D&A Anime Blog: Miscellany Monday and a Quick Update!

Length-wise this post may be just a bit shorter than our usual ones, but don’t worry, it’s packed with some good stuff! Before we start we’ve just got a quick update to announce; and that is the fact that D&A’s Don’t Lewis will now be changing his DJ/Producer name (once again) to Technocolour. (Maybe because with a moniker like that you can ride that all the way to 60-ish years old, or longer.) As for what we’ve got going on for our Miscellany Monday segment, we’ve got ghosts, detectives, and psychics in this lesser known title known as Ghost Hunt! For the review of the series, click here!

There’s more fun and more action coming your way, next time on D&A Anime Blog! Remember, if you make D&A a part of you, then we’ll make you a part of us! 🙂



D&A Anime Blog: The Return of Miscellany Monday!!

We’re so excited to have the chance to bring this segment back to the blog! After a month’s long hiatus this fan favorite of ours makes its triumphant return. If you’re ready for some lesser-known anime titles as well as some delicious Japanese snacks, then you’re gonna love what we have for you in this installment! In case you haven’t heard the news, we’ll be having our Miscellany Monday segment every other Monday a month.

This time around we’ve decided to do the posts for this segments as well as our other segments on a bi-weekly schedule. We believe that this will give us some time to work on the quality of our work in finding great shows to check out on Crunchyroll and FunimationNow. If you have any suggestions on some titles you want us to review or other questions, just hit us up on our Contact Us page.

If you’re looking for a lesser-known anime title about the granddaughter of a Yazuka boss becoming a teacher, then check out the title known as Gokusen! If you’re looking for a fantastic dish that you can try in Japan (and any of its areas and regions), then you’re gonna love the taste of Okonomiyaki! That will do it for this week’s return of Miscellany Monday. Even though you’ll have to wait two weeks from today for the next installment, there’s still more excitement we have in store for you! Stay golden, my friends! 🙂

Miscellany Monday: The Future is Now!

Wow! It’s hard to believe that we’re already a few days into the Fall equinox, and yet it still feels like the heat of the Summer just doesn’t wanna leave yet. While we wait for the temps to cool down just a little bit, we here at D&A Anime Blog are getting ready for some new things that are soon coming to the forefront! Before we jump on that let’s jump on some lesser-known anime titles that we searched high and low for, in order to bring them right here to you guys (the fans)!


If you’re looking for a coming-of-age tale set in the 23rd century, then check out this anime title known as Stellvia of the Universe! The timeline of this series takes place in 2356 A.D. just 189 years after the Earth suffered an apocalyptic blow, that wiped out 99% of the entire population. The remaining population built massive space stations known as “foundations” in order to keep track of all the space activities that would be occur. Shima Katase has just finished the Space Academy’s Entrance Exams, and is now on her way to the Earth-like foundation known as Stellvia (the titicular foundation). Her goal in life is to explore the galaxy while doing everything she can to prevent Stellvia from suffering the same fate as Earth did, 189 years ago. You can find and stream this series on Crunchyroll and FunimationNow.

Three weeks from today, the Kontrol Room will be open! The music playlist page will contain electronic music genres such as Dubstep, Drum n’ Bass, Trap, Chiptune, Moombahton, and so much more! All of the music for this 16-track playlist will be produced by the blog’s own Donte’ J. Lewis (aka Super Dangantronixx).

That will do it for us update-wise. We’ve got more filler posts and additions to our Voice Actor Spotlight series coming up soon! 🙂

Miscellany Monday: Protecting Libraries One Book at a Time!

Welcome back fans to yet another Monday night filled with lesser-known anime titles from your two favorite guys at D&A; A. Goldman and Donte’ “D.J.” Lewis! Before we kick things off we’re proud to announce that we’ll be launching our music playlist Kontrol Room (with original music produced by Super Dangantronic) three weeks from tonight! The new fall changes for our previous segments will take place after October 1st, until then we’ll keep bringing you what you want during our regularly scheduled hours! Now that we’ve taken care of that load, it’s time to get on with the show! 🙂


If you love libraries, military action, and romance all wrapped up in the same title, then you’re gonna wanna check out this lesser-known gem called Library War! The series itself deals with an alternate version of the Japanese Statement of Intellectual Freedom in Libraries, with the terms of the Freedom of the Library Law modified as well. Contrary to popular belief the Media Betterment Committee and their agents are charged with targeting censored library books and reading material, that they believe to be harmful to the people that read them at the library.

Local governments in Japan have created anti-MBC organizations in order to combat against the raids of the MBC, because of the Media Betterment Act that was set into place, and enforced by the agents of the MBC. Iku Kasahara is a new recruit that has joined the task force of the Kanto Library Base, after being inspired to do so by a high ranking defense force member of the base. In spite of the challenges and trials that she faces throughout the series, Iku is determined to do whatever it takes to protect the very books that she swore she would protect! You can stream this anime title on FunimationNow and also on Crunchyroll.

