Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode One!

The time has come guys n’ gals! Anime REvisited is back with a new anime series for us to review; episode by episode! This time we’ve picked a series that honestly needs more love and doesn’t get the credit that it deserves! That series is Chivalry of a Failed Knight! Many fans know this to be an underrated gem with only one season – which is a crying shame compared to other series like it (like Asterisk War…yeaaah…). Hopefully we’ll get another season of this sometime in the future, of course for that to happen you gotta get enough people to talk about it – and even get the attention of the animation studio behind it as well. So, let’s get on with the review!

The legendary Crimson Princess with Ikki Korugane!

With this being the first episode we’re thrown into an alternate version of Japan, where individuals known as Blazers have the ability to draw weapons (mostly swords) from their own will. Basically they’re known as magical knights who are ranked based on skill, prowess, and magical abilities. One of the most prominent Blazers is a crimson haired princess known as Stella Vermillion (vermillion is an actual color by the way), as she is an A-Rank. At Hagun Academy a student by the name of Ikki Korugane narrates his story at the beginning of the episode about being the underdog and how the gifted are privileged while the ungifted get casts to the side in life. Right away I kinda knew that this was going to be a story about how the underdog protagonist goes against all odds and comes out on top – like a lot of characters we’re all familiar with that have that same mindset!

Ikki makes it back to his room after jogging to find an almost-naked Stella in his room. His response was to get naked himself so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. (We all know how this story ends! XP) Ikki’s then called into the office of the academy, to which the Headmaster calls in Stella so that he can apologize. Stella accepts but being the ‘spoiled’ princess that she is, demands that Ikki drops dead on his own sword. As the misunderstanding gets worse Stella swears that she’ll incinerate Ikki with her own fire, but to that he responds that he’s never seen a woman so beautiful before. Comedic embarrassment aside Ikki and Stella find out that they’re both living together – which was a shock to them. The Headmaster then suggested that the two of them fight each other in a mock battle to decide on how to handle the co-ed situation with the room.

An hour later Ikki and Stella meet face to face as they agree upon the terms of the battle. Ikki draws his sword from the power of his own will, which is a basic katana that is his primary weapon. Stella then draws her weapon as flames surround her, before a Claymore-type yellow-bladed sword appears. The two then fight each other as their swords clashed while a small audience is watching the action. During the battle Stella notices that Ikki has memorized her attack patterns and is using them against her. Before the battle ends Ikki uses his ultimate blade technique since no one ever taught him how to use it, as he focuses all of his power into one swing of his sword. He struck Stella with a final blow before passing out himself due to using all of his power, thus winning the mock battle.

Afterwards Stella returns to her and Ikki’s room and finds him sleeping; to which her sudden curiosity is sparked at the fact that his back is exposed, and she’s never seen a man’s back before. One can assume she’s never had a real boyfriend due to the restrictions of being a princess, and also the fact that she’s a celebrity in Japan, and her having a boyfriend means so much unwanted media and paparazzi coverage. After Ikki wakes up Stella tells him that she’ll be a little less mean to him after discovering how hard he had it growing up, and realizing that all he can rely on is hard work as opposed to pure talent. Afterwards Ikki jokes with Stella telling her that she still has to abide by the bet she made earlier, and though she gets mad and pouts at him due to what she thinks he might ask her to do, he shocks her and tells her that he just wants her to be his roommate – and wants to be closer to her as friends. Stella responds that she will be Ikki’s roommate, but she doesn’t want him to be close to her. (Although that might change later on down the line as the series progresses…)

So with this being an introductory episode, we’re treated to seeing a battle between the main characters of the series – with Ikki proving to Stella that he more than just an F-Rank knight. Right away on the first episode you don’t even have to wait to see what kind of skill Ikki has with his blade, and though he’s marked as an F-Rank in the academy, he shows Stella that he can go toe to toe with her despite him not having any good magical abilities. It’ll be interesting to see what Ikki’s like down the road, and what kind of relationship he’ll have with the Crimson Princess Stella Vermillion.

