Cosplay 911: The Top 5 Tools Needed For Cosplay Repair!

Here you are with your friends at one of your favorite anime conventions. You’ve just come out of a Cowboy Bebop anniversary panel, and now you’re on your way to get something to eat before the next panel starts. You’re wearing your best cosplay (the one you’ve spent several months working on) for everyone to see, and then the unimaginable happens – part of your outfit brushes up against an uneven part of the door and makes a small (yet noticeable) tear. Perhaps you’re debuting a prop that you’ve spent months on, only for part of it to get caught in the hotel elevator and snap off.

Chances are that somewhere down the line in your life of cosplaying and going to conventions, you’ve been on the receiving end of a cosplay mishap. Cosplay malfunctions are the last thing a cosplayer wants to worry about at a con; besides turning your best friend into a bodyguard to protect you from cosplay glompers. Never fear cosplayers, cuz’ D&A’s here to our fool-proof Cosplay Repair Plan filled with the Top 5 tools that you’ll need to handle nay mishap that happens to you, or one of your friends.


Number 5: Glue Gun

The majority of all cosplay repairs usually requires this handy dandy tool. It can fix most problems really fast and really quickly when you need it the most! Glue guns are a good tool to have for those broken prop-type of mishaps that can happen on accident. Depending on the convention’s rules and policies, you probably won’t be able to bring a glue gun in that’s larger than your own arm. For that we recommend looking for a smaller one to carry in a small strap on bag – to access easily of course.


Number 4: A Pair of Scissors or Shears

If you’ve got any loose threads on your outfit or need to make a slight trim on your wig, then you’re gonna need to make sure that you don’t go without this essential tool. Perhaps you want your Kirito wig to look great in Asuna’s eyes, or maybe you just want to make sure that your Ciel cosplay doesn’t have any noticeable threads that may turn Sebastian off in any way. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this classic repair tool.


Number 3: Fashion Tape

This one’s for the ladies. If your cosplay is a bit on the scantily clad side, then this is the best tool to use to keep it held in place to prevent male nosebleeds (or ‘growth spurts’). Depending on the color or size fashion tape might even slightly enhance the look of your cosplay.


Number 2: Safety Pins

This is usually the ‘last resort’ go-to tool if you don’t have any tape, glue, or even velcro on your person. Safety pins are great for those mishaps that happen mid-travel from panel to panel. Make sure you don’t stick yourself while trying to repair something on your outfit that may be slightly torn, otherwise it’s going to be the most uncomfortable three or four days of your life – unless you have an emergency backup cosplay outfit.


And Number 1: The Classic Needle and Thread

Everybody knows that this particular item is found and needed in every wardrobe emergency kit ever made! If you want to make that small tear in your outfit no longer noticeable to the human eye, then make sure that you have a needle and thread handy for those ‘quick fix’ moments. It’s a good idea to make sure that the thread color matches the color scheme of your cosplay outfit in some cases, but you also don’t forget the old fashioned black and white colors as well.

If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a cosplay mishap during an anime convention, make sure that you’ve got a friend that has these five tools in a pinch when they’re needed the most! Accidents happen, so that’s why it’s always a good idea to stay prepared when that ‘dreadful moment’ that every cosplayer hates, happens.

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Anime Super Powers!

Remember back when you were a kid growing up, and you saw your first ever superhero movie with your family (or friends)? Well now that you’re somewhere between 20-something and 40-something, and are well versed in the world of super powers, you now wonder to yourself what’s one of the best super powers to have. The final decision on what power(s) you wish you could have is completely up to you, but we do have a Top 5 list of the most wanted anime super powers (or special abilities) for your own enjoyment! 🙂


Number 5 – The Ability to go Super Saiyan!

C’mon, what kid do you know in this day and age doesn’t want to have the ability to go Super Saiyan? No one, not even you! Sure, it would be awesome to blast your bullies to smithereens using a Kamehameha Wave or Final Flash, but this kind of power is also the most destructive – as with every battle Goku has with his opponents (even Vegeta). The best advice we can give you for this power would be to use it only when you really need to; such as a worldwide attack from Majin Buu, Broly, or intergalactic space pirates. (Or WWIII, God forbid. >.<)


Number 4 – The Sharingan!

