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This is Miscellany Monday’s Anime of the Day! This is where we review all of the lesser-known anime titles that aren’t as mainstream as many of the bigger and more popular titles we all know. On this page we shine the spotlight on anime titles that don’t exactly get the credit that they deserve.

Our lesser-known anime title is…Ghost Hunt

Ghosts, detectives, and psychic abilities. What do these three things have in common you ask? They can be found in tonight’s lesser known anime title known as Ghost Hunt. If you’re on the lookout for a title that deals with the occult, then you might wanna check this title out! This title follows the ghost hunting adventures of a first-year student named Mai Taniyama who becomes involved with the occult and the paranormal through the SPR (Shibuya Psychic Research). She is joined in her adventures by the manager of the SPR; Kazuya Shibuya, Buddhist Monk Houshou Takigawa, celebrity teen psychic Masako Hara, Catholic Priest John Brown, and shrine maiden Ayako Matsuzaki. The English cast in this series contains some power players in the VA game that many of us may not have even known were in this series; J. Michael Tatum, Monica Rial and more! You can find this series on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow!


Our lesser-known anime title is…Gokusen

Ah, it’s so good to be back doing this segment again after a month’s long hiatus! Tonight’s lesser-known anime title is Gokusen; a story about Kumiko Yamaguchi, the granddaughter of a Yazuka Boss whose relatives want her to take over the family business. The only problem with that is, Kumiko wants to be a teacher – not a mob boss. She finds herself teaching at an all-boys private high school where most of her students are delinquents (as with any high school). Aside from being a teacher, Kumiko has to make sure that she keeps her private life a secret; the fact that she’s the granddaughter of a crime boss. From her Yazuka upbringing to being a master of mathematics, Kumiko is about to discover how powerful a connection between her and her students can be. You can stream this awesome title on Crunchyroll!


Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Stellvia

Also known as Stellvia of the Universe, this lesser-known anime title takes place in the 23rd century (2356 A.D.), just 189 years after Earth suffered a worldwide apocalyptic event that wiped out 99.99% of the entire population. The remaining members of mankind built huge space stations called “foundations” all across the solar system, in order to keep track of all space activities that occur. Shima Katase has just passed the Space Academy’s Entrance Exams, and is on her way to the Earth-based foundation called Stellvia so she can pursue her dreams of exploring the galaxy, and also to prevent any catastrophic events from befalling Earth once again. This coming of age title is a mixture of romance, comedy, drama, and mecha. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see this anime title yet, you can find it on Crunchyroll or stream it on FunimationNow!


Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Library War

Ah, libraries. The cornerstone of knowledge, imagination, exploration, and a place where there’s a sense of ‘Peace of Mind’…at least in the normal world. As for how libraries operate in this particular anime title, the story plot is based off the Statement of Intellectual Freedom in Libraries Act passed in Japan in 1954 (and was amended in 1979). Library War deals with Iku Kasahara, a new recruit established at the Kanto Library Base that she joined in 2019 (theirs not ours).

The mission of the Kanto Library Defense Force is to keep Media Betterment Act (MBA) agents from enforcing their rules and regulations upon the Freedom of Library Law, which involves removal or termination of any items (including library books) that have been targeted for censorship. (Sound familiar?)

Throughout the series Iku goes through a series of trials; such as putting her drill instructor Atsushi Dojo in danger due to not having secure custody of a criminal, or even getting involved with a member of the MBA. Despite the hangups and constant raids from the MBA because of the MBC (Media Betterment Committee), Iku continues to do her best and manages to get enlisted in the task force in order to prove to herself, that she’s capable of protecting the very books that she swore she would protect. If you’re on the lookout for a good military/romance title with a touch of comedy, then give Library War a try! 🙂


Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Gingitsune

It’s not uncommon that you hear about fox spirits in anime, and if you don’t believe us just ask the vessel of the Nine-Tailed Fox yourself! This lesser-known title known as Gingitsune, is about a girl named Makoto Saeki, who is the daughter of a shrine priest in a small Inari Shinto Shrine that’s dedicated to the God Ukanomitama. Makoto was given a gift called ‘The Sight’ when she was just four years old after her mother had died, which allows her to see the Shrine’s Heralds.