That’s all we’ve got for our Anime REvisisted review for now, and until next post, stay safe and continue to stay united! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Keep Calm & Wait For It!

If you guys have been on our instagram page as of late, then you might have noticed that we’ve got some BIG news coming your way this weekend! Though we can’t reveal too much due to an NDA that we’ve been given, we can tell you that it has something to do with something that you already know. Until then, feel free to check out many of the pasts posts and reviews that we’ve written about anime titles from last month and even further back. As always, stay safe and sane in this insane world. 🙂

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Paper Mario: The Origami King: What We Know So Far…

It’s finally July, which means 2020 is half over! Life-wise things are still a little shaky at best in more ways than one, but as always we will continue to give you guys some much needed positive news as well as content; cuz’ that’s what we do! Speaking of which there are only 15 days left until the much anticipated Paper Mario: The Origami King game drops on the Switch, and fans are both excited (and scared) as to what this latest installment on the franchise will bring to the table! With that in mind we’ve decided to do a little digging of our own to see what we could be getting from this game, and what we might not wanna hold our breath for in what we think we might be expecting.

Seeing as though we’ve played the original Paper Mario on the N64, the coolest part about the game was not just the plot, but the battles! Since then the battles have become the core of the game’s excitement and success, and that success was amplified with the release of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Many hardcore fans will tell you that T.T.Y.D. was the BEST installment of the series, and that every entry after that was trash. (Trust us, we’ve seen the burns in the Twitter comments.)

There’s been quite a lot of speculation with this title, as many fans are hoping that they bring back a few elements from T.T.Y.D. (like the ‘audience’ and partners). Just last week or last month to be exact, fans saw the full five minute trailer of the upcoming game; that explained a little more what the story and plot was going to be about, and what new gimmick they were going to try with the battle system. Yes, the battle system was the biggest issue among fans that had them worried that the game was going to end up like Sticker Star or Color Splash.

Talk about putting a new ‘spin’ on things! XP

After watching the five minute video ourselves, we saw that the battle system is something totally different; as if they’ve put a new ‘spin’ on things! During battle players will have to line up enemies in a row in a ring-based arena before fighting them, and you’re given a short amount of time to make your moves. After you’ve made your moves you’ll be rewarded a power bonus for lining them up correctly, and can even deal more damage as a result. This new battle system has caught the eye of the fanbase as well as the fact that they brought back partners and the audience. So far, so good Nintendo! 🙂

All of the enemies will be origami versions of the usual enemies you face in Paper Mario games, but the biggest surprise from this latest installment is the fact that you have to battle against…tape, a pack of colored pencils, a rubber band man, and (maybe) a stapler. Has there ever been a Paper Mario game where you got to fight against office supplies? Well, this one does! They are a group of bosses called the Legion of Stationary, so yes, you will have to fight them in order to progress through the game. Paper Mario is known for its comedic story lines and moments, so its pretty neat they went all out for this one!

Though we’re not sure what they’ve done about the leveling system in terms of experience points, but we’ve heard that after defeating enemies you gain coins and confetti that you can trade in for powerful items and badges. Perhaps that might be the formula they’re going for this time, although we just hope that its executed properly and makes fans ‘feel’ that they’ve accomplished something. Overall everything we’ve seen and know about this game so far is pretty promising, but it’s not until you play it that you’ll be able to give the game a real evaluation.

That’s what we know so far about the upcoming Paper Mario: The Origami King game, and as always continue to stay safe, and stay united! 😉

D&A in July: Anime REvisited gets Chivalrous, Paper Mario Updates, & More!

So we’re closing in on the final couple of days of the month of June; meaning that the third quarter of what has been a crazy year, has finally arrived. Hopefully everyone is doing well, staying safe as well as sane, in these trying times of which we live in. With July around the corner, here’s a quick blog briefing of what we’ve got going on!

Anime REvisited Gets Chivalrous!

That’s right! Anime REvisited returns with our newest pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! Honestly, this series needs more love, so why not do an episode by episode review on the series as a whole – in hopes that somewhere down the line we get a second season! It’s an underrated gem that got swept under the radar, so we will be reviewing it.