We know, we know! You’ve heard this name a thousand times already, but the next generation of Naruto fans would love to have this as their super power (special ability). If you ever get in a fight with someone bigger or faster than you, having this power around might help, as you’ll be able to see movements in slow motion which will enhance your reaction time. If you want to unleash its full potential however, you’re gonna need to do a lot of training – unless your last name is Uchiha! XP


Number 3 – Power of the Titans!

The Power of the Titans is to the subjects of Ymir, as the Great Ape form is to saiyans. That being said, if you’re an AOT fan, then you’d kill to have this kind of power. (But seriously, don’t kill anybody – except the titans that ate your mom and dad. See what we did there? XP.) While in titan mode you’ll gain regeneration abilities and your physical prowess will increase ten-fold, however if you use this form too much you’ll wear out the control you have over your titan state, and possibly revert to a mindless titan if you’re not careful.


Number 2 – Advanced Levels of Magic!

If you watch a lot of Magical Girl anime or any title that has wizards and sorcerers in it, then you know exactly what we’re talking about!


And finally Number 1 – The Ability to Knock Out Foes with Just One Punch!

Saitama said “Knock you out!” XP

Well, that will do it for our Top 5 list of anime super powers. Now you all can figure out which one(s) you want or don’t want between each other, cuz’ when it’s all said and done, the final call is up to you. Stay super my friends! 🙂

Filler Post: The Top 5 Hair Colors You’ll See In (Almost) Every Anime!

If you’re an anime fan, either old school or new school, then you’ve probably seen a lot of characters (male and female) who don’t have the same hair color that you would see in the real world. The common colors of hair that were used to seeing is brown, black, grey (if you’re up in age), red (for redheads) and blonde. Anime is not bound to just those particular colors, in fact a large percentage of your favorite anime characters have different colors of hair to either match their overall personality, or to make them look stylish. Tonight we’re going to give you guys our Top 5 most popular hair colors that you’ll find in about 95% of the anime that you watch! As for which color is your favorite? Well, we’ll leave that up to you.


Number 5: Silver

When it comes to silver colored hair, many of us can go as far back as Inuyasha. Silver in some cases represents the color of elegance, grace, and wealth. If you take a look at titles like Rosario + Vampire and Bleach, then you’ll notice that silver-haired characters carry themselves in an elegant way, and is believed to draw out negative energies and replace them with positive ones. It’s also noted that silver haired anime characters (or live individuals) are great public speakers.


Number 4: Red

One of the most intense and emotion-fueled hair colors you’ll find in anime. Red can represent negative emotions such as rage, danger, wrath, aggression, and malice. However it can also represent courage, leadership, strength, passion, and romance. Red is also one of the most passionate and attention-grabbing colors in the color wheel, which may explain why so many anime fans (guys and girls) are attracted to red-haired anime characters.


Number 3: Blue

Ah, the most calming of colors found in a lot of your favorite anime titles. Blue represents a sense of calmness, inspiration, wisdom, and intelligence. This color can either be steadfast and strong, or it can be light and friendly depending on the shade. Darker shades bring about a sense of coldness and an uncaring spirit, while brilliant shades bring about a dramatic effect of exhilaration. Characters with lighter shades of blue, or light blue like Hatsune Miku (shown above), show a sense of trustworthiness and honesty.


Number 2: Green

This color represents a sense of rebirth, freshness, greed, energy, and growth. It can also bring us a sense of hope, good health, and adventure. There are some anime characters in certain titles whose personalities may be associated with this particular hair color. (As for who they might be, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.) Darker shades of green represent wealth, greed, and ambition, while yellowish-green shades can give off a sickly and jealous vibe. Green can also be associated with the beginning of Spring, as the winter snow melts to bring about a new beginning of life that can be found in this color.


