A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve! Normally we would be out and about with family and friends doing some last-minute shopping, taking in a movie with that special someone, or making snow angels. That’s what we’d usually be doing in a pre-COVID world, but it’s 2020. I don’t even have to say how crazy, weird and stressful this year has been for the country, but in the mist of it all the vaccine is finally here! For many of us who are anime fans; not being able to physically go to conventions this year has given us that ‘post-con blues’ feeling after an exciting con is over. However, a lot of our favorite conventions have given us digital alternatives in order to help take our minds off the pandemic, and for that we are so grateful.

Although we’re knocking on 2021’s door and hoping that conventions will make a ‘physical’ comeback, it more than likely won’t be until the third quarter of 2021. (Cuz’ many otakus under 35 who are among the general population will be the last ones vaccinated.) As MUCH as that sucks (and believe me I know) we’ll just have to wait a little while longer. If there’s one thing that we should never take for granted and pay more attention to, its mental health. COVID has tested us in a way that we’ve never been tested before; even though we’ve gone through other viruses like H1N1 and the Bird Flu. When conventions do come back, I hope to GOD that hygiene is a #1 priority among attendees! Honestly, I don’t even wanna get started on the many smells that my nose has taken in at conventions.

Hopefully you and yours will stay safe this holiday season, and bring on 2021 (cuz we can’t wait for 2020 to be over)!

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Eight Review!

It’s officially the first day of Winter; and Christmas is in just four days! With that said it’s high time for another Anime REvisited episode review from Danmachi season one. Hopefully you guys have been enjoying these reviews as we plan to bring more in the 2021 season. So without any more delay, let’s go!

At this point of the story Bell’s skills and abilities have been increasing at an alarming rate; so much so, that Freya ‘appears’ to be throwing another challenge his way unbeknownst to him. That challenge comes in the form of a Minotaur, but not the same one that he ran from in the first episode. Although it’s only been an episode’s length Bell has been training with Ais for a week, and now she’s on a mission with the Loki familia to be the first familia to reach Level 59. (With Ais being at Level 6 that shouldn’t be a problem, right?)

Midway through the episode Bell travels to floor nine with Lily, but something feels a bit different this time around. There are no monsters to be found anywhere throughout the level which can only mean…Bell’s in for a boss fight. Out of the shadows comes the Minotaur who appears to be carrying a long sword (which he is) as Bell is shaken up by Lily due to him being frozen in fear of the Minotaur being the same one from before (which he isn’t). During the battle Bell is on ‘survivor mode’ as he puts his life on the line to make sure that the Minotaur doesn’t go after Lily.

Eventually the bout draws a crowd in the form of the Loki familia; with one of its members known as Bet (the one who made fun of Bell at the end of the first episode behind his back for being a wimp) looking on and can’t believe that Bell is fighting a Minotaur – while cracking jokes about him and Minotaurs. It was also at this moment that Bell “man’d up” and decided that he no longer wanted Ais fighting his battles form him.

Bell squared off against the Minotaur and was actually holding his own. The climax of the fight was where Bell used everything Ais taught him and more; as he FINALLY faced his demons (or Minotaur) and defeated the beast. Bell defeated a Minotaur, and based on the expression of the Loki familia, he scored himself some street cred. This was Bell’s first adventure, and although he can now say that he’s defeated a boss, this is just the beginning.

In this episode there’s a lot of growth coming from Bell in terms of him besting the Minotaur, as well as his mission to become stronger. He’s one of the most likable main protag’s that you’ll ever meet, although when it comes to anime there’s approximately 65% of them most anime fans like. Either way, Bell’s on his way to achieving his goals!

That’ll do it for our review, but there’s more to come! Stay safe this holiday season! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Seven Review!

Anime fam, you know what time it is? It’s time for another anime review from our Anime REvisited pick for the 2020 year; Danmachi season one! This episode marks the halfway point of the series which can only mean that the plot gets good from here on out. So let’s begin with our episode seven review; shall we?