Paper Mario: Origami King is Coming!!

With 21 days left until the new game drops, we’ll be filling you in on what we know so far about it. We promise we won’t spoil too much info, but you’ll be happy to know once this game comes out, we’ll be buying a Switch and playing it! We might even stream some gameplay too!

The Return of Throwback Thursday!!

You guys might remember a little segment that we did called D&A’s Throwback Thursday, where we did overviews on anime titles from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s. We’ve decided to bring this segment back as a special request, so if you haven’t gotten the chance to see the titles that we announce, you’ll definitely wanna see em’ after this!

Cons Near U: Online Edition 2020!

With COVID-19 shooting down the entire Summer convention season, many of us are having con withdraw (us included). Now digital conventions are popping up all over the place in hopes of curbing our con appetite. In July we’ll be searching all over for digital anime conventions that you can go to (many of which are free), and nerd out with hundreds of your online otaku friends. Yeah, 2020 sucks, but once conventions come back (and they will), we’ll be back in full force doin’ what we do! 😉

Alright, that’s it for our briefing. As always, until next post, stay safe and united! 🙂

New Music From Avidd Minddset! Primetime Album Drops July 24th!!

Three months ago D&A’s own Donte’ J. Lewis (aka Avidd Minddset) dropped his first EP entitled Minddgames on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Now he’s releasing his very first home studio album Primetime, on July 24, 2020! He’s picked up a few new mixing and mastering techniques since March, so be ready to hear his new electronic sound on this 10-track album featuring genres such as Deep House, 80’s Style Electro Hip-Hop, Trapstep (Trap & Dubstep combined), and of course EDM. Although July 24th is about three-and-a-half weeks away, it’ll be worth the wait once you hear the sound coming out of this album! 😉

Avidd Minddset Primetime EP Album Art
This new 10-track album drops July 24th!!

D&A Anime Blog: Third Consecutive Month of Record-Shattering Views!!

Yeah, we can’t believe it either! For the third month in a row, we’ve topped over 1,000 monthly views as well as over 800 monthly visitors! Honestly, we can’t thank our fans enough for all of the love and support that you’ve given us throughout this pandemic. We know that it’s not been easy with conventions being shut down left and right, but we just wanna say that we appreciate our fans and the anime community so much – especially in our fight for equality for black lives and other people of color! As always we will continue to bring you some nerdy and positive content to the site as well as on all of our social media pages. Until next post, stay safe and stay unified! 🙂

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A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis! (June 22, 2020!)

Hey guys. Honestly the last three weeks have been mentally and psychologically exhausting. Before I continue I want to say this; I love America…but not like this. About three weeks ago we all witnessed the death of George Floyd after the white police officer that I’m pretty sure we all know of, kept his knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Right now we’re in a state of emergency – a state of racial emergency. I know many of us are either too afraid or too uncomfortable to talk about race, but I’m here to let you guys know; that although it’s uncomfortable (and it can be), it is needed in this time – especially now! Whenever you see a Black Lives Matter protest, look at it this way; we are not (repeat NOT) say that ONLY Black Lives Matter, we want to be given the same fairness, the same equality, and the same opportunities in life just like our white counterparts. Black lives count for ALL lives, so we can’t say that All Lives Matter until Black Lives (and others of color) Matter!

Right now its more critical that we pay more attention to our surroundings, and ask those questions that would otherwise make most of us feel uncomfortable. I can promise you this; by talking about race and what we can do to end racism, we will become better people who are open-minded and loving to one another. When we started this blog, the number one thing is UNITY! We’ve met anime fans from all walks of life with various different morals and beliefs, and when it comes to the anime community, we’ve seen a whole lot of unity! Granted we’ve also seen a few snags as well, but that’s why we must fight for equality! I know a lot of you guys have friends who are people of color and you may feel a little confused about what you can do to help the cause, so I’d say this; have these conversations with your Afro-American friends, support Black-owned businesses including manga artists, vendors, and cosplayers. Read books and articles!

