Filler Post: D&A’s Top 10 Filler Posts of 2017!

2017 has been the most interesting year that we’ve ever had; both good, and bad. In the past couple of weeks and months we’ve written some some great Filler Posts that (hopefully) changed many fans’ prospective on certain topics in the anime community, that otherwise may have been unapproachable. Doing these filler posts have really shaped the way that we review and watch anime as a whole, and we plan on continuing this ongoing segment for may years to come – or until we run out of topics (God forbid).

If you’ve seen our homepage you’d noticed that we’ve got TONS of filler posts of many various topics and retrospectives about anime, it’s fandom, cosplay, anime conventions, and so much more! Down below are our Top 10 Filler Posts that we ourselves are particularly proud of.

10. The 5 Hurdles That The Average Anime Fan Faces All The Time!

This one hits close to home with many of us anime fans, because this is something that we of the otaku generation deal with on almost a daily basis. (Especially when it comes to non-anime fans.) Sure, some of these hurdles seem like blips on our radar, but others are going to take the collective effort of the anime community as a whole. After all, we’re more than fans – we’re family!

9. D&A’s Top 5 Misconceptions About Anime

Anime is for kids! Anime is dead! Anime sucks! We’ve all heard em’. Those are the words, phrases, and quotes of those who don’t know what anime is or has no general knowledge of it whatsoever. Don’t get made at them – educate them! 😉

8. How To Successfully Plan For an Anime Convention

This post is one of our favorites because before we became D&A, A. Goldman and Yours Truly were noobs at this particular tactic. Hopefully this post will help those who want to attend an anime convention next year, or prepare for any of the ones that are left for this year.

7. The Pros and Cons of Anime Fandoms

Love em’ or hate em’ anime fandoms are pretty much here to stay! We’re hoping that this filler post will help you distinguish the good and the bad of being a part of one.

6. The 5 Things You Should Never Do While Visiting Japan

Unless you wanna be an otaku pancake on the side of the road, don’t cross the street on the opposite side of the road. If you plan on visiting Japan in the future, don’t do it before reading this post first!

5. Anime Fanservice: Beautiful Blessing or Horrible Curse?

Now this one we’re proud of! This particular topic has been a hot-button issue among anime fans for quite awhile, although the intensity of the subject has yet to be fully determined. (Or if it is, then we apologize for being late XP.) As with various other hot-button issues, this one is going to be up to the fans themselves.

4. Does Size Matter?: Big Cons vs. Small Cons

When it comes to this particular post, we’ll let you be the judge. If it were up to us, we’d say try both of them out and see which experience works for you.

3. D&A Breakdown: Nerd vs. Geek

Yes, there is a BIG difference! However, more than half of us are hybrids of the two. If you want the full breakdown of these two terms, then read this post for yourself! 😉

2. Shimoneta: The History of Censorship in Japan

Think of this filler post as an unofficial ‘Part 2’ to our post about anime fanservice, featuring the anime title Shimoneta. If you’re curious about the history or censorship in Japan, and how it effects certain anime titles that we watch over here in North America, then this filler post is for you.

1. The Four Things That Can Make-or-Break An Anime Series

And here it is, our number one favorite filler post that we’ve ever written! On this one, we breakdown the four things that can make-or-break an anime title based on these categories; Balance, Placement, Timing, and Involvement. This filler post is not just good for anime watchers, but also anime reviewers and creators. We’re hoping that by reading this particular post, it’ll change the way you watch or review anime all together.

That’ll do it for our Top Ten in the Filler Post department! Stick around for more new filler posts coming up later this week! 🙂


Filler Post: D&A’s Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Battles!

There’s no doubt in our mind that Akira Toriyama knew what he was doing when he created one of the greatest pioneering anime titles of all time! Dragon Ball Z is a classic among 90’s kids as it was all the rage back then, and still is today with the arrival of Dragon Ball Super. Throughout the Z series there have been a lot of great battles both nostalgic, and epic. This filler post contains ten of the most amazing battles that fans (like ourselves) remember from such a memorable series. Enjoy! 🙂

Number 10: Goku & Piccolo vs. Raditz

If you’re a DBZ fan, then this is one battle that we’re all familiar with. Raditz was the first saiyan to ever invade earth, so it’s only nostalgic that we have this battle as #10 on our Top Ten list!

Number 9: Vegeta vs. Zarbon

You guys remember this fight, right? Imagine what life would be like if Zarbon were still alive and still in his ‘pretty’ form throughout Dragon Ball Super…?