So picking up right where the last episode left off; Bell and Lily are on their way back to his and Hestia’s home after saving her life back in the dungeon. Lily mentions to Bell that she’s still remorseful after the little stunt she pulled and swindled him, but Bell (being the kind-hearted, forgiving yet naïve anime protagonist that he is) assured her that everything’s cool between them. Hestia on the other hand had her reservations about Bell’s decision on keeping Lily as a supporter; mainly on the fact that she tricked him; however she compromised and told Lily that she’ll allow her to be Bell’s supporter – if she looks out for him. Yeah, in this episode, Hestia goes full on ‘jealous girlfriend’ mode.

Later on Bell meets up with Ais and as flustered and nervous as he is around her, she states that she wants to speak with him about something. Ais was a little curious as to why Bell continued getting stronger, however she noticed that Bell’s not that good at hand-to-hand combat. Who better to teach him than his crush, right?

Throughout a portion of the episode Ais teaches Bell hand-to-hand combat as well as sleeping techniques in the dungeon. Funny moments and trying to sneak a kiss aside, Bell learns how to use the skills he’s learned from Ais as he and Lily head back to the tenth floor and fight off more monsters. It’s seems like Bell was just a weakling in the first episode of the season, but with his growth accelerating at a rate that’s making Freya turned on (oh, she gets off on it), it’ll only be a matter of time until our little adventurer accomplishes his goal of catching up to Ais What-cha-ma-call-it! XP

As I mentioned before, the series gets really good as you get further down the episode track. That’ll do it for our seventh episode review, but there’s more REvisited to come!

As always, stay safe and stay nerdy my friends! 😉

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Six Review!

Here we are once again with yet another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick of 2020; Danmachi season one! We’re only an episode away from the halfway point of the season, so without further delay let’s get it on!

In the beginning of the episode you’ll notice that Lily is telling the viewer through her POV, as to why she hated adventurers. No matter where she went or what she did, her abusive familia always knew where she was. It was also at this time that she insisted that Bell was no different from any of the other adventurers that Lily encountered; which explains why she tried to steal his special knife from him in the previous episode. It seems like everyone else knew that something was up with Lily and the way she’s been acting, but maybe Bell sees something in her that the others may not.

Midway through the episode Bell and Lily head down to the tenth floor of the dungeon, as they face the monsters on that particular floor. Even though they were tougher than any of the previous monsters on the earlier floors, Bell was able to hold his own that’s to a sword that Lily gave him; as well as his Hestia knife. As more ogres show up Bell looks around for Lily; only to find out she stole his weapons and accessories and took off out of the dungeon. She unfortunately ran into her familia who took the accessories from her, as Lily’s familia found several giant demon ants (who killed one of the members of her familia) and used her as a decoy while they made their escape.

Just as the girl was about to be devoured Bell uses his new Fire Bolt skill and blasts several of the ants to ashes. After killing another horde of them Bell rescues Lily, but was upset that she didn’t leave her like the other adventurers did. Throughout her rant about all of the bad things she did to Bell, his response was that she (Lily) was the reason why he saved her. Hestia knew that there was something special about Bell…and he just proved it.

At the very end of the episode Bell reintroduced himself to Lily; stating that he’s looking for a supporter to travel with him to the dungeon. To that Lily responded with tears of joy, as the two of them were now OFFICIALY partners (now adding a new member to the Hestia Familia, of course). It appears things from this point on are about to get a little more interesting, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out!

Until our next review, stay safe and stay nerdy! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Five Review!

Hey! We’re back with another episode review from our last Anime REvisited pick for the year; Danmachi, the first season! Later on down the road we’ll do an Anime REvisited on seasons 2 and 3, but for now, let’s get right to it!

Kicking off the fifth episode we open up with Hestia getting drunk at the tavern because she saw Bell with another woman. (If there’s one thing we know about Hestia, she can really put em’ away.) The very next morning Bell helps Hestia with her hangover from the other night, afterwards she asks him if she could hang out (which is code word for ‘date’) with him for the day. Before their date Hestia heads over to a special spa for goddesses (at least that what we can assume, but other females were there as well) before one of the women there asks if Bell is a part of Hestia’s familia.

