A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis: Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 2!

Hey! Welcome back guys n’ gals! It’s time for another anime episode review from yours truly of D&A Anime Blog; D.J. Lewis! We’re diving into the original anime series Fena: Pirate Princess, as I review the second episode of the series. So strap on yer’ boots and prepare to set sail ya scallywags! (Relax, I’m kidding. Let’s get this party started!)

The Cast

So the second episode opens up with Fena on a boat with Solomun and Otto, as the three of them finally got off the island of Eden. They’re pretty much out in the middle of nowhere as a nasty storm was beginning to brew; only that storm seemed to conjure up an island that appears to be set in the timeline of Edo Japan. The trio along with their dog goes through the cavern’s entrance while seven individuals wearing samurai armor stood atop the hill; including the red armored man from before. Fena and the others make it to a building where the inside looks like a dojo, as a man appears before them named Yukihisa.

After the greetings and conversation they had Yukihisa gives Fena a crystal clear stone, and tells her that only she knows the mystery of it. Sadly after that ‘bonk’ to her head by Yukimaru Fena doesn’t really have a clue about the stone, or even why her late father gave it to Yukihisa. So it looks like Fena’s father died during the raid ten years ago after Yukimaru cut the rope and sent her out to sea, but never got to finish his main voyage. That evening Fena is still trying to figure out what Yukihisa meant about her discovering what the clear stone’s true purpose is, but again, she has no clue…for now.

The next day she’s met by a girl named Karin, who shows her around town as she tells her about the stuff she’s designed and even invented. However, Fena’s attention span is that of a squirrel, as she dashes off to explore her new surroundings. She’s meets another man named Mokuba; along with Tsubaki, two rather annoying twins (one of which is named Kaede), and an archer. Y’know how I’m good with faces but names are kinda difficult to remember only if I’ve known you for a long time, well this is one of those times where I know the character’s faces but once in a while I might forget their name – because I watch and review a lot of anime and tend to get my shows mixed up sometimes. Woof! XP

By the end of the episode Yukihisa tells Fena that his family would protect her father’s descendants and orders the seven individuals from before; including Yukimaru, to go on a voyage and uncover the mystery behind the crystal stone. Now Fena finds herself picking up where her father’s voyage left off with her new crew of samurai pirates on a ship/submarine (but it resembles more of a submarine).

The first episode was an introduction to Fena herself while the second one gives us an introduction of the rest of the cast. Her brand new voyage begins as she has a crew to back her up in case of any issues with other pirates, while Otto and Solomun stay behind and wish Fena a safe return. So yeah, that’ll wrap up my review on episode number two! Until next post, stay nerdy and Happy Halloween! 😉

A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis: Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1!

Yo! What’s good anime fam? In case you don’t know who I am, I’m D.J. Lewis; representing one-half of this two-man operation known as D&A Anime Blog! I’m also the guy who’s the head writer for the blog as well as all of the many nerd-centric posts that I’ve written in the past 5 years. Instead of doing the usual Anime REvisited posts that I’ve done for past titles, I’ve taken control through a new anime review series called “A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis”! But enough about me, let’s dive into the Crunchyroll/Adult Swim original series; Fena: Pirate Princess!

Fena: Pirate Princess

I had the chance to check out the trailer for this original series, and when I found out that it was being produced by Crunchyroll and Adult Swim (with the animation by Production I.G.), I almost fell outta my chair. I know that many fans have been craving something a little different as of late, which is not to say that any anime titles that are new or renewed are not worth watching (more on that later). But once the series made its way to Toonami, I had to give it a shot.

Jumping into the first episode of the series I was treated to the opening scene that took place 10 years before the start of the series. There was a battle going on with cannons being fired, stuff being burned, and people possibly being killed. Fena (probably 7 or 8 years old at the time) was put on a boat by a boy (no older than 9, but could be 10) and was told by a man to make her way to the island of Eden before being hit by something. The boy cut the rope as Fena pretty much disappeared. Then after the opening we’re brought up to present day where Fena (probably about 18 years old now) finds herself about to be married off to one of the rich guys of the town. If anime has taught me anything it’s that ‘those’ guys aren’t exactly gentlemen; they’re dicks!