During the funeral she met an anthropomorphic fox spirit named Gintaro, as he declared Makoto as the fifteenth heiress. Despite the fact that he can be a bit rude and unmotivated at times, Gintaro is able to see a small glimpse into the future and help find lost things while maintaining a good friendship with Makoto. The two of them make the decision to be a go-between for the gods as well as humans, and try to help anyone who comes to the shrine who needs it. This series is a mix of slice-of-life and comedy, with a dash of supernatural. If this is the title for you, you can stream it on Crunchyroll or you can find it on FunimationNow!


Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Daughter of Twenty Faces

Are you an anime fan who’s looking for a good mystery detective series about master thieves and family heirlooms? Then Daughter of Twenty Faces will be the anime series that you’ll wanna watch! Chizuko Mikamo is a young girl who lives with her aunt and uncle after her parents died, however she acts coldly to them due to the fact that they’re slowly trying to kill her and take her inheritance for themselves. Thanks to her intelligence and knowledge of mystery novels, Chizuko does what she can to avoid eating anything her aunt cooks.

It’s soon discovered that her butler is the infamous Twenty Faces, the most famous master thief in the world. Chizuko goes with him and joins up with his band of thieves and after spending two years with them, she becomes a strong thief and learned some tricks from the master! As the series progresses Twenty Faces leaves Chizuko (now called Chiko) her own little mystery to solve, as he supposedly perished along with his band of thieves during a train accident. Upon finding out from a mysterious detective that Twenty Faces is still alive, she must dodge her aunts attempts to try and murder her while at the same time discover the truth about his past as well as her own.


Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed

Have you ever thought about what you would like to say to your loved ones right before you died? Or even what you wanted to say while you were alive, but could never bring yourself up to say what was on your mind? If that’s the case, then you’re gonna wanna check out this lesser-known anime title known as Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed. The series is about a mail carrier named Fumika who delivers death letters to the family members of the deceased. She along with her talking staff named Kanaka travel around the world of the living, delivering mail to various families about their dead family members. Like actual mail carriers, Shigofumi are assigned to the area(s) that they’re supposed to be assigned to. The Shigofumi themselves are actually now-dead people who deliver letters from the dead and don’t age, however Fumika herself does age, which signifies that she is not completely dead. If you’re looking for a psychological thriller with a touch of drama and fantasy, then be sure to check out this title for yourself! 😉


Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Toward the Terra

Welcome back to another installment of Miscellany Monday’s Anime of the Day! Tonight we’ve got ourselves a supernatural sci-fi series known as Toward the Terra. The timeline of the series takes place a little after the 31st millennium, where the humans are now under the rule of supercomputers known as the Superior Dominance. Under the rule of said dominance all newborn humans are born into vitro, and given to selected parents.

Once they become a certain age (14) they are then brainwashed of their memories by the Superior Dominance, and are overwritten to produce fully functioning adults. However, a new breed of humans with psionic abilities called the Mu, are making every effort to rescue the Mu children from the depths of despair by the Superior Dominance, who wants nothing more than to exterminate them. Led by Solider Blue and eventually Solider Shin, the Mu will do whatever it takes to fulfill their only wish; to go back home to the land of Terra. If you’re looking for a good sci-fi supernatural series that’s a little less common in the mainstream realm, then be sure to check this series out for yourself! 🙂


Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Kemono no Soja

Also known as The Beast Player, this fantasy series is about a ten-year-old girl named Erin, who has a big love for animals and lives with her mother in the village of Ake. Her mother is rumored to be one of the Mist People; a clan of people who practice magic, have green hair and eyes, and can hide themselves within the mist. One day Erin’s mother is sentenced to death due to fact that one of the Touda, a dragon-like creature used for war, has mysteriously died.

The Touda that died happened to be the Grand Duke’s strongest one, and because Erin’s mother was responsible for taking care of the Touda, she ends up getting eaten by a wild one as her punishment despite the fact that her daughter was trying to save her. As the story progresses Erin is now adopted by a beekeeper, and learns about the Ouju; also known as the “King of Beasts”. After Erin spends some time with a baby Ouju named Lilan, she soon finds herself in a civil war between her village in the Alhan region, and the Yoje region. If you’re looking for an anime title that a little different from what you’re currently watching/streaming, you can check this title out for yourself! 😉


Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Yakitate!! Japan

Have you ever heard of or seen an anime comedy about baking bread? Are you an anime fan who looking for something a little out of the ordinary in terms of mainstream genres? Then how about checking out a little title known as Yakitate!! Japan! The plot of the whole story is about the main character Kazuma Azuma, and his mission to create a special bread for the country of Japan, called ‘Ja-pan’. The title itself plays a pun on the word “Japan”, which has another meaning. (Basically ‘pan’ means bread, and ‘yakitate’ means freshly-baked.)

