D&A’s Top 5 Most Popular Anime Openings!!

If you’re an avid anime fan, then we’re pretty sure that you’ve got a few favorite songs or tracks from your favorite titles. One of the best elements that makes an anime series a sure fire hit, is it’s music. We find ourselves singing the theme songs to our favorite titles in Japanese more often than people might think, and if you’re a hardcore anime fan, then you know the Japanese lyrics to your favorite titles by heart. Since the 2000’s anime has been spreading like wildfire, and it’s music has touched the hearts of any and everyone who is a fan (old school and new school). On behalf of us here at D&A Anime Blog, here’s our Top 5 most popular anime openings!

Number 5 – Again (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

We all loved the original FMA series as well as its opening title song, but Brotherhood took everything that was awesome about the original (while making it true to the manga), and made it epic! There will never be an anime convention where you won’t see an Edward or Alphonse Elric cosplay, and not start singing this song in your head.

Number 4 – History Maker (Yuri!!! on Ice)

This year’s hit series has made the sport of ice skating into quite a beautiful art form – not that it already isn’t by any standards. If you love the series then you also love the opening title, in fact if you were to head to youtube right now, there’s now doubt that you’ll find a playlist somewhere filled with videos of fans singing this song.

Number 3 – The Hero!! (One Punch Man)

Max as Saitama? Yasss, queen! The most powerful anime superhero deserves an epic title song as an anime opening, right? Well consider that job, done!

Number 2 – Resonance (Soul Eater)

Whenever T.M. Revolution comes into town, this is the most requested song out of all of his tracks. Why, because it’s used for an awesome anime title! (At least to us it is, and to many of you guys too.) You know an anime opening title song is popular when there are (approximately) hundreds of videos filled with remixes, fan versions, and acoustic guitar edits.

And Number 1 – Rock the Dragon (Dragon Ball Z)

You already know what this is! This is the most epic title song that has ever been produced in the history of anime openings! If you’re an old school fan, then you already know. If you’re new to the game, then you’re in for a treat! It’s only fitting that one of the most popular pioneering anime titles has the most nostalgic song that has ever been created.

So that wraps up our Top 5 for tonight. We’re pretty sure that there are some more anime opening songs that you guys go head over heels for (Ouran anyone?), so never stop listening and loving your favorite tunes from your favorite shows! 🙂

Shimoneta: The History of Censorship in Japan!

In many of our past filler posts we’ve talked about (and broken down) various topics that were ‘seemingly’ hard to dissect, but this one however is a bit of a history lesson, without the boring lecture. If you’re a big fan of Shimoneta, then this post is for you!

You thought the FCC was bad? (They’re not as hard-assed as they used to be like they were back in the day) Then sit on down and check this out! If you’re a little bit familiar with the Japanese Constitution, then you’d know that Article 21 guarantees Freedom of Expression and prohibits formal censorship. Kinda like our 1st Amendment rights here in America, but that’s about as political as we’re gonna get on our side. To realize how far Japan has come in terms of this topic, you’d have to go back a little bit.

This brings us to the Edo Period of Japan, where the Tokugawa Shogunate started turning towards censorship of ideas and talks that included Christianity, bad-mouthing the shogunate, and a few other things. Because publishing became pretty popular during that time, if there was anything published that threaten the traditional way of life (or the way that you look at the shogunate as a government), it was seized on contact! Which would make a Present Day hentai lover nervous if he/she lived during this period.

Fast-forward to 1868 during the Meiji Period, where censorship was really heavy – especially on western ideas and pornography. (No booty magazines here, unless you wanna get yours hung or shot!) 60 years later the Death Penalty was added among a list of punishments for crimes that were committed during this period – violation of censorship being one of those crimes. In 1940 The Information Bureau took full control over all news, advertising and public events. To top it off the revision of the National Mobilization Law kicked in, thus eliminating freedom of the press – until 5 years later when restrictions on censorship were abolished.

