rappers; such as Mega Ran, King Shabazz, and many others. For some of us we remember how this relationship got started, and if you want the full story on that click here.

There’s so much that has come out of this collaboration between anime and hip-hop, that now; especially in these times filled with racial injustice against African-Americans, there are more People of Color appearing in not just anime, but also ADR directors, writers, and creators. One studio that comes to mind is D’ART Shtajio; a Black-owned American anime studio in Japan that’s really coming up in the anime production scene. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see their work, check it out here!

If you thought that was cool, this anime studio even did the animation behind the music video of the Weeknd’s new track; Snowchild!

In short; anime and hip-hop have been doin’ it big since day one, and it doesn’t look like this relationship will be souring any time soon. With anime becoming more diverse with each new series, hip-hop will always be right by its side. That’ll do it for this little remix of mine, but if you want to check out the original post that sparked this ‘remix’, the links are down below!

Anime Love & Hip-Hop: Part 1

Anime Love & Hip-Hop: Part 2

D&A Breakdown: Is Danmachi An Isekai?

If you’re an anime fan, then you might have noticed the sudden surge in Isekai titles lately. From your Cautious Heroes to your Reincarnated Slimes it seems like every season the anime creators and studios drop some new show under this genre. Has it gotten a little excessive? Yeah, but that’s another post for another day. Even though there are a lot of isekai titles out there, there’s one that stands out from the rest; so much so, that some would argue that it’s not even a full-fledged isekai. The title that we’re talking about is Danmachi or Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon.

Is Danmachi an isekai?

We discovered this awesome series a couple of years ago, and from first glance it seemed like it was an isekai at the time. For those who are wondering just what the heck an ‘isekai’ is, we’ll tell you. An isekai is an anime/manga genre where a person or a small group of people from Earth, get transported to a universe that is parallel to their own, or something completely different. We can name so many titles that fit this description, but the fact of the matter remains; is Danmachi considered an isekai?

Well guys and girls, the short answer to this question is no.

Going back to the definition of what an isekai is, Danmachi does possess a few of the elements that you’d find in your typical isekai title; a brand new fantasy world, guild members, etc. However the main reason why it’s not really considered an isekai, is that fact that the parallel world that the main character Bell is in, is not the world that he’s been transported to from his own – but the world that he’s already living in. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why Danmachi stands out from all of the other isekai titles; because it’s NOT an isekai title in the technical sense of the definition. Sure, it’s got RPG elements like you’d find in Log Horizon or Cautious Hero, but the biggest difference between them is the fact that the world of Danmachi (or Orario), is actually the world that the cast is living in.

Final verdict; Danmachi is NOT an isekai!

Well, that will do it for this rather short anime breakdown, but even though Danmachi isn’t an isekai, it’s still an awesome series nonetheless. If you haven’t gotten the chance yet be sure to check it out on FunimationNow, Crunchyroll, or HiDive! Until next post stay safe, mask up, and love one another! 😉

D&A Anime Blog: Shifting Gears But Still Goin’ Strong!

Where do I begin with this update? Well, this week has been something else. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling it but the majority of us are working hard as hell to remain positive. 2020 has been knocking us around like a pinball for the last five months and it seems every time we turn around, something else happens. None of us were prepared for this, but throughout these last five months many of us have grown to adapt to this ‘new normal’ as everyone is calling it. With that in mind we’ve decided to change gears a little bit in terms of content, so here we go!


Bell and Hestia…who is the bestia! XP

D&A Breakdown: Is Danmachi Considered an Isekai?

Danmachi has always been one of our favorite anime titles, but lately there’s been a lot of debate on whether or not it can be considered an isekai. So we’ll be doing some digging, comparing, and contrasting on the type of elements that you’d find in your run-of-the-mill isekai, and see if they match up with the story found in Danmachi.

