D&A Friday’s: Where Anime is a part of You!

Wow, is it Friday already?! It feels just like yesterday that we made some filler posts about rave parties at cons, and how to deal with con heartbreak, but now we once again arrive at the fifth day of the week (as always). Like we do every Friday night, we bring you some awesome anime titles that we know you’re gonna love, as well as some cool OVAs to add to the excitement! We didn’t get the chance to do our Manga of the Week sub-page segment this time, however we’ve got some upcoming titles that we plan on highlighting next week!

Accel World

If you’re a fan of SAO and Log Horizon, then Accel World is gonna be the anime title for you! Being a fluffy kid in middle school can really be a pain, especially when you have to put up with others making fun of you and bullying you all the time. (We’ve been there so we know what it’s like.) Haru always finds himself on the receiving end of getting bullied, so to tear himself away from reality, he logs into his school’s network through his Neuro Linker in order to blow off steam through an online game called Virtual Squash.

Eventually his skills catch the attention of the most intelligent girl in Umesato Jr. High, who goes by the name of the Black Snow Princess (or Kuroyukihime). She not only assists him in helping to face his bullies, but introduces him to an Augmented Reality Massive Multiplayer Online (ARMMO) game called Brain Burst; which players fight against one another in battles to earn Burst Points. There’s more to this story so be sure to stream it on Youtube, FUNimation, or Crunchyroll if you wanna check it out!

And don’t forget to check out Hunter x Hunter and its OVAs too, if you’ve never, EVER seen the series before (in life)!

Next Sunday is going to be quite exciting for us, because we’re introducing a brand new drop down menu called Anime Sunday’s! In it will contain two sub-pages; Anime Couple of the Week, and Anime Episode of the Week! We’re so proud to be sharing this awesome feature with you guys, so your feedback and comments about it will be greatly appreciated! We wanna thank our fans and social media followers for all of the support that we’ve been getting for you, and continue to make D&A a part of you, and as always we will make you a part of us! 🙂