Although the strict laws that held censorship in place are a little more lenient than in days of old, explicit images (such as pornography) must still be partially censored to this day. The reason for that is because of one trial that took place in January of 2004, when Suwa Yuuji was convicted for his hentai manga, Misshitsu. The outcome of the trial dealt a nasty blow to the adults-only section in all of the Japanese bookstores, preferably the manga section, as they were forced to completely remove the section from their stores.

Now that you know the history of censorship in Japan as told by the guys of D&A, you’ll have a better understanding of the plot from Shimoneta…hopefully.

D&A Update: Confirmed 2018 Cons, Thy Geekdom Con, and More!

Sorry for cutting our usual program short, but we wanted to bring you guys up to date as to what’s going on at D&A Headquarters! Despite the fact that we had to cut a few of our tour stops short, we have confirmed all of the anime conventions that we will be attending for next year’s tour. Wanna see where we’re gonna be? Check out the list below! 😉

Our Confirmed Conventions for 2018

  • Animore – Baltimore, MD (January 19-21, 2018)
  • Nipponcon – Westminster, MD (Spring 2018)
  • Universal Fan Con – Baltimore, MD (Spring 2018)
  • Zenkaikon – Lancaster, PA (May 4-6, 2018)
  • Thy Geekdom Con – Claymont, DE (2018)
  • Anime USA – Washington, DC (2018)

We may be adding more cons to this list (God willing) if we find ourselves in a much healthier state of finances, of course if you want to see us at more anime conventions, check out our Patreon page (patreon.com/daanimeblog2016) and hit that donate button!

If you haven’t heard the news yet, one of our founder’s is celebrating his 28th birthday at this year’s Thy Geekdom Con at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Claymont, DE! That birthday boy is Donte’ Lewis. If you get the chance you can send him some pre-birthday tweets to any of our social media pages. We’re not sure what to expect at this anime convention, but we’re sure to have a blast!

Next year some of our old segments return to the blog; such as Ani-Sunday (Anime Sunday), Throwback Thursday, and of course the official launch of our newest segment Bassandramada: Kontrol Room. If you have any suggestions/recommendations for anime titles that you want us to review, just send them to us through our Contact Us page. That’s all for now, but stick around for some more filler posts coming up this weekend! Stay safe this Halloween, and have fun out there guys! 🙂

D&A’s Top 5 Places To Shop For Anime Merch Online!

Cyber shopping is becoming the norm of everyday shopping, especially when retailers don’t sell the item that we desperately need (or have to have). Sites like Amazon and Ebay are just a couple of the most common sites of the online shopping circuit, which could spell trouble for retail stores ten, or twenty years down the line. (*Cough* Blockbuster!) So in a world where online stores are slowly but surely dominating the consumer industry, where can an anime/manga fan find some merch at good prices? Well, you’ve come to the right anime blog, cuz’ that’s what we’re here for!

Sure, you may find some good deals at many of the conventions you go to, but what about the items that can only be found online? Even if you did manage to find the item you’re looking for at a con, 9 times outta 10 another otaku’s got their eye (and hand) on it! Instead of trapping that guy or girl in your ‘Genjutsu of Death’, here’s our Top 5 list of online sites to find the merch you’ve been looking for!


Number 5 – The Anime Stuff Store!

Need the pinky rings Death the Kid wears to complete your cosplay? Then this is the online store for you! Whether you’re a cosplayer or anime fan, you can find some good stuff at great prices on this site. You’ll find items like pens, key chains, CDs, blankets, T-shirts, wigs, DVDs, and anything else that will make you ‘squeee!‘ in delight! They don’t call it the Anime Stuff Store for nothing! (Link: https://www.animestuffstore.com)

Number 4 – Otaku Village!

If you’re a hardcore anime fan (like an otaku over 9000), then you’re gonna want some of the most authentic anime merch you can find, right? Your answer lies at Otaku Village, an online place where fans can get some true authentic merch that’s licensed by the studios and creators of some of your favorite titles! You might kick out a lil’ more cash than other online stores depending on what you buy, but you can’t beat the quality when it comes to true authenticity! (Link: https://www.otakuvillage.com)

Number 3 – Best Anime Shop!