Anime Love & Hip-Hop: The Remix

One of our favorite posts that we’ve done was talk about the role that Hip-Hop played in the world of anime, as well as its influence on Japanese Culture. They may seem different from the outside looking in, but both of these cultures have a lot more in common than you might think.

Then & Now: How Toonami Changed Our Lives

Growing up in the 90’s, fan’s remember when the first advertisement for this legendary block came about. Now in a time where we’re facing civil unrest and racial injustice against African-Americans, we recap how Toonami shaped the world of anime and action cartoons, as well as bring fans together from all walks of life.

So starting next week! We’ll be trying out a new format where we’ll be doing posts on three major topics of discussion; which will also include our upcoming Manga of the Week pick, and Throwback Thursday pick. (No, we haven’t forgotten about that.)

That’s all for now, so until next week, have a safe and Happy Labor Day! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Nine!

What’s up anime fam! We’re coming to you once again with another anime review from our Anime REvisited pick that you already know to be; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! With only three more episodes remaining in the season, it looks like this is where things start to come down to the wire. So, let’s get to it!


So far Ikki and Stella have been racking up wins like crazy, as the two of them are on a 12-game winning streak. After their battles they were sent on somewhat of a vacation for a week by the headmaster, little did they know they would end up having to clean the floors and windows of training camp facility thanks to the student council of the school. Around this time Shizuku went back to her family’s home for a while and didn’t want anyone to bother her, as she looked at old pictures of her brother when we was younger. Meanwhile Ikki and Stella take a trip to the waterfall that she saw while riding on the bus, but she was feeling a little bit…sick.

As it started raining in heavy downpours, Ikki took Stella to an empty cabin in the woods as the two of them dried off by the fire. Now here’s where things get a little…interesting. Stella’s clothes are wet as they’re lowering her body temperature, so to make her feel a little less embarrassed, Ikki decided to strip down to his drawers as well. Stella needed help undoing her blouse so Ikki being as noble and professional as he can, helped her unbutton it; thus exposing her bra. Ikki thought he was done, until Stella asked him to unhook her bra – because it was hard for her to breathe. Basically at this point Stella is pretty much naked aside from her panties, and I know it sounds like we’re heading towards soft-core hentai territory, but bear with us a little longer.

As Ikki covered her up Stella tells him how hard that must’ve been to help her undress while maintaining professionalism and keeping her safe, but that statement went moot as she also told him that his member was at full attention (BEAR WITH US!!). Trying to hid it Stella told him that she didn’t mind it and that it made her happy that she was able to get him excited, of course that was followed up with the question of does Ikki want to do ‘it’ with her. Finally after reacting like a terrified virgin, Ikki calmed down and stated that he wants to stand proudly with Stella, and let the world know just how he feels about her, and that they should wait until their married to have sex. Ladies, find you a guy like Ikki; who will respect you enough to wait until your wedding day!

Later on things get crazy as a giant golem attacks the cabin that Ikki and Stella were in; the keyword is ‘were’, because Ikki got Stella the hell outta there and somewhere safe for the moment. He tried to fight the golem on its own, but then it split into a small army of golems as they made their way towards a not-100% Stella. However the student council showed up just in time to take down the golem army, with the council president Tohka Todo finishing the army in one fell swoop. Back at the Kurogane household, Shizuku’s next opponent is the student council president herself.

Things will be getting really interesting from this point on, so until next review, continue to stay safe amongst this pandemic, and continue to love one another! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Eight!

Hello again, and welcome to another anime review of our Anime REvisited pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! This time it’s all come down to this; Ikki, Stella, and Ayase confront the Sword Eater known as Kuroato, who defeated Ayase’s father and took their dojo. In the eighth episode of the series, it all goes down right here in this review!