Number 1: Pink

This is probably (in our opinion) the most popular hair color you’ll find in various anime titles! What is it about this color that makes it so popular? Perhaps pink is the color for the universal love that we have for one another, and that it represents “sugar, spice, and everything nice.” Hot pink can bring about playfulness while its lighter shade brings about communicative tenderness. It’s too bad we can’t say the same for Junko, as her pink brings nothing but death and despair to anyone that crosses her path!

There you have it, folks! Although there are a lot more hair colors in the anime world, these are just some of the ones that you’ll run into while streaming your favorites on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow. If you’re felling kind of dull and you want to put a little excitement in your life, slap your favorite hair dye on your hair and paint the town whatever color you like! 😉

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Types of Gamers!

If you haven’t noticed it yet, a lot of video games (mostly visual novels and some RPG’s) now have their own anime adaptations; such as Danganronpa, Steins Gate, and many others that you may be familiar with. Most of us that are in the anime fanbase today, found their way to it through the video game track. (Meaning that they found out about anime through video games, like Pokemon!) With so many genres of games out there, there’s bound to be various types of gamers that like said genres. With that in mind we’re going to give you our Top 5 list of the type of gamers you’ll find at different gamer conventions. Which one are you? Check our list and find out! 😉


#5: The Casual Gamer

This type of gamer doesn’t game competitively nor tries to clear 100% of the entire game. He (or she) just likes to game mainly for entertainment purposes. The casual gamer is neutral, and possesses a bit of a laid-back persona. Almost a chilled gamer if you think about it…


#4: The Competitive Gamer

If an anime or video game con is having a SSB (Super Smash Bros.), Street Fighter, Mario Kart or even a Mortal Kombat tournament, you’d best believe that you’ll find this type of gamer here! Proceed with caution, as these gamers can get pretty turn’d up during heated tournament sessions. Their mission? to prove that they’re the top dog when it comes to video games.


#3: The Achiever

Action-adventure, First-person and Third-person Shooting games, are just a few of the gaming genres that this type of gamer will visit most frequently. This type of gamer is goal-oriented, has tactical gaming skills, and their weekly gaming sessions are almost the length of a Full-Time job! If you’re a video game tester who fits this title, then this IS your Full-Time job!


#2: The Button Masher

Have you ever seen a first-time gamer? Mashing buttons like there’s no tomorrow? Has no idea what they’re doing or even what the game’s about? Be honest, more than half of you have been this type of gamer during your childhood – unless you were blessed with gaming skills that would match even the most professional of gamers.


And finally #1: The Cheat Code Master

Infinite lives? Got it! Unlimited ammo? Got it! Hidden levels? You know it! If you’re a gamer, or you’re at least familiar with the gaming community, then this type of gamer is to noobs (or novice gamers), like a scout is to people trying to get basketball or football tickets. (And this is coming from a former Cheat Code Master too! Shh! Tell no one.)

If you have a gamer friend who is a cheat code master, then you’ve got the ultimate hook-up for life! Never again will you have to struggle on a level that can be beaten by pressing a few directional buttons in a particular sequence; Up, Up, Down, Down, L, R, Z! If you can guess what game that cheat code belongs to, then you deserve a cookie! 🙂

Well, that’ll about do it on our end. No matter what type of gamer you are, we all have one thing in common – a passionate love for video games! Keep gaming! 😉

LOL: D&A’s Top 5 Abridged Anime Titles!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “Abridged”, it simply means that the usual length of an episode of a TV show, a movie, or a book, is not as long as its original length. When it comes to anime however, a mid-sized percentage of our favorite titles become abridged by hardcore fans!

Whenever you think of an anime abridged series the first thing that comes to mind, is the person (or team) who created it. Team Four Star is one of the most popular abridged anime creative teams behind the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series. There are so many others out there that will have us LOL-ing for days, but for now, here’s our Top 5 abridged anime titles…


Also, please support the official release of all these titles. Thank you! 🙂

Number 5: Danganronpa Abridged Thing! (Faulerro)

A personal favorite of Yours Truly! All of the Ultimate Students have been given hilariously funny titles; like Mondo Oowada’s “SHSL Needless Violence” or even Aoi Asahina’s “SHSL Donut Nut”, all of which are based on the character’s original titles. Although the series is six episodes long (out of the original thirteen), there are tons of extras to watch and check out! 🙂

Number 4: Hellsing Ultimate Abridged! (Team Four Star)

All the bloody action-packed violence you saw in the original series, Team Four Star has brought to you in the abridged version. If you’re familiar with the original plot of the series, then check out the comedic twist that TFS has to offer!