Looking for an online store that’s got a little bit of every fandom (merch-wise)? Then check this online store that we’ve come across! You’ll find wall scrolls and apparel from all your favorite titles and characters; such as SAO, Captain America, DBZ, Tokyo Ghoul, and so much more! It’s worth taking a shot at if you’ve got a reasonable budget to work with. (Link: https://www.bestanimeshop.com)

Number 2 – J-Box!

Looking for something kawaii for your girlfriend, or something to tease your boyfriend with? (No ladies, it’s not an online sex shop!) Then make your way to J-Box for all of your Japanese merchandise needs! Want candy? They got it! Want figures? They got it! Anything you want, they got it all! (Link: https://jbox.com)

And Finally Number 1 – Right Stuf Anime!

The #1 ‘go-to’ site for anime and manga fans alike! This is the place to go for all things otaku; such as DVDs, plushies, T-shirts, wall scrolls, figures, games, and so much more! Think of this as the Walmart Superstore for anime/manga fans, with great prices that are sure to give you more bang for your buck! (Link: https://www.rightstufanime.com)

So if you’re looking for that one item or box set that you couldn’t get your hands on at an anime convention, then check out these five online stores for all of your anime needs! 🙂

Where’s The Love? The 5 Benefits to Dating an Otaku!

You’ve heard the name and know what it means in Japan; an individual who is obsessed with a certain topic yet has vast knowledge of it, but lives with their parents well into their 40’s, eats nothing but junk food, and watches anime (and reads manga or comic books) all day. Basically a shut-in NEET. Even though this is considered a negative stereotype in Japanese culture, us westerners have redefined the term into something endearing. The word ‘Otaku’ over here in North America means that you have a vast knowledge of anime, manga, or anything nerdy and fun, and still be a functioning member of society. (No matter how ass-backwards it can be in this day and age.)

Being an Otaku in America is not all bad, in fact there are a few benefits behind it that can make your life worth while. So to shed some light on this stereotypical term for being an overly obsessed anime/manga fan (or something of the like), we bring to you five different benefits to dating an Otaku!


Number 5 – Tech Support? No Problem!

If you’re having any computer related problems that are beyond your power, having an Otaku around is the best solution! You won’t have to worry about your computer misbehaving or can’t get the screen to stop glitching as long as you’ve got a girlfriend or boyfriend who’s good with computers.

Number 4 – They Excel in the Romance Department!

People don’t give Otaku’s enough credit when it comes to love! They’re the kind of guys/girls who will shower you with love and treat you with respect in ways that other guys/girls wish they could. That ‘Honeymoon’ feeling that you get after you get married lasts a lot longer with an Otaku, than just getting flowers and candy on Valentine’s Day.

Number 3 – They’re Low Maintenance When it comes to Food!

Can’t cook, or you’re cooking skills aren’t up to par? No problem! Otaku’s aren’t the kind of people who fancy lavish meals from five star restaurants, if you want to make your Otaku girlfriend or boyfriend happy, then Royal Farms or Pizza Hut is the way to go! Forget spending $150 on food dishes that you can’t even pronounce, just point us to the nearest taco place and we’ll chow down there!

Number 2 – They’ll Never Cheat on You!

It’s hard to trust people these days, especially within the realm of social media! If you have an Otaku girlfriend or boyfriend, their level of commitment is second to none! They will never cheat on you on matter what, and you won’t have to worry about them dancing with any of the hotties at the club, because you will be their only dance partner!

Number 1 – They Love You for You!

Sometimes when we look at magazines and movies we see how hot our favorite actors/models are and we second guess ourselves, stating that we’re not good enough. We don’t look athletic or sexy or anything that might attract us a hot guy or girl. For Otaku’s on the other hand they could care less! They don’t care if you’re a little on the thick side (some guys/girls like em’ curvy/fluffy), or don’t have long flowing hair, or even the fact that you sound like a bag of pork grinding when you snore. Otaku guys and girls love everything about you, and will except you for who you are!