Ikki, Stella, and Ayase travel to her father’s dojo, which has now become the official headquarters of Kuroato and his gang. Ayase tells the story of what happened two years ago, when Kuroato defeated her father; the last samurai (not the one you’re thinking of), to a kendo match. Though he talked a lot of vulgar smack Kuroato had the skills to back it up thanks to his high reaction speed, which is why he was able to defeat Ayase’s father. Right off the bat Ikki and Kuroato went at it in ‘his’ dojo as the two of them locked eyes and formed their weapons while Stella and Ayase watched. Ikki and Kuroato crossed blades pretty much the whole episode as Kurogane used his Perfect Vision skill to try and dodge Kuroato’s incoming attacks.

This episode is pretty much Ikki and the Sword Eater crossing blades with one another while having a bit of fun at the same time. During the fight Kuroato realized that a lot of Ikki’s attacks mimicked Ayase’s father’s techniques. Eventually Ikki decided to take the battle to the next level as he pulled out his best technique known as Blade Steal; where he not only steals the opponent’s technique, but also a part of their will and spirit as well. After one final clash Kuroato fell to Ikki as both of their devices disappeared.

Realizing that Ikki will be quite a foe during the Seven Star Sword Art festival, Kuroato decided that they’ll finish their battle there, and that he has given the dojo back to Ayase and her father. Watching the battle made Ayase realize that she has a lot of work to do if she plans on becoming a great swordswoman, and that she has to study the ‘Warrior’s Way’ a little bit more. At the end of the episode Shizuki and Alice show up stating that they were a little peeved that they weren’t involved in the episode, which caused Stella and Shizuku to have yet another riff between them.

Well, that’s it for this review! As always guys, continue to stay safe and stay united! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Seven!

Welcome back guys! It’s anime review time once again with our Anime REvisited pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Last post we’ve talked about the Sword Eater known as Korato (I’m guessing a ‘nickname’ given to him by his friends), but now we’re learning something about Ayase that seemed confusing at first…but now we’re starting to see where she’s coming from. So let’s go ahead with the review! (See what I did there? XP)


Ikki was on the rooftop with Ayase as she asked him a bit of a weird question about their friendship, but suddenly she used her device which happened to be a crimson-colored katana (with no guard on the edge of the hilt), and slashed the gate behind her as she fell through. With no choice but to use it Ikki channeled his power to rush to Ayase’s aid to save her, only to discover that this was her intention this whole time. With just ten hours before the start of his next battle; which happens to be against Ayase, Ikki finds himself in a hospital bed while recovering from his weary state. Although there’s not a whole lot of information about Ayase, her ranking, or even her skill and technique, Ikki and the others knew that her reasoning behind what she did, was to get back her father’s dojo from Korato.

At 3pm the battle between Ikki and Ayase started as the two of them prepared to fight one another. Before the start of the match Ikki caught on to the fact that Ayase booby-trapped the arena, as slashes were appearing from out of thin air due to her device’s ability. The sword fight was actually pretty good, but it wasn’t until near the end of the episode that Ikki knew what he had to do – defeat Ayase with all of his strength and get back what she lost. Ayase tried to fight against her truth but Ikki exposed it, and it was at that moment she realized that in order to get her father’s dojo back, she would have to regain the pride that he took in protecting it back. Yeah, Ayase lost the match putting Ikki at 7-0, but now she realizes what she must do, but she’ll need Ikki’s help to do it.

This one’s a little short but that’s all we’ve got for this episode review. As always continue to uplift one another, and stay united my friends! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Six!

So here we are once again guys n’ gals; another installment of our Anime REvisited pick known as Chivalry of a Failed Knight! Things get pretty interesting in this episode so let’s get right into it! By the way, a lot of PG-13/R-rated language and mildly abusive violence will be seen and heard throughout this episode, so viewer discretion is advised.


Ikki and Stella have won yet another match against their selected opponents, as a girl with navy colored hair watches from the stands. While walking through the campus along with Shizuku and Alice, they all suddenly notice the same girl from the stands following them; who is now identified as Ayase. (Though she comes off as shy and aloof right now, you’ll find out what she’s truly like later on.) Throughout the episode we see Ayase getting acquainted with Ikki and the rest of the cast; from training with them to even eating with them.

