D&A’s Tips On Cosplay Dating!

Hey guys and girls, have you ever been to an anime convention and saw a lot of cosplaying couples around? Have you ever wanted to ask that one guy or girl out with whom you share a common interest with, but were too timid or afraid to approach him or her due to the fear of embarrassment? Do you want to get ‘Senpai’ to notice you without having to go through extreme lengths to do so? Then look no further cosplay and anime fans, cuz’ D&A’s gonna turn you into the cosplaying, anime-watching, manga-reading mac-daddy (or lady) that you were born to be! (Through our words of self-confidence and guidance of course!)


Cosplay Dating Tip #1: NO “Pick-Up” Lines!

If you have a sticky note or index card full of pick-up lines that you plan to use, throw it away immediately! We know that some anime characters (mostly guys) use crazy pick-up lines in order to score chicks, but unless you want a hand print on both sides of your face get rid of them ASAP!

Cosplay Dating Tip #2: Investigate!

Find out what kind of anime she (or he) likes and try to list as many titles as you know. Don’t be surprised if you happen to shout out the one title that you both fall head-over-heels for. Beware though; if he (or she) likes an anime title or fandom that you (and possibly a good percentage of others) don’t necessarily like for your own personal reason(s), then it’s probably in your best interest to abort the mission. Otherwise keep an open mind about what the other person likes and make his (or her) fandom interest, your fandom interest.

Cosplay Dating Tip #3: Pick Up Some Mad Sewing Skills (Or Just Buy Some Cosplay Outfits Online)!

If you happen to find a title or fandom that you both like, then show him (or her) how much you care about said anime title or fandom. (FYI, we’re not just talking anime, but manga, video games, superheroes, etc.) Nothing will make your potential date happier than seeing you wearing cosplay or apparel that represents his (or her) favorite fandom. If you get compliments on your fandom apparel or cosplay, then you’re one step closer to scoring a date! 😉


Cosplay Dating Tip #4: Go To The Con That He (Or She) Is Attending!

All of this would’ve been for naught if you don’t actually go to the anime convention that your potential date might be at. Do whatever you can to stand out from the crowd (if your wallet will let you, but we’re pretty sure it will cuz’ he or she’s worth it), and you’ll be noticed in a flash! Compliment their cosplay and tell them how nice it looks on them, because they’ve put in the same amount of energy and sweat that you did.

Cosplay Dating Tip #5: Buy Your Date A Trinket From His or Her Favorite Fandom!

So the two of you have been exchanging Facebook messages as well as DM each other on Twitter, but now that you’ve got your date interested in you, it’s time to bring out the gifts! (Well, more like a trinket or a small token from their favorite fandom.) This will show your date how much you appreciate their favorite fandom; whether its anime, manga, video games, or Marvel superheroes.

Cosplay Dating Tip #6: Explore His or Her Secret Identity!

Get to know who your date is aside from cosplaying at anime and superhero conventions. Find out what their favorite movie is, what kind of dessert they like, what their favorite place to eat, things like that. This will give you a chance to discover who your cosplay date is on a much deeper level, so be polite and courteous and treat your date the same way that you would like to be treated.

Cosplay Dating Tip #7: Be Yourself!

Don’t fake the funk and pretend to like an anime title or fandom just because it makes your date ‘squeee!’ whenever you mention it. If you pull a move like that then be prepared to live a long and lonely otaku life. Love the fandom because you yourself love it as much as your date does. It will tell them that you truly care about all aspects of their lives no matter how quirky, meaningless, and stupid they may seem to others. Being yourself is the number one surefire way to score a potential date with a cosplayer! Remember that and you’ll be golden! 🙂

That will do it for our Cosplay Dating Tips for now. Hopefully these tips have helped you in the ways of the cosplay dating seen in anime (and various other geeky pop culture) conventions. Stay true, and stay gold! 😉