This Week’s D&A Friday’s is now posted!!

We place another D&A Friday’s segment in the history books once again; as we bring you some killer titles the way only we can find them! Be sure to check out our anime and manga trivia questions on twitter to vote for your answer. Both answers to both trivia questions will be posted next Friday during D&A Fridays as we tally up the votes and see who becomes the anime/manga trivia master!

We’ve reached over 2,000 views!!!

And it’s all thanks to you, the fans! We thank you guys so much for the support for the blog throughout our Six Month Anniversary and beyond, as we do our best to bring you great titles and excitement from D&A Fridays, and nostalgic stories from Throwback Thursday! There might be a new feature added to our D&A Fridays drop down menu, but you’ll have to wait until the Fall to find out what it could be. Shout-out to all our blog and twitter followers, and tell your friends to find us, follow us, and subscribe to our channel! D&A, it’s a part of you! 🙂

Guess what day it is? (Hint: It’s not Hump Day!)

It’s Throwback Thursday once again; as we prepare to bring you more classic anime titles that you love from the 80’s and 90’s, some of which you (might) remember. Of course you already know what happens on Friday, as we send out our first Anime and Manga Trivia questions over to our twitter page! Don’t miss the fun! 🙂

Anime and Manga Trivia flies to Twitter!!

We have upgraded both our trivia pages and decided to make the decision to post them on our twitter page for you to vote/answer! This will make our trivia section of D&A Fridays more interactive to you all (the fans), plus it’ll make this way more fun! 🙂

We’re (Almost) Official!!

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to get our name brand trademarked for future purposes. Not only will this make us an official fan blog, but we (might) be able to sell our D&A Anime Blog brand name merchandise; such as tee’s, coffee mugs, and more! As of now our trademark is pending, but soon enough we’ll become an official fan blog! 🙂

This week’s D&A Throwback Thursday is Up!!

And boy is it filled with anime classics! We’ve just posted our three 90’s anime titles for our Throwback Thursday, so be sure to check em’ out when you get the chance! Friday’s here, so get ready for our Anime and Manga of the Week as we get ready for the next month ahead! 🙂

Otakon and a few others are on Cons Near U!!

Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest Bound anime conventions have been updated!! We’ll be at Otakon this year shooting our first ever Cosplay Music Video, so if you’re going to be in Baltimore, MD August 12-14, grab your friends and head down to Otakon and look for us! 🙂


It’s Thursday my friends, and boy do we have an epic treat for you to indulge in! Last week we did Throwback Thursday with 80’s anime titles, well now it’s time for the 90’s to make their debut. Prepare yourself for three amazing titles that we all grew up watching when we were kids, many of which we still love to this very day!