D&A Anime Blog: Happy 5th Anniversary!!

In December of 2015 two guys had an idea; what if we had a place where anime fans and cosplayers can see some of the awesome pictures that they’ve taken with us at the anime conventions that we’ve gone to? Well guys n’ gals, that idea those two guys had in 2015, has now become one the the most awesome websites for fans, cosplayers, and people of the anime industry! On January 11th, 2016 (on this day) A. Goldman and D.J. Lewis took their love for anime culture to the interweebz and created everything that you see here; a place where fans from all walks of life can talk about their favorite titles, characters, and moments. Five years ago we wanted to create an anime blog that had a different kind of vibe to it; not because it was something to do and that we were passionate about doing it (because we were), but we wanted to bring a different perspective on anime nerd culture through the eyes of a fan.

During the five years that we’ve been doing this we’ve written over 700 articles, posts, and breakdowns from every angle of the anime industry; from hilarious to controversial. We’ve also grown during our time with the blog as it has helped change our lives in ways that we never thought we’d be changed in. In fact the blog has helped us meet many of our favorite voice actors as well as a plethora of professional cosplayers. Being an anime fan means more to us than watching anime, it means sharing this passion with other fans as well as appreciating the art of voice acting, and the moving parts of the anime industry that brings us hundreds of titles to America every year. We’re more than grateful for all of the love and support that you’ve given us these last five years, and thanks to you, we now have a special podcast called Nerdz of the Decade to help mark this special milestone in our nerdy little lives.

Here’s to another five years of awesome posts, new anime reviews, and the chance to see our fans and our favorite voice actors at a convention – once it’s safe enough to go back!



Happy 5th Anniversary D&A!!!
Our OFFICIAL Nerdz of the Decade logo!!

WE’RE OVER 5,000 Views!!!

It’s official; we have now crossed the 5,000 view threshold and we have you guys (the fans) to thank! We’re so excited about what 2017 will bring, as we countdown the last 27 days of 2016. January 11th will mark our One Year Anniversary; and we’ve gotta say, who would have thought we would make it all the way through an entire year. 2016 has been a fun ride for A. Goldman and Yours Truly, but we’re just getting started!

We’ll be posting a special announcement on our youtube page next week about the future plans for D&A Anime Blog, and what will happen if we reach 10,000 views. We’re sorry we had to postpone our Slash Saturday segment tonight, but don’t worry – for it will return next Saturday night! Until then we thank you for supporting us, and stay true my fellow otaku! 😉

100th Post Reward!!

We here at D&A Anime Blog, have just made our 100th post!! So to celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve got a brand new video for you guys to check out under our D&A Videos drop down menu. We’ll continue to keep you updated on the ins-and-outs from our Anime & Manga Lowdown, to Cons Near U! Thanks for the love!! 🙂