Number 8: Goku vs. Lord Slug

If you thought Piccolo was the only Super Namekian, then you might wanna look at this clip and think again! Will Goku’s Kiao-Ken (handed down to him from King Kai) be enough to take down the dreaded Lord Slug?

Number 7: Vegeta, Krillin & Gohan vs. Recoome

Ah, the Ginyu Force. These lovable idiots are just as powerful as they are corny. Wouldn’t be funny to see Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta fight against Recoome now? Yikes! >.<

Number 6: Piccolo vs. Android 17

Even though this was just a battle to stall for time, the match up itself was pretty entertaining. Piccolo shows 17 what he’s made of – right before Cell finds them…

Number 5: Vegeta vs. Android 19

Ah, yes. The first time the Prince of all Saiyans turned into the very thing that he was obsessed with – a Super Saiyan. Watch him wail on 19 like there’s no tomorrow, in all of his Super Saiyan glory!

Number 4: Goku vs. Janemba

Freak accidents happen, but this one could cost the whole world. See what happens when Goku makes his way down to HFIL, to take care of a supernatural problem.

Number 3: Gohan vs. Cell

This battle just had to be in the top three. Gohan goes to the next level of Super Saiyan in order to take down Dr. Gero’s most dangerous android – Cell. Guess it’s true what they say, like father…like son.

Number 2: Goku vs. Freiza

This is one of the most memorable battles of the DBZ universe. The mighty tyrant Frieza taking on the golden haired savior of the Earth, Goku, in an epic battle to keep the planet he loves safe from evil extraterrestrials like him.

And Finally Number 1: Goku vs. Vegeta

Before Lord Beerus, before Buu, before Cell, and even before Frieza, there was the greatest battle/rivalry to ever happen in the history of DBZ. (Next to Piccolo.) Vegeta was a ruthless saiyan with high level combat skills with an ego to match. Goku was the ‘Average Joe’ with a heart for others, and loved to fight against powerful opponents. Both saiyans have a history with one another as well as a rivalry, although in the Super Era Goku and Vegeta are kinda like brothers/frienemies.

There you have it anime fans, our Top Ten battles of Dragon Ball Z! Stick around for more fun and more excitement coming your way, next time on D&A Anime Blog!!



Filler Post: The 5 Things We’re Thankful For!

With Thanksgiving only three days away, and Black Friday 24 hours later, we just want to express how thankful we are for all of the things (both good and bad) that has happened throughout the 2017 year. We’ve met a lot of awesome people during our anime convention tour; from voice actors that made our childhood to entrepreneurs making a living doing what they love, we’ve actually had a really great time. With December fast approaching our attention turns toward January for our 2-year anniversary, as well as our return to Animore! Until then, here are the five things that we as D&A Anime Blog, are thankful for.


5. Family

In these crazy times Family is the one thing that we need the most. From the happiest time to the saddest of times, family will always be with you. If there’s anything that we’re thankful for, it’s the love and support that we receive from our family.


4. Friends

How many of us have them? As the old saying goes, ‘Friends are the family you choose.’ In this case friends are also like members of your extended family. They love you, they care about you, and they’re always there when you need them!


3. Anime and Manga

Yeah, it sounds a bit ironic, but the fact is we’re thankful this awesome medium exists. Growing up it was hard finding friends that liked anime and manga as much as we did, but as we got older and found a new invention called an ‘Anime Convention’, finding other otaku became incredibly easier. (Especially after creating this blog.)


2. Seeing Cosplay At An Anime Convention

The proof is in the pudding – well, actually on our blog. We’re thankful for getting the opportunity to see some awesome cosplay during our convention runs. Upon seeing the hard work that goes into every single costume creation cosplayers and fans come up with, it has helped us gain a newfound appreciation for cosplaying in general, and that’s something that we’re thankful for!


1. YOU, the Fans!

We’re thankful that we’re able to get up everyday and share our love for anime and its fandom with the world, including you guys! None of this would ever be possible without the love and support of the anime fandom itself. Who knows what lies ahead in the years to come for D&A, but as long as we’re here, we’re going to continue to strive to become the best anime blog on the web!

Well guys, if you don’t hear from us on Thursday, that simply means we’re in Thanksgiving mode. So from both A. Goldman and Yours Truly, we wish each and every one for you a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: A Letter To Our Fans…

Dear Anime and Manga fans,

Although this can’t be said enough we just want to say thank you for all of the love and support that you’ve given us since the birth of our blog. To be honest we never thought that it would take off the way it did when we launched it back in January of 2016. Originally we wanted D&A to be a site where cosplayers can see all of their pictures online (as well as download them), but then it became something just a little bit more.