Fena was chatting with a girl named Angie (who is probably one of the girls working at the bar/brothel, cuz’ that’s what it looked like when I saw it), and devising a plan of escape. Sadly none of her plans was going to work as a couple guys came in and told her that it was time to meet the man she was getting married off to. She had one more plan in her back pocket, but that went south after passing the second floor of the tower. (I guess the bar/brothel was one the lower level I assume.)

When faking like she had the stomach flu didn’t cut it, the guys got upset and tossed her up against the wall and told her that if she didn’t go through with the marriage, she’d be killed. Suddenly she was heroically rescued…by a middle-aged fat man, and an elderly man who looked like he stepped out of one of those 1965 “Mr. Scrooge” cartoon Christmas carol movies. After their flashy entrance Fena discovered that they’re named Solomon and Otto; who happened to be the man on the ship from ten years prior. The trio got the hell out of the tower and made their way East to where Otto said there was a boat they could get on and get away. Too bad none of them had a compass cuz’ they’ve been going the wrong way the whole time, and that was hilarious! XP

Towards the end of the episode Fena and Otto were now in the forest when they were ambushed by a group of men; with one of them knocking Otto unconscious. Her capture didn’t last long; as each of the men were slain by a mysterious figure wearing dark red samurai battle armor and carrying two katana blades that were both sheathed by his side. Fena looked closely at the man who looked quite familiar with her – almost like she’s seen him before (maybe even ten years before). Then it hit her; Fena’s knight in shining red armor was actually the boy named Yukimaru, but before she could even say her name she was ‘bonked’ on the head and laid out on the ground as Yukimaru told her that she was ‘chatty and annoying as ever’.

With this being only a review of the first episode, I was quite interested with the elements that we’re brought in upon my first impression. You definitely feel like this is going to be a high-seas adventure-romance with bouts of comedy, and samurai pirates. It’s a breath of fresh air in terms of creativity, and as far as the plot of the story goes, I’m kinda liking the direction it’s going; although more will probably be revealed later on in the series.

That’s it for my first episode review on Fena: Pirate Princess. You can find this series airing on Toonami; in fact you can see the whole first season coming on Toonami this weekend! Until next time my dudes n’ dudettes, stay nerdy! 😉 

Guess What? It’s D&A Studios Recap Time!

Sup’ nerds and nerdettes! We’re dropping another recap post on what we’ve been doing lately with our Youtube channel; D&A Studios. If you’re just discovering our channel for the first time, we wanna let you know that although we sound like a production company or even a voice over studio, we’re a sub-brand of D&A Anime Blog. Basically D&A Studios is our media division. It’s where we host Nerdz of the Decade (our podcast), our D&A Studios Product and Anime Reviews, and our convention coverage videos which will be called Nerdz On Location (working title). If you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss a single video that we drop on a weekly basis.

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Something New For November!

Whats good, anime fam! This one’s pretty much a check-in post to let you know what I’ll be doing mostly on the blog; among other things. If you’re just jumping on for the very first time, I wanna say welcome to D&A Anime Blog and hopefully you’ll have an awesome time! For those who’ve been with us since day one, I wanna say thanks for being awesome. The last 21 months have been a roller-coaster for pretty much all of us; as we make the best out of whatever you call ‘normal’ around these parts. (There’s still a lot of work to do, but I’ve got faith we’ll get there!)

In the meantime, for the month of November (aside from it being my birthday month) I wanted to try something a little different for a change – something new! I’m not quite sure how it’ll turn out but I’m gonna give it a shot, and if it turns out great, then I’ll make it a regular thing. If not, then it’ll be a one-time thing. This thing I’m gonna try is “Poetic Rants Through Comedic Circumstance”. Basically I poke fun at comedic circumstances that happen in anime (mostly Ecchi and Harem, but other genres too) with poetry and ranting. Rants are kinda 50-50 depending on what the subject matter is, but instead of me ripping on a show or genre of anime I’m not a big fan of, I take the comedic approach and turn that negative rant into a melting pot of laughter.