November is coming, and we know what we have to do. The “Other Side” is fighting back hard, but there’s more of us than there are of them! It’s time for a NEW United States of America; where we put the “United” in United States! This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint, but I know that we’re ready for it!

That’s all for now, so until next post…stay united! 🙂

D&A Update: New Fanfiction, Digital Cons, and Our Five-Year Anniversary!

Hey guys. Well, we’re half way through this trial-filled year, as our state is in a transition of racial proportions that are hopefully for the betterment of humanity. When we first started this blog back in 2016, our number one motto was UNITY! Unity as fans no matter your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender. No matter what others may say or what you might have heard, black and brown lives COUNT for all lives! This also includes nerd lives, trans lives, and LGBTQ+ lives! Yeah, things may be a little rocky and it can be a little uncomfortable to talk about racism in America, but having these conversations and understanding this 400-year-old demon, will help us defeat it and bring us into a world were we are ALL united!

With all that in mind, let’s bring this thing back to a more positive level, shall we? With Summer officially here, this is usually the time where there would be a lot of anime conventions happening, but sadly with COVID-19 still lurking about many of our nerdy party plans have been shut down. However, there have been a lot of digital alternatives that have been coming about; the newest one comes from the leading anime distributor in the U.S. that we all know and love. That’s right, FUNimation has their own digital anime convention happening July 3-4, 2020. It’s a who’s-who of anime VA’s that you all know and love from many of your favorite shows. There are other digital cons happening as well, so we’ll keep you up to date if we find any more.

Now for our second thing; awhile back we kinda retired from fan fiction, but THIS time we’ll be making a special acceptation. After wrapping up our Anime REvisited pick this past Monday which featured Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be working on a PSG original story entitled Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Godmode’s Game. More info about this latest development will be coming in the later months!

PASWG Godmode's Game Fanfiction Cover
A PSG original fanfic!

Finally, next year on January 11th will mark our five-year anniversary! We don’t know what we’ve got planned, but we can tell you that it’ll be awesome! It’s hard to believe that two guys who love anime wondered what it would be like if they had a blog of their own, now it kinda feels like we’re the unofficial ambassadors of the anime community; and for that we thank you! That’s the 411 we’ve got for now, but there’s more content coming so stay tuned! As always stay safe, stay united, and stay nerdy! 😉

Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Thirteen!

Alright guys. This is it! This is our last episode review of our Anime REvisited pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. In light of recent events regarding the death of George Floyd as well as the protests, we at D&A Anime Blog truly believe that Black Lives Matter! We’ve always been about unity among fellow anime fans; whether you’re Black, White, biracial, Latinx, Asian, blue, yellow, red, gay, straight, trans, it doesn’t matter. You all are family to us, and though the conversations about racism can be uncomfortable, it is necessary in order for us to progress as a unified race of humans. If you wanna know how you can help, donate to any charity for African Americans that you can find, or head to


So the final episode starts with Panty being kicked out of the church by Garterbelt due to her not having her powers anymore. While walking through a downpour of rain she suddenly finds herself surrounded by people and animals having sex right in front of her. This causes her to fall down an open drain as the events of the previous episode play out. Soon Panty finds herself on the countryside far away from Daten City; living with her grandma and Sam as a farm girl. She says that she’s happy living her new life as a human, until she finds a picture of her grandma naked on a motorcycle – who resembles Panty.

Suddenly a motorcycle gang of hoodlums shoot up the place where Panty and the others are, as Sam tries to go out there and stop them. With her grandmother dying after being shot by one of the gang members, Panty looks to where she’s pointing and spots Brief at the location where the Hell’s Gate is. Panty says that she doesn’t want her feelings to get in the way, as her grandma tells her to shut up and listen to what she has to say. After her grandmother dies in her arms Panty suddenly remembers who she is, and jumps on a motorcycle before speeding off to the location of the Hell’s Gate. It’s worth mentioning that everything that happened to Panty was staged. You’ll see when you watch the episode.