Think of this anime title like a comedic over-the-top cooking show, only with heavy emphasis on baking bread and being judged on texture, taste, and all of the other things that baking judges will judge cooking competitors on. One of the most interesting things you’ll find in a lesser-known title like this, is the use of puns in the series. So if this anime title is your bread and butter (no pun intended), then might we suggest giving Yakitate!! Japan a shot to see if it can rise to the occasion!


Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Kaleido Star

Are you looking for a high-flying slice-of-life fantasy anime title about trapeze artists and acrobats? If the answer is yes, then you’re gonna wanna check out this awesome lesser-known title called Kaleido Star! The story is about a young Japanese girl named Sora Naegino, who happens to be rather talented in acrobatics. She arrives in L.A. in hopes of getting the chance to join a circus known as the Kaleido Stage, a dream that she’s had since she was a little girl.

However with every great dream, there are a few difficulties that young Sora had to overcome. First off, she didn’t know how to get to the location where the Stage was. Second, she was robbed as she used her acrobatic skills to chase down the criminal right before she got leered at by a mysterious stranger. (Talk about creepy!)

In spite of all the difficulties that she had to face; such as feeling humiliated to the point of returning to Japan, as well as having a few members of the Kaleido Stage disapprove of her, Sora holds her head up high and continues to strive toward her dream through hard work and determination. Overtime she gains respect from the Stage, from her fellow performers, and also from her co-star Layla. You can check this great title out on Crunchyroll and FUNimation if you’re a fan of slice-of-life anime titles.


Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Natsume’s Book of Friends

Have you ever been bullied or been called strange because you were given the ability to see spirits? Well you can imagine how Takashi Natsume feels in this lesser-known anime title known as Natsume’s Book of Friends. He was given this ability by his own grandmother, and upon her passing he was given her ‘Book of Friends’ which was a special book that contained the many spirits that she bullied into servitude. The book itself is a highly prized item in the spirit world, and the spirits themselves want a chance to possess it for their own desires. (Good and bad might we add.)

During the course of these events a spirit (who takes on the form of a lucky cat) named Madara, becomes Natsume’s spiritual advisor and bodyguard of sorts. Because of his unique ability to see spirits Natsume is both targeted by yokai, and wanted as an ally to exorcists. If you’re looking for a supernatural comedy anime to enjoy, then you’re gonna wanna check this series out for yourself! 🙂


Sorry for the wait! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Mushishi

Ghosts in the Edo and Meiji Period? If you think that seems a bit farfetched then go tell that to Ginko of the occult anime series known as Mushishi. This lesser known title is set during an imaginary time where Japan is still a “closed country”, but features 19th century technology. The series protagonist Ginko (known as the Mush Master) is one of the only humans that can see and interact with these creatures. Although he often stresses the fact that the Mushishi are not evil and are trying to survive like everyone else, he aids those who have suffered from various problems that were caused by them.

The series itself is an episodic anthology that focuses on Ginko and the many types of Mushi that he comes face to face with. So if you’re on the lookout for a lesser-known anime title that deals with the occult, then be sure to check out this series when you get the chance! 🙂


Okay guys, tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Paranoia Agent

Have you ever felt guilty about doing something in life that you know you’ll regret later on down the line? Well this lesser-known anime title focuses on that exact premise. The story of Paranoia Agent, is about a shy girl named Tsukiko Sagi, who creates a pink dog character (named Maromi) that has now become widely popular all throughout Tokyo. In spite of the character’s success Tsukiko feels like she’s under pressure upon being able to somehow repeat said success. Upon walking home she’s attacked by a boy on inline skates who is soon dubbed “Lil’ Slugger” (which kinda sounds like a rapper’s name if you think about it), as two detectives named Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa, investigate the case while trying to get info out of Tsukiko about it. (Even though they claim to think that she’s lying about the attack overall.)