Number 3: Akame ga Kill Abridged! (Grimmjack69 & BuddyVA)

Night Raid just got a lot more interesting. If you’re looking for a creative spin on the original plot (i.e. Abridged Akame’s dry-sense of humor), then you’re gonna wanna check out this abridged series for yourselves!

Number 2: How to be an Adventurer (DanMachi: TAS) (YaroShien)

Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? Is it wrong that those girls wanna take a peek at YOUR ‘dungeon’? Then check out this abridged anime series featuring everyone’s favorite goddess, Hestia! 🙂

Number 1: Dragon Ball Z Abridged! (Team Four Star)

Out of all of the abridged anime series, this one has been the most successful and longest running! This abridged series is one of Team Four Stars greatest hits, and plays off the main story arcs of Goku and his friends. With over nine or so movies, over fifty episodes and various abridged shorts under their belt, TFS is not showing any signs of slowing down or stopping any time soon!

So there you have it anime fans! Make sure that you support the official release of all of the titles that we’ve listed here on this filler post. Until next time! 😉

Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Misconceptions About Anime!

If you’re an anime fan, then somewhere along the line you’ve probably heard these types of misconceptions before. We also have to remember that even though the anime community is growing everyday, there is still a large percentage of us that don’t know what anime really is. Mom and Dad knew you loved cartoons as a kid, but when you’re past the age of 20 and have a better understanding of what anime is and why you’re passionate about it, they still think that its for kids. (Unless your mom or dad is an old school otaku, then they might understand where you’re coming from.) There are a lot of misconceptions out there about anime, but these five in particular are the one we’re highlighting for this post.


Misconception #1: All Anime is for Kids!

If only that were true, but it isn’t. Anything produced by Studio Ghibli is for kids, the Walt Disney of the anime world! Anime itself has a target audience of about 13-65 (and possibly older), and that’s due to the fact of its content. (Action violence, mild nudity and language, stuff like that.) There are some titles out there that aren’t even for teenagers but more for adults (like hentai), so no, not all anime is for kids.

Misconception #2: All Anime Fans Are Weird!

Hold up, wait a minute! Allow us to put some clarity in it. We’ll admit that while there are some members of the anime community that live on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’, not all fans of anime are weird. Most fans are normal people like you and me who just happen to be passionate about anime, so it’s up to us to keep our love for anime alive and shoot down those negative stereotypes about its fanbase being weird!

Misconception #3: Anime And Cartoons Are The Same!

Not even close kiddo! Most Western animation keeps its plots and character development in a simpler style aimed towards children. Anime (Eastern animation) on the other hand is not bound by these types of restrictions, as many titles have vivid animation styles, backgrounds, complex story plots and character development; such as Chivalry of a Failed Knight and FMA!


Misconception #4: All Anime Fans Are Anti-Social!

Really? Have you been to an anime convention recently? Any anime fan that we’ve met on our tour has been anything BUT anti-social. In fact many of them come from all walks of life and from various ethnic backgrounds. Some like to cosplay as their favorite characters while others just wear anime apparel, but the majority of them are the most down-to-earth individuals that you’ll ever meet. (Some are even entrepreneurs.)

Misconception #5: Anime Is Played Out!

HA! As if! Many of us thought that the 90’s was the peak of anime awesomeness and that it was gonna go downhill from there. If you believe that then shame on you, you silly baka! Ever since the revival of Dragon Ball Z as Dragon Ball Super, and Sailor Moon as Sailor Moon Crystal, anime is bigger, badder, and more popular than ever! It has even grown popularity in other countries like the UK, Germany, Africa, and other places. Anime has a bigger fanbase now than it did when it was just trending in the 90’s, thanks to the inventions of DVDs, Blu-Rays, and streaming sites like FUNimation and Crunchyroll. Anime isn’t going anywhere for awhile, so you don’t have to worry about it getting played out anytime soon! 😉

So there you have it! Most of the misconceptions that we’ve listed about have already been clarified to some degree, but these five are the ones that we wanted to particularly point out. Anime is not for everyone, but it does bring a sense of excitement into your life if you allow it to. It does expose you to something different in animation that you won’t normally find in Western cartoons, which is one of the reasons why so many of us are so drawn to it.

