Filler Post: D&A’s 5 Ways on how to handle heartbreak at a Con!

So it’s over…the otaku that you once loved has decided that it would be best if you both saw other people. Perhaps the two of you may have gotten into a big argument over how the second Evangelion movie ended, or maybe something different. Let’s be honest; breakups suck, and many of us handle the aftermath of a bad relationship in different ways. Instead of drowning yourself in shot after shot of tequila (or any alcohol of your choice), we’re gonna give you the five best ways to handle heartbreak at a con.

This filler post is for both the girls and the guys who have had bad breakups at cons in the past and present, and we hope that you find your real love in the future! 🙂

1. Take some time to yourself.

Heartbreak is more stressful for the one on the receiving end of it, then the one who initiated it. Men go through the breakup process much differently than women; in a man’s case after suffering heartbreak it only takes two weeks and trip to the strip club with his friends to forget about the woman who dumped him, of course in an anime fan’s case it’s a different story.

If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a breakup, either through your lover breaking up with you or cheated on you with another cosplayer (though we’ve never seen that happen and cannot prove that those kinds of things don’t actually happen), find the nearest corner inside the con and take some time off to get yourself together. It’s okay to let yourself cry a little after the fact that the anime fan that you love no longer wants to be with you. Friendship is really important in times like this so if one of your friends (or you) is going through the heartbreak process, sit down with them (or have them sit with you) and confide in them (or vice-versa).

2. Find a funny anime title to watch (or panel to go to).

Distraction can be your best friend in a case like this. The last thing you wanna do is think about the breakup during the whole weekend of the con. When we say take some time to yourself, we meant take some time to ENJOY yourself. Anime is one of the best distractions that you can have as a fan, and is a ‘go-to’ stress reliever when you’re having a bad day in the real world. Doing this will take your mind off the one who broke up with you, and don’t forget that you have friends that are there to support you. If you don’t, then we’ll support you!! 😉

3. If you can, avoid the one who broke up with you.

Sometimes the best way to deal with after-breakup tension, is to not get in it at all. Even though it’s not going to be easy to steer clear of the anime fan or cosplayer that broke up with you for the rest of the con, try your best to keep as much distance between you and them as you can. We don’t wanna see any of our fans kicked out of a con or taken to jail because of assault (due to the fact that they were on the receiving end of the breakup).

4. Forgive the one who broke up with you.

You know the old saying about never going to bed angry? Well the same can be said when it comes to dealing with con heartbreak. Don’t spend the whole weekend burning mad about the person that broke up with you. If you followed tips 1 through 3, then number 4 is going to be the one that brings you closure. Before you can forgive someone, you must first ask yourself for forgiveness of how you reacted negatively to the situation, even though you didn’t do anything wrong. This will allow you to have the compassion and heart to forgive the other person that broke up with you, and this will bring you to number five…

5. Move on!

There are thousands of fish in the sea! You don’t have to spend your whole weekend thinking about someone that you love, but doesn’t return those feelings back to you. You now have a chance to start anew, so head back out to your favorite anime convention and have fun with your friends for awhile. Remember, there’s a Hinata for every Naruto, so there’s always a chance that you’ll find your true love. Never give up on it! 😉

Naruto found the love of his life, so you can to! Believe it!! 😉

Filler Post: The 5 Things you’ll (always) see at an Anime Con’s Rave Party!

If you’re an anime convention goer like us then you’re well-familiar with all the fun stuff that happens while you’re there. From cosplay to anime voice actors there’s never a dull moment for you and your otaku friends while attending a con. However the really fun part doesn’t happen until after the sun goes down, and that my friends, is the rave party!

Rave parties have been going on since the 90’s, of course back then it was more about the well-known party drug called ecstasy (or Molly), and less about the music (though both went hand in hand). Lucky for us we don’t have to worry about a wall of police coming in and shutting down these con raves, cuz’ there are no drugs at them. (At least not the ones we’ve been too, just kidding, they’re all clean! ^.^)

Whenever you head down to any anime con’s rave party, you’re bound to find these five things while there. We of course have been to enough raves to know what goes down, so for you first time ravers here’s what you’ll be in for! 😉


Number 5: Dance Circles

These are almost like an industry standard when it comes to raves. Have you ever been to a rave party (con-related or not) that has never had a dance circle? If the answer is no, then c’mon, you gotta get out more! Dance circles usually contain one to three people that are either b-boys (or b-girls), pop-lockers, or dancers that like to do neat tricks with their rave party spinners and trinkets. If you ever find yourself at a rave, then this will probably be the first thing you’ll notice.

Number 4: Conga Lines

Both A. Goldman and Yours Truly have been in many of these at raves and they’re pretty fun! Because of how dark it can get inside a rave its hard to tell when the conga line starts, but somehow we all know how it ends; when it crashes into the dance circle. There are still a handful of anime convention rave parties that still do this, so if you find yourself in one, go ahead and enjoy the ride! 😉

Number 3: Grinding Couples

Depending where you are while inside the rave, you’re bound to find at least one or two grinding couples out there on the dance floor. Can you imagine dancing to your favorite nightcore trap remix of the opening theme to SAO, before glancing at the cosplayer dressed as Shiro (from Deadman Wonderland) bumping and grinding nastily with Scorpion? That would be odd and exciting to watch, wouldn’t it?

We’ll admit, both A. Goldman and Yours Truly (mostly Yours Truly) had a hand in the bumping and grinding game when it came to raves. Unlike actual clubs though, you’ll only find these particular couples either somewhere off to the side away from the crowd, or way in the back. Either way, you’re bound to find them at these parties.

Number 2: Rave Merch

Wanna know how that dude got those light-up bass EQ sunglasses? Then you’re gonna wanna check out the merchandise table at the rave party! Be sure to have some cash with you (say about $20-40) if you plan to buy anything at that table, cuz’ chances are, 75% or everything on that table is gonna cost at least $25.

Number 1: Other Ravers

It can’t get any more simpler than that! 🙂

So there you have it! The five things you’ll find if you ever head off to a rave party at an anime convention. Number three might be a little more common if you find yourself at a cosplay after party at a nightclub/lounge, so don’t be surprised if you see a Sailor Venus cosplayer giving Deadpool a lap dance. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen.

Have fun going to your first con rave!! 🙂

Can’t wait to DJ a a rave party in the future! 🙂