Panty confronts Corset and tells him that she can take him on without her powers and that she’s a hot bitch angel who can do whatever she wants! At this moment she wants to continue where she and Brief left off that night at the shack. Right away Brief gets an erection on sight as soon as Panty climbs on top of him. (I know we’re crossing dangerously close to NSFW territory, but bear with me here.) Noticing that if anything happens to Brief during his ‘excitement’ with Panty, the Hellsmonkey key will be useless to Corset. His response was to order the Demon sisters to attack Panty, but they’re intercepted by the other Anarchy sibling; Stocking. After congratulating Panty on reaching 1,000 men she lifts the bed that her sister and Brief are on high into the air; causing the geek to fully penetrate his lover. After making love Panty gets her angelic powers back as Stocking tosses her panties to her so that she’ll have two guns instead of one. Both the Anarchies and the Demons prepare for the final battle with the fate of heaven and earth in their hands.

The second half picks up right where the first left off as the Anarchy sisters and Demon sisters battle each other at full power. Garterbelt states that everything is going according to plan as Panty’s been ‘de-virginized’, while Brief ends up falling into Hell’s Gate’s keyhole. He triggers the contraption to unlock as he suddenly turns into the shape of a key, as Panty and Stocking laugh at him during the process. The Demon sisters turn Brief as they open up the gate to release the final ghost, leaving Panty and Stocking as the ones to kill it. Meanwhile Garterbelt and Corset battle one another but sadly the afro preacher is on the losing side of the fight.

Corset then stabs Garter in the chest but due to his immortality he’s not dead. He then grabs Corset by the throat before stating to the angels that he’s trying to use the ghost to get into heaven; so that he can take it over and make both heaven and earth as his rule. Corset proceeds to pull out Garter’s heart before crushing it with his bare hands causing him to explode in the process. As Corset proceeds to the next step of his plan, Panty and Stocking ask Brief where Garter is, and when he tells him that he’s dead, they act like they didn’t really care that much about him…which pissed off Brief. He tells them that they are the worst angels ever and asks why they can’t be serious about anything. Panty and Stocking then glare at the geek and stated that they ARE serious about everything, and proceed to take down Corset with the help of Garterbelt’s Black Heavens Express Card.

The angels manage to pull their powers together and use their ultimate weapon cannon against him. Just when the world needed them most, the angels somehow screwed up and aimed the cannon the wrong way – thus proving Brief’s point about them not being serious. This is where dumb luck comes into play; as the blast caused a giant human pair of legs wearing both a pair of panties and stockings, to descend from the sky and crush Corset and the ghost into a pancake while closing the door to Hell at the same time. After Corset exploded Chuck used his powers to zip up the doors of Hell for good so that they’ll never be open again. The sky was now clear as Garterbelt was revived from being killed, so he removed Brief from the Hell’s Gate keyhole as the contraption went back to normal.

Garter then states that he still has more work to do on earth so he can’t die just yet. He then picks up his express card and finds out that it’s been maxed out thus causing the afro preacher to yell and lecture the angels all the way home. With the final boss defeated Daten City was saved, and that is the end of the story – NOT!

In the after credits scene the angels, Brief, and Garter head back to their home. Stocking asks Panty that even though their weapons kill ghost and demons, she wonders what it does to angels. Panty didn’t have a clue, so she told Stocking to try it and see.

And this is where the biggest WTF moment happens.

Surprise bitches, I’m actually a demon!

Stocking stabs her sister in the back of her head, and then cuts her up into 666 pieces. Garter, Brief, and Chuck have WTF looks on their faces until the geek boy loses it, and Garter explodes again. That’s when Corset returns through Brief’s penis as a small grey blob and laughs at the fact that Panty’s been cut into 666 pieces. Brief asks why Stocking did what she did, and her response was that she’s actually a demon; which sparked the biggest debate amongst the fanbase even to this very day. Yeah, Gainax really pulled the biggest troll on us. Ten years later…and we still don’t have the answer to what Stocking meant. Hopefully if Gainax and Studio Trigger make their decision, we’ll finally have a season two!