Though she’s a bit of a mystery, Ikki still helps her to get stronger for her father who is in the hospital due to an injury during one of his battles. Here’s where things get interesting; you know that one dude in every action/fighting anime who’s a total d**k to everyone, but has fighting/battle skills that can rival any S-Class fighter out there? (And 9 times outta 10, he becomes the frienemy/rival of the main protagonist.) Well that’s Korato.

He and his gang storm the restaurant and pretty much disrespect Ikki right in front of Stella; bashing him on the head with a beer bottle and hawking a loogie on his face. Unless you’ve got Saiyan powers or happen to be a certain red-headed Ronin samurai, you’re kinda stuck with the fact you’re outnumbered 5-to-1. This was pretty much Ikki’s case. After toying with him while growing bored in the process, Korato and his gang left the restaurant while Stella was fuming at the fact that her man didn’t deck the bastard’s ass; cuz’ she would have! However, Ikki knew that if he fought, he would’ve been expelled – but he also knew that he would get back at Korato and his gang soon enough.

After all of that Ikki was talking to Alice about everything that happened, but then he got a text from Ayase telling him to meet him on the roof top later that night, and Alice knew something was up. Ikki stated that he was going even though in his eyes Alice was against it, and surely Ayase was waiting for Ikki…but there was definitely something up about her.

That’s it for this review, but there’s more to come on this saga on our next post! Until then friends, continue to love one another in this crazy time we’re living in. Black lives are under attack, and it’s up to us to hold those accountable, and fight against racial and social injustice against African-Americans (like myself). It’s 2020, and we can see clearly now!


Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Five!

Hiyo! We’re back with another episode review on our Anime REvisited pick known as Chivalry of a Failed Knight! So far things have been going well in the story character-wise, and the pacing doesn’t seem too fast or even too slow. With all that said, let’s get into it!


Ikki has just defeated another opponent making it his fifth consecutive victory in a row. It is also around this time that he and Stella have been dating for two weeks, so could it be that things are starting to get a little serious between them? Stella thinks so, as she proudly proclaims Ikki as her boyfriend in the beginning of the episode. Awhile after his battle Ikki stood outside on the academy grounds as a group of girls came up to him and asked if he could train them; which made Stella a bit jealous upon hearing his reaction. Eventually this drew the attention of several boys who were envious of Ikki and decided to attack him, but Korugane used his fighting skills to take em’ down a peg. After begging for his forgiveness and asking if he would train them too, Ikki happily smiled as he told them he would.

By the middle of the episode Ikki, Stella, Shizuku, and Alice along with the others who wanted Ikki to train them, find themselves on a bus trip to a Japanese indoor waterpark. We knew it was going to happen eventually, so here is the ‘Beach Episode’ you’ve all been waiting for! Sadly, there aren’t any hijinks in this episode as there would be in any other beach episode of any other anime title, but there was something else. Ikki and Stella manage to get a moment alone with one another under the water mushroom as Ikki thought about if dating Stella was the right thing.

They’ve been going out for two weeks and now Ikki is having second thought about their relationship. To that Stella assumed that they were breaking up; to which Ikki was shocked and asked her where she heard it. A lover’s quarrel started as Ikki and Stella were angrily trying to get their feeling across, but then as the two calmed down they both thought it would be a good idea to say what they want to say to each other at the same time.

They basically wanted to kiss each other, and they did just that. Then on the bus ride home Ikki and Stella were holding each other’s hands as they were now official! So what started off as doubt has now become assurance, as Ikki and Stella are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Like a lot of anime romance titles, we usually don’t see the final conformation until the last two episodes of the season or series, but in the case of Chivalry of a Failed Knight we saw it before we’ve reached the halfway episode of the series. Could it be that once the series is over, Ikki might…pop the question? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out!

Until next review guys, stay safe and united! 🙂