The Top 5 Sports Anime!

Growing up, we find ourselves participating in every athletic event that our moms and dads put us in. Some of us grew up to become professional athletes in the sport of our choice, while the rest of us just became fans of said sport, and cheered on the ones who were on the front lines. Baseball is still one of the greatest pastimes of North America during the Spring and Summer, while basketball and football hold the Fall and Winter spots. Nevertheless we all have a favorite sport that we’ve played while growing up, however when it comes to competitive sports, anime holds the top spot.

Aside from the traditional sports that we all know and love, there are some that we can’t believe actually exist. No matter what sport you’re into, there’s an anime title for that! So without further delay, here’s our Top 5 Sports Anime…


Who doesn’t love a good sports anime title about swimming? FREE was one of the most popular titles of the summer back in 2017, as fans found themselves re-watching the series numerous times not just for the story, but for the OP’s as well. If you’re looking for a title that’ll give you movements of ‘feels’, then dive into this title!

4. Yuri!!! On ICE!!!

If you’ve seen the Winter Olympics then you’re fully aware that Figure Skating is one of its most primary events. One of the top tier anime titles centered around this sport has to be Yuri!!! On ICE!!! (a must-watch if you love anime and ice skating). A lot of the moves seen in the series are based on actual moves and techniques from real-life ice skaters, which makes the magic found in this series that much more appealing.

3. Keijo!!!!!!!!

If you didn’t think that fanservice could be found in sports anime, then you haven’t seen this title! Keijo!!!!!!!! is a series about an unusual sport where girls use their ‘T&A’ to try and knock each other off of a platform surrounded by water. Talk about weapons of ‘ass-destruction’! XP

2. Megalobox

Rocky, Foreman, Tyson, Creed, Ali, no matter how you slice it, every person in America is familiar with or knows the names of those great boxing legends. If you’re looking for a good boxing anime title, then you’ll wanna check out Toonami’s newest addition to its Saturday night lineup, Meglobox! It’ll give you that Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo feeling though its art and music, and as for its story? Well, you’ll just have to watch for yourself!

1. Prince of Tennis

A throwback title of the 2000’s that took the sports anime world by storm! There’s still a large number of us who remembers when the Prince Of Tennis was on the Toonami lineup back in the day, alongside Naruto, DBZ, One Piece, Zatch Bell (c’mon, who doesn’t remember Zatch Bell?!), Sailor Moon, and many other classics. You haven’t seen tennis matches this intense until you’ve seen them through this series. Feeling nostalgic? 😉

There are so many sports anime titles out there for fans to check out, which means there’s a little something for everybody who’s a fan of their favorite sport. Competitions are great when they’re healthy, and allow the competitors to pull out all the stops to be the best at their sport. And on that note, that will do it for us and this Top 5 filler post! Until next time, stay warm and stay gold! 😉


7 Powerful Battle Cards Every DBS Card Game Player Needs To Have

With the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie making its way into theaters in less than four weeks, the popularity of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game has continued to skyrocket. Anyone who is a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise is no stranger to the hype that is the DBS Card Game; so much so, that even we’ve caught on to it!

With it being one of the hottest trading card games out there (and in our opinion one of the best incarnations of the DBZ Trading Card Game overall), every player has their favorite cards, decks, and strategy that they like to use when in battle. When it comes to battles however, there are certain cards that have a greater advantage against other cards that you happen to be facing. So whether you’re a veteran player or a novice player (like us), these are the seven strongest battle cards that might be worth adding to your deck…

5-Drop Beerus

7. Beerus, Universe 7 Divine Vanquisher

Power Level: 25000 / Combo Power Level: 10000 / Energy Cost: 5 (2 Blue)

Coming in at number 7 on the list is the God of Destruction himself, Beerus. If you’re running a blue deck or even a Beerus deck, he’s great to have when you’re trying to put some pressure on your opponent. Whenever he swings at your opponent’s leader card, they lose 2 life cards and he/she has to choose any number of cards from their hand, battle area, or energy whose total has to add up to 6 or more, and throw them in the Drop Area. Can you say ‘Wipeout’?

6-Drop Broly

6. Broly, The Rampaging Horror

Power Level: 30000 / Combo Power Level: 10000 / Energy Cost: 6 (4 Green)

Speaking of the Legendary Super Saiyan, we’re pretty sure the OG Broly will get a little more love after the movie comes out. Even with the ‘Broly 2.0’ cards already out, the old school version can still wreak havoc on any leader that dare cross his path – with the right combo and strategy. When Broly swings at your opponent’s leader, they lose 2 life cards and you get to choose up to 2 cards from their hand and throw them in their Drop Area. Ouch! >.<

6-Drop Vegeta

5. One-Hit Destruction Vegeta

Power Level: 25000 / Combo Power Level: 10000 / Energy Cost: 6 (2 Blue)

A must-have for any deck that wants to do some damage; especially if you have either a Goku or Vegeta leader. With Triple Strike Vegeta deals 3 life cards of damage to your opponent’s leader, and if you happen to have 7 or more energy in your Energy Area, you get to Evolve/Play this card for free! (As long as you have a base ‘Vegeta’ in your Battle Area, of course.)