Dating an Otaku or having them as your girlfriend or boyfriend is not all bad. In fact they might even be that soulmate that you’ve been searching your whole life for. Not all of them live at home with their mothers and stay in their room reading manga, watching anime, and playing video games. Some of them even own anime conventions or are entrepreneurs in their own right.

The days of being ousted by the cool kids are over! Otaku (in reality) were the cool kids all along and didn’t even know it! They’re smart, educated, have bachelor’s and master’s degrees, cultured, passionate about anime/manga, and are romantic. You won’t find them in places like nightclubs or local bars, but they can be found at anime conventions or nightclubs dedicated to all things otaku. (You’ll find some if you Google it.) On that note that’ll wrap up our benefits to dating an Otaku, now get out there and find your Asuna, Kirito! 😉


D&A Friday’s: When It Comes to Anime Crime Dramas, It’s Kill or Be Killed!

Normally this would be the part where we’d say something right before we give you our overview of our pick, but we’re gonna skip that and get right to the good stuff. Cool? Alright, let’s begin.


Are you looking for an anime title that’s akin to The Sapranos or even The Godfather? Then you’re gonna love this anime title known as 91-Days! The story takes place in a town called Lawless, Illinois where Angelo Lagusta is a young man whose family was killed during a mafia dispute caused by the Vanetti Family. Now he wants to wadge war and revenge against that family, including its don, for what happened seven years after that fateful day. Thanks to a letter sent to him by a friend of his father’s, Angelo now goes under the name ‘Avilio Bruno’ in order to befriend the don’s son, Nero Vanetti, just so he can get closer to the don himself. (And extract his revenge.) The series spans over a 91-day time lapse filled with revenge, blood-shed, and betrayal. If this show has peaked your interest, then you can check it out on Crunchyroll and FunimationNow.

In just two weeks it will be time for us to head off to our final anime convention for 2017, Thy Geekdom Con! Join us as we celebrate the 28th birthday of one of D&A’s Founders, Donte’ J. Lewis, on November 4th and 5th at the Crown Plaza hotel in Claymont, DE. Also on the quick update chart; starting January 1st of 2018, we’ll be rolling out new times for our most-loved segments in order to keep up our commitment in bringing you the best reviews in anime and manga. (We’re even reviving some segments that have gone on hiatus since this past Summer.)

Also coming on January 1st is the launch of our music playlist page that is now shifting over to the name Bassandramada: Kontrol Room! As always we appreciate all the love and support that you’ve given us thus far, and we hope to continue doing what we do best while giving it our all! Stay gold, my friends! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Musical Styles, Chivalry, and Future Goals!

So here we are less than 10 weeks away from 2018, and let me tell you, this year has been a heck of a ride for many of us (including me). If I told you how many thoughts go in and out of my own head on a day-to-day basis, it would be too much for one person to handle. One thought in particular is that fact that people keep saying that ‘Chivalry is Dead’; that the fact that most men (especially young men) don’t appear to show or mimic the qualities that you would find in a sophisticated gentleman. You rarely hear answers like “yes, ma’am!” or “No ma’am!” from some of the teenage adolescents that are out here nowadays, however it’s not to say that there aren’t any chivalrous people out there in the world. In fact both A. Goldman and I fit that category in a sense because that’s how we both grew up, to respect our parents and elders and to be a gentlemen towards ladies.

‘Where did the love go?’ is the question that’s on my mind sometimes. This may sound a little cliche coming from me, but throughout middle and high school I was a fluffy Afro-American nerd who loved Samurai Jack, Teen Titans, Dragon Ball Z, and Toonami. You can imagine how hard it was to make friends during that time, as I didn’t have a lot of them. I was bullied by boys and teased by girls for various things from my weight to the things that gave me great joy. I’ve gone through two nervous breakdowns and developed a ‘Lone Wolf’ attitude with a malevolent spirit that could erupt at any moment. Needless to say, I never had a girlfriend throughout the whole four years of high school.