Upon answering yes she suddenly tells the other women that he’s the one who killed the giant ape from two episodes ago; while the people watched from a distance. So what happened afterwards can only be described as Bell having a bunch of fangirls chasing after him; with Hestia HATING every minute of it!

Midway through the episode Bell comes across a book (The Book of Grimore we believe) and as he reads through the pages, the words come alive and he manages to pick up a new skill in the process – thanks to Freya (who secretly wants him to get stronger). Not long after gaining the new skill that’s called “Fire Bolt” Bell dashes into the dungeon and kills a lot of enemies while picking up jewels in the process. He eventually runs into Ais after using up his “Fire Bolt” magic but the moment he sees her while lying in her lap, Bell pulls a Sonic the Hedgehog Spin-Dash and rolls out of the dungeon. While all of this was taking place Lily had to deal with her desperate familia who see her as nothing but a useless pawn, but whenever she’s with Bell, he sees her as something more. (More on that on the next episode review.)

So far the series is pacing itself well from our view point. Thankfully it doesn’t overdue it on the fanservice and even though the series doesn’t have a main baddie, it carries out the story plot really well. That will do it for episode 5 review, but as always there’s more to come! Stay tuned! 😉

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Four Review!

Yo! Welcome back to another review through our Anime REvisited pick; Danmachi, the first season! We also want to say Happy Hanukkah to all of our fans who celebrate the holiday; as today marks its first day. If you haven’t heard it from our socials just yet; we’ve announced that more information about our Nerdz of the Decade podcast will be coming soon, as well as the grand unveiling of our logo. For now let’s jump into the review!

So in this episode Bell’s stats and ranks have increased ever since he got that knife from Hestia thanks to Hephaestus; so much so, that he’s considering going to Floor 7 of the dungeon. His special advisor Eina is shocked to discover that his stats have grown this much, but nevertheless she allows him to go. Before that however Eina and Bell take a trip to Hephaestus’ shop in the heart of Orario, of course Bell’s face is as red as a beet upon seeing Ina in casual wear. (A White blouse showing a fair amount of cleavage; a red skirt that a little short, and a nice pair of knee-high black boots.) While touring the shop Bell and Eina run into Hestia who works at Hephaestus’ shop to pay off her debt, and right away the goddess is jealous that ‘her’ Bell is hanging out with ‘another woman’. Oh goddess…

Later on Bell runs into a girl carrying a backpack that looks way too heavy for someone of her size named Lily. Although her intentions weren’t exactly what you call favorable, Bell was looking for a supporter in order to help him go through the trials found on the 7th floor. Things seemed to be going well for the two; even though Lily stole Bells knife and tried to sell it, only for the maids from the tavern to catch Lily in the act and return the knife to its rightful owner. So right now it looks like Lily (despite her desperate and untrusting nature) and Bell are teaming up and fighting off monsters in the dungeon, however Freya might have other plans to make things a bit more interesting…

Upon starting the series I won’t necessarily say that it’s a slow start. In fact; since Danmachi is on (or wrapping up) its third season the progression of Bell as an adventurer is fairly accurate. Even though it looks like once you get past the first season, Bell is on the path to becoming a ladies’ man due to the fact that there’s a number of women and goddesses fighting for his attention. Judging by that last sentence it appears that I’ve said more than I should have, but then again, you’ll have to watch the second and third seasons to find out.

On that note, that will do it for our episode review! There’s more Anime REvisited coming your way so stay tuned, and stay healthy! 🙂 

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Three Review!

What’s good anime fam! It’s high time for another episode review via Anime REvisited; through the first season of Danmachi! So far we’re only two episodes in, but number three picks up right where the second one left off. So without further delay, let’s get right to it.