Word soon gets out about more attacks from the deemed assailant as the now unemployed detectives, make a radio broadcast about Lil’ Slugger and his attacks upon the people of Tokyo. The attacks themselves are not at random however, but it seems that Lil’ Slugger only attacks those who are under pressure. (Like Tsukiko was.) Around the same time that the string of attacks were taking place, the much anticipated Maromi series was all set to launch. Although there’s more to the story of Lil’ Slugger then what we’ve shared with you, we’re not the kind of guys to spoil anyone’s surprise. If you’ve never gotten the chance to check out this psychological mystery thriller, stream it on Crunchyroll, FUNimation, or on Youtube! 🙂


It’s good to be back! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…ef: A Tale of Memories

I know that it’s waaay too early to be thinking about Christmas at a time where its 80-something degrees outside, but this anime title takes place during the time where people are suggling up with the ones they love, as classic and modern versions of Christmas songs are being played throughout every living room of every house. (That is unless you’re the Grinch.)

This anime title is known as ef: A Tale of Memories, and it tells the story of a boy named Hiro Hirono, who runs into a frivolous girl that ‘borrows’ (more like stole) his bike in order to stop an alleged purse thief. After finding his bike damaged and the girl, who’s name is Miyako Miyamura, unconscious after chasing the purse thief, Hiro decides to spend his Christmas with her. Their relationship grows even more when it is discovered that the two of them actually go to the same school, which sparks the jealously of Hiro’s childhood friend, Kei Shindou, because of his growing relationship with Miyako. Another plot unfolds when a boy named Renji Asou has an encounter with Kei’s sister Chihiro Shindou, and the two end up becoming friends and writing a novel together. While this is going on two mysterious adults are guiding the young ones through an intertwined tale of love, friendship, rejection, and the acceptance of who you are. Be sure to check this title out if you haven’t gotten the chance to yet.


Here we are! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Rokka

Also known as Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, this lesser known anime title tells the story of six powerful individuals (demigods maybe?) that are chosen by the Goddess of Fate who are called the Braves of the Six Flowers. There is one problem however; when they’re all called together upon the request of the Goddess of Fate, seven heroes show up as opposed to the six that she has called. This leads to a situation where one of the six braves is actually a spy and an imposter, who might actually be working for the demon god that the braves are trying to stop. If you’re looking for a lesser known action, fantasy, and mystery title, then might we suggest checking out this one in particular. You can only watch it (stream it) subbed though, but it’s pretty good! 🙂


We’re back from the road! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Tokyo Godfathers

We’re back from Zenkaikon to bring you another lesser known anime title, or movie rather, to fulfill your Monday night cravings for anime! Tokyo Godfathers is an anime title that many of the older fans (the 90’s kids and some 80’s kids) might be familiar with, but as for the rest of us, here’s how the story goes…

Three people (a runaway girl, a drag queen, and a middle-aged alcoholic) find an abandoned baby wrapped up within the garbage, while looking for something to eat on Christmas Eve. The note attached to the child states that the person who finds her should take good care of her, or course also attached was a big filled with clues of the true identity of the parents who abandoned the infant. It was then that the three people (Gin the alcoholic, Hana the drag queen, and Miyuki the runaway) made the decision to find the infant’s biological parents and return their child to them. However the journey won’t be as easy as they think.

The theme of the story is centered around a season where there are those who are fortunate to have what they have, while others need help just to get buy. There will be some happy moments, sad moments, and miraculous moments in between. If you’re on the lookout for a lesser known title that carries the values of family, good will, peace on earth, and helping your fellow man, then this title will be the one that we recommend that you check out! 🙂


No sweat! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Mononoke (not the movie)

We don’t mean the movie known as Princess Mononoke if that’s what you’re wondering. No, this lesser known anime title is a little bit different. If you’re familiar with the 2006 title that’s a part of our Slash Saturday anime title lineup, then this is known as the spin-off to that title. Mononoke is the spin-off title to Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales, and follows the medicine character’s myriad of various supernatural troubles and perils. The Medicine Seller is the main character in the series, as he encounters and deals with mononoke; a type of ayakashi spirit that just lingers in the human world.

The story’s arcs themselves are divided into chapters but each arc is connected to the overall premise; the Medicine Seller fights off the mononoke by using his knowledge and intellect of the supernatural, before learning of its shape, reason, and truth before actually killing it. If you’re already a fan of Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales, then you’re gonna love its spin-off series! 🙂


Let’s go, baby! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Kaiba

If you’re looking for a sci-fi love story with an art style that many may consider to be reminiscent of late 1990’s to early 2000’s cartoons, then this lesser known anime title might just be the title you’re looking for. Kaiba tells the story about a boy named (of course) Kaiba, as he wakes up in a ruined room with no memories of the events that may have happened prior to him being there. However he has a pendent with a picture of a unknown girl contained inside, but he is soon attacked and somehow manages to escape his pursuers.

