Happy Halloween! (Enjoy…if you dare!)

While everyone’s out snagging as much candy as they can carry, trick-or-treat yourself to a night of Halloween terror; anime-style! Stack up on titles like Hellsing Ultimate, Dance in the Vampire Bund, and so many more. We at D&A wanna give a Happy Halloween to all of our fans, and enjoy it at your own risk. (Be safe! ^.^)

C3 (Cool x Cute x Comedy)!!

D&A Fridays is determined to bring you the formula for C3 every Friday night! (Don’t worry, it’s not the real stuff.) We’ve got anime and manga titles that are cool, cute, and full of comedy! From cursed cubes turning into girls to becoming the star of your own romantic comedy manga, we keep our focus on making your Friday night aniblogger experience an epic one. D&A, it’s a part of you…

Throwback Thursday: Sorcerers and Generators!

This time around for Throwback Thursday we’ve decided to only do two 90’s anime titles. Not to worry though, we’ll be returning with three classic titles when the 80’s fly in to see us two weeks from tonight! Until then check out our selection of 90’s classic from Sorcerer-hunting warriors, to battling superhuman beings who aren’t even human. Nothin’ like a classic throwback anime to get your Thursdays started right! 😉

A Vacation Filled With Pandas…?

Or is it a panda-filled vacation? Either way we’ve got some lesser-known anime titles for you to check out, as well as a new panda head-shaped snack to try out! Mondays can be “ho-hum” for many people, but not for us at D&A. We strive every week to make your Mondays almost as good as your Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays! (Of course, nothing is better than the weekend! ^.^)

It’s Bloody Friday!!

And boy do we have some horrific titles for you! (In a good way.) As Halloween creeps closer, we’ll keep bringing you some scary yet exciting titles that will keep your blood pumping, if you have any. From a sword-swinging monster hunter to a classic vampire story, D&A keeps you on your toes for the latest and greatest about old, new, and sometimes unsung anime and manga titles! D&A, it’s a part of you…

Ladies of the 80’s (and other throwback titles)!

Throwback Thursday is always bringing you the heat; with awesome killer classic titles that you may have seen, and some that you might not even know about! From the original dirty pair to an Olympic judo champion, D&A strives to bring you some great reviews on some epic classics!

With D&A, You’ll Hate Mondays a little Less!

Mondays can be every person’s worst nightmare, but now you don’t have to suffer the Monday morning blues as long as you’ve got us at D&A! Anything can happen on any given Monday right here on the blog, and tonight we’ve got a treat for you! Check out our unsung anime titles in Miscellany Monday’s Anime of the Day, and send your sweet tooth cravings into overdrive with D&A’s Talkin’ Snack! Mondays won’t be boring with D&A on your side, and we’ll prove it every Monday by being a part of you…

Samurai Rule Your Saturdays!

And rule they shall! We’ve got all kinds of excitement going on for Slash Saturday, and tonight is no different. Check out our newly updated Top 5 Most Wanted picks, as well as our Samurai Anime of the Week! The blades come fast every Saturday night right here on D&A! It’s a part of you…

DAnimonday is now Miscellany Monday!!

Same drop down, different name! DAnimonday has now changed its name to Miscellany Monday, where a mixed bag of things can happen in this drop down menu; such as D&A’s Talkin’ Snack! There may be more pages added to this new drop down in the future, but for now…enjoy Miscellany Monday!! 🙂

D&A’s Got Your Freaky Friday Nights!

The spirit of Halloween is truly in the air, so why not throw in some horror anime titles and have a good scare! D&A Fridays is back and its brought some great anime and manga titles to get you in the mood for chills and thrills; from vampire-like creatures terrorizing a town, to a reptile human who likes to eat heads. (Human heads, that is!) Don’t watch or read alone tonight, or you may find yourself in a world of fright…