On that note, that’ll do for this D&A filler post. Continue to be awesome and stay true to yourselves no matter what! 🙂



Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Gothic Lolitas in Anime!

What is it about these anime characters that attracts us them? Could it be that they carry themselves in a way that the allure of their royal individuality reels us in like a freshly caught trout? Maybe some of us like the ‘dark and mysterious’ types, and maybe you yourself might have gone through the Lolita phase some time in your high school years. Not all of them are the same however; some of them (like a certain Lolita angel) are pretty fun to talk to and party with, while others tend to carry themselves in more of a leadership position. The five that we’ve got here for you tonight come from all walks of life, and somehow ended up down the same path to the world of Gothic Lolitas.


Number 5: Celestia Ludenburg (Dangaronpa: The Animation)

She’s known in Hope’s Peak Academy as the Ultimate Gambler (aka The Queen of Lies). She has a habit of ranking people based on their personalities, her tolerance of them, and how useful they are in society. The lowest ranking is “F”; which means that person doesn’t even deserve to breathe the same air as her, however if Celes gives a person a rank higher than a “D”, she might actually find that person’s time more worth while.

Her ultimate goal is to own her own European castle and dress up all of her servants as vampires that cater to her every whim. However that dream was cut short during her class trial, causing her to be executed in a ‘Salem-Witch-Trials-kinda-way’ by Monokuma for the murders of Ishimaru and Yamada.


Number 4: Sakuya Tsukumo (Absolute Duo)

Also known as ‘Blaze Diabolical’, Sakuya is the chairman of Kouyou Academy who is also the school’s Genetic engineer that takes part in the school research. In the series she carries an ominous aura that makes her come off as a villain, but in fact is actually both sadistic and heartless while calm at the same time. (Something that she and Celestia might have in common perhaps.)


Number 3: Ruri Gokou (Oreimo / My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute)

There are some Lolitas that are smarter than the average person, and there are some that happen to be ‘Closet Otaku’ who don’t want the people of the “Real World” to know about their obsession. Our number three Gothic Lolita is a prime example of both of these characteristics – except for the fact that she’s an actual otaku who has a hatred for the mortal world. Ruri loves to wear Gothic Lolita clothing (even during hot days) and favors fantasy anime over cute anime that her friend Kirino likes, thus causing clashes between them due to the fact that they like different genres of anime.


Number 2: Stocking Anarchy (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)

Now who could forget this lovely sort-of-angelic Lolita? As the youngest and cutest of the Anarchy Sisters, Stocking is more level headed than her sister and somewhat tolerant of Garterbelt. (Although we’re only assuming this to be the case.) She a little more skilled in her weaponry than Panty is, and can do some high ranked tricks with her swords; such as turning them into a helicopter. Nearly all of her attire is Gothic Lolita inspired, and has an obsession for sweets that will make any bakery tremble in fear.


And finally Number 1: Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima!)

The Dark Evangel herself! Not only is she a Gothic Lolita, but she’s also an evil mage in her own right as well as a true-blooded vampire. She was forced to stay within school grounds thanks to Negi’s father’s ‘School Curse’ spell, and the only way to break it was to drain enough blood from Negi himself to gain enough power to break the spell on her own. In spite of the fact that she lost during their ‘final battle’, Eva proves her might as a powerful sorceress through her and Chachamaru’s battle with the ancient demon Lord Sakuna during the Kyoto trip. She is also the founder of a group of immortals known as UQ Holder – the follow up to the Mahoru Sensei Negima! Manga.

There you have it anime fans! We’re pretty sure that there’s more Gothic Lolitas out there in the anime world, but one thing’s for sure, their allure will always be mysterious in various ways.