Okay guys that will finally do it. Thank you guys for taking this wild ride of a show with us! We don’t know what our next pick will be, but we can assure you it’ll be awesome. Until next post, stay united and safe, and stay nerdy! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Twelve!

So it looks like we’re getting down to the wire guys n’ gals. We’ve reached the twelfth episode of our Anime REvisited pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Remember when I said that the last episode was the calm before the storm? Well, here comes the storm.


This episode opens up with the mayor of Daten city as Scanty and Kneesocks goes over the ghost report of all the ghosts that Panty and Stocking have faced. Sadly, the mayor wasn’t pleased with all of the failures of the Demon sisters as well as the creation of their ghosts. During the report he started talking about how during his youth he was much stronger, and can take an angel out with little to no effort. Eventually the mayor decided to step out for the moment while clearing his head; leaving Scanty and Kneesocks to indulge one another in some rather sexual elicit activities involving food. Not sure what that’s about but yeah…

After getting caught in the act the mayor decided to once again drop the Demon sisters into a pool of sweat as their punishment for their failures. While flipping through the video files he looks at the footage of Stocking getting tied up by the ghosts she had trouble fighting with several episodes back – and suddenly gets an idea on how to beat her. (Or possibly something even more sinister…) By the time he watches the last clip the mayor figured out where the kin of the Hellsmonkey is located; and you’ll never believe who its possessor is…

The second half ties into the first as Panty and Stocking have been killing more ghosts than usual while getting heaven coins in the process. Stocking seems to be the only one actually taking the job as an angel seriously, while Panty continues to screw around with more men to reach her goal of 1,000 screws before returning to heaven. After returning home in a manner similar to the first episode, Garterbelt lets the angels know that they’ve collected enough coins to go back to heaven. He tells them to come to the pulpit as they prepare to ascend into the pearly gates, but only Stocking goes back – leaving Panty to continue collecting heaven coins by herself due to her failing her trial. Pissed off she drives through the streets with Brief in tow, as she commands him to get heaven coins for her while she continues on her slutty mission.

With only one more person to screw Brief gets a call from his father about a party happening in his honor; which he didn’t really want. Nevertheless he and Panty attend as she’s rather impressed that he had this kind of pull for high-class parties. Garterbelt blasts Panty’s phone as she’s slacking up on her mission (as usual), so he comes in person to prevent her from being the slut that she is. Frustrated with all that’s happened Panty finds herself looking through the fish tank and seeing a rather attractive boy. She wants to talk to him but he’s pulled away, leaving her in awe of his handsomeness. Later on Brief’s father makes an announcement that he’s chooses one of the mayor’s daughters to be his bride, but Brief states that he’s already chosen someone to be his wife – Panty.

The bride (later revealed to be Scanty) rushes the boy in hopes that he’ll kiss her, but he kicks her away thus pissing her off and foiling the plan. Panty jumps in to face Scanty and Kneesocks on her own, but without the speed and stealth of Stocking to back her up, she doesn’t stand a chance. The blonde gets her ass handed to her in combat, but before she’s done in by Scanty, Brief shows up and uses his backpack to pull out a smokescreen so he and Panty can make a break for it.

The two find an old abandoned shack with a bed in it as Panty’s feeling a bit venerable, so Brief confessed his love to her while holding her hand. It’s at that moment where Panty decided to make Brief her 1,000th screw. The two have sex but in the middle of it Panty starts to feel pain. They try numerous positions but each was more painful than the last. Garterbelt drops in and tells Panty that the reason she lost her powers was due to her hymen coming back into place. It was also at this moment that the mayor (now known as Corset) discovers that Brief is the possessor of the Hellsmonkey, so he uses his power to bring it out. Panty tries to stop him but is intercepted by Scanty and Kneesocks as they capture Brief and take him away. Without her powers Panty is helpless to stop them…

Well guys that will do it for this review. The final episode review is next, so until next post, stay healthy and united. 🙂