7-Drop Cell

4. Perfect Force Cell

Power Level: 30000 / Combo Power Level: 10000 / Energy Cost: 7 (2 Green)

This big bad bug not only has Double Strike (meaning he’ll drop your life cards by 2 per swing), but he’ll make you drop all the cards in your hand into your Drop Area until you’ve got three left; severely limiting your resources. If that’s not perfectly evil, then we don’t know what is!

7-Drop Gogeta

3. Gogeta, Hero Revived

Power Level: 30000 / Combo Power Level: 10000 / Energy Cost: 7 (4 Blue)

The first fusion between Goku and Vegeta, and the only fused character to appear in two Dragon Ball movies; especially the newest Broly movie. If you’re running a Gogeta leader deck, this is a must have if you plan on doing some serious leader swinging. With Triple Strike, Barrier, and Deflect, it makes this card ineffective to Counter card abilities, and your opponent has to reshuffle their whole hand, and draw three cards. (At the lost of dropping 1 life card into your Drop Area.)

10-Drop Zamasu

2. Infinite Force Fused Zamasu

Power Level: 30000 / Combo Power Level: 10000 / Energy Cost: 10 (4 Blue)

Goku Black and Zamasu are a fearsome pair, and when you have them both in your deck, your opponent had better be ready for some serious punishment! When you finally bust this bad boy out, he has the keyword Indestructible which makes him invincible to all attacks and counter abilities – even if your opponent’s battle card is stronger than him! To top it off your opponent has to drop 1 card from their Battle Area, their hand, their life, and their energy every time Zamasu swings. Now that’s brutal!

8-Drop Goku

1. Son Goku, The Awakened Power

Power Level: 45000 / Combo Power Level: 10000 / Energy Cost: 8 (4 Green)

Power level-wise this is the most powerful battle card in the entire game! It is an Ultimate card, which means you can only have one per deck. This is the type of battle card you would play on your LAST life card (and you have 8 or more energy). Thanks to Victory Strike, you get an automatic win no matter how many life cards your opponent has, if this card swings at their leader. If you’ve got a Green Goku leader and a lot of Universe 7 cards, you’d best believe you’d wanna add this beauty to your deck!


Golden Frieza, Hit, Goku Black Rose’, and Great Ape Baby

Golden Frieza (PL: 30000 / CPL: 10000 / EC: 7 (2 Yellow)

Hit (PL: 25000 / CPL: 10000 / EC: 6 (2 Red)

Goku Black Rose’ (PL: 30000 / CPL: 10000 / EC: 8 (3 Blue)

Great Ape Baby (PL: 30000 / CPL: 10000 / EC: 6 (3 Red)

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out this awesome new card game yet, head to your local card game store and ask the guy (or girl) behind the counter about it. Also you can check out the Supah Playaz on youtube to see live battles so you can get a feel of how the game is played. Remember, practice makes perfect, so find the cards and combos that work well for your play style, and go for it! Until next post, stay SUPER BABY! 😉


5 Anime Christmas Specials That Will Get You In The Holiday Spirit!

With the weather getting colder and the threat of snow looming overhead, it’s safe to say that it is officially that time of the year! Now that the Black Friday rush is a distant memory, most of us have already filled out our checklist of what we wanted this holiday season. (Of course for anime fans, its more anime.)

With various Christmas specials such as Rudolph and Frosty The Snowman making their annual rerun on television, anime fans will find themselves streaming new episodes and titles online, or make their way to any anime conventions that are happening this month. If you’re looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit as an anime fan, but don’t want to do it in the conventional way, check out these five Christmas specials from some of your favorite anime titles that will put some “Ho! Ho! Ho!” in your holiday! 😉

Itsudatte My Santa! (OVA)

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you happened to be born on Christmas Eve, and you’re named after jolly ol’ Saint Nick himself? Well this is the story of San-chan (aka Santa), a boy who hated Christmas due to the fact that he grew up as a lonely child. Neglected by his parents he never saw Christmas for what it truly was; about family, giving joy, good will, and peace on earth. All of that changes when he meets a girl named Mai, who shows him the true meaning of what Christmas is all about!

This OVA was created by Love Hina and Negima! creator, Ken Akamatsu. This one’s a bit of an ecchi episode, so no kiddies allowed!

Hetalia: Axis Powers (Episode 31)

Hetalia has had a bit of a following during the time it made its way to North America, so its no surprise that it was going to have its own Christmas themed episode. So if you want to know what the Hetalia gang is doing for Christmas, be sure to check out this episode! (The real clip is online, and you’ll have to log in to use it because its TV-MA.)