Now here I am almost 10 years later with an AA degree from a school that’s no longer valid or even accredited, wondering what the next phase in my life will be. Accomplishment-wise I’m one of the founding members of this awesome anime blog alongside my partner and friend of 15+ years, I’m back in the music producing (beat making) business again after a four year hiatus – with advanced production skills! Now I’m on the road to pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production, so that I can stay current and relevant with what’s going on in the world of music. Chivalry can bring you a long way in life, but sometimes I wish the generation behind me knew that. (Yes, I know I sound old for saying that.)

While we’re on the subject of music production and beat making, the sounds that I like to produce involve elements of EDM and Chiptune music. I find myself creating instrumental tracks as opposed to ones with lyrics because I want people to listen, hear, and feel the groove of the sounds that come from my tracks like they’re reading chapters in a novel or a story. I want to take people on a journey with my music; whether I’m producing Dubstep, Trap, Moombahton, Progressive House, Hip-Hop, or any other genre that people can dance to. Do I see myself as becoming the next Dr. Dre or Skrillex? No. I just want to be myself. I just want to go my own way – the Technocolorz way!

There are some long-term goals that I have for my life. One, to continue with the blog and hopefully have our own anime convention in ten years, or sooner. Two, to eventually find love and move out of my mother’s house, hopefully I find a girl that loves music and anime as much as I do. Three, to make enough money to pay every single bill on time – even my student loans! Even if I did make $150,000+ a year, I will still go to anime conventions (and run the blog) as well as chat with you guys about anime related topics. I don’t really care about being rich and famous that much, because then I would become the one thing that I hate more than slugs, rapping out loud, and soy milk…being a snob!

I know this post may or may not have sounded a tiny bit rant-ish in some areas, but if it did, I want to thank you for taking the time to read it. Our fans are our friends, and we appreciate everything that you’ve done to make this blog the way it is today!

Thank you! 🙂


D&A Update: Anime Cons (Part 2)!

Sorry to keep you guys waiting for us. If you’re still looking for some anime conventions happening for the Pre-Halloween weekend, then you might wanna check these lil’ numbers out! We’ve got cons in the Southwest and Northeast Bound regions of the U.S. for you and your friends to chillax and have fun. Don’t forget, if you happen to be heading towards Claymont, DE for the first weekend in November, we’ll be celebrating the 28th birthday of one of the founding members of D&A Anime Blog, Donte’ J. Lewis!

Until next post, stay gold! 😉

Filler Post: D&A’s Guide On How to Budget For A Con!

If you love going to anime conventions, then this filler post is definitely for you! No matter how big or small your favorite con is, you’re bound to be kicking out a few handfuls of dough throughout the entire weekend of the event. From the cost of a hotel to the bags of anime-related merchandise you’ve been itching to buy, your wallet or credit card will be screaming “I can’t even!” if you’re not careful. Not to worry guys n’ gals, we’re here to help. If you wanna have the time of your life at a con without breaking the bank, then check out these wonderful guide from the good people of D&A Anime Blog.


Conventions are a great place to meet new friends and other anime fans who share the same love for it as you do. One reason why they can enjoy the con to its fullest is because they planned in advance. Traveling and Lodging are two of the biggest expenses that you’ll have to kick out money for, no matter how big or small the con is. (Followed by Con Badges, Parking, Food, etc.) The closer your hotel is to a convention, the more money you may have to shell out. (That’s not always the case however, as some conventions are hotel-based.)

One way you can lessen the financial blow (and save a little of your own money) when booking a hotel or traveling, is by going half & half with one of your friends. By doing this you’ll not only kick out a fraction of what you’d pay if you went alone, but you’ll also have some coins left over to buy some merch from the Dealer’s Room. If one of your friends has their own car, that’s even better! That will just leave you all to split the hotel bill, and that shouldn’t be a problem to say the least. (Just make sure you’ve got money for parking, and gas to fill up the tank.)

Keep in mind that you’re also going to need food, so do a lil’ research of the local restaurants in the con’s area, and start saving up for them. If you wanna save some money in this area, then places like Royal Farms or Subway are going to be your best friends in this situation.


