Northwest Bound Anime Cons

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If you’re on the lookout for some anime conventions in the Northwest region of the U.S. (or if you’re heading that way), then check out this page filled with awesome anime cons!

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Gojotekicon 2019: April 26-28, 2019

Live in Ashland, Ohio and want something to do for the last weekend in April? Then have we got an anime convention for you! Gojotekicon is a convention held at the Holiday Inn Express in Ashland, and there you’ll be in for three days of cosplay, anime, Q&A panels, and a whole lot more! Check out the link below if you’re interested! 😉

  • Gojotekicon 2019

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Animatic Con 2019: March 22-24, 2019

Anime conventions are always fun to go to, especially if you’re a fan of the medium. This convention however is not only fun, but has a strong cause behind it. Animatic Con is a convention that raises funds for Autism and autism awareness. This convention welcomes any and everyone with limitations, Asperger syndrome, and High-Functioning Autism. Of course at the con you’ll find cosplay, anime, manga, panels, guests, and more! Looking for a con with a cause, then Animatic Con is the con for you! 🙂

  • Animatic Con 2019


Amaicon 2018: October 12-14, 2018

Fall is officially here (if you didn’t already know that), and with that comes the last quarter of 2018! Not to worry though, because there’s still so many cons to go to, and this one’s sure to get you back in ‘con-mode’ if you haven’t been to any cons all Summer long. If you live in Indianapolis or close by, then you might wanna check out this three-day con known as Amaicon! This anime-centric con has everything from cosplay to voice actors (and everything in between), so if you wanna put a little ani-spice in your weekend, make your way to Amaicon and go have a ball!

  • Amaicon 2018 @ The Wyndham Indianapolis West


JAFAX 2018: June 29-July 1, 2018

Looking for something exciting to head to if you’re visiting Grand Rapids, MI for the weekend? If you happen to be an enthusiast and consumer of anime and Japanese art, then we’ve got an anime convention for you to check out that just might be what you’re looking for. The Japanese Animation Film and Art Expo (JAFAX) is a three day expo for otaku and Japanese art lovers alike. Of course there will be panels, cosplay, voice actors, and other exciting activities. (Link: JAFAX 2018 in Grand Rapids, MI)


Jaycon 2018: March 24-25, 2018

Looking for something a tad smaller in terms of con size? Then make your way to Elizabethtown, PA for a two-day anime convention that’s fun for fans as well as cosplayers! The convention itself is hosted by the Etown Anime Club, and is filled with fans who learn more about Japanese culture through watching anime. There’s panels, video games, tabletop, anime screenings, and more! Check it out!

(Link: Jaycon 2018)


Shuto Con 2018: March 23-25, 2018

Looking for an anime convention out in the northwest region filled with anime fans and cosplayers? Of course you are! If that’s the case, then check out Shuto Con at the Radisson Hotel in Lansing, MI for three days of otaku-filled awesome-ness! Power players like Chris Patton, Monica Rial, and R. Bruce Elliott will be there, along with many other panelists. So if you’re out and about and looking for a place to chill out, then Shuto Con is what its all about! 😉 (Link: Shuto Con 2018)


EvilleCon 2018: March 23-25, 2018

If you’re heading out to the northwestern region of the USA (and happen to be an anime fan), then there’s a three-day convention with your name on it! EvilleCon is celebrating the Year of the Dog with panels and workshops for all ages. What better way to celebrate pre-Spring Break than with cosplayers and fans alike, right?

(Link: EvilleCon 2018)


Anime Crossroads 2018: March 2-4, 2018

Wanna spend the first weekend in March surrounded by fans and cosplayers alike? Then grab an airplane and fly to Indianapolis, IN for a three-day convention known as Anime Crossroads! Here you can indulgence in some cosplay, anime, tabletop games, video games, Q&A panels and more! (Link to Con: Anime Crossroads 2018)


Dokidokon 2017: July 28-30, 2017

If you’re looking for an anime convention with heart, then Dokidokon is the place to be! The excitement you’ll find at this con will include Q&A panels, workshops, cosplay, anime, manga, and of course…video games! If you happen to live in Michigan or anywhere nearby like Detroit or Kalamazoo, then come on down to Dokidokon and see what this heartfelt con is all about! (Link: Dokidokon 2017)


SoDak Con 2017: June 23-25, 2017

South Dakota! Are you guys ready to kick off your official Summer weekend? Then come on down to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City for SoDak Con 2017! You’ll be in for some awesome cosplay, Q&A, and total otaku action, and the theme for this year’s con is Pirates vs. Ninjas (or Naruto vs. Luffy)! Start the first weekend of Summer right with a trip to SoDak Con, and let your anime fan aura run wild! 😉 (Link: SoDak Con)


JAFAX 2017: June 16-18, 2017

Hey Michigan, you guys ready for a three day non-stop anime and cosplay party?! Then make your way down to the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel for JAFAX 2017! There’s all kinds of excitement to be had at an anime con like this; such as Q&A panels with J. Micheal Tatum and Kyle Herbert, gaming, cosplay contests, and oh-so more! If you live in the Michigan area (like Detroit or any other places) and you’re looking for a fun hangout place for you and your anime-lovin’ friends, then JAFAX is gonna be the place you wanna go! (Link: JAFAX Con 2017)


AniMinneapolis 2017: May 26-28, 2017

Looking for a three day party filled with fans of anime and manga, that also love to cosplay as their favorite characters from their favorite titles? Well boy, do we have a surprise for you! Minneapolis, MN is home to this awesome anime convention known as AniMinneapolis, and in it will have some Q&A panels for voice actors, dances and raves for Friday and Saturday night, and all the fun and excitement that your otaku heart can handle! So if you either live in or near Minneapolis, or some place that’s not too far in between, then come on out to AniMinneapolis and have the time of your life! 🙂 (Link: AniMinneapolis)