At the beginning of the episode we see Bell telling his story about what happened to his grandfather, and why he wanted to become an adventurer. During his youth none of the other familia wanted him because he was weak, that is…until he met Hestia. Now a part of the Hestia Familia; Bell wanted to do whatever it took to protect his goddess, but little did he know, Hestia had the answer to his big gorilla problem. Thanks to Hephaestus, Hestia was able to give Bell a special knife that grows as powerful as he does. With his skill level over 600 Bell was more than powerful enough to take down the monster gorilla, and ya boi did just that!

Once the monster gorilla was defeated, everyone who saw the fight from a distance saw that Bell had killed the monster – and immediately celebrated his victory! It didn’t last long however, as Hestia passed out from exhaustion. While the culprit behind the situation appeared to be either after Hestia (or Bell) had escaped, you might’ve noticed that the identity of the one responsible is someone we know. (The dead giveaways were all there in episode 2.) After the Monster Familia event was over and everyone celebrated at the Tavern, Bell stood across the hallway upstairs wondering if Hestia was going to be okay. It was at this moment that one of the tavern girls talked to Bell about the battle, and told him that ‘she liked what she saw’. Fellas, whenever a girl tells you that, this means she like ya – and she want cha! 😉

So to cap it off; Bell man’d up and took on the massive ape-like monster with Hestia’s help, the people of the town saw his heroic deed from afar and applauded, and now Bell has a new weapon that will grow in strength along with him. With all of that in mind there are all kinds of new battles that await him on his journey to become stronger. Will Bell reach his full potential by the end of the season? Guess you’ll have to wait and find out!

That’ll do it for our third episode review, but more content and Anime REvisited is on the way! As always, stay safe during this holiday season and continue to love one another! 🙂

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Two Review!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Anime REvisited episodic review of Danmachi season one! If you’re just tuning in, this will be our last Anime Revisited of 2020; as this year has been what some would call it…UGH! On that note, let’s get it on!

So flashing back to the first episode; you’ve already seen Bell, Hestia, and Ais along with Loki and her familia, now we find ourselves looking at Bell getting stronger due to his feelings for Ais (in hopes that she’ll notice his strength). Episode two kicks off with Hestia telling Bell about his improved stats and that she’ll be gone for a few days. It’s soon discovered that Hestia is attending a special banquet with other gods including Loki, Hermes, and her friend from Heaven Hephaestus. Also at the banquet was the Goddess of Beauty known as Freya; who came in between a cup-size argument between Loki and Hestia. (Let’s be real, we all know who won that battle.)

Later on Hestia talks with Hephaestus about crafting Bell a new weapon that will help him during battle while in the dungeon. Her response to that was she’ll help Hestia with her request, but it was going to cost her later on down the road. Afterwards while Bell was on his way to the special Monster Familia event, Loki and Ais were talking with Freya about a person that she appears to be looking for – who coincidentally fits the description of Bell. Hestia catches up with Bell and turns it into what she calls a date while he is looking for someone. I don’t know what it is about these types of scenes in anime; but just as everyone’s having a good time and minding their own business, some freakishly large creature bursts out and causes chaos – which is exactly what happens!

A giant white ape-like monster has its eyes set on Hestia, as Bell leads her through a crow of frightened people and through the alleyways of town. Somewhere during the chase Bell decides to attack the ape, but his knife shatters to pieces; causing him to use a light grenade to blind the beast in order to save Hestia. The two manage to escape for the moment but Bell realizes that he’s not strong enough to handle the ape – at least not right now. Doing what many anime male MC’s do before rushing into battle, he locks Hestia in a ‘safe place’ because he doesn’t want her to get hurt while he tries to figure out a way to handle the ape.

In this episode we start to see a few more characters and gods pop up, and even one character who may become a member of the Hestia familia down the road in a future episode. The next episode is pretty much as boss battle for Bell, so things will probably get good as the series goes on. This wraps up the second episode review from the first season of Danmachi, but there’s more content and updates to come! 😉

Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode One Review!