We didn’t know how well the blog was going to do after debuting it at Animore in Baltimore, MD in January of 2016, but now that we’re rapidly approaching our two year anniversary, we’re so glad we went for it when we did! We want to continue to strive towards being an anime blog that stands out from the crowd, is catered towards the fans, and wants to help promote and assist anime/manga titles from anime distributors like FUNimation, Crunchyroll, VizMedia, and more. 2017 has been a pretty good year for us regarding our first ever mini convention tour, and for 2018 we plan on continuing our quest to becoming the best!

We can’t thank you guys enough for helping us become the awesomely amazing anime blog that we are today. For that we tip our hats off to you (the fans), and once again say, THANK YOU!!!


Donte’ J. Lewis and Aaron Goldman, D&A Anime Blog Founders

Filler Post: 5 Anime Titles That We Wish Got A Second Season! (At least…)

If you’re an anime fan, then you might have noticed that many titles (old and new) are getting a second season. (In some cases even a third or possibly a fourth.) Although there are a lot of great titles out there for us to watch online as well as on DVD and Blu-Ray, not every title is lucky enough to get a second season. In spite of this there are a handful of titles that have great potential to get another season, and from us to you these are the five in particular that we wish got another season. (The keyword here is ‘Wish’.)

5. Deadman Wonderland

We’ve reviewed this series earlier during 2016, and based on the reviews from anime fans, we think that this awesome title deserves another season. Although the anime left a lot of things out that you can find in the manga, a second season (perhaps true to the manga, but that’s up to the creator and director) might just be what the doctor ordered.


4. No Game No Life

For those who have seen the new No Game No Life: Zero movie as well as the first season of the series, then we’re pretty sure the fanbase would love nothing more than a second season of this great series. Maybe we might get our answer in 2018, or perhaps in 2019.


3. And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online

If you’ve gotten the chance to see this title for yourselves, then you’ve already seen it’s comedic potential in a romantic way that involves MMORPGs. Much like Gamers as well as Confessions of an MMO Junkie, having another season of Hideki trying to explain to Ako the difference between fantasy and reality wouldn’t be far from our imagination.


2. Ouran High School Host Club

Ladies, do you want your favorite host club to return for a second season? It would be cool to see these guys back in host club action for another round. If not, then you could totally write your own version of it on


1. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

We needed a second season of this title like yesterday – scratch that, yesteryear! From the numerous sex jokes, innuendos, dark comedy, fanservice and widespread profanity, it’s no wonder why fans have been craving a second season of this series – especially after that ‘ending’. Maybe 2018 might be the year of the fallen angel(s)…maybe.


There are so many anime titles out there fans wish got another season, but perhaps the reason why some don’t see a second one can vary. In any case it would be awesome to see these five titles as well as a few others gain a second chance in the spotlight. However it’s going to take more than just wanting and wishing for these seasons to happen, it’s gonna take the power of it’s fanbase, it’s creator, it’s director, and merch sales (along with enough money in the studio budget) to get the party started!

There’s more filler posts coming throughout the rest of the week, as well as the highlights video from our time at Thy Geekdom Con. As always continue to make D&A a part of you, and we’ll make you a part of us! 🙂

Filler Post: 5 Anime titles That Break The Fourth Wall!

You’ve seen it happen in many of your favorite movies (*cough* Deadpool *cough*). You’ve probably seen it happen in some of your favorite TV shows. If you don’t know what we’re getting at here, we’re talking about the greatest thing to ever happen to television, movies, and anime – the Fourth Wall! Much like fanservice found in certain anime titles, the Fourth Wall can basically mean a shoutout to the audience that’s watching, or even the fact that the characters realize that they’re in a work of fiction. Fourth Wall breaks are a time-honored tradition and mostly common in movies, TV, and of course, anime/manga. There are many titles out there that do this, but these five are pros when it comes to breaking down the one-way chalkboard that we call “The 4th Wall”.


Space Dandy! (No. 5)

He’s a dandy guy in space, who just so happens to break the fourth wall – occasionally. We may not know exactly what episode(s) the 4th comes into play, but watch the first episode of the first season, and maybe that’ll give you a clue. 😉


Rosario + Vampire! (No. 4)

If you’ve watched the first season of this show, then you’ve probably seen several instances of the fourth wall being broken, or at least poked at. There are a couple times in the series where the second season broke the fourth wall (When the cast was chased by Moka’s sister), but needless to say, this title is on the “4th Wall Breakers” list.