Zenkaikon 2017

Here’s what’s so cool about this anime convention; it’s only 90 mins away from Baltimore and Philadelphia, the legendary Steve Blum (aka Toonami T.O.M.) will be there, and there’s going to be so much to do at this con! Zenkaikon is for anime fans who love space anime titles, of course if you love anime in general then you’re gonna love this con too! You’ll be in for three days of Q&A panels, cosplay, late night parties with DJs, and way much more! We’ll be attending this con on Saturday and Sunday as part of our mini anime convention tour, so we hope to see you guys there! 🙂 (Link: Zenkaikon 2017)


Setsucon 2017: January 21-22, 2017

Penn State Students! If you guys love anime, cosplay, and manga as much as we do, then boy do we have a con for you! Setsucon is a two day anime convention for those who are looking for a way to geek out with your friends, and help take your mind off the cold. Fan panels and video screenings are only a few things that you’ll find at this anime con, so if you’re a student at PSU or live within the surrounding area, then check this con out! (Link: Setsucon 2017)


Con+Alt+Delete 2016: December 16-18, 2016

Looking for a convention filled with some epic events, a maid cafe, and some cool voice actors? Then your place will be at Con+Alt+Delete 2016 in Rosemont, IL! You’ll find yourself surrounded by fans of anime, manga, and anything otaku-related. DJ Greg Ayres and many other guests will be attending this wonderfully epic convention, and if your looking for a place to geek out, then make your way here! 🙂 Link: Con+Alt+Delete 2016


Sangawa Project 2016: December 9-11, 2016

Hey young adults, Millennials, and Gen-X anime fans! This con is just for you. If you’re looking for an anime convention that’s “Adults Only” (in the tasteful sense of the word), then Sangawa Project in Pittsburgh, PA is the place for you! You’ll be surrounded by anime fans older than 18, see some awesome Q&A panels, do some old school retro gaming, and chillax like a Snorlax in a con that’s meant for you. Enjoy! 😉 Link: Sangawa Project 2016


Youmacon 2016: November 3-6, 2016

One of the BIG cons next to Otakon and many others. Some might say; “You’ve never been to an anime convention until you’ve been to Youmacon”, but if you haven’t gone yet, then this will be your big chance! Voice Acting superstars like Todd Haberkorn, Monica Rial, Kyle Hebert, and many others will grace this con with their presence; plus there will be lots of other fun stuff to do as well! (Panels, workshops, you name it!) If you’re looking for a four-day con to geek out with your friends, then Detroit will be your destination! 🙂 Link: Youmacon 2016


Ramencon 2016: September 23-25, 2016

Love the taste of ramen? Love a good anime con? Love to meet some voice actors? Then head on down to Merrillville, Indiana for a lil’ bit of all three! At many of this con’s events they have prize giveaways, Q&A’s, cosplay, and of course (Naruto’s favorite), ramen. You can’t have ramencon without ramen, so bring all of your ramen-loving otaku to the tastiest convention on earth! 🙂


Matsuricon 2016: August 19-21, 2016

Columbus, Ohio!! Matsuricon is coming, so grab a handful of your friends and head down to this awesome convention filled with all kinds of anime awesomeness, with a pirate-themed background. Big names like Chris Sabat, Ian Sinclair, and Colleen Clinkenbeard are going to be there; as will hundreds of other fun activities like Q&A panels, workshops, cosplay, and so much more! Looking for a place to geek out? Wanna see your favorite VA’s all in one building? Then head on down to Matsuricon in Columbus, OH, and tell us how it went when you get back! 🙂 Link:


Natsu Con 2016: July 22-24

Northwest, here we come! This St. Louis based anime convention will be having its three day party in Collinsville, IL! You’ll be in for a three day treat filled with panels, voice actors (including Vic Mignogna), Q&A, cosplay, and so much more! So if you live in the Collinsville area or somewhere in Illinois, make your way down to Natsu Con and join up with all of your anime friends! 🙂


Kitsune Kon 2016: July 22-24

Get ready for an exciting three day con filled with everything you love about Japan; including Anime! Make your way to Green Bay, WI inside the KI Convention Center for a weekend filled with panels, Q&As, workshops, fun n’ games, anime screenings, and more! (Including Joel McDonald and D.C. Douglas!) So if you live near Wisconsin, Green Bay, or somewhere in between, grab your friends and geek out with the rest of your fellow otaku at Kitsune Kon. We’re pretty sue you’re gonna have a blast! 🙂


Anime Midwest 2016: July 8-10

If you’ve still got some juice left from LA’s Anime Expo, then head onward to Anime Midwest in Rosemont, IL for another three day anime fest filled with panels, Q&A, cosplay, anime & manga, and so much more! The elder Ayres brother and Chuck Huber will be there, so you should be too! So if you’re not too tired for some more anime fun and awesome-ness, head over to Anime Midwest!


Yoi-Con 2016: May 20-22, 2016

Northwest of us is Columbus, Ohio, and on top of that is Yoi-Con! At the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, you’ll be surrounded by thousands of anime fans who are crazy about it as much as you are. You’ll find games, cosplay contests, and so much more! Greg Aryes will be there so be sure to tell him we said “hi”! 🙂


Anime Central 2016: May 20-22, 2016

Northwest of us is Rosemont, Illinois which is home to an anime con known as Anime Central; held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center/Hyatt Regency O’Hare. A con like this has everything; from 24-hour video rooms, late night dances, Q&A panels with voice actors; such as Erica Mendez and Monica Rial, and so much more! If you happen to live in Illinois, Chicago, or you happen to be heading that way during that weekend, come check out Anime Central! And bring your otaku troop with you. 🙂 Link:

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