While on his own adventures Kaiba slowly but surely regains his memories of who he once was, but the girl that’s trapped in the pendant struggles with the fact that she might be connected to his past somehow. The theme of this show deals with memories being stored on a chip, and when that person dies their memories continue to live on through another body. A great show to check out if you’re looking for an anime title whose art style is a little bit different.


Here we go again! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…XxxHolic

If you’re a fan of the manga artist group called CLAMP, then you may recognize the anime title known as Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. (As these two series have been known to crossover each other plot-wise.) XxxHolic is about a boy named Kimihiro Watanuki who is able to see yokai and ayakashi spirits when everyone else can’t. As if by some miraculous twist of fate Kimihiro finds himself in front of a shop that grants wishes, run by a mysterious witch named Yuko Ichihara.

She tells him that she’s able to rid him of his ability to see spirits, however the price that is received must be of equal value (meaning that it has to carry the same weight in value as the price that Yuko offered to give Kimihiro). Needless to say; Kimihiro becomes Yuko’s housekeeper and errand boy for her shop, as most of them pretty much involve going on assignments of the supernatural kind. There’s much more to this story then what we’ve told you thus far, so if you wanna know more (and if you like supernatural comedy anime titles) then check this series out for yourself on Crunchyroll, youtube, or anywhere where you can find it! 🙂


What’s goin’ on guys? Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…The Tatami Galaxy

Picture yourself at a college or university of your choice, then think back to all the experiences (both good and bad) that you’ve had while being enrolled there. Now imagine yourself writing/creating an anime about your experiences, but using another character that you based yourself off of somewhat. That my anime friends, is the plot line for this lesser known title called The Tatami Galaxy.

An unnamed third year student attends Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan and views a particular club at this school as his waste of time. He’s infatuated with a second year engineering student named Akashi and makes promises to her, as for what they are, even we don’t know that answer. (You’ll have to watch to find out.) This episodic series is focused on a number of situations the main character finds himself in, while trying to live what he considers to be a “rose-colored campus life”.

The art style of the series is quite interesting, as if it looks like something out of a campus painting, but comes right off the canvas as soon as you paint it. If you’re looking for a comedy-drama with an almost surreal style of imagery and artwork, then check out this little number that we’ve stumbled upon!


Happy First Day of Spring!! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Time of Eve

Have you ever wondered what androids do when you’re not around? Well, one would hope that they’re not out terrorizing the city like two infamous androids from a future that we all know about (*wink, wink*). No, in fact its quite the opposite in this lesser known anime title. Time of Eve is about a boy named Rikuo Sakisaka who discovers that his home android named Sammy, has been moving about independently on her own.

He along with his friend named Masakazu Masaki trace Sammy’s movements and stumble upon a rather unusual cafe of the same name, the Time of Eve. While inside the bar the main rule is not to discriminate between humans and androids, which will probably be difficult because in anime nowadays androids strongly resemble humans. (Just ask Krillin’s wife. >.<)

The series itself is actually only six episodes long, and is broken down into individual stories dealing with the Three Laws of Robotics of Issac Asimov. (Which is just one of the plots in the story, the second involving the character’s encounter with the cafe.) A great title to check out if you’re looking for a sci-fi drama that deals with the concepts of the Three Laws of Robotics.


Welcome back!! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Ping-Pong the Animation

Table Tennis! I’m pretty sure somewhere down the line you or your family members have had the chance to swing your paddle at that little plastic ball. Although we call it Table Tennis here in North America, the real name of this tabletop sport is Ping-Pong; which is probably the sound the ball makes when you smack it back and forth.

Ping-Pong is a coming-of-age sports anime title about Smile and Peco. Both of them have been friends since their childhood days (which is usually how stories like this start) and are now members of the table tennis club at Katase High School. During an exhibition match Peco gets defeated by a Chinese student, and thus ceases to practice anymore because of how devastating the loss was. On the other side of that coin Smile can’t seem to win against Peco due to his personality; a flaw that Coach Jo hopes to fix. If you’re a fan of table tennis and love a good coming-of-age story, then Ping-Pong is the answer to what you’ve been searching for!