It’s now the month of December, and many of us are itching for 2020 to be over with. As for us we’re going to keep the Power of Positivity going well into the New Year! We’ve done several segments of Anime REvisited throughout the year, so why not end it with one last anime series review before 2021. For our final Anime REvisited for the year, we’ve got the first season of Danmachi (or Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) kicking off with the first episode.

Adventurer Bell and Goddess Hestia – the Bestia! XP

If you haven’t heard it by now, this is one of our favorite titles to watch; mainly because of Hestia. (But you already knew that, right?) For any fans that are just starting to watch this series, we’re going to address the fact that Danmachi is NOT an isekai! We’ve touched on this debate on one of our earlier posts, and even though the elements are there and in place, the series is not considered an isekai. So the first episode is like all other anime titles; an Introduction episode, as we find the MC of the series named Bell Cranel down on the fifth floor of the dungeon in the land of Orario. He’s running away from a Minotaur who pretty much wants to kill him; and if RPG’s or dungeon crawler video games have taught us anything, you don’t go to the fifth floor fighting monsters who are probably 10 levels higher than you if you’re at Level 1. That’s just stupid.

It was at this point that a woman by the name of Ais (whatzerface as Hestia calls her) steps in to save Bell from the Minotaur, by cutting the bastard to pieces. Bell and Ains meet face-to-face as the adventurer was covered in Minotaur blood, before the title screen opens up with Bell dashing out of the dungeon (still covered in blood might we add) on his way to cash in the loot he collected. A little later Bell makes his way home to what looked to be an abandoned church (since adventurers don’t make a lotta money), and meets his goddess and ours; Hestia. Yes, we get her outfit is a little more revealing that it needs to be (fanservice, am I right?), but her character is pretty cool once you get to know her…sort of.

After doing a stat check Hestia throws out a few signals to Bell that the girl he’s fawning over, is someone he’s already met. (She’ll never say it’s actually her.) Later on Bell is back in the dungeon fighting more monsters only because he wants to get stronger so Ais will notice him, and may even decide to join the Hestia Familia. So right now in the first episode of the series; we have the MC falling for the strongest woman in the series, while the MC’s supporting girl has feelings for the MC. ALL of this in just the first episode!

Even though the series is not an isekai; as isekai titles have their MC’s either teleported or summoned to a fantasy world due to a “special circumstance”, or through death, Danmachi takes place in an RPG-like world called Orario where adventurers have stats like HP, MP, and other stuff like that. The fantasy world that Bell and the others are in is ACTUALLY the world that they’re in! The gods themselves are all named after the Greek gods and goddesses that many of us have known and heard of; such as Zeus, Athena, Hermes, etc. Although this is only the first episode, things are going to get a little more interesting from here.

That’ll do it for our first Danmachi episode review, but there’s more fun to be had on our next post! Until then, stay safe and take care of one another! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog: Nerdz of the Decade, Anime REvisited, and More!

2020 has been a challenging year in the Anime Industry; as with every other industry in the U.S. as well as overseas. Even so, this year has also lead to many of us becoming more creative in our passion and love for the medium. Virtual anime conventions are now the norm of 2020, voice actors are now dubbing from home (with the audio quality on the same level as the studio), and new seasons of our favorite titles are readily available on our favorite streaming sites in spite of delays from the earlier months. As for us, 2020 brought about some new and creative ideas on how we can expand our reach as well as introduce new content.

During the course of the year; fans have been asking us if we were going to be doing any sort of anime podcast, and having them be guests while talking about their favorite shows. To that we said “yes!” and now we have an official podcast called Nerdz of the Decade; which will launch early 2021. Also starting that year we’ll be putting out monthly newsletters via MailChimp about what new shows and developments will be coming out of Japan, as well as what new and nerdy topics we’ll be talking about on our podcast. Finally Anime REvisited wraps up 2020 with season one of Danmachi, which kicks off tomorrow! As far as conventions are concerned we may be returning to them ‘physically’ in Spring 2021 starting with Zenkaikon; but we’ll be keeping our eyes open on any updates that say otherwise.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but as always guys n’ gals; continue to stay safe in these times and love one another! 🙂