Ranma 1/2 (OVA 2 – The Christmas Special)

Christmas is that special time of year where family and friends gather together and fellowship with one another. In the world of anime (especially in Ranma 1/2) however, the jolly time spent together doesn’t always turn out the way it was supposed to be. Kasumi has a dream about Santa Claus, and is told to hold a Christmas party at the dojo. Every character from the main series is invited and of course, all hell breaks loose. Will Ranma be able to survive the night and make it to Christmas morning?

Cardcaptors (Cardcaptor Sakura) – Christmas Episode 35

With Clear Card already out, the Cardcaptor Sakura fanbase has reignited and rejuvenated itself among the reborn classics of anime. With Christmas rolling around in the coming weeks, OG Cardcaptor fans may be streaming this particular episode to get themselves ready for the holiday season.

Punchline – Episode 3 (Christmas)

When you find out that the world will end after Christmas Eve, there’s really no way to process what the next set of actions will be after hearing that kind of news. For Yuta Iridatsu, he’s in a situation where he’s a spirit watching over his female roommates from an apartment complex, however if he sees their panties twice in one day, a giant meteor falls on the Earth and destroys it. Why does he find himself going to so many Christmas parties after hearing the news of Y2K before New Years? You’ll have to watch and find out! (No kiddies allowed, this is NOT a G-rated title!)

There are various other anime Christmas specials out there that fans can enjoy, so if you find any that you want to tell us about, let us know in the comments section. And on that note, this wraps up our filler post like an early Christmas gift on Layaway! XP

Until next post (and next week), stay golden! 😉

Otaku Outlook: It’s Showtime!!

This one just in; we think you’ve waited and listened to us long enough about our reddit page reveal long enough! Our original date was set to be this coming Friday, but we’ve pushing it up to tomorrow night – starting with our first Topic of Discussion (TOD). With this new update of ours our blog posting schedule will remain the same, but with a few changes…

  • Monday / Monday Night: The Blog and Otaku Outlook are Active
  • Tuesday / Tuesday Night: The Blog and Otaku Outlook are Active
  • Wednesday Night: Otaku Outlook is Active
  • Thursday / Thursday Night: The Blog and Otaku Outlook are Active
  • Friday / Friday Night: The Blog and Otaku Outlook are Active (on certain Fridays)
  • Saturday Night: Otaku Outlook is Active

We’re so excited to introduce this new feature (well, page) to our blog, and we hope you guys and gals will love it too! Until next post, stay gold! 😉

The (Brief) Origin Story of the Anime & Manga Nosebleed!

When you watch anime or read manga, you’re bound to find common tropes that many fans find either humorous, repetitive, or even annoying. Nevertheless they act as either a key component to a character arch-type, or play a part in the overall story. Out of all the tropes that anime fans have come to know and love, one in particular can be found in almost any anime title that’s out there in the modern world. (DBZ, SAO, One Piece, you name it, it’s happened at least once.)

The Anime Nosebleed trope is a reoccurring trope that’s been around since the 90’s (and possibly the 80’s). The only time you ever see them is during scenes where a male anime character (or several of them) spot a rather attractive female with bouncy boobs, and an outfit that shows a little more skin than it should. Other times it happens when a school girl’s skirt gets blown upwards due to an unexpected draft that comes out of nowhere. Nosebleeds in general are actually caused by damage to the septum, and because it’s the most fragile part of the human body (due to it being all cartilage), the nose is the most susceptible to bleeding than any other body part.

When you walk in on your crush…naked.

So what does anime have to do with bleeding noses? Well in anime theory; nosebleeds are a symbol of sexual arousal whenever a guy sees an attractive girl, or vice versa. The individual’s blood pressure begins to rise as their heart rate increases, and throw in some ‘motivational’ thoughts and images of said guy or girl, and ‘Pop!’ goes their weasel-nose! Contrary to popular belief its said that one reason why we’re seeing this trope happen more often than other tropes could be this theory; the portrayal of extreme stimulation and excessive energy that can be found in professional wrestlers giving small cuts to themselves, could have been the motivation behind why nosebleeds are being portrayed via stimulation and excess energy.

Bottom line; it’s a form of expression that keeps a lot of anime titles from turning into hentai, however there are ‘certain’ titles that cross this line in a way that can only be described as a southbound version of a white nosebleed. (I think we all know which one(s) we’re talking about.)

So if you ever find yourself introducing a newcomer to anime, and they happen to come across a nosebleed scene, you can explain this to them. Nosebleeds are somewhat of a PG-rated equivalent to the sexual arousal that guys experience whenever their pants get ‘bigger’ if you catch what we’re getting at. (Yeah, if you’ve been to a nightclub or anime con rave, then you know!) That will do it for us on this little filler post about the nosebleed section, but stick around, because this week we launch our official reddit page known as Otaku Outlook! What will we talk about? You’ll have to wait and see! 😉