Happy Monday anime fans!! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Denno Coil

This lesser known title is straight sci-fi all the way, as with many anime titles of this genre, it takes place in the future. In 2026 just eleven years after the invention of virtual reality glasses or visors, the main character known as Yuko Okonogi moves in with her family to Daikoku. The city itself is the epicenter of the forthcoming half-virtual world that they live in, however there’s a dark side to living in this kind of ‘world’. Children have been whisked away to an unforgiving “other side” of reality, and now it’s up to Yuko and her grandmother to investigate this case and come up with a solution to this problematic situation.

As many of us are already aware, the concept of virtual reality is not as farfetched as it seems. In fact you can turn your iPhones into a virtual reality canvas by slipping on the VR goggles that they sell in stores. There are tons of anime out there that focus on the concept of virtual reality, but that’s something that we’ll get into at another time. If you’re on the lookout for a lesser known sci-fi title that deals with the concept of virtual reality, then Denno Coil will be the way to go! 🙂


Long time no see!! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Kuchu Buranko

Also known as Welcome to Irabu’s Office, this lesser-known anime series is about a Psychiatrist named Ichiro Irabu who works at the Irabu General Hospital. Not much is known about him except his fetish for administrating injections to his patients, plus he’s not exactly the easiest psychiatrist to work with. (In more of an obnoxious way then in a negative way.) Knowing that he wasn’t really good with handling child patients, Ichiro decided that psychology was better suited for him in the long run, though it is to be speculated about what his true grades were in medical school. If you want to learn more about this psychological comedy-drama, check this title out on Viewster, or anywhere that you can find it! 😉


Who-aah! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…La Corda d’Oro

Based off the video game of the same name, this lesser known anime title is about a girl named Kahoko Hino who is in the General Education section of Seiso Academy. She encounters a magical musical fairy named Lili who grants her a magical violin and a chance to enter the annual music competition, but Kahoko thus refuses the offer, indicating that she isn’t interested in doing it. However peer pressure can be an SOB; as Kahoko reluctantly took Lili’s offer to play with the magical violin, as well as enter into the music competition.

As the romance card is being played, Kahoko suddenly becomes attached to the very people (which are male, but who are we to judge) that she’s competing against in this musical competition. If you never saw this title yet, stream it on Crunchyroll, FUNimation’s Stream, or any place that you can find it!


Well, here we are! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…The Irregular at MHS

Also known as The Irregular at Magic High School, this lesser-known title is about two siblings that enroll in a magic high school named Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba. The setting is set around an alternate history; where magic has been polished with the advances in modern technology, with the ability to use such magic being determined by genetics. Sometime after WWIII the use of these super magical powers has been shifted to four different nations; the USNA, the New Soviet Union, the Great Asian Alliance, and lastly Japan. (Of course if we do get a WWIII, it would be pretty cool to have magical powers. But, one can dream right?)

As the Shiba siblings are enrolled in school, they become segregated based on their magical capabilities. Miyuki gets inducted to the first class while her brother gets dropped to the class below, which the school that they’re both enrolled into, deems him ‘magically inept’. However, the school as well as Tatsuya’s classmates are is for quite a surprise as he demonstrates just how skilled in magic he really is. If you’ve never seen this series yet then you must check it out! (On Crunchyroll, of course.)


Happy 2017 everyone!! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Robotics;Notes

If you’re looking for an anime title that has romance, sci-fi, and is also a thriller rolled up into one, then this lesser-known title just might be what the doctor ordered! Based on the visual novel video game, Robotics;Notes is about Kaito Yashio who loves playing fighting video games and happens to be in his school’s robot club. After discovering that one of the main female characters is a genius programmer of his favorite fighting game, Kaito teams up with her to make a robot based around command inputs as well as include motion-capture capabilities. In order to do so however, they must first invest in someone in the school’s karate club so that they can capture the fighting motions that they execute. A pretty interesting title to check out if you’re a fan of robots, romance, and fighting games.