I feel like these days America might have lost its sense of humor in some way or form (but if I’m wrong feel free to let me know). Sure, there have been a lot of things that we’ve tolerated (especially in the media) a few decades ago, but now we gotta think twice about what we say or run the risk of getting ‘cancelled’. I hear the word ‘Cancel Culture’ being thrown around like rice at a wedding, but because its such a ‘hot button’ word considering the social climate that we live in, I usually stay away from it. I’ll say this; when you cancel something, you leave it alone. You don’t talk about it, you don’t think about it, you don’t even tweet about it. It’s dead to you. It no longer exists to you. You don’t watch it on TV or hear it on the radio. To me, that’s what cancelling something is.

Accountability and Responsibility Culture is what we really should be doing more of. There’s a lot of people out there who need to ‘Man Up’ or ‘Woman Up’ to what they’ve done to the people or person that they’ve done it to; directly or indirectly. It’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to please everybody; cuz’ not matter what you do, there’s always gonna be one or two knuckleheads who are gonna talk crap about you. Don’t give em’ a second thought, just keep it movin’! I would go into this a little bit more, but I’ll save it for one of my ‘vent posts’.

Anyway, that’ll do it for me and my semi-rant about where we are socially. Catch ya’ll next post!

Next Week!! A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis: Fena: Pirate Princess!

Remember when you were a kid and your teacher asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up. Well, when I was a kid I wanted to be either a samurai, or a pirate. Sadly those dreams didn’t come true, but I do get the chance to experience what it would look like if there was a such thing as Samurai Pirates! Every once in a while an anime title comes around that is a ‘breath of fresh air’ to the eyes and ears of those looking for something new, and mixes things up in terms of what’s been released as of late. Although we’ve reviewed various anime titles from the past under the name Anime REvisited, I thought it was time to shake things up and put a new spin on this segment! So starting next week, Yours Truly; Donte’ “D.J.” Lewis of D&A Anime Blog presents my first new anime series review segment known as “A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis”! It all kicks off with Fena: Pirate Princess as I give you an episode-by-episode review of the original series by Adult Swim and Crunchyroll. Until next week, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Fena: Pirate Princess

D&A Studios Recap Post! (10/12/21)

What’s good, anime fam! It’s time for another recap post of all of the Nerdz of the Decade and D&A Studios videos that we’ve done this past week. As always we’re dropping new podcast episodes and product/anime reviews every single week, so be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel so you can stay up-to-date on the latest n’ greatest of all things otaku! That’s it for now, but there’s more content comin’ later! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis (10/05/21)!

Hey guys! The last 20 months have been in may ways stressful, hopeful, mentally exhausting, and optimistic all at the same time. Despite all of that I’m actually grateful for all of the awesome people that I’ve meet in the five years that I’ve been a part of D&A Anime Blog. Now that we’re in the fourth quarter of 2021 and my 32nd birthday is next month, I have the strangest combination of anxiety and optimism. Anxiety; due to the fact that while I may have achieved some of my short-term goals, there are still a few long-term ones that I haven’t gotten around to doing just yet. If there’s one thing the pandemic has done, its help me to acknowledge the fact that there have been moments when I feel like my mental health has ebbed a lil’ bit – even though I don’t show it.

Not only that but about 10 years after graduating from college, I’ve been dealing with mild swings of depression; thankfully not to the point where I need meds. In a way having the blog as well as being a music producer and a DJ has helped me cope with those bouts of depression; in fact if I can take it one step further, being an anime fan and going to anime conventions has also helped me cope with it. I wasn’t intending for this to be a semi-serious post, but I felt like this was just something I wanted to get off my chest. Rest assured that even though I’m coping, I’m super grateful for all of the awesome people that have crossed my path over the years; including my friend of 19 years as well as you guys, the fans!

I know it kinda sounds like I’m leaving the blog or something due to how this post sounds, but don’t fret, it’s not the case. It just means that instead of posting something nearly everyday (which in recent months has given me writer’s block combined with anxiety of trying to think of what to write), I’ll be posting awesome content for you guys to read every other day; three days a week tops. Some weeks it’ll be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; other weeks it’s Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. With the way the last year and nine months has been, I know I’m not the only one feeling this way; nor am I alone.

Sure, there have been some days where I’m on top of the world, and others where I’ve asked myself “What am I even doing with my life?”. All n’ all, talking and blogging about your feelings does help, plus you get to share it with other people who are in the same boat as you.

Until next post, look out for one another! 😉