FLCL! (No. 3)

An anime title this bizarre sho-nuff’ breaks the fourth wall! If you don’t believe us then fast forward to the part where the animation style changes into the traditional manga style. We would tell you what was going on during that 4th wall break, but it’d be better if you watched it for yourselves. 😉


Team Rocket from Pokemon! (No. 2)

If our memory serves us (and we’re crossing our fingers it does), Team Rocket has broken the fourth wall numerous times (about 90% at least) – especially during the 1999 movie Pokemon the Movie 2000.


Gintama! (No. 1)

There’s no such thing as a “Fourth Wall” with a series like this. It’s not like the characters or the show itself doesn’t know that it’s there, they just acknowledge that it even exists. As with every anime title, we would tell you where and when the fourth wall breaks happen, but it’s better if you just tune in and watch the series for yourself. 😉

Well that’ll do if for us for this filler post, but we’ve got more for you guys coming up on the blog later this week! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: 2017 Convention Tour Review!

We’ve done it! We’ve finally done it! 2017’s Thy Geekdom Con was not only our first time going to that convention, but our last stop on our 2017 Mini Tour! From start to finish this year has had it’s ups and downs, twists and turns, but to be on our way to our second year as a blog (as well as gain over 1,000 followers on Twitter and over 10,000 views on the blog overall), it’s without a doubt that we can’t thank you guys enough for all of your support! Truth be told we never thought that our blog would make it this far.

Now with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas around the corner, it’s time to give you guys our overall review on how the tour went for us!


Our First Stop: AniMore 2017 (Baltimore, MD)

Who says you can’t come back home? Believe it or not guys n’ gals, this convention is the birthplace of our anime blog! We debuted and launched this awesome blog/website hybrid right here inside the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, Maryland. If you’re looking for a smaller con that has that fan-centered feel and not so much of the hustle n’ bustle of waiting in the autograph line at a larger convention, then make your way down to AniMore! We’ll be returning for its 3rd year on January 19-21, 2018, so come out and see us if you can! 🙂


Our Second Stop: NipponCon 2017 (Westminster, MD)

Not too far from our own backyard in Reisterstown/Glyndon, NipponCon is set inside McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. Although it’s small in size and only one day, it makes for a great atmosphere for budding anime fans who want that fan-centered feel. We’re hoping that we can make our way back here for the 2018 year, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Our Third Stop: Zenkaikon 2017 (Lancaster, PA)

Our first out-of-state anime convention! Zenkaikon is a mid-sized convention that sits in between fan-centered, and the hustle n’ bustle found at larger conventions. Lancaster’s Convention Center is a lot smaller than ours back in Baltimore, but it’s got enough square feet to hold anywhere between 1,500 to 3,000 con goers. The people are awesome, the dances are hot, and we were lucky enough to meet the one and only Steve Blum! We’ll be returning to this convention next year, hopefully hosting a panel…hopefully.


Our Fourth Stop: Saikoucon 2017 (Allentown, PA)

Our second out-of-state anime convention in Pennsylvania! This convention reminds us a little bit of Animore; with that fan-centered feel that you can only find at smaller cons like these, with the exception of some really awesome VA’s that came by. Although we won’t get the chance to come back next year, we’re hoping to make our return in 2019 – if things for the blog go well!


Our Fifth And Final Stop: Thy Geekdom Con 2017 (Claymont, DE)

This is the final stop on our tour for this year! This convention is a multi-fandom convention; meaning everything from Anime to Doctor Who. In past years this convention only lasted for a day, but this year was the con’s first ever two-day event, and it was a blast! We got a feeling that this won’t be the last time we come to this convention, so if you didn’t get the chance to see us this year, you can catch us next year! 😉

Again we just want to thank all of our awesome fans who have supported us through the entire tour, as well as the special one’s who have taken some pictures with us. We plan on establishing a ‘Panel Presence’ for next year’s anime con go-around, so don’t be surprised if our name pops up somewhere on your convention’s overall schedule.

There’s more posts coming, so stick around for more fun and more D&A!

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 10 Geekiest Cities in America!