There’s more filler post action coming up the rest of this week, so be sure to stop by if you wanna see what we’ve got cooking in the D&A kitchen!

Stay true, and stay gold! 😉

Miscellany Monday…On A Wednesday?!

Yep, this is actually happening. Normally we would do this blog segment every Monday night for your enjoyment, but due to our hectic ‘real world’ schedule we’ve decided that for this week only, we were going to do this segment tonight. Now that we’ve cleared that path, here’s what we’ve got for you on this special night of lesser-known anime titles…


Do you love anime titles about shrine maidens and fox spirits? Then why not check out this supernatural comedy known as Gingitsune! The story is about Makoto Saeki, a young girl who is the daughter of a shrine priest who has been given a gift called ‘The Sight’ after the death of her mother. During the funeral Makoto met an anthropomorphic fox spirit named Gintaro, who has decided to make her the fifteenth generation heiress. Even though there are times when Gintaro feels unmotivated and acts a bit rude, he and Makoto manage to maintain a good relationship with one another. Since she’s the only person who can actually see him, Makoto and Gintaro decide to become something of a ‘go-between’ for gods and humans in order for them to do whatever they can to help those that come to the shrine. You can check out this series on FunimationNow and of course, Crunchyroll!

If you haven’t heard the news yet we now have our own Patreon page, where fans can donate/pledge to our page in order for us to bring you better videos (hopefully in 60 FPS), exculsive voice actor interviews, and even a fancast podcast series! We want to take what you love about D&A Anime Blog to the next level, but we need your help!

Just head to https://patreon.com/daanimeblog2016 to check out our page and donate (if you wish). Well guys that’ll about do it on our end, but stay tuned for more fun and excitement as we bring you more additions to our Voice Actor Spotlight series, and updates about the Kontrol Room music playlist! As always, make D&A a part of you, and we’ll make you a part of us! 🙂

Miscellany Monday: Master Thieves & Family Heirlooms!

Happy Labor Day anime fans! We know most of you are out enjoying a nice juicy burger or perhaps a hotdog on this unofficial End-of-Summer day, but don’t forget about us on this awesome blog/site we call home. We’ve got some lesser-known anime titles for you that we’re sure you’re gonna love, so grab yourself a hotdog, hamburger, or both and get ready for what we’ve got in store…


If you like a good mystery title that’s got some master thief action in it, then might we suggest checking out Daughter of Twenty Faces! In this series Chizuko Mikamo lives with her aunt and uncle, whom she doesn’t trust, after both of her parents had died. Both caretakers have been trying to slowly poison Chizuko in an effort to take her family heirloom for themselves; the Anastasia Ruby. It is soon discovered that her butler is revealed to be a legendary master thief known as Twenty Faces, who soon asks Chizuko to accompany him and his band of thieves.

Two years later she becomes a powerful thief under the tutelage of Twenty Faces, however due to a train accident Chizuko (now called Chiko) believes the master thief to be dead as his comrades were. Her aunt’s detective finds her in the aftermath and is brought back home, but upon discovering that Twenty Faces may still be alive, Chiko uses her detective/thief skills to evade her aunt’s deadly advances towards her while uncovering the mystery behind Twenty Faces. You can stream this awesome title on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow!

We’ve got more awesome Voice Actor Spotlight filler posts coming up later this week, so be sure to check back in on the blog every so often to see what’s up!

Until then, stay golden! 😉

Miscellany Monday: Family Letters From Beyond The Grave…?

What’s goin’ on anime fans! Here’s Yours Truly (D.J. Lewis) coming to you with some lesser-known anime goodness from Virginia Beach, VA! In our last post I mentioned that we’ll soon be changing up our posting schedule for the Fall and Winter, in order to better accommodate you guys (the fans). We’re also working hard to get our Patreon page up and running so that we ca do more for the blog, for anime voice actors, and most importantly…you! Here’s what we’ve got for you on this overcast Monday Night straight outta Virginia Beach, baby! 😉


If you’re an anime fan who’s on the lookout for a lesser-known fantasy-touched drama-filled psychological thriller, then Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed will be the title that you seek! The series follows the main character Fumika, as she is a Shigofumi who delivers mail to the family members of the deceased. The letters themselves contain things that the dead had wanted to say to their family and friends while they were alive, but could not bring themselves up to say what was on their mind before they died. Fumika travels with her talking staff Kanaka while they deliver the letters of the dead to the family members of the living, and if they’re not doing that, then they reside within the realm of Shigo. The Shigofumi themselves are actually now-dead mil carriers who don’t age, but Fumika herself is not yet dead, which means that she’ll age the same way every human does. You can stream this series on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow.

We’ll continue to keep you all posted on all the new happenings going on with the blog, as well as new information on our newest fanfiction; Danganronpa Enoshima! Are thoughts and prayers are also with the people, voice actors and anime fans who were effected by Hurricane Harvey within the past couple days. D&A loves you, and stay safe out there! 🙂

Miscellany Monday: Traveling Beyond the Anime Galaxy!

