D&A Anime Blog: April Anime Conventions (Part 1 of 2)!!

Goodbye March, hello April! Now that we’ve entered our second quarter of the new year, it’s time to introduce some new anime conventions for you guys to check out! It’s been a 2 1/2 month wait for us going out to anime conventions, but not to worry, because you get not one, but two chances to see us in person! We will be at the CHS Otaku Festival anime convention April 14th in Ellicott City, MD at Centennial High School. Also, we’ll be at Universal FanCon at the Baltimore Convention Center on April 27-29th. If you wanna see us live and in the flesh, make your way down to those two conventions, and don’t forget to also check out the others that we’ve got for you here! 🙂


D&A Anime Blog: Zenkaikon was AWESOME!!!

After just coming back from Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA we gotta say that our first time going to this anime convention, has been awesome! We did have just a little bit of trouble getting Uber set up but nevertheless we prevailed, and was able to go to this awesome anime con as part of our mini anime convention tour!

Upon our arrival we were welcomed with open arms by the staff as well as all the lovely con goers from the local area, as well as from the surrounding areas like York, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and everywhere else. (MD, NY, TX, etc.) We met up with some of our biggest D&A fans who have been following us around this tour, and they have been awesome to us! We even got to meet the legend himself Steve Blum, who is behind many of our favorite childhood shows that we’ve watched back in the early 90’s.

The atmosphere we’ve gotten from this con felt like many of the anime convention of the past years, or course that’s not to say that the current ones are bad, cuz’ they’re pretty awesome too!

We definitely see ourselves coming back to Zenkaikon next year, only this time we’ll make sure we book our hotel inside the convention center a few months in advance. (The one we stayed in a block from the con wasn’t too bad.) It’s probably too early to make this announcement but we’ve already got some locations/stops in mind for our 2018 tour; most of which are returning stops with a few new ones along the way.

If you missed us at this con, don’t worry, you can catch us at our next con. (Which will be listed on our Con Appearances page.)


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New Con Approaching! 2017 Con Season Begins!!

A new year brings new beginnings, but in a case like this it also brings in a new year of anime conventions all across North America! After doing some late-night research we’ve stumbled upon a brand new anime convention that’s coming to the Baltimore Convention Center; which was the former home of a con we know all to well.

Otaku Magazine is hosting its first ever Anime Fest right here in Baltimore, MD on the first weekend in June of this year. So if you’re an Otakon con goer who’s looking to return to the BCC before August of 2017, then look no further, cuz’ June 3rd and 4th will be your year to geek out with your friends at this newfound con! Between now and January 7th we’ll be posting all of the upcoming anime cons for this month on our Cons Near U page, so be sure to check it out when you get the chance! We’ve also updated our tour stops on our Con Appearances page, so for more info head there to see what up! 🙂

D&A @ Tekko 2K17…Pass it On!

January 11, 2017 will mark our one year anniversary as D&A, and with that in mind we plan on “expanding” our presence within the anime community, and travel to new cons out of state! #DA4Tekko2K17 will be posted at the end of all of our posts on our facebook and twitter pages, as Tekko Anime Con 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA will be our first anime convention out of state! We’re excited about this new opportunity to travel to our first out-of-state con, and we hope to see you guys there! 🙂

Otakon Week Starts Now!!

Get ready guys, in a couple days from now it’s gonna be Otakon 2016!! From now until Thursday we’ll be posting Otakon-related pics and trivia questions on the blog, as well as on all of our social media pages! If you’re heading to Otakon this year and wanna be a part of our Cosplay Music Video, be sure to look for us in our official D&A Anime Blog T-shirts! See you at Otakon!! 🙂

Otakon’s Upon Us…

Next weekend is officially Otakon, and D&A’s gonna be there in full swing! Starting next Monday all of our posts from the blog as well as our social media feeds will be Otakon-related, in a special week that we’d like to call; Otakon Week! We’ll be debuting our official D&A Anime Blog T-shirts as well, so it won’t be hard for you to find us walking around the convention. We’ll also be shooting scenes for our special cosplay music video, so if you want to be apart of this amazing project, let us know! 🙂

D&A is coming to Nippon Con 2016!!

An anime convention in our own backyard? Why not! We’re confirming our appearance at Nippon Con 2016 in Westminster, MD April 17, 2016! So if you happen to see us walking around, don’t be afraid to say “hi” and take a couple cosplay pics with us! 🙂