Sweet Buns and Vampires! Monday’s Just Got Cooler!

We know how stressful Mondays can be, but don’t fret – we’ve got you covered! Mondays around D&A Anime Blog are never boring, in fact they’re the complete opposite. This Monday we’ve got sweet treats and lesser known anime titles for you to check out, so log onto your computer and take a look at all the Monday goodies we’ve got for you (the fans)! Thank you for being a part of us, as we continue to be a part of you! 🙂

Dark Mercenaries and Master Samurai! Just Another Saturday @ D&A!!

It doesn’t get any more simpler than that! Here we are again wrapping up yet another Slash Saturday segment right before Toonami hits. As usual, we’ve got a new Samurai Anime of the Week title for you to check out; plus our newest inductees in our Samurai Hall of Fame. (Both Edo and Sengoku.)

Mondays become miscellaneous once again; as we bring you more lesser-known anime titles, and new snacks straight from Japan to try! Until then anime fans, stay true and stay golden! 😉

Bounty Hunters and Great Teachers! Say ‘Hello’ to D&A Fridays!!

Well guys, we hope you’re not too full from that Thanksgiving bird, to see what cool titles we have in store for you. As we do every Friday night, we search for the most awesome and epic anime and manga titles that FUNimation, Aniplex, and all the other production companies has brought to us right here in the USA! From modern-western bounty hunters to an ex-gang member trying his own style of teaching, we at D&A are not ones to sleep on any title that catches your interest.

Tomorrow’s Saturday so it’ll be high time for another installment of our Slash Saturday’s Samurai Anime of the Week, and male and female Hall of Fame! We’ll keep you posted on new developments that come our way; including our anime convention tour dates and new youtube videos. Until then anime fans, stay tuned! 😉

Winter’s Coming! Warm Up with some Anime Conventions!!

With Thanksgiving less than 48 hours away, many of us are too busy preparing the bird to deal with upcoming anime conventions. However if you’re one of the few-to-many anime fans who don’t want to deal with the holiday hassle, then D&A’s got some great con news for you! We’ve just updated our Northwest, Southbound, and Southwest Bound regional locations as to where the next big geek out con will be, so be sure to check our Cons Near U drop down for the latest cons that we have updates for.

Because it’s Thanksgiving we’ve decided not to do our Throwback Thursday segment this week, however D&A Fridays and Slash Saturday will go on as planned. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on more information regarding our 2017 Mini Tour, as well as dates to when those cons will be happening. Until then, stay tuned! 🙂

Love, Chunibyo, and Oreo Cookies!!

Just as the name implies, we’ve got another lesser known anime title and Japanese snack for you to check out! This one just happens to be a childhood favorite that we all have grown up with; aka Milk’s Favorite Cookie! Just a little heads up about this week’s Throwback Thursday; because it’s Thanksgiving week we’ve decided to postpone this week’s installment until next week. Tomorrow we’ll be posting remaining anime cons for the month of November, and a lot more that will be happening in December. Until then, HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY FANS! 🙂

Twelve Swords and Samurai Servants! Another Slash Saturday Has Arrived!!

Here we are finishing off yet another week of work, life, and anime! We’ve been combing the web for some samurai anime titles that you might know of, but never actually seen. so far we’ve landed some good ones for you to check out, as well as our male and female inductees in our Samurai Hall of Fame! Next week we bring you new anime cons to check out for the remaining month of November and December; plus some updates about our anime convention tour and how you can be a part of it. See you all on Monday night on D&A! 😉

Girls, Vampires, and Kenji! In Other Words; Welcome to High School!!

That’s right! D&A Fridays has gotten into the school spirit this time around, with some anime and manga titles that you might remember watching/reading in high school! From vampires causing a bloody ruckus on school property to a teenage girl who wants to confess to a boy (but another boy wants to confess to her), we at D&A love looking back at nostalgic moments watching anime in our school years, that made us into the anime-loving otaku that we are today! Saturday we keep our anime trend going; as we take a look at another samurai title, and induct another male and female samurai into our Hall of Fame! D&A, it’s a part of you! 😉