Smaller anime conventions have great deals on merch that give you more bang for your buck than larger cons. That being said, it’s a good idea to establish a Dealer’s Room savings fund when you head out to conventions, because if you’re merch ticket is larger than your rent, then you sir (or madame) have a big problem! As each day of the con passes, the vendors drop the prices of their items anywhere from 20% to 50% off. That’s why the last day of the convention always has the best deals on merch, so keep that option open if you plan on having any money left over for another con.

If if you still have some money left over after the con has ended, then put that left over cash to good use. Roll it over to the budget for your next convention, that way you’ll be two steps ahead of the game. When it comes to con life, it’s always better to stay prepared than having to get prepared. (Financially of course.)

Hopefully this post has helped you become a better planner when it comes to the conventions you love. Take it from us; cons are not cheap, so that’s why it’s a good idea to plan for them months in advance. You never want to wait until the last minute to come up with a plan for a con, especially if you have limited finances. Do your research, ask your friends if they wanna come, and save every penny. Your wallet will thank you.



Cosplay 911: The Top 5 Tools Needed For Cosplay Repair!

Here you are with your friends at one of your favorite anime conventions. You’ve just come out of a Cowboy Bebop anniversary panel, and now you’re on your way to get something to eat before the next panel starts. You’re wearing your best cosplay (the one you’ve spent several months working on) for everyone to see, and then the unimaginable happens – part of your outfit brushes up against an uneven part of the door and makes a small (yet noticeable) tear. Perhaps you’re debuting a prop that you’ve spent months on, only for part of it to get caught in the hotel elevator and snap off.

Chances are that somewhere down the line in your life of cosplaying and going to conventions, you’ve been on the receiving end of a cosplay mishap. Cosplay malfunctions are the last thing a cosplayer wants to worry about at a con; besides turning your best friend into a bodyguard to protect you from cosplay glompers. Never fear cosplayers, cuz’ D&A’s here to our fool-proof Cosplay Repair Plan filled with the Top 5 tools that you’ll need to handle nay mishap that happens to you, or one of your friends.


Number 5: Glue Gun

The majority of all cosplay repairs usually requires this handy dandy tool. It can fix most problems really fast and really quickly when you need it the most! Glue guns are a good tool to have for those broken prop-type of mishaps that can happen on accident. Depending on the convention’s rules and policies, you probably won’t be able to bring a glue gun in that’s larger than your own arm. For that we recommend looking for a smaller one to carry in a small strap on bag – to access easily of course.


Number 4: A Pair of Scissors or Shears

If you’ve got any loose threads on your outfit or need to make a slight trim on your wig, then you’re gonna need to make sure that you don’t go without this essential tool. Perhaps you want your Kirito wig to look great in Asuna’s eyes, or maybe you just want to make sure that your Ciel cosplay doesn’t have any noticeable threads that may turn Sebastian off in any way. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this classic repair tool.


Number 3: Fashion Tape

This one’s for the ladies. If your cosplay is a bit on the scantily clad side, then this is the best tool to use to keep it held in place to prevent male nosebleeds (or ‘growth spurts’). Depending on the color or size fashion tape might even slightly enhance the look of your cosplay.


Number 2: Safety Pins

This is usually the ‘last resort’ go-to tool if you don’t have any tape, glue, or even velcro on your person. Safety pins are great for those mishaps that happen mid-travel from panel to panel. Make sure you don’t stick yourself while trying to repair something on your outfit that may be slightly torn, otherwise it’s going to be the most uncomfortable three or four days of your life – unless you have an emergency backup cosplay outfit.


And Number 1: The Classic Needle and Thread

Everybody knows that this particular item is found and needed in every wardrobe emergency kit ever made! If you want to make that small tear in your outfit no longer noticeable to the human eye, then make sure that you have a needle and thread handy for those ‘quick fix’ moments. It’s a good idea to make sure that the thread color matches the color scheme of your cosplay outfit in some cases, but you also don’t forget the old fashioned black and white colors as well.

If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a cosplay mishap during an anime convention, make sure that you’ve got a friend that has these five tools in a pinch when they’re needed the most! Accidents happen, so that’s why it’s always a good idea to stay prepared when that ‘dreadful moment’ that every cosplayer hates, happens.