Our last one before the New Year!! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Log Horizon

If you’re a fan of the SAO series then think of this lesser-known title as somewhat of a ‘spiritual successor’…somewhat. Log Horizon deals with a plot line about a massive multiplayer online game known as Elder Tale; which has become a rather huge success with a user base of about a million players. Around the time of it’s twelfth expansion pack, about 30,000 gamers from Japan (who were logged in at the time) are now transported into the MMORPG itself. With this in mind a gamer named Shiroe with his friends, Naotsugu and Akatsuki, decided to team up in order to explore what this new world has to offer. However they’re soon about to realize that this world…is their new reality. If you’re looking for something that has that SAO feel to it, then why not give this title a shot! 😉


Whoohoo!! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Tsuritama

Sometimes establishing long-lasting friendships can be hard for some people, in Yuki’s case however, he’s met with that reality every time his parents have to relocate due to their career. (Not to mention he’s a high school student.) Because of his anxiousness he gains an expression that most people would find a bit ‘unpleasant’; and it becomes painfully obvious to others that see him. Upon his new move to his new residence, a new transfer student named Haru appears on Yuki and his grandmother’s doorstep (claiming to be an alien). This anime title contains a mix of comedy and sci-fi that’s about fishing, building new friendships, and enjoying the many slices of life. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see this title yet, don’t take our word for it – check it out on youtube or stream it online! 🙂


Here we are again! Tonight’s lesser-known anime is…Wizard Barristers

What would happen if Phoenix Wright crossed paths with Harry Potter, or Negima? Most of us would make a fanfic out of that and post it on Fanfiction, but in this case we’d get this lesser-known anime title we call Wizard Barristers. In 2018 humans and wizards co-exist in Tokyo, Japan (although this probably won’t be the case for us, but one can only dream). Cecil Sudo is a wizard of half-Japanese, half-Canadian ethnicity, who has passed the bar exam and is now a full fledged Wizard Barrister who works at the Butterfly Law Offices. (In other words; if wizards violate any kind of law that we as humans violate, then they get tried in court the same way we do.)

I guess its safe to say in our case that if you ever get tried in court (as a wizard), then Cecil might make the best magical lawyer for your case. (If you can’t get her then Phoenix Wright will be your man!) So if your a fan of legal drama and wizards then this title might be right up your Neon Alley. (Ha!) 🙂


Welcome back, fans! Tonight’s lesser-known anime title is…Tsukimonogatari

If you’re a college student you know how stressful exam week can be. Just cramming more than a month’s work of information into your cranium can cause anyone to shoot off their own head, but what if you were going through all of that, only to find out you can’t see your own reflection in the mirror? Just ask Koyomi Araragi. While studying hard in preparation for his college entrance exams, he notices that his reflection in the mirror, is no longer there (giving him the indication that he might be a vampire).

Upon this discovery he asks for Yotsugi Ononoki’s help in dealing with the idea of being a vampire along with her master, Yozuru Kagenui. Now that he’s a vampire, Koyomi has been given two choices; don’t use any of his vampiric abilities, or lose his humanity all together. (It’s bad enough you have to cram for an exam, but becoming a vampire in the middle of it who’s not allowed to use his/her powers? *Woof*)

Haven’t seen it yet, check it out on youtube or stream it on Crunchyroll! 😉


Hey guys! Tonight’s lesser-known anime title is…

Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions

“What was the craziest thing you ever done in high school?”, someone might ask you. What would your answer be? Ride a shopping cart down the hall? Do a backflip out of a two-story window and land on your feet (supposedly)? Well here’s the answer to that question from the eyes of Yuta Togashi; he called himself the “Dark Flame Master” after becoming convinced that he was possessed with supernatural powers.

This little title we have before you is about said junior high student, as he believes that he suffers from something called chunibyo, which is causing him to alienate himself from his other classmates. Around the time he went to high school Yuta tries to forget about his delusional past, that is until a girl named Rikki Takanashi comes into his life. (And is just as delusional as he is too!)

Yuta comes to except her as well as her embarrassing delusions, by doing various things for her as the series goes on. Eventually both Yuta and Rikki begin to search for the Ethereal Horizon; which is believed to lead Rikki to her father, and become romantically drawn to one another. If you’re an anime fan that looking for something that’s a tad different from your usually bubbly romance/comedy anime, then Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions may be for you! 🙂


Here we are again! Tonight’s lesser-known anime title is…Beyond the Boundary

We’re back with another supernatural anime title filled with action, and urban fantasy. Beyond the Boundary is about a high school student…yeah, all the good ones start off like that. Anyway, the story’s about a high school student named Akihito Kanbara who tries to stop a female student from killing herself, only for him to get stabbed in the process by a sword created by her own blood. (Sound’s familiar, doesn’t it?) That was when the girl known as Mirai Kuriyama discovered that Akihito is a Half-Youmu; a supernatural creature that is half-human. After discovering that Mirai is a Spirit World Warrior who hunts down full-blooded Youmu, Akihito teams up with her in order to search for more of the creatures that she’s hunting. (And so she doesn’t try to kill him as practice.) If you haven’t gotten the chance to see this little title yet, see it! 🙂