Are you sick and tired of living in a city with a less than average geek population? Do you want to live in a place that you can call home to all things geeky/nerdy other than your favorite convention? Well we here at D&A might have the answer to your prayers! Here on this proud land that we call America, we have cities and states that cater to the meek, the socially awkward, and the fans of Japanimation. However only a certain number of those cities and states are known as a ‘Geek Paradise’ or a ‘Nerd Sanctuary’. Where are these places you ask? Don’t worry, cuz’ we’re about to tell you! 😉


10. Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is the largest city in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, as well as the official home for it’s annual anime convention known as Animazement. You’ll find comic book shops like Fight or Flight Comics as well as other activities (including nearby Durham’s convention) that’ll make your geek flag fly!


9. Denver, CO

You think the ‘Mile-High’ state is known for the Broncos and Nuggets? Well you might be right, but it’s also known for being one of the geekiest/nerdiest cities in America. Denver is home to Nan Desu Kan as well as the Colorado Anime Festival, both conventions we urge you to check out if you live, or plan on moving there.


8. San Jose, CA

Looking for a geek place to call home, then look no further than in the westbound direction via San Jose, California! FanimeCon is the place to be if you plan on making this city your geeky refuge. (Among other things along the technology spectrum.)


7. Las Vegas, NV

Really? Sin City is nerdy? You bet it is! Aside from all the five-star hotels, casinos, and celebrities, Las Vegas is home to a few conventions; such as Otakon Vegas and Sabakon. If you love gadgets and computers Vegas is also home to CES, the largest technology convention for geeks this side of the West Coast. (Next to San Diego Comic Con.)


6. Boston, MA

Red Sox, Creme Pies, and…cosplay fans? Yep, Boston’s got em’! If you don’t believe us, then you might wanna check out a place called Anime Boston. The city’s a great place to find comic book shops as well as literature if you’re more of an historic geek rather than an anime one.


5. Austin, TX

Now we’re getting near FUNimation territory. Austin’s home to a good amount of hobby shops and comic book stores, but it’s also home to a few anime and video game conventions as well. If you plan on moving here, then be sure to pack some cleats when going through tornado season. >.<


4. Detroit, MI

Let it be known that the ‘Motor City’ is one of the most geekiest cities to live in! Aside from being the birthplace of Techno Music, Detroit is home to multiple gaming shops, the IMAX Theater, and of course the largest anime convention in Michigan Youmacon!


3. Seattle, WA

The Emerald City! Home to Emerald City Comic Con, Sakura-Con, and Aki Con, as well as one of the oldest comic book stores in the city, Golden Age Comics. If you’re looking for a good meetup place to write some fan fiction (or meet with other geeks), then check out the local coffee shop Wayward Coffee, as well as the Museum of Pop Culture.


2. Portland, OR

If you’ve ever heard of an anime convention called Kumoricon or Anime PDX, then you’d know that those cons can only be found in Portland, OR. There’s a lot to do as a geek in the city of Portland, but as our No. 2 spot on the list, the city that is No. 1 will shock you!


1. Atlanta, GA

Whaaaa?! The ‘Strip Club Capital of the World’ is the geekiest city in America?! We hate to say it but it’s true. Not only does the ATL have the most anime/geek conventions than any other city (AWA, Momocon, Dragon Con, etc.), but they also have the most video game stores too! (One for every 16,000+ residents!)

Well guys n’ gals that will do it for this Top 10 filler post tonight. We’ve got more exciting ones coming up later this week! 🙂

D&A Breakdown: Nerd vs. Geek!

If you were born during the 80’s and 90’s or even went to middle or high school during that time, then somewhere down the line you might have heard of these terms before. There are so many stereotypes associated with these two terms, and although there are a lot of similarities between them, Geeks and Nerds are totally different. If you don’t believe us, then allow us to break it down for you.


What is a Nerd?

Let’s look at the definition of the word Nerd. A Nerd is an individual who is solely devoted to academics, literature, math, and science. They’re socially awkward, boring, studious, and dress like Steve Urkel from Family Matters. (And are really skilled in Tech Support as well as computers.) Like Otaku, Nerd is a stereotypical term that puts individuals who fit that category as unattractive or unpopular, but just like the word ‘Otaku’, we have redefined and popularized that meaning into something great and wonderfully unique!

The origins of the word can trace as far back as the 1950’s, with Dr. Seuss’s book If I Ran the Zoo. One year later it’s slang meaning was reported on Newsweek due to the popular usage of the term. By the 60’s the word spread as far as Scotland and even took on connotations of social ineptitude, or someone who was a book worm. By the 70’s the word was heavily used in the hit sitcom Happy Days, I wish we could tell you when it was used in which episode(s), but we weren’t born back then. XP

Stereotypically, Nerds (especially males) were seen as either skinny or fluffy, and being in a state known as “hyperwhite”; rejecting the use of Afro-American slang (ebonics) or other terms that the “cool” kids are using. After the release of Revenge of the Nerds and of course the appearance of Steve Urkel from Family Matters (as seen above), Nerds have become multicultural and have various ethnic backgrounds. Nerds have done A LOT of this country, and if you don’t believe us, just google up “Famous Nerds in America”!