Hey anime fans! Hopefully you’ve gotten the chance to see our first ever solar eclipse in the 20th/21st century. Make sure you wore protective shades during the event because if you didn’t, then you’re going to be one sad blind otaku. While we’re on the subject of solar eclipses, let’s talk about what kind of lesser-known anime titles we have for you on this eclipse-filled evening…


If you’re on the lookout for a sci-fi supernatural anime title, then look no further than Toward the Terra! The series takes place during the 31st millennium where humans are now under the order of supercomputers known as the Superior Dominance. In the mist of the reign where the supercomputers are turning vitro-born humans into brainwashed functioning adults, a new breed of humans called the Mu are making it their mission to rescue every Mu-born child from the Superior Dominance, who wants nothing more than to have them destroyed. Led by Solider Blue (and then Solider Shin) the Mu only have one wish; to return to their beloved promised planet known as Terra. You can find this awesome series on Crunchyroll, FunimationNow, and even on YouTube.

If you guys haven’t heard the news yet, we’re hard-pressed on creating a Patreon page in order to bring you guys (the fans) more original content, more chances to see us at anime conventions, and hopefully some original features that you can’t find anywhere else on an anime blog! Our ultimate goal is to one day have our own 3-day anime convention known as Anime Escape, where fandoms of cosplay, anime, manga, video games, and superheroes can all come together and party with us! (That’s right, we will be having Friday and Saturday night raves at our con!)

We’ll continue to keep you updated on what our future plans are regarding the blog, as well as where as what places we’ll be heading/returning to, on our 2018 anime convention tour! Until next time, make D&A a part of you, and we’ll make you a part of us! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Countdown to SaikouCon & Monday Anime Titles!!

Now that Otakon has passed, most of us are now feeling the dreaded PCB (Post-Convention Blues). It’s that 24-hour feeling that you get when you realize that all of the responsibilities that you ditched during your anime convention weekend, have now come back to bite you ten-fold. (Ouch! >.<) Not to worry though, cause your good friends at D&A have got the cure! So let’s get started with some lesser-known anime titles that’ll take a little bit of the dread from PCB, and get you back to the happy fun-lovin’ otaku you were during the con!


If you’re looking for something a little different in your fantasy anime, then look no further than Kemono no Soja (aka The Beast Player)! The story is about a ten-year-old girl named Erin, who lives with her mother in a village known as Ake in the Alhan region. She has a great love for animals, including the Touda; dragon-like creatures that are used for war. One day one of the strongest one’s mysteriously dies, and because Erin’s mother was charged with taking care of it while it was alive, she has been sentenced to death and is then eaten by a wild Touda despite the fact that Erin tried to save her.

Later in the story Erin is adopted by a beekeeper and learns about the “King of Beasts”, the Ouju. After befriending and caring for a baby Ouju named Lilan, Erin finds herself in the middle of a civil conflict between the region of Alhan, and the region of Yoje. If this is a series for you, then you can stream it on FunimationNow or Crunchyroll. (Or you can watch it on Youtube!)

We’re counting down the days before we make our way to Allentown, PA for SaikouCon 2017! Leah Clark (Soul Eater as Blair) and R. Bruce Elliott (Captain Ginyu and Lord Slug from Dragon Ball Z) will be there all weekend, so if you’re looking for a way to end the summer off right, then you’re gonna wanna head to SaikouCon!

Until then my anime friends! 🙂

Miscellany Monday: Dough-Boys and Breadwinners!!

So here we are again anime fans, as we prepare for yet another week filled with work, responsibilities, and anime. Hopefully lots, and lots of anime! We of course continue doing what we do best as we bring you some more great lesser known anime titles, that some believe shouldn’t have been snubbed from mainstream. We also wanna let you guys know, that we’ve created a new page known as D&A’s Review Schedule, where fans can see what new titles we have scheduled for review on most of our popular segments; such as Miscellany Monday, and D&A Friday’s. With all that being said let’s take a look at what we’ve got baking in the anime review oven for Monday night…


If you’re looking for a series about baking bread, and what the true definition of what a breadwinner is, then check out this anime title known as Yakitate!! Japan! The story follows Kazuma Azuma on his noble quest to create a special bread for Japan called ‘Ja-pan’. He makes his way to Tokyo in order to enhance his skills and expand his horizons at Pantasia, a popular bread-making chain in Japan. The title of the series is actually a pun using the words ‘yakitate’ (which means freshly-baked), and ‘pan’ from the word Japan (which means bread). If you’re familiar with Food Wars then you’re gonna love this anime title. You can stream it on Crunchyroll and FunimationNow, or you can also find it on Youtube.

With a new month brings new anime conventions all across the U.S. region. We’re going to be updating our regional locations under our Cons Near U drop down page, so you can find the anime con that’s closest to you! Don’t forget, on August 18-20th we’ll be making our way to Allentown, PA for the fourth stop on our 2017 anime convention tour; SaikouCon 2017!! We’re hoping to see you guys there! 🙂