We’re back! Tonight’s lesser-known anime title is…Noragami

Can you ever imagine yourself being a god, but not have a shrine to your name nor have any followers? (Not even on facebook or twitter?) Well this anime title is about a minor god named Yato who charges five yen (which is about 50 cents) to grant wishes to humans, in order to become a famous and well-known god. (He could just head to Youtube and upload a killer “How-To” video on something and score some major views, but we’re assuming the thought never crossed his mind. *shrugs*)

He soon encounters a girl named Hiyori Iki as well as Yukine, a wandering spirit that Yato uses as his weapon. The three of them team up to take down corrupted spirits, or phantoms, while Yato tries to become a famous god all at the same time. This series is filled with action, comedy, romance, and supernatural stuff, so if you’re a fan of all four, then Noragami may be a great choice for you! 🙂


Happy Halloween! Tonight’s lesser-known anime title is…From the New World

Ever wonder what would happen if we lived in a world where everyone has psychic abilities and powers? Well this anime title we have for you will tell you just how awesome (and dangerous) having psychic powers can be. From the New World is a title about a girl named Saki, who lives in a town called Kamisu 66 along with her other psychic friends (Satoru, Maria, Shun, and Reiko). Throughout the series, which is three parts, Saki and her friends find out the truth about their powers and their history. (As well as various other inside plots that soon unfold; from the Monster-Rat colonies to other regimes that fall pray to death, violence, and crime because of the social decline of the world.) Now with a full understanding about the history of their psychic powers, Saki and her friends now face a new world filled with new obstacles to overcome.


Hey there, friends! Tonight’s lesser-known anime title is…Barakamon

When you punch someone in the face for saying something bad about you at work, you get fired. That’s not the case in this little lesser known title called Barakamon; where the main character (Seishu Handa) gets sent to the Goto Islands near Kyushu by his father, because he punched an elderly man (who happened to be the curator) in the face because of a comment he made about Seishu’s calligraphy. This little slice-of-life comedy contains the voices of Chris Sabat and Micah Solusod (Vegeta and Soul Evans), and if that ain’t enough to get you to check this title out…then nothing will! 😉


Hey guys! Tonight’s lesser-known anime title is…Uta Kata

If you were to google this title right now, you’d think that it would be yet another Magical girl series, right? Well prepare to be shocked! This series touches on a few things; such as bullying and child abuse, but it is also a series about a girl (Ichika Tachibana) who goes through a series of struggles of having a special charm (that causes problems for her as well as her humanity), to choosing if she wants to destroy humanity or herself. The character development is complex, mental, emotional, and physical for all of the characters involved in the plot. (There are even some moments that will make you “feel” for what the characters are going through.) If you’re looking for an anime title that’s not your run-of-the-mill magical girl type of series, then Uta Kata may just be the answer that you’re looking for.


Welcome back guys! Tonight’s lesser-known anime title is…Redline

Sci-Fi anime is already awesome by itself…but sci-fi auto racing anime is even more EPIC! This lesser-known anime title known as Redline, is about a race car driver (JP) who goes to great lengths in order to win the ‘Redline’ title; which is a highly popular race on the planet Dorothy. A lot of things and situations happen before the big race; from JP’s Transam ride being destroyed, to him battling a highly competitive racer named Machinehead. This 2009 anime title is actually an anime movie, and if you wanna know more about the full plot of the story (as well as see all the action that happens), then this is one title that we recommend if you’re a fan of sci-fi, and auto racing! 🙂


Hey guys! Tonight’s lesser-known anime title is…Welcome to the N.H.K.

An anime title about Japanese conspiracy theories? Alright, before we dive into the unknown on this one, let’s look through the plot first. This anime title is about Nippon Hoso Kyokai (or to the main character, Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai) which is a public broadcaster in Japan. However the main character (Tatsuhiro Sato) believes that the N.H.K. is a Big Brother-like entity that is turning regular bystanders into Otaku through media and other subliminal advertising. Needless to say; this anime title is one of those titles that will screw with your head, make you laugh, and play on the stereotypes that you’d find in anime fandom. Welcome to the N.H.K. is just one of the lesser-known titles that we encourage you to watch, but don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself! 🙂



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