What is a Geek?

As we mentioned before there are similarities between Geeks and Nerds, but like we’ve also mentioned before, the two terms are totally different. A Geek is an individual with eccentric or non-mainstream tastes. The term connotes with someone who is an expert or an enthusiast or (get ready for it) someone who is obsessed with a subject or hobby for its own sake! (That means comic books, manga books, anime, video games, etc.) The origins of the word come from the English dialect ‘geck’ or ‘geek’, which meant ‘fool’ or ‘freak’ in German. In the 18th and 19th century the term was used to describe a circus performer in a traveling circus, but overtime the word took on a much different meaning though it still had it’s derogatory sting.

Since the rise of technology, Geeks have been at the forefront and have helped launch a lot of technology-oriented businesses, as well as become a major asset to organizations all over the world. It’s noted that Mark Roeder’s book Unnatural Selection: Why The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth, that the high-tech world is quite favorable for geeks or individuals with geek-like traits. (Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc.) Also since the mid 2000’s the “Geek Chic” trend made it cool and fashionable to wear geek apparel.

Both Nerds and Geeks have had it rough during the middle and high school years. Both were picked on or bullied, both were laughed at by girls, and both weren’t invited to any of the cool kids parties. However over the years both terms have been stripped of their derogatory meaning and classification, and has turned into something filled with pride. If both terms are associated with popular culture in today’s modern age, then what’s the difference between the two? Nerds are more into academics (like math and science) than Geeks. Geeks are knowledgeable about Marvel, DC, Anime, Manga, and Video Games than Nerds. Some are even hybrids of the two terms; like a ‘Neek’ or a ‘Gerd’.

We know this filler post was a bit of a mouthful to swallow, but hopefully we explained the difference between a Geek and a Nerd. Both have similarities, both have differences, but both have a massive impact on the world.



D&A Anime Blog: Thy Geekdom Con Recap!

Well guys, we just came back from this amazing two-day convention in Claymont, Delaware, and had a blast while we were there! They really meant what they said when they were going to make this year’s convention, one of the best ones that any con goer has ever been to. Shout-outs to the staff as well as the organizer of the con itself, for making this such a terrific weekend event for geeks of all ages, races, and backgrounds!


Now with 2017 slowly but surely coming to an end, we just would like to say thank you to our many fans who have supported us throughout this entire tour! You guys have been amazing to us as we never thought the blow would blow up the way that it did. Sure, we may have been a little slow in certain places when it comes to some of our posts, but we thank you a thousand times for bearing with us and sticking buy us. We like to think of ourselves as an anime fan’s fan, because we love to see what you guys want more of from us, as well as how we can improve as a blog so that we can stand out from the masses. None of this would have ever been possible had it not been for you guys, because to us, you guys (*sniffle*) are the best!! T.T

As a special thank you for all of the support that you’ve given us, we’re in the process of creating a highlight video featuring all of the anime conventions that we’ve been going to throughout this whole year! (We’ll also be posting the Thy Geekdom Con highlights video before the week is out.) Here’s to 2018; when we return to the convention scene with our official D&A Anime Blog Panel, as well as other fun stuff for the blog. Thank you so much guys for all of your awesome faces, and now we’ll be leaving you with some post-con shout-outs! 🙂

  • Aemiliaaaaaa (Artist/Cosplay/Model) FB/Instagram @Aemiliaaaaa
  • Montgomery Harris (Outbreak Z)
  • Alexa Michelle Cosplay FB: AlexaMichelleCosplay, Insta @Postachild323
  • Brandon Colyer (Digital/Traditional Artist)
  • Robbie DubBryan (DUBBRYAN STUDIOS)
  • Asher P (Freelance Photographer),
  • Tahir Harris (DJ T-Bear), FB: T-Bear the DJ
  • Moaglin Cosplay FB: Moaglin, Twitter @Moaglinxx, Insta @Moaglinxx
  • Generation Otaku (Anime Store)
  • Elle Suda Cosplay Insta @ellesuda, DeviantART: Elle Suda Cosplay
  • Captain Kyle
  • Duhdragon Cosplay FB: duhdragoncosplay, Instagram @Duhdragon